Zach says if I was really mean to someone to the point they self-evict, then I would get in trouble.

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 03-16-31-228
1:15am Frankie and Zach are outside playing pool. Zach says that he is second guessing his goodbye message to Nicole since it was mean and she’s in the jury. Zach says I don’t see any scenario where we aren’t the last 5 people in here. Frankie agrees. Frankie tells Zach that he thinks there’s no way he can get the votes in the end. Zach says I would for sure vote for you. Zach offers to go up on the block with Victoria and throw it. Frankie says Caleb and I can go up on the other end to win the Battle of the Block. Zach comments that Derrick and Cody have never been nominated. Zach tells Frankie that if he didn’t win Battle of the Block or the veto this week I would for sure be gone over Caleb. Frankie disagrees and saying he could have gotten out of it. Christine says thank you, you guys for this week. Zach says if you had lost you would have been gone. Zach told Frankie that because Frankie threw them under the bus to Nicole that Zach, Caleb, Cody had Caleb’s back way more than Frankie. Zach says Frankie would have been evicted. Frankie says it hurts to hear that. Zach says everything is good. It worked out for the best, but if he didn’t win Battle of the block things couldn’t have been repaired. Zach says that they will be final 6. Christine heads inside. Zach tells Frankie that they will be final 5 (Christine would be gone after Donny/Victoria).Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 02-15-43-593


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2am Out in the backyard – Zach, Frankie, Cody are in the backyard talking and playing pool. Cody asks you guys are both waning to get big brother tattoos. Frankie and Zach say yes. Cody says well I would get something other than a BB tattoo. Zach says I would get something small like big brother on his thigh. Zach says especially with Justine Beibers tattoo artist. Zach heads inside. Frankie says worst case scenario is that next week Donny wins veto. Frankie suggests Caleb goes up to throw the Battle of the Block again. Cody says he isn’t sure he would throw it. Frankie says that Caleb complains that when he wins a competition he thinks he should have thrown it. Cody says I was thinking our season has got to be one of the craziest ever. First off with the Battle of the Block competition. Frankie says and with the HD. Derrick joins them and says another week in the books! Derrick says I don’t see Nicole saying anything to change anything. Frankie says well she could say anything but I don’t think it would change anything. Derrick tells Frankie I trust you completely, I never would have thrown that competition to you if I didn’t. Derrick says if you and me were in the end I would be okay with taking the 50K. We just got to get there, me coming in second place to you .. we just have to get there. Derrick says no matter what the next mission is we really need to try and do it. Its no guarantee we will get to the end so I would like to have an even 20K with my stipend. Frankie says to be honest I’ve been saying I would use my stipend for (kids in Africa) but I am really using the Team America money.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 02-40-15-717

2am – 3am Victoroia says it could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe you and him can wake together. You never know. C+Zach joins them. Zach says that if he was ever really mean to someone like to the point that they self-evict, then I would get in trouble (from production). Christine says that everyone in jury hates me already. Zach says you’re already campaigning. I love it. Zach pretends to be Zing-Bot and says Hey Victoria all the make up in the world couldn’t get you to the final 3! ZING! Victoria says yeah keep zinging me I want to know what he might zing me about. Victoria tells Zach if I didn’t bring that hat you wouldn’t have a signature look. You would have been gone week 2. Zach says when we get out I am going to buy 10 of these hates so that when I walk around people will recognize me. Victoria says any money you get I get 25%. Zach says no I’ll give you the $3 this hat costs. The conversation turns to talking about Devin. Christine says I will walk away if he tries to hug me.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 02-36-07-134

3:30am – 3:50am Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Zach are out in the backyard playing pool and talking about random things. Christine heads to bed. They guys talk about how people love Caleb. Frankie and Zach think Caleb is way more attractive than Cody. Derrick says there was a guy at my thing that looked like Brad Pitt. Zach heads to bed. Frankie talks to Derrick about their twitter followers when they get out. He wonders how many more youtube subscribers he’ll have when they get out. Derrick and Frankie head to bed.

9am – 10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Caleb, Frankie and Donny are in the kitchen making breakfast. Frankie says that was great music this morning. Frankie and Caleb head back to bed. Donny works out on the elliptical and then with the weights. Caleb joins Donny and they lower the awnings. Caleb heads back to bed. All of the house guests are back sleep except for Donny.

12:25pm Donny & Christine are still the only house guest awake.. Donny is sitting on the backyard couch in silence and Christine is doing her HOH blog / tweets in the HOH room.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 12-25-23-269

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Oh Frankie, you will lose followers and subscriber instead. It’s disgraceful how he thinks people gonna like him cuz of his sis ugh. I hate Frankie and Derrick. Victoria and Cody are the biggest floater and derricks’s bitches. Christine is riding Cody’s D. Gross# and I hope Zach is playing these people and not actually being friends with Frankie. Caleb is just an idiot and will do whatever he is told by these guys.


Frankie only has about 220,000 followers, which is nothing in the YouTube world. He’s no Internet mogul!


I don’t like Frankie, but that’s patently absurd.

The guy has 265,000 YouTube followers and 704,000 Twitter followers.

Just on Twitter alone, he has only 30,000 fewer followers than Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Dan — combined. He has more YouTube followers than any former HG I can find has on Twitter, where it is far easier to get a follower.

Look at some of former HG’s Twitter followers. Frankie, for whatever reason, is blowing them out of the water:

Jeff — 222,000
Rachel — 206,000
Dan — 176,000
Britney — 144,000
Jordan — 130,000
Dick — 119,000
Hayden V — 85,000
Ian — 83,000
Amanda — 75,000
Dr. Will — 67,000
Ragan — 47,000


You’re absurd. I have over 15,000 followers…How? you might ask… BUY THEM. Just google ‘Buy Twitter followers’ and you can see how easy it is to get. And watching Frankie I would say he’s the type to buy those in a second. I just checked one site and for $1200 you get One Million Followers!!

Listen to his interviews. This is how he got into becoming a ‘media mogul’…. his friend said “you should do a youtube site it’s real easy.” He answers “really? what do i do? how?” a few months later he’s a youtube ‘star’. It’s all BS. He’s nobody but a brother to a pop star. He’s using this show to try and launch some media career (People magazine says he’s trying to have his own reality show…with his sister of course). CBS is using him to help their Real Star Ariana new CD which coincidentally dropped while he’s on BB.

So much of this is crap, trying to manipulate the public and Frankies enormous ego


NIce GinaB. Way to get personal.

I said the previous poster’s argument was absurd. Which it is.

I didn’t say she was absurd. I’m not sure why must resort to personal attacks by calling ME absurd. By the way, 704K > 15K. Last time I checked.

Can you prove that Frankie “bought” his followers? It’s probably more likely because he already had YouTube followers and that his sister told her fans to follow him.


Well, c’mon, we’re talking about Frankie. just kidding/not kidding/kinda kidding


oh ok. you’re not absurd, your post is.

where you getting 704??

anyway of course I can’t prove it or would even want to. I just know how that universe operates and people like Frankie litter the streets of LA and NY. Everybody is trying to be someone…and using whatever means. Companies like CBS are businesses and will do whatever it takes to get viewership and sponsors.

Yes probably Ariana is a huge reason he’s got followers but buying Twitter followers is common practice with people trying to start up and doesn’t really mean anything.


Yo it doenst matter how much you like Frankie or not, I personally don’t like his game play. But the fact of the matter is he is to some extant more famous than the most recognisable Big Brother players world wide and that’s a fact. You might want to buy some followers and that’s your bussiness but why are you assuming that he does the same?? And it’s STUPID to assume that he won’t get anymore followers after this show. You guys hate the guy so much that it is impossible for you to understand that he actually has fans I think that is really sad. (P.S. I don’t like Frankie’s game It think he is a big rat but give the guy a break)

Correct Me

I may be wrong so let me know but did you say you actually paid money to get followers on twitter? Is their a benefit to buying followers? If not you are truly a joke and anything you type or say from this point is in fact absurd! People actually buy followers? Lame!

I will Correct You

Why don’t you do a little research before you’re dumb comments. Yes I bought followers because IT’S MY JOB! You know, the thing you go to everyday? Or maybe you don’t know. Half the BB cast wouldn’t know what that means. I’m in digital marketing and we explore all these avenues. Yawn.

Do yourself a favor and google ‘Celebrities that buy twitter followers’… you made me surprised at the extent of this, the reasons behind people buying and the consequences. Katie Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Taylor Swift… the list goes on.

Do I “know” that he bought them. NO. Is there a good probablility that he did at some point.. Yes. It’s easy to catch besides seeing the same fake names showing up on sites but when you see a twitter account jump from 100 followers to 5,000 in a matter of days (and they didn’t do anything super newsworthy in those two days) then it’s usually an account purchase for followers. It’s done all the time people. There are many companies making money doing this. Jeeez… I feel like I’m explaining to the cast of BB.

Correct You

I don’t care who does it. Its still LAME!!!


because everybody loves frankie except the people who watch the feeds on this website. i love frankie think hes hilarious and such a nice different personality to have in the house compared to all the typical people they have year after year its always the same people with different faces and names. zach and frankie brought something new to the show and the rest of america watching love it. and for the record i had no idea who his sister was or who he was before the show and im still a fan of him on the show. as are millions of big brother viewers


You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but “nice” is the last thing I’d call him. I can only assume you are either only watching the show or you are a deluded Ariana fan.


Frankie can be very entertaining and charming sometimes, but he is manipulative
and not a very nice person. He would throw anyone that got in his way under
the bus…………….he was my favorite at first, but now I think he is a negative role model
for the gay community………his sister must be ashamed…………


I agree that he is not a good representation of the general gay community. It’s like every year they have to put in the ‘token gay’… and it’s usually not a masculine type of guy (like other countries BB). This year they got two for one… a big flamboyant gay and a celebrity relation.

I personally don’t think he seems all that bad. He admits all the time that he’s going to be lying. He asks other HG’s WHY aren’t they lying too! I just feel his energy is draining to watch. He’s like ON all the time. Super aware of cameras, super taking advantage of the guys not wanting to appear homophobic so they allow his groping, and just so girly gay it’s like a throwback to the 90’s. If he was 20 I might be more forgiving of his childish behavior…but he’s a grown man!!!! ugh

Are there any more twists coming or is that it???

Frankie is hated by most of America

Frankie is hated by most of America and if you do not believe it go to Facebook BB and read the post or to and read the comments and the post. He is hated by almost everyone and is a joke and his antics are also making his sister almost as hated. Do not see her career lasting very long after this. The Gay community cannot stand him.


I’m sure Frankie’s twitter followers has 99% to do with his sister. A ton of her fans will follow him just because it’s “her brother”. It has nothing to do with him as a person. I doubt any of his “followers” have increased much from him being on BB.

The people that seem to wonder the most about how many people will like them or how “famous” they will be when they get out, are the ones that everyone seems to dislike the most. They will be in for a rude awakening when they get out and see how they are not as popular as they think they will be.


BB is a pretty closed community. There are a lot of people who never watch it, have never heard of it, despite it being international (and yet Survivor is more popular, more in the media, and not internationally done afaik)

BB HGs rarely get on TV, unless it is via BB related stuff (see Jeff’s interviews, hired by BB, for BB. and he’s a great looking guy, very personable, any other media or TV show or whatever should have been all over him. They weren’t. Kristen from BB is on some fake reality Pawn shop show, pretending to be a car expert, all scripted, all actors.)

BB fans may love them all but the general public still has no idea what BB is. It is on 3 nights a week, and the entertainment and news rarely cover it, but are all over Survival. i don’t get it.


Look you are giving him way to much credit for his twitter followers. I have a friend on youtube FuriousPete and that guy has over 1 million subscribers vs Frankie’s 260K subscribers and even he would be the first to tell you he is not famous. As far as Frankie’s twitter followers you have to understand you can purchase fake followers. Also take note that his sister has 17 Million followers and she always promotes her brother’s twitter handle. So lets just say out of that 17 Million of her followers 3 percent of them follow Frankie that would be 500K followers plus add in some fake accounts and you would probably get 100K true followers that really want to follow him. So stop giving this douche way more credit than he deserves.


if you watch the interview with Frankie before entering house he admits living check to check and even after he told bb houseguest who he was then was asked how much he made off of youtube videos he said between 300 and 1200 dollars a month that’s not even a good parttime job As for the kids in Africa bet he collects most of the money from people he interacts with it just common sense living check to check very little if any of his own money is going there because if it was a good bit I promise you he would tell you exactly how much hes giving to try to impress people hes a wanabe and his sisters net worth is only 5 million after several years on nicktv and 1 album shes just getting started considering the john bon jovi tour brought in 279 million last year alone


I believe Frankie referenced getting a youtube manager after his failure to find fame in LA. They would have linked all his social media and cross promoted with his sister I suspect. They also would have encouraged the purchase of an initial viewer base for a fairly reasonable fee. He would have to provide some kind of enticing content to generate interest/views.


Thanks sis for the update.
Love and kisses


Ha! And he said to Zach he wants to have his OWN TV SHOW? D E L U S I O N A L!

I hope his sister can employ him as a background dancer!


I hear Walter Lantz is looking for a new Woody Woodpecker.


I think Zach’s playing Frankie now. Every since he found out about Frankie, every single screen capture I see here, look at Zach body language.


This is a season of floaters. Sad to say, the BoB twist hid the loyalties of the people in the house. Has it been regular two people in the block people would already caught on the alliances and lines that are drawn. Case in point this week, from the get go people are all anti-Frank and -anti-Christine yet because of the BoB and they had saved themselves the housemates are then “forced” to cover their tracks and the lines that were drawn became blurry again. Derick and Cody escapes the block because they were the best floaters out there, they slip into the HOH, attacks one of their alliance from the other side then do damage control and clean their tracks. Such a shame that although Donny the only [smart] person who catches what they are doing seem to not want to win the 500 grand and just sleeps.


Enough of this crap that Derrick and Cody are floaters.

The two of them are in the only real alliance currently in the house — and that is the Hitmen. Nothing else is real.

People who hate D/C are deluding themselves into thinking that the reason they are safe is because they’re floaters. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They have built relationships designed to protect each other. Derrick with Frankie, Victoria, Nicole. Cody with Zach, Donny, Christine, Caleb. Not coincidentally, those are the 9 HGs left in the house. (Although Cody had a good relationship with Brittany and Derrick was building one with Jocasta.)

Individuals float. Alliances don’t.

If they’re floaters, this would be the first time a real alliance has floated from one side of the house to another. But that hasn’t happened, either. The original Bomb Squad has run the house from the very beginning.


The Hitmen are enzo 2.0. Loser FLOATERS inside a bigger alliance that did all the real work for them!


Well there’s not too much floating required when you’re in the biggest alliance in BB history and you pretty much always have control of one or both of the HOH’s in this stupid dual HOH twist. The only worthwhile ones (in terms of being able to win comps) outside of that were Donny, Nicole, & Hayden. Look what happened when there was finally 2 of those in power at the same time (Donny & Nicole) they went & made a fake alliance with Nicole & Hayden to protect themselves from being nominated – I call that floating.


Yes, it is a horrible strategy to get in the heads of those outside your alliance when those outside your alliance are in power.

Geezus. This is Big Brother. It is part of the game to make fake deals and fake alliances to stay safe. And Derrick and Cody have stayed true to each other all game, making fake side deals and alliances to protect themselves and move farther in the game.

Again, a real alliance doesn’t float. And the Hitmen is a real alliance.

Had Donny tried to start an alliance with Hayden and Nicole rather than merely planting seeds, he might be in a better position. As it is, he is the king of floater in that house, never having anything real other than DD, which Devin blew up in a matter of hours.


Do you understand what floating is? It;\’s getting in good with whoever currently has the power – that’s exactly what those 2 did when one of their alliance wasn’t in power.


Derick and Cody are a part of the big alliance and when Nicole and Donny won they floated to that side created a fake alliance so as to not get targeted. Then during DA when Caleb won, they floated again back to their original alliance to target Hayden, after which when Nicole won HOH, they floated back to her so as to cover their asses. Even when the house is divided against Frankie and planned his ouster, they were targeting Christine yet when it failed they floated back to her side. Them two are even “floating” more so than Andy last year, Andy’s strategy was to ditch a group when the numbers are not on his side anymore and ratted people on the sinking ship to the new group he latched on. Even when Elissa won the HOH, he remained “loyal” to his larger group (McCranda) just before he jumped ship to the exterminators.

I’m not saying their strategy is not effective, they are playing a great game, just not a game that I prefer to watch. One way to identify who is a floater or not is to be able to identify where are the allegiance of the people whoever the HOH is, which is not the case for these two.


The only thing that could make this season worse is if Jocasta won the competition to come back in the house. Can’t believe that I have to wait another year for a chance at a good season, let’s hope BBCanada has another great season! Fingers crossed that Hayden gets back in the house before Donny gets evicted, it’s the only hope to salvage this season and blow up the Bum Squad.


Does anyone else here think Frankie looks almost exactly like (minus the pink hair) Arnold Horshack? Anyone here old enough to remember that? Donny is Mr. Kotter, Cody is Vinny Barbarino and Frankie is definitely Arnold Horshack.


Love the Arnold Horseshack comment too true, I am going to be posting that nickname for Frankie everywhere…
Hopefully CBS doesn’t manipulate the final show to be all Ariana fans so Frankie gets to see what America really thinks of him!!!! It will kill him he almost had a sh8t fit when someone called out to Zach and he heard it. Imagine what he will do when he finds out all of America thinks he is vile and disgusting. No internet show for you Frankie. Ariana will be advised to distance herself from you as well from a public relations point of view Frankie will be toxic for her career.


Hey! I remember and yes I see it now that you mention it. funny.


GO to and realize that a lot of America really loathes Frannkie and his sister, and then read BB Facebook page and read how it sounds like poor Christine’s husband is upset about her actions of sleeping with Cody and probably have divorce papers handed to her on the live feeds. As for Derrick and with all of his comments about hitting people on the show not sure he will have a job after he leaves this show, and Zach whether he is or is not will definite be gay after the show and unfortuately a bad excuse for what gay men are all about which is being lovely people. These four and oh forgot about Caleb are going to have a really hard time outside of this house and they have no one but themselves to thank for it. Thank Frankie’s antics are going to have a very negative effect on his “famous” sister’s fly in the pan career also.


gay men don’t have to be shining examples of the gay community anymore than straight people have to be to the “straight” community. That’s a little ridiculous. We’re all individuals, and we’re all different, and anyone who thinks all gay people behave the way Frankie or Zach does is a moron.

That being said, I love Zach, and if he comes out of the closet after the show, I’d be thrilled.


I agree, but just once it would be nice if the token gay person that is cast on BB is actually likable!


Marcellus was a likeable gay man.


Marcellus was a dumb gay guy, lol. Not using the POV on himself. Just saying, not slamming.


I didn’t watch feeds back then but from all I’ve heard he wasn’t very nice.

no maam

Sorry to spoil you BB fandom and Frankie hating but Big Brother is not that big of a deal to have an effect on her career….Sorry But…….Ariana Grande > Big Brother……..yes we all love it here on this site but the majority of people in this country and the world don’t care about this show. And then you have people like myself who see this as entertainment and don’t get emotionally invested because its just a Fake/Reality game show. If any of you truly hate Frankie Derrick or anybody because of their actions on this show then that is really sad on your part.

Kathy B

I understand your frustration with Frankie, but let’s not confuse him with his sister. I am not her target demo (I’m 60), but I have heard her sing and she is talented. Short of him losing his mind and calling for anarchy, his behavior really isn’t going to impact her career. He may find his “career” in the dumper after the attention of this season dies down, which I anticipate will happen quickly, as this season has been a snooze fest. But if there is a TV God, an All-Star edition with Dan, Evel Dick, Mike Boogie, Rachel, Janine, and wittle Frankie would be gold.

musician here

Sorry, but Grande cannot sing if it were not for music equipment that can nowadays make a sick cat sound like Aretha if the right equipment is used, and the majority of Americans already know this trick. It is a trick and manipulation just like production on BB. No difference!


frankie gained about 500000 followers on twitter from what i read actually


Frankie will end up (or Ari) “buying” him a fan base to say his stint in BB furthered his popularity.

Cough, Derrick!

Frankie says it cost $20,000 to build a school (cinder block building, no teacher, no books, no supplies) in Africa. It actually cost less than $1,000 to construct a building if you used local workers. In a 3rd world-county laborers earn about $1 a day. The majority of the $$$ goes to flying Frankie and his friends first class, and being put up in a first class hotel. The friends he brings are unskilled construction workers, they can place a couple of cinder blocks so they can go home and say they built a school, but in reality hey spend most of the time touring and going on safaris.

Murphy's Law

The ONLY job that Pink Cock-a-too will get after this is an exercise video! On another note–It’s okay for many of us to cheer for Donny & Nicole vs Derrick & Frankie…would be a breath of fresh air to see honesty and integrity win over deceitful manipulation and pathetic pandering once in a while! The best drama of BB15 and BB16 is watching/reading about the enormous backlash from fans during the first 3 days post filming!!


Frankie is hurting my brain cells .


This is reaaly getting old. Does any HOH this season besides Nicole have a mind of their own? Don’t know if I want to continue watching if she gets evicted. She is the only one that has done bold moves and made it interesting this season!


She did not make bold moves? She was talked into everything she did. Just as weak minded as everyone else, which is a shame because she had the most potential to shake things up.


I get it, you’re a Nicole fan but really?

Have you forgotten about Devin’s, Zach’s, Donny’s HOHs?

And how about Frankie? He nominated people he wanted to nominate.


The only thing that would make this season any good is if Donny starts kicking butt and they can’t get him out.


I wouldn’t exactly say Nicole had a mind of her own. Her goal was to backdoor Frankie and she chickened out. People keep saying how Christine didn’t use the POV – Nicole didn’t want her to! The original plan was to convince Christine to use the POV and that Nicole was going to put up Donny, while really backdooring Frankie, but Nicole chickened out. Nicole would be in a COMPLETELY different/better position right now had she done that.


This season has turned into a pile of sh*t since Thursday. My only favorite moment was when Flakie admitted who his sister was and over half of them were like WHO NEVER HEARD OF HER?!?! I hate that Nicole is leaving and Chrustine betrayed her again. I’m tired of all these a$$holes always getting their way and getting away with it. The only positive is that my boy Donny is staying. Let’s start a campaign for Donny to win America’s favorite!
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i’m so in; would LOVE to see all of their faces when Donny wins American’s favorite player!


I will miss nicole! Did anyone see where Ian terry tweets about her <3


I hope Zach is planting the seeds by casually remarking that Cody and Derrick have never ben nominated.


How about the “I’m taking books from kids in Africa” and “I’m taking food out of yours daughter’s mouth”?

He also said that Derrick got his vote to win in final 2.

Zach just knows that Derrick can pretty much spin anything where it’ll just come out as Zach is a liar.

dawud of dammam, saudi arabia

thanx for the daily updates #stayblessed

Derrick "The Assassin"

Why are so many people hating on Derrick? I’ve really liked his game all season – quiet in the beginning, making close relationships; following up with great moves (which he didn’t even make himself – just convinced others to do his bidding). He’s not nasty (remember last season?!!). He’s an undercover cop for gods sake – in the real world he sacrifices himself and takes hits for us, on a daily basis! When did being deceitful and strategic while playing Big Brother become a bad thing?


Derrick is the nastiest most lying backstabbing piece of shit this season. that is why he is hated.


I don’t think as many “hate” Derrick but hate that he’s got no equal to challenge him. It’s like watching a football game which one team gets blown out from start to finish. It’s just a bit boring and predictable. He needs to be challenged. I really can’t see a path at this point for him not to win. No one will put him up.

And him being an undercover cop does seem like an unfair advantage. He’s been trained to blend in, gain trust, lied effectively, get information. So once again, a pro against amateurs.

And HOW is he going to be an undercover cop now??

Cough, Derrick!

He was not an undercover cop. From what I understand, He was a narc – worked for the PD before joining the force. Narcs typically hang around high school to identify kids selling drugs, then give the names to the police. He later bacame a police officer and was involved in a shooting in 2005, where a 25-yr-old hispanic man was killed. He is now a desk sargent and no longer on the streets, and has gotten his MBA while working for the police dept.


its because everyone one this website that uses the comments are fans of the personalities and hate everyone that isnt aligned or helping their favorite player(donny for the most part). if somehow derrick started a final 2 with donny and meant it, all these people would start pulling for him too and saying how great his game is. if you dont think derrick is playing one of the best games to this point ever than you just dont know big brother like you thought you do.

ps. this comment section is cancer with everyone acting like the game is real life and donny is god because he does nothing but sit around and be nice.


Nicely said! I’ve been a Zach fan, which has been constant. However, I do not automatically get on the “hate” wagon because they nominated him. If that were the case, I would “hate” Christine as she pretty much nominated all 3 of my faves remaining in the game during her HOH but I don’t hate any of the houseguests.

Christine nominated Zach and Donny was good for her fame. Nominated Nicole, however, was a fatal mistake.

I appreciate the people who are playing the game. I really tried to get behind Derrick just for my sanity but I can’t. I think Derrick being 30 years old with some of the 20-something people puts him at a great advantage. Some people are just naturally manipulative; it’s just a second nature.

I think if Derrick was ever to become in danger of getting evicted people might think differently. Derrick has never been in a stress situation; the closest was during Amber’s HOH when she wanted two of her guys to volunteer and I think it might have been Caleb who volunteered himself and Derrick, and Derrick redirected that to Hayden and Nicole.


Pulling for Victoria to win if Donnie or Zack don’t.


If Victoria of all people win this show I will die or at least need medical attention. As a real Big Brother fan I find your comment to be offensive. You should be evicted from the site.


Offensive? Evicted? for posting an opinion.


The only reason that Derrick doesn’t have an alliance with Donny is he thinks that Donny has no fans after refusing that challenge. Derrick is a bozo for that and lost a lot of fans for pointing out to us that this made him a better person than Donny. Donny has integrity, respect and so much likeability. Proof that you don’t have to be dirty to stay in this game. Derrick does have an opponent, it’s Donny and let’s hope that good will conquer evil! Go Donny!!!!


I’m sorry he has not sacrifice or took any hits for me, anyone that can quickly manipulate a situation as quickly as he does – I wonder how many innocent people are in jail because of his manipulations
As I said before he talks so much regarding his daughter; he wouldn’t allow men to talk her in a mean and hateful way but its ok for him to do it to others. Derrick would break someone Jaw or shoot someone for disrespecting HIS daughter. Yes, it’s a game but a person that preaches how he wants people to treat his daughter needs to look how he treats someone else’s daughter, sister, cousin and friend. You can’t have it both ways, you just can’t; He a cop should know better, he’s playing on Victoria because what? She believes in him, naïve and weak. But that’s OK because it’s a game and he needs to win 500k to feed his daughter. There are other ways to win and become a winner Derrick is looking out for Derrick as he should but respect and integrity is not in his vocabulary. You’re right he didn’t make a move he just lied and manipulate others to do his dirty work (so his daughter can eat and see how great her Daddy isn’t).
Team Donny who respect the people he plays with and the game.


Derrick is an asshole and a hypocrite. Frankie? Ugh. Team Donny all the way!!!


He’s playing a great game. I think everybody hates him because he’s made this season boring. Fans of this show are irrational, he hasn’t been a dick, he hasn’t made any personal attacks that are uncalled for, he’s just playing the game. Of course he’s lied and manipulated but that’s the name of the game, everybody in the house outside of Donny and Jocasta have lied and manipulated and let’s be honest, Jocasta was about as useless a player as we have ever seen and Donny, while clear an excellent guy who is pretty sharp, could help himself by doing some lying and manipulating as well, he won’t win if he doesn’t.


Does it matter why people (myself included) aren’t on the Derrick bandwagon or like him?but since you ask I will give you my impression. I don’t think anyone here would argue given the people in the BB house that he has played the best game so far and stayed off most people’s radar. He is like watching Helen from last year, just boring. When he isn’t in full control he is out of control with making threats of physical violence (doubt he’d actually do it and is just spouting off) or over playing every situation, which should expose him, but the majority of the other houseguest are too stupid to see this. For me, my dislike for Derrick’s game is because it is so boring and the whole game has been boring because of his game play, expect a few exciting moments from Zach and possible shifts in the house that never came. The game shouldn’t be this easy for someone to dominate and cruise to 500k. I don’t think Derrick is that great or playing the most amazing BB game ever, but in this house he comes off as a genius mastermind, which is saying much. He is also arrogant in his gameplay and sliding into to final two that it really just turns me off. I blame much of my reflected dislike on to Derrick on most of the other houseguest sucking so badly!


Deflected, not reflected. Also, I just don’t like him. He rubs me the wrong way and I’m sure I’d feel that way if I met him on the street. Just someone I don’t click with and I think to be invested in someone winning this game you need to care about them as a person as well as a player.

Cough, Derrick!

I wish an Amanda Zuckerman type could have been included with the cast. She would have looked at him day one and said “you look like a cop”. It’s boring because no one questions Derrick. He a male/older so all the young guys and 23 yr old girls automatically give him respect. Mistake.


OK – I’ll give you my reasons:
1. His personality sucks – he’s not charming at all he’s arrogant & condescending. If he had any charm he might be able to get away with what he’s doing among the fans, but he doesn’t.

2. He runs other people down (like Devin has a daughter, sorry America Donny refuses to do the TA task) then does the same thing himself (hypocrite)

3. He seems to have something against women.

4. His techniques of manipulation & intimidation are so obviously cop techniques & come across as very underhanded & scummy

5. He has no game outside of manipulation – no strategy, his targets change on a whim & he’s just lucky he was in the huge alliance that all the meatheads. Imagine if it had been Donny or Hayden in his place in the bomb squad – wonder if he’d be doing as well or would be gone by now (I think he’d be one of the 1st out).

6. He tries to play America like he does the HGs – I guess he thinks we’re all as stupid as they are

7. He’s made the show boring because he was cast with so many weak people & so he’s had no competition at all. He seems to panic under pressure but he’s not had any.

That’s just off the top of my head.

Mind blown

# 6 hits it perfectly for me ! I don’t hate Derrick I just find him incredibly boring. And I really don’t even see him as a manipulator except for Victoria but seriously everyone manipulates Victoria !! What has he really done ? He was in a big alliance .. Pretty much protected by numbers .. The FIRST time they didn’t have the hohs (Donny / Nicole) he freaking ran and scrambled and made a new alliance and you guessed it .. FLoATEd ! To the one in power .. No foresight at all just could only see the two not in his alliance in power … So I am not impressed with derricks game .. His is just as bad as Cody. They will both be gone .. But especially Derrick .. Why ?? Cause he doesn’t win comps … U can read back this later and say .. Yup .. Should have listened !!!

The Pink Elephant in the House

To add to your list:
The drag, that is Derrick, simply RUNS his MOUTH TOO DAMN MUCH!!!
Every single conversation going on around him, he takes over with his “all-knowing-self-righteous” BS explanations of what is happening in and around the BB HOUSE. He literally has diarrhea of the mouth and then he drags his limp leg, limp dick ass around the house skating on ice and pretending to be INNOCENT of everything that has transpired. He is a SLUG! IF any of the HGs would give a shxt about what’s being paraded out in front of them on a daily basis, maybe they would have a chance of bursting his BUBBLE of being so “untouchable”. Even Donny is blinded by saying he would vote for Derrick to win, and that’s because he thinks that he’s so smart. JUST PLAIN SAD!!!


Derrick and Cody haven’t won a freaking thing and they are the biggest back stabbers on the show, except for Christine of course. I don’t care if Derrick is an undercover cop. I lost all respect for him ages ago. This whole season is a waste of freaking time.


Cody says I was thinking our season has got to be one of the craziest ever.

Wow this guy is really dumb


That’s coming from Cody whose most exciting thing he’s done in the house is follow behind Derrick and cuddle with Christine.

Horseshack says

I think Cody is taking one for our team big time – I mean he has to cuddle Christine how gross is that? Who would do that for anything less then $500,000K ? No one!
He has had to do some pretty vile things – massages, under the sheets fondling, pretend he’s interested in all the crap that comes out of her mouth. Look her in the eyes, past the honker nose of hers. Cody deserves the money hands down for all the hard earned efforts he has made on behalf of the team.


YES!!!! Someone took my Horseshack reference and made a name! LOVE IT – and I apologize for spelling the name wrong in my original post! Welcome back…ya dreams were your ticket out!


” i hate it when people don’t like me”

“now because of frankie i cannot win america’s favourite”

frankie and christine are so delusional about being well-liked that they are going to have a nasty surprise when they exit the house

I would totally love to see their reactions


That’s the best twist.
A shame that the audience won’t be able to boo or it’ll be filled with their “fans” so it’ll give them a bit of a false hope but once they read the boards and see what people said when they weren’t in the room during the game….that’s when I would pay to be a fly on the wall.


Frankie’s donation to build schools in Africa is getting smaller and smaller. I’m in this game to build schools in Africa, to I was going to use my stipend (not winnings) of 20k to build schools, now I’m using the 10-15k I’ve earned with team America.

Derrick stop bullsh$tting the bullsh$tter, you are not okay sitting next to Frankie and winning the 50k and Frankie walking away with 500k. Honestly, none of us are. I really hope you two are not the final 2!

Nicole looks worse this week than after Hayden was evicted last week. I feel bad for her, but she did bring this on herself by trusting Derrick, Cody and Christine. The fact she is still saying she wants Derrick to win this game is beyond idiotic. Yes, you are going home, but Nicole you have been saying you want derrick to win this for a few weeks. The people are beyond clueless that they have come on this game to help Derrick win this game. If things keep going this way, Derrick is definitely in the final 2 and will most likely win and all the houseguests will be to blame for falling for his “good guy/trusworthy” act. Derrick is a Svengali, but he isn’t as good at playing he game as he thinks, he’s just playing with gullible and easily manipulated people.

I hope Donny wins HOH so he isn’t screwed over yet again by the “mean” kids in the house. The double HOH and BOB just gives the majority the advantage and I hope it is finally over. Donny you and that beard better kick a$$ on Thursday and win HOH and who ever you nominate loses because they are not going to let you win BOB or keep you off the block. Team Fear the Beard!


You correct and it’s what has confused me most this season. Everyone seems OK to let Derrick win and they are casting their votes already. It’s like no one really cares about the money or winning. They just want screen time and to become “famous”. They literally think this is their big break to stardom instead of the reality that they are but a blip on the fame radar


I agree. I hope Donny wins but it looks like Derrick probably will. It would be interesting to see how Derrick would fare in an all-star season with a house full of savvy players.


If brought back for an all star season just about all of these players this season would be crushed.


I would have more respect for Frankie if he said he wanted to win the money to infuse money back into his own business (the Dance school) or if he was donating the money to arts programs in New York City. I find the whole schools in Africa thing fake. I think he worked with a program for Broadway to build Schools in Africa and he may have done photo ops with his sister in Africa, probably faked smiled then got back on the bus and complained about the smells like the Real Housewives of Atalanta did.
Cody is just there to be pretty and do what Derrick wants. If he had anything that resembled a backbone he would probably have been gone or on his way out.


Whatever Frankie gives to his charity will be used up (plus some) by his 1st class tickets to Africa on the Dreamliner. Love it when people claim they are “giving” to charity but end up “taking” even more.


frankie may get more followers but he will be receiving hate mail frequently. didn’t he say he hated it when people didn’t like him? he’s really delusional


the houseguests reactions when derrick said that people over the wall were saying how much they loved zach was priceless.
especially frankie’s
unfortunately christine was bitching away.


Victoria telling Derrick how Nicole told her (it’s like children on the playground) that Christine wants to be the last girl in the house. Really Vicotria? You needed Nicole to tell you that and then run it by Derrick? Now you are lulled back into believing Derrick’s story line. I’m sure Derick wants you to be the last girl standing, but as another poster aptly said, the last girl In the house will be Cody!

Ariana Grande stinks

Crustine is unbearable and I hope they’ll screw her next weekend. And then, once in the Jury House, I hope all three [Hayden, Nicole and Jocasta] will TOTALLY ignore her. #DespicableWitch

Frankie seams calmer today. I guess that’s the effect of the heavy dry-hump he received today from Caleb. Caleb is cool too… Good for them! 😉


Derrick is going to push for Christine to go out before Victoria. And I sooo hope he can make that happen! It would be the perfect salt in the wound for Christine have to hug Victori-duh goodbye on the way out.


What do you mean dry hump? I bet it was full on backdoor and the same with Cody and ugly Ratine. Her husband and their families must be so mortified, except for Frankie’s because I am sure they are just like him. UGH thought they were nasty last year, but this year takes it for worst season EVER. Thanks Production as no longer watching prime time show just come on her for updates.


Oh Frankie, the truth comes out. I think the only thing “eating at him” about his “secret” was the fact that he couldn’t constantly brag about it. You suck, Frankie! I can’t believe these fools think he’s gonna win Americas favorite, I’ll put money on it being Donny!


I would assume Donny would be a shoe-in for AF but then again we’ve seen production’s pet this season is Frankie so I won’t be totally surprised if Frankie “wins” it.

Straight Guy

I want Donny to win, but since he might get evicted this week, I think that I want Derrick to win. Which token straight guy do you want to win it all?

Pus Postule from Victoria plucking

I want Derrick to win, he’s MANipulating all these sissies.


i think what makes cody unattractive is that he’s a whiny bitch and really cowardly


That, and spending 90% of his time on Big Brother being wrapped around Squidward. A married Squidward at that.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Cody knows he is playing a cowardly game and I think it’s bothering him. He feels like a total pussy, starting with his HOH and letting himself get talked into something he did not want to do. Now he’s in too deep to change. I’m sure he wants to punch himself in the face, and he should!

Pimp Ian

Frankie is going to be shocked when he realizes that BB fans hate him for the most part for his malicious comments about others. I’ve no doubt however that his little harlot of a sister will tweet out to her fans, people who don’t watch BB, to vote for her brother as Americas Favorite, screwing over Donny and p*ssing off real BB fans.


I do not think BB should allow relatives of (so called) celebrities to be on the show. It gives the HG an unfair advantage with America’s vote. His sister can use her social media and ask her followers to give him their vote. How can the other HG’s compete with millions of her followers who may not even watch the show, but vote for Frankie because they follow her? It is viewed as a set up for him to win and NOT fair.


Well it seems like as of this moment right now this season is far along from something interesting to happen any time soon, unless a camera falls and hits Frankie.


Production can you make this happen? I mean you rig everything that comes to Frankie anyway???


Or if Donny and Zach win HOH.


Actually I kind of like the idea of a Zach-Donny HOH – it’s a bit risky with Zach but I really think Donny could convince him to make a big move. They should put up Christine/Derrick vs. Frankie/Cody – Derrick could be under pressure then & would have to step up & win a competition for a change. Likewise Cody. I think Frankie/Cody would have the edge in most comps. At least you might get one of the final 5 & they might be willing to start turning on each other.



Let The Game Begin

I lost hope for this game to anyone with any redeeming qualities or that played “fair”, which in big brother is unrealistic, after all, this isn’t Bible School Camp… With that said, I can’t wait for it to be down to Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, and Caleb. I think when it does, it will be the most entertainment all season watching them scurry to cut each others throat and Not have someone else to blame. The ones evicted or on their way out, have no one to blame, but themselves. Opportunities were missed, time and time again to make “power” moves, but they let the others talk them right out of it. It’s an insult to any Super-fan’s intelligence to use any excuse, but stupidity. Makes me wonder if they ever really watched the show or saw the feeds…

Truth sayer

Derrick will be out in the next couple weeks … Lol .. He is a goner.


Truth Sayer I so want to believe you, but it’s hard when the people in the house are already throwing their votes to Derrick to win.


I agree -he’s going to have to win a comp at some point & I think he’ll have a hard time with the people he’s kept around. That’s why I don’t think he’s that great because his “strategy” of keeping all the physical competitors around is going to bite him IMO. Not to mention I think there’s several that are “smarter” than him too. Even Caleb has outshone him in the so-called mental comps. And I don’t buy that he’s throwing them all.

Nailed it

Exactly. Derricks big strategy that people either love or hate is actually terrible endgame strategy. He doesn’t win comps and with the double hoh he will be going up this week or next (maybe he randomly wins one?). When he is up there whose vote does he have? Victoria and Cody (if one of them aren’t right next to him) and the other houseguest will be like see ya Derrick we are doing a Brittany. No reason to keep him at all. He voted out all the people he needed in his endgame he can’t beat the boys .. He is the weakest link.


Off Topic: R.I.P Robin Williams :'(

Straight Guy

Does that mean Mrs Doubtfire is dead?


Yes, horribly sad.


These people are so full of themselves!


Donny and Zach have been planting seeds about Derrick and Cody. Zach knows what’s up. That’s why he’s been outing the alliance. I believe everyone’s just waiting for someone to finally suggest Cody and Derrick as noms and everyone will be in. They just know that there are spies everywhere and everything will get back to Derrick.

Cody and Victoria and playing the exact same game except that Cody won an HOH. I GUESS one can say Victoria won battle of the block (against two other weaker players) and she “won” a veto.

I don’t think Victoria is naive; I think that’s her game. If she was so naive, when Zach told her that he made up with Frankie and Frankie was acting the way he was because he couldn’t tell the truth and she said “And you believe that?”


I would actually like to see Victoria win (if Donny or Zack can’t). Drrick and Frankies faces would be awesome.


You might as well have Derrick win. For a brief period I thought she was playing dumb for the game, but now I’m convinced that’s just her.


You’re right. Victoria is not naïve. Narcissistic and snarky perhaps , but definitely not naïve. She let’s Derrick pull her strings because he’s taking her far in the game. The problem is she knows he won’t take her as far as she wants to go. Like Donny, she just listens in on conversations and pieces things together. She knows the truth, or at least suspects but is too afraid to say anything because it might get back to the the wrong person–Derrick. She must know by know she cant win against Derrick in a final two and that he may take one of the guys (Cody) over her. I’m curious to see what she will do in the next few weeks.


What. Awesome show…NOT! Throwing comps rigging comps? Wow BB you have outdone yourselves…cudos!


Look at Derrick trying to cover his bases with Frankie. He knows he is going to need someone to pick him to go to final 2 bc he can’t win any comps to do it himself. No way in hell his greedy ass would be happy with 50K and Frankie getting 500k but he knows acting submissive to him could pay huge dividends. They both are sleazy. Christine should be kissing Devin’s ass on finale night bc he brought her into the alliance! She would’ve been targeted and bounced out of the house weeks ago if not for him. The nerve of that bitch!!


Oh good. Finally an update that doesn’t include Nicole crying about how her shitty game blew up in her face when she tried to turn the house after her lame-ass BF was sent packing.

Good riddance, ya dingus fruit loop.


For being 31, Frankie behaves like he’s 16


As far as game is concerned, Derrick has been the most consistent and successful. He’s made the least mistakes. Unfortunately, Donnie and Hayden have been the only ones to see through it. My hope is the final 2 will be Derrick & Donnie. Donnie will be America’s favorite.

Frankie is just delusional. He probably is one of his 200K YouTube followers.


I swore to god if I ever see Frankie in NYC I am going to do three things, first call my family and tell them to get bail money ready, second call my lawyer, third beat the living shit out of Frankie! I have never seen or herd so much BS out of one persons mouth. he is a delusional scum bag, lower then scum, I pray to god NO one will ever put him in the media for any reason, fade away low life, all you have is your little known sister to ride behind on her coat tails

Your future lawyer

Call me after you beat him up because if you call me before I
A- can’t represent you
B- can be used as a witness against your interest.

Never tell lawyers future crimes .. They can only help for past crimes. Furthermore .. Don’t threaten violence .. Especially in writing .. I think you have a good chance at being cast next year though. Good luck … And I am not representing you nor giving you legal advice … Just talking to you as a friend to be smart. Get a lawyer immediately if you need legal advice.

Youse is all scrubs!

Twitter and YouTube followers after you leave the house?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!? You’ll be yesterday’s leftover news once the season is over! That’s the “reality” of reality TV!


Crazy idea, after the two HOH nominates whomever, they should be tempted with Pandora’s box and tempt them with money and the downfall is they’re not HOH and if the other person doesn’t take it, they stay as HOH for the week. Say they both take the money, the nominees replace the HOH and the roles switch, where the nominees have to face off to win HOH.


Was it only a few short weeks ago when we met Frankie and he was at the top of the favorite list?
Each week he fell a little lower as we actually got to know him…..
How will he handle knowing fans actually like Zach, Victoria (gasp!), Caleb (shutter!) and Christine (where are my smelling salts!) over Frankenfurter!


Christine is actually lower in the polls than Frankie. She actually may be more disliked than Amanda Zimmerman.


Correction: Amanda ‘Zuckerman.’


but I think there was a week or two where Chrstine was near the top of the list (top 3-4)
and although Victoria totally deserves her 1.5% average…..Frankie will be absolutely horrified to learn he is only at 3% while Donny has been rock solid in the 20+% for weeks!!

Love BB

If it gets down to Derrick, Cody, Victoria, Frankie & Zack…Look out Frankie & Zach!
Derrick has Cody & Victoria in his pocket….either would be good sitting next to him in final 2..cut him the check.
The only way for Frankie & Zack to win is to get Crustine on their side, but Derrick has successfully got the hate going between all three of them. And she will be voted out.
Now…unless there is some kind of super twist…this game is over.
If Donny could win HOH and put up Derrick & either Cody or Victoria…Derrick’s game is severly weakened. I think Zach & Frankie would both vote out Derrick. Boy, would I love to see that!
Hope Julie Chen announces that Team America & Double HOH is OVER.

C’mon Donny……..WIN HOH!

Straight Guy

Christine is getting by w/o anyone noticing much, if she doesn’t get “Brigaded”; she just might win the whole enchilada, (no offense to border jumpers).


We live in a self-absorbed society full of meaningless and constant ‘selfies’ and this current group of HGs reflect that. I’m tired of hearing how worried they are about the number of social media followers they have or how the public adores them.

Straight Guy

LMC: Least Mode Cowboy is so fake:
1. His muscles are steroid induced, they’re not natural like Jessie Godderz.
2. His heterosexuality is fake, his devotion to amber is a subconscious act to please his mother.
3. His christianity is fake, he uses it as a crutch
4. His bravado is fake, he would quiver at a 5 yoa girl scolding him.
5. His Iraq vet status is fake, his unit went to Iraq, but he was left behind to “mind the store”
And last of all, his Big Brother strategy is fake, he is being carried along by other players and is actually a floater.


Wow, you are a complete idiot!!

Staight Guy

Coming from a coward who’s too scared to identify himself. Hana


curiously enuff S.G is grammatical as by Noah Webster’s rules and easily has 85 I.Q points
as by the rules nearly all the I.Q tests in the good ole USA prior to 1950 went by in the
20th Century!!! an Idiot tends to have 30 to 50 I.Q points and often tidy body functions and
is not brain dead. S.G’s posting obeys the rules of the English Language and he does
spell things rather well. Personally he just did a scathing review of Caleb’s antics and it
was done in a manner not unlike that of Bosley Crowther when he lit into Arthur Penn’s
“chick flic” BONNY AND CLYDE circa 1967. S.G was manifesting 115 social I.Q points
as he ZINGERED Caleb’s MENSA level game. Personally, i think Helen from last season is
brighter than Caleb on many levels of being. S.G is almost MENSA level in terms of his insults.
Luv — you didst zinger him rather brilliantly, though. i have to be fair about this. Caleb ain’t dumb.

Straight Guy

Actually I never “straight” out said that Caleb was dumb, the last criticism was just for embellishment and wasn’t enumerated for that purpose.
And just for your info, and noone else’s, my I.Q. 142 on a bad day.


Luv — in the early 1970s i dutifully took my Math + Verbal SAT tests
in order to get into a good university. i was told that although borderline
my SAT scores would qualify me for MENSA. your posting felt high I.Q
and it turns out i may have under-estimated your social I.Q points! i admit
that even though he is very loyal, Caleb acts like a “lone wolf” and his
macho display on day one carved out his identity in the BB House…


the internet is a Turing test. Straight Guy was honest about his I.Q points.
i like Donny’s game better than i do Caleb’s but i don’t think him to be stupid.
i failed to identify myself properly. i sound like i am boastful and trying to hide. i admire Alan Turing. i hope
i am alive when an A.I talks back to we humans. i did a beard posting too,
linking poor Donny to long departed Gen’L Stonewall Jackson. Donny’s beard
is sure to draw the envy of all Blue & Gray re-enactors! your idea is clever.


One thing not fake on Caleb is that puss filled tit.
The longer he off steroids and on slop, he’ll have to tits.
They will soon call him tit mode cowboy.


Huh? I’m not a Caleb fan, at all. But that is muscle. You get it from working out. Clearly this is news to you. Try it.


I think two house guest will plot to take Victoria to the end. They are saying they are true to each other but when it comes to money, anything goes.


It makes me so mad that frankie is still staying in the house, the fact that he is Ariana grandes brother doesn’t make me like him more it makes me like her less. production isn’t showing anything that would make people dislike him, they are protecting him, like when he said Jocasta can go kill herself if she doesn’t like the nominations.


This season sucks! I think it would be so much better to see a season of BB played with some older, not ancient mind you, but some mature people that have some standards and morals. Any more I feel like I am watching a teen game show with a bunch of players that don’t have a clue how to play the game without resorting to dirty, fabricated, hurtful deceit. Maybe if even a few of the players were in their 30’s or 40’s the younger players would be respectful of their elders in the game and show it on television and in the feeds. That has happened in the past and I think it would be a great idea to continue that practice too keep older people viewing. I have totally lost interest watching this years bunch of immature, selfish morons.


Amen to that!

Frankie is disgusting

Did frankie forget that he is being filmed 24/7? He did say that he has Victoria because she’s a fan of his sister, and he has the nerve to say Nicole is a horrible and disgusting person because she said that he said that? He’s horrible! He’s 31 and he’s acting like a 13 year old

Straight Guy

His pink hair dye got to his pea-size brain. He has no morals, no soul and no superstar sister, she no longer is in the top of the charts, I believe some ugly guy over 50 named Weird Al knocked her off the chart. Frankie is skankie and if this were typewritten, the ink and paper would be wasted, alas, the only thing wasted is my time talking about this “vagina envy” disease carrier.


Frankie lied about his age last night on the feeds. He said he is 28 years old when he is in fact 31 years old. It’s interesting to think why he would lie about his age. Maybe to seem less creepy to the other houseguests for being a 31 year old male who rides the coat tails of his much younger and more successful 21 year old sister, Ariana Grande, the best thing since sliced bread!

Nicole's a bushpig

I like watching her root around the kitchen like she’s searching for truffles.

Straight Guy

ROTFLMAO, that was funny and true. Nicole is disgusting, I hope Hayden doesn’t get stuck with the likes of her. My advice to him is to wet his dipstick and wipe it off with peroxide afterwards.


Your comments show that you are far more disgusting.


I just wanted to take steal a moment to say, Thank You to Simon & Dawg for this site. I have been a huge fan since Season 1, I am a Super-Fan and I can say that. I go back to C-U-See Me days, where there were rooms dedicated to BB. I purchased the feeds year after year, even at times, forgetting to stop my subscription when BB was over… LOL With that said, I have been to all the sites (Jokers, Morty’s, Dingo’s and even the awesome, Dog Dave’s (not around anymore), etc), but I can’t say any of those wrap up a day’s events like you do. This is the first season, I didn’t subscribe and vowed after last year’s antics, I just couldn’t bring myself to, this year. Your site has been a life saver! Most importantly, I have never felt your writing was partial to any particular player, which is a plus! Other sites show their favorite and if you disagree, you have their “Loyal” posse, ready to hate… Thank you so much for all your efforts in getting the most important information out there and thank you for this site!


i love frankie and zach hope they win it all. never heard of him or his sister before the show but i thnk he is awesome they are both great personalities to have in the house compared to all the typical boring jocks they have year after year. the only ones who dont like him are bigoted idiots who dont know how to handle his personality. hope he wins it all. victoria nicole and christine are boring to watch, cody is even worst he never does anything, derrick aint so bad but hes so typical of big brother contestants. donny is a cool guy but basically hasnt done anything this whole game he doesnt deserve to win. the only ones who deserve the money in my eyes is frankie or zach. frankie has more fans than haters. the only ones who hate him are the ones who watch the feeds.. and thats not many compared to all the viewers who watch the show.


I rarely feel the desire to want to respond to someone on here but your comment just annoyed me. To say that the only ones who dislike Frankie are “bigoted idiots” is plain wrong. I absolutely dislike Frankie, however I am far from a bigot. The reasons I don’t like him? He comes off as incredibly self-absorbed. I do not like people who NEED attention constantly and that’s what he portrays. I also had the unfortunate experience of watching his youtube videos with my girlfriend. I do not like how he’s made rude comments about different types of people. I feel that he comes off as very shallow and only cares about his “fame”, not to mention the way he handles himself is similar to that of a 13 year old going. Now please explain to me, how does that make me a bigot?


Sorry but you can’t play that bigoted bullshit & claim we just can’t handle his “personality type”. His personality is that of a vain, delusional, nasty diva wannabe. Wouldn’t like him if he was straight or an alien fro outer space. He’s not a nice person period!


The reason why people who watch the feeds don’t like Frankie is because they are able to see, without the storyline editing of CBS, how misguided, self-absorbed, fame hungry, cruel and backstabbing Frankie really is. Watching him is just as bad as watching Christine embarrass herself and husband with all the touchy feely drooling she does with Cody.


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~Celebrate good times, c’mon~
~There’s a child going home real soon~
~It’s a celebration to last throughout the week~
~So say good bye, to the self-righteous hypocrite~
~We’re gonna celebrate and party this week~
~C’mon now, Celebration~
~Celebrate Good Times, C’mon~
~It’s time to end the whining~
~Constant crying and complaining~
~Everyone around the world, C’mon~
~Let’s Celebrate~
~Sending out Nicole~
~Will bring the laughter and the good times too~
~Everyone’s gonna celebrate and party with you~
~C’mon now~
~We’re gonna have a good time Thursday night~
~Let’s celebrate, it’s alright~


I love it. The policeman is manipulating these empty headed minions. Like shooting fish in a barrel.


jesus. Big brother has got to stop allowing people to create giant alliances in the beginning of the game. This season has been so boring. One group of people that all dont trust each other. However, when vote time comes….they all agree. Dumb. Probably overall the weakest group of players in years. donnie and Nicole had the chance to go after the alliance knowing who was in it and they put up jocasta and victoria in their groups knowing if they didnt change noms they didnt have the votes to stay. Idiots. And then an americas player group that refuses to even try because it might mess up their games. and hey….lets put a battle of the block in there that doesnt allow any players outside of the alliance to nominate strong players because they will probably come off. It is just dumb. About the only thing that will save this season is if Hayden comes back and wipes the floor with the alliance. Please god dont let Frankie get to the end. Or derrick who is everybodys best friend. Sadly enough if I was in jury I would probably vote for Zach just because he puts so much crap on himself and somehow survives every week. I beg you BB…..make it interesting again.


I agree it’s been boring. There were/are a number of problems IMO.
1. Biggest problem – immature cast who can’t see things right in front of their noses which has allowed 1 person to manipulate them.
2. TA – forced an unnatural alliance among people who would not have normally aligned plus silly tasks.
3. Big alliance which sort of formed by accident took the majority of the “strong” players and left the other couple of decent players with useless drones to work with.
4. BOB – allowed the alliance to be consistently in power & prevented any strong moves except by back-dooring,
5. Obvious production interference to continue the Frankie show.

There’s probably more – but those are the big ones for me.


I never post but I am bored so here is my analysis as a huge BB fan

Donny – such a good dude. Never wanted a win for someone as much as I want a win for Donny. He’s all but guaranteed Americas favorite…almost no point in even taking a vote. Just give it to him now. I hope he actually starts playing the game this week…it may be too late looking at the numbers and the lack of balls in this house.

Frankie – he’s getting a lot of hate lately but I like Frankie a lot (game and person). He’s a total gossip mongrel but I think he plays a cool-headed game and always thinks strategically, he’s very entertaining (his only downfall is that he over does it a bit on the lying which gets him in trouble). Despite him being highly narcissistic I think he is a good dude. If BITCHmode cowboy laid down like that on me I would have taken a flame thrower to that house. Instead he wins a tough competition single handedly (no way he had production help on that one) and immediately goes into strategy mode (most would have run around the house screaming profanities and gloating over an amazing feat).

Caleb – Bitchmode cowboys should have gone home a long time ago if it weren’t for an even bigger puss (Cody). I had such a creep meter on this guy from episode 1. He didn’t disappoint on that aspect all season. He is good at comps though…just a substanceless human being (shocked no one has blown up on him by this point).

Derick the pig – If Derrick gets past Donny then he has a real shot. In the end you need to win at LEAST one competition though (he’s abysmal at comps). He’s got so much piggy in him it makes me sick. I actually liked him for a while but I cant respect anyone who cant win comps (thrown or not) and then combine that with the fact that he was taking Frankie’s sister reveal like a total bitch and the fact that he is trying to throw Donnie under the bus to America just makes me really want to root against that piglet. This little piggy went to Big Brother, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy plays Victoria, and this little piggy needs to get dethroned…

Christine…oh Christine. Please go. You add no value and I cringe every day for your husband. Such a rat (both literally (looking) and metaphorically (game play). I hate taking low blows on physical characteristics but damnit you are so unlikeable for so many reasons. You could have made a HUGE move this week. You, Zach, Nicole, Donny, Frankie could have taken over. But no, you chose the safe route (for this week only at least). That cost you any chance at winning and you don’t even know (those guys are just using you). So many other reasons I am so not a fan of you but I am going to follow my mothers advice on you (If you cant say something nice then…) – BTW – really sorry @timstinks…cant be a great summer for you, my man.

Nicole – you are awesome but you don’t have the chops for this game. You were pre-ordained for Jury before you even set foot in the house. Your nerdy hotness does it for me though, hate to see you go.

Zach – love his game. Funny, entertaining, likeable in the house (which you would know if you watch the feeds or after dark…totally different than his competition and ceremony persona he turns on for the cameras). He almost has no strategy but the wild card unpredictability is actually a great strategy IMO. I think it makes your percentage chance of winning low, but if you do win then you win as a beast/legend (opposite of Andy from last season…total safety-firs boring play…copied by Derrick this year btw).

Victoria – just a body breathing air and eating food. That’s about it. Will be used and abused as a pawn and the best she can ever hope for is a Gina Marie final that will guarantee victory to whoever is sitting next to them (big reason I think Derrick is keeping her so close…smart little piggy).

Cody – such a little snuggle monster. Riding the Derrick wave. Pretty insignificant player but will hang around for a while. I may love this kid if he had the guts to make a move on Caleb when he had the chance. What a puss. Killer snuggle ability though.

That’s all I got. Lets go Donny / Frankie / Zach!

Boxer Mom

Spot on. The thing with Donny is he got burned from the get go. First Devin started an alliance with him, then Devin formed this huge alliance that didn’t included Donny. Then Devin screws him over, and Donny had no one left to form an alliance. I mean Jocasta and Victoria were left, but we all saw how that worked out. Donny’s playing with a lot of folks he’s probably not used to dealing with. I love the guy, but I think he got a raw deal.
It’s so hard for me to tell where Zach’s head is. I love his personality and antics, but he’s driving me crazy with not knowing what he’s really doing.
Frankie is just a little too much for me to handle. He’s either “on stage”, or being a spoiled brat. Just don’t care for him at all.
Cody is worthless.
Christine is clueless and easily manipulated. Her talking crap about the “pretty” girls says a lot about her. Amber was nice and straight up to Christine, and didn’t deserve to be talked about in such a mean and hateful way.
Derrick is playing a very good game. Unfortunately I just don’t like him…..
Victoria…. ?
Caleb is a bag of controversaries….very emotional and runs hot to cold to back Gain
Nicole… much potential, but talks too much
Still a much better cast than last season any day of the week!
I was so looking forward to all the twists, but so far there hasn’t really been any. TA hasn’t really been impressive either.
Still love Big Brother, even after 16 years, but it seems that a lot of HGs want their 15 seconds of fame, and don’t know how to really play the game as it was originally. I think that’s why a lot of us like the earlier years so much better.


I have to disagree with you. Donnie has had a pretty good set up. He wasn’t burned by the Devin alliance. And not being in the bomb squad is a good thing IMO. He was tee’d up with Team America (automatically in with 2 strong players) and he has a killer social game with lots of influence…IF ONLY he would use it. I assumed he was waiting for the right time to strike…but now it looks like he is just waiting until he gets voted out. It sucks too because I love him and he really does understand the moving parts of this game better than anyone (particularly noteworthy given he is an outsider). He just hasn’t taken any action. Do something Donnie…PLEEASE.

Boxer Mom

Donny has no one that will really work with him. That’s the raw deal he got. The rest of them are all like blind sheep going to slaughter. Hoping Zach sees the light.


That’s probably true. A bunch of cowards this season, victory be damned. I never get the “play for 3rd strategy”.

You would think at this point they would start to realize it is time to start axing big threats (aka strong alliances). Sometimes lack of knowledge of these alliances can be an excuse but everyone knows all the alliances in this game. Cowards. To afraid to strike out swinging for the Home run and end up grounding out on a routine dribbler to short stop. Go big or go home…regardless you are going home anyway.

They need to start casting rich or moderately wealthy people so you get people who aren’t afraid to take chances. These coffee barristas and unemployed recent college grads need that $500k so bad that they play a game of fear (Zach excluded). Just a thought

Go Donny / Zach / Frankie!


YO — DONNY!!!!! a very re$urrected Stonewall Jackson wants his mid-1800s beard
back. a very angry Dixie gen’L feels uncomfortable wearin’ a nekkid chin like Unionist
Bill McKinley. Me Irish is up though i am North of the Mason-Dixon line, Nicole is about to
be evicted and i want you to get into the Top Three at least or be totally Team America
and wealthy. if you can pardon my gonzo and my French, do understand the next two
are going to be bloody awful as Derrick is about to become almost Victorian unspeakable.


No he really didn’t have a good setup. Not to say he couldn’t have done more, but he really was screwed from the get go. Not being in the bomb squad left him with only weak players to work with & people who only wanted to be part of the “cool” group BS. None of them listen to him when he tells them stuff (only Hayden kept his mouth shut about what they talked about) & most won’t even give him the time of day. The house is filled with frat rats naive babies, clueless idiots just looking for tv time & insecure do-nothings who want to be in the cool group for the first time in their lives.I wouldn’t want to hang out with those immature punks, Can’t blame him for not wanting to. BB forced a beard on him that makes him come across as older than he is & is apparently intimidating since you have idiots claiming to be scared of him & calling him a perv. TA was a joke because Frankie & Derrick never wanted to work with Donny. The dual HOH/BOB crap pretty much kept the BS in power the whole time making it just about impossible to make a move against them. Nope – he got screwed.

Nicole's a bushpig

I get that everybody likes Donny because he’s “nice.” — As if anybody knows what kind of person he actually is. All this woe is me stuff about Donny gets old. He’s in the position he’s in because he played a terrible social game. He won some competitions, which is good for him, but he really did nothing to solidify important relationships, form alliances or anything else. Don’t get me wrong, hitching your star to Jocasta’s wagon was a brilliant strategic move and all, but production must’ve rigged it to put him in the position he’s in. “Give Donny a coup d’etat!” Why, so he can trade it for a bag of magic beans? Back to hicksville, Donny, it’s where you belong.


you are replying to a post that is saying Donny isn’t playing hard. I think he has great social game (the ability to connect with someone to enable a trust factor). He just doesn’t take it to the next level to form strategic alliances. What is different about BB over other reality shows is that you can actually get a good gauge of the type of person someone is. Sure he may be a bit different outside the game but I think it is safe to assume that a couple months of 24 hour feeds on someone can give you a good sense if they are generally a good person. It is safe to say that Donnie is an exceptionally good dude, particularly compared to current and past contestants of this show (which is the barometer I am measuring him on). It is also safe to assume I am not the only one that feels this way, give the overwhelming comments in his favor. Its hard not to want to cheer on a guy that you like. You are definitely a Christine fan, I can tell 😉

Love BB

Excellent critque Donny_The_Stud! Completely agree. I still think Donny has a chance for the 500k. Frankie & Zach would vote out Derrick in a second. Now if someone could twist Caleb around, that would do it. All they’d have to do is convince him it was Derricks idea to get out Amber. Timing is everything. Need Christine to go first. Then its Cody, Derrick & Victoria vs Donny, Frankie, Zach & Caleb.
Long shot, I know….but I’m hoping!!