Power Of Veto Winner Results! “Do you think he is going to use it?”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite –
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6:50pm – 9:23pm The live feeds were blocked for the Power of Veto Competition. The house guests that competed in the veto are covered in paint.

Bathroom. Kevin, David, Tyler, Kaysar
David – Kevin you destroyed that! Tyler – David you f**king crushed that too man! Kevin – oh man David .. you were giving me a run. David – I’m glad you didn’t stop. Kevin – Dude!

Kitchen. Dani, Cody and Christmas.
Christmas – do you think he is going to use it? Cody – has that ever been done before? Somebody on the block wins the veto and doesn’t use it? Dani – yeah Marcellas that’s why he got on all stars. Cody – he was on the block, won the veto and didn’t use it? Big Brother cuts the feeds.

9:35pm Storage room. Cody and Dani.
Cody – he (Enzo) will probably put David up. (Enzo’s said he will backdoor Ian) Dani – he’s not going to do it. I bet you a million dollars. Cody – but who will he put up? Dani – Ian. Cody – do you think people are going to battle to try and get Ian to go home? Because I won’t flip flop on Kaysar over Ian. Dani – no Kaysar is done! Cody – but that is the thing if he puts up David .. Day is going to battle. Dani – I think we can get him to put up David but I don’t think he is going to want to.

Living room. Dani and Ian.
Ian – you don’t think it will be any of us do you? Dani – I don’t think so.. Ian – there are like safe pawns and then there are dangerous pawns. Dani – I agree. Ian – he might put me or Nicole up. Dani – aren’t you guys cool though? Ian – yeah we are but you never know. He is cool with everyone. Dani – I know. I agree with that one. But you haven’t won anything or done anything. Ian – but that’s the thing he might keep people safe that won before and keep him safe .. he might prioritize them. I will talk to you later.

Bedroom. Memphis and Kaysar
Memphis messed up his back. Kaysar – YO, BB what do we do about this? Gramps is down!

9:55pm Bathroom. Enzo – Congrats yo! This motherf**ker killed it! They hug. Enzo – I am so impressed YO! That was awesome bro! You deserved that! Its it Yo! I just wanted to congratulate you. I’m impressed! That was f**king dope! Kevin – I definitely want to talk to you. Enzo – yeah.

10pm – 10:10pm Nicole and Dani.
Nicole – I’ve played with Bay before and I’ve never seen her comfortable. This is a whole new side .. like.. Dani – she told me the other day that this is the first time she’s ever felt comfortable in the house. Nicole – okay .. its just weird. Because even though our alliance keeps winning .. I’m not even comfortable. Dani – its just weird because she is the queen of paranoia. Which I like because her paranoia drives me nuts. Friggin Christmas has no idea what is going on in this game. She thinks she owns everyone. Its really funny. Nicole – I am just glad that I am safe this week and next week I can fight… but I don’t freakin want it though.. and if its questions its a lot harder to throw. Dani – you just have to make sure you beat Bay. That is the only person that would maybe put you up.. and I don’t even know if she would. Dani – I think you’re too paranoid …I am telling you because you don’t need to be. I have my eye and ears out there and if I heard anything I would tell you.

Dani, Christmas and Nicole.
Dan- Kaysar did so bad. I knew he would be the first one out. Its definitely not going to be endurance. Not after that. Nicole – it will be a crap shoot. Dani – who do you think he will put up? Nicole – maybe David. Christmas – is he going to put up somebody he wants out? Dani – I’m thinking it will be another pawn. Dani – Kevin was obviously a pawn so I would assume it has to be another pawn. Christmas – but looking at how bad Kaysar did.. he might not be the physical threat we thought. Dani – I don’t think he is a physical like that. Christmas – guess it doesn’t really matter who he puts but because we have the votes.

10:30pm Bedroom. Enzo and Kevin.
kevin – thanks for letting me take control of my story. Enzo – yeah bro you did your thing. Kevin – I know you’re in a situation.. Enzo – na bro.. its part of the game. F**k it! Its part of the game. People will be coming up to me .. Enzo joins them.

11pm HOH room. Cody and Nicole.
Cody – whoever it is, is a pawn. Do you think he (Enzo) could have that conversation with Ian and be like you’re a pawn? Nicole – I don’t know. He won’t put up David right? Cody – I don’t know. The only thing is that Day is hell bent on David. Nicole – don’t mention Ian .. Dani mentioned that Ian might be a choice. Cody – yeah because Dani mentioned Ian. Na, she didn’t mention Ian. He (Enzo) mentioned something about Ian. And then she was like, well put him up to make him sweat. Nicole – Christmas talked to me today and mentioned that Bay talked to her today and said that she is so comfortable. Cody – well if Christmas wins HOH .. she won’t be that comfortable. If you win HOH she won’t be that comfortable. Nicole – I don’t know if I could make that move. Cody – who would you put up though? Nicole – exactly I would do a backdoor. Cody – then f**k it. Whatever its a backdoor. If you put up two people who would you put up? Nicole – I don’t freaking know. Cody – you sound so full of it. Nicole – no, I don’t. Kevin and David. Cody – then that is the two people you would put up. That’s an easy answer. That is exactly who I would put up. Nicole – Then I have 3 people mad at me and Day. I am not getting out one of them two on my HOH. Cody – who would you get out though? Nicole – backdoor. Cody – this is what I don’t understand.. That is not who I would get out on my HOH. We’re in the 5th week right!? Week 6 is first week of jury. Nicole – Dani told me that Bay is going to put me up. Against Memphis next week. Cody – yo, don’t take what Dani says to heart. Take it and try and try to find stuff out. Nicole – I need to stop telling Dani so much. Cody – she plants stuff like that to you so that you will go after Bay. The David’s and the Kevins’s need to go. What are we going to carry them into jury. Nicole – yeah Dani told me she wouldn’t mind one of them being in the finals because they’re easy to beat. Cody – how far are they going to get carried and then there is going to be that time where the split happens and for me the split is not about those two f**king alliances.. its about You, Me, Enzo, Dani. Figuring out how we’re going to split it. Nicole – are you not going to go for HOH next week. Cody – I will win it and have no problem putting up Kevin and David. Nicole – I do want to win too. Enzo joins them. Cody – I have a good goodby message for him.. na just kidding .. I don’t have a wedding to uninvite him to.

12:25am – 12:40am Lounge room. Kevin and Enzo.
Enzo – congratulations! Tomorrow is going to be a busy f**king day for me. I have to pick somebody and I have no f**king idea. Kevin – I know I am putting you in a situation. Enzo – no, it is what it is. F**k that! He (Kaysar) is going no matter what. Its just who do I put up and say yo you just have to go up for a couple days .. that’s it. Let me talk to everyone again.. Kevin – I wish I could give you a recommendation. I am not connected enough. Enzo – a lot of people said Dave.. he busted his a$$.. I am not doing that. Kevin – you have a better sense of who would be better for your game. Enzo – maybe I figure out someone to strike a deal with. You will not go on the HOH again from me. Kevin – if I become HOH you will not be on the block or backdoored. They shake on not putting each other up again. Enzo – he (Kaysar) is f**king gone this week. He is done! I’ve got the votes. They want Dave up and I’m not doing it. He busted his a$$>

12:50am – 1am Bathroom. Bay, Day and Enzo.
Enzo – he is going to want to talk to me too. Like who are you going to put up? Maybe I have a chance if you put this one up. I want to work with you. Day – has Kaysar done anything to you personally? Enzo – No, No.. Day – that’s what I am saying .. Do you feel that anyone else has done anything to you personally? That you want to put up. Like you scared that sh*t out of me. Enzo – I mean .. there are a lot of people in this house that are good players but I just want to make the house happy. Get rid of f**king Kaysar and just move forward. But then the next few weeks its going to get f**king crazy. Bay – but that is what makes me… Day – nervous. Enzo – me too. Bay – I know where I stand but where do all of ya’ll stand. Enzo – but I am loyal to the people I said I am loyal to and that is it!

1:52 am chit chat and games.

3:30am Enzo, Dani and Cody
Enzo mentioned how paranoid Da’Vonne is. They wonder how they will get the votes to send Kaysar out. They mentioned Christmas volunteering to go up. Enzo says this is what happens when you make someone the plus one they trust you.
Cody says if Christmas is nominated “She’s not going anywhere”
Enzo says everyone hates Kaysar.
Cody – if she volunteers it should be a done deal she’s going up

8:26 am Everyone still sleeping. Kevin did wake up for a bit to talk to the cameras but nobody was around to listen.
10:10 am still sleeping yo

10:53 am Kaysar, Memphis and David are now up.
Memphis talking about his back pain. Chit chat about Memphis’ being the host for the veto yesterday.
Finally, they get back to talking about actors. The TV show Friends comes up.

11:17 am Memphsis says they are bringing a medic in to look at his back. David and Kasyar continue to work on breakfast.
Kaysar to Memphis – Hey gramps it’s 11:17 you want something to eat
Memphis – nah

11:28 am Memphis’ and his busted up back.

11:41 am the back pain continues

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LOL… yep. Sums up BB22 well, doesnt it?


Here’s to hoping Enzo puts up Nicole or Dani


I’m really waiting to see some game being played. Still hoping that David reveals it was Dani and Nicole talking about Da’vonne. I hope they talk to him again. It may take them sitting on the block for that conversation to surface. If I were Kaysar O wouldn’t even campaign anymore. You just have to win comps or pack your bags if your not in the Alliance. This is the new “BIg Brother”.


He doesn’t have the balls, he will take the easy way out.

Feeds Gold

first season ever in usa or canada to have all male winners only of the first 8 main comps(first 4 hohs and first 4 vetos combined)

when kevin uses veto on himself monday it will be the longest amount of days in a usa season before veto used…day 27 in the 4th round…the canada record is bbcan4 on day 28 in the double eviction, the 5th round

it ties bbcan4 as the only season having the first 3 to leave the house being all women(including expulsions and walking out)

Feeds Gold

season 22 still chasing these records…

most male hohs to start a season…bb22 currently 4 and still going…there was also 4 male hohs to start bb11…the record is 5 male hohs in bb16 if you count one hoh after battle of the block reduces 2 hohs to 1…there was 6 female hohs in a row to start s13

most male veto winners in a row to start a season…bb22 currently 4 and still going…the record is 5 in bb20, or 7 in bb13 if you count rachael/brendan joint veto win in week 1 was followed by 6 male veto wins…there was 5 female veto winners in a row to start bb8…the record in canada likely to never be broken is in bbcan1 all 12 vetos were won by men, plus a canadas vote veto so women went 0 for 12 in vetos

another name

Yeah. In the comp NicA discussed with him. about how the rules were changed half way through, and the tricks the people that lasted longest used. funny, that.


Swaggy C knows whats up. Tweeted earlier today:
“Send Kaysar home this week, then send Bay & Davonne home immediately after so they can see that they were on the side they’re supposed to be on #BB22
They’re just target practice to the others! Smh”

Feeds Gold

i think hes doing that to get in janelles good books(they are supposedly gonna be hanging out soon), knowing how fake bay has been to janie most of the season, and now treating kaysar badly…i dont think swaggy and bay are worthy of janies time


I agree! She didn’t have to be so rude to Kaysar…but then, I think she’s about ready to explode as she can only be phony for so long.


I don’t get why they treat Kaysar so badly? I’m talking to him, working out with him, eating with him, etc. I’m just not hanging out with people I really don’t lkke to get to the end. I’m sorry. I’m playing hard to make sure I win comps. If I lose, I go home with integrity. That show wouldn’t get me out of character

Stella Smith

That is what they do. Mob mentality. Gang up on the person who has no alliances. I want Kaysar out as fast as possible so these rats and snakes can turn on each other, and that includes Bay and Day.

Stella Smith

I agree so much. I think Janie may change her mind after seeing how Bay talked to Kaysar. I want both her and Day gone before Jury so Julie can tell them just how stupid they have been.


Swaggy does know what’s up. I think he didn’t want her to go? He had no chance of winning or even getting close to the end, and Bay doesn’t have a chance at all. Same ole’ thing.


Well sucking at the game isn’t helping her chances


Oh man too funny.


I LOVE KAYSAR…. but if you’re on the block and you lose to Kevin, You should immediately self evict. Kaysar can’t win to save his life, literally… SO SAD… just finished season 6… oh, the good ole days

Backseat Driver

I just finished BB-6 too…….loved it!

Stella Smith

Poor Kaysar. Good as gold, and I will always love him, but he just doesn’t know how to play Big Brother. Said so himself when he got voted out Season 7.

These girls!!

hey 40’s and 20’s are very different.. you lose a step or two.


Things just got a little interesting…..


I said this because Enzo will have to put someone else up, obviously exposing some things. I think Kaysar may have a chance. Wouldn’t you rather this occur than anyone OFF the block winning?


Maybe 10% percent chance Enzo would make a move. Why would anyone feel safe and not talk to him about getting rid of a huge target. I love it how the get rid someone like Kaysar that has no one and who hasn’t won a comp; oh ok, safety suite. I would be like, Nicole take a seat, give someone a chance.
Originally I would’ve put up Nicole F aka rat, and Ian. My nomination speech, I would’ve said by all due respect give someone else a chance at the $500,000. You both already won Yo!!!! No blood, as the stupid saying goes “no blood”. No one would be mad because it’s true. Unless your not there for the ?


It makes no sense to get rid of someone like Kaysar who was won nothing and has absolutely no one in the game (not even the ones he thinks he has). This is All-Stars—someone make a move!


Lmao Cody shut up

BB SmallStars

For crying out loud, can someone PLEASE make any type of move that won’t be predictable?! Enzo will put up David bc it’s “what the house wants… safe move…don’t want to ruffle any feathers…bla bla bla”. He’ll back off his supposed Ian replacement nomination. Guaranteed. I HOPE I’m wrong. Predictable = BORING. This new style of play completely ruined this game. Mob mentality group play. Again, BORING!


Thank you BB Small stars. I can’t with this, what the house wants. We now play a new style. I don’t want any blood on my hands. Zzzzzzzzz


BB has been this way for several seasons. I thought with the game having a variety of ages, no showmances, and those that had been picked off before, like the past several seasons we would see some game play


BB small stars best name for the season

Stella Smith

I have got a better name. BB no stars.


I wish someone would make a move also but enzo missed his opportunity. He had to do it at nominations. No matter who he puts up now they will still stay vs kaysar. The only way a backdoor would work is if Kevin used the veto on kaysar then enzo put up a David Ian Tyler. Otherwise with kaysar on the block he goes home because they are so afraid of a job existent battle back

Stella Smith

Enzo is not putting David up.


Time for America’s vote: coup’de’tat …. frustrating that Kay is the only one wanting to do anything…… hate new school mentality


My favorite thing about BBCanada. Lots of surprises to change things up.


Stop with BB Canada already


This is what I think of new school. Zzzzzzzzzz. We want a backyard heckler………….


Do you not realize that he sucks at the game though?

another name

Probability Assessment for Monday:
Immediate Reaction.
Probability Dani and Cody can convince Kevin to Marcellas? negative 2 million per cent.
Even the suggestion will make Kevin death spiral into a hate filled rant against them forever. NOT even KEVIN is that stupid.
Probabillity David is renom: max 5%. only possible if David pulls a David and makes the guys go nuts.
Probability Ian is renom: 45%. It’s what Enzo might want, and if Cody and Dani push too hard after Cody revealed a side deal with Cod/Dan/Nicf/Ian it’s a possibility. If Ian is put on the block he becomes Enzo’s target and the alliance fractures.
Probability of Dani renom: up to 20% if she sketches Enzo. and Tyler hypes.
Probability of Da’vonne renom: up to 25% if she sketches Enzo via Dani.
Probability Enzo goes through with Christmas volunteering or another volunteer: up to 5%. last resort.
variable +/- of 5%
Probability of Eviction still Kaysar.
This is just gut reaction from the first couple of minutes after feeds return.

another name

Kevin. thanking Enzo for the opportunity to play in veto. blink blink.
Kevin still crying. For winning. oh gawd.
Kevin cried when nominated. shocker.
He’d be crying if he lost veto. repeat.
He will likely cry when it’s breakfast. side eye.
Can we just cauterize his tear ducts?

another name

Well i guess my immediate reactions are wrong.
Did Cody volunteer to be a pawn?
Yeah. like that’ll happen.
How much there’s a conversation to be had where the women have to pull their weight so one of them has to pawn?

The comp was apparently like pose in ivy from last season. endurance ropes and balance.
Once Kaysar was out, apparently Bay and Tyler misinterpreted the rules of the comp and fell.
mmm’kay. Stick to that story. oh look: frisbee.

The Beef

Okay, bottom line is you don’t know, followed by words.

No way in Hell he puts up Dani. The pushback from his own alliance would be Hell-to-pay, and even Enzo is too smart to do something like that given he is in great shape right now with all of them.

Why would he put Christmas up, after he just had her as his plus1 in the safety suite, plus he really seems to like her, so I can’t see him doing that either. Just doesn’t make sense given there are still 13 players in the game.

I could see him doing David, given Cody may want him to do David, but because Tyler probably DOESN’T want him to do David, those two may cancel out.

To me, that leaves his original re-nom idea, Ian, and possibly DayVonne and Bayleigh as possible prospects. He seems to like Bayleigh better, so most likely DayVonne of those two, but I still think he will go with Ian, unless he gets a lot of shit from Nicole through Dani, which he may not even care about. In fact, that may even strengthen his resolve to just do it.

another name

Christmas volunteered. i said low chance that happens. if he’s looking no blood a volunteer is an option.
David. He’s said he isn’t doing David 4 times. low probability. grooming him.
He’s been getting a lot of Dani is sketchy comments from Tyler and Cody. Hence her inclusion as third place. He also finds her sketchy, which is why slick six is a fake six that breaks into a fake four including Dani and then a three between the guys.
Da’ is second place for the same reason. He’s getting a lot of Da’ is sketchy talk.
Ian is still odds on favorite, but only if he switches from pawn to target.
These are the names he’s mentioned in the past two days.

Miss Impression

yoyoyo Enzo is all talk,Davids going up as a replacement pawn.Ian was only an option to backdoor if Kaysar won veto.


I don’t think that Kevin would have any interest in staying on the block since Kevin has the same anxiety that Kat had last year being on the block. Do you think that any evicted houseguests would return back to the house although this year started late?

another name

given timeline, i think return houseguests is off the table. Only way it happens is if someone Grod is grooming to be a comeback revenge star in the second half gets betrayed, evicted and comes back. But that’s only if ratings really start to tank. and would only involve the first 3 jurors.


Interesting. I know Enzo wanted to maybe backdoor Ian, but I was assuming that was as a replacement for Kaysar if he came down vs pawn Kevin. I don’t see him putting up Ian now, knowing he or Kaysar stays.

Try to pawn David and hope the house doesn’t screw him and keep Kaysar?

another name

I think Ian is still a possibility.
Enzo seems to think David is a good lackey for the boys (because Enzo doesn’t know the extent that David has already screwed the boys, the version he was given was rookie mistake). He doesn’t want David to have reason to expose game. David would have to volunteer.
I still say Ian’s nomination is contingent on whether or not the rest of his alliance sketches him out trying to save Ian from being on the block.


Well done Kevin. Showing those b**** how it is done. Let’s backdoor Ian now.


Is this season production’s way of punishing us for asking for another all stars season all these years? I learned my lesson, I’ll never ask again.

another name

Been a while.
Speculation about renom is running around the house like last year’s crabs infestation.
Everybody is trying to get Enzo to commit to a renom. He hasn’t named anyone.

What we did learn: Tyler would prefer David be pawn than Christmas. pecking order of his subsidiary toys established. Nicf would prefer a shield of six people protecting her. Five won’t do, must be six Ian shouldn’t be a pawn or a backdoor.

Bay and Da’vonne might be digging a hole. They mentioned if Enzo made a big move, because Kaysar will still be easy pickings next week, they would support Enzo. I think that will shoot his antennae into the air.
Enzo has named Dani, Ian and Nicf to Bay and Da’vonne. He’s trolling them is my suspicion. Trying to see what they say, and run it back to the HOH crowd. Enzo fed Dani’s name, I think to see if the girls would bite. Bay mentioned she made second with her father. I truly think Enzo is setting a disloyalty to the fake Slick Six trap….. I dunno. It just feels wrong. Enzo talking about loyalty and asking 2 of his alliance to spy on the rest of that alliance just feels off.

Uncle Kaysar needing advice about a heat pack breaks the conversation. I’m assuming Grampa Memphis is already in traction after injury himself in his… hosting… duties???? Never keep Grampa Memphis up past his bed time. That’s overtime people, his shift is 10-10.

Christmas is volunteering uhhhh-gain. Tyler, your toy is malfunctioning, I told you to take better care of your toys.

Everyone in an Enzo alliance has been in and out of the HOH since veto to get the dirt. Now they’ve all left except Christmas. He ain’t giving Christmas any details.
They consider asking Memphis to bring Kevin into the group of 6. making the alliance bigger in week 4…. that’s… one way to play. Or is it to…. bumbumbum… replace someone? LOL. Kidding. It’s not like that alliance is real anymore to anyone but Christmas and Memphis anyway.

I dunno, I think I’m way off today on my perceptions. Something is feeling off. Like a game logic circuit isn’t firing in the house… or in my head. Not sure which or if it’s both.

But then Nicf is back to spelling cuss words in front of guys that she says out loud in front of women… and throwing pinky instead of middle finger. I know Ian is on the spectrum. I know Kaysar says he is as well and suffers anxiety. Is Nicf the first developmentally challenged houseguest? So much would be explained.
Maybe by tomorrow someone can tell me Enzo’s big plan.


I dont think Enzo has the brains or the balls to make a big move


I agree I don’t see Enzo doing anything that isn’t sanctioned by Cody and he’s not into anything close to a big move.

BB SmallStars

NOPE. No big moves for Enzo. It’s all bark and no bite. Total wuss. Talks a big game and will make the predictable move by putting David up, not Ian. Because as we’ve all hard a million times over he won’t want to “upset the house, cause any waves, do what the house wants, etc etc etc “. Will continue the mob mentality and do nothing exciting. BORING.

another name

isn’t he still trying to take christmas up on her offer to volunteer, as he said to Cody and Dani reeeeeeally late last night?


If you ever wondered how close the hamsters are outside Nic F was just telling Cody if he didn’t want to pay for a room at her wedding he could stay WITH HIS MOM!

So not only is he invited so are members of his family.

Another big slip in the last 24 hours was Dani and Cody discussing how it took her several times to deliver ‘her lines’ today in the DR and Cody said I nailed all of mine on the first take.

Nicole and Cody also got caught discussing their ‘negotiations’ of their contracts with the conversation touching on ‘promises that were made prior to them agreeing to participate.

Let’s face it folks – this is no longer a reality show it’s a variety show with force fed lines, and I’m not even sure how much reality is involved in the wins other than the games they play live that are games of chance.

Man I pine for the days of Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Dan’s first season, Janie’s inaugural season 6 and first All-Stars (season 7). Somewhere along the line minor production interference took over and now this is a scripted show with less and less opportunity for the cast members to win the big prize unless they are given ‘a bigger part’ b/c they end up performing better than expected or their popularity is higher than anticipated and even then it seems l can’t remember the last time the final three weren’t predetermined.

Cody in particular is a shell of the person I recall from his first season, he comes across much more like the ‘lead actor’ who expects preferential treatment. How he acts and speaks to others (especially the females) is offputting. \


Thanks Grodner and Meehan for turning this into a scripted no drama drama show


This shows decline is increasing in speed


Even when just TV people comment how bad it is on FB….means its pretty damn bad


Maybe it needs to be cancelled and revisited in a couple of years


I agree and my personal feeling is that Dani has been guaranteed a win for this season


She certainly acts like it!

another name

It’s not really a surprise.
I’m of the opinion that production was not only aware of pregame alliance talks, but kept appraised of them and maybe even had a bit of input, so that they could work them into storyline as the big alliance on the episode edit.
We’ve been aware for years that the d/r was heavily scripted. After all, many times d/r comments on decisions or events doesn’t come close to matching the feeds that show us how those decisions and events came to be.

When i was tabulating and listing all of the connections in the real world, the square that makes the most sense as the big 4 was Nicf, Cody, Dani and Enzo (but one of Enzo or Dani could be replaced with a no chance to win Victoria style figure Nicf preferring Dani in final 4, Cody preferring Enzo in final 4). However, I think each of this 4 is also trying to shaft the others once they get down to 6. They are each trying to groom no real world connections Kevin as a Victoria for their individual games.

If i had to guess riders?
I’d be thinking NIcf wanted the active participant and nice girl edit. image control
I’d be thinking Dani and Nicf requested Janelle be evicted pre-jury. janellousy.
I’d be thinking Cody requested first HOH and a Derrick style edit.

Another group rider: the telephone that Bay and Christmas discussed being installed upstairs (for weekly family phonecalls.)
Another rider: inclusion of social issues discussions. Most likely a rider request from Da’vonne and Kaysar.

There is a reason why the only named targets for the first 9 days were people that didn’t have a role in pregame talks. Verified as having no pregame discussions: NicA, Kaysar, Keesha, Kevin. Add in my suspected rider of Janelle goes prejury. Why David: some of them really resent his inclusion.

This season is season 18 all over again, I fear. By week 6 a non-rider HOH will come out of d/r after winning pissed off and whispering about having to come up with a new plan because they aren’t allowed to put particular people on the block.

We can’t be surprised, we’ve been seeing this predetermined storyline preferential if not deferential treatment activity for a few years now.


Pretty sure the convo with Cody – Nicole provided the clarity in his game plan. Although he has F2s with each of Enzo, Dani, Nicole, Tyler Memphis, etc, etc

He’s true final 4 is Nicole, Enzo and Dani. He’s loyal to Tyler only as long as he needs a bigger target in the house. His loyalty to Dani is decreasing since the TEC trio has caught onto her hi-jinx of planting seeds.

He also trusts Memphis b/c he a loyal guy and keeps to himself which means he’ll stick to their F2 and b/c he doesn’t socialize/isn’t popular Cody will have the numbers to beat him.

Higher up his list from within his alliances is Christmas b/c they’ve never bonded and he doesn’t control her, DaVonne b/c he heard she wants him gone, Ian b/c he has ties to Nicole (and is wicked intelligent),and who he deems as floaters (Bayleigh, David and Kevin).

Although Nicole is a good pick (for him) for F2 (female/does nothing/wins nothing/coat tail rider) I still think Enzo is his true F2 but he has to be careful how many comps he wins & how popular he gets b/c Cody could shift to so many of his options.


Hope a big ‘ole hurricane swoops down on Turks & Caicos this December when coin slots gets married…. heard it costs $1200 to come to her wedding with air fare, etc …..yeah, I know, my bad…. Can’t stand Ratcole ….. Victor must be a noob to wanna spend eternity with her


It costs money to see those 3 dresses.

another name

or just look in the Ubly penny saver catalogue.


Am i the only one that is disgusted with how disrespectful they are to Kaysar? I know that probably only Dani knows that he’s popular with the fans. He was voted back in during Season 6 with 82% of the vote. Even now we are all pulling for him and no he’s not a great BB player but he’s a really nice guy. They are all disrespectful of that. How Bayleigh spoke to him, how Cody refers to him, how Enzo uses F’ing Kaysar everytime he talks about him and David, OMG, more than disrespectful. Enzo’s parting line tonight, Everyone Hates Kaysar. Do they really? Seriously, the most disrespect I’ve ever seen.

BB SmallStars

Disrespect times a million. I’m not saying Kaysar is the King of BB, but he is pretty intelligent when it comes to this game, just has a problem with executing his ideas. He has remained one of the most popular players throughout all the BB seasons especially as a pair with Janelle. Most beloved friendship pair of all time. And they talk to him and speak about him as if he’s a newbie or rookie. They don’t even speak to David that way! And sorry, the whole “everyone hates Kaysar” is rude and obnoxious. Because he dares to try to play the game?? Yeah, OK. He’s a lone wolf trying to fend for himself and that bothers the ridiculous mob players. More respect for Kaysar than any of the rest who “don’t want to upset the house”. So TIRED of that repetitive phrase. If he’s “hated” by everyone in the house….who cares, all the BB fans LOVE Kaysar.

another name

Considering they referred to him as Count Dracula at the beginning or f***inKaysar for days (both Enzo and Cody)? Considering Dani floated that he was in D/R all the time in week one insinuating he was getting production assistance instead of praying? A few of them make some pretty… borderline comments.
Dani is a bratty bitter thing that can’t see why she isn’t a legend. She’s not going to give anyone their props for anything, because she’s such a self absorbed wannabe.
Bayleigh and Kaysar’s relationship is such that Kaysar does keep using a tone that she doesn’t like, and does keep trying to fit Bayleigh into a Janelle mode as his ride or die, that she never wanted. He chose her to be his veto pick without discussing it with her, making her place in the house dynamic look sketchier. When Janelle told Kaysar not to make a decision until he passed it by Bayleigh, I don’t think the expectation was pound it into Bayleigh’s head repeatedly that he is smarter than her and only he can lead them.


I am very disgusted as well. He’s not just a nice guy, he’s actually a smart guy with a pretty good read on a lot of people there… unfortunately he’s not good at being fake, or playing stupid, or otherwise acting like a sheep. Like Janelle, he is a straightforward person, not a sneaky, manipulative one. Now, Dan G. might have been able to get out of this, but Kaysar doesn’t have that kind of personality to be able to weasel his way out this in that way.
Kaysar’s only chance was to talk sense into people, make them see that there is a small group controlling the house that does NOT include them. Unfortunately, most of these people have no sense. Most are completely oblivious and they love to take anything anyone tells them and run right to the core 5 people and spill their guts. It makes them feel like they are playing, when in fact they have just joined a smaller sub-herd of sheep. I have a feeling Ian knows what’s going on, but also realizes he has no way to do anything other than hope his attachment to Nicole will keep him safe for now. When Kaysar is gone, I don’t know who I am going to root for. I still like Tyler. He’s a nice guy without Cody’s arrogance, and I still like Bayleigh… she could have been a lot nicer to Kaysar, but I like her spunk. Sigh…..

Golden Gate Granny

Not to be pedantic, but it was Season 7 Kaysar was voted back. The REAL All Stars season.

Other than him all we really have are All Scars.

Tonight’s society unrest segment with Kaysar & DaVonne was well “scripted” at least. *sigh*

another name

Season Six Kaysar was evicted on Maggie’s HOH (possible 9-1?). Then Sara (James Rhines partner in the game.. they wanted to flip sides if i remember correctly and got caught). The fans voted between Michael, Cappy, and Kaysar during the week before Sara was evicted. Kaysar was voted back in… and immediately threw the pressure cooker to Jennifer, after 13 hours when she broke down in crocodile tears and promised him safety. She bounced the cheque and nominated him. He was the last eviction before jury.
Season Seven He was one of the fan choices voted into the house. The season was set up with fan choices, and producer choices. Most of the producer choices had been forming a preseason alliance. Most of the fan choices were from the most recent seasons 5 and 6. In the last week before jury, Danielle nominate Kaysar as replacement when target Janelle won veto. He was evicted. he did not return to the game.

Golden Gate Granny

Whoopsie… my mistake. You’re totally right. I was (mistakenly) thinking of S7’s players all being voted in to play and didn’t even consider S6’s vote back.

1-5-3 😉


Awww, look at poor, poor Nicole trying to play victim again. Failing miserably at attempting to plant a seed that Bay is going to put her up next week with Memphis so the boys will “come to her rescue” UGH, my eyes cannot roll back far enough for this crap.


What to look forward to
-The conversation when Bayleigh and Da’Vonne realize slick6/connect4 isn’t real and they’ve been duped again
-Dani’s implosion when she’s taken out in 2 weeks
-NicoleF being nominated and between crying fits she un-invites everyone to her wedding.
-Christmas blowing up on one of the other girls.
What not to look forward to
-Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Kevin Final 4 circle j$rk
-Cody, Tyler, Kevin final 3 circle j$rk
-Cody winning final HOH and taking Tyler only to lose.
Tyler wins BB22 Small Stars
AFP goes to Janelle


Ah, almost correct but Cody brings Kevin to the final 2 thinking he’ll be a sure win sitting beside him. A jury full of fools vote Kevin to win BB 22.
Wouldn’t that just be the way, sigh.
I apologize for even putting the thought out there for this to happen, hah!
Been reading for a few years now from Canada, can’t stand watching the edited show much anymore.
Thanks for the awesome content 🙂


So Bayleigh recruited Dayvonne to join her in FOUTTE but without the winning comps part of the alliance?


HAHHA yup!

I can’t remember

Kaysar shows his humor—again—referring to Memphis as “grandpa”. These people are like his work mates. He came to a job and knows neither of them want to be here anymore. Grandpa—priceless. I’ll miss that wit. There will just be a lot of anger and blast left soon


It isn’t enough that the game play from these so called “All Stars” is pathetic, extremely disappointing and predictable. We also have to put up with their meanness and ugly jealousy. This is a group that should be totally aware of how they are perceived by public. I expected straight up gameplay. Color me naive!

NicF’s contract must have included good editing. They must have promised her the moon to come on the show while planning an extravagant wedding. She gets the sweet, cute girl next door edit. Ugh, I just can’t with her! BTW, I’m sure Janelle must be heartbroken having been uninvited to Ratcole’s wedding. I may be wrong but in beginning didn’t J make some comment about being surprised she was invited? They weren’t exactly friends outside of the house. Ratcole probably uninvited her to save face. She knew J wouldn’t come anyway.

Just venting here. Like every summer (with exception of Tyler’s season), I’m mad at myself for watching. I always do because there just isn’t much else to watch during summer.

Guy From Canada

If it wasnt a pandemic Janelle should show up anyways, in a white dress and outstage her….again

another name

Get it off my chest comment:
Cody and Dani liking the idea of having a house meeting to tell Kaysar he is leaving, so not to bother campaigning and just enjoy his last days.
This is the new school.
Pampered and Privileged little assholes deciding that group think / intimidation for their own comfort mixed with a bit of humiliation is game, or entertaining.
Well why not just end the season now, line everyone up, and say don’t forget to stay 10 feet from Julie, here, wear a clown mask, a mask is a mask.
Good luck getting that campaigning footage for the episode Grod, your primadonnas have spoken. You picked them and gave them special promises during negotiations Grod, now good luck with actually getting through the season without one of them spilling all the beans.

another name

do you end up as screwed up physically as Memphis is…
from HOSTING a comp????
I don’t get it.


Hosting can be rough. I was watching a soccer match when one of the ball boys went down with a pulled hamstring walking back and forth with the ball waiting for his chance to throw it.

My 2 cents

Wasn’t he hurting before the comp? I thought he hurt his back working out with Christmas.

another name

i thought it was Kaysar working out with Christmas.
That’s how we figured out Kaysar has the flexibiity of a brick.

These girls!!

Anyone who volunteers to go up should be voted out. That should be a clue to everyone else.


Oh please xmas take one for the team! Bye bye! I wish.


If I was able to pick the all-stars for this season, knowing those who turned down this season, I would pick:
Vanessa Russo
Cody Nicksom
Janelle Pierzine
Tyler Crispin
Danielle Reyes
Matt Hoffman
Btendon Villegas
Lane Elenburg
Christie Murphy
Victor Arroyo
Helen Kim
Daniele Donato
Caleb Reynolds
Frank Eudy
Danielle Murphy
Michelle Noonan

They all were pretty decent players, besides some of the crying. Better than what we got imo.



Big Brother

Frank wasn’t an All Star production completely saved his ass in Season 14 when they canceled the live week 3 eviction at the last second when he was about to be backdoored by Shane.


I hope Memphis has to be taken out and Kaysar gets a free pass off the block


As much as I like a lot of these guys in the house, I am also so over the bro gang making it to final 5, final 4.. it is so played out. Like Janelle said, she is now routing for a strong women to win – me too! Hoping Dani finally gets a win!


Strong women that never win comps?