Vanessa “What are your kissing deal breakers?” James “As long as she has good breath & all her teeth”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 00-24-33-412

12:25am Kitchen – Jason says he went over there like inspector gadget. Maybe for once he was doing something good. Meg says well I wouldn’t go that far. Jason sees James & Jeff listening with their ears up against the sliding glass door and “Empirical evidence!” They all laugh.

Hammock – Vanessa, Shelli and Audrey are talking. Vanessa tells them about how they day they were supposed to do their preseaon interviews her transgender story broke and they rushed her through everything. She talks about how she didn’t get to do the Rachel interview.

12:30pm On the lounge couch – Austin, Meg, Jeff and James are doing their podcast.
Clay joins them. Jeff asks are you single and ready to mingle? Clay says ready to mingle. Jackie calls in and asks Clay to describe the perfect date? Clay says first of all my licence is revoked. All the house guests OOHHhh!!? Clay says he would take his date to The Golden Corral. “All you can eat” Liz phones in and asks what kind of guy are you that you would take a first date to golden coral!? F**K THAT NOISE! James calls in and asks if your date shoves buns in a zip lock bag are you okay with that? Clay says we need something to eat later after we burn off all those calories. Shelli joins them and they ask her if Golden Corral is an acceptable first date? Shelli says can we change it to Ryan’s Steakhouse? They all say Clay said that too. When is it acceptable to send the first text. Shelli says later that day otherwise if he waits a couple days it just looks like he’s playing games. Audrey says if your ex was here what would she say you needed to work on? Clay says probably eating ice cream too late at night. Audrey says this is thunder Pam I want the real f**king details. Clay says probably being too honest. Audrey asks would you tell your girlfriend she’s gaining too much weight? Jeff says ABSOLUTELY… NOT! Clay says probably not, I would just take steps to change that. Jeff asks like not taking them to the all you can eat at the Golden Corral. Shelli gets up into the hot seat and they start asking her relationship questions.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 00-42-26-804

1:15am Vanessa is up next. Vanessa says that she met her girlfriend on plenty of fish. She hit on me first and actually kissed me first. Vanessa says but I’ve pretty much been the guy since then. We’re both every big music people. She has a “Music is the answer” tattoo down her leg. Jeff asks when we your first female girlfriend? Vanessa says I was 28. She says its way more important to be authentic that to get approval. It took some risk coming out to my parents. Jeff asks since you did professional poker for awhile what was that like? Vanessa says the amazing part of it is that you work for yourself and when its going well its very rewarding. The downside is that if you have a bad day you’re not only not making money, you’re losing money. She says she did it for 2 years.

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James is up next. Vanessa calls in and asks when you go for the kiss, what are the deal breakers. What makes you say oh hell no, not even a one night stand can come of this. James says as long as she has good breath and all her teeth, then I’m okay with that. Day calls in and ask I’m curious as to why they call you the bakery man. James says I think its time for a bathroom break. Jeff says okay we’re back why do they call you the bakery man? James says I feel really embarrassed now but what it boils down to is I’m a jack of all trades and I like to bake bread in the oven. Becky asks you’re a scandalous fellow who can train James from the hookers? James says he is definitely looking for someone to settle down with. Liz calls in what is your idea first date spot? James says I would probably take her on a boat ride on the river. Austin asks where no one can hear her scream? Day calls in and asks what would be your 1 bucket list thing you need to do before you checkout? James says get a smooch from Meg. They call Meg up to sit by James. Day calls in again asks if Meg is going to give James that kiss. Meg then gives James a kiss on the cheek. James says it wasn’t what he was hoping for but is still happy.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 01-33-25-595

1:40am Backyard – Day asks James and Jason did you hear that when Shelli said everyone deserves a second chance. Day says so she isn’t going to put Audrey up. James asks Day how come you don’t get a second chance then? Day says I don’t know. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the come back Jeff is sitting with Jason and Day. Jeff tells them that in tomorrows podcast everyone will roast him and Austin. Jeff leaves to play pool. Day comments on how Jeff and Clay are thick as thieves now. Jason tells Day we sort of officialized something. Jason says we talked about who would go pre-jury. Audrey, Vanessa, Steve, Austin. Jackie and Meg join them. Day asks Jackie do I have your vote if its Audrey? Jackie says yes.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 01-39-52-888

1:50am By the pool table – Jeff asks James why he didn’t trick Meg into getting a kiss on the lips. James says that he didn’t want to sexu@lly assault her. Clay comments on how the podcast got real serious. It got weird.

Steve heads up to the HOH room. I think Day knows that something is up. Someone was joking that someone wanted to see a picture of Cadance. And she said you’re not going to get to see mine. She knows something is up. I just wanted to let you know that. Shelli says thank you for telling me. I think my best option is to stick with my original plan. Steve asks so you’re looking to put up a pawn tomorrow? Shelli says yes. Steve asks why Day? Shelli says that Day hasn’t done anything to build trust. Shelli tells Steve that Day had said if she won HOH she would put you and Audrey up. Steve tells Shelli she has his vote. Day asks Johnny can I get your vote? Johnny says yeah.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 01-59-37-245

2:10am – 2:30am Shelli calls Jeff and James into the HOH room to talk with Meg. Shelli says I have been wanting to talk to you guys all day. As you know, Day is up and John won the pov so he is going to come down. I have already made a target by putting up Day and I don’t want to make another target. Shelli says before I put up Day I felt pushed away from Day. The thing that wasn’t the plan was Johnny winning the veto. I know who Day is close to and so I have to put up someone that she is close to so she doesn’t stay. I have to put up you, Meg. I don’t want to put up someone else up I wouldnt want Day to say and the other person go home. I like you on a personal and game level. I want your feedback on how you feel about it. Meg says I understand it but it sucks, it sucks! Shelli asks James who would you vote for? James says Meg obviously she just gave me a kiss. Meg says I will do this and be totally happy to do it just as long as you remember it. Shelli says Day will not have the votes. I really did have a lovely conversation with her today but no matter what she tells me I won’t change my mind on who I want out. James says we’ve all been keeping Day quiet and calm. Meg says they do expect this. Day said she would know if she is going home by who is put up. Meg says I’m just terrified of this twist though guys. Clay says its not going to be like it saves Day or anything like that. Clay says we have the vote for Day to go. James says I will vote how the house wants but wonders if Jason would be mad if I didn’t also vote for Day to stay? If two votes would matter? Shelli asks are you saying you’re going to vote Meg out? James says no. Meg says Jason will understand you voting Day out. Meg says don’t you let my a$$ leave this house!! Shelli says no, I wouldn’t put you up if I thought that was a possibility.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 02-21-45-042

Hammock – James tells Jason that Shelli knows Johnny is using the veto. Shelli wanted to know where we were at with putting up Audrey. We let her know that we were okay with that. She wanted to know how Day was feeling. She said she is pulling everyone up there. Jason tells James if the HOH comes down to 5G’s or the HOH …you take the 5Gs and I’ll take the HOH. At least that way the money goes to someone who deserves it. James says yeah that’s a lot of money that can help me get caught up on some child support.

2:40am Up in the HOH room – Shelli talks to Becky and Jackie. Shelli says I’ve made it clear to who I trust what I am going to be doing. If I put up someone that she can campaign against then that person could end up going home. Shelli says Day said she wouldn’t go after me but I’ve put her up so I can’t believe that. Shelli says she loves Day and thinks she’s an amazing person. As far as game she is not on my team. She didn’t even talk to me until she wanted Audrey out. Meg going up is perfect because no one wants to send her home and she is in Day’s circle. Shelli says I am not working with Audrey. Whenever she tries to talk game with me I shut it down. Jackie says Day already asked me if I would vote for her if she was against Audrey. I said yes. Becky says I thought she would be way more sassy. I thought she would be a firecracker. Jackie says well its the unknown now, wait until tomorrow after the veto ceremony. Becky says I am just worried that it will have been 17 days since the blow up with Audrey for her to be able to change peoples minds before the next chance to send her home.

Backyard – Jeff, Austin and Liz talk about Audrey being America’s Player. Liz says she’s probably making 5G a week for the missions. Austin says if she’s even passing them. Jeff heads inside. Liz tells Austin that Day asked for my vote. I just told her yes. She’ll never know.

In the bedroom – Jason tells Day if you go home, you watch me at home run these mothaf**kers out the house.

Up in the HOH room – Clay comments on how Shelli eats healthy but that she could eat better. Shelli gets upset. She says that she is having a hard time with the food they have and how she doesn’t have these types of food at home. Shelli tells Clay I don’t want help from you with this either, its something I have to do myself.

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Clay and shelli are a joke. They know nothing about this game. They just created 6 enemies and lost trust they could have avoided. I really hope that alliance of 4 goes soon. I don’t want another nerd herd.


people are just mad cuz they like davonne


if shelli were to put Audrey up, audrey would go home, then Davonne would definitely go after clay and shelli
the late night crew already planned their next four targets so they seem pretty good to me (Davonne is probably leaving so they don’t need to worry about her)

Allison Grodner

The only kiss deal breaker is anything less than the Sam’s Club XXL bag of Hershey Kisses. All chocolate all day. I’m back, folks. I’m back. Bringing havoc on your TVs with endless twists and occasional game rigging.


Shelli and Clay are the worst!
Meg is not any better for not putting up a fight..


I don’t get all of the Shelli/Clay hate…I feel like I’m missing something. Granted, I don’t have the feeds, but I do read everything on here and nothing stands out as so awful to me. It’s not like I’m rooting for them…it’s still too early for me; I don’t have any favorites (only people I would definitely like to see leave like Jason and Jackie).


She’s just making a move on a player that everyone likes. That’s enough to warrant a huge backlash when it comes to BB fans.
I like Day too, she’s incredibly entertaining and intelligent, but she put the target on her own back and dug her own grave with a poor social game.
Shelli made a big move and she’s done it well. The bigger target is on Clay moving forward and she’s going to get her target.


Not everyone likes Day. I couldn’t care less if she goes.


vetoking, you are exactly right. Da is so straight forward in her accurate perceptions that she is a threat. I think it is a great move to get her out now, though I will miss her. I think Da should have been a little more contrite with her adversaries and then she would have skated to at least the Jury. But being to forthright was her downfall, not the color of her skin…and Audrey is on everyone’s hitlist.


I agree! I’m not much of a Clay fan, but I really don’t mind Shelli. I think she knew she wasn’t apart of the big alliance so decided to target them. Once she decided to tell people Davonne was her target she would be stupid to turn back on it now. Meg going up instead of Liz is a smart move, Liz would have definitely gone home I think especially with the twist coming.


Perfect plan to take all power from ShellI? Johnny Mac use the Veto on Da and Da’s side of the house keeps him safe. Egg will be all over Shelli’s face if that happens lol


ooooo, I hadn’t thought of that. It won’t happen, but it’s a good thought!


This is a smart move for shelli sorry to all the day lovers out there but she’s gone and to be honest Im pretty happy about this Cuz I think she is a bad game player and really sucks in challenges so I’m not mad and the 7th call twist won’t help her at all even if she picks up that 7th call there are to many people in the house still for that to help her should have used this twist later in the game when there are only like 8 people left nice try bb but your twist won’t help u get what u want this week #byebyeday


I will laugh my ass off if “The Last Laugh” twist makes it so as Day is voted out…nope stop. Day u have the last laugh. Meg gather your belongings and gtfo! Then let’s see little miss fake perky laughing hyena whine. Haha. The look on Shelli’s Clay’s and Jeffs fat face…haha. Please BB throw us a bone and make this happen.


Why I was just thinking that, with the phone twist. Meg gonna be looking so dumb when they tell her she is evicted…. With the phone twist, it seem like day need 3 or 4 votes already to stay, she will be granted 3 flip votes. I need this twist to show the HG, its hope if they stop voting for the house. This twist will make hg stop saying OK to being a pawn for eviction also.


But where is the phone? I thought when it was announced that it would start on Thursday, but so far nothing. She said the “award” would go to the person who answered the 7th ring so I thought it would like ring once a day or something, but now it looks like it might be ringing all day on Wed. or something. B/c if it is ringing they’re either blocking that on the feeds or the person that has found it is being very discreet.


The phone twist won’t help Day.. she will need 5 votes to stay. And although I think Day is intelligent and can be very persuasive with her words she did this to herself… And No, I don’t mean because of her outburst on Audrey. If you pay attention to the feeds at all Day doesn’t talk to anyone besides Jason, James, Meg, and Jeff.. unless they approach her and then she thinks they are shady for wanting to talk to her. She ignores people and makes rude comments about those not in her clique. James and Meg are just as bad, but Meg has a more bubbly personality and has Jeff on her side, which brings his Victoria with him aka Jackie, and with that brings Becky. Jason is pretty bad too but he does make more of an effort to talk to others than James, Meg, and Day.


I really wanted to like Shelli…I really did..even after she got HOHitis..but the Clay thang has gotten a bit much way to fast,she actually thinks they are a power couple?…Both are bores that pretend (even to themselves I think) that they are the sweetest. Awe let’s root for the sweet couple…NOT. I don’t watch the Bachelor and I don’t need it on my BB feeds.
When she started in on her Cody lusting and following him on Instagram..I was done trying to like her….go do the Bachelor and leave BB


I don’t think Da has a chance with the twist. If the house votes together then no way will it help. This is why they need to do away with the BOTB. Ruined last season and this season.


Shelli doesn’t give a damn about Da and she knows it…she’s just doing damage control because she is not safe next week…who calls a grown woman “precious” it’s so forced and fake.

shelli the oompa loompa

Next she will be stroking Clay saying “my precious.”


I love how the expect her to “blow up” but she’s not and going out with class.


If the house goal is to get rid of the bigger target isn’t that Meg? Does anybody think Day can make it to the finish? She’s been a little too emotional and abrasive. Yes she’s real and that’s a great quality in the real world but not a quality that wins Big Brother often.
Meanwhile everyone loves Meg, she has allies and strong relationships in the house and she’s playing an excellent social game. Much more of a threat to go deep and honestly if and when she survives this week she has to be one of the two or three favorites moving forward.


That is why these folks are playing a stupid game, get rid of the one that everyone likes, not the one that will still be a target this early…silly silly Keep Audrey/Day in the game.


Day could potentially turn things around if she talks to the other side of the house, Day is more valuable to Vanessa and Austin than Meg could ever be. Either way James & Jeff will lose an ally this week and Day has a definite 1-3 targets now. If Austin and Vanessa are smart they will save her and they could play in the middle with Day, Jason and Becky on one side fighting Clay, Shelli and Audrey on the other side.


Have you heard the way Day talks about Van? Day leaving helps Van out more than anyone else including Shelli and Clay. Van wasn’t on anyone’s radar until Day started telling everyone she isn’t to be trusted and needs to go. Hopefully for Vans sake when Day leaves she can fall off into the background again. Yes Meg is likeable but has less influence over others and is prob even less of a comp threat than Day.


I don’t mind the reasons behind the gameplay but, in 3 weeks, we’ll have all of the entertaining houseguests out. Future houseguests getting more savvy is what will cause the downfall of BB and any hope for future epic arguments … or any entertainment. Mind you, this is my opinion, which is, of course, subjective. I’m only speaking for myself.


No offense to anyone, but I think I see why Shellie is divorced. She always wants to get her way, and gets mad at very little things. It’s like living with her is like walking on shells. She seems controlling and gets mad easily. You have to be cautious what you say around her. But then again, she seems to have a good heart. So, it must be very hard to live with her. Don’t know if what you say will piss her off.


I’d be scared to be married to her. With those huge chompers of hers if she got mad during a intimate moment she could take a guys manhood. Ouch!


Shelli’s reasoning makes zero sense. EVERYONE wants Audrey out, and only TWO people want Day out. Wouldn’t it be easier to have one or two people after you, instead of the whole house?


Why does everyone like John so much is he doing or saying something in his DR that funny or game changing? And why are people calling him the incognito dentist?


I agree… Johnny was playing very smart by laying low, allowing people to come to him and give him information and he would just agree with everything. He was aware of this alliance that he was on the outside of but yet believes the information Jeff gives him and now doesn’t trust Steve??? If Johnny were smart he would have started rallying the troops (the people left out of the alliance). Anyone who throws a competition in my book IS NOT playing well. Then he gets pulled into an alliance with Jeff, Jackie, Clay, and Shelli and he his super happy about it in his diary session. “I am just happy to finally be a part of something.” I thought he would realize he is in alliance with two pairs and also realize it probably wasn’t a great alliance, but so far I have not gotten that vibe from is DR’s

BB Bombshell

I love that everyone in the house expected Day to blow up at the nominations. “I thought she would be more sassy” …hmm i wonder why.

I cant wait to see Shelli in a vulnerable position in the house. She’s making enemies by the day. She better hope Liz, Austin or Clay win HOH next week.


Shelli has managed to make an enemy of just about everyone in the house, with the exception of Audrey. Praying for Kathy to save Da’ with this phone twist. My thinking here is, Da’ can negate 3 votes against her, and has time to flip the other votes she needs. She will need time to make that happen, so hopefully the phone twist will happen soon so she has the time she needs to re-align the vote count.


Liz: I don’t like Day’s aggressive behavior.
This is the same chick she saved week one and it is causing the issues with shelli right now. smh
I dislike liz/Julia Day saved them and the one time she needed there help they just threw her under the bus.
#LSA post

i see clearly now

the producers are obviously telling Audrey and Clay Which cards to play. tranny fever in full effect cbs needed a jenner twist, so lets make sure she’s the most devious backstabbing liar we ever saw. Tell her how to vote to cause chaos in the house (she didn’t vote out Jace) and Jeff made a comment how Audrey gives off a vibe like she’s safe. Clay on the last episode ignited getting da out immediately after Audrey was revealed as a boldface liar.CBS has a vision and this season it’s kind of apparent.


It’s about having numbers right now so even if u think Meg is a good player in the game that means shit right now it’s only about having the numbers on your side right now that’s why people that try and make huge moves and go against the house at the start go home …
People that play this game are really dumb at the start what u do is stay with the house for the first few weeks but make silent moves not to big the when u get to jury you start playing the game


can boring-ass Meg leave already? I don’t know how this can even be possible, but please?


So no one stays quiet in that house. You would think they would stay quiet with so many trust issues happening


As much as I HATE that Day is leaving this week I quite like Shelli and can see that she really has her head screwed on and isn’t letting emotions get in the way, why waste your HOH getting out someone that’s going the week after? Plus I don’t think Audrey is coming after her so as much as I disapprove, it’s actually a smart choice. I think she’s playing clay as well – she’s there to win!


Jason you cant trust ANYONE. I like you so much. He have such a big heart. how cry for a friend like this? Love Love Jason.


Wait, when did vennessa tell the house she was a professional poker player again??? They know??? How??

another name

as a preface I’ve got to say i’m not rooting for anybody so far. i’m feeling like there’s people i’m rooting against, but nobody that i’m really a gut level fan of yet. it will hit at some point. i’ll get the feeling somebody is in trouble, and i’ll feel dread for them. that’s when i’ll know who i’m pulling for in the game.
so, i’m not team da’vonne, but I would enjoy this week’s twist not being a dud. since the twists are usually determined well in advance of the week they happen, a dud is a possibility.
not a huge fan of the twist, but it is a big brother staple at this point, so i’m going with it for now (and holding back on my production as an invisible player via twist conspiracy speculations).
the moment I realized I would never be team Audrey: she votes for jace to stay. she tells jace she will vote for him out of conscience days earlier. she plays dumb and says Austin voted for jace to stay to the hg’s. in the midst of her i’m a bedridden victim deathwatch. it wasn’t necessary. it’s exactly the kind of move that got her called out in the first place. I get if something’s not broken don’t fix it: but she’s not there, it’s broken. as a fan of watching people adapt their strategies, seeing someone ride their one trick pony shows me they lack one of my criteria. I like a good Machiavellian villain and would probably support one, but Audrey isn’t a puppet master, she’s the human equivalent of broken telephone.
I know the show edit wants me to see clay shelli and Audrey as saavy masterminds. that’s the part of the edited shows I don’t like. i’d rather come to my own conclusions. so, I’ve got nothing against meg, and nothing for da’vonne, but i’d rather da stay if only to see if clay shelli and Audrey can actually earn the credit their golden edits are giving them.