Jason “It’s like work, I be ringing through ignorant peoples groceries while I smile to their faces”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 09-48-01-416

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the backyard – Jason, Steve, Johnny and Vanessa are talking. Jason comments on how the slop never really feels like it fill you up no matter how much you eat. Meg joins them and asks can things get any worse for me? She says don’t answer that because I know it could. Steve says he can’t eat that much slop any more. Meg gets into the hot tub to warm up. Meg and Johnny head over to the lounge chair. Meg says I just want Thursday to be over and that I’m still here. I hope I’m still here and that I’m still qu*er. Johnny asks is that what’s happening? Meg says yeah. Johnny says yeah it hates to go up at this time. Meg says she’s going to make a protein shake and have a cold shower. Johnny says he’s been thinking about putting his hand up and volunteering. Meg tells him not to volunteer.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 10-31-18-187

10:25am Backyard couches – Day asks Jason do you think she (Meg) was crying because she felt sad or guilty? Jason says both. Day says I hate that he got to see that and that she got to see that. They are the kind that will use that against you later on in the game. You was up there crying. I will done jump through the tv. We just have to have fun this week and you have to continue enjoying this experience. Jason says I just feel like I ruined my life last night. Day says no. Don’t talk about it. Jason says she (Audrey) knows not to speak another word of game to me. Day says I don’t know how to be fake. I was trying to do it, I was trying to learn. I just can’t do it. Jason says I look at it just like work … I be ringing through ignorant peoples groceries while I smile to their faces. Day says that’s a great way to look at it. Jason says if I don’t win HOH on Thursday I am going to do exactly what that hoe did and lay in bed all of Thursday. And if I go up on Friday then I’ll know what’s up. Why does she get so many passes just because she lays in bed. Day says Jeff and James never came and talked to me when they knew. Even she (Meg) didn’t talk to me until you said something. Jason says I love how people like to think game and personal are separate .. they aren’t. The people you align with are the people you have the most connection to. Day says ya’ll need to send me the coup’d etat.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 10-28-55-948

10:45am In the kitchen – Meg talks to Clay and tells him that Day said she wasn’t going to campaign against her. She says that Jason said he had to vote for Day. Meg heads to the bathroom. She talks to Liz. Liz tells her she loves her and that she has her vote. Meg says thank you. Liz says thank you for taking one for the team because if it was me up there I would be sh*tting bricks.

11:10am In the backyard – Jason says he used to laugh at people saying you can’t be friends after 18 days. Clay says its a tough environment, there’s no privacy. Jason says its not the privacy for me. I don’t have 16 friends let alone 16 roommates. Jason heads inside. Clay says its tough, I hate to see people cry. If one of us goes I hope its a double eviction. I’ll be like just put me up. Shelli says wouldn’t that be horrible if one of us went just before jury.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 11-08-41-665

11:25am Backyard – Audrey asks Liz do you know who’s going up. Liz says its Meg. I’m just glad I’m safe and you’re safe. One more week in the BB house. Liz says our day is coming. The same people can’t keep winning. I just feel like such an outsider. It’s going to be a long 4 days. Audrey says it feels like we’re in purgatory. Liz asks do you think people are still acting weird towards you? Audrey says its getting better. I feel like the people on the outside realize they need me. I feel like that small pool all need to get on the same page but no one wants to initiate the conversation. Liz agrees.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-06 11-18-27-936

11:30am Big Brother blocks the feeds for veto ceremony…

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Allison Grodner

Groceries always bring a smile to my face!

Allison Grodner

Hey Simon and Dawg, every year after the first week-ish of the new season, I ask you to predict who the final 2 or 3 will be, and who will win. I think this will be a girl’s year. I’m guessing the final two will be Vanessa beating Becky, and maybe Meg can replace one of those 2 names. What do you think this year?


By picks early on would be Vanessa, Meg, Austin, Clay and maybe Shelli. Hard to say with the twists this year really comes down to chance and comp wins.


i hope not!

Captain Crunch

I think production is gonna manipulate the “last laugh” twist depending who”s up on the block next to DA (looks like Meg). I think the first 6 calls will be random and then the 7th call they gonna wait for a certain person (someone who they wants to control the votes) to be around or walking by the phone before the call it.


Production need to remind liz/Julia that Day saved them last week. I think they owe
Day a vote.


Exactly Day saved them and they cant even give her their vote. For all this trouble Day should of just saved Shelli ,because she wouldn’t be where she is now and the Tibble Twins still wouldn’t of had her back ..smh


Clay and Shelli enjoy your reign while it lasts:karma is a bitch!!!
Also, did anyone notice how Liz/Julia started wearing super skimpy clothes when she found out she might be put on the block as a pawn? First she made pancakes for everyone in that skimpy see through nightgown w/ her boobs hanging out. Then she wore that super low cut strapless bikini top all day and was bent over Austin polishing his nails. Once Shelli reconfirmed to her that she was not going up , she switched back to her regular work out clothes. That’s their game play? Good luck with that, especially if they make it to week 5 and its revealed they are a duo. While the guys may be thrilled, the girls are not going to be too happy especially Meg , Vanessa and Jackie.


Yeah they will be furious and target her immediately. : /


I want Day to stay so bad because everyone would be shitting bricks.They would be so confused and you would see who is siding with who.I hope when they do the phone call thingy and 3 people get eliminated that they don’t tell them.I hope they let everyone cast thee vote and then hot them with the sorry your vote doesn’t count HAHAHAHAHH


What is with Clay’s constant idea of volunteering to go on the block? Am I missing something or is he just that dumb?


He knows that Shelli would never put him up so he’s just saying it to sound like a good guy.


i pick the right person to like. Jason have such a good heart and he´s funny and smart. I dont remember in another season on houseguest cry because a friend evition. LOVE Jason!


I was thinking the same thing. I do believe ALL house guest cry sooner than later because of the high emotional drama. Jason seems like a sweet kid and honest!!!

Health Agency of Canada

Jason’s gotta stop smoking them cigarettes, the man burns through a pack a day.


Why do you think he’s so small Smoking stops your groth

Member of the Ant Farm

I’m sorry…but the more Jason talks…the more I dislike him!! He doesn’t have anything nice to say about anybody but maybe Day!! The way he was saying what he would like to do to Audrey the other day was just downright nasty…even if she deserved it!!

I survived last seasons BB

I also hope the twist keeps Da’Vonne in the game. It will certainly be a better house and season with Her in the game

But…She made a huge mistake calling a House Meting, even over Someone as skanky as Audrey. House Meetings never go well for the person who calls it. It was way too early in the game anyway.


In the best case scenario, Da’Vonne wins the telephone twist thing. She cancels out 3 votes certain against her (Let’s say Clay, Austin, and Jeff). I think the vote would still be against her: 5-4 to evict Day (Unless she can flip James who is in love with Meg, or Steve).

I survived last seasons BB

Yeah, true..And for the last few seasons the unanimous vote has become the norm. She would have to get the power ASAP and use it to campaign for a flip


It cant be Day who gets it. In order for Day to stay, it would have to be Jason. But even canceling out 3 votes, I still think day only gets one vote (Jason). Everyone else is already baked in and doesnt want to rock the boat.

The person who gets the power would have to be able to tell people they have the power. They havent typically done that in the past, but that is what it would have to be in order to possibly flip the house. Even if they did… who still votes for Da over Meg? Liz/Julia is torn, Jason…. who else? James maybe? She still needs two more (making it a 5-4 vote).

But this year, with all the “alliances” the house is definitely a roller coaster as far as who does what, so we shall see.


Boy was I wrong. They gave it to Da. She still has a problem though. I dont see how she gets to 5 votes. Never say never, but at this moment she doesnt have the votes.


It would be funny to watch Shelli and Clay scram if Da stays. I don’t care one way or another i Meg goes.


I’m confused. Did some argument happen last night? Why is Jason worried?


I was a johnny mac supporter until he threw the BOB…..it’s not fun for me when they just roll over for the hoh. I wish they’d all grow some big ones and play for themselves.


Johnny Mac didn’t throw it Day just sucked at it !!!!


I think Jason is generally a good person but young. The way he talk’s is more joking than anything. His sense of humor is a little twisted so I think u are taking him a bit too seriously if offended by him. Yes he is crude but not often serious with what he says if that makes any sense:)

my precious

“if one of us goes I hope its a double eviction. I’ll be like just put me up. Shelli says wouldn’t that be horrible if one of us went just before jury.”…THIS..is why I can’t stand either one now..just go do the Bachelor and get off my BB feeds with that 15 year olds first crush stupidly!


Jason, Jason, Jason…I bet there are a fair amount of people where you live and work who watch Big Brother so you may want not to make insulting statements about your customers. Wonder how his employer feels about it??


Jason was a cashier at a grocery store who just took three months off, my guess is he quit and isn’t going back. It’s the same things as Donny last year as a groundskeeper. He lost his job but was able to come back as a custodian. Jason probably figures he has a chance at something different even if he goes early.