Derrick “DONNY’s Going home this week, then the 10K to save him. DONNY!!! Welcome back to the house buddy!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players ?

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9:15am – 10:15am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Donny gets up to eat and goes back to bed. Derrick is called to the diary room but comes out soon after and splashes water on his face. He sits at the kitchen bar. Cody goes in and comes out of the diary room. Derrick says that he went into the diary room and they kicked me out because I looked like I was sleeping. They told him to go wake up and splash water on his face. How do you look so awake, I guess good looking is good looking. Cody says I knew you were going to say that. Derrick heads to the fire room. Frankie says she is sick. Derrick says she (Victoria) is still not feeling very well. Frankie says no, I told her to tell them. Victoria comes back and lays in the fire room bed with he hand over her head.

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10:25am – 11am In the bathroom – Frankie heads into the bathroom stall and Derrick talks to him while he’s in there. Derrick says I definitely think we’re getting another one. (Team America Mission) That’s the impression I got. Frankie says I hope so. I can’t wait. Derrick says it’s a little odd that it hasn’t came yet. Getting the same impression I’m getting? Frankie doesn’t say anything. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back.. Derrick says DONNY’s Going home this week .. and then the $10,000 to save Donny. Derrick says DONNY!!! Welcome back to the house buddy! Frankie says whatever it is I want to do it if we can! Derrick says yeah. And I have a feeling by chance he doesn’t save himself today. Then it will be a team america moment. It just means he’s going to vote us out eventually, there’s no doubt about it. You’ll be sitting there like.. called that one! Frankie says I know. Derrick says 10K … you watch us work! Frankie says I thought about that yesterday. Derrick says the timing is very interesting. Frankie says it always has been. Derrick says we wouldn’t get it (Team America Mission) until Wednesday night. Frankie says yeah it will be after the POV because it would be a lovely back up too. Derrick says it would be interesting my friend. They said basically you would know.. Frankie says they said it would be okay even if we were down one person .. and still if we were down to one person. It would be difficult but it would still be okay. Frankie heads back to bed. Derrick goes to make breakfast.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 10-50-11-926

11am In the kitchen – Derrick and Christine are whispering. Derrick asks Christine how she is feeling? Christine says good. Derrick says yeah we’re good this week. Christine says I was just worried about double eviction this week. Derrick says yeah if she (Nicole) wins it one of us is going home, but its 5-1 we should win it. Christine says I think she would put me and Frankie up next to each other. Derrick says Victoria is hot and cold with me. She goes a day or two without talking to me. If she’s mad at me the day of the vote then I’m going home. Derrick says we’re screwed if its me and you, me and Cody, Cody and You. I don’t think she would do that though, it wouldn’t make sense. Do you think she would go after Frankie? He’s such a strong competitor it would be stupid not to. Christine says I don’t know. Derrick says I don’t think Victoria is going to be able to compete today. I saw here go into the diary room. She didn’t look as bad but.. Derrick says I just don’t think she’s (Nicole) in it. Christine says I think she’s more excited to see Hayden. Derrick agrees. I definitely didn’t see the love from Jocasta when she was here. Derrick and Christine agree that it will definitely be a bitter / personal jury.

11:15am – 11:45am In the bathroom – Victoria heads into the bathroom stall. Nicole asks her if she’s okay or if she needs anything. She opens the door and finds Victoria on the floor. Nicole says oh my god you’re all sweaty! I’m going to get someone for you. Nicole yells Derrick come quick for Victoria!! (Victoria’s been having a lot of pain from her teeth.) Big Brother cuts the live feeds…

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“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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137 thoughts on “Derrick “DONNY’s Going home this week, then the 10K to save him. DONNY!!! Welcome back to the house buddy!”

  1. I just want to plant this seed…..somebody please yell Frankie Sucks at the VMA’s when Ariana comes out during the live show

    1. Wonder how his town feels about him BB should be there to see if they think he has a chance. Bring it home Donny. Remember when the chips are down it gets better. Hang in there. I speak for myself but you played a good game. Shows your true character.

      1. I really hope Donny sets up a P.O. box because he will get so much fan mail. And he could really use that kind of support after he’s done with all of this mess.

        1. Donny has a Facebook page…..leave comments there as well. I just found it this morning. Donny has a lot of people who really like his game and are upset on how he has been treated and he and his family have been made fun of.

    2. Seems like Derrick is already planting the seed to save Donny this week. I’ve heard him say several times now about Nicole not wanting to be here and how smart she is, it appears that he is wanting somebody to come up with “their own idea” to get Nicole back out instead of Donny this week. Derrick really likes his TA money. Caleb for sure will bite if nobody else does.

      1. I think Donny should have used the team America thing in his advantage and stayed close with Frankie and Derrick only for the fact the two have a lot of pull in the house and can save him when needed instead of showing distrust to almost everybody.An alliance with Frankie and Derrick (unbeknownst to the others of course) would have taken Donny very far in the game.

      2. I hope Nicole and Donny both stay this week. Part of the reason I think Nicole doesn’t seem into to it is because she knows she can’t trust anyone but Donny. She feels uncomfortable around the others. Everything she says gets twisted with the rest of them. I feel bad for what they did and do to the people outside their alliance. I know it’s a game but it is really not necessary to bash them. Nicole is a much nicer person without Christine. Part of it may be because she misses Hayden, but I do hope she gets her head back in the game.

  2. About Christine sending her hate towards Julie Chen a few day ago…does she know what happened to the last fowl mouthed blondie that insulted the Chenbot!? That turkey got roasted alive on live television! Hoping that Pandora’s Box happens and Christine ends up on the block…

    1. I would love to see Ratine/Frankie/Derrick/Cody to go on the block which will eventually happen, can’t wait to watch Ratine go down final 3 or 4 lol that would be so damn funny I am gonna laugh right off my couch

    2. Its not just roasted on live tv its the aftermath. They are under contract with CBS for at least a year after the show to do promos, charities, etc. This can become a nice side income and open doors for the future. Amber did an appearance with Judd just last weekend.

      I don’t think Ratine will be asked to do any of these things. Just like Amanda from BB 15 wanted to do a charity event and the charity said no they didn’t want her anywhere near them. It used to be that even bad publicity was good publicity but with the explosion of social media that is no longer the case and these hateful people are too stupid to realize it.

    3. Christine has some nerve to insult Julie and then some to keep bringing it up. Christine rear is crass, is she even aware of who’s wife she’s bad-mouthing? If she had any chance before to be on t.v. again, it’s gone. She can’t even go back to making coffee after admitting it’s possible to mess with customer orders.

    4. Just saw Christine’s husband on youtube. He is just as much a self satisfied clueless nerd as she is. They even look alike. A marriage made in hell.

  3. Donny so needs to win this POV. I bet that if Cody is given the option of opening Pandora’s Box he would be to chickenshit to do it. Remember everyone, Derrick has Cody’s b@lls in his back pocket.

    1. He would definitely need Derrick’s permission to open the pandora box, if it would happened “Derrick, daddy, may I open it or not? You know I always do what you tell me to do, so pleaseee I am so confuse tell me what to do as usual” :)

    2. Derrick will tell him to open it though. Don’t forget Derrick is a fan so he won’t say no to that experience. Plus he knows that someone from his alliance will go home not him. If somehow they have to renom I think Christine goes home.

  4. Have really enjoyed this site.,,,It’s the BEST! Thanks for all the hard work you do keeping us updated. Just sent you another small donation-NoName

  5. If Donny don’t win the POV, if I were him I would tell everyone bout the TA alliance, just to fuck up Frankie and derrick’s game. Donny ftw

    1. He should tell Nicole imo. There isn’t anyone that he or she can tell, where Derrick won’t go and twist and spin it into a negative. way. He’s just say Donny is the sabatour and trying to throw Frankie and Derrick under the bus.

      re: the possibility of Victoria leaving for good, let alone at all? We should be so lucky, but the end of the day, who’s going to notice? She doesn’t do anything, she doesn’t win anything, and all she is is doing what Derrick tells her to do. Love how he spins her as well, oh, gee sometimes she doesn’t even talk to me. Right, I just read the other day her complaining to him that he was ignoring her, not the other way around.

      Love also, now Cody gets an idea? He thinks putting up Frankie works for him, but clearly it doesn’t work for Derrick. Did Derrick try the idea of putting up Christine and getting her out now? Hope so.

      Still don’t know why they are not bright enough to use Donny any and Nicole to get out the people they don’t want to be seen getting out.

  6. I guess you pretty much have to have a strong immune system to be in that house. I’d probably be getting sick everyday myself.

    1. Since they didn’t get a TA mission this week they think it will be to save Donny. They don’t realize that America is so sorry they voted them in as TA. And they have no idea that Joey was the first and Donny was the second and they were the default.

    2. thats what i was thinking there only saving him though because of team america but if frankie and derrick don’t i’m sure donny will win veto and even if he does’nt i’m sure production will find a way 2 save him love him #TeamDonny#FearTheBeard

    3. Save Donnie via TA and let Nicole win POV?? That might be a double whammy by production to derail Derrick’s master plan?? Two new nominations in one fled swoop?

  7. Donny has them running scared! He reminds me of Chance Gardner in the Peter Seller’s movie Being There. And he lives up to Chance’s quote: “I like to watch.”

    1. I agree with you to an extent comparing Chancey and Donny, but while Chancey was a simple good soul, Donny is also a good soul, but with lots more native intelligence. That why they are all so worried about Donny, the whole narrow minded bunch can’t comprehend that Donny can really be smart while sounding like Gomer Pyle.

  8. I wonder how many of these other fools would even have a clue there is going to be a plan by production to save Donny if he doesn’t win POV, if Derrick and Frankie weren’t there to tell them……

  9. Hoping Team America mission is going to save Donny, and of course, Derrick and Frankie will suck up to Donny again until next nominations, what is wrong with these people, they talk about all the past seasons, and play like they have never seen it before. Just want someone to win that deserves it. Cody and Christine are the worst Donny bashers, thinks he
    doesn’t deserve to be there, can’t wait to see their faces when Donny wins America’s Favorite, would be insult to injury if he could win the 500K too!

  10. …this little piggy went “wee, wee, wee” counting his money all the way home
    Derrick’s audition for a GEICO commercial.

  11. So….can someone enlighten me, please? I’m unclear about the Team America “tasks”. It seems like they should make the three of them stick together….all or nothing, right? (more reason to keep Donny in the house) But I’m getting the idea that they can still win money doing the tasks….even down to 1 person? If that’s the case, this is SO wrong, and just gives more cred to what most of us believe about Production rigging. “Team America” does NOT equal DERPRICK. Please, someone tell me I’m wrong!!

  12. Looks like Vic will def get some $ out of bb. They should have gotten help for her ASAP. Production must be a bunch of kids too.

    1. Hopefully they have a good contract or victoria will be the big winner when she sue’s bb over her health for a couple million.

    2. Yeah, I thought it was ridiculous yesterday when she went to DR thinking she would see the dentist, and was instead given Orajel. They always downplay the HG’s health issues.

  13. So, I guess Victoria’s not up to playing in the POV comp, then, since she’s laying on the bathroom floor, all sweaty. Jacosta 2.0…

    1. We can hope she goes, eviction cancelled, right to HOH Comp and Donny wins. Nicole the following week…………..Fingers crossed. It could happen. pfffft!

  14. Even though I do not like Shitoria that much, I hope she feel better (and voluntarily leave because that’ll save Donny/Nicole aka Niconny)!

  15. I’m not buying this act – who goes to lay down on the floor in the toilet room? Someone who’s looking for attention. She’s such a loser.

    1. I’m old…no, you don’t want to know how old..LOL. Over the years I’ve done time on that bathroom floor, but it was only because I needed to be close to the toilet in case I threw up. It ranges from serious case of a stomach flu, food poisoning, to hangover. I never once WANTED to be there, and I never once did it for attention. All of that said, I’m thinking her deal might be hangover combined with pain meds (maybe on an empty stomach?). JMHO

      1. Thank you Teri, I have been there myself a time or two myself. I used to get migraine headaches that would lay me out. I heard Victoria on BBAD last night talking about all the tylenol or advil she was taking which was worrying to me. Even though they are over the counter drugs they can have some really harsh side effects. Tylenol overdoses (and they don’t have to be that big of a overdose for some people) can lead to liver failure; sometimes it’s temporary but at times people need liver transplants. Even dimwit Cody said sometime about her taking too many med’s.

    2. This has crossed my mine since last night when Vic first started complaining. Surely this would not be a ploy set up with the DR 0r Derrick to keep a weak player out of the POV. Telling her, yeah I know it aches but just play up the pain so you can be eliminated from the POV and we can get all strong players in it then after the POV you can say, all better now.

  16. I’m hoping Victoria has to leave this week and there is no eviction because she’s gone. Just wishful thinking. Praying for you Donny.

  17. I mean, I don’t really want her to win, but she seems to be having a lot of problems with her health right now. She might have to leave the house (best case scenario). Whether or not she does, that would be the worst way to go and I hope she’s ok.

    1. If Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Christine be had idea that Victoria might go out on a medical issue and the noms were void you’d see them performing round the clock care, mouth to mouth , CPR , blood transfusions, getting clean sheets and hot water and whiskey to keep her from leaving LOL

  18. I’m guessing that between the “pain” meds, probably aspirin, and the amount of wine Victoria drank last night (she drank a lot!) she’s hungover. JMAO

    1. She was eating Advil like candy yesterday then drank wine. Not good. But if she’s got a fever with the pain she may have to have oral surgery.

  19. Goodness grac!ous!!

    All the scalp bleeding n now the pain of the wisdom tooth has finally taken a toil on V!ctor!a.

    I would just drive V!ctor!a to the emergency room ASAP if I were them!!

    I knew it was insane she was wearing those darn extensions which is creating alot of bleeding, hurt and pain, coupled with the impeding wisdom tooth problem, I’m not surprised her body is screaming for SOS!

    *V!ctor!a, hope you feel better!*

  20. Sounds to me like they are both getting inside info from production. Frankie probably asked if 2 were still a team thinking that they were sending Donny to jury. Derrick sounds like he’s figuring that the team america mission would be set up to save Donny. He has known for a long time that Donny is onto him.
    Here’s what I’m hoping….that the TA mission can only be accomplished by 3 people and/or that Pandora’s Box will give Donny a chance at DPOV.

    C’mon Donny………..WIN THAT VETO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. IRRC at the very beginning it was said that TA went on even if any of the them were voted out until the last team member was gone.

  21. Not crazy about Vivtoria but really hope she is ok. I know from experience that toothaches are the worst. Seems like something else is going on with her. She is sweating and in extreme pain. Hoping she has a speedy recovery

  22. Not to be rude but Victoria really is a complete joke…. I wish we coulda kept Zach and got rid of her because she is such a waste of space.

    Honestly who casted her and Jocasta (all they did was sit there and get sick)

    I wish we as fans could hit a reset button and get Zach, Devin, Brittany, Amber, And Hayden back in and replace Christnasty, Codummy, Rapie, Derprick, Vicyucky, and Caloser

    If that seems harsh well sorry but this season sucks

    Thanks Simon and Dawg

    #CantWaitfor #BB17AllStars #Zonny4Allstars

  23. So instead of getting a doctor to look at Victoria’s mouth, they let her go until she is laying on the floor, sweating from fever from the infection her wisdom teeth are causing…wow, just plain wow

  24. I Hope Victoria is ok and it is nothing too serious but she did not look well at all yesterday. She looked like she needed to have been seen by a doctor last night.

  25. As much as I hate victorias gameplay and her being oblivious, I really do hope shes ok. Wisdom teeth HURT LIKE A BITCH!!!! Feel better Vic

  26. Would be cool if they have to remove The Princess Cried from the house for medical reasons…resulting in this week’s eviction being cancelled. For once, the sniveling that would result from Walking Vagina losing his HOH power would music to my ears…

  27. Victoria actually might get removed from the game over this…tooth infections are incredibly dangerous esp if they become an abscess and spread to the brain easily.

  28. When you have a fever the bathroom floor can feel nice and cool. She may be very sick if she was not on an antibiotic for an infection. Her family sounds like they have no problem suing someone. I hope for their sake she was being seen by their doc.

  29. I see a lawsuit in CBS’ future. It sounds like she has an infection in her teeth and needs to see a dr. CBS isn’t very quick about dealing with this and now she is passed out on the floor and if she has to leave the game because of an abscess. I mean she sued her city for tripping on the sidewalk roller blading.

    1. There was no lawsuit ever filed with the city by her family. Maybe when the crow picked her up it did damage to her brain. She fabricates stories.

  30. Simon & or Dawg:

    What happens if a HG leaves for urgent medical reasons? Does the game just go on per usual or is that considered an eviction?

    Just wondering if Victoria requires dental surgery.

    1. A house guest can leave to get medical attention. They’re just quarantined to not receive any outside information.

      In big brother 9 Allison had an allergic reaction, and Amanda fainted and had a seizure due to low blood sugar. They were both medically evacuated from the house for the night, and returned the following morning.

  31. The only thing that keeps me interested in BB16 these last few weeks, is your site, Dawg. This is better and more entertaining than what is going on in the house. Having a chance to vent and share my opinions has been a release for the frustration I feel for this terrible season. Thank-you
    By the way, some of the comments on this site have been racist, sexist, crude and mean – they’re not any better than those from some of the HG’s.

  32. Nicole has found Victoria on the BB bathroom floor and yelled for Derrick’s help; Victoria is hot and sweaty,and the feeds are cut. Victoria may not have a clue what the game of BB is really about and may have a personality most people can’t relate to, but she doesn’t deserve to have what may be a health crisis depicted on national TV. It’s appropriate that BB Production cut the house feeds and hopefully will give little visual coverage to whatever this event may turn out to be. It’s probably due to the difficulty she’s having with her wisdom teeth. Whatever it is I hope she’ll be feeling physically strong ASAP. However, if she must leave the BB house, it will have an impact on the game*****even if she hasn’t been a real part of gameplay.

      1. Because you’d have to have a huge ego to decide that you can handle a collapsed person on your own. Even a doctor is supposed to call out for help. That’s what they teach you as part of CPR training. This is a person’s life we’re talking about here. Derrick is also better equipped to carry Vic out of the bathroom. Plus, Nicole is not yet a seasoned nurse. Even seeing patients on your own in your first job can be unnerving, never mind having someone collapse.

  33. The funniest thing is that The Sickening Six (Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Crustine and Victoria) all think they are all BB icons, and yet not one of them would.should even pass a smell test when they select another BB All Star cast,

    1. Seeing how Derrick is basically running the whole house single-handed I think he(if anyone)has a shot at being on All Stars but he would have to win this season. I can’t remember the last time a single house guest had this much control over the entire house(although most of these people don’t seem like the best bb players anyways! BRING BACK ALL-STARS!!!!!!!

      1. How I would love to see Derrick on All Stars! Thinking he is so slick…he won’t be in the house with a bunch of idiot morons. Please put him with Jeff, Brendan, Rachel, Jordan, Ian, Dan, Janelle and Britney…they will eat him alive!

  34. Has anyone seen Victoria’s hair or scalp bleeding ? I mean she can tell everyone she is. I don’t wear extensions but holy shit girl take them
    Out. Throw on a hat or scarf.

    1. Vic told some story about having long hair when she was accept as a player then she cut her hair for some undisclosed medical reason. She said production told her she had to wear the extensions so they she would appear the same. Whether this is true or not only her and BB know.

  35. Not to sound like an ass, but I think it’s karma Vic is in so much pain. Kicking Zach when he was down, taking the hat away and cutting it up. Karma B I T C H

  36. I was watching TVGN last night and for the first time I got to see how Derek basically Shuns Donnie. Ignoring him, not even making eye contact when they were at chess board like someone would do in high school thinking they were cool and the other person was a loser. I felt so bad for Donnie it really does break my heart. He’s such a good warm caring person and all of these assholes in this house disgust me. It really is a shame that they cast all of these morons and one smart person in Derek . I have to admit he is a good game player the only one out of all of these fools, they all basically ask for his approval and it winds up being his decision on every move made cause none of these spineless morons have any balls .If CBS had any kind of clue what America truly wants they would somehow someway let Donnie and Nicole stay in house this week even though I’m against rigging things I would give anything to see them rig this somehow for Donnie to stay in the house. I really really wish it was not Nicole who came back but Hayden because at least Hayden is so much better of a game player than Nicole. Nicole is honestly a waste of space, I’m not saying she’s a bad player but let’s be honest the only reason we’re rooting for her at this point it’s because we hate all of these morons that are in power. At the end of the day all I want to do is see Donnie somehow stay in the house winn HOH and evict all these morons.
    And quick individual rant. Victoria = beyond useless nuff said . Caleb = dumbest self absorbed person possibly on reality tv. Cody= Useless disgrace basically Derricks his master n hes too stupid to see it. Christine= ill use a word she likes using “disgusting” on every level. Her gross witch face and even uglier cheating and hateful shit makes her maybe the hardest to stomach. Frankie= “Mogu” lol. What a joke. Hes a wormy person that i dispise also. That leaves Derrick= I will give credit he has played all this idiots like a fiddle with ofcourse the exception being Donny. But as every day goes by his actions make me dislike him more and more. I’ll end it with this. Donnie please stay safe and fear the beard morons!!!

    1. Glad you watched, wish everyone voting on AF does. The aired show is so edited that you have no idea what these people are really like. The viewers that only watch the aired show without watching or going online will probably vote for Frankie or Derrick to win.,,,ugh!

    2. Derrick can’t look Donny in the eye because he knows Donny is on to him, that he can see right through him. It’s not because he feels superior, if anything it’s because Mr.Cop knows he’s inferior. His profession is to go undercover and fool people and this good ole country boy had him figured out a long time ago. If anything he can’t look at Donny because he’s embarrassed.

  37. Is it possible if Victoria leaves due to a medical reason, that Zach or one of the jury members could come back replace her. That would bring some excitement back to watch again.

    1. Most likely what they would do is just not have the planned double eviction, if she has to leave because of medical issues.

  38. PS: wisdom teeth can cause numerous & significant issues…….pain, infections, heart implications etc. I am thinking she should have been checked by a doctor…….Advil would not really not be effective for dental pain/infection.

  39. Ohmigosh I feel so bad for Victoria! As much as I dislike her as a gam player, what prodction did to her is so wrong! It wa obvious yesterday she needed medical attention. She probably has an infection… And they gve her orajel!? The girl needs her wisdom teeth extracted. There’s a lot of mental and emotional suffering we watch on the feeds but watching her physical suffering for the last 24 hrs or so has been atrocious (sp?)

  40. Victoria just moved up to the top spot BB is scared now “Victoria” will be the newest hottest 1 hour weekly drama series on CBS

  41. If they want to guarantee that Cody will open Pandora’s Box tell him that is father is there. Cody hasn’t made out with anyone in a couple of months and we all know he likes to french kiss his dad.

    Maybe give him a year’s worth of stripping contracts with his brother since we all know he loves to do that too.

  42. Hope Victurd is ok. My real thought is she did not get any sympathy lying in bed so she went into the toilet to fein a bit where she HAD to be recognized and given attention. So she IS a bit of a drama queen. She is used to getting attention in her real life and she lays on the BS to get attention this entire season.

    1. If it is hew wisdom teeth and they are impacted. That sh*t is painful. Usually wisdom teeth are removed well before her age.

    2. That bathroom floor is pretty disgusting to me since it’s so close to the toilet but when girls are in their worst states, that’s where we manage to end up. Maybe because the tile is soothing…

    3. We really should give her the benefit of the doubt at this point. Besides, the other HGs have noticed how swollen she looks. Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of complications.

  43. I think Derrick is trying to save Donny. He keeps saying little things about Nicole and her just wanting to see Hayden.

  44. Know what’s worse than a tooth abscess? If Vic tried to pluck her 2 dozen black hairs from her areolas. They are thick, wiry and bristly and are deep rooted and the root tissue are connected to a network of blood vessels, nerves and lactating glands. If Vic tried to pluck those black babies she most likely has an infection on her tatas. Maybe that’s why she’s on the bathroom floor. Then again, maybe she’s used to kneeling on the bathroom floor servicing Johns.

  45. “A bitter, personal jury”. I don’t doubt it since there’s some bitter people making personal attacks on them daily. You get what you give.

  46. I am a true Donnie fan because he has not lost his self in this game. He is a real person that many Americans can relate too, with that being said, I believe that Derrick is playing the best game out of all the contestants left. Call it his knowledge from being an undercover cop or his strategic moves but he truly has everything under his control.

  47. Being a good nurse I am sure Nicole realized Vic need medical attention. Not a nurse by her side. She yells for Derrick to stay with her while she goes to get help.

  48. Dear CBS:

    Can we please have the real Big Brother show back? Must we endure the Derrick and his Dingle-berries show for another month? I mean COME ON!!

  49. Production – please take away the Skittles from Derrick. It is the most disgusting thing to hear him smacking away on the candy. Smack, smack, smack – makes me sick!!!

  50. Why do I have this feeling that Victoria is pulling a Dan Geesling tupe of move and faking this for entertainment and to keep her from having to compete in the POV comp and possibly the HOH. I actually think she is trying to get sympathy from the house so they won’t put her up. If I recall right Jocasta was saved by Donny in a similar way. And almost immediately after she was taken off the block a miracle happened and she was healed. I am pretty sure the medics would have carted her off a long time ago if it was as bad as it looks. I think Mommy and Daddy also would have kicked down the doors by now. But of course I could be wrong.

    1. My son is a paramedic and there’s not much they could do to help. She might need a doctor to prescribe antibiotics if there is an infection. Surely CBS would have one on call for this type of thing. Didnt she say at the beginning of her problems that her wisdom teeth were just coming in???

    2. What do you think she did – stuff cotton in her cheeks to make her face look swollen? HG’s did remark that she didn’t look well and that face looked swollen. Sometimes it is what it is. Of course, I could be wrong as well.

      1. Well, Christine did mention cotton balls. But she is a witch. Seriously I don’t know. I don’t have the live feeds and am not a doctor. I was just saying it wouldn’t surprise me is all. I’ve seen a lot of play acting on this show before was my point. And of course i wish no harm to come to anyone on the program. We’ll just have to wait and see,. I am sure it won’t be long. She is supposed to have some kind of mystery sickness that she wouldn’t talk about too. I wonder if anyone in the house has asked to look into her mouth yet? It would answer the cotton ball question. .

  51. Not a fan of Victoria in any way….but I really hope she is ok.
    Dawg said the players from previous seasons returned & it didn’t affect the game, but they were able to come back. I wonder what happens if the player is unable to return because of medical surgery & recuperation time? Wouldn’t they have to skip the eviction in order to keep the programs end date?

  52. The suspense of what’s going to happen with Victoria is going to kill me! I’ll be at work for the rest of the night but I’ll be looking forward to see what happens

  53. I despise Cody, Christine, and Frankie the most in this house. Cody is a spineless, brainless, idiotic loser. He needs to grow a pair and think for himself for once, instead of always following Derrick. Christine is just a sad, hateful human being. She is being so disrespectful to her husband, and even worse she’s doing it all on national television. Just because she is insecure and has no self-respect doesn’t she mean she can take it out on someone else. I hope when she gets evicted, the crowd boos her. And, Frankie is an attention-seeking, fake, annoying prima donna. He needs to stop mooching off of his sister’s fame. Frankie is not a “mogul” nor is he “famous.” If he has any supporters, I bet they are all Ariana’s fans. He needs to stop living in his sister’s shadow and actually be his own person. When these three get out of the BB House, they are gonna be so shocked at how many people actually hate them. Karma will come around and bite them in the butt.

  54. if Donny goes….I won’t watch anymore…….Christine is such a pig……and Cody and Derrick are so full of themselves…I can’t wait till they all find out that Derrick is an undercover cop!

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