Liz “I’m going to have to break the news to him in jury. I’m just not that into you”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 13-24-45-569

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1:15pm – 1:30pm Julia tells Austin and Liz that its so awkward. Every time I go into the bathroom Clay is just laying there. I do not like that guy. Do you think he’s going to try and talk to us today? Austin says probably. We’ll see. Austin leaves. Julia comments on how cute Liz and Austin look cuddling. Julia tells Liz I will never forget what he said about me. Liz says I don’t know where I would be without her (Shelli). I love her. Julia says we have to do what is best for our game because if we vote one way and they vote the other. Liz says we have an opportunity to take a really big player, why wouldn’t we take it. Julia agrees. Liz says I don’t feel bad going back on my word but she was able to go up and say all those things about Austin. Our two votes are the swing vote. Liz says that Shelli needs to talk to us again like why should we keep you in this game. What are you going to do for us. Julia says Clay needs to talk to us too. Liz says if Clay doesn’t talk to us I am going to be really upset. Julia says he needs to promise that he isn’t going to come after us. Julia says that Shelli is probably the only person that will go after James. Liz says Shelli will always be a bigger target than us. Liz says she’s won a lot of HOHs though. It could be a good time to get her out. Julia says I walked in today and saw .. I would be so mad if that motherf**kers head was on my thing. Liz says that’s why I lay down here. Julia says his hair smells so bad! Liz says ewww I know! You know how I feel about him. He’s a shield in front of me! He’s my knight in shinning armour! I’m going to have to break the news to him in the jury house. Julia asks what are you going to say.. I’m just not that into you. Liz says I’m just not into you. Liz says but when I get back to Miami I am going to tell Ryan I am done with you.. (I guess Liz was in a relationship coming into the house too. Odd as she was so against doing anything with Austin when he has a pre-existing relationship.) She says You did not meet my parents .. Big Brother blocks the feeds and switches to Shelli and Clay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 13-21-11-274
1:15pm Clay and Shelli head into the cabana room. Shelli says that she definitely feels good about Johnny. When it was me, John and James on the wall. It was hard for me to see how strong John was on the wall. When I made the deal with James I thought that John was still strong. When I started making the deal Johnny dropped. I have to be aware of that. Maybe Johnny didn’t want to be caught making a deal that he would have to go back on. Shelli says that James was calling out John you’re good buddy. I think the reason why John is so upset is because he feel guilty. He knows one of us is going to go home and see it. Its just something to keep in mind, to watch. Clay says I don’t think he would be lying to me. He says that he’s

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 13-17-19-944

1:35pm – 2:10pm Havenot room – Austin tells the twins that they don’t get off being havenots till Midnight Thursday. Liz says no, no, no, no .. that’s not fair!! We started on Friday and they started on Saturday! Austin says they’re always going to start on Saturday from now on its just because of the competition. Austin the twins and Vanessa talk about keeping Shelli or Clay. Julia says if we vote to keep Clay they’re all going to come after us. Austin says why would I be pushing to keep Shelli so hard after what she said. Austin says maybe we talk to James and says we feel really uncomfortable about keeping Clay.. so we make 1 more deal to get him to guarantee us safety for 2 weeks for keeping Clay. We’ll go after her but take out Clay now. Vanessa says I’m so confused. Austin says Steve just needs to step up and win HOH. Then we don’t have to go back on our word. Vanessa asks so where you guys are now .. you are not wanting to ruffle any feathers? Austin and Liz say yeah. Vanessa tells them about how in the bathroom Shelli said see clay how could you ever pretend to work with James. And then Clay gave her a look like she wasn’t supposed to say that in front of me. Liz says if we keep Shelli she will always be a target in front of us .. if we keep Clay he won’t be. Vanessa says Clay is going to switch to that side.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 13-40-52-557

1:40pm – 2:10pm Cabana room – Meg joins Shelli and Clay. Meg asks if what they said about Austin was a lie a whole time. Shelli says I love you but you guys played me like a fool. We sat up there and you guys got me to spill information and then you use it against me. Clay says James was never going to use the veto. Meg says I didn’t do anything. Clay says you’re guilty by association. Shelli says I feel like I got so duped, and I go so hurt. I feel like I can’t say anything right now. I’m hearing whispers. Shelli doesn’t want to say anything because she isn’t helping her so why should she help her now. Clay says we don’t owe you anything. Shelli says she doesn’t like were the conversation is going. Meg leaves. Shelli warns CLay not to burn bridges with them. Clay says there’s no bridges to be burnt.. they’re already burnt! Shelli wonders if someone sent Meg in to say that.

2:10pm Shelli and Clay head into the havenot room. Shelli asks what’s going on? She then tells them about how Meg came into the cabana room and asked her to clarify things. Shelli says they’re scampering. She says I know you guys are targeting me and so no more information from me. Vanessa says they’re trying to figure out if they can trust Austin. Shelli says they know its only the 3 of them so they know once they’re out of power then need people. Why is anyone afraid of them. Shelli says that Clay was mad and said you’re going to come to us for information after you totally played us .. like no way!! Shelli asks are ya’ll still voting for me? Julia says yes. Julia says they want us to vote you out .. we gave you our word. But they’re trying to bully us. Shelli says turn it right back around and target him when he isn’t HOH. Shelli says that Becky is floating around that’s why its not smart to blow up her game yet. Vanessa says when they get into power that’s when you do it. Shelli says the only reason why you’re scared of him is because he’s up there acting like a gorilla. There are 5 of us and 3 of them and we have Johnny Mac and Becky that will float back to us. Shelli says James is scared of being put up next week.. that’s why he’s doing all this .. its so obvious!! Jackie comes in and leaves. Julia says Jackie just literally riffled around so loud and then didnt grab anything.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 14-19-23-935
2:15pm HOH room – Meg tells James that she confronted Clelli about Austin and they kind of threw a fit. They said you came down and told Austin. James says I didn’t tell Austin sh*t! Meg says that’s what they’re saying. James says the only think I told Austin was that I knew he wanted me on the block but that I wanted to start fresh with him. Meg says they’re scary. Now they’re in the havenot room talking to Austin. James says they’re probably trying to figure out what I said to Austin. It doesn’t matter. Meg says I think Austin might be saying that you did say something. Meg says I wonder what Steve thinks about it all. James says I couldn’t tell.

2:30pm Bathroom – Meg and James talk to Austin. Meg says she had a conversation with Clay and Shelli and I literally laughed in the middle of it. Clay was sassy in it. He said that he basically got played. James says I didnt tell anyone about the conversation I had with you. Austin says wow so neither one of them wants to have the conversation.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-05 14-29-27-983

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There’s a saying in poker called “overplaying your hand”. I know Vanessa is fully aware of that saying which is amazing seeing as though she’s doing that in the BB game right now!


I love watching Vanessa come up with plans – and even provide names for her plans, but I don’t think she will go much deeper. She has played too many schemes trying to save 6th sense and she’s already been pinned as the brains by too many people.


Omg these idiots are in one big alliance and they’re doing all of this to avoid the wrath of 3 people? Go home Shelli, you are beyond annoying and entitled. And can anyone confirm if jurors interact other then for filming? I was under the impression that they were not allowed to speak or anything unless they were filming for the jury house segment.


they are allowed to speak to each other. however they can only talk game in front of the camera. i think that was it.


Couldn’t have said it better. I have no idea why they are doing all this because of 2.5 players. I don’t count Meg as a full player.


And James can’t play for HOH next week, so as long as they beat 1.5 people, they will take control back next week.

Guilty by Association

Clay can’t get anything right. He’s much more guilty by association than anyone! He hangs out for fun with the opposite side of his alliance, and accuses people of the same thing he’s guilty of. But its Big Brother!
He’s not only Shelli’s tool (and fool) he’s everyone’s. He just has to stay cause I cannot stand to see all these ugly faces Skelli (Skeletal-face) is making. She smirks when others squirm and cry, but she can’t take it herself.


I enjoy watching players like Vanessa who work to develop a strategy and exploit peoples’ strengths and weaknesses. Seems like most people want to see floaters, doing nothing but sleep all day, make it to the end. I don’t get it. Derrick was a ruthless backstabbers. So was Dan G. Why is Vanessa seen as not playing fair, when she has a very similar strategy. It like wanting the football team that doesn’t make any tacklesto win, because they are playing the nicest.


Vanessa’s probably the best bb player of all time, but because she’s a woman, she’ll never be recognized for it.

I don't know either

Probably because Derrick and Dan were more charming. But I thought Dan was a horrible person. Vanessa has done less backstabbing and lying than most BB players. I wish she would calm down and stop creating elaborate, unnecessary schemes, but that doesn’t make her vile or evil. At least not relative to Big Brother.


LOL at the twins making fun of Austin’s hair


What’s with all the Austin hate?

Shave the beard, cut the hair, put him in a nice suit and what do you have…..Lurch from The Adam’s Family?


I loved it! Austin’s hair stinks, he farts, follows her like a dog, always touching on her. She was trying to move away from him in the dentist chair and had her head on the arm while sleeping. There is something off with him. So nasty.


All I can think of when I see the twins is….. Hey Arnold!


Funny, that’s what James called out to one of the twins: Hey Arnold!


Meg is such a waste of space. She doesn’t even realize she’s a floater. BB could have cast a more interesting contestant. Whenever Meg opens her mouth she messes up things for James and Jackie. If she’s James’ secretary then he needs to fire her before she does any more damage.

Walt Kowalski

Meg is a back-seat driver and needs to be booted from the clown car.

Why Meg Why!?!

I think they cast people like Meg, to make people like Scayli look that much more vile.

April in Paris

I’ll be glad when Liz eats again, cause she sure is grumpy. Between slop and fending off Austin she’s unbearable. If she can get fatter maybe Austin will leave her alone.


I seriously hope James, Jackie, or Meg win tomorrow night! I predict
Vanessa is going go meltdown so hard, the whole house will want
her gone quicker then you can say Audrey 2.0

Member of the Ant Farm

Seriously? James can’t win tomorrow…he isn’t playing and in some ways, either is Meg!!

April in Paris

James can’t play tomorrow night. It would be interesting to see Becky win and see where she truly aligns, excepts she already has said Jackie is her target. So, Jackie-Meg or Johnny- Mac needs to win it and put up the twins-with a possible Austin backdoor.


OMG YES that would be great. Vanessa’s head will spin, spin, spin and then…. oops, split-pea soup. lol


James can’t play and Meg is a waste she can’t win anything so it seems it is all up to Jackie.


James can’t play so your only hope is Jackie.


Get off Meg’s back she is the funniest person left in the game
she is entertaining.


you need to leave.

Frankie sux

I like how liz is not into Austin but allows him to grope and kiss her at his leisure. I don’t see how whoring yourself is worth it. I have 0 respect for her but I am guessing that’s the same amount of respect she has for herself in life.


Vanessa, even you put Johnny on the block against anyone in the house, Johnny lightly has the votes to stay.
Johnny versus Clay: Johnny might have Steve/James/Meg/Jackie and Becky votes
Johnny versus Becky: Johnny might have Austin/The twins/Steve/Shelli(Clay) votes
Johnny versus Steve, Austin, The twins: Johnny might have Clay(Shelli)/James/Meg/Jackie and Becky votes
Johnny versus James/Meg/Jackie: Johnny might have Austin/The twins/ Steve/ Becky and Clay(Shelli) votes
In addition, if Becky, Steve or Shelli (Clay) or Johnny himself wins veto, they might take Johnny off the block.
In addition, Vanessa, are you going to use your own HOH to take out Johnny then next week you will not able play for HOH?
Vanessa keeps asking people to use their HOHs to take out Johnny but her HOH. Vanessa will not use her own HOH to take out Johnny

Beast Mode Cowpie

I lost even more respect for Meg when she said “I didn’t do anything”. She is aligned with James and everyone knows it so why take the cowardly route and try to push all the blood on James’ hands. I still think she is hoping to move in on Clay if Shelli leaves so she wants to mend fences with them. Good luck with that, Meg. You owe James big time so you’d better do a better job of having his back.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Well, after watching Wednesday night’s show I see that my theory on Meg was right. I’m downgrading her stock to “pathetic”. I doubt that Clay will go for her but who knows – it WOULD be funny to see them have a sloppy makeout session with Shelli watching from home. James and Jackie will quickly figure out Meg’s misguided priorities but I’m sure they will keep her around a while for her vote (still a numbers game). They might even pawn her next to Clay to prevent her from voting to keep him if they are still in power next week (all this assuming that Clay survives the vote tonight; if Shelli stays there could be a giant cat fight between her and Meg). Can’t wait to see how this plays out.


And Shelli is back in the game everybody. She is spot on about James and is going to get that little fart out of there. Can’t wait to see the back of him and his disgusting jokes. Hope they play him hard. He deserves it. This level of stupidity should not be rewarded.

Shelli's Pony

Shelli really needs to have production mail my teeth back! I NEED THEM!!!!!!!!!!

How old are you?

James and his fans. The level of maturity and intelligence blows my mind lol. Too bad there is a lot of this on here this year.


I was thinking the same thing. Must be a lot of new fans who really don’t get the game or really young ones. These boards are not much fun this year. Way to much immaturity. Some posters are worse than the house guests this year with trash talk and bashing.


I really believe james is a pervert and BB should tell him to clean up his act. He’s not at all funny, he is a sicko!


I would like to see a Jackie HoH. I don’t doubt she would do just as she’s saying and put Vanessa as Austin right on the block. Becky isn’t as smart a snake as Vanessa but I still think it’s hilarious she’s throwing the shade at her. I would love to just see all that blow up!

Beast Mode Cowpie

The twins don’t seem to realize that Austin will hear all these things they are saying about him when the show is over and he goes back and watches the season and/or reads all the blogs. I guess all they care about is the here and now, and Liz apparently EXPECTS to be in jury with him. Does she not care about trying to win the money? Can’t figure these 2 out.


Im over clay. He is willing to throw away his game for a broad he has no chance with outside the house. What s dumbass.

You Said It...

This comment is from Clay’s Twitter (supposedly by a friend of his) and it says (regarding Shellie):
“Clay, I agree, always let the Old Lady sit in your seat on a bus, BUT NOT ON BIG BROTHER! Get it together man! #BB17”
Poor Clay…he’ll see how really everyone in the house views him…I guess his hope for ‘being liked’ when he leaves the house isn’t happening… 🙁

Gordon Ramsey

I hate Vanessa’s knit caps and raccoon eyes.


I hate immature comments.


Sure hope Jackie or Meg win HOH and see how Vanessa reacts. Last thing is for her to win. She is over doing it now.


I just want to clarify something because the players and in turn some of the commenters always seem to mess this up. FLOATER doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t win anything or is a waste of space. Floater is someone who floats from power to power. Meg sucks and has no read on the house, but she isn’t a floater. She is clearly with James and Jackie. I think floater just becomes associated with anything and everything bad because of Rachel Reilly BB12 calling everyone she hated a floater. Haha.


Nope, there are many different definitions of a FLOATER. The one that you described is one of them. But another type of FLOATER is someone who doesn’t win anything and skates on by to the finale because they don’t have any chance at winning the game. Example Victoria, she was always loyal to Derrick but she FLOATED all the way to final 3.


MegCity will be a floater until she wins something important. She needs an HoH or a veto win under her belt. Right now she’s just floating along behind the others.


She coasted to the end, but did not float from person to person depending on who had the power. That would make her a coaster.


i want johnny mac to win tomorrow to get one of the twins out
I do not trust Julia I hope she goes next


According to JMAC’s recent comments for awhile now, he is going after Jackie.


Johnny is an enigma who has no plans in winning an HOH until its absolutely necessary. He sits in on conversations and nods in agreement,but offers absolutely nothing regarding strategy.

BB Drafter

Vanessa STFU and let Shelli go.


Okay, I’m confused… They plan on blowing up becky but they think her and jmac will float back to them? Vanessa has got everyone on tilt. They dont know if they are coming and going. Her entire game play is to confuse the fuck out of everyone. Including me..


🙂 🙂 🙂

Less is More

I think they call Meg’s type of game play “Coasting” so she is a coaster, or a toaster for all of the worth she brings to the game.
I like Meg so hate on me for her game strategy please.

Bunny Slipper

Vanessa, meh, ’nuff said.


so Clay is being a cry baby bitch on purpose and the village IDIOTS are to stupid to figure this out . He TOLD you fools he wanted to go and is doing everything he can to make all of you dislike him . Calling any of these people smart or mastermind is like calling your toyota camery a luxury car . DELUSIONAL !


ahh! Becky and Jmac just said they are going to vote to evict Shelly!! They just need one more vote!!!!!


go van go!

Wowie Mandel

Go right out the door.
And take that nasty hat with you.
Hope you waahbit once in a while


If Liz, Julia, Austin, Vanessa, Jackie, Johnny want to win this season of BB then they need to VOTE OUT SHELLI! Shelli is a floater in the sense that she floats around and makes fake relationships with everyone. Even James figures it out when on the wall. James said “why would Shelli ask me for a deal if we were working together?” As Shelli had presented herself as working with James and even Jason before Shelli had Jason evicted. Shelli is not entertaining. Clay without Shelli will be entertaining. Watching Clay fumble and bumble his way around sans Shelli, and, perhaps finding comfort in the arms of Liz, Julia, or Meg will be entertaining. James may be “crude.” However, Shelli is the middle aged woman chasing a young boy around the house which is just gross! If Shelli had the Mike “Boogie,” Dr. Will, Dan BB game play talent, Shelli would have been able to turn the game around saving both herself and Clay. Instead the only thing BB Viewers will see from Shelli are fake tears, fake care, and fake loyalties. Allowing Shelli to stay is a mistake of BB Winner Derrick proportions and a let down to BB viewers that need some entertainment. Let’s see the fun begin when Clay has to play the game without Shelli and Shelli is not around to control everything and everyone.

Min O'Pause

I had a dog like Asstin one time. He would fart and point his snout to heaven and belch and his breath was so bad it would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. I sure miss the little feller.

Big Brother chaos

PULLLeeeze vote Shelli OUT, She is sooo annoying. If James would of put up vanessa in the veto, none of this would be happening. Those 2 are the worst! Johny mac stop kissing Chelli”s ass They have done nothing for you.. You’re not even in their alliance, stop crying and become likeable again…!!!!! lol

Air-n-Ana Grande licks doNUts and hates Amerikans

Take out the carpet diver (Vanessa) and the house will be a lot more sane.

Take out the mentally deficient troll doll (Meg) and the house’s IQ will jump up considerably.

Take out the diva (Shelli) and you rid the house of her groveling roadies.

Take out the foul-mouthed widget (James) and the house is more audibly tolerable.

Take out momma’s boy (Clay) and you’ll have a larger ratio of boys to women in the house.

Take out the over-estrogenized from all that soy-based protein powder, bitch slapping fake wrestler (Austin) and one of the boys who can get a real woodie will have a chance at the twins.

Take out the bleached twins (Liz & Julia) and you won’t think that Charles Bronson and Dolph Lundgren are in the house whenever you hear these horse (hoarse), raspy, retired “deep-throat actresses” utter words.

Take out Steve, Jmac and Becky and nobody in the house will notice!

brotalk to human dictionary

I’m aware that this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, because I am having a couple thoughts about one of the current favorites. Jackie. Jackie’s on to Vanessa, and I see that, but I also see some hypocrisy shining out of her. It’s keeping me from jumping on any bandwagons.
When Audrey was still in the game, Jackie kept saying we should all march up there as a group and make the hoh do what we want as a house. Two or three times. She said the hoh has to do what the majority wants or they’ll be next.
Before Jason was nominated, she again said we should all go up to the hoh as a group and make the hoh follow through with what we want. We’ve got the numbers.
When Vanessa suggests everyone meet as a group yesterday to discuss how to proceed as a group: It’s a sham, who does she think she is coming up here and telling us what to do, we’ve got the power.
When Jackie talks to James later about whether the twins and Austin would flip: they’ve got to follow your word. You’re hoh.
I’m not saying I hate Jackie. I’m not. I don’t. I just don’t like this ‘do as I say not as I do’ aspect of her character.


It is said there are 2 things that will survive an atomic bomb: cockroaches and Cher. Add Shelli to the list if she remains in the house. And apologies to cockroaches everywhere.


What is up with johnny mac? Is Jackie really his target and why? Meg needs to step up and win HOH. She is totally useless and doesn’t seem cut out for this game. The only hope James has of staying next week is to get Austin and the twins on his side.

shelli GO HOME

Gawd Clay get a grip and fight for yourself.. Shelli is old meat in the long run…He only needs one more vote to stay, he has jackie, meg, johnymac and becky…Come on Austin or Judas.. Vanessa or Shelli don’t want you in the long run…Your the first one to GO from their alliance…I can guarantee you no one from Clay’s family or friends think that this could possibly be ok..They’re all saying”Clay you’re such an idiot” , and you’ve only known her 2 minutes….Grow a pair..


I honestly feel that Shelli is completely mad as a hatter. Her expressions are getting like Hillary Clinton’s fake faces. Really strange. I think Shelli will do anything to stay including throwing Clay under the bus.

Clelli forever

I don’t understand the Shelli hate at all. Even if ppl find someone annoying to say such vile things is beyond me. A “middle aged woman” hardly. She is very pretty & far from “old” in her early thirties. Just bc they had instant chemistry & are that into each other is no reason to hate. Maybe their BB game hasn’t been the brightest but it doesn’t warrant so much hate. Meg throwing herself at Clay is what is gross to watch. She would never have a chance with him & she is clearly behind this week. She wants Shelly out for a shot but don’t see it ever happening. Would love for a rewind & Meg go home tomorrow!!

Austin's Beard

Shave it off! I just saw WWF interview with Austin without the beard, glasses and long bushy hair. All I can say is he is gorgeous under all that hair. It is hard to believe but true. I never would have believed it. Doesn’t even look like the same person.


Vanessa has gone off the deep end. Difficult to figure out what she is trying to say. She over analysis everything Shelli needs to go because she is not entertaining wrapped up in her own self importance. Just tired of seeing her on the show and after dark. Love Meg. Not the best player try’s her best maintains her self respect. Always fun to be around. Doesn’t plat the game 24/7 probably having more fun then anyone else


It so grossed me out when they were kissing last night. She is ugly. Gross. Now that I got that out. It will be a grat game to watch having her go home and clay having to stay in there and not be controlled by her. Maybe he can redeem himself then.
Oh I hope she goes home!!!!!!!!!


I do not think it would be a double eviction especially since the hitmen would be there. I think the following week with the first jury member would be the week of double eviction. I hope shelli is evicted I hate her she is annoying and always have a power trip. I hope jmac can persuade the twins its best to have clay than shelli. Vanessa has to go I hope there is a coup d edat or something to make her go away. She is also annoying after that it should be fair game for steve or jmac. The people I do not like in the game vanessa shelli, and austin. I hope tomorrow there will be boos for whomever leaves.

Bunny Slipper

Vanessa messes with her own alliance as much as she does the “other side.”
Which is why she drives me cray-cray! When she comes up with these overly complicated, competing senerios, I don’t understand why someone,anyone doesn’t challenge her. I mean, she wants her minions stage fake fights with each other. These are supposed to somehow show James n the Peaches how valuable it would be to keep Shellitor. Then she wants to “out” Trainspotter as a rat. (And yes, I’m calling her that. Her story is stupid. Who gets hit by a train in the manner she did?) When it was her idea to turn her into a rat. Never mind that Trainspotter thinks of herself that way. Yet, the Westler and the Wonder Twins don’t mind being used as glorified benie shields. I really don’t know what to call her game-play. It’s not a Dan. It’s definitely not a Derrick, he had us on snooze. And not a Dr Will Boogie.

To the Wrestler, good grief man! Have some dignity! The Wonder Twins have activated their powers all over you.


If Liz & Julia were the Wonder Twins, then Austin should be called Gleek (LOL).


I read further about Becky’s “Train” accident. She was in a foreign country and the “Train” was a city bus type that ran on tracks; probably like the trolley buses we have in Atlanta. In that country they are called trains. Makes more sense than a darn real train.


What Austin and the twins aren’t seeing is that keeping Vanessa gives her another pair, which puts A/L/J down her list of protectees. Shelli and Steve will be 1 and 2 for her. Clay would not pair with Vanessa. It seems that Liz particularly isn’t fond of keeping Shelli in the game.


I would love it if Jackie wins HOH and put up Vanessa and Liz


Would love it if Jackie wins HOH and put up Vanessa and Liz, then Vanessa will leave for sure

stupid twins

Personally think James made a good decision. Made a power move and gained a lot of power. But its too late maybe if he still had Jeff or Jason on his side he could stand a chance in the game. He made a bad move day 1 bringing in weak players to his alliance.

I would say Vanessa has the chance to win. Shelli shot herself in the foot taking out Audrey. Jackie is just annoying. The twins are just dumb. And John/Steve are playing to get to jury. Becky or Vanessa will probably be final two. And either will win.


There is a Shelli sex tape out. Not too bad actually.