Vanessa “Trying to keep her (Julia) up on everything, it’s going to be chaos. A f**king nightmare!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 01-01-28-098

1am HOH room – Shelli and Jackie are talking. Shelli is telling Jackie that she and Beckie should both “sprinkle” in conversations of game with Audrey so that she trusts you more and will be more willing to make deals with you. Shelli says I am HOH right now and I have no idea who I am going to put up and target. I am very stressed about it. Obviously I am happy about it but immediately you think oh sh*t. Clay and I want to know where you and Becky are at. We would like to work with you and Becky. I know you say you don’t talk game. Jackie says I do talk game just not with people not in my alliance. Jackie says I would be totally cool with working with Liz. Jackie says I need to talk to Liz because I haven’t really talked game with her and I wouldn’t be surprise if she put me up. Shelli says she hasn’t talked game with Liz either. (Lie) Jackie says she doesn’t really believe that Liz has a twin. Should we just ask her? Shelli says Jeff did but his answer didn’t really make sense. He is 100% sure. Shelli says why would it be so bad. What if a twin did come back. They’re going to bring someone back anyway. So would you want someone coming back from jury that was made or someone that’s been in the game the whole time. Shelli tells Jackie that they should stick together and that she really wants a girl to win this year. Jackie says I feel like I couldn’t even say anything because Jeff was so loud but I have a voice. Shelli says yeah girl!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 01-13-55-846

Austin and James are talking in the bathroom. Austin says that this place already feels a lot better. Its a calmer atmosphere. Austin leaves. James asks have you talked to Clay and Shelli. Johnny says not yet. James tells Johnny that just to let you know you will be good this week with them. We made sure you’re good with them. Johnny says I love you! thanks and hugs James. James says just make sure you talk to Liz. Clay and Shelli have your back.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 01-20-19-190

1:10am – 1:40am HOH room – Austin talks to Liz. Maybe try and make a deal with them. Especially if she isn’t the full target. But don’t give her any information like Shelli said. Just remember what you say and tell me afterwards. Ask them who do you think is a threat to your game right now? Tell them this, I haven’t talked to anyone! Liz says well because I haven’t. Austin says make it quick though so we can hangout. Liz says shut up you stayed up till 3am talking to people. Austin leaves and Jackie joins Liz to talk. Jackie says congratulations. Liz says you’re a free agent now .. or not a free agent but not tied to Jeff. Jackie says I quickly realized that we weren’t playing the same game. Jackie says I am not happy about Jeff leaving but I’m not mad at Vanessa. The only person I am questioning is Audrey because she was supposed to go a couple weeks ago. Jackie asks how do you feel about her. Liz says I don’t want to get a lot of blood on my hands. Jackie says if you’re thinking of me its okay just let me. Austin kind of mentioned it. Liz says it might come down to a pawn situation. Maybe we can make a deal, I’m all about making deals. I will not surprise you. Liz says I’m not thinking you at all but if it does come down to it I will let you know. Liz says hopefully since you’re close to Austin maybe we can work together and if I don’t put you up on the block you can keep me safe next week if you win. Jackie says she didn’t want James to leave either so she is happy with it. Liz says I know .. If I was on the block with Austin I would cry. Liz tells Jackie I’m pretty sure you’re good. You’ve had a hard week. Jackie says you’re definitely someone I would want to work with.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 01-32-15-233

1:20pm Second HOH room – Shelli talks to Becky. Becky says that she understands if Audrey isn’t the target and if she isn’t then maybe I can start to change my mindset on her. Shelli says Audrey is a very strong player and is always thinking things through. I think if you were to entertain any type of conversation with her I think she would be willing to work with you. Shelli talks about how Day was a target of hers before all the stuff started with Audrey. Audrey was helping me and saving me in several situations. If she comes into power next week you need to start taking your self off her radar. Shelli says I’m not saying I can completely trust her . Becky says she thinks in a way of paranoia which helps her connect the dots but when you don’t want paranoia it becomes frustrating. Becky says the twin thing I am 100% positive about and I would rather have the twins here than someone comes back that we voted out. Shelli says that’s exactly how I feel. Becky tells Shelli that she voted out Jeff and wants to tell Jackie so that she’s open and honest about it. Becky ask am I going on the block. Shelli says no. I need your help. Shelli asks who she should go after. Becky says she doesn’t know about Steve. She suggests that Steve might have been the unknown votes each week. I don’t know why he would lose tonight’s comp. He knows everything about our lives but went out first in the comp because he didn’t know how many dancers there where. You wouldn’t be rustling feathers if he went out. Shelli says there is no way he didn’t notice there were 7 dances and not 8.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 01-30-26-553

1:40am HOH room – Becky comes up to talk to Liz. Liz says lets talk! Meg says I feel like its a blank slate now. Liz says what about that vote. Meg says it seems each week theres a strange vote. Liz says I’m not dwelling on it. It wasn’t my HOH and it and what was supposed to happen, happened. Meg says we haven’t talked much. Liz says just so you know I love you. You’re the biggest joke and I love laughing at you. Liz says I’m not putting you up so you don’t have to worry about me. I hope you do the same with me. Meg says Liz you are no where near my radar. Jason joins them and Meg leaves. Jason brings up how Steve was up super late last night talking to Jeff and how he might have been the other vote. Liz asks who do you think for my game is a threat for me. Jason says here is the thing everyone likes you. I don’t know who would be a threat for you. I know how who would be a threat for me. Steve would be a threat for me. Liz says I want you to know that I love you. Jason says just so you know I won’t be mad if you put me up. I’m not even mad at the other people that put me up. Liz says obviously if I don’t you up I hope you won’t put me up. Jason says if you don’t put me up I won’t put you up even if I get HOH in 5 weeks. Liz tells Jason to send up the next hoe! Liz says I think Becky is next. Jason sends Becky in next. Liz tells Becky that you didn’t put me up when you were HOH and I appreciate that. Liz says you’re a strong girl and I’m a strong girl.. we can win comps. Becky asks do you know who you’re going after? Liz says I don’t know. Who do you think is a target for me? Becky says the house likes you. The house wants you to stay. You can trust what Becky says. I speak little but when I say it! The house wants you. Becky tells Liz to not drop the name and if you do you better be locked and loaded.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 02-14-27-691

Vanessa talks to Shelli in the other HOH room. Shelli says you’re the first person I like to talk to when I know anything. I just picked up two really interesting thought and information. Before you came up here it was me, Liz, Clay and Austin. We need to be careful with Austin. Austin and Liz and I were talking while Clay listened to music. I asked what they were thinking and Austin started to lead the conversation. Within that conversation Liz brought up that she wasn’t that close to Jackie and might put her up. Jackie came and talked to me and I told her from my end you’re good with me. She told me that she thought Liz might put her up. Because Austin had heard that she might go up and so he went straight down and told Jackie. We need to be careful what conversations we have around Austin. Shelli says that Austin was rubbing Liz’s back and it was really creeping me out. Vanessa say that Austin is having a flirtmance with both Jackie and Liz. Vanessa says that Clay is really good with the way he respects you being HOH. Vanessa wonders if Austin is controlling Liz’s HOH. Shelli says she thinks Becky is good with us for now. Vanessa says its going to be a disaster waiting to happen trying to keep her up on everything that happens. It’s going to be chaos. You understand. That’s a f**king nightmare! If you want her to do it that’s fine but I’m just telling you its going to be hard. Shelli asks who am I going to put up? Steve? Vanessa says then she can do it but Austin better be there in every conversation. Shelli says Austin isn’t going to be good at connecting.. Vanessa says I can sleep with Julia at night and catch her up at night. I can’t hang out all day. Shelli fills Clay in on how she thinks they need to be careful about what conversations they have around Austin. Vanessa says you have no idea how many therapy sessions I had to have with him. Shelli says he could have told us he would warn Jackie and that’s were the red flag is. Shelli says that she would put up Jason but isn’t she who with. Would I put up Steve? Vanessa says you can if you want.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 02-09-15-674

2:10am HOH room – Liz talks to Audrey. Liz says every. one is trying to digest the 4th vote. Audrey says I know people are thinking its Steve. Audrey asks are people throwing me under the bus? Liz says no. Audrey says Austin said I was fine. Liz says yeah. Audrey says I just wanted to come up so it didn’t look suspicious. Liz says hopefully we can work together. Liz says the lines have obviously been drawn in the sand with the other side. Liz says I’m not sure who I am thinking but its obviously someone not on my side. Audrey says I don’t know what I would recommend. I think Shelli has reason for who to go after but no one knows who you would go after. Liz says I would probably just say you two people haven’t talked game with me so sorry but. Audrey says so people are saying the 4 votes were Jackie, Becky, John and Steve. Liz says yeah but no one will ever know you know. I need to put up someone who I want to go home and a pawn. Just know I will keep you safe. Audrey says I am just so happy people are talking to me and accepting me. I’m going to fight hard for your team. Audrey leaves. Austin joins. Vanessa joins them. Austin asks who do we want to keep HOH. Vanessa says honestly its better if Shelli does. How would you keep track of all the conversations?! Clay asks do you want HOH? Liz says I do, but I have a twin. Vanessa asks who do you want up. Liz says someone I want to go home and a pawn. Vanessa says you need put up a big target and a little target. Liz says big target Jason or James. Vanessa says Shelli might be putting up Jason and Steve. If she wants to put up Steve we might just have to let her. Vanessa says you should probably put up James and Jackie. Vanessa asks who scares you more Jackie or Becky? Austin says Becky. Vanessa says not you (Austin) I didn’t ask you. Liz says Becky. Liz says I like her more than Jackie. I feel like Jackie would come after me but I don’t think Becky would. Vanessa says then you could do Jackie and James. And Steve and Jason by her (Shelli).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 02-41-01-809

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2:30am Steve comes up and Austin tells Steve that people are throwing his name out there as being the 4th vote. Steve asks are you f**king kidding me?! Why am I always the one that gets blamed. Austin tells Steven he needs to talk to Shelli. Steve says I have a f**king great idea why don’t I keep the guy that has been bashing me?!!?! Liz says we believe you Steve. Liz says just know you’re not peoples target so you’re good. Austin tells Steve he has to win HOH. Steve says that I definitely f**ked that up. Liz says you need to win the next one. Steve goes in to talk to Shelli. Steve says this house is nuts. I’m getting blamed for everything. Steve says I want to make it apparently clear to you that I voted to evict Jeff today! (Lie he voted to evict James) Steve says I am just sick of being blamed for EVERYTHING! Shelli asks who do you think is America’s Player. Steve says he doesn’t think there is America’s Player. Shelli asks why would some do that. Steve says to stir the pot or create paranoia. Shelli says that she isn’t sure what she is doing and still needs to talk to everyone. Steve asks what is your goal of this HOH? Shelli says to try and keep the blood off my hands and to get out someone who is targeting me. Steve says if you want to minimize blood put up Audrey. No one would be upset with that. Put up someone that you’ve already put up. Steve says you can’t control BOB so you have to be prepared for either situation.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 02-48-28-301

2:40am Austin talks Liz. Austin says If Shelli puts up Jason and Steve then you are banking on them to lose so she stays HOH. You need to find your big target? Austin says Vanessa doesn’t want you to be HOH because your sister is coming in, in a couple of days but I’m not so sure about what Shelli & Clay will do. Austin says but if you get dethroned then we’re all playing for HOH next week which is the big payoff. I’m going to try so hard to win that one for you. Liz says you’re so romantic. Austin says either Becky or Jackie could have been programmed by Jeff to go after us. Maybe you go after Jackie and Johnny Mac and then backdoor Becky if it comes to that. Liz says I want to backdoor Jason though. Austin says let Shelli put up Jason. They’re going to do it, let them get the blood on their hands. Austin says I would like for you to stay HOH this week. Then you could watch me like a 12th century knight fighting for you. Liz says and then if you don’t win.. you get stoned! She laughs. Austin who are you thinking? Liz says I’ve torn between James & Jackie or Johnny Mac and Jackie. Austin says I’m guessing they’re going to try and persuade you not to out up Johnny Mac.

3am Johnny Mac talks to Liz. Liz says I know I feel you because you’ve been up every time. Johnny says its stressful but at the same time you can’t get backdoored. Liz says I would rather not put you up. Liz asks did you have any ties or alliance with Jeff or Jackie? Johnny says I didn’t have anything official with Jackie just not to go after each other. Johnny says that Jeff was loyal to me so I had to give him a vote. Liz and Johnny Mac agree to a 2 week deal not to put each other up. Johnny leaves. Liz fills Austin in on her conversations. James joins Liz next. James says obviously I don’t want to go up again after fighting for my life. James says there were two people that voted against to save James. I know it wasn’t me. I hope we can possibly find out who it was and maybe go that way. You and Vanessa worked hard for me to stay. I just want you guys to trust me. Liz says I know.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 03-26-15-722

3am Jason talks to Shelli. Jason says I know I’m going to go up again but I would love to not go up. Either way it is what it is. I just would really love to not go up. Shelli asks who do you think the votes were? Jason says Jackie, Johnny Mac, Becky and Steve. Jason talks about how he Steve staying up and talking to Jeff & Jackie. Jason says that Johnny is probably like me we just expect to go up. Jason says I would pick new people but I know its better for your game to put the same people up. Like Derrick BB16 said the blood is diluted.

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I’m so sick of vanessas crap. Im glad she’s tanking in the polls and everyone is changing their mind about her. I seriously only like Audrey.

Guy From Canada

Like Audrey? Continuously blowing up her own game unintentionally is a reason to like someone then thumb up…….sorry for my thumbs down 😉


Audrey is a disaster in her own right. People are trying to protect her and she’s making it impossibly difficult by pulling all of her paranoia stunts trying to listen in on every sing conversation.


I like the twins, but can’t stand Austin UGHHH


Liz said that James called her his “weekend girl” and he made her skin crawl. The vote to evict him was pay-back. She couldn’t let herself vote to keep him.

BB Drafter

Austin, STFU about putting JohnnyMac on the block.


this whole Austin thing is getting harder to watch on the feeds by the moment. he was putting his hands on Liz’s back during a conversation with Shelli that was hard to watch. I know Liz is a flirt and loves the attention. But if I were her I’d be heading as far in the opposite direction from Austin as humanely possible.


Well Johnnie Mac did kiss Liz…


If you do not want to put up John, than DONT.

Austin is getting more and more disgusting.

Jason is probably going home this week. Honestly, I would not mind if Audrey leaves this week. She is kind of dead weight now.



Linda C

Doesn’t anyone think the whole Austin. St Augustin. August comments in Liz’s HOH letter might be an inside message to be careful of Austin???


It seemed very odd to me too… like some sort of hidden message.


Not enjoying this season at all. It’s the same three people on the block every week with a “back door” “blindside”. This would be far more interesting if just once the two HOHs didn’t work together – but one side of the house either can’t or doesn’t want to win a competition. And Austin is just creepy…


Watching the dominant alliance steamroll the house (particularly when that alliance is controlled by vile and unappealing people like Austin/Vanessa) is an irritating bore. It would have been a much more interesting week if James/Meg or Jason/Johnny Mac had won.


That’s the problem with the BotB. In order to take out your target, you have to backdoor them or have someone throw it. Also the same people get put up to reduce the number of people targeting anyone. This creates a scenario where people like Jackie, Meg, Becky, and even Johnnie Mac try to avoid the schemes and just hang out to avoid the target.
The first group to align and win the HoH has a distinct advantage in this situation because people aren’t willing to confront those in power and make targets of themselves. They don’t make a competing group but try to work into the existing group.
At this point in the game, even if Jason and Meg won HoH, they couldn’t guarantee a target so they’d have to use a shot gun approach and put up Clay/Shelli, Austin, Vanessa, or Liz with the fifth as the replacement nom.


Same as last year. The BOB = Boring!


I did not want to see Jeff go. I was hoping he would get the votes to stay and then go after Vanessa. The first season that I ever watched of the Amazing Race was last season and I really liked Jeff and Jackie. I know it’s a different type of show but I didn’t think he was a bad guy.

Anyways……I wonder if Liz is just putting up with Austin/Vanessa for now because they are helping her hide the twin twist (even though everyone already knows) and then once Julia is in the house she will turn on them. I think Austin is creepy and even though she doesn’t like him like that she seems to keep him thinking that there is a chance so he doesn’t get mad and pull a Calab and get her evicted.
At this point I am routing for Liz and who ever can get Vanessa out of the house.


I am routing for Austin to do something extremely creepy and get backdoored this week. I just can not stand him. If the twins keep HOH and the veto is used, which twin will be in the house to name a replacement nominee? Maybe Julia will put him up?


Liz seems a bit ditzy but when she voted to keep Jeff on the sly I was like, dang, maybe this girl’s got something up her sleeve. I hope she gets to stay HOH, goes all rogue and backdoors skunk ass Austin.


Liz is a clueless player when it comes to BB strategy
Her only game play seems to be to flirt with the guys so they can drag her along
Meet the perfect mark …. Austin
Liz getting drunk when she needs her head straight for picking noms … shows her mentality
She also seems to suck down as much alcohol as possible whenever she can.
Nothing wrong with having a good time … But this is a game for a lot of money
not a frat house or club


Julia is going to be mad when she finds out what her twin did.


The twins message to Jeff made it sound like they voted him out, but Liz voted to keep him. Was she having a Topaz moment or did she do it on purpose and if so, why? I really hope that she is just playing along with Vanessa, Austin, Shelli and Clay and plans to shake up the house, but I doubt it.

Twistin' for the win!

She taped that message and THEN changed her mind about the vote…


I do think Jeff triggered something for Liz during the last minute talk with him. The twins’ message was recorded two days (?) ago so I don’t think there was enough time for them to change it. They can’t actually record another one and not show it to the evicted houseguest because that is the sole time to confirm about the twin twist.
Anyhow, this is another long week for the feeds, this is almost the same as when Zach, Pili and Kevin won the HOH in BBCAN. Hopefully a non entity such as Becky, Steve or Jackie gets the boot this week. Johnny, Jason and Meg are the only life in the DR right now and for one of them to go home will be a disaster.

Twistin' for the win!

That would be BLEEPIN’ lovely! He disgusts me. Now he is telling Production to “leave her alone”… He reminds me of a perverted creep who forces his attention on people because he can’t believe they don’t want it. Him throwing a hissy-fit over the twin being in the bed with Jeff is indicative of why he doesn’t have a solid relationship outside of the house. I dated a guy that was jealous like that and it KILLS any good vibes that might be flowing!


Shelli PLEASE backdoor Austin!


Hey..did yaz get the little donation last night?
Will do again before the end…
Ya’ll are appreciated muchly. from Canada!!!


I think we did Dawg mentioned one came in yesterday.. THanks!


If prob email me…cuz I thought I may have screwed up thru PayPal and a dif. Bank…even though a receipt hasn’t went out on my bank trans
That’s only reason I mentioned…so whoever gave me a thumb down…piss off! Lol


I am really liking one of the twins! Not sure which one? Even if production convinced her to jump ship, I still enjoyed the surprise vote! This could turn out something big, especially if Julia doesn’t know about the vote. If Julia puts up her own noms, then Liz comes in, and backdoors austin. Cause I am sure she has enough ammo to do so, without risk of backlash… I am just daydreaming I suppose. Just lots of potential!


I don´t know your entertainment concept, but the all the true live feeders are saying if Jason gone it´s going to very boring….


Winning HOH this week could be very bad for Shelli’s — and thereby, by extension, Clay’s — game.

She and Clay are in alliances with almost everyone in the house. This week could expose that to Vanessa and Austin, but also to James, Jason and Meg (not that the latter three can do anything about it).

It would be great if Liz/Julia are dethroned and POV is played so that Shelli has to show her true colors. That won’t be pretty.


Wow who knew Steve had balls!


Jackie’s kinda underrated, she could play a 2nd prize game, which is better than 14 HGs.


I’m just curious why do people not really like clay and shelli? Like I like them they aren’t my favorite that spot is for Johnny! But why is everyone on here not like them? At least they’re not bat shit crazy like Vanessa, Austin and Audrey


I definitely underestimated Steve and Liz…….. Can’t believe they both did that.


And I don’t think anyone has suspected for a minute that it was Liz! Excellent move.. throwing shade onto others and keeping it off the twins.


Sorry, but Austin just disgusts me. His stupid hat and beard pony just grosses me out. And Liz is such an idiot. Why not just throw the HOH comp, if you didn’t want to win it. Instead she let’s Austin and Vanessa tell her what to do. This game is just weird. I hated Shelli and Clay and was rooting for Vanessa and Austin. Now I like Shelli and Clay and want to vomit when I see Austin’s face and hear his stupid diary room chats. The way he walks around with his ugly, body, just …. ICK!!!!!


Liz and Julia are so hot.

Nonon Jakuzure

Shelli and Liz HOH? make me puke can we get a dam break from the Austin-Clay-Shelli trio…Austin is a creeper with serious mental issues…what is up with those controlling ways with liz? does he think she belongs to him?


shelly put up steve an Jason
liz put up Jackie an jonny mac
shelly put up steve an becky
liz put up Jackie an Jason

Lemon balls

How does Shelli think that Audry is a strong player? Audry has one thing going for her and not even knowing it, she will ride the hell out of it as far as she can …

B-bad owl

Just watched last night’s show (dvr), and read up here. Was grinning like Meg when they made a fool of Austin on the show.
So, production isn’t stupid. Liz does the nominations and her and Julia switch almost immediately after. Liz gets the weekend to sit in a room by herself doing nothing but thinking of how to deal with Austin. The anger inside at his unwanted advances growing constantly. Then just before the PoV ceremony they switch her back in(get the clearer headed one (Julia) out and bring in miss “I will flirt with whoever I want to”).
Then when PoV is used (God let someone on the block have won it), up goes Austin with NO chance of staying.
Also in the HoH competition last night, Steve’s reaction when he realized he had turned the answer block the wrong way showed that he didn’t throw it, he just screwed up. Don’t think he realized he could have quick turned it back before Julie said the answer.


Yes Austin is getting to me as well, but Vanessa will stop a backdoor on Austin in short order. If she doesn’t, that leaves Clay/Shelli with the controlling share in the alliance, and no one with muscle other than Clay. She leaves herself in a bad situation. She knows she can control Austin. She herself created this situation and pushed Austin to Liz. On the other hand though Shelli is one controlling bitch. It was OK that she and Clay were playing both sides of the house, but for Austin to try and take a hand in the alliance decisions doesn’t sit well with her? I can see some rough waters ahead with this Shelli. Vanessa better put a stop to this before her alliance blows up. Meanwhile that nutjob Audrey continues to skate by. Love it. By the way, I see Clay helping her in her decision making, but I guess that’s OK because its her. Vanessa better straighten Austin out in a hurry.


You said if Austin goes the only muscle they will have is Clay… what other muscle is in the house besides Clay? James is really the only other slightly physical threat. Perhaps you are getting at the fact that it will make Clay a bigger target, which makes sense. Austin is completely unreliable and as each day goes by gets worse and worse and less and less controllable. Another thing, Shelli is a controlling bitch? Really? You have to call her a bitch because she is a strong, smart woman. Is she controlling? Yes.. but if she wasn’t Clay would have sunk her game by now. She trained Clay how to play the game and as a result I have actually started to like Clay. People hate Van and Shelli but I would love to see those two make it to the final 2.


Me too! I am beginning to wonder if the air head even knows what she did. Or else she is the perfect actor at portraying a ditz. Anyone have a thought?


Oops, my reply was intended for “jennab” below. 😉


I think it might have been a mistake, like Topaz in BBCAN voted by accident for the wrong person and cost her best friend the grand prize. However, Liz looked a lot more comfortable in bed with Jeff than she ever does with Austin, so maybe she changed her vote after the message was taped. I guess we won’t know until we see the twin switch on Sunday. Maybe she is such an airhead that she voted wrong and doesn’t even realize it and is looking for the culprit. How funny would that be?


Since you cant stick to a plan about audrey i hope you start being picked apart soon.
I like you guys(even Austin just not creepy one) but you getting annoying with your paranoia. It seems worse than audrey. I hope audrey wins PoV and HoH now.


Can someone please explain why Liz voted to evict James and not Jeff yesterday? I think I missed something..Thanks! 🙂


They should be gunning for Audrey at this point. They kept her around for numbers, but are also convinced her votes are rogue. If whomever stays hoh gets her out, no one will be upset, she can make deals with the other side of the house to stay safe for at least another week.


Yeah, I don’t get it either, why keep her if they are convinced that she is America’s player, especially when they believe she has voted against them for 3 weeks now. How does that make her a number? LOL. She is the easiest target, no blood on anyone’s hands if she goes. Instead they are backing themselves into a corner and picking off the other side and making enemies. That’s fine if they win HOH again next week, but there is still a one week window open to the other side to flip the game.



Audrey is going no where for awhile. Forget all the talk like the previous 2 days. The HG’s are spewing what AG tells them. The fun part will be when enough are gone Audrey can flip the house it will get fun then. The hamsters have just started to turn the wheel. Wish it wasn’t as boring.


We need a new person to start smoking Jason’s cigarettes since Jeff is gone. Jason really wanted to snap on Jeff for it you could tell it was getting to him. I always like a few non-game related blows up to entertain me:)

Jackie and Liz really wana go off on eachother. Ha. And it has nothing to do with Austin as that fool thinks. They are as interested in Austin as they are in James. Not at all. But u can see the hate for eachother. Ha.


Loved Liz’s vote for Jeff – it shows she is playing the game and not just taking orders from Vanessa and Austin. I would love to see Liz try to stay in power this week. It ensures her safety and there are plenty of people in the house that she can target without hurting her game.

If she makes it past week 5 then Liz-Julia-Austin will control three votes every week. The twins will run the game with Austin as a meat shield.


I get the impression that Liz is very self absorbed and egotistical. I think she had a real crush on Jeff and is also getting annoyed with Van and Austin telling her what to do. On the other hand, Julia is more humble and realizes Van and Austin are only trying to help. I think Julia really likes Van and Austin and enjoys their help and advice. I think it will be interesting to see Julia and Liz in the house together with completely different agendas and alliances.


Liz explained it very rationally when she said she wanted to keep Jeff because she could control him.

She’s a good-looking girl and she knows it. She’s probably been controlling men since she was 15 years old, so she knows what she’s talking about.


I don’t think she is that good looking, and that is why she wants to get Jackie out because Jackie is the only one that can compete in the flirt department. That’s probably why Jackie doesn’t like Liz either. Girls can be so petty.


I’m creeped out by Austin and I’m uncomfortable for any woman in the room with him. Shelli/Clay annoy me. Vanessa’s Rube Goldberg paranoia schemes are irritating. I’m confused that the rest of the house hasn’t connected that these 5 spend so much time in the HoH room together.
Liz’s game is starting to be interesting although I’m not sure how well thought out it was. She has a great opportunity to use the paranoia of that rogue vote to crack the alliance after Julia comes in the game. She needs to think of who to stick with after she moves against the other duo of Shelli/Clay.


you could see Liz get silently pissed when Austin came up to the HOH with a wine glass and pored himself a huge glass of her HOH wine without asking – or without her offering it. And she had to sit there and ignore him stroking her back and talking as if it was his HOH. How is she ever going to get rid of him. She will be ready to flip if Johnny Mac is ever in power. He will put up Shelli and Austin.


Once again…WHEN THE HELL DID BIG BROTHER DECIDE TO CROWN 5 HOH’s INSTEAD OF 2? If I remember correctly, Juliz and Shelli won HOH(which I’m not happy about) not Juliz, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, and Clay.


Hoping for good HOH’s next week…


I’m surprised no one in the house is seeing Meg as a threat at this point. She is very well-liked and an effective manipulator – both qualities of a potential winner. I know there are a lot of more obvious targets (Audrey, Vanessa, Austin, Shelli/Clay), but Meg has been on my radar since week 1. My ideal noms on Liz’s side would be Meg and Jackie with Austin as a backdoor option if the POV is used. Yes, I know Austin and Liz are working together, but Liz made it clear with her vote that she has a mind of her own, we already know Julia is the more calculating of the twins, and it’s become obvious that Austin’s delusions of romance are messing up his alliances’ game.


Few observations…..

AG using the BOB, which has been a complete failure in terms of the season, clearly shows it’s time for a new executive producer.

Poor Becky…. No idea why Liz has decided to hammer her but she is doing a 1st rate job of it. 4th vote my azz! Becky is a lone vote with no danger for anyone in the house. Could have put her on the jury everyone could have had her vote potentially for the 500K.

Austin 12 century knight or 11th century serf? We all no the answer to this question!

Vanessa’s drivel getting harder and harder to swallow.

Shelli/Clay say what you want about game play at least those 2 are relatively sane and seem to respect each other some. Who’d of thunk it?


Other side of the house….. no game, no game, no game! Jason NEXT!

Johnnie Mac wrong vote sir. Once BOB ends(1st double) and jury starts you’ll be in the jury house shortly. Trace everything that keeps him from F4 back to not voting Jeff out.

Well Steve you just created your own bulls eye. That vote by him was so transparent I think he’s sealed his fate this season.

What the show needs is the split between Clay/Shelli and Austin/Liz and then watch a paranoid Nessa play the middle. There are plenty of folks to pull in on either side. If this doesn’t happen soon the season is going down the crapper.

Meg who cares. But for Audrey who I have not mentioned production has her on lockdown with the other HG’s. Last week America’s player she has to go next. Tonight not a whimper from anyone. America’s player “gotta go” crap brought to you by production which I see with a heavier than usual hand in the BB house this season.

By nom time today…. Jason/Johnnie(Shelli) and James/Becky/Jackie(Liz). No Steve by Shelli as I think he’ll be the backdoor if J/J win BOB. Liz comes down and it’s another Shelli HOH. Jason better win POV as it looks now. Becky may be backdoor plan also as the “she’s the 4th vote” seemed to be rampant last night. Becky out Thursday wasted HOH.


I am rooting for Shelli and Clay from now on. They have been the most consistent game players. I was rooting for Vanessa and her core alliance, but they are acting too crazy and undisciplined. They are going to self destruct.


So wanted a power shift this week. The 3 voided votes should have came this week!! It was wasted last week.


Clay and Shelli are going to regret keeping the twins and Audrey, and getting rid of Jeff. Jeff was the only one who was loyal to Clay.