Liz – “What about Jackie and A Random, Backdoor Jason”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-05-23-026_jpg

10:05pm Austin and Vanessa
Asutin – I asked Liz out on a second date…. up in the HOH watching Net flix (Netflix = the HOH camera)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-09-49-190_jpg

10:10pm HOH Room time

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-15-20-187_jpg

Liz from her mom
My darling liz, it’s been awhile since I last saw you and no way to get in touch with you . This is the hardest and most trouble task of my life to not be able to see you, talk to you, listen to your stories, Laugh at you. All this removed suddenly from me. With a heavy Heart I think about you every day. I think of your laughter your spirit your love but with these thoughts I’m also grateful you have received this lifetime opportunity my child take this opportunity and run with it. Never accept the status quo challenge yourself. Work has been slow summer in Miami. You know the routine. ANgela is working parties every week (Older sister) So far the only vacation plans I have is going on a girls trip to Austin in July for a long weekend. We may go to St. Augustin in August to see Daddy’s family
Liz I am the one that gave you life but you are the one that changed y life forever. I love you my daughter.
Please do not cry when you read this letter remember you are a ugly cryer.. love mom
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-16-40-184_jpg

Shelli letter from a dog


Hi mom my beautiful human, I miss you just wanted to send you a little WOOF and a big hug
I’m trying to help keep the critters out of the garden and i’m doing a good job. I try to help by not scattering my toys I can sleep anywhere I want except for the white sofa I have been eating some of my food and all of my treats. I am getting to know the dog next door I try to be nice but I don’t really care for her. I am happy you are having a great adventure
I am happy you are mine I love you but you know that Love Rango

WOOF WOOF WOOF wait Squirrel and lilly your kitty says hi

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-34-39-062_jpg
10:34pm Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa is worried about the two votes.
Steve asks her if she’s got anyone in mind
Steve – Becky
Vanessa – ya I think so it’s done out of loyalty

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-34-25-495_jpg
10:30pm Cracking into the wine

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-47-49-098_jpg

10:39pm HOH LIz, Austin, Clay and Shelli
They are thinking the nominations are tomorrow. liz says she’s worried
Shelli feels freaked out because she has no idea what to do ..
Austin says the votes are too f***g sketchy they need to put up two targets they want out.
Austin – It’s just weird 4 people voted for him
LIx – I think it was very up in the air
Shelli – He might have tugged at someone’s heart strings
Liz pulls out a picture tells them this was Julia wonders why they would do that. Shelli says Julia comes in tomorrow.
Liz says she feels bad putting John up again .
Clay leaves.

Austin says James is vulnerable person right now and shouldn’t be a target. Austin is worried about JAson he’s thinking he’s dangerous. He explains to them that JAson told him there were people that got out Da that are coasting that he wasn’t to target.
Liz points out that Jason and Da were the ones that started the rumour about her
Austin says Johnny mac and maybe becky voted out James.
Liz – Johnnymac has been up every time i feel stupid doing it again
Austin says Johnny Mac will throw the BOB they can count on that.
Liz wants Jackie nominated because if Jackie won HOH she would put Liz up
Austin thinks Jackie is vulnerable
liz – she’s nice to people in power…
Shelli – who else is on your radar
Austin – Jackie and Jason they might win (BOB)
Lz – who are the targets this week
Shelli – who are the targets
Austin – that side of the house is dwindling and there’s a bunch of floaters. .
Austin wants them to try and get a read on Becky adds that Vanessa told him she can get the truth out of her but

LIz – “It’s so awkward..they are shaking in their boots.. all of them will put me on the block for sure”
Liz says she doesn’t have a relationship with Audrey asks Shelli if Audrey is someone they can trust, she never talked game to her or her sister
Austin – She gets paranoid very quickly and she’s nervous… she needs constant reassurance but I think her heart is in the right place and if she is America’s player she doesn’t want it.
Austin says Audrey she wanted to keep her past a secret but CBS nixed it because she’s transgender
Feeds cut
Clay comes in
Austin says that next week is the last week for the twins what should they do. Clay says Jason is the best option because they all know he’ll come after them.
Clay says Vanessa is certain that Becky voted out James.
Clay – as long as we have a person from that side go home we’re good
Austin – definitely separate Jason and Becky
Clay – I don’t trust Jackie for some reason
Liz – “Jackie for sure”
Clay says he doesn’t have a good feeling about Jackie
liz – she’s never talked game to me we’ve never made a authentic connection, she’s always nice to whoever is in power.. I’m not stupid I see it..
liz is putting up jackie she’s unsure about the second
Austin thinks Jackie and Becky will be too tough to beat in the BOB (Fan Favorite 90% sure)

They agree John can be trusted more over Steve. Shelli questions why Steve would vote for Jeff he’s too smart to do that.
Austin is certain it’s Becky
Shelli mentions how Jeff was campaigning to the last minute, “He got Becky in the last minute”

Liz doesn’t know what to do asks them for some help.
They warn liz people are going to swarm her. T
Shelli – When you talk to people you are not going to give any names..
Shelli lays it out telling Liz exactly what to say to people. Get information don’t say anything you hold all the cards etc etc..
Clay – isn’t it sexy when she talks like that.
Liz – how do you all feel about James.
Austin says James is a candidate they can make double deals with “I see him as someone that is look for a new side”
Liz – he’s never talked game to me.. I’m realizing the people that don’t talk game to me
Liz asks Clay who they should take out
Clay wants Jason gone
Austin says if Liz is going after Jason she needs to put up someone week
Liz – what about Jackie and Jason.. Jackie and Random Backdoor Jason
They agree Audrey has to be taken out during the double eviction. They do not want her in the house with time to Campaign.
Austin suggests Jason/Jackie and tell Jackie she’s a pawn or Jason and Johnnyamc
Liz is sad about Johnnymac going up again
Austin says he sided with jeff and voted against them that’s the price he pays.
Clay – he’s been up a lot

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-53-34-292_jpg

10:52pm James and Audrey
Audrey says she’ll be OK this week. james is worried about Steve says he’ll be nominated this week.. but by sHelli’s side by liz’ side..
Audrey says VAnessa trust him “I think you are going to be fine.. laying low being funny and silly”
James – Jason might have to worry
Audrey – I don’t know, was he the one talking about splitting Shelli and Clay
James – that was more Jeff… and I told Clay
James is certain that Jeff had a talk with Jackie telling her who to target.
Audrey says right before the votes were read out she say him say to Jackie “I hope you win”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 23-45-34-718_jpg

11:38pm Shelli and Clay
Shelli thinks the votes were Meg and Jason. Vanessa and Austin come in.
Vanessa says having a small pawn and a target up against other is not ideal anymore because the votes are so sketch she tells them make sure the two people they put up they are comfortable with them going home.
Vanessa about the vote says it’s Steve or Audrey. (Her explanation of how she’s coming to this is interesting 11:41 cam 1 )
Liz – Steve is always weird
She says when people are bluffing their heart beets out of their neck..
Vanessa says Becky and jackie are working together they are always hanging around each other. People that hang out all the time are working together just like them. She goes on explaining why Becky voted out James. (She’s crazy and wonderful at the same time)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 00-11-38-453_jpg

Midnight Audrey, CLay and Austin HOH

Shelli and Liz called to the Diary room (To PIck have nots)
Audrey – James was just hitting on me
Austin – shut up
Audrey – He started asking me how stuff works , does it work the same s$xually , how does clim@xing work.. am I a squ!rt$r,
Austin – No he didn’t
Audrey – He asked when you c** how does it com$ out is it like how you c**.. and he asked who’s sleeping in my bed tonight what kind of guys am I into
Austin – Stop
Clay – he didn’t ask you if you are a squ!rty
Audrey swears he did
Austin – Ok that’s too much for me James it pushing it
Audrey – maybe that’s his strategy .. he did make a comment to Jeff I’m trying to expand my crown box

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 00-34-25-546_jpg

12:21am Clay and Audrey
Audrey – America is not going to pick me because I’m the TG person
She feels people in the house are thinking she’s a favorite because she’s TG.
Audrey – They have no respect for me not because they think I’m a brilliant player they think I’m a favorite because i’m working the Caitlyn jenner buzz.
Clay – the what
audrey – the Caitlyn jenner buzz.
Clay no
Clay says he’s never heard anyone say that

Audrey says if Steve goes up He’ll ‘Squeal like a friggin pig, if he gets any inclination he’s the number one target”
Audrey says if Steve goes up he’s going to sell a lot of people out because he doesn’t have the votes
Audrey – I’m telling you he’s with Becky and he’s with JohnnyMac
Clay doesn’t think they have solidified a friendship deal
Audrey – Do not underestimate him
Clay – he clings onto power every week
Audrey is certain Steve voted out james
Audrey says Jeff whispered to Jackie Win it
Clay heard it knew Jeff and Jackie were closer than they let on. Mentions Jeff would throw JAckie under the bus.
Audrey – can you stop figner f****g the couch
Clay – It feel good
Audrey says she’s going to have to flirt with james, “It’s so weird.”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 00-44-17-297_jpg

12:41am Jason, Vanessa, Audrey, Fake Audrey, James, Steve

Jason saying he jokes in the Diary room that this room is the wild room the other won is like a “Nursing home”
just chit chatting…

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 00-52-49-227_jpg

12:49am James and Clay trying to figure out the vote
Clay i’m not America’s player I want to be
Clay – All this speculation sucks..
James says Audrey is pitching ‘Stuff” about America’s player. Audrey thinks Steve and Becky were the two off votes..
James tells him she didn’t mention any of “you guys”, “ I would have told you guys.. she was asking me to get closer to john now that Jeff is gone.”
JAmes says Vanessa was telling him she thought Audrey was America’s player he just doesn’t know

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Season 16 Repeat

Noooo, not one person from the outside of this annoying group could of won? I can’t STAND these people.


i would have preferred the other side of the house to win to watch this side scramble, but at least these people all seemingly have a strategy for when they get to the end, unlike last year when everyone’s strategy seemed to be make jury so then we can hand the money to derrick.

Captain Crunch

Liz and shelli “who are the targets this week”
They can’t even control their hoh without help smh.

Austin ” that side of the house is dwindling and there’s a bunch of floaters. .”

Austin should look in the mirror cause he’s a floater as well.


They’re in a fucking alliance. Genuine alliances typically discuss these things with each other when one of them is in power.


I did not know that Liz could be such a cold hearted Bitch
She knows she was that fourth vote and that poor girl
Becky is getting the blame.
I wonder if Julia was in on it too.


I don’t think Julia was in on it. When the twins taped their goodbye message to Jeff they mentioned voting him out so Liz went rogue with that vote.

Ariana Grande stinks!

What?! Jiz wants to backdoor Jason?! If so this show will go down the kitchen sink. Who else would be talking during the live feeds? Jackie and Steve? Austin-The-Creepster and the bitchy-paranoid-Vanessssnakessa?

DON’T DO THAT JIZ! Audrey is boring and has to go home!


The best case scenario this week is Becky/Jackie getting evicted. They bring absolutely nothing to the table. And then we can see Jason/JohnnyMac/Steve domination with Shelli, Clay, Austin and Vanessa being the next ones out.


Raise your hand if you remember there only being two HOH’s…not 5. Vanessa- take a seat, we’ve heard enough of your paranoia

Austin- let Liz make her own choices you creep! you had your chance but last week, you got dethroned

Clay-YOU. DO. NOT. RUN. SHIT. sit tf down


I couldn’t agree more! I’m getting very tired of Clelli and Austin’s dominating ways, ugh!


Audrey is still a lying hot mess. Did James even have a sexual conversation with her (I know he talked to Clay about being attracted to Audrey)? But she’s slowly starting to reintegrate herself back into the game, and by the time a DE roles around, she may just be able to slide by. She’ll end up in the final 2, not because of production, but because everyone keeps putting off targeting for the next week, and then the next, etc.

“Clay – he didn’t ask you if you are a squ!rty” A what? LOL!!! I just can’t with Clay.

I never thought Vanessa would go so batshit so early in the game. Reminds me of how Amanda started out with such promise and then just went down a flaming spiral. But I have to give her credit for picking up on Steve’s scheming, and voting to keep Jeff. Too bad she’s not perceptive enough to see Lizia’s lying heartbeat neck pulse.

LIzia and Shelli are STILL useless and depending on other people to help them choose who to nominate and attempt to evict.

Jason is the last person I want to see leave this week. If he can make it to jury with James and at least Becky or Jackie (or all of the above if Steve gets the boot this week), then he could go far. I’d like to think Meg might be useful to anyone’s game, but I haven’t seen it. Normally I’d say it’s better to wait to win HOH, but at this point the Annoying/Useless/Batshit Alliance (Lizia, Austin, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli) are constantly in power. The people on the outs need to get Lizia out next week first, because a extra person entering the house against them is bad.

I’m so sick of HG misusing the term Floater. Audrey was the original Floater of the season (and had serious potential), but played an entire game in a week (hence her game blowing up). Jeff tried to Float, and while he had the social game to go far, he lacked any real strategy like Jun, Will, Andy, Shelly, etc. Now the real Floaters are Clay and Shelli (but as a duo, kind of like Will and Boogie in All Stars). They’re not at the top of anyone’s radar’s (that I’m aware of), and are able to Float between groups. JohnnyMac has Floater potential as well, but going up as a pawn every week is not good for his game. Even if he survived to final 2, he’s not likely to win if most of the jury put him up as a pawn at one point or another.

Sweet Louisiana

I have always heard the definition of floater left up to interpretation. In my opinion, in big brother, there are 2 specific different types of floaters.

-The type of floater you’re addressing is someone who “floats” from group to group and from power to more power.

-The type of floater that Julie Chen addressed last night (when talking to Jeff about Jackie) and the type that Rachel Reilly consistently addressed is the type that “floats” to the end of the game having barely done anything. This type of floater is sometimes used as a pawn but is typically evicted later in the game because their eviction is seen as a waste of a week.


I just saw an update on twitter of Clay and Becky talking and Becky (rightfully) suspects Lizia of voting to keep Jeff! Damn Becky! When did you start playing the game?

Lizia and Steve both tried to pull an Audrey to stir things up in the house, but I wonder if it will blow up on them.

It’s strange because individually Clay and Shelli would definitely be labeled as Floaters, but are Floating as a duo (like Chilltown in All Stars). Shelli started talking game to Jackie to form a alliance with Jackie/Becky. She’s even encouraged Jackie to step up her social game and “sprinkle game talk” around the house (because everyone comments on not knowing where her heads at).

I usually love true Floaters (Will, Jun, Shelly, Andy, etc), but I’m not feeling Shaly at all. But I’ll give credit where credit is due (a good game is a good game after all), they are playing the best game (together) by far. Their on nobody’s radar and working the various sides of the house. Impressive how long they’ve been able to get away with it.

Eric CA

Shelli is not a flatter, she has one two HoH’s already. Floaters never want to win an HoH until they start the jury.
She does talk to people like Becky or Jackie… but neither of them are any side of the house nor do the talk game… much. Jackie was a behind closed doors alliance with Jeff and is social with most everyone else… You will se Jackie come to life after they start Jury (which is what I hoped Vanessa would do.). Shell is just a compassionate person… she can be pulled by emotions. Shell did not float week one… more like she was shut out. Joining up with Vanessa, Austin and Liz/Julia gave Shelli a clear side of the House.

Clay he is a pretty boy flatter between the Vanessa, Liz/Julia, Austin, Shelli side and is on James, Jason and Meg side. He even has a side alliance Audrey, Shelli and Vanessa. Clay is a Classic Floater. doesn’t win anything and does all sides of the House

This Seasons Floaters are
Clay: Pretty Boy Floater

Becky: More floater because she has been shut out, than her trying to ply the game. If Becky had been the final HoH week 2 and she managed to put Audrey up… she would have been a power in the house. Her and Shelli would have switched places. Da’Vonne would still be in the House…. Jeff might be there too.

Johnny Mc: The smiling Ninja… Johnny Mac could have won all if not most of those competitions. I hate to say this perhaps as an HoH I might think better the devil you know than the one you don’t…. Johnny threw all of those comps and after that last PoV I would realize that he could have. It on some level would make me want to get him out more than the other floaters.
Please Note: As a fan… I LOVE Johnny Mac as a player I might also… as a player I would want him out now before it is too late. If he gets to jury he will pick them off one after the other and he has not established the kind of relationships that would stop him from making a huge move. Johnny Mac is the one to watch.

Jackie: Trouble

Audrey is not a floater even though she does follow power… she makes moves a floater wouldn’t.


LIZ is a genius, no one even suspected her.


Geez, for a poker player Vanessa talks too much! Early on I was her advocate– Duke graduate, winning poker player–but she TALKS too much. So still searching out a Dan/Derrick in this crowd. Closest I’ve come to is John…but still confused about his game. John, Steve, and dare I say it, Audrey? Some are playing; some think it’s “popular crowd.” Different dynamic here.


The best thing that could happen this week is Steve going home – I really hope it’s not Jason!


I think Becky should go home. She is floating big time. CBS even forgot to show her on one show.
Just sick the “5”are in charge. Guess they will run the show.


Austin and Vanessa were telling Liz what to do because they were trying to help her put doubt in the hgs minds that she was a twin. That’s not being controlling that’s being in an alliance that’s trying to protect one of its own! Liz has been canoodling Austin and he’s confided in her his feelings about Jeff and so for him to find his confidant giggling under the covers with smarmy Jeff hurt him on a personal level. This doesn’t make him creepy it makes him a guy who got dooped, and then they laugh at him for being upset, still doesn’t make him a controlling creeper it makes him a scorned doofus for putting any trust in a flirt! He hasn’t been controlling of Liz nor has he made any advances on her that Liz didn’t elicit or encourage by saying that his touch feels good. Austin’s game is going in the dumper not because he’s a creeper or a creep but because he’s in an alliance with a backstabbing flirt who gets her jollies leading men on hanging all over them and complaining about THEM smothering them to everyone else for sympathy. She’s a good flirt but if she was your friend you’d find this behavior exhausting especially if you saw it from both sides.


I would like to see Liz and Shelli turn on Vanessa and Austin and one of them go home. I know that won’t happen but that would be ideal. They are so obnoxious thinking they are in the know about everything. New drinking game….every time one of them mentions Audrey being America’s player take a shot. 10 mins into after dark….I’m drunk. It’s funny watching Liz’s facial expressions whenever someone comes up with a theory about the mystery vote. Hopefully Becky doesn’t go down bc of it. Austin rubbing Liz’s back have me the creeps. Dude needs a serious reality check. He’s such a pervy creeper. Eww.

Twistin' for the win

It’s just ironic that the twin is calling other people floaters….amazing what a few days of power does to these people’s minds.


Just what is exactly Liz’s strategy for voting for Jeff? She went against her alliance, who were protecting her from the twin outing, she went against her only true ally Austin, and she went against her final 2 twin, Julia. She can’t see past her own nose. Vanessa will find out because Liz lets things slip and can’t lie well. Then she is finished!
Steve is also trying to be too clever with his vote. He has no emotional I.Q. and therefore, no social game. His only hope was keeping with his alliance. I don’t get either of them. Stupid x 2!


I find Liz’s game play troubling. If you’re in an alliance you don’t literally get into bed with your opponent without repercussions.
Austin isn’t trying to control Liz. when the twin thing came out he and the other hgs in her “alliance” tried to run interference by instructing her on how to lay low. She was given advice (sorely needed because she is the worst) on how to seem more like her sister and how to get away with it til her sister enters. How is this repaid? She leads Austin on encourages his affection after it being brought to her attention that Austin is falling for her. She never tells him that they are friends. He confides in her his feelings toward Jeff and she is then literally in bed with Jeff . Then the insult to injury is that they laugh at him together and yet HE’S the creep?
He didn’t lose his mind and go on a rampage, he had a reaction that he remarkably let go.
His game is completely messed up because he trusted this flirt and felt because she sent him all the right signals. She never told him to back off. Audrey also encouraged him by saying she spoke with Liz and that she was into him.
Liz is working for the other side of the house now. No doubt. Why would she vote for Jeff and lie about it if that’s not the way her boat is headed.
I wish Austin would drop Liz from his mind and get his head back in the game. He’s not a controlling creep. He’s been lied to and shamed and I feel terrible for him. (That doesn’t mean I condone the hat)

deliciously suspicious

“going on a girls trip to Austin in July for a long weekend. We may go to St. Augustin in August”

anyone else think Liz’s mom is trying to send her a hidden clue to look out for the creepster, Austin?

deliciously suspicious

“going on a girls trip to Austin in July for a long weekend. We may go to St. Augustin in August”

anyone else think Liz’s mom is trying to send her a hidden message about the creepster, Austin?


this austin/shelli/liz/vanessa group is really a joke. not in the sense that they win a lot, you cant fault them for that. its the whole “hive mind” mentality they have. not one of them can think for themselves. i honestly think they’d be screwed if you got rid of austin . i dont know why everyone in there is letting him tell them who to put up

for fuck sake liz, if you dont want to put up john DONT. she said she was sad john had to go up again but he really doesnt.


also..why the hell is everyone backdooring their real target?. are they that big of a bunch of cowards that they cant just nominate their target and be honest. these people this year are a bunch of wusses


The best odds to eliminate your target is the backdoor. The BotB watered down targeting. To put your target up before then gives them a chance to win the BotB, play in the veto if they lose and then there’s the vote. Too many chances, you can skip all that by putting them up as a replacement after veto, then the only trick is making sure the veto gets used.

free folk

liz with the she’s just wants to see vanessa melt down to all kinda crazy..if so…i may heart her..that’s a bus i can ride but…

a letter from the dog..WTF..if the baby talk starts back up..I might have to parachute into the backyard to drop kick someone


How annoying is it going to be when Clay/Shelli/Austin/Vanessa start talking about how Johnny Mac owes them for “protecting” him.

Hope Liz doesn’t fall into their bs.


BOB {which was not a fan favorite} has made BB unbearable to watch. {Not to mention the spin that CBS puts on the program}
People are wondering why Liz voted for Jeff, she liked him and was hoping he would stay. I am actually sick of Austin, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Audrey, and James. I just wish they would all go away. Far, Far, Away. These people are unbearable to watch with their egos and their paranoia.