Vanessa “They said to wait till Tuesday. It ruins it I guess for the feeds.”

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
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Part 3 of 3 – Steve competes against Vanessa (Finale)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-20 10-21-14-676

10:20am – 10:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Liz complains about having to put the outside awnings down. She says they’re too hot. Steve puts oven mitts on. Liz puts gloves. on. Steve says he has never heard of so much complaining in such a short amount of time. Liz says if we just stayed in side we wouldn’t have to do this. Steve says its big brother that tell us to do it. Liz says she’s never doing it again. Steve says we’re the only two people that can do it. When they’re done. Big Bother says thank you very much. Liz says that was a dig because I wasn’t very cooperative. Liz heads back to bed. Steve asks Vanessa how she’s feeling? Vanessa says she’s 10% better again. Steve says so you’re at 20% and you’re going for 100%. Vanessa says MMmmhHHmm. I don’t think I’ll be 100% by Wednesday though. I really injured myself. Steve sits with Vanessa at the table. Vanessa starts whispering really quietly and says they (production) said to wait till Tuesday. It ruins it I guess for the feeds. Steve asks Tuesday? They didn’t tell me Tuesday. Vanessa says they told me. Just please wait till Tuesday kind of like asking for a favour. Steve says okay. So Tuesday?! Vanessa nods. (About telling Liz they’re not taking her to final 2. Although Steve has said talking aloud to himself that he is taking Liz if he wins part 3)

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-20 10-32-27-833

10:55am – 12:15pm Vanessa, Steve and Liz are all back in bed sleeping.

12:20am Vanessa gets a bowl of cereal and heads out into the backyard.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-20 12-25-08-255

1:15pm Steve and Liz continue to sleep. Vanessa gets up to do her laundry.
1:35pm – 2pm Steve and Liz finally get up for the day. liz asks who’s ready to play more cards!? I’m ready for Texas Holdem. Liz tells Vanessa her and Steve played Gin to 350 points. Vanessa tells them she’ll teach them how to play poker tonight. Liz says oh my god 3 more days till Wednesday!!! Steve says I’m so scared! Vanessa tells Steve – You and me Gin right now! Steve says he’ll play two hands with her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-20 13-57-45-139

2:10pm Steve wins the first hand. Liz plays Vanessa next. Liz beats Vanessa. Vanessa says the student beats the teacher a$$. Steve asks if we can do that literally? He goes to grab her arms and she says no, no, no don’t touch me. I have bruises everywhere. When I say don’t touch me I am not kidding.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-20 14-12-44-506
2:15pm Liz shows her finale dress.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-20 14-12-32-517

2:20pm – 2:35pm Steve asks Vanessa to do a card trick. She gets him to pick a card and then cut the deck. She then asks him yes or no questions where his answer can only be yes. (She then reads his face to tell if he is telling the truth or lying.) She asks if his card is a face card? He says yes. She says you’re lying. She then removes all the face cards. She continues to ask questions until there are 3 cards left and then reads his face as she points at them. She removes one and then holds up a card and asks if its his. Steve says yes. Vanessa heads back to bed. Steve asks Liz if she’s excited to meet Austin’s Mom? Liz says Dad or Girlfriend .. Zing!

2:40pm – 3pm Steve and Liz start another game of Gin.

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129 thoughts on “Vanessa “They said to wait till Tuesday. It ruins it I guess for the feeds.”

  1. Would love some opinions on this…why is Steve pushing to tell Liz about he and Vanessa’s F2 deal? Is he trying to set up (what he thinks would be) a blindside if he wins the final HOH and build his jury resume? I can’t find any other logic in this.

      1. I hope Steve wins final comp.

        I want to see Van get pissed at Steve.

        Then I want to see Steve cry to his mommy because Liz beat him in votes. Liz has 3 locked votes.

        1. More like 4 locked votes. Shelli will vote for Liz 100%. She loved the twins, they are also sorority sisters. Steve can’t win against Vanessa or Liz.

          1. If Steve wins and takes Liz, shelli will probably vote for Steve. Based on the Jury House footage, Shelli respects the game. Even though austin came into Jury ranting and raving, shelli stood up for Vanessa’s game. If steve manages to win and evict Vanessa (strongest player) that will win him the votes.

          2. Do you even watch Big Brother? I have never been a Steve fan but there has never been a season that “bitter voting” won over the player that played the best game!

            1. Not bitter voting. Liz has won 3 hoh and other comps.

              Liz would have Van, Aus, Juju locked. She only needs two other votes.

              Steve can’t win this game. Just watch and remember this post on Wed.

              1. i’m not so sure van would vote liz in jury, but i’m also not sure it matters. jmac/becky/jackie/james/meg will have the numbers to determine who wins, and i’m not sure any of them particularly respect liz’s game.

            2. bitter voting has definitely skewed the votes in the past. ian’s win over dan is the most obvious example, though i’m sure there are others.

      2. Steve & Liz like Nickleodeon better than Disney. Steve loves his nickname Pussy Thrasher. Liz & her dad are cheap. Steve says he could never be a professional gambler it feels sleazy (ouch). Steve is considered cheap because he won’t gamble with Van and he goes to gas stations with lowest prices. Van says she’s getting fat from drugging sleeping and eating chips & says Mel will break up with her at least 5 times a day (if she were smart). Very insecure about her relationship & her looks. Van is upset she can’t rattle Steve, says he uses his innocence. He asks to hug her, she pushes him away with nasty tone says don’t touch me, like she has since Final 5. No more mommying him. Liz gets on the elyptical afraid Susquatch is flirting with Jackie’s hair extensions in Jury House, she can’t be fat she’s moving to LA bc Miami & Vegas weather sucks. Hug your friends today, knowing they’re not these idiots, don’t you feel lucky?

        1. I am not sure vanessa is insecure about her looks. She has had her photo in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

          i do think tho that photo is why we didn’t see her getting into bikinis for BB, in case of comparison shots of body 5 years ago, body now.

    1. I think he is doing it to make Vanessa really believe he is taking her to final two. I’m sure he hoping she trust him enough to throw the final Hoh. (She would never throw it though). He really wants to take Liz. (So does she). Nice to see him still playing the game though.

    2. I think he wants Vanessa to believe that he’s committed to taking her. Im not fully buying her “they said to wait until Tuesday” spiel. I don’t think she wants to say anything, and is waiting to catch steve in a lie to go back on their final 2. Classic Vanessa.

    3. Also, Steve is playing along with Vanessa about telling Liz because he is manipulating Vanessa into thinking he’s taking her instead of Liz. He doesn’t want Vanessa to catch on that he’s taking Liz. If Vanessa finds out that he’s taking Liz, Steve will suffer Vanessa’s insane wrath and Vanessa will then take Liz if she wins Part 3.

      1. he brought it up right after he won 2nd HOH, and at that time vanessa said, not today, let’s wait until sunday maybe monday. I think the reason he mentions it today (sunday) is to see what she will do, she’d already delayed telling once, will she do it again? yup, now she is claiming ‘production’ wants them to wait until tuesday? sounds unlikely, i am fairly sure there won’t be any feeds after today will there? they could easily tell her as soon as they know the feeds are down, and the feeds are going to be down well before tuesday so what would be the point of waiting until then. wait until no feeds sure, wait until a specific day before eviction? unlikely

        1. she wants to delay it so liz doesnt get a chance to campaign to steve. vanessa’s worried liz will sayy something to steve to convince him to take her over vanessa is steve wins the final HOH.

    4. Thanks for all of the feedback…seems we all agree that Vanessa is lying about what Production said, she just doesn’t want to tell Liz. Watching Steve since his win on P2 of the HOH, he’s become more bold. Taking that into consideration and reading everyone’s theories, I’m thinking he also might want to show Liz that he’s been playing harder than she realized and at the same time reveal Vanessa for the liar that she is (just in case the jury has had their eyes and ears closed this entire season). Doing that, in case he winds up in F2 with Vanessa, he may be hoping Liz will tell everyone in jury and maybe sway a few votes his way.

      1. Ya Think? Van sleeps all day then forces herself up afraid Steve Liz are getting too close. They’re having fun playing cards and beating her. Now she’s got her sunglasses on so you can’t see her lyin eyes, while teaching them Texas Hold’um because her favorite thing in life isn’t the game, isn’t chance, isn’t strategy. She says her favorite thing is lying to people and conning their money off them, bluffing, getting them to bet more, then fold. Steve doesn’t like taking money off people or lying to them to get it. He doesn’t want to play this game, Van says too bad, either this or she’s going back to bed for 2 more days. I like it better when she’s sleeping. So does Liz & Steve. So does Production, that’s why they give her so many pills.

    5. Steve know Vanessa had F2 deals with so many people. I think he wants to see if she has a F2 with Liz, so he checks with Scaressa. She says don’t tell Liz yet, of course, she’ll be outed that she has F2 with both of them. Think Steve is suspicious. Hope he talks to Liz and tells her. Pray Scaressa goes out third. Would be fitting.

    6. ya i think…he wants liz to think she’s leaving…so if he gets hoh he will blindside vanessa hopefully . ..
      also he’s trying to get reassurance from vanessa if she wins
      lol…shes not saying shit…he should know from that !!!!!
      also…her drug induced slumber for 2days???
      come on BIG BROTHER ! !!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Here’s how this will play out:
      Van will be too doped up to win against Steve in Part 3. Steve will evict Vanessa and take Liz. Vanessa will cry and claim that she was too doped up to participate in a fair competition. She will blame CBS for this. She will then sue CBS for 10 million. They will settle out of court for 5. That is a much better deal than winning BB. The end.

  2. I’m just hoping that somehow we all get shocked and this doesn’t end with Vanessa winning in a landslide. I just want something unexpected to happen and entertain us all.

    1. Join the club, This season should be officially known as “waiting for a BOLD move” season.
      Even until they very end, bb fans stayed loyal and glued hoping, against hope that a move would be made. I just hope we are not sadly disappointed this year but by the way the track record’s been going, it sure looks that way. What little hope we have left rests on Steve’s shoulders, let’ just hope he doesn’t tuck his balls between his legs again. *fingers crossed against ALL odds*

  3. I think Steve is missing the game play. His ability to scamper, be sneaky.
    But, in all probability, he’s wanting to test Vanessa. See where her head is, see if he catches her and Liz talking.
    I think he thinks his biggest game move for jurors is to be the ONE who gets Vanessa out and that will solidify his win. Because he knows that they know she is the one who evicted each and every one of them!

  4. Could Vanessa be fibbing about production telling her not to tell Liz til Tuesday? Production would love that drama! Is this yet another manipulation tactic by Van?

    1. Vanessa completely made it up about production telling them to wait until Tuesday. If anything they’d want her to know so she’d start campaigning and cause some drama during the sleepy time. If they wait until Tuesday, production will only have a short time to get anything good ready for finale Wednesday.

      1. Good one, Bye Bye James! LOL Vanessa wants to string Steve along. He may win Part 3, and she will need him to take her based on their final 2 deal. Neither of them plan to honor that deal though. If Steve does win Part 3, just watch Vanessa go into action. Hugging him, all smiles, and of course, reminding him of their deal. If he wins and takes Liz as he hopes, Vanessa’s reaction will be priceless. Now, that’s some good TV!

    2. It is totally reasonable to theorize that Vanessa would lie about something like this. There is however a little known, rarely used, production warning, where they say “Stop using production as strategy”. Since she was allowed to say it, there’s a good chance it was true.

  5. Anonymous, why did Austin think that his showmance with Liz is the longest lasting
    showmance in Big Brother history if Austin is a superfan, because Mike Boogie and Erika were in
    the final two and Janelle and Will were in the final four the same year?

    1. They weren’t exactly in a showmance. Mike just reluctantly did what Will said at times, at Will didn’t do anything with Janelle. The longest showmance is probably Final 3 Season 5, Drew and the girl he evicted, who gave him her vote, like a dumbass. So many women are just fucking stupid.

      1. Um, did you forget about Clay of Clelli fame? Clay advocated, like a stupid idiot, to send himself home over his Showmance girl. Talk about stupid! The gender of a person does not dictate their intelligence.

    2. Fair question…probably because no one likes Austin more that Austin likes Austin. Everything he does – in his eyes – is the most brilliant, the most significant, the most cunning. Such a tool.

      1. Don’t worry he’s going to so dominate that jury house that they’ll still vote for him!

        Oh, right…they just want him to put on shoes…

    3. Jeff and Jordan are one of the longest lasting Showmance in Big Brother history…..and the best. I think Rachel and Brendon have about the same time together as Jeff and Jordan.

  6. I find it funny how ” production” said to wait til Tuesday to tell Liz.
    I call B.S. on that !
    I hope Steve beats Vanessa and takes Liz. That would save the season for me !

  7. Steve’s got a belly ache. Vanessa keeps speaking for Production which is another Broken BB Rule, on top the mile-high heap of bullshit she spews without consequence. Not even a fake warning from DR this time? The druggy is now Director of this shlock. Steve having heard Liz got help from Production playing Part 2 of HOH, now believes they refuse to let Liz know she’s not going to F2 until Tuesday because the 15 people left watching feeds don’t want to see a fight? We’d rather watch the bitch pop pills faking every malady and destroying the rest of the cast’s character? Bullshit. Steve goes to DR to confirm, then goes to vomit, then to bed and hides. He’s knows he’s not going to F2 unless he wins scripted rigged Part 3. Vanessa is already there in her blind stupified narcotic haze. Liz in her defeated spiteful slumber. No, Production wants us to watch this shit.

    Steve the perverted psycho booger eating pacing mumbling mommy obsessed friendless virgin blithering idiot calls Vanessa surrogate mommy while he lays in her crotch and describes hatred of women’s nipples best player of all time and you BELIEVE HIM?? Payer of all bribes, taker of all drugs, giver of all abuse and breaker of all rules is the best player of all time?? He’s flatters her ass in his planned speech because that makes him intentional Kingslayer instead of Boy the coat riding creep. Get a grip. She’s historically least liked least respected bully of all time in the worst cast season of all time with the fewest enforced rules of all time. Now Steve is the Oracle? Gag. Watch Production credits close, you won’t see the same names next year.

    1. Testify Brotha/Sista??? Big Brother Keeps Giving Van The Prescription Drug Junkie Drugs Suckin Big Brother Hind Titty Game Has Been Rigged From The Get Go & They Just Keep Tryin To Fool All The “SHEEP” Out In America During There National Broadcast That How Great Big Brother Is When All The Game Rigging Going On Behind The Scenes When VANJUNKIE & Her Her Follower Steve Daaa Sheep Is Called To The DR BIG BROTHER HAS OUT RIGHT RIGGED THE GAME

      1. I think you guys need to chill lol i dont like vanessa either but not worth getting that worked up about geesh. FYI everyone, vanessa telling steve that production said wait until tuesday to tell liz is BS!!! she wants him to wait so it doesnt give liz time to campaign, vanessa said so herself, she said she doesnt want to have to deal with her campaigning.

        1. Actually not sure who Van’s decided to take, she’s told both Steve and Liz she’s taking them. Think that’s why she made up the story re production, she’s trying to keep her options open as long as possible.

      2. And why is it that when Austin left there was not one boo? Couldn’t believe it! Again, CBS fills it’s audience with their employees to get the reaction THEY want. ie: when Stankie got evicted last year, he was applauded, yet he was hated by so many fans for his horrendous actions. So don’t expect, if Scaressa gets out third, we will hear the real fans’ reactions…there’s no reality in this “reality show.”

        1. I unlike most posters on here have attended a
          I’ve eviction on more than one occasion. There are hours of standing in line and sitting patiently followed by signing of waivers. When it is time to walk to the studio, you walk single filed asked not to talk while you pass other sound stages. Then they start to seat you and move you around the way casting wants the audiences to appear on camera. You are warmed up by a comic who wants everyone to be enthusiastic and applaud and cheer when told to. The audience is full of BB fans that are happy to be there not some Frankie or Austin hating fanatics. Boos and CBS employee packed audiences are the ideas of conspiracy theorists.

          1. Really? Last year, after Christine was booed, CBS ANNOUNCED that next week’s audience would be CBS employees…and Frankie was going to be evicted that week. They have said that quite a few times.

    2. I don’t like Vanessa but the only way the statement could be a violation of the rules is that they aren’t allowed to talk about production or what is said in the DR. Lying about what happens in DR or what production has said not always a rule violation.

  8. Being V is so sick, just what are they doing about all of this. Do not understand WHY Medical is not called in. Very scary, sad. CBS. Is allowing.. All this as we watch.!

    1. Medical isn’t called in because just like with Audrey, it’s mostly an act. Vanessa wanted some pills and sympathy. This way if she loses, she can blame the drugs and try the poor me but I still deserve to be in the finals.

        1. The minute Part One was over, Vanessa started complaining of pain. She said she “needed” Vicodin. She has a problem. There is no doubt that an intervention is needed by her family and friends. She looks 10 years older than her age; her drug use is written all over her face.

    1. This is terrible because I don’t like Vanessa but I think she deserves to win. I hope somehow she doesn’t but if Steve wins I’m going to feel the same way I did when Andy the Red Rat won.

  9. Everyone, please show your support for this amazing site! Simon and Dawg have worked so hard and did an amazing job on the updates this summer. Let’s do our part to show our appreciation for this site!

  10. Everyone talks about Vanessa bullying the other HouseGuest’s but you’re the viewers that from behind a keyboard and computer screen cyber bully everyone that doesn’t play the game you like.

  11. Austin or Julia has to win AFP!!!!! They both deserve it. The only good news is that all we have to worry about is James. Pre Jury evictees doesn’t stand a chance. Shelli got out too soon, Jackie was out before she could really do anything, Becky already won 10K, Meg didn’t do anything, John’s only vote will be his Guitar and Steve is just a BB fanboy. Austwins with Vannessa outsmarted everyone and turn them against each other and since Van is most likely getting the win unless Steve wins and Liz has a high chance in the final 2 I have got to go with Austin and Julia.

  12. “…we should no longer be children, tossed and borne about by every wind of teaching, by the trickery of men, in cleverness, unto the craftiness of leading astray…”

  13. There is a lot of chatter on this site about how production has fixed this game for Vanessa to win. I must say that I do see some similarities with this year’s season of BBC 3 which was definitely geared towards a Sarah win. Just curious on your thoughts about this.

  14. I’m really hoping that both Vanessa and Liz are the final 2 cause I just love them to death and hopefully JuJu and Judas can pull an AFP win. All they need is to beat James. The rest are so beatable

      1. Typical Cocky James Fan!!! Good thing he’s just one person so even if he wins Judas and Juju are still going to be in the top 3

        1. No one enjoyed watching Austin dry hump Liz all summer. They have a snowballs chance in hell of winning AFP

          1. The feeds were horrible, Liz got up washed her face hands after every session. Not Austin. He would sniff his fingers and never used soap. When Production begged, he yelled f*ck off. Vanessa is responsible for that. While she screams her head off for Steve to wash his dishes. He’s always picking his nose and ass. While she browbeat them, she couldn’t make hygiene pay off the deal?

        2. Wrong again…not a cocky James fan. I like james, but not the reason i said your choices wont win. I am someone who watched and listened this season and Liz and Austin are far from AFP.

  15. Go Liz!!! Go Vanessa!!! I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that Austin and Julia will get the AFP prize. James will have a hard time beating them once I’m done.

    1. you’ve got to be commenting under three different names, the twins and Austin just weren’t that popular. It will be James most likely, maybe JMac.

      1. OMG! The Twits and Nastin will go down among the most disgusting HG’s. That showmance is only second to Amanda and McCrae. There is no AFP there!

  16. If I’m looking at the three house guests honestly, I think each has their strength.
    Liz has the strongest social ties to the jury members of the three. Exhibited a moderate level of control. Had a pretty weakly defined strategy compared to Steve or Vanessa.
    Steve has a strong strategy. It isn’t over the top, but it isn’t weak by any means. exerted very little control of the game compared to either Liz or Vanessa, had moderate social ties but lower than Liz.
    Vanessa exerted the greatest control over the course of the game. Had a strong strategy about even with Steve but stronger than Liz, suffered socially compared to Liz.
    Who knows how the jury will vote?

  17. Dawg,

    Is the jury going to be nine people this year and if so isn’t that more than usual? Why so many?

    Steve/Vanessa/or Liz

  18. Just wondering what everyone thinks of The Battle of the Block. Should it continue?

    Thumbs up for yes or down for no.

  19. Prediction: Steve wins final HOH. Steve evicts Van and keeps Liz. Liv wins $500k, Steve wins $50 (finds out later, by a show of hands, he would have beat Van had he kept her), James wins $25k (never sees a dime of Becky’s $5k), Van is awarded $10M for whiplash in a suit where she acts as her own council. THE END

      1. The Tide did not roll Saturday night.
        On tonight’s show, way too much Vanessa. Got sick of hearing her talk. Absolutely cannot stand her!!! Hope her new show is a total failure.

    1. Just like old times, Part 3 HOH is set her on fire- if she lives through it, she’s an evil witch, if she makes an ash of herself, she’s not evil, just a big asshole. Could’ve been the drowning test, but there’s a drought in CA.

  20. Van wants to delay it because of Liz finds out she’ll flip out & tell Steve Vanessa promised her F2 then Steve will confuse his F2 that he has & they’ll both know and blow up Vanessa game. 10,000%

    1. Omg people stop talking about suing! The houseguest SIGN WAIVERS and can’t sue CBS for ANYTHING.

      Good lord do you think CBS would be stupid and not make them sign a no liability waiver as part of them being on big brother??

  21. 40 minutes into the show & nothing new. I’m bored. Only good part is it is showing Vanessa in a bad light. Showing those who don’t have live feeds what she really is like.

  22. I haven’t laughed so hard all season! They are actually wanting people to apply to be on the show? Like they don’t already have their eye candy and morons selected from social media. We ain’t stupid CVS! I mean CBS!

  23. Thank you CBS, I couldn’t of got through a BB program without seeing Vanessa crying. What’s next, during regular programing you put little snippets of her crying. I hope whoever is responsible for this mess to my favorite summertime show, gets shown the door!!

  24. The only good ending to this season is if at the Final 2 they announce Vanessa as the winner, but then also inform her that she has to remain in the house under lockdown while she detoxes and then receives in-patient treatment for psychosis.

  25. Vanessa is a Bully….a Big one…cannot believe that BB allowed it to such an extend when this is such a big problem in schools..bad example for their younger audience……please do not reward her bad behavior…

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