Vanessa – “I’m just out of it”

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother



Part 3 of 3 – Steve competes against Vanessa (Finale)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 14-39-22-498


Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 15-07-04-365

3:05pm Kitchen final 3
Steve – Ness does not look happy
Vanessa – it’s not that I’m happy or sad I’m just out of it
Steve – Ness looks like she’s on muscle relaxers
Vanessa – let’s not make too many jokes about it, I didn’t want to injure myself

They start talking about sexuality. they tell her from first impressions they never thought she was lesbian.
Vanessa – once you saw my personality you saw my dominate personality
Liz – Oh my god yeah I love it

Vanessa says she thinks 3 to 5 people in the house this year were up to “Experiment” with their sexuality.
Vanessa – we have 5 totally not straight people for sure.

Vanessa starts talking about masculine and feminine energy and she has more masculine energy.
Vanessa – A more feminine energy man would have balanced me out but I’m nor attracted to a feminine energy man.
Steve mentions a story about being “Sexually” attracted to a girl at Cornell that was ugly

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 16-06-25-346

4:04pm Liz Alone
Liz – the pool is dirty

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 16-20-29-124

LIz _ never thought it was going to be this f******G boring
Steve – this is a wonderful wonderful wonderful problem to be having
liz – true

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 16-30-01-445

4:27pm Final 3 in the bedroom
Steve is telling them that Jmac was always a “Pseudo Goblin” Adds that after the double when Steve took out Jackie Jmac really distant himself from Steve.
Liz mentions that Big Brother told them that whoever wins Biog Brother will never have to eat peanut butter ever again
Steve points out that it must from pre Season 6 when the have nots only get to eat Peanut butter and Jam.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 16-39-25-173
4:38pm Steve alone on the elliptical
Steve – I can’t manipulate Vasnersa into anything
Steve – Let’s just go for 1 mile… 1 mile is cool
Steve – I gotta write two speeches

Steve completes a mile and clocks out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 16-49-59-226

Up to no good

4:54pm Backyard Steve alone doing laundry talking about how far he got in a game that involved people skills.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 17-16-40-375

5:14pm Backyard Steve and Liz
Liz is saying that she’s “Seriously” considering moving to LA because Miami is so humid, “F****k Vegas I hate that weather”
Liz – This is the perfect medium
Steve says where he lives upsate New York Everything is freezing.

5:35pm In the backyard Steve and Liz start talking politics.
Liz says she supports a particular party but she feels that there’s still issues that both Parties are against that are important to her. She doesn’t agree with some things and doesn’t want o talk about it on the feeds.
Steve says she likes a party party A loves “oobleckS” and Party B Hates “ooblecks” but she likes party B but loves ooblecks
Liz asks him what is oobleck
Steve claims to have made up “oobleck”
(it was from Dr Seuss .. )

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 18-06-46-843
6:04pm Hot tub Steve and Liz
talking about how Jmac and Vanessa both Scum bagged Austin but Jmac was never allied with im Vanessa was.
Steve goes on about striking internet gold by doing a web show with Austin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 18-53-47-378

6:55pm Boy takes out the trash.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 19-08-13-882

7:07pm GIN
No not the drink……. too bad…. Vanessa has a deck of cards and is showing Liz how to play, Gin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 19-53-38-355

7:52pm Final 3 playing cards. Vanessa says her neck hurts.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 20-27-00-334


Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 21-40-35-181

9:41pm Cards

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 22-21-36-293

10:06pm Pop TV SMores … (Hi my name is POWPOW)

[envira-gallery id=”134063″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 22-18-27-053

10:18pm More cards


10:46pm Vanessa is sleeping .. Liz and Steve are still playing cards.
Steve – I’m very Sneaky (Yes you are Steve yes you are)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 00-06-47-740

12:07am Cards

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 02-23-46-080


Steve is talking to himself saying he’s going to take Liz to the end if he wins the HOH. He practices his speech.

“Last year when cody stood here as the final Head of Household and decided to take Derrick to the final 2 he made a 450 thousand dollar mistake, Vanessa I love you I can’t make the same mistake I vote to evict you”

Steve says Vanessa is the best female player to play Big Brother, “You are Derrick, and if you are Derrick and we have a final 2 that makes me Cody… we had an alliance you drove it”
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-20 04-09-22-856
2:40am Steve heads to bed..

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Vote Dawg!




You don’t even have to ask, that’s a given lol


and Simon too! Good work guys!!



Pinocchio Obama

How come only a Dawg vote option? Where is the love for Simon?


He’s a floater


Bro … Define your life right here Steve. Don’t be happy for top 3 . Got jus a few days left to man up, and take this last bit . From a non fan type approach that would be the biggest win out of these last few people . Cash aside . Not sure he understands the levity, or he has the ball sack . I dunno, I hear ya he kinda a weirdo .. But .. Would be cool .. Liz is ok … Ehh and Vanessa is a kook so I went with boy …. Regardless — whacky freakin season dude …

"5 Totally Not Straight People Experimenting with Sexuality"

Okkaaayyy Vanessa the Prozac Amphetamines Benzoid Xanax Ambien muscle relaxer Red Bull getting to ya, daydreaming or do you really have gaydar?….I’m going with Vanessa, Jason, Steve, Jase and… Clay? Julie? who else? Does Audrey like guys or girls?

Doses and Mimosas

Van mixing all her pills + popping muscle relaxers with alcohol, complaining she’s out of it and can’t remember where they are in the game. She calls it doses and Mimosas, Mix asks if she always mixes her amphetamines opioids and now muscle relaxants with booze she says yes, feeds cut. Production also condones the drug abuse.

Liz tells Steve Production gave her hints during HOH Part 2, specific events during her HOH, reminders during the game. Steve confirms cheating and is horrified, Production is trying to help you win?? Feeds cut.

And Van using her neck fine to put on loads of ugly makeup, then staggering out saying her neck hurts she needs more muscle relaxants. She says it’s a good thing Liz through HOH Part 1 or she wouldn’t have been able to play Part 2.

There’s so much cheating and drug use, they can’t show anything but sleeping. Van sleeps more than J Mac ever did she never gets out of bed, never comes out of room. Beanie always pulled down over her eyes. Too many double standards to count. Hope Van loses in 3rd place.


OMG! Is Mooves seeing this? Drug use aided by Production, contestants confirming cheating by CBS and Production’s help with contests, as we’ve been saying all along? What the hell is going on…no one does anything about it.


IF Steve beats Vanessa in F3 ( and he has chances big time) AND takes Liz to F2, I will be happy with whoever wins just for the fact that Vanessa goes home empty handed.


That’s sad. After all, this is just a game and as it is with any game, the best player should win. Wishing otherwise just sounds like sour grapes.

Even if Steve took vanessa out, she’ll still be known as the best player of bb 17. And as Steve said, easily the best female player of big brother period.

Are You Kidding?

Steve the perverted psycho booger eating pacing mumbling mommy obsessed friendless virgin blithering idiot calls Vanessa surrogate mommy while he lays in her crotch and describes hatred of women’s nipples best player of all time and you BELIEVE HIM?? Payer of all bribes, taker of all drugs and giver of all abuse is the best player of all time?? He’s flatters her ass in his planned speech because that makes him intentional Kingslayer instead of Boy the coat riding creep. Get a grip. She’s historically least liked least respected bully of all time in the worst cast season of all time with the fewest enforced rules of all time. Now Steve is the Oracle? Gag.


So what are you saying? If they don’t take vanessa to F3. Then vanessa is going to start hitting them up with incentives of who should buy what for vanessa and whom should take vanessa on trips because she promised to take them places, buy gifts, etc., had she won. So it’s not over next week? It starts all over again with no cameras this time???? ****ROFL.***** They are going to need body guard after this show is done.


If production was trying to help Liz win Part 2 of HOH then I think Steve is screwed now because he is telling the feeds he will not take Vanessa to the end. Production is not going to like that idea and find a way to Give Vanessa the edge in the Final HOH.


Up to nose good


Steve and JMac both put on a lot of muscle. Steve’s shoulders are really starting to look nice. Someone should put side by side before and after pictures for them both.


They are still a couple of pastey white boys.


Nothing wrong with a pastey white boy.


Some people just can’t give anyone credit for anything. SMH


5 Not 100% Straight Houseguests… hmmmm

1) Clay: At least Bi… but makes every gay person I know have their Gaydar go ding ding.
2) Austin: Austin since the benign I shout he was a little Bi… especially when Jace and Jeff were in the House. He had a man crush on both of them and I could have sworn he checked out Clay a few times. Also he is a total Submissive when it comes to women.
3) Steve: Has a crush on Jace. Note: Straight Guys say Bro, Bromance… but I have never heard a heterosexual man say Man Crush… ever.
4) Becky: Becky had a masculine side for sure.
5) Shelli: I think Vanessa might have thought that Shelli had a Bi-Side…. or Vanessa just “liked” Shelli and that might have given off that kind of vibe. They did have a spark.

I do not think that Vanessa was counting Jason and Audrey in the 5… Though I will say that whenver Vanessa would say how scared she was coming into the house being gay…for pity or sympathy… she blindsided the gay man when she backdoored him and had a hand in getting the trans woman out. Yes Vanessa, you are the only LGBT person in the house…. that is because you got rid of all the other ones, you hypocrite.

Frankie the Glitter Fairy

My guess on Vanessa’s 100% comment:



There’s a better chance that James is bi than Austin lol. He cared way too much about the age difference between Shelli and Clay. Becky’s “masculine” side might have something to do with being hit by a freaking train lol.


And James kissed Clay every chance he got.
So James, Clay, Vanessa, Jason and Audrey.

James Loves Frankie

Plus James was still after Audrey even after the secret was revealed.

James, Audrey, Vanessa, Jason and Steve are the HG’s who play for both teams.


I figured that’s why Clay latched onto the mature woman so early. He knew the young ones would be pawing all over him if he didn’t shut it down. I also beleive the rumor that a lot of gay people pass for straight to get on BB becasue they know casting will only go for one gay HG and he will be flambouyant – Frankie, Jason…


I think she was clearly referring to:
1. Vanessa: She identifies as Gay but she was happily married for a very long time and still would be if he hadn’t died of cancer so I’m going to say Bi.
2. Audrey: No reason needed
3. Jason: Out of the closet gay man
4. Steve: He has a man crush on Clay and he was really into Audrey
5. Clay: My friends’ gaydar went off as well.

Questionably: Shelli (she definitely seems Bi-sexual)

Couple Things

Vanessa wasn’t happily married, he was much older father figure, she was too young, she left him for woman, her girlfriend took care of him when he was sick, he cheated on her before & after they married.


I am forwarding this comment to Vanessa R, and I hope she follows through with a lawsuit. You simply DONT say stuff like this when you know the situation with C. Brown. You should be ashamed.

She Said It On Feeds

I have no idea who you think you’re talking to. Your threats are sick. Read feed transcripts Van R. told millions on international television feeds on numerous ocasinos including lady night WHEN SHE LOOPY ON DRUGS INITIATED HER SEXUALITY CHANGES AND MARRIAGE AND BI STATUS HERSELF. She’s explained her marriage, the psychology behind her marriage, why she married him, after he cheated, why she didn’t trust men anymore, they all cheat, again last night. She discussed how she studied cancer like game theory because doctors dont know everything. Another commenter claiming to be Mel wrote she was traveling and her girlfriend took care of CB when another poster claimed she left him during his battle with cancer and another said he was in remission when they split. SHE TALKS AD NAUSEUM ABOUT HER MARRIAGE FAILURE, PROBLEMS WITH MEN, TURNING GAY, DOMINANT PERSONALITY, FATHER FIGURES AND NO ONE CARES. Don’t worry she’ll write another book no one will read called how I cheated, lost money and respect on BB. Unless you are rewriting her unauthorized bio to correct her misinformation on this blog.

Min O'Pause

So in addition to poker player, lawyer, model and DJ, Van in an oncologist too? All by studying cancer like game theory since doctors don’t know everything. Wow! I need to let my doc know that he’s wasted time with some fancy Harvard education and 35 years of practice. Gees he could just have Van educate him and throw away those targeted therapy regimens and clinical trials. Good thing she studied game theory!

Living under a rock

something somebody said on the internet isn”t true?


For being as you say “much older father figure” he sure was a hunk. I could see a someone Vanessa’s age falling for him.


She divorced Chad Brown 6 months before he died of cancer.


This whole pseudo-investigation/condemnation of Vanessa because of her former marriage is trashy.
It’s been going on for weeks. and it seems like it’s just more gristle for the hate-mill.
After reading articles, and using the information to look at the timeline it looks less sordid than everyone is making it out to be.
She was with him through the first cancer bout. He was in remission after having a large tumor removed.
They separated after he had been in remission for months.
After their separation, his cancer returned.
What does this have to do with the game Big Brother?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
Nobody is digging into why devoted father James was arrested on a bench warrant from family court. His mug shot was in the pre-season posts. In most cases family court bench warrants are issued for contempt of court or failure to pay support, but i don’t see anyone jumping to the conclusion that he’s a deadbeat dad. Because that would be ridiculous speculation that has nothing to do with the game, and isn’t any of our business.
Nobody is questioning how Steve received 110% of his tuition for being 1/16 native american. Was the excess money returned to help another student pay their tuition? Or did someone else get left behind because he was given more than the required amount? Should we be calling him for defrauding the agency that gave him the money for accepting more money than he should have?
Nobody is digging into why Shelli is divorced. Why? If divorce is grounds for hatred than 60% of the people that get married should end up lined and publicly ridiculed for being failures. Oh wait, that would be harsh and stupid and judgemental.
Seems pretty witch-hunt inspired to me. I’m so glad that so many people are SO morally superior.


We disagree a lot but I’m like you I do not get this at all. I played and followed poker in it’s hay day. They were a “poker couple”. Common interest in the game and successful. Relationships fall off the tracks for lots of reasons. Has nothing to do with BB. Cancer is a vicious disease and sad Chad passed. Whether they had divorced 6 months earlier doesn’t make her a bad person. Lots of marriage cannot stand the strain of catastrophic illness. It’s easy sitting in the cheap seats to have an opinion. More mirror less speculation IMHO.


Thanks Stan.
I think we may disagree about game sometimes maybe even a lot (I’m not sure which), but i respect your opinions even if we don’t see things the same way.
I’m not sure if that comes across, or if some of my sarcasm is too dry and deadpan on here sometimes. Half the time i’m just writing devil’s advocate because i want to see if a reply will help me see something in the game from a fresh perspective, or if it will even make me change my mind. I’ve changed my mind plenty of times on here after reading a comment or reply that altered my logic about the game.


Stop blaming others for the self degradation Vanessa instigates herself. You are disgusting for blaming this site or its users for repeating INFORMATION VANESSA PUTS OUT HERSELF ON LIVE FEEDS!!!
James is not a celebrity who puts numerous bios about himself on wiki like Vanessa Rousso, he did not talk about his wife and daughter like Vanessa Rousso, he did not slander and conjecture on other players psychologist diagnoses and sexual preferences like Vanessa Rousso and he did not abuse drugs and abuse players while on the show like Vanessa Rousso. Bringing up James legal background is like telling the world’s Vanessa’s father is a felon convicted of fraud (which he is) and that’s why she cheats, she can’t follow rules, she confessed is in her genetic makeup (she self reported).

Get a life beyond attempting to defend Vanessa from her own disgusting behavior and non-stop blathering about herself on this damn show. She’s doing it for publicity to get farther in her DJ and fake game show career. If you are her agent, take her to rehab and stop her manic self promotion, it makes her virtually impossible to like as evidenced by numerous social media outlets.


It still has nothing to do with the game.
Hatemongering is trashy.


What did Vanessa’s father get convicted of? Did it have to do with his failed website launch? Anyone know?

Ted Marie

This is from one of the “losers” that needs to “get a life” (according to you). I just wanted to point out that I see a crack starting in your glass house. Good luck with that “VANESSA BRINGS IT UP HERSELF CONSTANTLY LOSERS”. Sounds like you’ve done a lot of perusing with every single article that has any mention of her name. Hopefully you can get back to your life after finale night.


What indictation is there that Steve abused the system? Or are you just assuming? He may very well have gotten all that money legitimately. He attends a state college, where tuition is much lower than the national average. Regarding the Vanessa speculation, there’s no reason to be so protective of her back story. It takes a certain type of person to go on these reality shows, and public scrutiny is par for the course. Character assessment is not only part of human nature, it’s likely biologically driven for evolutionary advantage. The timeline seems fishy for Vanessa’s divorce relative to the cancer diagnosis and death. If it’s the way you say, so be it. But there’s nothing wrong with people speculating on it. Van and her ex chose to be public figures and benefitted from that. Don’t make them out to be victims. I save my victim card for people like Lady Di, who was truly a naive soul who had no idea what she was getting into and ended up literally destroyed by the royal family and media. Besides, you as well are jumping to conclusions re Steves tuition. You may very well be starting a rumor that others hadn’t given all that much thought to until you mentioned it.


You’re making my point for me in a way that I don’t think you are expecting to make it.
I know the Steve statement, the James statement and the Shelli statement are speculation.
That’s the point. They are examples of things that we don’t have any/all the information about, so it would be ridiculous to pontificate and spread disinformation about something that has no bearing on the game. It was an example made to show that making judgement without any fact is sort of off putting.
All of the “back story” stuff is incredibly speculative, and has no bearing on the game of big brother. And yet as a tool to fan hatred, not based on game but based on speculation, it’s been written about numerous times for the same effect. Hate the player in the game show because they’ve had a life previous to the game show. But only that one player because they’ve been on tv before, so they’re fair game. No, they’re not. That’s tabloid journalism logic. The same tabloid journalism logic that played a hand in paparazzi on motor cycles to chasing Princess Diana into a tunnel.
I am by no means saying Vanessa of Big Brother is comparable to Princess Di. BY NO MEANS. That would be ridiculous. PLEASE don’t jump to that conclusion if you’re reading this. They’re as different as green beanies and tiaras.
There is a double standard. That was part of my point.
Assessing a player in a game show / reality program’s character is one thing. This is more character assassination as evidence of unworthiness to win a game show. My opinion is that it’s tacky and trashy. Hating a player because you don’t like how they played the game is cool. Hating a player because you don’t like how they’ve lived their life? That is a bit overboard in my opinion. I respect that you wrote a cohesive opinion, and i’m sorry that we disagree in this instance. I did enjoy reading your point of view. Thank you.

Love ya JMAC

I love JMAC but I’m suprised nobody guessed him as one of the five. (Vanessa did accuse him of being Clay’s gay lover at one point, right?)


Simon for final 2.

Ugly Cornell Girl

Damnit Steve! I totally thought you were gay. Call me, PLEASE!!!


favourite comment all year

Nope, He's Gay

Ugly Girl=Masculine=Gay
Steve only relates to women as mothers and he as little boy, saying terribly inappropriate babyfied things, horrified seeing breasts and never wanting to see nipples again. He’s 2000% gay.


Or maybe he’s meant to be a priest or monk. (not the bad kind of priest) He has made innuendos on Vanessa multiple times though.

Late Bloomer Gays

I’ve known a couple of Jewish guys just like Steve. They insisted they were straight and oftentimes had crushes on girls (like Steve with Julia) to throw other people off or possibly to convince themselves they could be straight. They came out in their 30s to the surprise of no one. They both felt a lot of pressure to marry Jewish girls which was a big part of it.

Big Top

Steve makes ridiculously obvious attempts at flattery when she subs she’s lonely, no showmance to take her to F2, when she’s chastising him, when she’s bullying him, when he tries to establish himself as closer than her other 15 Final 2s.


Ultimately, I think Steve will make his mark as a representative of the ADULT BABY movement. He will get his own show on E network, produced by Ryan Secrest. And he will make good money from a sponsorship deal with DEPENDS. He will endorse a new product called Depends for Lovers. Future so bright…..


A respected internet source quietly stated (in a twitter reply) that Steve is gay, his mom knows and she is fine with it. (Pretty sure he has never acted on anything, male or female, though.) This is backed up by Steve in the secrets he always refers to talking about to Vanessa during the morning music (no feeds) and since then you can catch the inside jokes between him and Vanessa if you pay attention. Like seeing boobs was not pleasant for him, he could go the rest of his life without seeing a nipple, Grindr references, talking in code about how he would go about finding people to explore his options, , Although why he has to talk so much about liking girls with no prompting confuses me.. I say just avoid the subject if you’re not coming out, not blatantly lie.


Holy crap….so boring.

The 80's

That’s outrageous for you to say. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.


I don’t know why there are more down votes on this. People obviously don’t get it. Truly outrageous.

Pinocchio Obama

Jury house footage please CBS. This house is boring.

Bunny Slipper

Ugh, the biggest problem with this whole season was only one person playing for first place. Everyone else seemed, or a least said they were happy just to have been there. Or just to win second. Or just to have a shomance. I don’t care what they actually feel on the outside. If you say it, you’ve put it out into the cosmos. If you don’t strive to be the best you won’t be. Ness may have told everyone that she wouldn’t win, so it was safe to take her to the finals. But she told us the truth. And with everything she did in the game, she showed those sheep what she was really about. As much as I have disliked watching her. She was the one putting in work. Steve would be a fool to take her to final two. But, he’s already proven to be a milquetoast. So if he wins, it would surprise me if he took Lizard. Lizard was surprisingly good at the comps. But, without the other nitwits and bigNess, she wouldn’t have made it to jury. Even with the Austwits voting in a block, Ness should still win. If she’s in the final two. All in all, I don’t really care who wins the big money. I do hope James pulls out AFP.
I just never got Jmac’s attraction.
Better season then the last two. But, next year I hope the cast people who won’t be satisfied with second place.


Yes there were times others could have been offering deals and they didn’t. Even now, has Steve even approached Liz to ask her if she has a deal with Vanessa? He should.

Guy From Canada

There is no point maybe in his mind. He may think that Nessa would bring him to F2 (not) and as such keep his mouth shut to help that…..when us the blog readers know otherwise.

Cindy Withanesse

I think the attraction to JMac was his back hair.

here at home

I agree with everything you’ve said except I think there were several hamsters that were playing to win. Jeff and Shelli come to mind. I think Vanessa’s gameplay is sort of like Russell Hantz from Survivor, once she gets wind that you are playing to win, she works on getting you out. You become her number one target. I agree that most of the hamsters seem like they were at summer camp or playing for 2nd but not all of them.


Can someone tell me when Steve said, “I think she’s onto me” was he referring to Vanessa or Liz? That being said, would he really have the balls to choose Liz over Vanessa? I’m wondering being a superfan if he will do like Cody and take her because it’s the “right” thing to do. Lost Cody $450,000 doing that.


I’m not sure… Steve cannot think he’s going to beat Vanessa in final 2.


Perhaps he’s meant to be a transgendered Rabbi, or host American Idol.


I believe he meant Vanessa. He had just finished fake crying to her about his desire to tell Liz she was going to be cut. Besides, Liz is never on to anything, and Steve knows that.


Will the amazon link be posted during off season?


Hey Ava, thank you for the support. The link will always be here


As the president of the Austwins club, I want Liz to win.


Are you accepting members?


Of Course


Sign me up 🙂


Liz accepting all size members.


Is the club open to sane people as well?

Zingbot Fan

It is but sorry Audrey you are not eligible.

Houka Innumuta

I really hope Steve will win this game!!! I’m cheering for him!!!


Things I’ve learned from BB this year:
* My dog is illiterate or an azzhole,either way he refuses to write me a letter.
*Never make important decisions without a candy diagram.
*Beanies ..don’t wear them.
*Top hats..don’t wear them.
*Shoes…wear them if there’s even a chance I may have to leave quickly.
*floral shorts. Don’t. Just don’t.
*Never trust a hillbilly Asian not to saran wrap your sh*t to a dentist chair.
*There is such a thing as too red lipstick.
*Hair comes in tape on,this I honestly did not know.
*Never leave a can of disinfectant on the bathroom counter.
*Twins can ruin your life.
*Never leave a toy robot within easy access to an evil mastermind. The bi*ch will take it.
*A train can hit you in the face and you can live to tell about it. Also true of Black Friday.
*The education system is drastically flawed or perhaps needs to update Sigmund Freud as a Vegas act.
*People actually say scamper.
*If you’re pictured with a gay friend you must then give a new gay friend complete loyalty.
I still don’t like Brenchel.


This is a Final 3 I never would have imagined. I already know how it’s going to end: Vanessa is going to spank Steve’s ass in the Final HOH…just not seeing where Steve built the social relationships to know how justy members finished their sentences. And she is going to take Liz with her.
Quick aside: REALLY surprised he lost the days Veto comp, and don’t think he threw it but as another poster commented, he does not do well under pressure/timed comps.
As another summer comes to an end, I am going to miss you guys! Maybe I will come back for BBCAN and definitely will be supporting the site via amazon and the tip jar.


I honestly believe the final HOH is a crapshoot. The filling the blanks questions always seem to have totally random response from the evicted houseguests.

But I agree Vanessa will have an advantage because the answers seem to be a bit like poker in that they try to say unexpected things and out ‘level’ the contestants.


It wont be random, their responses would all be the same thing: vanessa is a btch.


I wonder if CBS will show the jury house footage of the jurors hosing down Austin and making him put shoes on. What a jack a$$! Go back home and live in your momma’s basement with Liz you idiot! Austin is Ponytail Beard Stank A$$ Douchebag who will not get a part on the Bold and the Beautiful! He’s what’s wrong with public schools


How do you really feel….. by the way Austin was home schooled I believe. LOL

Pseudo Goblin

Vanessa isnt ugly. Give me a shot with her I may be able to bring her back to the straight side


simon to me the best big brother player of all time is
jennalle I thinks she could beat anybody in any comp
in she don’t care if she nom cause she going to win anyway
that the boss then dan come in second the way he could get people to change
they mind its like magic third got to be dr.will


It’s too bad Janelle inadvertently let going during all stars final endurance. It’s very likely she would have won Round 3 and definitely won the game. The second round was totally made for a mans upper body strength. No way any female could have beat a reasonably fit male unless they did routine weight training. She was robbed.


It’s always boring with only three people left in the house. I can tell some of you this is the first season you have ever watched. Which is neither a good or bad thing.

To answer someone’s question I think Steve was talking about Vanessa when he said “I think she might be on to me” He knows he can’t beat her in the final 2. She will win in landslide. It isn’t going to matter because I feel Vanessa will smoke him in Part 3 of the HOH. If someohow Steve does win Part 3 and he scumbags Vanessa and takes Liz as the easy one to win against(liz is only getting Austin and Julia’s vote if she is in final two) he will go down as the biggest bitch boy in BB history. Not gonna happen though. There is no way in hell Steve beats Vanessa in part 3. She is a beast I’m telling you…a beast! (Save your spinning beast to mean something negative haters. Vanessa owns you all. This is why you obsess on her and can’t stop hating on her. Owns you!)

Cindy Withanesse

Oh, hey Mel! Bet you’re thrilled to have Vanessa back home later this week!


Vanessa is clearly going to take Liz, but you better believe if Steve wins HOH, she will waste no time in reminding him of their final two deal. Can’t you just see her hugging him and saying,” We did it, Steve!”


I thought right from the minute she supported getting the 2nd twin in her plan was to drag one of the to F2. Steve was a well sold back up plan. Van has had options virtually the whole way. Plain A1 strategy. There is a Steve argument but it’s flimsy. Austwin’s might all do bitter jury. Steve would be lucky to make it 5-4. I think she beats both so Steve is the only person between mom and her cub(500K)/ wouldn’t mess with that bear.


Watched BBAD tonight where Vanessa did her card “trick” and correctly picked out which card out the 52 card deck Liz had chosen by reading her. I was impressed and made me realize that is why she would go around the room asking each one if they were good on a deal. Although everyone got annoyed with her for always doing that, she was really doing it to get a “read” on each one of them as to whether or not they were being truthful.


Well, you can’t say that production isn’t doing their best to try to create drama in the last week.
How will Steve and Liz conspire if Vanessa has her faculties and isn’t sleeping half the time?
Reminds me of dosing up Audrey with tranquilizers and then saying she’s chosen not to attend the veto meeting.
Sure, they could have dragged her unconscious carcass up there while she drooled on the chair, but better to say she isn’t attending than show that she’s effectively been neutalized from campaigning. 48 hours in a complete stupor is pretty effective that way.
The stuff production and the in-house doctors do to please the viewers, and still they get hated for supposedly rigging the game in Vanessa’s favor.
Sure she asked for medical attention, but there are just as effective medications they could have prescribed before jumping to benzos. Medications that aren’t also used to treat insomnia because of their sedative hypnotic effects.
Thank the nice doctors viewers.

Vanessa Requested Narcotics and Alcohol

You should read feed transcripts available on many sites named by the players themselves, rather than wasting your time and defeating your cause by posting lies over and over. Vanessa requests her psychotropic drugs, narcotics, opioods, sedatives, red bull and alcohol by name on feeds, constantly for ask get mood problems, when they are denied by BB doctors, she argues on feeds, she creates false medical symptoms to get drugs, accuses production for mixing them up if she loses a comp. Dr. John, Steve, Austin & Twins fequently on feeds tell her to stop using Adderall / Strattera amphetamines, depression meds and alcohol due to her many and varied overdose abuse symptoms. Specific drug requests include but are not limited to…Adderall, Strattera, Prozac, Xanax, Ambien, Vicodin, Narcotics, Oxy, muscle relaxers Advil, mixing copious amounts daily with Port Wine for highest alcohol content, wine, beer, champagne, and red bull etc. etc.

She has been told she is not behaving or using safely, she continues herself. She describes prescription drug abuse as normal for her poker and DJ lifestyle. As well as psychiatrists for her mood disorders. If you are a friend or fan encourage she go to rehab, attend regular support groups for addiction and counseling for the myriad of psychological problems she describes.

Min O'Pause

Better hope the Benson they gave her was ativan. Causes an amnesia type effect thereby reducing anticipatory nausea with chemo. She may have screwed her own game wanting benzos cause she may not remember shit. Her own fault. And the drug mixing? Heath Ledger anyone?


Let’s call a spade a spade.
You’re a hater.
Your concern for her well being is crap.
You’re trying to justify your hate for a person on a reality tv gameshow by adding false concern at the end of your hate rant.
Spewing all that hate so often must be tiring. Relax.
That’s just sad.
My post was a joke. For entertainment purposes.
Calm down, I can almost see the vein throbbing in your forehead. Maybe try some deep breathing or some fresh air. Peace be with you.

Guy From Canada

Did Steve just blow his chance to talk strategy with Liz with Nessa sleeping….. or is there no point since she won 50k at least with either of them winning the final comp?


It scampers to help the Vanessa get the precious. It won’t get the precious itself because the Vanessa is too tricksy. It will get the dirty fish, it will.


So the “ladies” of the VIEW do not consider nursing a real job, at least not on the level of FAME WHORE or Cosby Apologist. I’m sure most of the JMac supporters would agree with them.

Min O'Pause

Having 30 plus years in nursing I can most assuredly say to those harpies at the View that it is indeed a hard job. I love it but it is hard and draining of emotion at times. Also I am sure I could talk ad nauseum about stupid shit in front of a camera but I. KNOW they can’t do a tenth of what nurses do. And yes I like JMac.


Yes Steve, you are Cody & Vanessa is Derrick, unfortunately for you Liz is not Victoria. Maybe if anyone in that house was smart enough to keep juju!! this would not be an issue if Steve


Yes Steve you are Cody to Vanessa’s Derrick. Unfortunately for you Liz is not Victoria.



He loses to Liz and Vanessa. Haha.

James Loves Frankie

Watching Vanessa get evicted will be the funniest moment of the season besides James tanking the veto right before he got thrown to the curb.


Yes, then Steve crying to his mommy because he lost to Liz.

cbs has ruined big brother

cbs, PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ i beg you, please change things up with big brother, the predictability of the show along with you trying to shove houseguests down our throats who most do not enjoy, have got me and i would guess many others just wanting yet another season to end with wanting dawg to somehow be able to pull out the win for real lol..yes, its a game and van has played well and hard but with a derrick type advantage over the others it just won’t allow me to root for her to win. the same old same old comps and houseguests who just want to play follow the leader have bored up another season. seems like when when someone does finally want to shake things up production steps in because it does’nt fall in line with their agenda


Since when are the allowed a deck of cards? didnt they have to make them in previous seasons? Are the cards to promote Vanessa playing in the BB house ? (for her new show)


Vanessa is no Derrick… Derrick actually played the game with a level of moral composure. Derrick did not have to resort to fake tears and fake hugs at every turn.. Steve is a complete idiot to make that comparison. Just when I think that BOY can’t get any stupider, he goes and totally redeems himself by taking stupidity to levels unseen.


Who knew beast mode Cowboy was a ninja??


Judy chop!!


I wonder if Steve actually has the balls to send Vanessa out if he wins final hoh?
I wish people were not si invested in other’s sexuality. It is nobody else’s business. EVER.

Especially Vanessa

If Vanessa became gay that was her decision, why she has to talk about it incessantly, pull the gay card and call or everyone else who establish close relationships as gay or bi is really her shame and self loathing talking. So far she has accused everyone of being gay. She is also jealous of every man or woman that shows interest in anyone but her. James with Clay & Austin. John with Steve, James, Austin Clay, Austin effeminate love for James, Steve with Jace, Audry, John & penis fixation on James and wondering about Becky & Julia. The lis goes on. She’s crazy. And boring. If she had half the class, or confidence Vanessa lovers describe here, she wouldn’t be demeaning her LBGT community this way. She was barely married for 3 years, calley it a mistake on national tv and it makes her an expert? Get help yourself and stop slandering others with your sexual hangups.


Is part 3 tonight?

Steve tv

The only way I see Steve winning, is if he wins the last HOH and takes Vanessa….She has way more enemies in the house…I think the Asstwits would also vote against her..JMO


Best part is Steve can’t win a against Liz or Vanessa. Liz will have three locked votes.