“I don’t think you realize how out of it I am” – Vanessa

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother



Part 3 of 3 – Steve competes against Vanessa (Finale)

3:30pm playing cards.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 16-53-19-318

4:54pm Staying in shape

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 17-25-46-383

Austin’s work out plan it will make you sweat.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 18-09-28-074

5:49pm Kitchen Liz and Steve talking about the season.
Steve – Jace couldn’t keep his mouth shut
Steve – Da shouldn’t have made a big deal about Shelli.. trying to be at the top of a big Alliance Day 1 is not a good idea
Steve goes on about how all the pre jury members did it to themselves.
Da was way too aggressive, Clay had his hand in too many cookie jars.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 18-01-45-702

6:00pm Vanessa and Steve Speculating that tomorrow is their last day outside.
Vanessa says Production told her they should wait before they tell Liz./
Steve – I never heard that from them
Vanessa- it wasn’t a direct request
Steve – Is that better for her.

Steve – OK you want to wait till Tuesday
Vanessa – ya
Steve – OK I trust to know what’s best

Vanessa – I don’t think you realize how out of it I am
Vanessa says they cannot use absolute language when they tell Liz.
Vanessa starts trying to talk Steve into thinking the only way they can win is against each other.

Steve says he feel she should be more worried about going into the final s
Vanessa says the Incentives line up with what they are doing

Vanessa about Liz “She hasn’t said sh1t to me… that really isn’t her game style
Steve – what is her game style doing nothing.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 18-27-53-140

6:26pm Bathroom final three trying to figure out what to do tonight.
Liz says she will make dinner.
Vanessa – Chess, Pool and gin… tournament
Liz – screw chess
Vanessa – WHY
Liz – I’m over chess
Vanessa – WHAT DO YO MEAN, you’re good at it
Liz – I Hate chess
Vanessa – you don’t hate chess
Steve – you loved playing chess with Austin
Vanessa – chess is the best
Liz – Chess is boring I like cards better
Vanessa – you don’t hate chess

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 18-33-56-753

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 18-50-05-567

6:50pm Cards…

7:12pm Steve and Vanessa playing cards
Steve points out that when he treats Liz like she treats him she doesn’t like it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 20-47-34-410

8:47pm Cards

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 21-47-26-580

9:56PM cards

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 22-34-17-675
10:35pm Cards
They were also given fondue..

Liz is talking about how awesome Austin’s body is. “His body is the best,,, he has the best body of a guy I ever dated”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-20 23-30-09-510

11:44PM Steve has been practicing his speech in case he wins final HOH. His plan is to take Liz because Vanessa is Derick and He is Cody.

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Roll Tide

Vanessa is full is horse manure. I truly got sick of her voice tonight. For a person who complains so much about her injuries so much, she seemed fine.
Why was she the host tonight? Bring back a previous winner to host. Van is despicable.

Deal With It

Yo hater sup?

Captain Crunch

How ironic that the main person (Shelli) that wanted the twins in the house because they were a “number” is in jury while both twins made it farther than her and Liz is gonna be in the F2.

Also i don’t think the DR should give Vanessa any kind of medication before the final hoh thats gonna help her focus its not fair. As a matter of fact i don’t think any house guest should be getting any kind of medication for future HOH and POV competitions in BB.

brotalk to human dictionary

I agree with you in principle about the medications until i think about people with conditions that may require medication. What about an epileptic, or asthmatic house guest? Or any other number of physiological or biological conditions that may require medication?
Should they be excluded from being on Big Brother or should they sign a waiver and potentially risk their health and safety by denying themselves medication?
I know it’s not the case here and i do see where you are coming from. My gut reaction was to agree until I thought about it for a second longer. I’m really not trying to be argumentative, or nit picky, but it was a question I thought might be fair to ask.


she claims she has ADHD and uses the medication for that (tho i haven’t really heard of any adults needing it?) but it is a well known fact that those meds are used by students to power study for exams & papers. If she has ADHD, then how is it she managed so well in school, and athletics, valedictorian, law school studies, degrees in this and that, and very successful at poker? the meds for anyone truly ADHD would only balance them into being able to be fairly average or make the most of their abilities, but we are talking about someone who is probably above average intelligence using enhancement drugs to become genius level intelligence and accomplishments.

i hope she does have the pain meds for the comp tho, she’ll be relying on steve to take her, she is trying to spin it, and claim liz isn’t campaigning. well who would she campaign to? neither of them are the final HOH, yet, plus Vanessa told her to never talk game to steve, and vanessa has 1000% promised she is F2 with liz.

ADD Mama

Ok. I can’t stand Vanessa. However, as an adult who has to take medicine for ADD I can attest to adults needing the medicine. ADD has nothing to do with your intelligence. I was an A student , honor grad, and now a teacher of students with special needs. On top of that I am a mother of 3 kids. Medicine is abused and it sickens me that people who don’t need it take it for weight loss or to try and get an edge for an exam. You wouldn’t ask a diabetic to regulate blood sugar without insulin. You can’t ask someone who truly has ADD to focus without medicine.

I Hope You're Taking Yours

Are you serious? You are supposing the previous poster was suggesting someone risk their life? Are you that desparate to get a thumbs up? Or defending drug abuse on TV for competitive advantage or entertainment? Anyone watching has heard Van describe her self medication of Adderall in poker and BB to keep her up and focused, prozac, bi-polar, OCS anxiety and Ambien BB refused to dose, plus a host of other drugs mixed with alcohol she’s demanded while we watch her OD into manic paranoid spirals. Now it’s the floating pains and Vicodin she mixes with alcohol that make her unable to function for days. If she has ringing ears, head, neck, spine, legs hips, she needs to be disqualified, hospitalized and treated for concussion or dementia not drugged up to the point she staggers around & doesn’t know what day it is.

I’m glad you had to think about it for a second. Who knows what you would have come up with giving yourself a couple more minutes and a pill or two. We’re talking Lance Armstrong you’re claiming discrimination, please. If VaMessa doesn’t win this season she’ll sue BB for making her a cripple, BB doctors for too many pills, and Steve for babysitting pay.


I guess if you like me were really stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life you would know what it means to be “cripple” I am not offended by the use of the word as I even use it myself. I am offended by the way you used it to describe an abled bodied person. Anyway you just rubbed me the wrong way on a Monday morning. Let’s hope you never have to deal with something like this and know what it takes to get through the day.


You completely missed the point of ADD mamas post bc you are so blinded by your ignorance, and lack reading comprehension skills as well. The original post was striking in its discriminatory ignorance, as is yours. When people carry on about with general statements that these meds are being abused, they are erroneously assuming that most people with these prescriptions do not really need them. It was obvious that this was the opinion of the original post. Your vehement reply makes you just as short sighted and YES, discriminatory.

brotalk to human dictionary

Thanks for introducing me to multiple perspectives in response to my question.
My query had nothing to do with Vanessa or her various pharmacological wants/needs (whichever).
It was a thought in regard to whether or not future hg’s should be given medication, but I can see where the confusion might arise. I was wondering if it was just some medications that should be banned or a blanket ban (not a reference to Audrey) in reference to the final sentence “As a matter of fact i don’t think any house guest should be getting any kind of medication for future HOH and POV competitions in BB.”


Actors (Including BB Contestants) and Musicians get whatever drugs they want, whenever they want them. Examples: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. etc. The whole BB cast could be smoking crack in the diary room for all we know. As long as the BB contestants bring in decent ratings, production will drug them into oblivion if the contestants want them to. Think about Chima. She acted like someone tripping on crack when she threw her microphone in the pool. Think about Audrey’s blanket mummy stuff. She was acting stoned too. I have never seen a sober person who was willing to humiliate themselves on t.v. in front of the whole world. Only drunk, stoned, or psycho people do that. Just saying.


Your conclusions are purely speculative based on random observations. All actors? Do you know how many struggling or moderately successful actors and entertainers there are out there? They are just average folks. You are comparing them to super stars who could get whatever they want. As for people willing to humiliate themselves on television, there are plenty of narcissistic fame whore out there who aren’t drugged. Oh, maybe you categorize them as psycho? Well gee, that vague over generalization really clears things up, thanks.


Always hate to see it end???? I’m sure they’re all ready to get back to their normal lives!




Not even close!!!

Johnny Test

Hope Steve wins 3rd comp against Vanessa and chooses Liz for final two ! Now I’d pay to see the look on the puppet masters face on that one !!! Of course Steve would have to grow a pair to do that !!!


LOL, it doesn’t matter what Steve does. He can’t win against either Van or Liz. A woman is winning this season.

Liz would have 3 locked votes(Van, Aus, Juju). He then needs 5 of the remaining 6 votes. Plus Liz has a good game resume with comp wins, including 3 hoh’s and overcoming the twin twist target.

Just being real. Here come the down votes.


Yes ur right liz has 3 locked voted but I dont see any of the others voting for her. Shelly and jmac have said they r rooting for steve, becky and jackie from what ive seen have 0 connection w liz and I think they would vote steve. Meg and james would b the swing vote then but I really rhink they would vote steve as well


Lets be real here, Liz is playing for second place. If Liz and Steve are F2, that means Steve has Vans blood on his hands. He is the better gamer, and has more comp wins. The jury are comparing notes, and Steve has made moves that he can call his own.. Liz cant do the same. Liz kept to her little circle, she will have 3 votes because of that, and thats it… I bet Van would be bitter too.


Regardless Liz’s achievements so far, from now on she’s playing for the second place. Whoever wins the last HOH , they will win the game as well.

Deal With It

Yo hater sup?




Another 100 comments on how everybody hates Vanessa. Aaaand….drink!

Murky Bone

Who won?

vanessa is a drug addict

LAWON !!!!!

Ira Gamagori

If The Bold and The Beautiful has BB contestants again who do you think will be there?


Based on all the houseguests, I say Clay, Shellie, Jason, JMac, James, Meg and the Twins for sure

Old man

You left out Austin 🙂


PoolShark and Clownie


LOL, Steve can’t win against Van or Liz. Wed is going to be hilarious watching Steve cry on live tv.


I hope that Steve pulls this out and sends Van home. She will get a taste of her own medicine and he would likely get $500k


If Steve wins the part 3 of this HOH and evicts Vanessa, he will win only for the fact he sent her packing hands down. She has too many haters in the jury.


Ok I’m not a Vanessa fan particularly, I’m a James fan. But I have to say I’m wondering where people get the idea the jury hates Vanessa? Have you not watched the jury footage?

Shelli was pissed at her initially, but still gave her props for her game. Now she’s defending Vanessa’s game hardcore.

Becky didn’t like Van but already said multiple times she has been behind every eviction and would vote for her.

James has said he respects Vanessa’s game more than once. I think he would vote for her if she’s in F2. Plus James is a fair player, he would vote best gameplay for sure out of the f2.

If it’s between Van and Steve, Van will have Julia’s vote. But Steve would have jmacs and vice versa if it’s Liz and Van.

Meg doesn’t like any of the F3, so I think she’ll vote for the person with most comp wins etc. she’ll probably follow James’ lead actually. Same with Jackie.

Jmac would vote Steve, if Steve isn’t in it, he’ll vote Vanessa for sure.

Austin, well Austin is a tough one since he ended up being such a cry baby in the end. Julie saying she thought they were going to have to call security to get him out of his chair. BUT he’s had time to calm down. I think he’ll realize what a baby he’ll look like if he voted against Van unless it’s against Liz. BUT he’s such a douche it wouldn’t surprise me if he did it anyways.

So basically Van has a VERY GOOD SHOT. I truely don’t think she would be beat if she’s F2 unless her speech is horrible.


He’d have to sell the Vanessa blindside to the jury. He’d also have to play up his connection to Vanessa and try to absorb some of the credit for her game play. She did ask for his advice quite a bit in the beginning. That may have just to make sure she had him controlled but he could still play that angle. She won’t have time to dispute it before the votes are cast.

Big Jacket

Biting my finger off right now would be more fun than watching the feeds…

Big Jacket

OK. Finger gone now, starting on the wrist.

Doran Martell

Lol true true. But you should have gone with straitjacket instead of big jacket

Doran Martell

So I guess I’m pulling for Liz. Liz over Steve in the final. But if one of them won over Vanessa it would be cool too. I’m not being bitter I just think Liz and Steve could use the money more than Van. And Liz for the win because I don’t like Steve’s dramatics.


Does anyone remember a lonnnng time ago, Jason had a dream that Liz won??? He said she was ghetto and he hated it. Anyone remember?

Amanda queefs slop

I hope Steve punt kicks Vanessa’s butt hole.

Deal With It

gangsta post…yo hater

Steve tv

mark my words, steve will win against Vanessa, not Liz!!


Exactly. It is the truth. I think his best odds is against Van.

He doesn’t know it, but winning last hoh and scumbagging Van would give him the worst odds at winning the show. But it would make for good tv.


Steve talks a good game, but we all know he is nothing more than Vanessa’s little bitch. He is saying if he wins Part 3 of the final HOH, he will take Liz, we all know that he will be the little wimp that he is, and Vanessa will make him take her.

I would love to see him win the final HOH, and when Vanessa comes and tries to start with all of her scenarios, I’d pay to see Steve say, “Vanessa, I have been waiting to say this since I have been in the house SHUT THE HELL UP !. Go pack your bags, your ass is on the way to the Jury House”. You can drive them crazy, Bitch you are out of here !!!!


He might be a wimp, but before when JMac was evicted, i remember Steve saying ” I hope i win this comp and send Vanessa packing this week”. Vanessa won and that’s why JMac is out and Vanessa still in.

Vanessa Breaks Up with Steve

Just as we thought (thot) Van caught in her myriad of lies, she’s tried to blame Production again, the drugs again, Steve says it’s not true, and she’s not avoiding it anymore, we have a better chance of winning if we play against each other. That means she broke up with you Steve.

He’s on his own and he knew it since Liz threw HOH Part 1. I’m so drugged up I’m not responsible for anything that happens from here on out. She doesn’t even act like she needs his Jury vote. She’s done pretending to be nice. No one who watches ever believed she was. She’s bored being nice to Boy. And she had no intention of being under the influence she’s confident she’ll clobber him in HOH 3 and take Liz. So 2 more days of the mean girls cruelty to Boy. Go back to bed Van. I’m glad she got the ugly edit on tonight’s show, she deserves it. She’s seriously unwatchable hosting the trip down memory lane. No way she’s getting a show, just her agent testing buzz and they got their answer. Stick a fork in her, she’s done.


We all know that if Steve wins the 3rd comp, Vanessa will convince him to take her, no matter what he is saying to the cameras now. He can’t go against her wishes even though he wants to. How sad.
And yes, Liz, you don’t hate chess. How do I know? Vanessa says so.

Cut from Honey

Ummm not sure if agree with that. Although Vanessa has been bullying Steve the last few weeks, I think Steve has come to realize that Vanessa is winning this game, and there would be no more repercussions as a result of not “obeying” her (meaning: she’s getting evicted, she won’t stick around to bully him more). The worst that can happen is that he loses her vote.


I don’t think that Steve is a such an idiot to buy into Vanessa bullsh!t and take her over Liz. He might have played ball with Vanessa so far, but when the time to cut her comes (fingers crossed), he will let her loose as he stated in DR.


Plus Vanessa’s ability to manipulate is related to the amount of time she can talk to you. She won’t have much time to convince Steve to keep her after the last comp.


I don’t agree at all. He already tried to get Vanessa out in his last HOH. The only reason she didn’t get a one-way ticket to jury was because she won veto. So, yeah, if given the chance, Steve will evict her. No doubt about it.


If this msg appears twice, I’m sorry. I had trouble with my phone.
Anyway, I don’t agree with you at all. Steve already nominated Vanessa in his last HOH with the intention to evict her. The only reason she didn’t get a one-way pass to Jury was because she won veto. So, given the chance, he would vote her out. No doubt about it.


I don’t believe for a minute that Vanessa is that out of it. She is trying to lull Steve into thinking he can easily beat her in the final competition. I hope he stays on alert against this snake! His only shot of winning the game is to take her out!!

Cut from Honey

I agree! She is trying to manipulate him. It’s her “high IQ strategy”. Little does she know how ridiculous she looks to us, the viewers. Steve should agree with her and tell her everything she wants to hear… then win part 3 of the HOH… and BOOM… “Vanessa, I’m here to win 500K, I evict you”.

Deal With It

Yo hater sup?

Min O'Pause

Sorry Vanessa but that kibuki makeup looks better on Gene Simmons.


Go Vanessa.


Didn’t watch CBS tonight, hope their ratings are sinking like a whale turd. They should just pull the plug on BBAD, because that’s a freaking snoozefest. I realize those 3 are probably bored out of their skulls, but jeez, how much potball/sling band/gin rummy do they expect us to watch? Show the jury house; that has to be more entertaining than this.

Yo Yo Yo

Steve may be social awkward, but he is genuinely a nice person. Unlike Vanessa.
And I believe he played up the social awkwardness a lot in this game.

Deal With It

Yo yo


Doesn’t the final HOH competition take place during the live finale Wednesday night? If Steve wins Vanessa would have no time to spew her nastiness and Steve just might have the balls to tell Van to get to steppin.


Hey Simon & Dawg thanks for all the information and a great season
See you next year. Do you guys think BB 18 will be an all stars season?


I hope Beastly beats Shrieky.


I’m going to incur the wrath tonight (ha!), but what the hell we’re at the endgame. I think I finally figured out why Vanessa hasn’t owned her sh*t in the DR, which has really been my only issue with her – I’m a Vanessa fan.
Watching that card trick that she did with both of them, she read their eyes to see the lies, and that’s how she’s played the whole game – the annoying ‘are we still good’ questions week after week wasn’t paranoia, she was trying to see who was lying and who wasn’t. So for her, she can’t show a lie because she can see one – if she thinks what’s she’s saying is a lie, she thinks that someone else will see it. I think she’s actually worked out “technicalities” where in her head she isn’t really “lying” and made herself believe all the crap we’ve watched her say and do. In her head, that’s the only way that she could do the stuff she’s done – she had to believe what she was telling everyone was true. I hope after the show, whether she wins or not, she owns it all. We all love a good villian and she’s been a tough one to stand behind because she’s refused to acknowledge it. When it’s all over, OWN IT PLEASE, you’ve got nothing to lose at that point.


Not sure you are talking about the same “trick”, but the one Vanessa did on Sat night BBAD with Liz was amazing. It was no slight of hand trick Vanessa was just doing a “read” on her. Hit me then that is why she was so annoying asking people if they were good on a deal every week. It also makes me wonder if her ability to read people is now telling her that Steve is not going to take her to the end if he wins the final HOH.


Hey NoName 🙂 Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about – it was pretty awesome watching that because you are right, it wasn’t slight of hand. If anything, she was showing her hand, showing us and the two of them how she played the game. And for me, there’s absolutely no doubt that she knows Steve has bailed on their F2. In fairness to Steve, he has to if he wants any chance at winning.

Oh people

The only trick Vanessa is playing is convincing people she can read them.

The deck is split, Liz picks the top card. Vanessa looks at the card above it. The deck is then placed with Liz’s top card and the card above it that Vanessa has seen near the top or bottom of the deck. The deck is not shuffled, it’s split once by Liz. People almost never split the deck at the top or bottom, so Liz’s card and the marked card stay together. Vanessa makes a big show of “reading people” which is, first, a mind fuck, and second a way to spread out the cards so she can see her “marked” card and Liz’s card next to it.

I think I learned this trick when I was 16.


Damn! NoName and I knew we should’ve evicted her when we had the chance! Oh Vanessa… 😉

She Knows Exactly What She's Doing

She’s calculated, she’s not stupid so she says all the time, and would be insulted to be told she benefits her own lies. Everything is justified so long as she wins, she cares nothing for the truth, for honor or integrity. She owns being a fraud because fraud pays and tricking people is her ultimate high because it means she’s smarter than you. She doesn’t like winning, gaming or numbers, she loves betrayal. She’s that damaged that manipulating lying tricking is the prize itself. She ones up, advises, scolds, lectures, traps in every situation necessary or not for the sheer pleasure of it. Her ego, self esteem and lack of it demands it. That’s the trouble with her relationships-she doesn’t respect people she can trick, and she tricks lies to everyone. Tricking or betrayal is the antithesis of trust. She’s a right fighter and you can’t trust a thing she says.


You right. She has narcissistic personality disorder, and may have other borderline personality disorders I was married to someone with that for 6 years of hell. She is exactly like him. She is not just like this for the game and in this house. This is how there just are. Everything she has done in this house, she does to people in every day life. I bet you.


Why do ppl like James? Lol


James is just regular person. He’s not trying to get on other shows. He wasn’t playing a role, He wasn’t a bully. I became a fan of his when he took food to Audrey- he saw someone who was hurting & made the effort to be kind.


“Vanessa starts trying to talk Steve into thinking the only way they can win is against each other.”

A such shallow player should not win this game. But if Steve buys into it, he is even worse.

So anyway

I’ve been for Vanessa the entire time. She’s played an awesome game and if she wins the 3rd battle I hope she evicts weirdo Steve.

So anyway

Go Vanessa!!!!


I really hope Steve wins the last HOH to see the biggest blindside of the summer but by the way this season has been…Vanessas won this season????

Steve should make this his speech

Liz, you made it through the twin twist, you lasted a very long time considering you were in a showmance. You have 2.5 HOHs, 1 BOB, 1 POV, very impressive, plus you have survived being on the block 3 times, Venessa I choose to evict you.

Operation bye bye

Vanessa will win final hoh and will take liz and lil stevie will be walking right to jury with his teddy bear. Steve is very annoying and im sure its his age and lack of social skills but even he knows it and is constantly asking liz and vanessa if hes annoying them. He has played an ok game but not good enough to win against vanessa or liz and even if he won last hoh its a lil too late to finally make a move on vanessa and consider it a huge game move and the jury wont buy it as a game changer. He has ridden on vanessas coat tails all the way and thats his biggest problem with coming off as a good game player and winning over the jury. Sorry but its true!


Why is everyone saying they want Steve to win the season? I can’t stand that creepy weirdo. I’ll take a vanessa or Liz win over him any day.


I agree. Being a poker player myself I was pulling for Vanessa from the start. I like so many others are upset that she didn’t own her game in the DR and even on last night’s show talked about how she kept it real in the DR. Nothing pisses me off more then HG trying to blow smoke up our asses. I would still rather see Liz win then Steve the Creeper. That dude has a lot of issues. His mommy did not due him any favors. To go on TV with your teddy at his age? Where is his dad? He sure never taught this kid how to be a man or even an adult.


Vanessa looks like Mrs Doubtfire!


Regardless of the HG’s quirks, anomalies, or dependencies, all I know is I aint getting a dime of the winnings so who cares who sins. I’ve enjoyed this season, Simon’s & Dawg’s spoiler page, and input from other visitors.

Don't watch

Didn’t watch – said I wouldn’t kept to my word – food channel was much better last night.