Vanessa tells Becky “Don’t pack everything, you’re not going anywhere!”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 01-19-23-945

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12am HOH room – Shelli, Clay and Vanessa are talking. Shelli says here’s another reason why I know we can trust Becky, her happiness has changed immensely since our conversation with her. And you can’t hide that, same with Steve’s. Vanessa says I know. Yup All can say is ideally two people from our side win. Most ideally someone on our side that is not the 3 of us retains power and can take out someone Important for us. Clay says Austin will have no shame throwing it. Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin can’t wait to throw it to do some sh*t for TV for the theatrics of it. I think it would be hysterical. Clay says Me, Johnny Mac or Steve are the top 3 I want to win. Vanessa says twins are fine too! Shelli says then all three of us are available to win during the double eviction. Shelli tells Clay we can’t use three’s company as our name because its trademarked. Clay asks what about Third Wheeling. Shelli says no because Clay is the one third wheeling it so far. Vanessa says you better get out there an win you an HOH! Shelli says its okay honey I’m just trying to get you fired up for tomorrow! Clay says of course the others are going to turn their backs on us but no one wants to be the first to do it. If the double eviction goes smoothly, no one is going to want to make the first move. Shelli says I fear they will put 2 of us up and if any of us wins pov, one comes down and another is going up. These three (Clay, Shelli, Vanessa) are the ones they’re going to target or Austin & the twins. Vanessa says that Austin & the twins would be easier targets because they wouldn’t face as much social repercussions. They’ve seen me and you (Shelli) get pissed and they we would if the other one of us leaves. Shelli says Johnny & Becky need to remain relevant as targets as well. They head down stairs to join the others.

12am – 12:45am The BB bowling continues. At the end of the game Meg adds up the scores. Liz and Steve got 84. Johnny Mac & James got 108. Jason & Meg got 83. Meg says Johnny Mac and James killed all of us!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 01-04-45-656

1am Living room – Austin, Liz, Steve, Jason, James, Meg, Clay and Shelli are sitting around the living room chatting about random things.

Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Becky listens to Vanessa’s music while Vanessa picks out her outfit for tomorrow’s live episode. Becky then practices her eviction speech tomorrow “First off I would like to thank everyone back in Colorado, friends, family. House guests this is an intense game and we have a lot of amazing players this season. But even behind all that we have a lot of genuine people and I would love to keep playing this game with you guys and remain here this summer. Jason being next to you on the block is incredibly hard. We’re so different, you’re wild and I’m basic but we’ve come so close and its hard sitting next to you. I have no bad words to say about you other than your cooking… its ratchet! On that note! Please keep me here!” Vanessa tells Becky its great. Vanessa tells Becky don’t pack everything, you’re not going anywhere! Becky asks do you want to make the four of us an alliance? (Becky, Shelli, Clay, Vanessa) Vanessa says she wants to if everyone is ready for it. Becky says we’ll need a name. We should be “The Generals”. We will still need to run it by Clay. Vanessa says people will never suspect it. You’re seen as being on the other side of the house. Vanessa asks does Jackie have any idea. Becky says no idea.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 01-50-24-538

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1:10am – 1:30am Jackie pulls Austin into the cabana room to talk. She tells him that she wanted to apologize for this week. I’m sorry if you felt like the house was against you. Austin says the whole thing started with Jason and the only person I was upset with was him. He used information that I didn’t even mean to be harmful. It was a non game moment. I felt like I could trust him and he took what I said and used it against me. If things didn’t work out a certain way I would be home right now. I feel like I just got a second chance here this week. On Saturday I was 90% going home and then by Monday by the grace of god I got off. I’m just really happy to still be here. Jackie says I’m really glad it worked out with you and her (Vanessa). Jackie says I was in a weird position and I didn’t want you to think I had something to do with it. Austin says I feel like you got caught up in a moving train. Jackie says I don’t have any issues with you. Austin agrees he doesn’t with her either. Austin says I’m not going to target you if I win HOH. You have nothing to worry about with me. Austin says I had to promise to the house that if I am in the end don’t vote for me. I’m just here for the experience at this point. Maybe things will change, I don’t know. But I had to do that to stay in the game. Jackie says we’ll see how things go, its still basically 2 months from now. Austin says I had to basically broker my soul to stay in the game. If you’re not coming after me, then I’m not coming after you. Austin says you weren’t even in charge any ways so I can’t hold you accountable. Austin says that he promised his vote to Becky. Jackie says that she did too.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 02-02-22-513

1:30am – 1:55am Austin heads up to the HOH room and tells Vanessa, Liz and Steve that Jackie just apologized to him and said that she promised Becky her vote. She said that she got caught up in something that she didn’t want to be a part of and felt terrible. Liz asks caught up in what? Austin says in trying to get my out. She said she’s excited for the twins to come in. She said that she isnt going to put me up. Liz asks well who is she going to put up if she isn’t going to put up me or you. Austin says I don’t know, I think she is still going to put us up. She’s just saying that. She said that she wanted to backdoor Steve. Vanessa asks Steve do you know what you’re going to do tomorrow. Steve says win HOH. I’m the only one here than hasn’t won. Austin says I’m putting her up in a heartbeat! She was .. it was so pathetic! She’s nervous as f**k! Austin tells Vanessa that Jackie is a dragon! I’m putting her up! Vanessa tells Austin to win HOH. Austin says If I don’t Steve will! Vanessa says Jackie is so two faced! Vanessa says the other side of the house doesn’t realize we’re working together. They think its 3 and 3. Vanessa tells Austin she can’t wait to see the kiss. (Liz promised Austin if he wins HOH she will kiss him.) They head out of the HOH room to play chess.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 02-29-08-109

1:55am – 2:25am Meg heads into the HOH room. Vanessa tells Meg I want you to know how brutally difficult this move was for me to make. I cried when I had to put up Jason. I want you to know that it was never an intention to target you. Meg says I know and you’re one of the people in the house that I .. I know we don’t have a constant connection but I feel like you’re one of the people in the house that I can trust. I know that Clay and Shelli have a relationship with you and I’m close with them. I hope you know that you’re not a target for me. Vanessa says you’re very far down on people’s list of targets. Meg says you’ve come off with the least blood on your hands from this. Vanessa says you shouldn’t be nervous coming out of this week. Vanessa says that she knows Jason was worried about not having a job when he gets out but I am going to hook him up if he doesn’t get something from this. Even if its being my DJ booking agent. Meg says the 3 of us (Meg, James, Jackie) not knowing has put us in our own little target group. Vanessa tells Meg she has nothing to worry about. What you’re doing is working. The perception is that you’re not a big target. Meg’s annoyed she hasn’t won an HOH yet. Vanessa tells Meg she’s going to win one. they end their conversation.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 02-39-40-526

1:55am Meanwhile – Jason talks to Shelli and Clay in the havenot room. Jason tells them that Jackie said she would give me her vote if I have your votes. Jason says that Jackie told him if she wins HOH she is going to put up Austin and Steve. With that side of the house voting out Steve. She said if she doesn’t win that HOH and if she wins the double eviction HOH she wanted to go after you and Clay. Shelli asks did she really say that? Jason says I swear! I swear on everything! Shelli asks when did she say that? Jason says last night when we were up really late. That’s all I’ve got. If Clay didn’t win the veto this week.. the only votes for him to stay would have been me, Meg and you. He would have gone home. Shelli asks who? Jason says Johnny Mac… Everyone is just pushing the blame on you guys for me going up. It’s making you a bigger target. Everyone was saying that you’re already a target why not make you a bigger one.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 02-55-10-442

2am – 3:10am Clay joins them. Jason says when it really comes down to it I can be more loyal to you than Becky. Shelli says I need specific names and conversations to back up (you saying people wanted Clay out if he remained on the block.) Jason says I went to Johnny Mac and he said its out of my hands and you know who (Jason points at Shelli & Clay) has been running stuff. I didn’t talk to Austin or Liz. Even Vanessa said that I would cut James and the only people I said that to was you two. Shelli says that is the lamest excuse. Jason says James is not playing a good game, why should I be loyal to him when he isn’t loyal to me. Same with Jackie. Shelli says you say everyone but it sounds like only Johnny Mac. Jason says well and the Vanessa thing. Steve just ran from me. You know how everyone just dances around it. Jason says they’re looking at you (Shelli to be voted out) not him (Clay). Shelli asks whos they? Jason says Becky. Shelli asks whos they? Jason says well its not so much they. Jason says you guys are my babies and Meg and I would be so down for a final 4. Shelli says when you say they are you talking about Becky & Jackie? Jason says we’ve been talking a lot more late at night and it was only until recently the Jackie started to think it was better to get out Becky. Clay says you say you trust us, you should have come to us 3 days ago. Jason says I didn’t want to over due it or for it to be all over the house. I have no idea how to socially do this game. Meg has been running that. Jason says you will have me because I have no other option. I will be loyal to you till the end. Shelli asks why do you think Johnny Mac was talking about us and not Austin & Liz? Jason says I was reading between the lines and some times you read the wrong lines. He very well could have been talking about them. Jason leaves. Clay says he talked way too long. He was just throwing out everything to see if something would stick. Shelli says its too late to flip on the plan. Clay says he said to much. He back tracked a lot and re-snaked a lot. They discuss Jasons points and how none of them made sense. Shelli thinks Becky came in here wanting to get with Clay. You need to keep building a rapport with her. Nothing Jason told us was new information. Shelli says tomorrow we need to go to Becky and tell her that Jason said she was coming after us. We get her to promise she isn’t coming after us. Clay says she needs to stop saying power couple because it makes it seem she’s talking about us.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 03-35-32-343

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Where has Johnny Mac been lately? I understand his need to lay low, however, a lot of talking is going on in HOH and he seems to not be in any of it.

Even Jocasta made it to jury

All you people hoping for All Stars forget about it. Frankie is a lock to be in it. Chenbot, Grubworm and Les Moonbeam love him. See yesterday’s THE VIEW.


Donut lickers of the world REJOICE!!!

Pinocchio Obama

I think Johnny Mac has done a really good job of laying low but if he is going to make a move it had better be this week.

Vanessa made her first big mistake with this whole Austin thing. If not voting him off this week was the right thing it was right before the veto too and there was no need for all the backstabbing drama. She has painted such a huge target on her back.

Canadian Kevin

If only the other side of the house could see it..


Really? Van put a huge target on her back this week? Please give me names of people who are targeting her now. She was “honest” with Meg, James, and Jason- they all believe what she told them. They don’t blame Van AT ALL. The only target formed this week was on Shelli’s back. So once again, who exactly is targeting her???

Put the Pipe Down

Everyone now knows Vanessa is the target. She set the first plan up and everyone went along with it. When Liz won anyway she set the new plan. Open your eyes. Everybody knows who is running the house now.


lol looks like you don’t watch the feeds. nobody wants to target vanessa right now. they all think shelli and clay talked her into it.


Vanessa is playing a really great game right now. I don’t think she’s even a target going in to next week!


Honestly can’t even fake a front, Van has every angle covered with all her side deals. She will definitely take Steve to the finals, bank on that if she can continue pulling the strings like she has. I am not saying I am a Van fan lol,but she has Shelli & Clay as her generals & runs everything by them to keep those to close since they have Shelli keeping Clay on her leash,Clay listening in/socializing like the phoney he is. Austin is a minion doing Van’s dirty work,Steve the ultimate rat playing the socially awkward target,Liz motivating Austin to keep her safe & clearly a numbers game once Julia arrives. JMAcC the comp thrower doing the dirty work/jeopardizing his game for them, & Becky the clueless puppet wanting desperately to belong.

Love or hate her, she is constantly on the grind to secure the final check. Just keeping it real, NOT saying I agree with how she got it done so don’t give me thumbs down for stating obviously the best game play this season. I mean even when Jason leaves,Meg will cave & become another trustworthy minion for Van’s disposal. Believe me I want more than anything to see this house get flipped on its assets,but Van’s army is like an uphill David vs Goliath battle. Pisses me off but it’s looking like the obvious.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

You are absolutely 100% right. She came to play the game and is actually doing a helluva job. She even has Shelly thinking she’s running shit when it’s actually V pulling strings. We can’t be mas at her for doing what she went there to do. It will be interesting when it comes time to cut Clelli loose.

I also have ‘re-evaluated my thinking when she mentions how she intends to help Jason. I honestly believe her. It WAS a good game move to toss him and even though I love him, she is doing the right thing. Austin will cut off his head before he crosses her….Jason wasn’t giving her that.

As for Clelli, I just don’t like her. She thinks she’s better than some of the other people…not just game wise…in general. Thats what I can’t get my arms around. Her sense of entitlement. Ready for her to exit stage left. Clay can stay because V will have him wearing a skirt if that’s what she wants him to do. He clearly is not a leader.

Thumbs Down

Cause you told me not to.

Thumbed up to see if I could change it.

Thumbed back down, because at the end of the day I just can’t let you control my game like that.

Ian's lament

You do realize that David took out Goliath? What strikes me is that the people in control of the house just happen to be the ones that were recruited and the floaters are the superfans that are just happy to be there. This crap is so staged.


I think you have some facts mixed up here… Van was not recruited. Meg, James, and Jackie (via TAR) were recruits. Jmac, Jason, Austin, and Steve are the main superfans this season, and they are all left in the house, well for another few hours.


I am SO sick of Shelli. Can she go next please? sick of seeing her face

and this week shows that Becky is a moron.


Wish is tomorrow already! Get tonight over with and see if there’s finally going to be big games moves going on or another week wasted, last week had us fooled until Sunday when we were so excited about the move against Austin. Anxious to see if Julia has a mind of her own or will play safe and follow the group because she is more cordial to people outside the alliance and not sure she likes Austin. I’m wondering why BB is keeping her in hiding since last she left she thought Austin was the target and now the lines are drawn? Never the less I just want today to be over with another wasted week in the BB house. Jason would have eventually targeted them but he was in no way a threat right now


BB production better step it up tonight or I’m out!


Ditto! But I’m out if it doesn’t change. Can’t stand this season!!!!

Musicalchairs (the real one)

Funny how everyone is stating how much they wish production would interfere with Jason not being evicted, however, Jason (and James and Meg), have said the most vile things thus far in this season about the other house guests. What, we are now rooting for the “scumbags”? Jason is a pure shi*talker. Why do we want that? Vanessa is playing a great game, and Shelli and Clay seem like nice people. Becky is a sweetheart as well but lets root for the “other side”. I disagree.


Thumbs up if you think Vanessa is playing a good game; thumbs down if you don’t!


I thought Vanessa was flushing her game by switching her target off of Austin but she somehow skated away with no target on her back. Amazing.


Vanessa did this by making sure everyone knew Shay was in on it, thereby revealing that they are working with her side. This revelation overshadows the blindside itself because the ADC has been spilling info to Shay as though they were on the same team since week 2.


IMO vanessa isnt playing a good game, but its the people around her that DONT KNOW what game they’re playing. if this week didnt open their eyes, nothing ever will. and from the fact that vanessa isnt an immediate target to anyone, im inclined to think that some of these people have a mental disorder of some sort.

Ian's lament

If your surrounded by morons does that make you a genius?


That question is best asked to Derrick, that is how he won. It certainly wasn’t because he’s brilliant. If a female does it, the others must be dumb but if a male does it, he’s a genius………….pah-leeze !!

Stevie j

Jason wtf! U just blew it yo! Omg! Shelly u bitch!

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I have to admit, I like the Steve/Vanessa deal. Hope she doesn’t turn on him.


Really hard to say. Van’s original Final Two is with Austin. “The House” is the name she gave that alliance.


I doubt Steve’s her legitimate final 2. She’s already thinking of the end game in great detail, and obviously there are weaker players to choose from as a final 2 wrap. Steve could step up at some point and steal the game from her, making a credible argument for why he should win over her. Even more so when you consider potentially bitter jurors. Once the ranks of the weak get thinner, she may see a better opportunity to get loyalty from one of them.

Team Edward

I was thinking about this yesterday during the show: didnt Liz throw mist at nessa, clay, and Shelli. She said Austin would be a number for them but honestly he is Lizzes number. Vanessa did all the work making her a target, meanwhile the other three look like a blooming rose. Can she really be this foolish to sacrifice her game like this? Also, wouldn’t getting the twins out be worse for Austin because he would be isolated and not able to socialize? These house guests need to learn how to think.


The twins’ game has been limited so far because of the switching and the initial fear of getting discovered. They’ve had to rely on Shelli, Vanessa and Austin for safety and for info.

IMO that’s why Vanessa and Shelli have a false sense of security with them and are underestimating the threat they pose. To this point they’ve been able to control the twins, and they are assuming that will continue.

But as soon as Julia comes in and starts playing for real, that dynamic changes drastically.

Pinocchio Obama

I agree with you. The twins are going to have a huge impact on where the power in the house ends up.

Better Than Last Year

Please, please don’t let any of the 6th sense win hoh! How boring if they do. Re-run of Derricks win from last year. Where the heck are the “twists” ???
Really don’t want Shelli to win. Think Vanessa has gotten herself in the best position, (in anticipation of turning on her group), has developed a “relationship” with more of them on the other side of the house.
Can’t stand the fake tears & anxiety from Shelli & Vanessa. Transparent.
Only Jackie would make a big move on the 6th sense if she won hoh.

Ian's lament

The twist will come once they are secure that their ” cast” is safe and the twist will have no tangible effect.


this group really is sickening. austin wants to make them have nots all the time, which is just sick and cruel. and lol at steve thinking he can win anything let alone an hoh.

james and jackie need to win hoh this week because they already have meg and becky won over


Austin is such a D-bag! Just like when he said to Liz he wanted to pull an evil Dick on Meg & get in her face & yell-Seriously what a tough guy going after Meg! I can’t wait for him to get hit like a ton of bricks with the reality that the majority of viewers despise his bushface wearing, wrestler wannabe,creeper, pathetic vibe. He is disgusting!


or maybe john could win and show he has a mind of his own and target that group but i doubt it

Pinocchio Obama

John is such a wild card that I would like to see him win HOH. I loved when he was laughing when Clay was stressing about being on the block. Clay thought it was no big deal when he asked Johhmy Mac to go on the block.

Just me

I bet they give Julia a vote tonight, but since she hasn’t been there all week, she can vote without being under anyone’s influence. With Steve’s comment about how happy he was to see Becky crying, he may swing to Jason (even though Jason was incredibly rude to him a few weeks ago). It could be a close one. Personally it doesn’t matter to me which one goes home, but tonight’s eviction will be interesting. Thanks Simon and Dawg!!

Finding a job for Jason

PeeWee Herman Imitator

Ray Rice

I think Jason would be a great NFL Commish.


I am curious to see what Jason was thinking once he leaves the house especially trusting Shelli and Clay in the game. It seems like some of the players put all the emphasis on trying to win HOH when it’s only part of the game. You can’t win it all the time anyway. So to not pay attention more to social interactions seems complacent on his part.Jason has been on the block so it’s not like he could have thought he wasn’t in danger. He even joked the other night that he wasn’t safe. I don’t know if he had most of his attention on Audrey since she was such a liar and so extreme while the others were forming an alliance. But it’s like he forgets that it was Shelli who targeted Day and even made it seem like Audrey was a victim. So that means it was Shelli and Clay. So I get being friendly with them but to not consider them as the biggest threat and even trustworthy is interesting. But it’s like he blamed it all on Audrey. The same with Becky, she wasn’t allies with Day but Shelli lied to Becky about her target the week they won HOH together. And it’s like Becky completely washed that from her mind because Shelli talks to her nicely and grins. When personally, I think Shelli thinks Becky is a threat in looks but that’s a whole other undercurrent vibe.

So now Jason has to try to do a final hour “save myself run” which won’t work anyway because the others have already been playing together but you didn’t get it. But he,Meg, and simple minded James should have been paying more attention and going up to the HOH room more. But even before that that simple fact that they were that comfortable with a couple in showmance is mind boggling. I give Shelly and Clay some credit in knowing how to talk to people and their looks probably don’t hurt with this particular group. I don’t find them anything to write home about personally but they have some attractive physical traits that work in their advantage. And Shelli would have done just fine without Clay in the game due how she puts on her personality and persona. But anyway, I like Jason but he got outplayed and unfortunately didn’t help himself by not diverting his attention to observing everyone in the house to know to then keep his mouth shut more and be more strategic about what to say and to whom.


It looks like Vanessa’s crew is going to keep running the house. I just wish for once the outsiders could win HOH. It would be so interesting to see the Silent Six scramble.
Vanessa gets her panties in a wad if you lie to her, but it is OK for Steve to lie. Van is the biggest liar in the house.
The Silent Six is just so arrogant and extremely confident. But the comps are all in their favor. Seems as Allison is favoring the gambler and the hairball.


The comps are in their favor like how? They favor the people who are trying to win?

How would even you make a comp that Meg and Jason would win?


She said baking stuff and certain hipster things are her forte.


I like how a lot people are say Vanessa is a hypocrite.
Have you ever played poker?
Vanessa has played a few hands … It’s called bluffing
Bluffing is simply twisting perception
Lying and deceiving is part of BB …
The Jason fans don’t complain when he does it
Vanessa knows exactly what she is doing … She even has a lot of you fooled obviously
Her game is not perfect by any means, but overall she is playing hard
Her brain is constantly calculating
Just like Sarah and Neda from BBCA … they played hard …
they were constantly in game mode
It worked out for one of them
Vanessa for the win!


Vanessa and her approach to lies is all apart of her game strategy. It’s obviously working.


Thing is, the ADC really has to win both HoH’s. Sixth Sense + side alliances represent such huge numbers that with even one HoH they could nom two of their own people with the intention of BOTH of them throwing, then back dooring anyone other than the two noms who won BoB. They seem poised to skate through the next 3 evictions with a simple numbers crush.

Jay Jay

In this case, 6th sense could not backdoor anyone because throwing the HOH means that even if they won POV they would not control the replacement nom. But I do agree, the numbers make it very difficult for ADC to turn this around.


i dont get the popularity of steve. the guy does nothing and wont be winning anything unless its by pure dumb luck. why people even want him around in that house i dont know. he’s not playing any more of a game than people like meg, becky or jason.

and the fact that he was happy to see becky crying…what is up with that? why would you be happy to see someone cry. what a douche


I am not a big fan of Steve and the Becky comments were really weird.. but he did win a POV when he needed so you can’t say he doesn’t win anything


Steve is not a word-smith for sure, his communications skills need work
I don’t think Steve was intentionally trying to be cruel
But as far as him being happy she didn’t win … No Doubt
Could it possibly be that Becky has been blabbing all week long
to whoever would listen that Steve was her target to get out?


What the bullsh*t are these people on? Its too late to flip…. but its not damn late when it happens to my JASON. I mean are you people high. So proud of my Jason for making the effort :’). Head held high Jason and never give up. Hoping for some twist to happen. If Jason stays, I know all hell will break loose and some will be burned baby. #SAVEJASON.


For anyone that was thinking Jason was ever good at this game..that convo with Clelli was one of the worst last minute attempts at saving yourself I have ever seen. Jason you are good at watching TV. That’s about it. Poor Vanessa going to have a hard time finding this kid work. And she obviously isn’t saying she will help him as a game move..that is purely having a good heart.

So Nessa haters keep hating because it is very amusing..but you look more and more like fools everyday.

Bye Jason. Make the exit interview good. U owe us a show!


Your logic makes no sense. If Jason is such a bad player and Vanessa is so brilliant, then why did she jump through hoops to get him out this week? She obviously respects him as a threat.

It’s easy to make moves when you’re in the HoH room every week. It’s hard to make moves when you’re on the block on Wednesday night. We’ll see how Vanessa does when she’s in that position.


She didn’t have to “jump through hoops”

Austin was orginal target but he essa so she gave the fool another chance.

So new target needed. Jackie would have been my personal choice but when choosing between Meg, Jackie, Jason, James..yes Jason is the most smart of those 4 but that isn’t saying much.

As for “wait till Vanessa is on block” I can’t wait for someone to challenge her. Nessa is so bad ass at this game that at times she gets bored with these fools.I want her to be more challenged at some point so we can see her turn up her game a bit. She hasnt had to yet. She owning the game and still in second gear. Four more gears left. Let’s all hope we get to see ’em.


Well you could give him a position at you “Nessa” fan club! The pay sucks but Jason is a pro at sucking

No Helping Big Brother

Jason was begging production for help and then at one point bit@@ing at them for not helping him to stay. How about you try this, do something intelligent to help yourself. Instead of the underdogs sitting around talking about useless stories, playing games, pranking each other, sleeping and bit@@ing about the people that are playing the game, they should be banding together and working on a plan. They play the game like this is a vacation and hope to just make it to jury for the payment. Not one of them has ever talked serious game. Can’t feel sorry for them, nor can I root for them anymore. Go ahead six sense pick them off one by one, then we can watch the game begin when you have to compete with each other. Jason lost all my respect as a game player begging BB for a twist or help.


Could not agree with this comment more. I don’t get all the hype for Jason. A person can be a good observer of others, know where the alliances are….but as we saw in Jasons cringe worthy awkward attempt to throw shade on other houseguests, it is a whole other ball game to implement a strategy or plan. His moping around, calling ppl b****** (u need to expand your vocabulary) and hoping to get a way out handed to him on a silver platter is pathetic. I hope when he watches the playback of this game he recognizes that if u want to get something …especially something everyone else wants….u have to get out of your comfort zone and be nice or socialize with ppl that are not necessarily going to be your best friend. Expand your universe Jason!


Oh Jason…

B B stands for Big Boring

Without Jason, this show and the feeds are nothing. He is very observant and funny. I am sickened and bored by almost everyone. I like that Jackie has guts but she is too distracted by duckfacing in the mirrors.

Member of the Ant Farm

Yeah sure…I just can’t get enough footage of Jason smoking and calling everybody bitches and hoes!! Real freakin entertainment!!


I am so sick of people throwing comps and rigging outcomes and volunteering to be a pawn. They really need to incentivize these houseguests to actually try to win competitions. $2000 to the winning HOH after the BoB competition. The losing HOH is automatically on slop. $2000 for the veto winner. There were 16 HOHs and 15 veto comps last year. That would be $62,000 total. Guess how much they paid Frankie, Donny, and Derrick for those stupid Team America Tasks? $55,000. (and I’m not counting the extra $50,000 that Derrick won for winning the game as a member of TA). Big Brother can easily afford it, and its enough money to get the attention of every single houseguest in every competition. No more throwing the BoB. No more throwing HOH. No more throwing Veto. Everybody will be playing all out.


I always thought it would be interesting if the HG’s got points throughout the season for HOH and POV wins and where they finished in the tasks. These points could then be used in a silent auctions to buy luxuries, even extra votes or special vetoes. HGs might actually try to win and could add some excitement instead people throw competitions all the time.


Brilliant idea, brilliant comment.That really would be a twist. Hopefully CBS and Gropener’s minions will give consideration to the idea.

Canadian Kevin

Just get rid of BOB already.

Fan favorite? I’ve never seen anyone say they liked it..

Pinocchio Obama

Kick Battle of the Block to the curb. It has jumped the shark.

BB17 fan

You are right Kevin. I was kinda insulted when Julie Chen tried to tell us that BOB was a fan favorite. She must really think we are stupid. I doubt if anyone was fooled by her statement. Well, maybe a few.

Pinocchio Obama

This is an awesome idea. Throwing the comps takes away from the game.

Foreal tho

Am I the only one who thinks every girl this season has a long face with giant horse teeth? Meg hides hers better with the bangs, but damn. These girls are not attractive at all. And the guys? Ugh! Clay is gorgeous, the rest are hideous.

Pinocchio Obama

Yes, you are the only one. These girls are all pretty!

American Pharoah

Shelli is purty.


The problem is the underdogs are so terrified to make a move because they will be the next targets. Wish they would realize they are already targets. They have nothing to lose by taking out a big player and more to gain. Why are they so blind, everyone is being picked off one by one on that side? The double eviction would be their saving grace if they win it. I’m curious to see what they do in that situation.


Big Brother (like poker) is a partial information game, which is one of the reasons Vanessa is so good at it. If everyone actually knew everone else’s priorities and strategies next moves would be easy to calculate. Unfortunately, the weak side of the house has proven themselves to be incredibly poor judges of intention, or as Jason would say, gullible. Barring a miracle and a complete change of charachter, Jackie/James are going very soon.

Pinocchio Obama

Well the one thing going for us is that the less people you have left in the game the less votes you need to pull a blindside. Next week you will only need four votes and the HOH’s tie breaking vote vote to get rid of someone.

BB17 fan

Next week will be an uneven vote. You need 5 votes to get someone voted out tonight. It will be the same next week. Nine votes total. Julia is coming in.

Pinocchio Obama

Your right BB17 fan I forgot about Julia coming in.


Jason said things that made no sense. I don’t believe Becky is targeting them. This is best jason has? I also can’t see JMac saying clay/Shelli running things. He isn’t one to talk like that and it would be foolish to put a target on himself. Jason is full of it, and Clay and Shelli are dumb enough to believe it


That was the Hail Mary plan Jason & Meg came up with.


Jackie for HOH!! (or Meg or James)

anyone that will target the bad guys. muahahaha


I think I could like Clay IF SHELLI LEAVES SOON.
As her puppet/son/little creepy brother, I just can’t!


Poor Becky! Her fate is going to be like when Bambi meets Godzilla!

Eric CA

Sad to see Jason go… would have preferred to see them go with the Austin plan… but it is what it is.
Evicting Jason is sort of a waste of a week….. but the good news is with Jason gone they are going to have to turn on each other sooner than later.
I have a feeling that a Becky/ Johnny Mac and Shelli/Clay alliance are more there style than aligning with Vanessa/ Austin and the Twins. Shlay have already started the ground work for the split.

Vanessa also has started to see the split coming and it trying to lock in Steve and Jackie as her new team.

The twins coming will lead to a huge upset in the alliance. I see them rebelling pretty quick. They may try to cut Austin out first because I doubt either of them want the risk of him in the jury house with Liz…

So who knows, what is going to happen next…. I will say that I will miss Jason, I wish is was as savvy as they thought he was…. Bye Jason, even though Vanessa saying to Becky don’t pack everything your saying is usually a bad sign, and a part of me wants to see an upset in the house and the powers that be shocked by Jason Staying.

Chick in Louisiana

Ugh, this is so maddening!! I hate when the show is like this with one side of the house just picking people off 1 by 1, and everyone just sitting back and letting them do it. And WHY do they not see Vanessa as a target?? It sucks that Jason is probably going home because Jackie and Jason were probably the best bet for that other side to change things up. The best I can hope for at this point is that Austin ( as much as I don’t like him) to take his twins and switch to the other side of the house and maybe try to flip this thing and start targeting that “trio”. ( Vanessa, shelli, clay) Steve, johnnymac, and Becky could’ve possibly did this, but I see them getting power and letting the trio run their HOH. We so badly need a power shift to make this interesting again.


LOL its unfathomable that these people make deals with the same people that audrey exposed them for having an alliance for like 4 weeks. do they not realize shelli, clay, vanessa, the twins and austin are in the house at all? did they not see that vanessa didnt put up austing? THAT shouldve been a HUGE hint to what audrey said was 100% true.

YET, the only ones that got a minor clue of the truth are james, meg, jacki and jason. Becky, john, steve? what are these 3 thinking? Oh right they arent, they are just another bunch of floaters not really playing the game, but instead just trying to be with “the cool kids”. i dont know maybe its just me, but this season has more floaters than actual people playing the game.

I survived last seasons BB

Hey Becky..We liked You a lot better when You were nowhere to be found

An appropriate alliance name for You would be “Generally Clueless”..You REALLY think Vanessa and Shelli will keep You longterm ?…wow wake up !!

Please Jackie,James..Someone win HOH tonight to shake things up,,this is getting bad quick


So what would happen in Clay called one of the women in the house a “scumbag bitch” on national tv?

Jason is a foul mouth pig. CBS definitely wants his foul mouth gone. That is why they are making no attempt at saving him using production assistance. The kid is degrading to women and a bad representation for the gay community.


Steve is the worst actor period. I do not buy this “im socially awkward” shit for 1 second…it’s soo transparent and I’m so sick of it and his Vanessa talks….
The only thing that would get my respect would be if he votes to keep Jason.


Didn’t Steve say his fraternity brothers call him a name, I can’t remember. Have a hunch as soon as he needs to he is going to start winning. He reminds me a lot of Ian. Ian was socially awkward and I think Steve is playing Ian’s game.


Jason is a prime example of what is wrong with that generation. He came into this and basically has done nothing but lay around, shit talk everyone in the house and sleep… Meanwhile others have been actually playing the game. He gets put on the block and bitches, whines and moans about how he deserves to be there and this isn’t fair… Why because he’s a so called super fan?! There are I’m sure thousands of people who would also like to be on… No one owes him anything! He atleast got a chance… And once on the block, instead of trying to do something to save himself, he sleeps and begs production for a twist or something to save him. Is it really any wonder this kid still lives at home in his parents basement?!! The laziness and sense of entitlement is insane.


Jason is the Turd on the cover of every Mad Magazine.


what the heck is wrong with Jason and Becky seriously dude get you facts straightened out and Becky the generals my butt. i thought you were just playing guess not. well things change i hope


Where did they find this cast? Not enough drama or conflicting personalities! The cast might be too nice. Terrible to say, but it makes it boring. Not enough scheming or game play. Maybe when second twin comes in it will get better. At least Jason is entertaining! Vanessa and her double-talk is comical because she is pretty good at deflecting.


Oh my… I don’t visit this site often because I cannot watch feeds this summer and I’m trying to let the TV episodes surprise me, so I just saw yesterday’s episode and I must say: Vanessa, for being a stupid player and relying on the worst argument ever (“we got the numbers”), you deserve to be evicted… by AUSTIN! LOL!

I was rooting for Vanessa… but after Austin was able to trick her into keeping him, she deserves to be the first out… followed by Clay and Shelli. And Austin deserves to be evicted by the twins… because p*ssy is da bomb and he should never take it for granted… OR think he is such a hot item that Liz would actually care for him. Look up in the mirror, you Hagrid-lookalike-wanna-be!


I was pretty shocked by Steve’s comments in the DR re: Becky. Seemed cruel. No longer a STeve fan.

Van/She/Clay had a great edit.


What a bad bad campaign Jason. I expected more, and he now deserves to go! My question is, why haven’t Shlay discussed Vanessa as a target, as she seems unscathed from this bloodbath? If they are such good game-players, why cant they see how Vanessa has ducked behind them. I dont understand… Is Vanessa that good? I dont think so, there must be something more going on… I refuse to believe these people can be this ignorant. They are studying facts constantly… HOH- Shelli-Van-Shelli-Van… They are obviously working together. That would be enough for me!? I cant even imagine a power shift at this point, because they are all working for them!

Pinocchio Obama

How funny would it be if the twins told Austin to back door Vanessa if he wins HOH?

Jody H

I think they might go for Clay or Shelli first. Break up an obvious team.


Becky has me so confused. I don’t watch live feeds but watch AD and this site. Is she playing shelli and clay or is she actually wanting to work with them? I see her with them, then with the others. Anyone know where her head actually is ? I’m really curious to see what happens when Julia comes in. It could be fun but she will probably just fall in with the people that got her there at first. And it may be the smartest thing for her to do. But would love to see things switch up.

Brad H

Hoping & praying that Jackie & James win HOH tonight!! I don’t know what James would do because he’s clueless, but maybe Jackie could talk him into going after Shay & Vanessa. I really hope they don’t drag out the BOB twist as long as they did last season. Please tell me it’s almost over!!!


Right on que … early morning 3ish chat HN room
Wussy Clay telling Shellie that they need to throw the comp
Clay proposing that they make a deal with Becky n JM
Till he saw Shellies WTF face
Shelli says don’t throw it … then the snake backtracked
I can’t wait till Clay goes … Hopefully on a comp he throws