Big Brother 17 Week 5 Top 10 Animated Gifs


The stuff that goes on in the house is too funny, James’ pranks, Jmac being jmac, Austin loving on liz but getting nothing back. I’ve been waiting for Austin to start showing them some wrestling moves, Nice to see the two girls he was pining after give him “Slap”. James walking around like Audrey the day after eviction was priceless. Let us know which ones were your favourite in the comments below.

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*** Presented in no order ***

Johnnymac working out

Jackie and Liz “punh” out Austin

Liz knocks out Austin

double team

Liz walks by jmac

Steve and liz flirting

BOOM jason on the block

Julia loathes Austin

Liz struggling with the garbage

Austin kisses Liz


Audrey is that you

Liz pushes Austin’s arm away

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I’m gonna get some hate, but I love Liz. Can’t wait for Julia to get in there. I’m hoping that will shake things up, Jmac Steve and the twins would be great to watch.

James as Audrey was fantastic.


I 1000% agree with you, I’ve loved the twins since they announced the twist.
But the Austin shit I don’t like….. he’s gross and cannot seem to go more than 2 seconds without touching Liz in some way *barf*


I really like “subtle hints” lmfao


I like Liz struggling with the garbage.

another name

I agree Austin’s a jerk, but garbage is a little harsh.
oh. wrong gif.
nevermind. 🙂

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My vote goes to Jmac totally oblivious to what’s around him!!


James is by far the funniest one lol


BB18 Celebrity Edition HG list… Males 1 Charley Sheen 2 Bill Cosby 3RuPaul 4 Hulk Hogan 5 Justin Beaver 6 Gary Busey 7 Aaron Hernandez 8Luke and Owen Wilson {count as 1 HG} Females 1 Whoopi Goldberg 2 Janice Dickerson 3Bjork 4Nancy Grace 5Katy Perry 6Olsen Twins 7 Miley Cyrus 8Miley’s dope dealer, Venus de Marlboro.


Can we get a poll for this?
1) Goes to James by far funniest
2) Austin/liz is subtle hints
3) Goes to JMac open your eyes guy


Audrey is that you? Funniest moment of the season to date.


James reminds me of cousin IT.


Why was the bikini Johnny-Mac girl?


Oops I meant***who?..

Wowie Mandel

Spotlight on Johnny Mac!

I’m telling you dawg , production reads this stuff. Lol


Hands down is James as Ewok-Audrey. The way he’s walking just slays me. Runner up is LIz and the garbage.