“ummmhmmm.. the reptile.. not only do I walk on cobras I step on snakes.. I step on them..”

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3:45pm Dom reading the bible muttering to herself..
Dom – I can do Paul or I can win veto, I can take anybody and at least one other person goes home
Feeds cut
Dom – and Raven..
Dom – mark will be easy they will vote him out
Dom – The moment I put him on that block the true snake is going to come out… ummmhmmm.. the reptile.. the cool thing Is not only to I walk on cobras I step on snakes.. I step on them..
Dom – trampled.. I trample.. little to zero return in life.. ummmhmmmmm.. a Snake.. trample all over you..

4:16pm Raven and Matt (Hard for me to hear them)
Matt – Jessica is saying stuff about you, she’s got to go
Matt – Elena trust me..
Raven – good
Matt says if Dom has the temptation it sucks for everybody else’s game but it doesn’t hurt them.

4:21pm HOH Jason, Alex and Jessica
Jessica says Paul mentioned the curse might be Cody coming back.

Alex says Dom is “kinda a dud”
Alex – she’s going crazy..
Jessica – why did you put her up
Alex says she was sketching everyone out..
Alex explains Dom told her she knew the 2 people that voted out Ramses last week. Dom wouldn’t tell Alex so she went up. Alex is certain that it’s the same people that screwed them on the Jillian vote.
Alex going on about finding who flipped on their Jillian vote and how that f*ed them because they lost the numbers.

Josh comes in..
Alex – can you give us 2 minutes..

Alex bring sup tells Josh if he votes out Jessica over dom and screws them on another Vote he’s out of here.

Jess – Matt and Raven guaranteed me their vote.s.
Jess- christmas said she’ll go with the house and whatever the house votes she’ll support
Jess isn’t worried about Paul’s vote
Alex says Jason and Kevin are voting out Dominique. The only one she might want to talk to is ramses but “He hates Dominique.. So.. “

Jessica says one of the people that flipped last week was Christmas
Alex – I think so too
Jessica – I think it was Christmas and she wanted it to backfire and blow up in Jason’s face. But it blew up in Dom’s face

Alex is certain that Dom didn’t get the temptation she doesn’t have any signs.
Alex – or if she did win it doesn’t help her

Jessica is worried about Christmas winning the HOH because no matter how much they’ve smoothed things over she’ll always go after Jessica.
Alex says she was worried about Josh winning but then there was that Beef with Mark, Even though Josh did say they squashed it.
Jessica says once the other side’s numbers go down a bit parts of them will start to flip

Jason says it doesn’t matter if Dom doesn’t go home this week they’ll just get her out next week
Alex – who would they put next to Jessica.
Jason – you’re the HOH
Alex – if it’s a diamond veto she gets to pick..
Jason – Christmas or Elena
Jessica bring sup Cody coming back
Jason thinks it’s too early for that.

Jessica – I’m telling you now I don’t have the Veto .. (meaning the temptations)
Jessica- I was hoping I would..

Christmas getting her cast painted

Paul and elena say it looks like a d1ck

4:59pm Elena, Mark and Paul
whimpering about Dom being rude..
Paul says he’s going to start to hiss at Dom every time she walks by.
Elena – being a d1ck to people is one of my favorite things to do..

5:03pm Jessica, Mark and Elena bathroom
They tell her not to bother packing.
Jessica – I have to.. We don’t know about the curse or Temptation..

Ramses in the kitchen makes the point that it’s the season of temptation and they cast only 1 gay person.

5:14pm Alex, Matt, Raven, Christmas ,Paul and Josh
Paul is all over Alex wanting to know what Jessica said. Alex says Jessica thinks paul is going to seek out an alliance with Cody if he comes back because Paul is scared. Paul scoffs at this says he wanted Cody out of the house more than anyone.

Paul starts talking himself into knots trying to rationalize that Jessica has the temptation. Paul says if he wins HOH he’s taking Jessica out. He confirms with the rest of them they are still voting out Dom.
Paul comes up with a plan involving Christmas so that he can call Jessica out before the HOH.

Paul runs up to to Jason to tell him his plan to razzle Jessica before the HOH.
Christmas is going to “bait” Jessica and see if she says is something about Paul and Cody. He’s then going to call her out right before the HOH.

5:31pm Kevin, Ramses and Jason

Jason about Jessica – “If the d1**k* that were in h** were on her she would be a porcupine.”
Alex joins them.. Ramses tells her he told Dom that he’s voting her out.

5:33pm Agreeing that they should throw the HOH to Paul and let him take Jessica out.

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Alex cannot keep her mouth shut! Stop telling Paul everything and reel Jessica in. Right now looks like Kevin’s going F2. Maybe Boyz2Men and Raven can ask the next HOH to take out Jessica. They certainly won’t be able to do it.


This is the Paul show. He gets twice as much camera time as anyone else. Paid more as well so the show has an interest in getting everyone to do what he wants. Lame Hipster ruined the season.


You do realize why Paul gets all the camera time right…..because of all the hate, it actually makes Paul more popular and production gives him more airtime. So ironically all the hate towards Paul actually helps him….keep on hating hates, it actually backfires on you!


It’s not the everyone loving/hating Paul that is getting Paul camera time..it is that.he’s one of the only ones playing the game..what else are they going to show..? Matt and raven talking about how the will let Paul win the next hoh to take someone out…or Elena and mark cuddling…I mean really. Love him or hate him, Paul showed up to play..if mich rather watch that!


Not me, I can’t stomach him on the taped shows. Cancelled the dvr, just watch youtube for the highlights and this amazing blog.

John Celis

oh please. keep fooling yourself, you must be affiliated with Paul or one of his family members to be so deluded about the nationwide hate against your boy. Trust me, NO ONE and I mean no one likes Paul this season. He ruined it and his fall from grace will be sheer pleasure.


But, if they had any insight, skill or strategic thinking, he wouldn’t have to do all this. No one else is scheming.
He has had to create reasons to vote anyone out because really, there are no reasons.


I don’t understand wanting to take Dom out this week. She is so far from a real threat. Jessica needs to go..she is the bigger threat of the two of them. Honestly Alex wasted this HOH. She should have took a shot at the shomances. So much for super fans!

T-Town Chic

I can’t agree with you more. All she talked about was taking a shot at the showmances and once she got an opportunity to do it, she backed out. Typical. Well, I guess it’s going to be The Paul Show…..again……all summer. Paul reminds me of a mosquito that won’t stop buzzing in your ear all night. This cast needs to wake up, stop telling Paul EVERYTHING, and get him out. Cody’s already said that if he gets back in the house he wants to secretly work with Paul. If that happens, the rest of the cast should just pack up and leave right now because those two would demolish everything in their path and we would end up with a final three of Paul, Jessica, and Cody. Gah!

Obb og

I agree I’m so tired of people calling themselves super fans and acting like they never saw the show before. I thought Alex would make better choices but I’m so annoyed with how she’s just kissing Paul’s a$$ when she could be making alliance with jess or ramses. I thought her and ramses were friends when Jillian was there?

BB Fan

Agree, Alex wasted her HOH that she worked so hard for by allowing Paul to get in her ear and head. Grrrrrr. The real ‘snake’ is Cody. He got pissed after Dom’s round of ‘questioning’ during her ‘show’ and Cody’s answers got Mark upset. Then Cody decides to spread lies on Dom and Mark before leaving. Ugh, cannot stand him. Was happy to see him GO. Cody the snake hissed in Paul’s ears and then Paul hissed same info in Alex’s ear and then it went from being Alex’s HOH to practically Codys. GRRRRRR. Cannot believe Alex fell for it all. Hoping Cody does NOT battle himself back in. Gosh, this season has been and continues to be CRAZZZZZY!


Sounds like Dom is going to the the house that Paul is a snake and she will go after him if they vote to keep her lol it’s going to be good


She already did that. Half of the show was about that tonight….

Never Not Nat

First! Paul said I gained 15 pounds last Summer – WRONG! I gained 20!


Wasted the HOH as Jessica is going home.


What is the point of having Christmas’s chip in the veto? Especially if it’s endurance.


Because they aren’t making new rules just for her. It actually helps the other 5, because the odds of getting POV is greater. As a player, I wouldn’t complain.


Dom has it 4sure, she was talking herself saying who she going to put up, wow this is going to be crazy


There are two people who make me cringe when I am watching television. One is Donald Trump, the other is Paul.

Backseat Driver

I agree with your first one….for me, the second one is Cody! Both creeps….


That’s *President Trump. And why taint the summer fun of Big Brother with politics??


Donald Trump is president???? You’re joking right?


Yeah, bring in politics…You know the saying about glass houses….There are plenty of cringe worthy left of left politicians on the tele these days who don’t know what day it is….Hello Maxine……Earth to Maxine……

Go Paul

Trump is the best president we have had in a long time. Obama distroyed our county.


No wonder you like Paul.


normally i’d be excited to see a “secret alliance” prosper, but i just cannot get behind this paul show. Why is that in the beginning everyone was gung ho to get the vet out and now people are wanting to throw comps and listen to his plans and is like oh i only trust you and paul??? I know it’s different watching from home vs playing in the house but sheesh, do they not see the interactions he has with everyone? i feel sorry for dominique because she really was collateral damage. But then again, I saw her conversation with Alex before nominations and she definitely should’ve been smarter about it, she really did kind of dig her own grave. On another note, i’m rooting for Kevin. i think we all know the older crowd doesn’t usually last too long, he’s probably the most likable of all the cast. Hopefully some things shake up after this nomination, who wants to see one person’s plans succeed for the rest of the summer?!


Alex is so jealous and stuck on Jessica. She is literally making up so much shit about Jessica and trying to start shit. Paul is going to go off on another woman that’s real cool.

Sr. Mary George

Potty mouth


You have live eviction on Thursday so if Dominique won Den of Temptation how will that work if she is evicted Thursday night. They HG were talking on live feeds today (Wednesday) trying to figure out who got it. So if Dominique gets voted out does she have to win battle back to get back in to be able use it if she was the one that got voted to get it? Does anybody know how this will work?

Desirae's mom

If you remember, Paul got saved before renom, x-mas could have used hers after the POV noms, so this one should play at the voting. JMO


She can void the entire eviction. Like Alex was never HOH. If she has it???


Julie definitely said there will be an evictee this week and those 4 would battle back. Which makes it seem safe to assume the halting hex will not apply to this eviction and would not be able to be used until after the battle back.

I read an article saying the halting hex and battle back are “linked”. Julie said the houseguest will “get the chance to stop the their return to the game”. But the question of Dom winning it makes it confusing!

sunny dee

it stops the whole vote, no one would get votes, no one evicted. it is like that restart button from that other season.

then if it is used, my guess is that someone comes back in with the battle back. if it was not used, then no one would come back. that’s why i thought it would be given out after eviction, not before since the battle back is happening regardless, and without an eviction they won’t have a 4th person. they are already down one.

Queen Cersei

Unfortunately I don’t think the temptation will help Dom that much unless she’s off the block entirely but at least she made this week entertaining by trying to cancel the Paul Show.


How did dom get the temptation!!!!!!???

Desirae's mom

Is that right ????? Throw the HOH to Paul ????? Are you f-ing kidding me ?? Well one thing for sure is when the feeds come back Friday night, we might ALL be surprised.


This season is so boring. I don`t even have a favorite.


Somebody please explain what Dom can do with the temptation. Take herself down? Does someone else go up?


No, she can halt the eviction meaning no one goes home.


I cannot with Paul ‘s Minons……
Elena just said she likes being a dick to people
Raven thought she can get sympathy from America because she has a illness lmao she can Take two seats back and its funny that she & her mom scammed all those people and used the money to buy 2 dance studios and it doesnt help she has a awful personality .
Matt is a waste of space
Mark is a emotional wreck
I loved Paul in BB18 but in BB19 not so much like he’s doing too much and seeing him freak out like this is funny and I would love to see Paul on the block now and hopefully leave next week .
I think Kevin has it just because a lot of people like him & if dom has it I would be surprised


Raven is a Nigerian prince, who desperately needs your help.

Judge Janie

Best comment today! LMAO


This season is kinda confusing. I miss old school BB


Matt is an empty space, a void.


God Alex is annoying.


With pauls tats he literally looks like a snake.


Ya know, I do believe I see the makings of a competitor in that there rodeo clown.

Well, Lordy be. I’m gonna have to swallow my words when I called the boy no better than his career choice.

Sorry Jason!


Omfg, Raven! Quit it with the victim noises! Guess the rest of America isn’t as dim witted as the BB house guests.


This whole temptation has got to be the most confusing of them all. If Dom did get the temptation then of course she is going to Halt the eviction but that contradicts Julie’s statement of “the next evicted house guest”. And it probably wouldn’t be for next week since there will be a special episode of it on Friday.. idk but I’m so confused. I didn’t think they were going to give the temptation until later bc of the battle back but now that someone has it, it doesn’t make sense unless someone not on the block got it.

Just me

I was confused too, but then I read where Dom was talking about who she could put up. So, maybe the current eviction is “Halted” and the Hex holder nominates two more people for immediate eviction?? Then the person who is voted out would be the fourth participant in the Battle Back? It will certainly be interesting to see what happens tonight and tomorrow.
Simon…What do you think?


I don’t think Dom has the temptation. Only because Julie said the evictees will battle it out to get back in the house, including this week’s evictee. Obv she’d use it this week if she had it… which would stop the live eviction. Or I’m thinking too much about this! But I wanna know who got it!!!!!!! Someone needs to go in an empty room and tell the cameras!!

The Betrayal Of Jesus

Alanis Morissette finds it ironic that Dom is betrayed by her apostles and how it draws parallels to that of the betrayal of Jesus by his apostles.


I like Dom, and she’s mostly right about her “intuition”. But she needs to chill. She’s coming off crazy. No ones going to team with her even if she managed to stay. Her convo with Alex tonight was just weird. You can’t approach people sounding crazy and expect them to get on board. It’s almost like she’s doing Paul a favor with all this babbling.


I am getting tired of Paul but all these jocks and no minds won’t be able to play this game. They always have a stupid look on there faces. Mark, Elena, Josh, Matt, and raven. They hitched a ride on the Paul train and don’t do anything it would be a boring show without Paul even though I don’t like him much.


I think they all were recruited for stupid reasons–their bodies. They are on for motives other than playing the game.


If Dom has the temptation its going to be so awesome to see Pauls reaction. That turd thinks America loves him.

Judge Janie

Was anyone else weirded out by Dom speaking in tongues??? Gave me the creeps!


Just to be clear, it matters NOT to me whether Dom stays or goes, but for an otherwise insightful woman, why would she think that subtlety was a good strategy for making her case for staying in the house? Good grief, lady!! If they were clear on who Paul really is, they wouldn’t need you to tell them. They have so very obviously consumed the Kool-Aid. You don’t have time for guessing games and little mystery clues, or whatever you trotted out as a way to show them the light. She was smart enough to grasp that her allies had turned on her, even before they made it obvious, and that Paul is the snake behind every decision made by anybody in the house- including who to nominate, how to vote, and who to evict. Knowing all of this, how could she miss the fact that not only do these people need things spelled out for them, but they also need repetition, reinforcement, and enough lead time to digest it all. With your hide on the block, you don’t drop bread crumbs and pray that someone will follow them to the truth. Not in Big Brother!! Jason holds the POV and shows you the courtesy of at least listening, and you still decide to play coy? . He even asked you, point black, “who is the snake? Why would want to protect him?”
You decide on a “house meeting” for the BIG REVEAL?? Really????


What a mess! Has there ever been a season wherein Production so heavy-handedly interfered with game-play that even long-time fans are having trouble just understanding the basic rules? They have taken the motto, “expect the unexpected,” so far that spontaneous, organic, houseguest-generated fun and intrigue is being overwhelmed and swallowed whole. They may have to change the motto to, ” make-it-up-as-you-go.”

That's not friendship

Paul is such a big annoying manipulator that plays personal and strategic