“Everyone knows if they’ve seen his season that he has to rely on his friendship” – Alex

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1:30pm Paul, Elena and RAven Storage room
Elena says she’s getting nervous that Dom has the temptation. Paul doesn’t care they’ll just get her out next week.
Raven says she has a headache she’s going to take a bunch of Ibuprofen.
Paul tells her to eat something first, a Banana and some toast.
Raven – OK .. (moaning.. Maybe voice)
Paul is saying someone is coming back into the house he’s sure of it because the curse is affecting the entire house.
Elena – f* that temptation better be good

Raven – my head hurts more now
Raven leaves..

Paul and Elena stay in the storage room and freak out because they don’t know who has the Temptation. Elena says there’s no way they gave it to Dom.

1:37pm Wild speculation on who won the Temptation

Paul- Josh said he didn’t get it..
Raven says Matt and Her didn’t get it.
Jason says he didn’t get it

Paul tells Jason to go up to Dom and ask her if she got the temptation, Focus on how she reacts.

Jason – I think it was the meatball
Paul – me too.. Where is he..

The agree it’s one of the 3 houseguests that were involved in the most drama. Josh, Dom, Jessica.

They’re starting to think it was Jessica because she’s acting so happy.

Paul keeps asks people to go get a read from Dom to see if she got the temptation..

1:49pm Alex and Jason HOH
Alex – I didn’t get the temptation.. who has it
Jason – Mark, Josh or Dominique

Jason says he’s liking hanging out with Paul now.
Alex says they have to play along with Paul so they can take a shot later. Alex says Paul is taking a certain group of people to the end.
Jason – why don’t we take a certain group of people to the end
Alex – I’m telling you right now if there is another America’s choice we aren’t going to win
Alex – and we haven’t played the game before and he has influence over every single player in this game.
Alex – everyone knows if they’ve seen his season that he has to rely on his friendship. (ZOMG!)
Alex – if you’re his friend he will take you to the end.

Alex thought it was one of them that was going to win the temptation.
Jason says he doesn’t want to be in the same room as Christmas anymore.
Alex – we have to get close with Kevin again..
Jason – They (production) ask me about eating that chip… oh my god if I was going to get another week on slop.. my a$$ was sweating.
Jason -Elena, Christmas and Jessica are driving me nuts..

Alex – I don’t think Dom has it
Jason is more worried about the curse.

Alex – you think Josh won it ..
Jason – him, Jessica or Mark.. (LOL)
Jason – when would they air the fight (the beef).. that would be tonight..
Jason – I thought they might be voting on the beef

Alex tells him they are on nobody’s radar right now they have to be smart. Alex says she’s driven a wedge between the other side, they are coming to her and Paul now.
Alex – we need Josh to win.. that’s what Paul is thinking too..
Alex – we need to keep some wildcards in the game.. Josh .. Ramses..
Alex – Jessica on the other hand.. (can be controlled)
Jason – she’s a dumb b1tch
Alex – yeah

Jason – why don’t you agree with me for Christmas..
Alex – I’m thinking Jury.. I want Jessica gone you want Christmas gone. .

Jason wishes he wins HOH next week and it’s a double eviction with Christmas and Jessica on the block.
Jason mentions how we;rd Mark has been acting.

2:14pm Mark, Elena and Jessica
Mark – if you win HOH next week am I safe
Jessica a- of course I would never put you guys up
Mark – I will never blindside you
Elena – I’m voting Dominique out of the house

Mark – I’m not going to campaign for or against Dom.. but i’m voting for yuou
Elena – nobody wants Dominique here.. even if there is some rogue voters
Mark – there will be people are still trying to stir the pot..

Elena says Paul, xmas, Matt, Raven, Josh are all voting Dominique out.

2:17pm Paul, Alex and Jason HOH
Paul is freaking out he just say Jessica pull Elena and Mark into the have nots room. He’s certain she has the temptations. Pauls points out how happy she is acting the day before eviction and a temptations was just picked.
Alex – it’s him (mark) or her
Paul – yup
Jason – they’re both acting super sketchy
Paul leaves.

Alex starts stresses they need Matt and Raven in the game. She goes on about how they need to keep putting wedges in and let the other side attack themselves.

2:23pm Josh joins them..
Josh doesn’t think it was Jessica or Dominique. HE thinks it might be Kevin.

2:28pm Paul losing his sh1t that he doesn’t know who has the Temptation.. Going from person to person thinking it’s Jessica.

2:40pm Josh and Christmas
Josh – I think Kevin got it..

3:07pm Kevin, Jason and Paul

Paul saying if he wins HOH Jessica and Ramses are going up.

3:30pm …

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Did he get it?

I’m not getting any solid information from these HG’s. LOL


I have you all fooled, I got it! 😉


Who has the temptation?




OMG who has it ? let it be Dominique i don’t think Jess has it

sunny dee

makes sense kevin would get the votes for the temptation tho

Big Jim

I voted for Jessica just to keep it interesting


Jessica is gorgeus.

Don't Do It

Don’t compliment Jessica on this board, it just get thumbs down. Just like the house as a herd mentality, this message board does also.

Judge Janie

Hey genius, you spelled gorgeous wrong. By the way, Jessica’s attitude makes her the ugliest girl in the house.

Never Not Nat

First! And Paul said I gained 15 pounds last Summer! WRONG! I gained 20!

Prince George

But I lost 160 lbs. That wannabe James.


But what’s Geico got to do with it ?

Bunny Flop

I love it when the hamsters start to scramble!


My money’s on Kevin. I gave it to him in a plain white envelope. Lol

Judge Janie

Alliance of 1 just won the comment contest hands down.


Kevin has it cause him and Paul are the only ones capable of keeping a secrete.


Kevin already had one.


He got the one that brought the ?in the house


The 25k, right?

It would be hilarious if Production colluded with Dom’s High Almighty just to bring the message that Someone watches BB19.


Down with OBB

That was before the Den arrived. If he wasn’t allowed to get it, they wouldn’t have allowed anyone to vote for him.


Poor Raven! She was so sure she would get the temptation. LMAO ! I guess figuring out she it not a favorite gives her a headache.


I hate the way Dominique was done by Paul stirring the pot. I believe if she gets it they will all will be squirming in there pants it would make for some great tv.


I haven’t even seen Dominique since live feeds have come back from den of temptation stuff went down. It seems kinda of strange even when Paul had Alex go ask Dominique to see if she got it but they didn’t even show it on live feeds. ( very odd)


Anyone else tired of Paul? Dude stfu your annoying.


Keep THE PAUL coming….keep that Paul coming!

Cool People

If you have a problem with Paul, you must be uncool

raven exposed party

Wow!!! What an eye opener!

Judge Janie

I knew something was shady about that girl…


Watching this Elena chick on the live feeds. She seems psycho. One day she looks like happy and laughing and smiling. Then the next she looks like she’s ready to stab mark in his sleep. While she has this empty dead inside look on her face. If I were Mark I would keep away from her. She’s bipolar or something.


Poor Dom was singing I got Fake people showing fake love to me. Couldnt be more accurate.


Just keep the faith!!!

The Law Of Attraction Says

You attract to yourself what you put out into the Universe, so if Dom gets “fake love”, what must she be putting out to the Universe?


Who has the temptation? I hope it’s Kevin.


What did Kevin say to Paul about them emailing their families and Paul shut him up real quick since they were on the livefeeds? Do they get to email and correspond with their families??? HHMMMM


Jason such a dingbat, swearing that America only had 3 people to pick from to vote the temptation… lol…


I love watching Paul squirm!!! LOL

Capt. Obvious

You love watching Paul’s worm??


Just seen Dominique on live feeds talking under her breath a little about squashing the snake ( Aka Paul) I hope she got the haulting hex it would make for some great tv especially between her and Paul . I would live to see some of the other people squirm.

Andrew's girlfriend

I love to see Paul freaking out. Please get rid of this narcissistic ass sooner rather than later. The problem is that Paul is so good, he has practically everyone in the house thinking that he is bringing them to the end. I can’t believe that these so called “super fans” are falling for his lies. Also get rid of Matt and Raven. They bring NOTHING to the game.

Super Fan

Most of these people are NOT superfans, they are recruits because recruits do and say what production wants them to. Yes a few players may be super fans but the majority are in their for ratings and to get instagram followers.


Just seen Dominique on live feeds talking under her breath a little about squashing the snake ( Aka Paul) i hope she go it .

Team Dom

This would make me so happy. I hope Paul goes around saying something like “this is so unfair / rigged” and that somebody wakes him up with a little “temptations saved your ass too”


Mark has the temptation


Does Raven have a headache because she’s upset that she didn’t get the temptation? I don’t understand why she thinks that she is so loved by “America”? She does nothing except talk about her illness.


I’m sure scammer fraud Raven has a few things going on in her twisted pea brain. She probably is baffled that America isn’t on her fake pity pot and giving her an advantage. Secondly she needs some more pity and attention. Funny Paul said eat something to her..she’s eaten more than any girl in the house..shoveling food in her mouth constantly. She is so jealous of Jessica if Jess get the temptation it will make her act out more with the “I could die anytime” reminders. Ugh I want her out, its sickening to watch her. Sorry for the disdain I have but having 3 family members recently pass from “terminal” cancer and a mom with Parkinson’s… I can’t tolerate her.:(


I got the temptation. Thank you America.


LOL Simon

The Real Andrew

No, I got the temptation, Stop lying Andrew


I think Jessica in the game is good because she is the only person who is in there and will still be in there at the end of Thursday who knows the mob mentality of isolating people, and she’s smart enough (I hope) that she understands going with the majority may not always be best.


I may need to take some time to analyze this…


from what I just watched it looks like dom might have actually got it which makes no sense to me since she is not liked on any of the voting from any of the bb sites. but she was talking to herself about what she is going to do next week and it sounded like she knew she was staying


I hope Dominique stays in and smites the snake Paul.


I don’t understand why people are hating on Raven. You can clearly see she has a pacemaker in her stomach. Maybe you think she is making too much of it but if you need a pace maker to help your stomach digest there is clearly something wrong with her. I wouldn’t want a pacer maker of any kind. Give her a break, she is a 20 something year old girl for crying out loud.


Why the hell does anyone want to help Paul, he literally made it to final two and was one of the most loved players ever. If I were in the house (which I’m not) I would definitely want him gone. They’re only keeping him there because they view him as a BB celebrity. It’d be like trying to friend Jeff and Jordan because you want to know them on a personal level or trying to hang out with Evil Dick because, well, he’s Evil Dick. Never mind the fact that they’re killers in the game and your their next victim. It’s foolish to go in with a game plan to try to win 500k, which by the way is for your family, your kids, your spouse, to remodel your home or pay off school loans. All these motivators and these stupid players are swayed by Celebirty. It’s straight BA and hilarious how Prod knows they can thwart the best game plan for any player by throwing in Will, Boogie, Paul, Dan, or Derrick. Aggravating.


He’s a darn good player! I’m not saying I’m a fan but he is a master manipulator. It is fun to watch him spin his web. I just cannot believe how people can fall for his social game. Just watch I think Alex is the only one smart enough to figure him out. Friendship won’t last long!

Brother Utah

I wouldn’t be surprise if the den of temptation is reveal on the Thursday or Friday show. So far everybody on the house is BS whether he or she has the temptation or not.

Why listen to Paul milk this sucker out to the fans? We are not stupid.


Is it just me? When I watch BB after dark Elena looks at Mark with a lot of disdain. I’m afraid if the all American boy scout doesn’t watch out the party girl in the real world will rip his heart out.

online player

Simon, did Paul say that he would put up Ramses and Jessica if Paul was HOH around 3pm yesterday while Ramses was sitting next to Kevin and Paul with a large group while Ramses was there?