Tyler “Its funny that Haleigh thinks I would do what she wants when she just tried to get me out..”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

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7:55pm HOH room. Scottie and Haleigh. Haleigh – he is going to take Angela down and the I will put Kaycee up. Scottie – I think it would be unlikely for him to not use it. Haleigh – he sat right here and said how we needed to build trust. And I said Tyler, I will not put you up and I will not backdoor you. Scottie – but he spent last week solidifying his trust with Angela. Granted I think that whole thing was planned. Haleigh – that was her wanting to go after Bayleigh. It had nothing to do with wanting Tyler off it had everything to do with her wanting Bayleigh up. Tyler thinks you’re his number one. Even if he keeps the noms the same I would be okay with that. Please try and talk to him. Scottie – I will try but our talks never go well. Haleigh – what if Kaycee has a power? Scottie – Worst case scenario, Kaycee takes herself off. Who would you put up? Haleigh – I don’t have one. I am not putting you up, I’m not putting Brett up, I made a deal with Sam. That leaves JC. Scottie – that is absolute worst case scenario. Haleigh – I could talk with Sam because she wants to go home anyways. Scottie – if I win next week JC would probably be my target. Haleigh – I would support you in that. Scottie – every time you tell someone anything it gets back to him. Haleigh – he makes Fes doubt things. JC is a liability. Fess is a good asset. but JC and Fes is not. I just pissed Fes off so he might not talk to me for the rest of the week. I don’t care. Scottie – he is too sensitive. I guarantee he tells JC. Haleigh – f**k Tyler and Angela are coming after me. Scottie – when you talk to Tyler do not lay down the law with him. If you do that he will take it as a threat. Say this is what I would want to happen and lay out alternatives. Rockstar joins them. Rockstar – I have been real honest with all of you as to why I am here. Haleigh – I know, but Rock you need to stop because some people get annoyed when you say that. Rockstar – oh. Haleigh – because everyone is here for different reasons. Rockstar – oh I won’t say that any more. Haleigh – people just get upset because they think you’re discrediting why they’re here. Bayleigh was mad about it but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore.

8:22pm Bedroom. Kaycee, Tyler and Angela. Tyler – its actually funny that Haleigh thinks I would do what she wants when she just tired to get me out last week. Its hilarious. She was going to backdoor me when she put me up as the hacker.

8:40pm Haleigh takes a bath and talks to Rockstar. Rockstar – I f**Ked up. Who else said something other than Bayleigh? Haleigh – JC was pissed. Well he wasn’t pissed he was just like we all have something we’re here for. Rockstar – JC was just in the bathroom saying he doesn’t want to be here. Haleigh – well JC lives a lush life of drinking, partying and travelling. And there is none of that in here. You know what bothers me.. Sam has stopped her entire oh I don’t want to be here. I think she played me. Rockstar – no, I had a very long talk with Sam last night. She was crying. It was a personal conversation .. if I was going to make an assumption .. I think she cheated on her man and that’s why they broke up. Big Brother switches the cameras.

9:10pm – 9:20pm Rockstar – I didn’t come here to have life experiences. It gets real frustrating that I am an easy target. People don’t take the time to get to know me. Haleigh – well you’re the oldest one here. They haven’t gotten to know you so its easy to put you up. Haleigh – you did really good Rockstar. ROckstar – I just thought I was right. Haleigh – you did really good. You were second to Tyler. You beat me, Fes, Kaycee and Angela. Rockstar – I feel good about that. I just f**ked it up. What is Angela going to do if she gets out of here? She is going to go the jury house. She is going to take some swimsuit pictures. Go back to her LA life. Tyler whatever is between you and Haleigh. You wouldn’t have even been up there if I hadn’t shared my answer. I am so sorry I f**ked us hardcore! I think Tyler respects that I have a family and I want them to come out here. Haleigh – pitch that to him.

Haliegh – I would offer Tyler 3 weeks safety. Rockstar – I could offer that too. Haleigh – Fes could too. That’s 3 people offering him 3 weeks safety. Rockstar – Kaycee and Angela don’t really want to be here. Haleigh – you and I are fans of the show. Angela is so boring it makes me sick! She is not entertaining to watch. If I was watching this season I would be pissed that she is still on the show. Like all you do is workout and lay in the sun. F**K she makes no moves. She hasn’t won anything. She is not playing this game she wants to get carried. She needs to go. Kaycee wants to float all the way and I get so pissed at floaters. I play this f**king game! Granted I think she won the hacker which means she is playing the game when she needs to. But its like what have you offered to this season!? What have you contributed to MY entertainment?! Rockstar – do you think they threw the competition to Tyler? Haleigh – I think it was an option of theirs. .. no I don’t think they did. I think they just lost.

10pm – 10:10pm HOH Bathroom. Heleigh, Rockstar and Tyler. Rockstar to Tyler – I have a safety commitment to you from Fessie, Sam, Haleigh and myself so lets count because I am stupid. That’s one, two, three, four people that would keep you safe if they won HOH. How many people do you have keeping you safe? Two? Tyler – maybe. Rockstar – Fess has won vetos, Sam’s a crazy person on a tree, I’ve almost .. I am coming up on mine .. lets be real and this one (Haleigh) is sitting right here. That’s four people that are guaranteeing you safety. And you can check that with Sam who never breaks a promise and Fess who doesn’t break a promise. Tyler – were you the hacker? Did you put me up yes or no? Haleigh – I am not coming for you in this game. Tyler – did you ever come for me? Haleigh – possibly. Rockstar – what she did or did not do has nothing to do with me. Haleigh – I am the hacker and I never intended for you to go home. Rockstar – Angela and Kaycee run around here so f**king comfortably every single week. They haven’t made any moves. I’m not even convinced that they want to be here. Tyler – yeah, I’m not a big floater fan. Rockstar – right. And neither are we. Tyler – yeah, you’re out there killing it. Rockstar – well trying. And I have Sam.. what’s that saying ..tame that lion. Sam talks game with me and only me. Everyone knows they can trust Sam. Haleigh – I am not coming for you. I am telling you right now if Angela comes off I am not putting you up. Tyler – well I don’t think it can be because I won the veto. Haleigh – yeah right. If it wasn’t you there was another plan. I am telling you, you are not my target.

10:20pm Rockstar – that OTEV lit a fire under me! If you use this on me its not just two people protecting you.. two people that who knows if you can even trust.. because their girlfriend Rachel couldn’t trust them. Bayleigh couldn’t trust them. Haleigh – think about your relationship with them and what it was two weeks ago. Tyler – that’s why I have a lot to think about. Haleigh – I am sure they promised you the world and deals. Tyler – that’s the thing they haven’t. Rockstar – well there you go .. I’m telling you four people are. I fell asleep last night and got woken up to Angela fake giggling with you. I can’t do that. Tyler – do you think I am going to fall for that sh*t. Twice in one f**king season!? No! Rockstar – You should have heard her talk about Kaitlyn when she was playing that game. I would never flirt my way into .. so I fall asleep to her doing the exact same thing?! The b***hy part of me almost got up and was like do you remember when you were talking all that sh*t?! Haleigh – mad sH*t! Rockstar – and I am sorry .. you are hilarious and beautiful but you’re not that f**king funny. Tyler – trust me I am not stupid. Haleigh – she (Rockstar) all ways calls you a lamb. Rockstar – a gentle lamb. Haleigh – I was trying to convince Rock that her council and advisement are important to me and I think its important to several other people. Rockstar – those people offered you safety based on the importance of that council. I got Sam to finally talk game. Haleigh – which is a feat in itself.

10:50pm – 11:20pm HOH room. Tyler and Haleigh. Haleigh – I am not coming after you. Tyler – you put me up! Haleigh – I don’t know what Angela offered you but I can offer you more. I can offer you more people. Tyler – I just really wanted to he here. Tyler – I am going to let you enjoy your.. sober up a little bit. Haleigh – i’m a bit tipsy. Where’s your eat at? Tyler – I don’t have decision. Haleigh – obviously! I am offering you my life.

11:25pm – 12am Haleigh and Fes.
Fes – 53 days later. What more am I supposed to do? Haleigh – tell me if you flipped? Fes – swear to god. I didn’t flip. Hearing that makes me want. You’re the only thing I think about in this house. You’re going to look so stupid when you watch this. Haleigh – how am I supposed to know that …people come here to lie. Its not that I don’t trust you. Just tell me if you flipped? Fess – will call a house meeting and tell everyone how I voted. Everything I do, I do for you. Haleigh – I question you and you walk away. Fes – you still question me after 53 days! Fes – I did not flip on the Brett vote. Both times I said I vote to evict Brett. Haleigh – promise? Fes – I’m not pinky promising. That is so stupid! I just want you to look me in the eye and believe me. Haleigh – so you won’t pinky promise me!? WOW you’re not ready to commit to a pinky promise!?? Fes – what I am saying is just because I pinky promise doesn’t mean I didn’t flip. Haleigh – pinky promises are a big deal. Fes – yeah they save you from vetos. Haleigh – I want to trust you but we weren’t that close during weeks 1 – 4. You weren’t that into me then, you were into Kaitlyn. Fess – go home you’re drunk! Haleigh – you entertained her. Fes – like you entertained Brett and Tyler. Rockstar joins them. Rockstar – I wanted to tell you something alarming.. Tyler lays in bed with Angela and she was giggling. I guess your conversation didn’t go so well. Haleigh – it did go well that’s why I’m alarmed. Fes – it will be fine. Rockstar leaves.

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Rockstar is an idiot for showing Tyler the answer. *Rock star ghetto voice* GAH BYEEEE!


Yeah, I don’t see the logic there giving him an answer. I must say it’s impressive that she made it to the final 2. I wouldn’t have guessed that.


I’m not even a fan of L6 but fuck they deserve it. This stupidity is unacceptable.


“yeah, you’re killing it”


Did she actually point it out to him? Nah, I don’t see that happening. She probably didn’t know he could see her answer and dumb as she is, she was no doubt staring at his wrong answer. He’s quick. Caught on really fast, grabbed up the right answer, and beat her up to Otev. At least that’s how I think it might have happened. What do you think?
If it happened the way I think, Tyler owes no debt to Rocktard like she thinks he does. Go Tyler.

Leopold Stotz

In the first round, Rockstar showed Tyler her answer and asked if that’s what he got. He realized his mistake and went back to get the correct answer. She literally showed him the answer.


Tyler to Rockstar: “yeah, you’re killing it”


tyler is sharpest one in there and even insults them to their faces but people like rockstar are delusional….biggest floater in the game? rockstar…only person sam talks game with? tyler…her sense of self importance and false confidence and stupid jive slang voice and ugly face has become nuaseating….so good to see haiyley lose again, and possibly send one of her good friends and alliance members home ( kaycee will cancel a vote, then she will get tyler, brett, angela, and jc to vote for her while fes and maybe scottie will vote rockstar, so it’s a sealed deal no matter which level 6b member goes up regardless…rockstar and her ugly dumb face is gone in few days….


All the jive slang LOL! in my head I automatically read it as jive TURKEY slang. Lol. Sah dah tay jive turkey! But yea dumb ass rocks was making me sick…”4 ppl thats more than 2 ppl” i don’t see how tyler sat through all that…..especially with having to watch hayleigh twiat around in that disgusting looking bath water.


So it’ll be Kaycee and Rockstar and Rocks will probably go home right?


Bye bye Rockstar…Take your rocktard with you please. Sick of looking at it !


most definately she is going home….kaycee will cancel one vote, likely fes…then at least angela brett tyler and probably jc and sam vs at most scottie, and maybe sam and jc–but those two will likely just vote with rest of level 6 anyways


The hive and Murphy’s law.
All I can say is I hope Hayleighs HOH isn’t entirely decimated.


its done…her good friend–only friend left really–and alliance member–a vote for her and against her foes–will be gone…she will likely follow suit either before or after fes….first tyler turned tables to get bayleigh out, now kayce and tyler turn tables to completely obliterate her hoh….aw, sweet sweet justice—the word scramble rigging for hayleigh back to back identitical comps after she clearly told production her strengths were word scrambles has all been washed away and i regained my faith in big brother…

Rachel’s Vixens

L6 already suspects Scottie on flipping with Hive and will be target #1 next week as he can actually win comps… followed by Fessy (physical threat), then Hay, & then Sam. Im just waiting for L6 to turn on each other and then BB can really begin!!!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Uhh, Haileigh YOU are boring too; Angela used her HOH to get Queen of Hate out.


Yes and she and Tyler kaycee Bret jc and possibly Scottie two shoes will vote out rocky

BB Fan

Stupid Rocktard

The 2010 United States Census

I think the entire game now hinges on JC’s vote this week. And that depends entirely upon how he sees his position in the game. There are 3 certain votes from the L6 side for their nom to stay. There are 2 certain votes from the Hive side for their nom to stay, but 1 of those votes will be cancelled. I can’t see Sam voting out Rockslob, so that makes 2 votes for her to stay. Scottie likely is going to do what Hayleigh wants, so that’s a 3rd vote for the slob. The big question becomes “Is JC ready to show his cards?” Is he loyal to Fes or Tyler?


your “analysis” is really far off….jc has voted against fes in every single vote…he clearly has more loyalty and hangs out more with level 6….even your scottie suggestion as a certainty to follow hayleigh is off base since scottie is simply playing the middle and knows that the other side has more power players and voters and actually respects brett and tyler’s game and angela’s and sees them as viable hoh comp winners so why would he bloody his hands heading into an hoh where hayleigh cant even play while the entire level 6 minus their weakest player kaycee is playing, and why ruin his game with them over a fes-rockstar-hayleigh useless team when they are going to be inevitably out—scottie woulod only make such a move if it was an actual player threat like brett, tyler, or angela but not against kaycee just to appease hayleigh—who is only good at word scrambles and has since developed a real false sense of her abilities to play the game and call shots and read things correctly when she is still being outplayed every turn by level 6 and jc and scottie….so both your jc and scottie theory is garbage—also even if kaycee left, that wouldnt be some deciding moment for the entire game when theres still brett-tyler-angela vs rock/fes/hayleigh with scottie and jc in middle with tyler having a power app and sam in his pocket the most—sam only gives sympathy votes when the whole house votes out a person, or as a trick—while jc and scottie tend to vote with tylers crew more so than against it, especially jc, and tyler-brett-angela are more comp beasts and have bigger targets on them anyways regardless of kaycee…it will a unanimous voting out of rockstar with fes voe cancelled for sure, leaving only maybe a pity vote by sad ole sam or one by a confused scottie which i highly doubt since he is most pragmatic players and reads things well like tyler does and feels protected for next few weeks as hayleigh-fes get cleaned out or they go after main core of level 6 with scottie and jc and sam sitting on sidelines as it happens….

Houka Inumuta

In light of Tyler winning veto the eviction party is postponed to August 23.

Sorry guys.

Scottie is playing a kick butt game he’s gonna float to the end and win!!!!!

Scottie FTW


tyler still his cloud, which he would use before veto ceremony anyways this week if he had lost veto, and he will use it next week as well…..u might wanna hold off the party until september rolls around…your party will be ala hillary ’16—fraught with anger and disappointment from your mistaken delusions and overestimation

Fraggle Rockula

Ishii-san, I’m not sure which BB you’re watching in your head but I totally find your posts entertaining….


I’m in awe with your durability. It’s so funny that day in and day out, there u r wit your gentle lamb eviction party postings.


Haleigh is drunk and talking non stop smack in the bathtub. Rockstar feels she’s so entitled and they both believe they deserve to be there more than Angela and Kaycee. Haleigh certainly thinks she’s so cleaver and smarter than everyone. She needs to sober up.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

IF we are comparing floaters, typically a floater rides the Middle, does very little in the way of strategy, comps, or moves in the house. KC & Angela have a solid alliance they’ve successfully strategiZed with from the beGinning. JC has ridden the Middle but he’s stirred up a lot, fed lies to the Hive. Sam rode the Middle but has clearly flipped sides.Scottie rides the Middle but has a stRong HOH & is good at comps. Fez does what he’s told, has won 2 vetoes (one not played sent his team mate home). Clueless. Rockchip has won nothing but has been on the block. So I didn’t know that is deFine any of these house guests as floaters. Sam, maybe; up till a week ago she waited for Tyler to tell her who to vote for. But she did win a comp.


she did two identical word scramble puzzles comps after telling production she is strongest in word scrambles—she wasted her hacker win and bayleigh went home then she wasted her hoh and rockstar is going home–her two girlfriends and alliance members, on her watch and power…and she floated until the scramble win one week ago, and hanging on every guy pathetically….now she is acting cocky and know-it-all when she doesnt know squat


Oh my gosh, listening to Haleigh’s conversation with Tyler is cringeworthy. She’s literally spilling all the tea, plus she keeps repeating herself over and over again. She’s not being very smart (the Hive being smart, lol). Tyler is going to go back to L4 and they are going to laugh their butts off. Ahhhh, it’s so embarrassing!!!!

I hate to say this, but I’m done with all the girls. I’m hoping Brett, Scottie, Fes and Tyler start taking them out and then they can turn on each other.


I was laughing so hard at that conversation. Before saying to rockstar Tyler is easily manipulated by flirting. Then has her bring him up while she’s in the bathtub. She looked like a complete idiot. He didn’t fall for it the first time she tried with him and not falling for it now. That girl is a mess. I would crack up every time he said. But you put me up. He asked her. Who was the hacker. If she had a half a brain she would have said Bayleigh. But no. She owns it. Lol.


Rockstar and Haleigh explaining to Tyler how they had the majority and they were the leaders of the winning side was hilarious. The pomposity and certainty that they (RS AND HALEIGH!!!!!) were running the show was so other worldly it was like watching a slo mo trainwreck. How can two people be so arrogant?


Rocktard…you’re too funny! “Do you think they threw the comp to Tyler?”, she asks Haileigh. What? You mean like you did? Hahaha A real hoot!
What will be even funnier will be watching you explain to Dead Queen Bay how the hell you lost on Haileigh’s HOH !!!
Surely we’ll get to see you enter the Jury House. Can’t wait!


Hay getting the feeling Sam has played her about wanting to leave.
Rocks frantically chomping on ALL the chockies defending Sam..her ally.
Tyler in the bathtub..perhaps hoping Tyler is getting the hots for her…trying to be genuine.
Rocks and Hay bombarding Tyler…who is just chilling.
Rocks tells Tyler she has SAM. All the way.
Rocks basically saying she is the only one who should be here.
No one else deserves it. Rock and Hay saying Angela and KC do nothing but float.
It should be remembered that Bay lef on Angela’s HOh. Bu OK.
Hay and Rocks being very bitchy about ngela and KC.
Not letting Tyler say anything.
Hay is tipsy and just lied. Said she wanted to win it to prove to Tyler she was not going tO backdoor him.
Now sayinG she wanted Rockstar To win iT. To shove it in ngela and KC’s faces.
No question. They think Tyler is gullible and that he is believing them.
That they have OPENED HIS EYES as to what is REALLY going on.
Dumber and Dumber.
But now Tyler knows for sure that Sam cannot be trusted.
Sam is actually the biggest snake in the house.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Tyler might have to have that Fredo talk with Sam.

Busta Fooligan

Never go against the family


Oh my gosh, lol. Best comment of the night.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

“Don’t EVER mention her name again!” (better check the DNA – Sammy could work her way out of the Titantic.)


The titanic would have made it to New York if Sam had been there.


Haleigh is actually shriveling up she’s been in the bathtub so long. Trying her hardest to convince Tyler how relevant she is. My ears can’t listen to her and Rockstar anymore. They are such fools.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

On After Dark, I fast forward through every scene that is Hayleigh/Fez, Hayleigh/Rockslobber. Can’t take it. I’m afraid my brain cells will commit suicide, and they don’t deserve that.


They are at least trying to play the game. And she wasn’t going to backdoor him.

Every time someone dares speak to Tyler people twist it into some weird, Tyler is the man, Tyler is playing them, Tyler is misting them thing. When you said it, he is literally just sitting there.

Of course it isn’t going to make a difference and Tyler is just going to do whatever Angela tells him to do. It has gotten him through the game so far and she rarely gives him bad advice. But Hay makes an effort which is what everyone should be doing.

Fraggle Rockula

They are doing an undeniably piss poor job at playing the actual game. But, it does make for very good TV. This season really has been the best in a very long damn time…


At least they are trying to play, sad as it is, they are trying which is tons better than previous seasons.

Gimmie a Break!!!

Wrong Hay was 100% going to try to backdoor tyler and said so several times if she cld but she got played and isnt as smart as ppl think she is which she just showed by spilling pretty much her entire game to tyler by drinking too much wine… Bye Rockstar n Hay too follow…


thats just rockstar heightening her false sense of importance to sam—sam and tyler are bonded forever regardless…sam only strays in votes and behaviour when it doesnt really impact the overall end goals of tyler’s game…if sam truly talked game with rockstar and rocks had some hold over her then sam wouldve ratted out tylers power app but she didnt…dont confuse a few days of chats with the weeks of time and caring tyler put in to get sam in his pocket when needed at the right important moments but he lets her do whatever she wants behaviour wise and game talk wise…guaranteed tyler will even bring up verbatim the conversation he just had with rockstar to get clarity and mock rockstar as well, and sam will brush it off and explain and remind him tylers her #1

Penelope Taynt

Wow, Haleigh is a master at slinging the BS. The nonsense she is pitching to Tyler in the HOH bathroom is comical. Tyler would have to be a fool to buy into any of that. She is insulting Tyler’s intelligence.


The green eyed monster is in full bloom within RS and Haleigh right now. Both are so jealous of Kaycee and Angela. It’s hilarious. I bet poor Tyler can’t wait to escape. He’s trapped in the bathroom with 2 nuts. Lol


tyler just wants rocks to leave so hayleigh gives him a handy under the bubbles—no mics, no cameras, plain sight, good times…


If they can make JC Scottie and Sam see the light they have the numbers even with the cancelled vote. Stop working on Tyler and start on JC


what light? tyler is sam’s best ticket to final two deal with best competitor….likewise for jc if he sticks around too as a floater around level 6….jc and scottie and sam benefit more from level 6 and rest of hive eliminating each other, which gives them at least two-three more weeks, during which time they can build up even better security measures by being chummy with everyone left standing after the cleansing out of both sides…if they out last both sides they can then eliminate whichever side is standing or ride alongside as the pawn or floater, with the exception of scottie who is an actual solid comp player…overall, it is only in scottie’s interest to vote out a level 6 but he also doesnt want any unecessary blood if he knows for sure rocks is going regardless, so he would only do that if jc and sam were 100% ahead of time which neither will be except maybe sam…jc i think hates rocks and wants these people out first before level 6 even for personal reasons, which makes sense…if the level 6 was smart they would put up scottie next, then jc with an agreement with other side–fes hayleigh–instead of continuuing to finish them off because they will only have two now, but they will likely continue going after hayleigh rightly or wrongly


Unfortunately, they are being clueless per usual *sigh*


Haileigh shouldn’t have lied to Tyler. She lied when she told him that she never intended to get him out. Not that he trusts her anyway. But how DUMB to lie to his face when you’re trying to make a deal with him. This group never ceases to amaze me. It’s like watching Dumb and Dumber and Dumber and Dumber…Go Hive. Yeah, right…LOL.

K...bb fan

Probably not wise of Rocks to tell Tyler she has Sam in her pocket. They also have no idea what part Angela and Kaycee have played in setting them up all season. They do not get that competition is only a fraction of the game and criticize what they don’t understand. Then try to manipulate people who have already figured their game out. I am not sure how they can play a worse game than they are.

I would love to see them commentate a viewing of the season, to see their reactions as they realize how lost and outplayed they have been all season.

Smitten Kitten

I’m still in total amazement at how clueless the hive still is.
I thought they were all recruits, which would make their ignorance of the game more understandable, but to hear Haleigh & RS say that they are big fans of the show is just dumbfounding!

How could Haileigh be so lacking in awareness & insight??
She completely trusts Brett, so much so that she thinks he’ll vote whichever way she wants, yet she is constantly questioning & placing doubt in her most loyal teammate (Fez)??

That whole alliance takes anything & everything L6 & JC says as unquestionable truth!
They never think that the other side is lying to them & they are ALWAYS lying to them!
So rather than question if what L6 is saying may not be true, they’d rather accuse their own alliance members of flipping their votes & lying week after week.
What is wrong with them???
How can you constantly be lied to, but still take them for their word?

RS giving Tyler the correct answer in the veto comp today (which became the reason she lost to him & will be voted out on Thursday) is a PRIME example of why week after week after week the hive is sitting with their jaws on the floor on eviction night.

If you’ve been blindsided every single week since entering the house, you’re obviously not playing by the proverb “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” and you don’t deserve to win.


I think Hay is more willing to trust Brett than Fes because after their conversation in the hammock that night, she personally prefers Brett over Fes. She’s just smart enough though to realize Fes is a loyal lapdog. Now I know that Hay has pulled the trigger on Brett twice now, but I think now, if the choice was in front of her, she might actually pick Brett.


She likes to play with Brett’s hair. Fes won’t let her.


Tyler uses veto on Angela. Haleigh puts Kaycee back up. Votes are tied 3-3. Angela Brett Tyler evict RS. Scottie JC Sam vote to evict Kaycee. Fes vote gets cancelled by hacker Kaycee. Haleigh sends Kaycee to jury.

my 2 cents

I think JC has wanted Rockcracks out for weeks now. I don’t see him voting to keep her on Thursday.


LOL Rockcracks best Rock… name for me. lol

Team Peanut

How are you getting a tie?

If Peanut is against Rocksnot, Peanut would have at least Brett Tyler Angela JC…and maybe Scottie…Rocksnot would have Fes and Sam …Peanut cancels one …..say Fes that is still four against one or five against one. No tie


JC is not goint to evict Kaycee. It would be suicide for his game.


What the Bathroom Trio of hay, Rocks and Tyler accomplished.
Rocks demolished the chocolates.
Hay demolished the wine.
Tyler has silently absorbed the info.
Hay is letting tyler know how smart she is.
How she has all the guys.
Telling Tyler he has to think about next week.
Ummm Hay. You better think about next week. You can’t play in HOH.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

The only thing left is to give Fez more eye liner, have him write their “strategy” on the wall for L6 (help him with the big words, Hay), and accidentally vote against Rockthug eviction night.

Hay: “Julie, you look absolutely flabbergasted tonight!”


Talking about Hay to Julie every voting session.
Hay * Julie, you look amazing, Iconic..beautiful etc.
But Hay’s mouth gets all twisted and weird when she says it.
It’s a VERY uncomfortable thing to watch and hear.


That’s the one good thing about Hay’s HOH. . .we won’t have to hear that this week.


Hay: “Julie, you look absolutely flabbergasted tonight!”

I just spit my coffee laughing. Nailed it.


….and tyler has a cloud, and a larger group, more supporters, better social game, has won the most comps, and has outplayed her every turn….so theres that, plus she cant play hoh…if they have a third word scrmble for her ill be laughing at the absurdity of how obvious production has become each passing year lol..

Douchey C

Tyler has a great poker face in this hilarious conversation with Hayleigh & Rockflub on why he should trust them and use his veto on RS! The only thing they accomplished doing was put big targets on Hayleigh, Scottie & Sam. To hear Rocktard blather on about how she’s more deserving than Angela & Kacee is pathetic. These two ding-dongs gave Tyler a boat load of info that he’ll be sharing & laughing about with Level 6 later on tonight .


Fes having to listen to drunk Hay acting 14 years old.
Rocks comes in. Says Bad news.
Tyler is in bed with Angela and they=re GIGGLING.
Now fake laughing with Tyler…Rocks trying to be flirty and charming with Tyler SOOO cringy.
Rocks laughing like a Hyena. Not a pretty sound.

Douchey C

I know, right? That laugh is hideous….. much like her personality.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I love how Fez tries to spend the night in HOH with Hay every night and he goes stomping out tripping over his lower lip at yet another rejection LOL. “Dude, she’s just NOT that into you!”


Say hello to Bayleigh when you get to the Jury House, Rockstar!

another name

as fes and haleigh are in the bathroom… you just know he’s thinking this is my chance to get some: she’s drunk.


RS is completely and totally delusional. Sam has spoken to and been loyal to her for what 3 days? Make that two days because Sam voted to evict her sorry ass Thursday. This after she promised Tyler she would vote how he wanted her to and didn’t. Yup she’s trustworthy. And Kaycee and Angela are floaters? Why because they’re both younger and way more attractive than RS? Angela beat her in a comp to win HoH. Does she forget that??? WTF.
You have to love Tyler for not blowing up on them or bursting out in laughter. You can see where his mouth gets him in trouble though. You typed Tyler – yeah, you’re out there killing it. and I hear Tylers sarcastic voice saying those words. RS and Haileigh hear a compliment. This week will be fun!!

Kanye Loves Trump

The Hive needs to get off its a$$, come up with a plan, and then approach scottie, Sam, and JC and make a case to keep RS. The Hive + floaters team up or else L4 with all their physical comp beasts are going to run thru the BB house to a final 4.

Kanye Loves Trump

L4 is starting to remind me of Enzo and the Brigade. Unless the Hive and floaters team up, L4 will pick them off one by one to a final 4.

Poor Fessy

Poor Fessy…. EVERY Saturday after veto he laughs how stupid the other side bc of his sides plan…. and EVERY Thursday he is sitting there saying I have no idea what’s going on in this house. Rock going home on Haliegh HOH

Kanye Loves Trump

Tyler uses POV
Angie comes down and KC goes up (you can substitute brett for kc if you want)
KC cancels Fezzys vote

Tyler votes out RS
Brett votes out RS
Angela votes out RS

the 3 floaters scottie JC and Sam see where the power is and don’t want to rock the boat. All 3 vote out RS.

The hive is now down to Fezzy and Hay. At this point everyone in the house will put the target on them. The 3 floaters are playing week to week and want to stay on the good side of L6.


Scottie will vote how Hay tells him to vote. He has surrendered his game to her. JC has always voted with Tylers side. So why would it change now?
Especially now that scottie and hayleigh want him gone. Sam is a wildcard, no one knows where her head is at.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

After Dark (Hayleigh in bathtub talking about life with Rockloser) ~ R: I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think I’ve learned anything here. H: What life lesson do you not only know? You are established. You already know it all. (palm to face)


Fes to Haleigh- “I don’t know what’s going on in that brain of yours”

Nothing, Fes, nothing is going on in there. I think she’s taking your spot for the dumbest one on the HIVE. She needs to lay off the wine, it’s pretty embarrassing.


and we all know her grandpa was watching!


If anyone is a floater it’s Tyler and Jc… too bad these people don’t watch enough big brother to know the difference between a floater and a coaster. If only Rachel Reilly didn’t say “floaters grab a lifevest” there would be no confusion…

This is the BEST season in years!

Clown Shoe

I cannot stand Tyler, but How exactly is he a floater when he has stayed loyal to an alliance that he has had since nearly the beginning of the game? With the help of his alliance, he has basically hand picked the person to go home each week along with racking up 7 comp wins. Also how did Rachel’s “floaters grab a lifevest” confuse the meaning of a floater? lol


I think Haleigh is just as bad as Bay. Her and Rocks are the epitome of sore losers. The assumptions they make about Angela and KC. I think they are seriously jealous of Angela. Rocks thinks everyone owes her something and I have been more entertained by L6 this season then those W two. Up until three weeks ago I forgot about Haleigh because she did nothing.

Kanye Loves Trump

Angela is what every woman dreams of being. Hay is a dirty little tomboy with body odor. RockStar is a wannabe welfare queen from the hood.


I’m wondering … do the houseguests know officially that only one power app is still in play?

Haleigh's Melanoma

Some think it has probably expired. Only Tyler and Sam know.


So am I understanding this correctly? Rockstar messed her own game up by accidentally giving Tyler the right answer during OTEV and she now thinks Tyler owes her something because she “helped him”? LOL, alright.

Kanye Loves Trump

RS flunked that Logic 101 course at Community College.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Just watched the HOH bathroom scene…That will go down as one of the more epically humorous conversations in recent BB memory. Tyler is the man and kudos to him for keeping a straight face through it all….When I first saw Tyler I thought man this guy is going to be a surfer dud, but he has been absolutely fantastic thus far.

BB season 20

The fact that rockstar and hailey think that Angela and kaycee have done nothing just shows how out of touch that alliance is. I mean just last week in Angela’s hoh, she took Tyler off the veto and renamed bayleigh as a nominee leading to her eviction (how hayliegh doesn’t think that’s making a move is beyond me but I guess that’s hive logic for ya). Also, since they believe Tyler has no one even after Angela used the veto to get him off the block shows the strength of L6. I mean nobody in that house fully expects all four of them (Angela,Brett,Tyler,kaycee) to be working together but in reality they have been controlling the house the entire game. I mean I know JC thinks he’s a part of it and Scottie has some insight but I don’t think they even know how strong the L6 bond is.

Gimmie a Break!!!

LMBO!!! I loved how Fes n Hay in hoh room both were saying “What an Idiot who gives him the answer abt Rockstar n cld be going home on your HOH…. bawaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

**Sounded like Rockstar was up there with right answer waiting n looked at tylers n compared n made him realize his wasnt right so he ran back down got right answer n knocked Hayleigh out due to that with only him n Rockstar in final round in which tyler won last round on his own but had she not helped him previous round it wld of been Rockstar n Hay in final round…. Hahahahaha!!! U cant make this stuff up how dumb Rockstar is for not having a clue yet calls herself a huge brother fan….


It’s a shame really. Haleigh’s pitch to Tyler is based on her being this leader of a majority, when she’s been happy after exactly one, just one eviction. It’s like her just trying to skip over throwing Tyler on the block….AWFUL salesmanship.

The Canadian

The only movement I can do by watching this week go is: facepalm. I do not want it to sound like a nasty comment but I honestly think The Hive is the most stupid alliance to have played Big Brother in 20 years…


These people are ridiculous. Rockstars rants about people not talking to her. She started the game in a clique and did not talk to people outside of that clique. She reminds of a person I knew that would constantly complain that people were not calling him, or talking to him. During one of his rants about people, his friend got frustrated with him “Oh my god, it is not like your fingers are broken and you can’t pick up a phone and dial it. You never call anyone or keep in contact with people.”. That is Rockstar, in a nutshell, she stayed in her small clique, judged people on site and basically is the one that would not talk to people. That is why their side is so clueless, they never asked for votes or really did anything outside their clique for most of the game to the point they have no idea what the real dynamics of the house is.

They have no idea that Kaycee has been playing the game with an alliance because they never left their group. They completely missed that JC has been playing the game. They said Angela hasn’t won anything, she was HoH, she sent Bay packing. They talk down in regards to Tyler and for some reason think that Scottie and Sam are big players. They think Sam is playing mind games… Scottie won HoH and then retreated after it was over. Sam just wants out of that madhouse and regrets going there.

They accidentally stumble on their realizations. Climb out of your arses and look around at what is really happening.


Haleigh is even dumber than her cousin Elena from Bb 18 lol