“I’m on my power trip I have begun this week is not over yet Kaycee take a seat”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers

12:10am FEs, Haleigh and Rocks
Rocks and Haleigh are talking like Tyler would use the veto on ROCKS after Haleigh told the house that Tyler was her backdoor target.

Fes comments that he would like to get to know Angela outside the house “She’s hot”
Haleigh says fes is just trying to piss her off.
Rocks – she doesn’t have an a$$ and he likes a$$

Rocks – I think he’s going to do it
Fes – I should have a talk with him too about how we share the Kaitlyn connection
H – what’s that going to do
H – you do need to try and make a connection though
Fes – I have a good connection tih him.
H – then tell him to use the veto on ROCK
Fes – ok
Rock – reinforce that he has safety
Fes – he knows that
Rock and Haleigh – how does he know that..
Fes burps out something… “look bro I know with the whole Kaitlyn stuff me and yo haven’t been on the same page.. ”
They laugh at Fes for not making sense..
fes to Rocks “you’re on the block for the third time.. you could have won veto but you told Tyler and I’m trying to help you and you are making fun of me”
Rocks – you are supposed to be my champion warrior knight..

Fes brings up Angela being the hacker
Haleigh – she would have to be a dumb a$$ to not take herself down
Fes – if you are Angela and you are the hacker.. if you take yourself off and pick yourself to play in the veto people will know you are the hacker but if you take yourself off and don’t pick yourself to play in the veto yo might be a replacement nominees.. but if you take someone else off and you get to pick the player to play ion the veto you have two chances to being safe on the block yourself playing and your person you used the veto on last week..
Haleigh brings up Angela crying after Tyler won the Veto. Haleigh hopes she cries like that when she’s still sitting on the block Thursday.
Fes – I think Tyler is stupid enough to think that you know what If I save Angela I have Angela and KAycee on my team now
Haleigh says Tyler is probably talking to Angela right now saying how he heard my pitch and he’s not falling for it
Rocks – maybe
H – I didn’t say anything that would incriminate me .. F* him
Haleigh says she told Tyler he needs to do something that show to her they can trust him. “He’s like I will I will ”
Rockstar – you know Tyler you would be really smart to take us up on the offer (always funny rocks)
Fes – what can Angela offer him moving forward
H – I wish this conversation had happened tomorrow night because she has all day to get her claws in him
Fes – if he uses the veto on you I’m going to die
H – if he uses the veto on you after I Completely let everyone know that he was the target this week
Fes – and Angela was the one that pulled him off ..
H – I will lose my sh1t
Fes – we should backdoor his a$$ next week
Fes – either way he’s getting backdoored next week he’s won 5 comps
They laugh.
Fes – he knows he’s getting backdoored that is why he needs 5 people (the alliance that the HIVE is offering him)
Rock – Brett didn’t promise him safety.. JC didn’t promise him..

Haleigh laughs at Tyler asking her where Brett is in all this. haleigh said that Brett is 1/2 on Tyler’s side. and Tyler told her “I want that” Haleigh replied good than use the veto .
Rockstar laughs

fes – this guy is dumb as f*** (XOMG_)
H – no he’s not.. he hasn’t done it yet
Rocks – he’s just a gentle lamb.. (Good god)
H – stop saying he is dumb
Fes – he is dumb
H – if he does this I might not go after his a$$ .. for at least a week
Fes – you’re on the block and you take a pinky promise over the veto
H – it worked for him
Fes – in the time you’re not dumb
H – no because it worked..
Fes – you would of done it..
H – yeah.. had he done it and stayed on the block.. yes but he didn’t
fes – I’m sitting here calling him dumb the only way he uses this veto is if he’s dumb
Rocks – we want him to use the veto
H – stop.. you are being real negative.. I want someone that is positive.. someone bring JC in here.
Rocks – if we hold true to our word it is a smart move for him because he only has 2 people vs 4 people plus Scottie
H – I brought that ups several times and he said haleigh i’m not stupid I know the numbers..
Rock says that Tyler told her that all he wanted was a real offer because the other side hasn’t given him that.
Haleigh brings up Tyler tell him all that Angela said to him was “You know I will return the favour”
H – he said an offer goes a lot further.. to sit there and assume I’m naive like that.

haleigh says her speech is going to be so good “I’m on my power trip I have begun this week is not over yet Kaycee take a seat”
H – it’s a power trip now b1tches
Haleigh says Scottie hasn’t been in her room which is a bit concerning.
they look at the HOh spy screen where sam is baking a pie. Rocks comments that Sam is so alien with her game talk.

Fes tells Rockstar that they got her, “who would have thought all three of us would be here day 53”

Haleigh – noone talks game like we do.. Like nobody openly speaks game with anyone else. Even Scottie and Tyler don’t and they are very close it’s a benefit
Haleigh – go hang out with Sam.. she’s being weird..
Rocks – she’s Happy..
Rocks leaves “I feel very confident”

H – fes did you use my conditioner ..
Fes – just a dab..
H complains that she’s running out.
Fes – what if I win HOH next week
H – I would be excited
Fes – what if I would have kissed you.. you would have been so mnad
H – No.. No I wouldn’t have
fes – f*** .. if we make it to top six we should do it in front of everyone because they’ll speculate it already..

12:20am Angela and Brett
Angela would like Hayleigh to put someone up other than Kaycee to get more blood on her hands. They notice Sam has shifted back to being with them after the power has shifted to their side after Tyler’s Power of Veto win.

They bring up again Sam shifting from side to side as the power shifts. Brett says half of it is strategy and half of it is really the way she is.. Brett is convinced Sam is playing the game and it’s all an act. Angela – there’s no way she’s going to win with that strategy. Brett – she will be one that floats to the f*ing end might win and HOH here or there. Angeal says Scottie and Fes are bigger priorities over Sam.
Brett – I agree
Brett – fes has to go
Angela says Haleigh and Scottie are very close.
Brett says Fes is set in his ways he’s never going to deviate from his day one plan Swaggy’s plan, “Everyone else can be molded”
Brett says fes is straight up gunning for him.
Brett says Scottie and Fes aren’t necessarily close they butt heads.
Angela – interesting.
They agree getting Fes out during a double would be a good play.
Brett – JC is on board with us..
Angela says the other side only see them as three right now that is why Brett has to keep his distance from them. In their eye it’s only Angela, Kaycee and Tyler.
Angela – once they start seeing us as a four they will start coming .. if you can pull JC in .
Anegla says JC might tru to even out the sides and pull Brett and Scottie in.
Brett doesn’t think it will be easy for JC to detach from Fes and Tyler. In jc’s mind those are his 1 and 2.
Brett – he loves Tyler.. JC….
Brett goes on to say that JC has an emotional connection with Fes and Tyler, “He’s not like that with me”
Angela – he might flip over to me Kaycee and Tyler
Angela – what you said is right now he’s going to try to even the sides out
Brett – he’ll vote Rockstar out this week.. that will put them at three and you guys at three..
Brett says that JC thinks that he’s detached from them “makes me nervous in the scenario I go back on the block”
Angela says they say her and Kaycee were close that is why they went up, “She wanted to backdoor Tyler”

Brett says how weird it is that the other side is trying to pull Tyler in.
Angela – they are just bullshitting him .. he knows they are.
Angela says next week it’s only 6 to 2 because this week Rockstar is leaving.
They start going over votes if Brett is on the block.
A – We have the numbers
Brett – I don’t feel safe with JC.. if he thinks I am there..

Brett – Scottie told me Fes was pushing hard to use me as a pawn and Haleigh shut it down..
Anegla says Haleigh putting them up was the stupidest move none of them other than Tyler were coming after her, “and now”
Angela – Sam should have been the pawn and either me or Kaycee
A – Scottie Fes on this side is two.. (votes)
Brett says Fes’ vote would be cancelled.
They count the votes for ROCKSTAR . Brett, Angela, Tyler to vote out Rocks. Sam and Scottie vote out Kaycee (assuming Kaycee is the renom)
Brett – if JC’s vote doesn’t go the way we want it to .. it’ll go to a tie..
A – it’s all on JC and Sam.

Kaycee joins them. they talk about JC playing the middle. Kaycee says Fes was threatening JC that he needs to keep Rockstar other wise he’ll be on the bottom of the totem poll on this side and be used as a pawn.

Kaycee asks if she’s going back up
Brett – if she’s smart.. gets less blood on her hands..
Kaycee – she told em I wasn’t her target.. she said kaycee you are not my target I wanted you to make it far in this game.
Angela starts talking about them getting Sam nominated because they know they can count on Kaycee’s vote.
Brett doesn’t think that will happen the only way she would do that is if Tyler used the veto on Rocks
Angela mentions that JC won’t vote her out over Sam. “I just hate having to rely on any vote.. we are solid.. JC I feel we’re solid.. ”
KAycee says they are solid with JC.

Brett is going to work on Scottie tomorrow to see where the Haleigh’s head is at.

Tyler joins them.

Tyler – If I use the veto on Rockstar they will offer me safety
Tyler says Rockstar told him she has Sam .. So it’s Fes, Rocks, haleigh and Fes offering him the deal. Kaycee knows Sam will vote to keep her over Rocks.
Tyler says Haleigh thinks kaycee has the power but he’s thinking She;ll try to put Kaycee up if Angela goes down.
Kaycee – I’m going to act safe.. just to f* with her

Brett leaves..

Tyler is saying that Rockstar is running the side over there now.
he mentions how it’s not a hard decision for him to use the veto haleigh is making is sound like it’s a possibility he might not use it.
Tyler – Angela used the veto on me last week.. and you (haleigh) put me up as the Hacker..
they laugh at the other side’s attempt to pull Tyler in this week.
Tyler – the dumbest sh1t I’ve ever heard.. the worst pitches ever..
Tyler says they were trying to tell him that Angela was coming to him recently out of convenience. They have no idea who is working with whom
Tyler – that’s the thing they have no clue about 6..
Tyler says the other side thinks Angela and Kaycee are floating..
Tyler – what do you mean she’s floating she just won a HOH and veto last week..
Tyler – their whole pitch they have Haleigh , Rockstar and Sam.. if I tell JC that he;’ll be like f* and jump to this side..
Kaycee leaves..
Anegla – this week went down perfectly
Tyler says that the other side doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on..
Angela says Scottie has got to go she can’t believe him.

Angela brings up how Sam shifts back to them now that they have power.
Tyler says he’s noticed that as well..

1:10am JC joins them.. teases with Angela and Tyler that they are related..

1:17am Backyard is open they got cornhole..

1:21am Tyler, Angela and Kaycee
Tyler says Rockstar is the one that is saying she got Sam for that side. if Rockstar is gone we got back Sam. Kaycee – when ROCKSTAR’s goen tell Sam that is what they said I dunno.. if Sam heard that she would be pissed.. Angela – you can tell her on Thursday.

12:46am Scottie, ROCKS and Haleigh

Haleigh – my pitch was so good.. I hope I can see it ..



1:51am Rocks and Sam
Rocks bringing up how much she trusts Sam and Haleigh.

She’s talking about some 7 person alliance she’s trying to form. There’s the core Sam, Haleigh and her. They Have Fes and Scottie close, Brett and Tyler moving closer.
Rocks says she’s tried to work with Angela and Kaycee from the beginning but they have resisted them at every turn

Rocks says KAycee and Angela threw RAchel “under the table”
Rockstar pours scorn on Kaycee for not voting to keep baylegih after Bayleigh and KAycee were so close that week Bayleigh was teh HOH.
Rocks says that Angela and Kaycee are trying to pull Tyler in
Rocks says that Angela is doing the same thing with Tyler and KAitlyn did… she accuses Angela of flirting with Tyler
Sam tells her to keep her abreast of what is in her best interest moving her game forward. Sam adds that she can trust Sam with neutral information.

Rocks says they think Kaycee has a power so if Tyler uses the veto on Angela and Kaycee can’t go up maybe JC would go up.
Rockstar says Angela is the target of Haleighs’s all along.
ROcks – you’re not going up.. we need to make sure it’s somebody that won’t go up with Angela..
Sam says they don’t know who has the last power
Rocks – it could be expired..
Rocks – kaycee and Angela have refused to work with us we’ve tried several times..
Sam – I just kept thinking there was more with BAyleigh that she would just come back..

2:05am – 3:08am Sam cuts her pie

Look at the lucky boy who gets to sleep in the HOH room.

3:22am Alone.. 

10:24am they are waking up….
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Domesticated Breakdown

Haleigh finally gave in.. I’m actually pretty happy for fessy..bout damn time


Yea, because she was drunk.

Domesticated Breakdown

She wasn’t drunk, she shared a bottle of wine with RS about 6 hours before this happened


Drunk Haliegh has a makeout session with Fessy in the HOH bed on the live feeds


Yes, very respectful Fessy, waited for a drunk girl to take advantage of her.

Such a douchebag.

Bernie the Wacky Socialist

Too bad it wasn’t a drunk Fes and JC who took advantage.


Come on now he didn’t take advantage of her. She wasn’t drunk and she came onto him. It’s not like they even had sex. They just made out. And this morning she clearly remembered everything and still wanted him to stay in the bed with her.


It was a little predatory tho.

Haileighs inhibitions

Unlike sweet baby lamb Tyler who tried to leave when he noticed she was drunk and said how cute he looked. (Respect) Difference in a man who gets women on a regular and one who has no game. (Pun intended)


Tyler and/or Brett should go ahead and plant the seed of a wedge between Angela and Kaycee. You make certain it’s calm, that no matter who is up, RS goes, but very casually toss out to Kaycee that it actually makes sense not to use the veto. You relax the other side, letting them think Angela has one vote (and Tyler can just tell the hive he doesn’t want the house to know he’s with them so RS has to stay a pawn, tell Haleigh it keeps “blood off her hands”)…you keep Sam’s Angela jealousy in check with Tyler not helping her…and Scottie and JC will think they’re Tyler’s # 1, not co-#1 or #2.

You just want to make Angela annoy Kaycee by almost insisting Kaycee is the one that should be the pawn, not her…and make sociopathic Angela annoyed that Kaycee isn’t just serving her. Tyler and Brett should want to be certain that in a worst case scenario, Angela/Kaycee vote to keep them over each other.


Reading the conversations that come from the Hive are so cringe worthy. I cannot wait until they realize what is truly going on….which won’t be until finale night because they aren’t smart enough to piece it together until it’s laid all out for them.



Reading the transcript of the conversations between the HIVE members will make YOU dumber. My IQ just plummets to the level of a squirrel or goldfish when I get inside their heads and grasp their highly delusional thought patterns. How did these people manage to stay alive this long? One would think they need help simply crossing the street without getting hit by oncoming vehicles. If you admire and respect the intelligence of the HIVE…please tell me what other plant life you admire and respect for their intelligence.


LOL! Thanks for the warning!!!

Squirrel or goldfish? I honestly think you are giving them too much credit.

A cane toad is more like it. They release toxins, will “romance” anything from a rock to a dead snake thinking it’s a mate, and they have a pretty bad reputation that doesn’t match their level of threat.

I have had to stop, rewind, and listen again to so many conversations with that bunch that just seem so unbelievable. Like, did he/she just say that? Surely I misunderstood. NOPE *sigh


Me too! I had to rewind several times when Fessie was telling Haleigh what a smart player he was. Unbelievable!


I hate how stupid the hive are!!! They are sooooooo clued out! I dislike Angela and Kaycee… Tyler for the win!


I don’t think they will truly understand how bad their gameplay was until they actually watch it. Even then, I think a couple of them will never own it. They will always be the victims in and outside of the house.

Like literally

Sam is such a clown she could at least pretend one more day before shifting again LOL

Picture on the wall

I don’t think she has shifted. I think she simply came back to reality after her conversations with Rockstar, and is once again engaging people in conversation. Laughing and joking with others like before. I think she is firmly with Rockstar….. until Thursday when Rock meets Julie.


Yeah right! Lol


Well at least one person in the hive is winning….

Congrats Fessy, took 53 days


Ahaaa yep. Fes had his way with drunken Haleigh. Her Dad and Grandpa won’t be too happy. H mentioned she cant be around Fes when she’s drunk. OOPS

Blessed in

Should we mark the calendar for the count down to 40 weeks?


Haleigh’s Power Trip aimed for the most northern city of the Americas, Barrow in Alaska, is actually traveling far south to Ushuaia in Argentina. To top it off, all of her companion’s luggage is heading to the Aleutian Islands. I’m amazed at how naive the Hive is…..just clueless. It’s almost painful to watch.

Much like Catherine Zeta Jones flawlessly worked her way through the laser beams in the movie Entrapment, Tyler’s strategic maneuvers have him heading on a non-stop express flight to Barrow. (side note: that was a man who acted as a double for Zeta Jones in that scene.) His glorious game thus far is not only impressive, it is unprecedented. Should Tyler continue with his stellar performance, he will definitely go down as a Top 5 all time BB player.

Tyler will not use his veto. It would be absolutely stupid given Angela is not at risk. Even though Sam and Scottie’s votes are not guaranteed to evict Rockstar, they don’t even need them.

Haleigh can’t vote as HOH
Angela can’t vote as nom
Rockstar can’t vote as nom
Fessie’s vote canceled by Hacker

Voting to evict Rockstar: Tyler, Kaycee, JC, and Brett
Voting to evict Angela: possibly Sam and Scottie

L6 has just secured a clean sweep with Tyler winning yesterday’s veto. The power struggle of the sides will end with this HOH and individual power struggles begin. Who will sit at final 2? I can’t wait to watch and find out!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

At this rate, if Fessie wins HOH next week Haleigh should just automatically pack her bag. A week later Fessie will follow and she would get to spend a lot of quality time with him and two other bitter, clueless women.


Agree. Day 1 he portrayed himself as a naive beach boy. He will have to keep winning as time passes.


Granny, Questoin: so JC doesnt concern you? I put him in the unpredictable column. Maybe I am mis-reading it…


He definitely plays both sides of the house but he has always voted with Tyler….other than that one rogue vote to keep Kaitlyn which I feel he added for confusion.

He’s been more loyal to L6 than the Hive.

Yet, I’m sure once he has the chance, Tyler will be JC’s first target.


Oh my gosh, I am still flabbergasted about how stupid and totally clueless the HIVE is. What a bunch of numbskulls!! It’s making it real hard to root for them in any way. That said I’d actually like Angela to go, I don’t really care for her personality. I’d love to see Kaycee free from her. However, I think it’ll definitely be RS out this week. The HIVE has played such a weak hand this week and there’s no getting out of it. It’s like the Hive is a JV football team and L4 are the NFL, no comparison at all. They are all brawn and no brains!!

Gigi Tomasa

Yes Angela go would be a great night. I just dont want to watch one side stream roll the other side, makes for boring TV.

Instead iof constantly saying how clueless is, we should be saying how great L6 is at creating the confussion. They.have worked together quite well. I mean Tyler, Brett and Kaycee have all formed relationships outside of L6. I dont see Angela doing that and it may hurt her.

Botox Pelosi

Haleigh brings up Angela crying after Tyler won the Veto. Haleigh hopes she cries like that when she’s still sitting on the block Thursday.

Typical mean girl. It will be classic if Hayleigh loses a hive member on her HOH.

G. Ramsey

Haleigh is dumb


So….I think Tyler is going to use the veto on Angela (return the favor from last week) & KC goes up. KC will cancel Fessie’s vote.

JC, Scottie & Sam are the wildcards for this eviction. However, JC can’t stand Rocks so I think he’ll vote to evict her. And that will be all L4/5/6 need. Scottie & Sam, however, I’m not sure how they will vote. Don’t trust Scottie but I think if he sees the handwriting on the wall, he will vote to evict Rocks.

Sam……????? Don’t know where she will come down on this. I think she’s soured on Tyler for some reason (maybe not enough attention….maybe jealousy). Her vote to keep Bay last week was pure emotion. She has proven to be very unreliable. I’m sad….I liked her so much before the Bay eviction.

IMHO, Rocks is going this week. Tyler still has the cloud. Can’t wait to see who wins HOH next!!


Could be, but I just don’t think it’s wise for him to use that veto when he doesn’t need to. It’s too risky (and I think Angela knows this, too, and wouldn’t fault him for not using it on her). If two of his alliance members end up on the block together by using it on Rockstar, one will have to go.

Declining to take Angela down will confuse the Hive (are they? or aren’t they? – Angela and Tyler working together).

My thought is that it’s best not to use the veto and leave noms the same. Tyler and JC can begin their fake target of Angela (she’s so good at physical comps….karma for Bay’s eviction, etc) and have another unexpected outcome when Rockstar is evicted 4 to 2 or 5 to 1 or 6 to 0.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

What she said!


I think Angela is more at risk of getting voted out than Kaycee…with that said, I think Tyler has got to use the veto to save Angela so that the favor is returned and she is not scorned by a surprise vote shift from JC, Scottie, or Sam. If Kaycee happens to go out, it would suck for the alliance, but I doubt she would feel as set up as Angela would. So as far as jury management goes, I think it is the better move for Tyler. But I actually think they are voting Rock out this week.

On top of that, I will not be surprise if they hit them with a double eviction this week. So if that is the case, and no hacker involved, all they really have to worry about is Fez playing in the HOH. If L6 wins the HoH they nominate Hay and Sam, and after the veto hopefully have a shot at backdooring Fez. But can settle for voting out Hay or Scottie if they are left without that backdoor plan.


It will be better to have kc on the block cuz sam and j.c are very close to kc.

The Hive is Toast

Definitely Hay is a mean girl

Haleigh says her speech is going to be so good “I’m on my power trip I have begun this week is not over yet Kaycee take a seat”
H – it’s a power trip now b1tches


As Blockstar is walking out Thursday she’ll mutter something along the lines of this is a great power trip.


Wow, Rockstar of all people thinks she’s the leader of the pack now. Just wow.


Well, sadly she’s the smartest one, but that’s not saying much.

Blessed in

So where Sam now? Does she want to stay or does she want to go?

Hi my name is Scott

I think I hear a song ………..oh yes……. The Clash!

Bernie the Wacky Socialist

Funny I keep hearing Rock Lobster.

Douchey C

Mike ( one of her 7 personalities) wants to stay now

Eaise the Red flag

Sam is 27 and lives in a trailer in hers Mom’s backyard. She seems like a pretty nice person but she does have cat lady tendsncies.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sam is from a culture that 99.9% of the viewers cannot really comprehend. The reason she lives in her Sugar Shack in her mom’s backyard is because it is comfortable for her.

She is either one of the greatest players of all time or a simple young woman who doesn’t have the life experience to play this game and should never have been pushed into it.

BT Switcheroo

In a pre-season interview, Sam revealed that this was how she would play the game…appear with Southern charm, play both sides, take target off herself, she even said she would manipulate so that the would WIN.

Just as she stated before, she doesn’t quit and will only compete.


She reminds me so much of my aunt who’s a senior lesbian…she has some weird issues/tendencies (Sam)…also can’t believe how much hotter Tyler is with his hair cut…10/10, I wonder if he knows this- and if so, why?


This game was over when Tyler won the veto yesterday. The whole game. Fast forward: Tyler is the winner of BB20. First place: Tyler: Jury votes: Kaycee, Angela, JC, Brett, and Sam
Second place: Scottie. Jury votes: Bay, Hay, Rockstar, Fes
All Tyler has to do is bring a weaker game-player from the other side to the final. Then his alliance will pull him through, with Sam the crowning vote. That is why Tyler’s most vulnerable moment was the fight with Bayleigh; “I’m not like that!” he kept saying. He looked bad enough, offensive enough, that Sam almost dropped him. Sam is the swing vote who crowns Tyler. That is why he watches Sam so carefully. Tyler must target Haleigh next. She and he are the only two players strong enough to win, but Tyler is stronger. Too bad, I was rooting for Haleigh.

Gigi Tomasa

I don’t know. If Tyler pulls a Hive member over his own L6, both sides will start talking and see he actually played both sides. He never told his L6 about the cloud AP, that shows he was always and only for his own game. He just needed the L6 to get him there. His jury management has not started out the greatest because he plays the Hive’s HoH, then turns on them the next week. As much as it is hard to say, Bret has the best jury management right now because both sides like him.


Brett’s goodbye message to Bailey was brutal. She won’t forget that in jury.

Botox Pelosi

That is a great point. We talk about how important jury management is and the goodbye messages can really be used in your favor if you are smart with them. Don’t burn any bridges and remember the rest of the house won’t know what you said so there is nothing wrong in stroking the evicted houseguests ego. It might just might win you 500K down the line.


Fes – you’re on the block and you take a pinky promise over the veto
H – it worked for him

This conversation between Haleigh, Fez, and Angie…I think Haleigh realizes how stupid it is to think Tyler would actually use the veto on Angie (Rockstar) but she’s surrounded by the moronic duo and she ‘s playing along. She’s a member of the hive though so she may actually have misted herself.


Tyler is the ultimate beekeeper, constantly smoking and placating the Hive.

I agree, though. Haleigh had a lot of potential to do well, but she placed herself there in the Hive when she could have easily worked with Tyler early on.

Is It just Me

I think Haleigh would have been in L6 with the “pretty people” had she not been in Swaggy’s group to enter the house. It’s like Shelby being stuck with the Misfits in OTT until she wisely jumped ship and formed an alliance with the two sisters. Once Rocks goes, it will be interesting to see if Hay and Fez can get JC and Sam on their side along with Scottie. I imagine if Fez wins HOH (a big IF) that will happen. I think if Scottie wins, he puts up L6., too. JC won’t try to win. If Sam wins, who knows?? She’s gonna be a wreck again after having to vote for Rocks or KC.


It’s six of one and a half a dozen of another, the only difference is using the veto shows Tyler’s cards although even if he does the Hive may not understand the cards. Plus Haleigh may actually put up someone other than Kaycee for fear of this stray power. Not playing the veto let’s him keep misting them a bit more even when Angie is tossed out during her girl’s HoH. Thursday should be good watching!


I sincerely hope Fes isnt allowed to substitute teach at the high school level and be anywhere near teen girls. He has made a play for every attractive girl in the house . He’s a predator


His actions show he should not be around kids at all. There was a teacher in Orlando that was accused of tickling girls on the thighs and the school only moved the teacher to a different grade. I know many parents pulled their kids out of school for this.

Gigi Tomasa

Do you have an article or other proof before you try and ruin a person rep?

A high school teacher that had a friend accused and it was proven she didn’t do it.


I never mentioned the teachers name nor school. But considering my niece was at the school, I know first hand this happened. And it is under investigation.


He has made a play for every attractive *woman* in the house. That’s the difference. I don’t think Fes is playing a smart game, but it’s 100% unfair to suggest his life outside the house should be ruined for nothing. Substitute teaching is a pretty crappy job, but if accusations that serious start getting thrown around, it would have implications beyond that. Teachers have private lives. It doesn’t mean they’re a threat to children. That’s not cool at all.

Tas Feb

Im not enjoying the one sided game this season, all six people voted out of the house was determined by Tyler and his group

Swaggy's Missing Brow

There is another way of looking at it. As much as the brilliant game play by Tyler and a strong L6 alliance, it has been the utter ineptitude of The Hive that has been most responsible for how things have turned out so far.

I am sorry if it offends anyone but Swaggy didn’t form an alliance of deep thinkers.

The best thing that ever happened to Tyler was when early on Swaggy wouldn’t let him join their alliance.


Funny how Brett and Angela are running things without Kaycee or Tyler realizing it. I don’t know how Angela puts up with Tyler and his gossip and his making fun of people. If I were her I would be like grow up already, you sound like a 12 year old mean girl.


This week could come down to a tie.

I really don’t know how JC, Sam or Scortie will vote.


So you are not a fan. J.c voting rc out !
He was never on her side (thats another reason why puting her on the block not fess was perfect)
I belive sam and scottie will also follow that plan.
But j.c for sure

Swaggy's Missing Brow

A legitimate concern since they’re all free agents. If they were voting as a block (their own alliance) I believe it would be worrisome, however, if it straight up up in the air who will go they have to consider which side is most likely to advance their game for them…team manipulate or team manipulated.

I’d far rather have Hay and Fes mad at me than Tyler and KC.


Who holds court in her tub with hair shavings and dead skin floating around. eeeek!


Yeah, I thought it was quite awkward with the “come to my bathroom for a conference” thing.
It reminded me of that Florida woman shaving her legs in a public pool.

I think Haleigh was looking at it as more of a personal hot tub.

*Heebie jeebies at the thought of entering a public swimming pool*


LBJ used to hold conversations in the bathroom while he was sitting or standing. It was a power play though and a type of intimidation. However, you have to be able to pull it off and Haleigh doesn’t have the power or the personality to pull it off.

Haleigh's Melanoma

I’ll bet if Tyler insisted she would have twerked for him.

Ms. Taz

Can Kaycee be put back on the block if Tyler takes Angela off?




Yes. That’s currently Hay’s plan, although she is concerned that KC has the 3rd power.



Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, which would mean they have two voters sitting on the block not voting. The best move for Tyler is to not use the veto; they can save Angela and reunite Angie with her best friend.


Tyler would never take Toxk off, it would be Angela. So they would only have one of theirs up.




No, if Tyler pulls Angela off and Kaycee goes up, then Kaycee and Rockstar(Angie) can’t vote as they are the nominees. It’s a little confusing as Rockstar is Angie and Angela is part of L6/5/4. Similar to the Paul/Paulie set up.

Gamer Sam?

Alone this morning, Sam wonders “what are you going to do when I change my mind and want to stay?”
I had lost hope that Sam was secretly a serious player and her den mother role her game strategy. Has she been playing us all?

Arya Stark Badass


Can you please put up a poll where we can all predict who we think will win this great season?

I think Tyler is by far the best player but he has too big of a target on himself. Nobody is going to take him with them to the end. My guess is that Angela wins this year.


Angela? Seriously?

Botox Pelosi

How about a poll on whether Swaggy and Fes’s kids will play together?


He doesent need anyone to take him he can beast the comps .and i do see like.. sam.. j.c .. wanting him at the end.

Try so hard to root for the Hive

Poor Fessy… this guy on almost every Saturday and/or Sunday night gets so excited and laughs at the other side of the house saying how dumb they are and the hive has the best plan….. fast forward to Thursday at about 7:30… Fessy usually saying I have no idea what is going on. Something needs to go out way for once!! LMAO. Meanwhile L6 has won 2 HOHs out of 7 and always seems to get the best case scenario to happen even when losing a member. Also how the hell at this point in the game does the hive believe Brett and Tyler are “free agents?!” I mean come on… I try rooting for the hive simply bc they are the underdogs even though I can’t stand rock slob and Bailey (no longer an issue) but they make it so hard

Domesticated Breakdown

I had almost this exact conversation with my fiance last night lol


Looks like Tyler is crushing on Angela… 🙂

Butters Mom

The reason the Hive cant figure out what is going on is because they lack listening skills. They just ramble on and on and on… repeating themselves and the only discussions they stratigize on prior to talking to the other side is what they are going to say to them… never focused on what information they need to get from them. The lack of maturity of Haleigh last night in the tub really shocked me because when she was dealing with the previous week she seemed much better equipped and able to verbalize her points and ideas. I was really hoping she would do a better job this week and she lost me with the whole bath tub afterdark hours. That was cringe worthy.


She already lost me before that. Her needing power over Fes. Treating him like a child. Accusing him of flipping just so he sits and begs her to trust him. That’s not BB. She has him in the game and she knows it. That’s just who she is. Thinking she can entice Tyler by flirting with him. I just can’t listen to her accusing Fes just because she wants him to beg at her feet. So annoying.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Basically what Sam said in her unpopular nomination speech.


Haleigh is still trying to figure out if Fez flipped or not. Actually I think that’s mostly to keep him trying to prove himself to her. He’s been hooked, landed, and now in the bait box with the minnows waiting for bigger fish.

another name

i’m cringing about a guy noticing a woman has finished a bottle of wine, and then making the moves on her aware that her capacity has been compromised. that’s douchey af.
i’m not going so far as to say every step he takes is a me too movement, i’m saying i’m not impressed.
getting off my soapbox.
the pitches given to tyler by rock and haleigh were so baaaaaaad. They’ve pretty much held up their cards, flipped them around for him to see, and then went all in (gee, sort of like their retells of the veto). in regard to retells of that veto: yes rock helped him in the first round. but in the final round she got the answer wrong. ateotd, she got the final answer wrong, so she would not have won.
how the hive could believe the pitches were so good that stupid poor innocent wounded baby birdlambbabyrattlesnakepuppy tyler is putty in their hands is beyond me.
i’m really not sure what to make of sam’s good day. brett says she’s been pulling him aside to have little strange conversations. and she’s having a good day.
rock saying angela is the new kaitlyn is a bit of a stretch. if that were true, the bathroom pitch wouldn’t have lasted 90 minutes without angela trying to scratch her way through the hoh door to be included.
i wonder what effect fes staying in hoh will have on haleigh’s game. her game strategy could be down the toilet. would scottie or brett not question?
I guess we’ll see.

Douchey C

Last night ‘s “ Haleigh and Toxstar Comedy Hour” will go down as one of the most lamest, hilarious BB pitches ever! Now Toxstar wanting to start a 7 person alliance? …. while she’s on the block….you can’t make this stuff up…..buwahaha……The Hive is actually The Jive


Fes thinks Tyler is stupid. Tyler would have to be a lichen-covered rock to be stupider than Fes. This is coming from a guy who has not been on the right side of the vote, and openly professes that he doesn’t know what is going on. The Hive continues its’ inexorable march towards being named the most incompetent alliance in B.B. history.

Jerry Springer Fan

Eyes fez’s dadd. Fez es knot stewpid. Hee gradyou8ted Kolege.


Tyler should say at the Veto ceremony.
“ H, I know you wanted me to take down RS so you could backdoor JC, but I have decided not to use the power of Veto”
Maybe then JC and then diffently vote with L6


Does Hay trust Brett? If so, is there anyway he could go to her and say that he overheard Kaycee telling Angela that she has the other power and if she gets nominated again she take herself off and gets to pick the new nom? He could say K and A were saying they would nominate Fes. Since the Hive is already worried that Kaycee has a power, this would make them really think she has it. Brett could then try to get Hay to put JC or Scottie up as the replacement. I don’t have feeds, so not sure how much they trust Brett, seems from reading on here they don’t suspect he is close to any one else. This way, they would have both A and K to vote out Rocks and would be better to get Scottie and JC on the block since there’s some question as to how they would vote.

Amanda Zuckerman

Elissa is so passive aggressive. What a bitch…


Is the HIVE one of the worst alliances to play Big Brother and Level 6 is one of the best?


I wouldn’t say L6 is one of the best as they tend to play from a position of weakness too often. They’ve done well minimizing the damage from that and this week looks like they’ll actually gain ground on a rival’s HoH. They need some parity among themselves regarding comp wins now to be great.

Darrell G Irick

so the vote this week that will determine who gets evicted will come down to JC, Scottie & Sam… pretty sure tyler will get what he wants, doubt a tie vote but would make good tv damn it.

Darrell G Irick

I don’t think tyler will target sam anytime soon, because she has kept his secret about the power app.


My only worry is that Sam will Vote to keep Rocks, she is a wild card this Week and becoming very unpredictable in this game lately. So the Vote on Thursday could go either way. And the way Sam voted last Week to keep Bay proves my point. Not to mention she is Cray Cray with Tyler now. You might just see Sam and JC on the block soon next to each other.


what quality did production see in (box of) ROCKStar to cast her? She is annoying above anything else and so cringey….


Hey guys or Simone do you know how I rewind or go back to something on the CBS app that I missed on the live feeds? I don’t see anything to click on the app. I hope this question doesn’t make me sound like a Hive member! Lmbo!


I don’t think its possible to go back on the app. Only if you access the feeds through their website.