Tyler – “Gotta keep them thinking I’m looking out for the well being of the Swaggy Minions”

POV: ? Next POV: ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ???

2:00pm Tyler and Bayleigh
Bayleigh Crying while Tyler is telling her she’s going up as the replacement.
Tyler – I’m telling you if I feel an sorta way about anybody which way they are leaning that you are not going up there”
Bayleigh – who would you put up than
Tyler – than I would put JC
Tyler – I’m telling you.. you’re the pawn.. I need you to trust me
Bayleigh – what do they say about this show the pawns always go home
Tyler says he would be “destroyed” if she went home. ‘My game would be f**”
Tyler goes on about how certain he is she would stay.
Tyler – I am looking out for our side.. I need you to trust me
Bayleigh asks if he did say he was mad at her for yelling at him during the HOH.
Tyler – I said that could be a reason to put you up
Tyler – to convince the other side I am against you..
Tyler – I feel like .. I’m pretty good at reading peopel at telling if they are honest.
Tyler says he would never put her up as the replacement nomination if he knew she was going home.
Bayleigh – ok
Tyler goes on about how she’s safe, “i know it sucks, I seriously love you. I remember telling them in there I liked you right off the bat.
Tyler says he’s going for the VETO 100%, “that’s why I picked Swaggy.. cause I know he won’t use it neither”
Bayleigh says she doesn’t like talking to swaggy because he told her that’ll put a target on them.
Tyler says Swaggy is looking out for her he never says anything bad about her or allows anyone to say anything bad about her.

2:10pm Kaitlyn, Scottie and Swaggy-P
Kaitlyn – I would almost prefer.. Steve gets pulled off and Winston goes home
Swaggy mentions that Tyler is always bringing up Bayleigh as a pawn.
Kaitlyn – I think he’ll put up Angela or Winston
Swaggy – I told him flat out.. yo if Bayleigh goes home everybody’s head is on a platter i’m going on a revenge tour to get everybody out..
Swaggy says Angela hasn’t been in the HOH since teh power was known. Before the power came out she was up in the HOH “showing her T!TT$s and all that”
Kaitlyn asks who they prefer to see up against Sam, “Angela or Winston”
Swaggy wants Angela nominated so the power gets flushed but he wants Winston to go home.
Swaggy bring sup how Tyler told him he doesn’t watch the show and he didn’t know Pawns go home.
Swaggy – I told him if she goes home I’m going to be pissed
Kaitlyn says they are on the “right side of History” but Brett is “on the wrong side of history”

2:10pm ROCKSTAR and Steve
Steve says if him or Scottie win the Veto “He’ll (Tyler) put Bay up and bay is staying”
Rockstar – I’ve never met a group of bitchyer people
Rockstar – I wonder at what point Tyler started working with them..
Steve – it has to have been before the nominations

2:19pm Swaggy-P and Bayleigh
Swaggz says they think they changed Tyler’s mind
Bayleigh doesn’t think they did she was just talking to him he told her he’s putting her up as the replacement
Swaggy – I’ll just have to win the veto then.. simple as that
Bayleig – that would be nice
Swagz – I was planning on throwing it .. but if that’s the case I’ll win
Bayleigh – who would you throw it to
Swagz – Steve
explains that he was just talking to them all and that was the plan for Steve to go down and Angela or Winston up.
Bayleigh says Tyler told her “you guys” Spooked him and he’s not putting up Winston or Angela.
Swagz – what happens if I win HOH and he goes up…
Swagz brings up telling Tyler – If Bayleigh goes home your head is on a platter
Swagz – I told her Bayleigh is my number 1… he’s playing with fire ..
Swagz brings up Angela showing her T1te$$
Swagz – I don’t want you as the pawn even if it’s 14-0 I’m not risking you on eviction

2:25pm Faysal and Sam

2:26pm Bayleigh, ROCKSTAR, Steve and Scottie
ROCKSTAR saying it’s so stupid for Tyler to not put Angela up because she has the power
Bayleigh cries saying she was “this close” to winning HOH and they had an agreement..
Steve says Tyler is getting the most blood on his hands
Bayleigh accuses Tyler of threatening her “if you want to use that against me that’s on you” (the fact she’s a pawn)

2:30pm Angela and Tyler
Tyler says Swaggy called together all the veto players except for Sam so we can get on the same page.
Tyler – and I would not get on the same page so thy’re pissed..
Angela – whats his page
Tyler fills Angela in that Scottie, Steve and the Swagz wants her or Winston nominated.
Tyler adds the reason is they think she has the power so they want the power flushed out. He mentions they have no idea what the power is what if it’s something that makes him nominated.
Angela – JC has it.. I’m like 99%

Tyler brings up that the other side is trying to use him “hardcore”
Tyler – I just talked to bayleigh about her going up and she’s freaking out
Tyler says Bayleigh thought all the crying was going to work on him
Tyler – they don’t know about the 6 at all..
Tyler says the other side is really set on they’re 9 person alliance
Angela – I want Sam to stay
Tyler – I think Sam is going to stay
Angela – How
Tyler – I dunno I just have a feeling Sam is going ot stay dude.. (He smirks)
Tyler – she’s got some kinda something that she’s going to stay
Angela – you think she’s got some kinda power
Tyler – I just have a feeling she’s not going
Angela – that makes me happy
Tyler just wants one of the other side numbers to go down.
Tyler told her they drew numbers for the Power of Veto.
Angela – oh so you think it’ll be timed.
Tyler says he put the fear in Swaggy-Z if he uses the Veto he could up up Bayleigh. This is to ensure he doesn’t use it.
Angela – that is so smart
Tyler explains how the other side was up in teh HOH telling him they have the votes to save Steve but once he points out they also have the votes to save Bayleigh their tune changes. Now theres votes up in the air.

2:50pm Storage Room Scottie and Steve
Steve isn’t positive that he is safe.
Steve – I gotta get off the F**ing block.. it’s dangerous”
Scottie brings up that the Bros keep coming up to him asking him where his head is at

Scottie says he told Faysal and Kaitlyn “all them” that the Bros want Bayleigh as the replacement nomination
Scottie – it’s now been confirmed so it’ll create a bigger divide between them
Scottie – we just gotta win this f*ing veto

3:15pm Kaitlyn and Tyler
Kaitlyn still working on him. Angela has the power and he needs to flush it out..
Tyler points out to her nobody knows what the power is. It could be something that harmed his game.

3:26pm HOH Haleigh, Tyler and Kaitlyn
Tyler apologizes to Haleigh for not letting her into the HOH earlier “we were having a veto meeting”
Kaitlyn says she’s 90% sure Angela has the power. Goes on about Flushing the power early becuase it’s dangerous.
Tyler is worried that the power Angela might have is that she could take two nominations off the block and put her own people up. Tyyler says it was a french word.
Haliegh explains the Diamond power of veto ..
kaitlyn says they can’t be sacred of the power “otherwise we’ll be scared of the whole season” (LOL)

Kaitlyn sees Angela running outside “that girl has to go home.. look at her”
Tyler asks Kaitlyn if she think Kaycee with with the other side
Kaitlyn – yes


3:40pm Rachel and Angela
Rachel says they have to be studying every day
Rachel – I really hope Sam wins the Veto
Angela – yeah

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3:49pm Tyler and Kaycee Head of Household
Tyler says the entire other side is pushing for Angela to go up and the Veto to be used on Steve. They’ve been pressurizing him.
Tyler – I didn’t agree to any of them..
Mentions how he wants them scared in case they use the Veto.
Tyler – best case scenario for us is Nominations stay the same and Steve goes
Kaycee agrees
Kaycee – if that doesn’t work we’ll just do unanimous
Tyler – yes because we won’t have the votes against Bayleigh
Tyler says Bayleigh was already crying to him because “Somebody f**ing told her”
Kaycee – told her what
Tyler – Told her I was thinking of putting her up
Tyler – I feel like I need to win the Veto now

3:55pm Bayleigh and SWAGGY-P
Bayleigh brings up their plan to distance themselves.
Bayleigh – I don’t want to do it .. you’re the closest person I have in the house.. but I also don’t want us to be a target week after week because we’re friends.. so you can decide.. whatever you think

Swaggy-Z tells her she has to decide to herself
Bayleigh points out that everyone in the house has a number one but they are all threatened that swaggy has a number one
Bayleigh – I’m so scary

Swaggy-C says if the noms stay the same he’s still going to put Tyler up.
Swaggy-C – Bayleigh just cried her heart out because he told her he has no other options she needs to trust gun and he’s looking out for her game..
They mention putting up Tyler and Angela if they win the Head of Household
Swagz says he doesn’t know what is up with the “me, you, Brett and Winston thing”

Swagz says they have to win the veto and make sure it’s not used otherwise Bayleigh would go up.

4:18pm Tyler in the HOH talking to the camera
Tyler – Gotta keep them thinking I’m looking out for the well being of the Swaggy Minions
Tyler – what kinda idiots start an alliance of 9 in the first week
T – when they try to bring the HOH into it and the HOH. Hey is your leader OK with this
T – and the leader says no, thanks for telling me your entire alliance and that you didn’t want me to be in it.. thanks bro.. now just acting like I’m a number
T – we’re going to dwindle those numbers down and Level 6 is going to start taking over with JC
Tyler doesn’t want to be number 10 in a 9 person alliance.
Tyler – they’re too stupid to tell I’m with Angela and Winston.. why would I put Angela and Winston up
T – I love you Kaitlyn but you got caught up with the wrong crew.. you too Haleigh..
T – ROCKSTAR, you’ve made too many personal attacks to people. I don’t respect that this is a game.
T – we can keep it civil, it’s 10 day and people that are already throwing personal gabs it’s going to be a long season.
T – I see right through all this sh1t .. every single piece.. they are so dumb
T – Let me jump in your alliance of 9 .. so I’m the last one to join so I go right o the top of it.. damn how did they know I was playing for 9th place
T – I’ve wanted to get 9th place on Big Brother my whole life.. thank you for making this come true
T – I know they are sending Haleigh up here to Showmance me, I know they are . but that’s good cause all she does is spill info about their side. I see right through their plans
T – Haleigh we can go on a date after this show is over.. maybe.. but I’m going to play right along with your little showmance plan that your authority make you do..
T – I know Fezzie is a little jealous though.. sorry Fez.. she doesn’t want to sleep in the bed with you

(Rumours are that Sam won the power and it’ll allow her to be safe for up to 4 weeks) (She can save herself once and it’s only good for 4 weeks)

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If Sam won a coup d’etat she would be able to replace both nominees with new nominees. I really hope it’s not 4 weeks of safety. I mean, as much as I love Sam, giving someone long-term safety just seems unfair (Paul season 19).

I know the hg’s are just speculating, but it does really look like Sam won something. I hope she talks to the cameras about it soon (fingers crossed).

I love the way Tyler is playing right now. He has definitely fished out all the fake people. Good for him! He plays a Jeff Spicoli really well, but Tyler really is more of a Derrick.


I will add that I realize production has long-term safety in these situations to protect the individual (because they would immediately become the next target) and encourage them to actually use it. I get it, I just don’t like it.


4 week safety? WTF?


I hope Sam has something, but, 4 weeks safety is a bit much. Love Tyler, he’s right the others are stupid thinking they’re playing him. Over swaggy puke…he needs to go. I also can t stand rude crude jc w irh his filthy mouth.


Loving Tyler right now. So glad he is seeing through all of Swaggy’s side’s BS.


I’m really not liking Saggy-D. It’s the first week, the loudest idiot tends to go home pretty quick. I’m waiting for him to go full Devon and call a house meeting to make sure everyone understands just how paranoid or how things need to go. Does he have a daughter?