Swaggy C “America is going to love me now because the whole Baleigh sh*t. America is eating that sh*t up!”

POV: ? Next POV: ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 2nd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ???

5pm HOH room. Tyler and Swaggy C are talking. Swaggy C – this sh*t is f**king me up. I didn’t come here to get a girlfriend (Bayleigh). Four days ago my mindset was good with the core five people alliance. I didn’t have no girlfriend. We start f**king around when everyone else goes to sleep and now people start asking about it. The DR is asking if we’re together. We were sleeping and Haleigh says I heard ya’ll f**king around last night. Its starting to get out. Only you, Haleigh, Faysal know. Now she’s moving out. Detaching ourselves is going to look weird. We didn’t have no fight. Its going to look weird. I haven’t talked to her all day. I’ve been thinking about the veto. I’m like let me just win and keep the noms the same. Lets get to the next HOH and see what’s up. Rachel’s making side deals with me. All these people are making side deals with me and then saying they want me out. Brett, Winston and Rachel are fake to me. Tyler – they’re trying to cover every angle. Swaggy C – I appreciate you telling me that you’re looking out for me. Tyler – You can tell when sh*t is not clicking with me. In my head I’m like thats not good for Swagg. So I come find you and tell you. Swaggy C – as long as we can make it to jury. Everyone wants my head on a platter. F**k its crazy man! Tyler – I can defect sh*t for you and Scottie. Swaggy C – keep deflecting sh*t for me and I will keep telling you information. Can you tell me specifically who wanted me out when I win HOH so that I can put them up? Don’t tell me now, tell me when I win.

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Its just crazy how they all have a bounty on my head. You can’t trust nobody in this game. I am hearing that people are intimidated by me. Its hard not to be intimidating. Do I just be soft?! America is going to love me now because the whole Baleigh sh*t. Seeing me in bed with her, confessing my feelings. They’re going to love it. America is eating that sh*t up! All that falling in love. My point is that her detaching herself because of what Haleigh said is going to f**K me up. I can win HOH, but I need that power. If I get that power I can shape the game and f**k people up. Brett, Winston… that sh*t would be crazy. This whole app store is cool. I’m going to get trending. They’re eventually going to give me a power and once I get it everybody better watch out… well those four. I didn’t know they wanted me so soon. When it gets to be five, I thought it would be then… not next week. Tyler people are going to be gunning for me. Swaggy C – like next week? Tyler – yeah, you and I are the only ones that have won two comps.

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5:35pm Swaggy C is still talking to Tyler about Bayleigh. It wasn’t even supposed to happen. We were asleep one night. She rolled over and her face was this close to mine. The DR was like you got really intimate with someone last night. It was like 5 o’clock in the morning. When I got up and went to the bathroom, I was blacking on myself. They’re going to show me and Bayleigh making out and sh*t and taking our clothes off. Sam joins them and the conversation ends. Swaggy leaves.

Sam and Tyler talk. Tyler – I need you to not go. I need you to stay. If there is anything you need tell me so I can help you. Sam – I will be here for you no matter what. Tyler – you’ve got my back. I’ve got yours. Sam – just trust me. I am honest. I will do what I say. I will say what I mean and say what I mean. Tyler – so its after the eviction thing that you say you’re staying? Its after the eviction? Sam nods. Tyler – that’s what I need to know to protect both of us going forward. Sam – if I get evicted or if any of us get evicted and I want them to be here. I don’t have to just use it on myself. Tyler – that’s a whole lot of power! What a beautiful thing. That is an amazing thing to know, That takes so much pressure off. Bayleigh is the option to go up if the veto is used. Ok? Sam – why? Tyler – I don’t have a lot to go off of ..other than she snapped at me during the HOH comp. And there are two sides. And that side is a lot bigger than this side.. Big Brother switches the feeds to BB reruns of BB7 allstars.

5:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds… likely for the veto competition…

8:30pm Still blocked..

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I miss the puppies and kittens! I guess CBS isn’t working with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society this year.


Swaggy is kinda annoying.


Swaggy is very annoying. I really hope he gets voted out SOON!

Johnny Depp

Someone should tell Swaggy that BB has cameras and we’re not eating up anything…


Why there`s so few comments these days?? I remember a few seasons ago this forum was booming.


I was wondering the same thing. Weird


It did just start. Give it time.

Snotty G

There have only been 2 TV episodes, not really enough time to get invested in the players yet. I think it will pick up shortly, looks like Shaggy D is going to be a polarizing character.


So glad to hear that Sam may have some sort of reward that could help her out.
Felt bad for her.
I agree that swaggy is kinda annoying.


Swaggy is going too hard too fast, Scottie will probably win


I think after the last few seasons a fair number of BB faithful have become a little disillusioned about the show. I’m still hopeful but fearful that production will take a heavy hand in the events of the show as they did the last two seasons. For me, the enjoyment of the show took a huge hit. I think a lot of folks are waiting to see how the televised show compares to the feeds to see just how much the producers are going to try to steer the story. I hope they’ll let the Hgs at least have a good grip on the wheel.

The show could be very entertaining.


Wow. Loving Tyler right now. The slow surfer dude is not so slow. He’s on the right track I think. Hopefully he doesn’t let any of these girls mess up his game. Would love to see one person say no to showmance and focus fully on the game. That alone would get my vote in the end. And I’m so happy for Sam. Glad she’s around at least another week. I don’t see how she’s going to make it to the end but maybe after this week Tyler will stay true to her and help keep her safe if he can. I really want to see more of Scottie. Hoping he can win some comps and we can see his gameplay. This season has potential. Production. Please don’t ruin it.


Totally agree with this.


I was happy when Tyler figured out that it was swaggy who wanted Angela out and that swag just sent his group in to say it to Tyler before he entered the room. I really hope that these people don’t work with swag but instead work together to get him out sooner rather than later. He is just annoying, always one in the first week who think they will run the house. What exactly does he think that America is eating up? that he really likes Bayleigh? That he was being honest about his feelings? give it up saggy America isn’t eating anything up that you have to say. God lets hope he doesn’t trend enough to win any good power – be lowest on the pole each week so that he gets punished, that would great to watch actually – week after week, another punishment for swaggy. LMAO This guy is just so arrogant and full of himself.


Just can’t stand this guy, self named ‘swaggy’. What a tool. America doesn’t love you, you are delusional and so full of self-importance. Laughed when he didn’t get any recognition at the App Store. Did you hear him chastising America to ‘get it right’ next week? Ugh, go away…