Andrew says I am getting Emmett to whip me with his love stick.. wait that doesn’t sound right!

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 1pm
12:55pm – 1:25pm Up in the HOH room are Andrew, Peter, Jillian and Talla. Jillian and Talla go into the HOH bathroom to talk. Jillian tells Talla about how Topaz wants her up on the block. Talla says she is not okay with going up as the pawn. Jillian tells Talla that once Peter and Andrew leave they have have a discussion to talk about all angles and then talk to Topaz. Jillian and Talla are excited about the position they are in. Jillian comments that its the same thing that the guys doing. Jillian and Talla join Andrew and Peter again. Andrew keeps freaking out about not being let outside. He says I just want to jump in the pool naked with just a sock and a smile. Jillian talks about how she isn’t happy with her body. Andrew says that’s why I am getting Emmett to whip me with his love stick.. that doesn’t sound right! Andrew heads down stairs. Emmett comes up and tells Jillian she has to go to the diary room. She gets up on the bed and asks to jump to him. She jumps and he catches her. The lay on the bed and kiss. Talla says AWKWARD! Jillian gets up to go and says oh we’re releasing a $ex tape when we get out. Peter yells to Jillian and says she’s an educator!

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 120pm

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 130pm
1:25pm – 1:45pm Down in the kitchen: Andrew does the 5 glass challenge, where he tries to drink 5 large classes of water. Emmett gets him the garbage can just in case he throws up. Talla asks him why he would do that. Andrew replies why not! Andrew doesn’t feel too good. Talla asks him if he wants a glass of water. She laughs. Andrew asks and what do you like to do for fun .. throw up. Andrew says and this is why we need to DOOR OPENED! Emmett is laughing watching Andrew in pain. I think you’re a good sport ..that’s awesome. Emmett asks when did you feel like it was too much. Andrew says after the second one. Andrew then sticks his fingers in his throat and throws up. Andrew says lets do it next with olive oil.
Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 133pm

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 125pm

1:55pm – 2:15pm Big Brother opens the door. Andrew and the others head outside. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen. After about 15 minutes big brother turns the live feeds back on. Alec is working out in the backyard. Andrew and Emmett are in the kitchen making lunch. Talla asks what happened outside nothing? Peter says you might want to go out and look at the hot tub room .. no spoilers. (Big Brother put a black moose head above the fire place in the hot tub room.)

2:20pm – 2:35pm Alec and Peter are out in the backyard talking. Alec is telling Peter about what he told Jillian. Peter tells Alec to have an honest conversation with Jillian and Andrew. Peter tells Alec to push how you saved Andrew. Peter tells Alec to stop pushing for Talla to be put up on the block ..because it is pretty set from the conversation I heard up in the HOH that Topaz will be going up with you. Alec thinks he will tell Jillian that he will throw the next HOH and POV competitions. He says he will tell her that she will see me sit down right away cross legged right in the beginning of the competition. Alec think he will talk with her after Topaz is nominated. Peter tells Alec to be fun, be happy, be relaxed. Alec says honesty is the best policy and that’s my best option. Peter says Dan said last year “you may not have power but you have information.” Peter says if you win over Emmett you will win over Jillian. Peter and Alec head inside. Peter talks to Topaz about the black moose head and thinks it will be for something that happens today or tomorrow.

Video of Alec and Peter talking: Alec’s plan to save himself from eviction.

2:45pm – 3:10pm Emmett, Jillian and Andrew are up in the HOH room. Jillian tells Andrew her conversation with Topaz. Talla joins them.

They finish up their conversation and head out to the hot tub room. Jillian climbs up on the fire place to look at the new moose head. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to tell her not to. Andrew asks Emmett if he is going to take Peter under his wing now. Emmett says that he will talk to him. They talk about how Talla is going to make it to the end and win because she is a power jumper. Whoever is in power next week she will jump to them. The conversation turns to talking about the POV competition.


3:45pm – 4:10pm Topaz, Talla, Emmett, Andrew and Peter continue their random conversations out in the hot tub. Meanwhile Jillian does her stretching and yoga out by the pool. The camera pans over to watch the bird that is now trapped inside the big brother house. It flies over by the pool and start drinking the pool water. Talla says eww thats dirty don’t drink that! Talla says aren’t they not clean animals.. its not an animal never mind, fail! Andrew asks what do you mean its not an animal? Topaz asks what, it’s an animal. Talla says no its a species. Andrew and Topaz tell her a bird is both a species and an animal.

4:15pm – 4:50pm Jillian continues doing her stretching / yoga. Jillian, Emmett and Andrew head up to the HOH room.

5:10pm Emmett keeps talking about how hot it is in the house/HOH room. Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production. Emmett says we’re not talking about production, we’re talking about how hot it is. Andrew says we can’t talk about that. Emmett says that’s stupid we can’t even talk about how hot it is in here! Big Brother cuts the feeds. Emmett and Andrew head down to the bedroom. Jillian joins them. Jillian leaves. Andrew and Emmett talk about how they need to win next week. They can’t believe Alec gave up in the POV competition. Andrew comments on how it’s crazy we are part of the final 6! Andrew says that it is now day 46: Peter is on the block for the first time, he won his first competition and hosted a competition. Andrew says I just don’t want to see a Talla or Topaz in the final two.
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Alec thinks he can charm his way back into Emm’s and Jill’s heart?

lol. Yeah, nice try Ricardo. Keep dreamin.


It’s nice being on the outside looking in and seeing everyone’s mistakes. We can see what Topaz should and shouldn’t do regarding Alec; we see what Jillian has to do in her HOH; we see how Emmet is running the house and all the other things readers have pointed out.

But, as countless eliminated players have pointed out, watching the game and playing it are totally different things.

I’m not invested with any of the players because every week my likes and dislikes change, depending on what has happened in the game. I didn’t like Alec, then liked him for being sensitive, then didn’t like him for using Topaz. I liked Jillian for laying low, then didn’t like her for going back on her word to Topaz. The same can be said for all of the players.

However, this is a game and each and every one of them is shooting for the grand prize so whatever they have to do to further their own game is the most important thing in the game, not who kept their word or who never lied to someone. Emmet said it best when he said each and every one of them has lied to someone, including him.

So, Jillian should do what is best for her game and not worry about how Topaz, Talla, Alec, Peter, Andrew and even Emmet feel.

Spectators can voice their opinions and views all they want but only the person in the position to make decisions in the house has to make it.

Just my opinion and please, keep it clean as this is a great site and we’d hate it to be shut down by a few.


After Alec leaves It would b sickkk if some how topaz made it to the end without an alliance


I’d love to see that happen but that’s unlikely. She’ll most likely need to win a competition every week.


I hope the bird wins


remember Alec is a sociology student… how much of his emotions and words are an act (sensitivity/hurt from what Tom did)…I felt bad for him as well but i think he is playing Topaz from the beginning but she is to green to see it.


Alec is a Social Pyschology Phd candidate not sociology….two totally different disciplines. To be honest his book smarts are doing little for him in this game. His social game, which is the ability to connect with people and let them know you care about them, completely sucks balls. He constantly comes across as cold and uncaring and I don’t believe he has an empathetic bone in his body which in this game will be his downfall!

Shakira Stan

he also studies human sexual attraction, and he used his skills to charm topaz. unfortunately, it worked.


Palace Intrigue
The Viceroy (Em), Dark Prince (Andy) and The Pretender (Pete)
decide to stage a power up-ender.
Out goes the Sage (Al) then one wins HOH –
Jill and Topaz the noms and that sets the stage.
Out goes the Milkmaid, then the Princess,
leaving 3 Princes and a hot mess.
The Western Pretender is weak and can’t slug it –
that’s what happens on a diet of nuggets.
Off with his head in competitive fury!
Sir Lurker leaves to join the jury.
Talla the Jester is simply a vassal,
who’ll hand the crown to the Prince of the castle
after a grueling duel to the death
decided by who remembers the best.

With Alec gone, Em & Andy need to look at HOH threats.


alec u think emmette wants u to stay …. emmette is here to win he is heartless i remember when emmtte was trying to tell u alec give tom a second chance and u refuse …. no pity for the pittytyfool he brought it all on himself ….alec your as transparent as glad wrap if u think u can convince emmtte in keeping u …… u deserve to go to jury ……pride before the fall… alec knew by telling andrew ,,, talla that they were going after emmtte jillian that word was going to get back he should of lay low until he won a hoh again ….he should of pick battles big enough to matter and small enough to win ……..


Spicy – Love the way you think!


Boy, did Alec ever mess up bad or what? At first, I considered in the best position in the house at one point. All the good work he did at first, he undid all by himself. Talk about screwing yourself over.

Everybody knows the game. Not everyone respects it. Emmett respects the game, he understand they’re will be lying in the house and power shifts all the time in the house. Key is not too panic too much and keep a lid on yourself. Overreacting to certain situations, being too desperate can destroy anybody’s game in mere hours.

They’re calling Talla a power jumper but I find like most of them were all doing that this season. All the votes are all lob-sided. She’s power jumping but it’s more or less trying to get an ally somewhere through all those couples.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Peter win an HOH just to shake things up again. Then, see him walk out the door soon after.


LOL thumbs up my thoughts exactly


the shield continue to be arrogant pricks….completely underestimate emmett and jillian and THATS their downfall…you guys cant convince people to do what you want when no one trusts you…


Emmett not Emmette or Emmit and Alec not Alex