Topaz pleads to Big Brother “Everyone else is doing things so why not let me sleep”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week


11:28AM Hot Tub Room 3Stooges

They briefly chat about Kat and how they
Talla is worried about the HOH comp on thursday because Emmett’s toe is getting really bruised and swollen, “Thats not good for us” Andrew agrees but is unsure if the HOH will be physical again. Andrew says that his knees were messed up a couple weeks ago and it was his reluctance to go to Production and ask for help that made it worse. Andrew: “Look i’m not going to be a leg model now” Andrew adds that Emmett has broken a lot of bones in his life and he knows the condition his foot is in.

Andrew says Emmett can ask Jillian to do whatever and she’ll run off and do it they need to start playing that showmance down. Talla points out that Jillian and Emmett sometimes acts like it’s just them in the house.


11:42am hot tub Emmett, AJ and Andrew

Emmett saying if they give him enough pills he can handle the competitions, “I don’t give a sh1t i’ll run on it”. Andrew questions him if sitting in the hot tub is good for his toe. Emmett doesn’t know. Emmett: “I’m just hoping it’s my toe and not my foot.. “ Emmett comments that it’s starting to swell around his foot and that has him worried. Andrew: ‘Ya that is scary.. don’t be afraid to go in there and ask for help ”

They start talking about Topaz and all the sleeping she does. AJ: “Clearly in her life she’s not sue to being told what to do.. “Andrew hopes they keep ringing the buzzer until she wakes up he wonders if she will freak out when she gets nominated. Andrew: “What do you think Emmett?” Emmett: “I don’t know but we’ll find out pretty soon though”
Andrew jokes about Topaz being nominated and looking surprised she’ll say “But I haven’t done anything” Andrew and Aj : “Bingo”

They start chatting about Suzette just accepting her upcoming eviction. She really has made no effort to stay in the house. Andrew wonder if production will step in again and save her. Aj thinks that will be ridiculous, “Why are we even playing the game than if they are making these big decisions”

They are speculating that another twist is coming this weekend. Emmett thinks that would be stupid, “My as well call this game twists” AJ: “As much as we hate it in here the people out there love it” Andrew isn’t sure he thinks that the pure fans hate it. AJ mentions that more people just watch the show and they are wanting non stop drama. (For every feed fan there is 1000 casual TV fans)

Andrew points out if production saves her again it’ll be the same thing next week Suzette will be on the block.

Jillian joins them tells him to get his foot out of the hot tub because it’ll inflame it.


11:40AM Gary and Jillian still doing Yoga


12:20pm Topaz and Suzette
Topaz is complaining that they do not let her sleep.. it’s so boring in the house why don’t they let her sleep.
Topaz: “I’m legit tired.. I don’t want to do anything until i’m well rested.. everyone is awake looking busy.. everyone else is doing things so why not let me sleep.. why do they want to see me grumpy”
Topaz :”My fans are probably complaining because all I do is sleep”

Topaz falls asleep again and they get buzzed, she starts complaining that production should at least give them a warning about when the fans are watching so they can sleep during the off time. Topaz wants to know why Andrew can be napping all the time and she cannot. Suzette thinks they are trying to get under her skin. Suzette also suggests that maybe Topaz is really popular and people want to see her.

(The off time is between midnight and 8am.. instead of chatting with Gary and kissing Alec until 3am maybe you should go to sleep)

Big Brother: “Attentions all houseguests in 30 minutes the backyard will be off limits”



12:45pm Hot tub Andrew, Emmett and Peter
Chatting that Topaz is the “Sleeper” Andrew: “She’s a true Sleeper”. Peter says this week is a bit dry so production needs something to fill in the shows. They joke about Suzette getting a power, “Super power of Veto”. Andrew asks them if he gets put up against AJ if he would stay. Emmett and Peter say yes for sure.

They start joking around about Big Brother Season 2, “Every week a twist it doesn’t matter who you vote for.. ” Doesn’t matter who is nominated twist Big Brother

(Video Uploading)

1:00pm Still sleeping

1:33pm HUSH HUSH

2:00pm Makeup Gary and Suzette

Gary: “I’m so happy Tom’s gone.. don’t have to hear his voice”
Suzette: “I’m not made at Alec for putting me up.. at least he’s honest.. he told me straight up”
Gary: “It still hurts.. unless it doesn’t”
Suzette: “He told me that he did it for his own personal game he didn’t want to burn any more bridges”

Suzette starts complaining about Jillian and Emmett apparently all she had to say was the nicest things about them in teh Diary Room, “I think it’s a perfect time to leave.. for me I’m going back to Vancouver get my nails and hair done” (I didn’t catch why Suzette is mad at Emmett and Jillian the video is uploading. Somehow Alec dodged any heat for nominating Suzette but Emmett didn’t by not using the POV. I think Emmett dislike for Suzette got back to her)

Suzette says that Danielle is 1/2 native so Suzette is going to try and get Danielle some paid gigs, Suzette jokes (?) “She’s probably in LA right now.. got a agent”
Gary: “Probably”



2:22pm Houseguests get a air hockey table

(Video uploading)

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Topaz is a Dwarf…SLEEPY!! She is getting on my last nerve!


Agreed. I can’t imagine what its like in the house listening to the buzzer all day knowing its her causing it. I would have snapped by now. I’m about to snap hearing it constantly while watching the live feeds.


That’s it exactly – you have sooooo many fans that they want you to be awake and production knows this. Yeah, that’s it Suzette; just like you are going to have ‘weirdo stalkers’ after the show. You two are the most intelligent women on TV. Bravo.


topaz – GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whiny, lazy person


I don’t know why I think this is hilarious. She’s literally walking around the house trying to find a place to sleep. I’d go and sit on the toilet and sleep there


Go easy on Topaz. She strikes me as being a natural night-owl – someone who becomes more alert as the night gets long and that makes is really tough/impossible to be a cheery, morning person. I don’t think she can help it, although I agree, it’s irritating to watch.


Topaz is md hillarious when she is awake (yes, she sleeps alot, we GET IT!)
Oh well, Its pretty evident that all of those nasty commenty are coming from chubby, ugly haters! LOL


Sounds like you could be just like her – you her TWIN?


Whoa! Tom/Liza! is that you?


Nice to know I am not the only one that finds her antics hilarious! LOL


Thanks buddy – you made me giddy with anticipation (finally) about the show (Clapping my heels together)


When Suzette talks it is almost more annoying than Chef Joe from BB14.


I actually love her voice. She has a sort of gangster thing going.


I really like Topaz but holy crap this girl is so freaking lazy !!!!


I like her- lazy and all! LOL
Some ppl do not realize that if she (like the rest of the house) retires at 12am, BBAD will be a snoozefest LITERALLY!


BBAD is pre-recorded!


It’s not prerecorded. The Livefeeds are live according to EST (Eastern Standard Time). Maybe it’s delayed, but it’s definitely not pre recorded on the live feeds.


3 stooges vs Gary, Topaz, Alec, Peter. This is lining up to be Emmett’s game


I wrote in detail on this in a previous thread. Emmit and Jillian are the key to the 3 alliances in the house. The stoogies are proving to have some smarts. They are trying to align with 2 power players that can win comps. As you say I’m sure it can work either. My gut tells me until Peter/Alec turn on Jillian/Emmit I think he stays loyal. This could potentially be a final 4. Though it is rare to see all 4 make it on BB this way.

Thanks again Simon for the forum! :) :)


I actually thought Jillian might bring a lot socially to the table but – uh, der, laugh, giggle, oh my God, laugh – that’s about it. No game whatsoever. Zip, zilch, nada. I would be as shocked to see her go to final two as I would be if Suzette said something different today. These people are really uneventful and ‘playing nice’, thinking everyone else is buying it. They say we Canadians are really polite so I guess it really comes out in this show. I watched my first ever BBUS and started with Season 2. I could not stop watching back-to-back episodes and am now on episode 18. I don’t know if the rest of the Seasons are as compelling, but I am embarrassed to say I am glued to my computer. This on the other hand, is like watching kids in the playground at recess all trying to get along.


What do you think would happen in a double HOH Simon?


I really don’t like Topaz she does nothing all day long. I think Talla is bi-polar one minute she is best kind the next she is flipping out but have to say she is funny. My favorite houseguest is Gary followed by Emmett. I would like to see Aj win this weeks HOH and put up Alec and Peter with Alec going home.


I don’t understand why they don’t let her sleep?
Live feed production basically has only 2 cameras and 10… 10! other people in the house.
I rarely see cameras on Peter during live feed and he doesnt do anything and has little entertainment value. He might as well be sleeping it would make no difference. Choose anyone else in the house to put the camera on and let her sleep.


I could be wrong, but they’re getting fed, sheltered and paid (I believe) to be on TV. That’s a J O B . I’m not being sarcastic – just answering the question as best I can.


If that’s the case then she’s working overtime because she’s on the live feed keeping the entertainment going until 3 – 4am.
Which are the most entertaining feeds by far if you ask me.



Her and Gary are the most entertaining on after dark and in general.

If they weren’t there wed be watching the stooges talk but not listen to eachother, peter not eating and lusting over jillian, Alec workout and crack lame jokes and Emmett and jillian would be no where to be found.


Right on! #LetTopazSleep


Doesn’t take much to keep you entertained, does it?


Sowhat, if you are SO…. hard to entertain,then pray tell: why are you on this site again?
You’re so LAME! lol


Go back down to the basement


Hey sowhat, everytime I read a comment that makes me laugh it is you replying to Julilly. I love that “go back to the basement”. Glad to see the thumbs down are winning on Topaz’s popularity. I can’t wait for her to leave the house.


kijiji – you need a little giggle now and then to alleviate the tension – happy to make you laugh.


Is that what your mom tells you whenever you leave your room? LOL


HAHAHA! I am totally in agreement with you, Damon, those folks need to let Topaz sleep!
Peter is so boring! All he does is stare in space while feasting on chicken nuggets and fries! *YAWN!*
Jillian is unbelievable boring as well! What does she even do in the house? (except cook and exercise?)
Topaz and Gary are the life of the part in BBAD, so production needs to leave sleeping beauty alone!LOL


I understand your position but would like to add my own perspective to this.

They are trying to make a tv show so they want people animated and things happening that they can put on the show. However, I think they maybe over-do it a little to create drama to stir things up sometimes (compared to BBUS there haven’t been many blow-ups so far). That being said, Topaz is not the most compliant to BB’s instructions, and I think they are kind of annoyed/getting there with Topaz for not jumping to it, ie, just laying there when the buzzer goes instead of at least sitting up, saying “eff you BB”, etc

I do agree that for a night owl it would be difficult to adjust to the BB schedule, especially if they are in fact screwing with the time (dimming the lights at different times every night, instead of a set time), but I think if she didn’t try to go right back to sleep immediately after getting up in the morning she might have a better time adjusting.


You know what? I just gave you a thumbs up for your articulate analysis of the situation :)


Topaz :”My fans are probably complaining because all I do is sleep” OK I need to know lets vote. Topaz Fan Thumbs up – Not a fan Thumbs down. I will be the first THUMBS DOWN.


Question: What is this ‘so called’ terrible thing Emmett said to Suzette at the POV ceremony that’s got her panties in a bunch?


You too? I figured if it was something SO big to destroy her rep at home then alot of people would be buzzing about it…… Oh, yeah….. just remembered it was Suzette. Nevermind. Seriously though, if you find out could you post it – pretty please? Thanks.


I think he called her on her guilt tripping everyone about all her personal problems. I could be wrong but I believe that is what she is referring to.

Air hockey table – reward or practice for upcoming HOH?


He just voiced what the rest of the house (and 99% of fans) were already saying: that they didn’t appreciate her constant guilt trips (about how she deserved to be there b/c she has it so rough, and she has kids–basically using her kids as “ponds” in her game). He was far kinder than I would’ve been. She has a feeling of entitlement that, if she were a guy, I would trace back to a lack of being punched (every guy should be punched in the face at least once in their life, just to keep them from getting a little too big for their britches)


Just to be clear: I am in no way advocating for Suzette to have been punched. I’m only stating that her ego, as a proportion to her value in the game, would make a pro wrestler blush.


They get an air hockey table and Topaz is actually awake to see it


Here’s why Topaz sleeping all damn day is irratating! You had players like Kat and danielle and even Anel that were constantly scheming, plotting, being active. They vote them out to let this dumb lazy idiot sleep and complain. Wake up, go get laid and then throw her 2 cents in about who should go home!! Its so aggravating that we the viewers are using more energy blogging than she is to earn her place in the house! I bet production is at this moment coming up with some way to have her removed. My bet is she gets expelled from the house within the next 2 weeks! Any bets people??


BRAVO — hope you’re right.


They need to bring back, Tom, Danielle, or Liza and send Home Topaz BBC is so borning usually this is when all the good drama starts on BBUS. A week away from jury house come on people wake up.


This is my last comment about The Wombat (Topaz). There are a few knuckleheads commenting today that they should let her sleep. If I recall correctly in her profile she said she is a student and a part time dental hygenist. Who gets their teeth done at night and who goes to school at 3am?? The point I’m trying to make is she is not a night-owl!! She just feels super safe with her place in the game thus far. Not to worry my friends. Her days of eternal sleep are almost over. The day she gets nominated she won’t be sleeping at all anymore! My guess is she throws a tantrum and gets expelled or she runs over to the 3 stooges and tries to save herself. Should be interesting.


Go back and look at episode 1 (if you want). Topaz set that ‘stage’ up as a dental office. She is NOT a dental hygienist. She talked about it to Alec in the hot tub one night. He actually asked her if she was a stripper. Just because these folks say they are such and such, doesn’t mean they are. The only one, as far as I can tell is Emmett’s bio being honest.


Finesse1978 -You have a way with words – excellent!


Maybe I like the whole underdog thing but I wish all this aggravation would light a fire under her ass and she miraculously wins HOH (if this were a movie that would happen) however, as a fan she definately making it harder to support her and when she gets evicted (most likely after Gary)?? Ill just tune into the finale to see who won.


Thanks for the insight (JustForTheRecord). Very interesting. And thanks for the support (SoWhat) glad to see I am in the company of 2 fellow intellectuals. We better stop talking about The Lazy 1 though. I smell the scent of some Scarborough Ontario Supporters who are getting angry. Lol


Finesse1978 – You are very welcome.


Aww, how cute :)
just look at those two having their pow wow around a cozy bonfire, while sipping on peach moonshine, shining their rifles and calling themselves intellectuals


Shut your mouth, you IMBECILE – look it up – did you chew the lock off the basement door?


Bwahaha! I got you to blow up, you little kid, you!
Awww, baby want its bottle? LOL


You’re very presumptuous – I’ll tell you, it is very difficult to carry on a conversation with someone who has an I. Q. smaller than their shoe size. I’m finished with you. YOU lose!