Andrew tells Talla he wants to push her stool in. Peter says he’s offering to have an@l $ex with you!

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week

Big Brother Canada March 26 2013 250pm

2:50pm – 3:30pm In the kitchen: Alec, Aj, Talla, Andrew and Suzette are talking about random things. Talla asks everyone if they could push in their chairs when they are done like what you would do at a restaurant. Andrew tells her that he will push in her stool. They all laugh. Talla doesn’t get it. Peter says that Andrew is offering to have an@l $ex with you. Andrew says that he wasn’t meaning like that. Alec then challenges Talla the self proclaimed “five star champion” a game of air hockey. Andrew comes out to watch. Talla score right off the bat. She yells WHAT?! WHAT?! Alec wins by stopping the puck and knocking it in her goal. He yells and knocks over the stool. Talla screams he cheated! They start a new game. Alec wins. Andrew then challenges Alec to a game. Andrew says that Aj is a wizard at air hockey… but he has diarrhoea. Jillian asks if Aj is okay. Talla says to go check on him. Andrew says that he isn’t going to go check on his drooly bum.

Big Brother Canada March 26 2013 3pm

3:30pm – 3:45pm Jillian and Emmett are out in the hot tub room talking and kissing. Jillian wants to climb up onto the rafters but gets told by Big Brother to stop that! Talla joins them. They discuss how Topaz got all of their napping privileges taken away because she continually defies the rules. They head back inside.

3:50pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen.

4pm – 4:30pm The live feeds come back. Alec, Topaz, Jillian, Emmett and Peter are laying on the living room couches. They discuss how they wish they had gotten a pool table instead of the air hockey table. Peter says that pool is just way more versatile, you can play so many different games with it. Jillian says that air hockey stresses her out. Jillian looks up at the memory wall and starts reciting all of the house guests first and last names. Alec helps her when she forgets or pronounces them wrong. The conversation turns to talking about possible twists.. like Jillian’s Jill-bot robot switched with her. They ask Jillian what the meanest thing she has ever said to anyone. Jillian says the meanest thing she has ever said ..she said to day to Aj. Aj has no clue what she said. Jillian says she said Aj make yourself useful and make yourself a pot of coffee. They all laugh at how that’t not even mean. Peter says that he asked Aj is he could read and write… that’s mean. Talla bring out a bottle of ketchup from the storage room and gives it to Jillian. Jillian says thank you big brother you are the best ever! She says that she is in a showmance with ketchup.
Big Brother Canada March 26 2013 355pm

4:55pm Topaz comments that the heart necklace is from a the Italian guy she was dating outside the house. Topaz, Talla and Jillian go to kitchen for girl talk. Topaz comments that Alec told her the necklace is nice one day. Topaz laughs. She says that she cares for Alec but that it makes it easier that he lives in Vancouver and not in Toronto. She says that she likes Alec more and more each day but that she closes herself off from it because he lives so far away. The conversation turns to talking about Andrew. Jillian says that she is into Emmett but that he thinks Andrew is attractive and a really funny guy. Talla brings up how when Andrew and her were getting really close in the pool he said he liked her but that it was more to make Topaz jealous. Talla says that Andrew is an attractive guy and he has grown on her more and more .. but that she won’t do anything in the house with him. She says that she envisioned herself making out with Andrew but then started thinking about someone else. Jillian says that she is equally attracted to white and black guys but not that attracted to Asian guys. They breakup their conversation.

(Video is uploading)

5:10pm – 5:35pm Alec, Andrew and Peter continue to workout. Alec says that he wishes his friends had sent him secret messages in his HOH letter. Like don’t trust Monaghan (Andrew’s last name). Talla and Topaz play a game of air hockey while Suzette watches. Andrew heads inside to the kitchen. Andrew discusses with Jillian that she needs to start thinking about who she will take to the final two because Emmett is a strong competitor. You need to think about who you would win against. Jillian says that he makes some valid points. Andrew tells her that he would rather take someone who is deserving of it but not someone who could win it. Jillian agrees and says she wouldn’t want to take a floater. They talk about how Gary is constipated and Aj has diarrhoea.

Jillian and Andrew head to the bathroom. Jillian asks how Gary is doing. He says that he is having really strong pains. Jillian says that she is in a very similar situation as he is in.

Big Brother Canada March 26 2013 432pm

5:40pm Jillian and Andrew talk game in the living room. Andrew wants to make a more concrete deal with her and Emmett. Andrew talks about how its obvious Alec and Peter have an alliance. Andrew says that he wouldn’t pick Peter and Alec over Emmett and Jillian because they live in the same area and want to hang out after. Jillian tells Andrew that she would feel a lot safer in the house if Gary was gone. Andrew agrees and says that has to happen. Emmett and Alec join them and the conversation turns to talking about wishing they had a pool table.
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I couldn’t watch the live feeds any longer .I literally hate Talla , that girl annoys me to no end.Aj and Talla talking over each other keeps me from watching the live feeds. When it’s on them and Jillian and Emmett.


Gosh Topaz is getting too much,i liked her at first but now blahhhh if i was a HG all my privilages taken away because of Topaz’s sleeping,this alone wld be enough reason for me to vote her out.ugh


everyone seen the Double HOH leak for this week right?

I think they will have a normal HOH comp and then Canada gets to vote for a second HOH. It will be a shared HOH with each one getting to nominate a player. I think they did co-hoh’s in BB9 and BB7 .

could be interesting.

Also there are rumors that the feeds will be cut this weekend..


They never did that! The only thing they did was one year the had the american player vote which hg america wanted out, another year america got a vote and there was that power jeff got that he could take both noms off the block and replace them with who he wanted but that’s it. I was thinking it might be that we can vote a player back into the game.


I was meaning the co-HOH’s except I think Canada gets to vote for one of them.
Big Brother 7 Jace and Janelle were co-HOH Week 1
Big Brother 9 the first 3 HOH’s were co-HOH


BBUS Season 7: All Stars had both Jase and Janelle as Co-HOH’s. They had to agree on two nominees and if they did not agree then they themselves would be the nominees. This is similar for sure but a bit different.


Really Simon? I haven’t missed an episode in 14 US season. I don’t remember that treatment of HOH with 1 fans pick. I must be getting old and senial!! :( :(

Let the fun begin. It will be interesting if true who the fans put up. Gary would seem safe from the fan vote everyone else except maybe Andrew should worry some. Plus you have to look at the non feeds viewers who are the vast majority that are seeing edited shows. Some players are edited alot different than we see them.
Based on the forums I read it’s Topaz, Talla and AJ plus perhaps Peter. Peter does much better in editing as he gets his DR rants and he’s not shown doing almost nothing all day. His game is like watching paint dry. I also think Topaz getting alot of screen time with the popular Gary will help her on the fan nom side. The one thing that must happen Thursday for this double HOH to happen is the comp must be completed before the show is over. New HOH must be known for Canada to nominate one person on this Sundays show. This means it’s a question style challenge. Very much a wildcard who wins IMO.
I can see Emmit HOH and the fans messing around putting up Jill or Gary HOH and Topaz going on the block. After the powershift thought process that saving Suz hurt Tom foolishness who knows what could happen. Especially if Canadas nom is announced 1st Sunday. Sadly this is also a perfect time to protect production favorites. You know they have focus groups that tell them who generates ratings. Gary is as safe as anyone who wears glitter can be. The glitter looked like an idiot move week 1 now it one of his best assets.

Just remember what we talk about here in the forum represents a opinion(s) of less than 1% of the viewing public. Add to that the “auto pilot” nature of almost all evictions being unanimous how do you get fired up to vot to nominate 1 person over the other 9 left after Thursdays eviction. I guy like Alec who had a bad HOH week and won 10K might be a Canadas choice for nomination. Especially if the new HOH were a reliable vote not to put him up. I think Thursday now is something to look forward to and Sunday as well..

Lastly does anyone know what the phone call to Emmit was about? It’s driving me nuts not knowing. Simon any insight on that phone call please.


what I meant was they had co-hoh’s in past season not viewer choice HOH’s.. I can see how my comments was misunderstood I’ve cleared it up


Whoops guess I misunderstood we don’t nom a person we choose 1 of the two HOH’s and they nominate a person each. That begs a question who gets to renom if someone uses POV? I guess the person going off the block perhaps? If it’s a popularity contest I am guessing Gary will be Canadas choice. I’m OK with that personally. So if this is the correct format then the HOH Canada vote has to be done by mid afternoon Thursday which is not even 24 hours for fan votes. As comps run through the weekend before Sunday night. It sounds pretty tight to me for a double HOH but I guess we will see. Next week is the last for bringing an evicted HG back in. Once you start filling the Jury House you won’t be able to bring back an evicted HG. Perhaps this leaked double HOH isn’t true and the TWIST will be different. I sure have no idea.


whats wrong with andrew wanting to push talla shit in further of all the things to do ….. why say that just when i was loving him .. …. this nigga on the downlow and all those kisses he be giving gary pretending like he drunk ….. to each his own i guess


That would be a great HOH….Especially if its 2 people like Andrew and Gary or Talla and Topaz together…


That will be one heck of a riot!


I just love it when Jillian, Talla and Topaz girl talk! lol
Yes, girls do bond over gossip :P


Did you have to use the n word ,whether your black or any other race.


Andrew was referring to Talla previously asking the guys to push the stools at the counter back in when they were finished with them, it was Peter that took it out of context and put the sexual spin on it….Imagine that…Peter being creepy…I can’t believe it..NOT!!!


FUCK topaz step it up I can’t watch Talla and jillian aone its painful.


right on Spicy!!
If you are offended by the words i use it is you who has the problem…
Words are words. Plus everyone is allowed to think and feel however they want. Just because some people think one way does not make it right…
While we are at it let’s also stop presenting opinion as fact and vice versa…
Suzette is fat yup I said it… it is a fact and valid observation.
Peter being Creepy? thats opinion folks…
Also let’s stop making excuses for people…
Topaz is lazy, she says so herself… WAKE UP B%$^!
Don’t give me this night owl crap… she chooses to not be awake during the day seh doesn’t suffer from any problem or syndrome BAAAA!
now i think most of you understand, I started speaking your language.
Now back to BBCAN.


Just be respectful. Its not hard.
You can articulate your point without the name calling and profanity.


Team Nova Scotia for final three! :)