Big Brother Canada Spoilers Morning Speed Round 3Stooges Plan their Attack

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week


9:30am Emmett cannot walk on his foot he needs to hop from place to place. Everyone in the kitchen is giving Emmett advice about his toe, Andrew mentions that maybe there is a air cast they can out on it. Alec doesn’t think it’s broken isn’t sure if there is much Emmett can do. Production has given Emmett some “Pills” and told him to stay off it and keep it elevated. Emmett says as longs as the competition isn’t endurance where he has to stand he should be OK. He’s adds how fortunate he is that the competitions are all close together so he can get them out for the way and rest his foot for the remainder week. Jillian: “You know what being on slop has done to me.. made me absolutely hate coffee.. because I had to drink it black “

Peter: “Why did they name their alliance the quack pack.. ”
Peter and Alec start chatting about last season of Big Brother US. Alec says he started to like Frank near the end because he was so oblivious about what was going on. Peter starts to tell them about Franks dad Sid vicious. Emmett and Peter cannot understand why people in the house didn’t’ like Frank (Didn’t peter watch the feeds?) Topaz thinks people didn’t like him because he kept winning all the competitions.

(After having some food Emmett is able to walk to the bathroom)


10:05AM Backyard AJ, Talla and Andrew Andrew is saying that Gary is a strong player in the game, “50% of this show is Gary.. He’s gotta go” Talla: ‘If you win HOH will you put him up” Andrew: “Ya” Andrew tells them they need to win the HOH first before they can do anything. Talla says that Gary is trying to run “sh1t” now just like Tom did. Andrew starts to explain how difficult this game is getting once Suzette leaves because they are going to start putting people they know personally up. Andrew presents a scenario to Talla, what if it’s the 3stooges and Jillian/Emmett left in the house. Talla wins HOH and nominates Emmett/Jillian but Emmett wins POV what does Talla do? Andrew: “You have to put one of us up”

Andrew says that
AJ: “Gary and a pawn.. and i’m leaning towards Peter as a pawn.. I’m not going to win HOH too often but I need to take out a big player”
Talla: “Gary and another person from their side.. topaz or peter”
Andrew: “I will put up Gary and Topaz”
Talla: “If Gary pulls himself off.. ”
Andrew thinks the best thing is to put up Gary with one of the other “4” (Topaz, Alec, Peter)
Andrew: “Lets just leave it like that I like our little combos” (Everyone’s nomination plan)

Aj says that Alec has already pointed out to him that Emmett’s smartest move would be to put him and Peter up. Aj: “If Alec is already thinking about that he must be planning something”
Andrew: “I would take out Topaz over Alec right now.. cause she hasn’t won any competitions”
Talla: “Why.. the reason I would say Alec is because he is the glue between Topaz and Peter, you take out Alec and they become floaters.. Liza taught me that”
Andrew: “You see that is why we need to have a serious conversation.. Look if you guys think Alec and Topaz need to go up then Alec and Topaz need to go up”

Aj: “Emmett and Jillian are not working with Alec and Topaz”
Talla: “Jillian is a competitor.. she doesn’t respect Topaz’ laziness”
Talla thinks that Jillian and Emmett had a deal with Alec, Topaz, Gary and Peter for one week to get rid of Tom but are not working together now. Talla had no idea Gary was working with Alec and Peter but now it’s clear to her that they are.

(3stooges finally have some accurate intel.. all they need to do now is win a HOH and perhaps a POV so they can make a move)

10:50AM Kitchen Talla, Emmett, Andrew, Alec, AJ

Andrew brings up the story Gary has been telling everyone about his D1ck slip, Andrew emphasizes Gary saying that his “Dong is long” and slips out of his shorts. Aj mentions that Gary is now wearing 2 pairs of underwear to keep his “Dong” in place, “Long dong glitter”.


10:541AM Hammock Gary and Topaz
Gary wants to plan something fun for the house to do before Sue leaves.. Proposes a men strip show.. “Ladies Night”

Gary: “Peter can be really creepy at times.. right now he’s creepy as fuc*.. then Alec cannot even function without scanning the room trying to think about what people are doing.. Dude chill out not everything is about game”
gary says Alec has been scanning them now that they are alone on the hammock
Topaz: “I’m surprised he hasn’t come out before”
Gary: “He’s putting out his social seeds”
Topaz: “Good he’s on our side”
Gary: “He is but he’s not”
Topaz: “until Final 4”


11:01AM Gary Jillian doing Yoga, Alec lifting weights


11:03AM Smoke Hole Aj talking Game with himself. Aj is saying if he does win HOH he’s got to make a HUGE move. He isn’t going to win many comps so when he does it’ll have to be worth it. From the sounds of it AJ is highlighting Alec as the biggest threat in the game.

AJ: “I have to do it.. Alec i’m sorry it’s a game.. i’m not going to win much anyways.. Alec will respect that.. He’s a strong strong player.. Huge physical layer.. HUGE social Player.. if Alec or Emmett are in the end they are going to win”

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I’m all for the 3 stoogies winning HOH. Gary’s side has won it, Emmett’s side has won it, now let’s see them win and see who they take out.


yeah, but I don’t se that happning. Truth is, they are all weak


Big Brother surprise, you never know, they could get an endurance and Talla holds on for dear life. Unfortunately yes it’s likely that someone like Jillian or Emmett could win.
First choice for HOH this week is the 3 stoogies, second choice I’d have to say Topaz, I really wanna see what she’ll do with a win. Gary not yet, I don’t wanna see him win this week.


It doesn’t matter if the 3 stooges win HOH cuz they will do what the house (Alec) wants.


That’s okay at least we’ll stop wondering what might have been and we’ll root for someone else instead.


Honestly unless bb hands talla a win i don’t see her winning on her own marits they there are two many strong players left. I am really surprised they haven’t put emmitt, alec and peter together yet. Talla and aj really dilliusional if they think that they could beat jill and emmitt if they were the final 4. There is always that fluke moment but i just don’t see those three beating emmitt,peter,alec and gary to get hoh but we will see


She might she might not, we don’t know. Of course based on what’s happening so far it’s easy to see why people think she won’t win anything.
It’s still pre jury and so far 5 houseguests have won and 5 haven’t. So yeah, we’ll see.


I like the fact that the houseguest are finally starting to clue in on Peter and Alec’s alliance. Took long enough. I’m also shocked that AJ is thinking wise about cllipping Alec’s wings before he has a chance to win another HOH. Take out Alec next and then take out Gary or Topaz. In games like survivor or Big Brother you can’t let floaters make it this far because then they will just rally together and start picking off the aggressive players, which is exactly what is going to happen in the next few weeks. Poor Emmett. He’s gonna have to win everything to make it to the final 3.


team 3 stoogies all the way

i want this game shake up


In BBUS the HOH competition right before jury is usually endurance. Talla could actually win that one. She would have won the last one, Jillian was feeling pain and Talla threw it to her. I would love it if Lala won and made a big move, like Gary and Emmett, Alec and Peter or any other combination of those four. The jocks talk a big game, but lets not forget who got rid of who.

Suzette: Kat. This girl was dangerous. If we had gotten a chance to see her game I think she would have been good. We will never know because Suzette put up 3 big players and Kat left the house before she got a chance to do any damage. Attempted big moves.

Jillian (Emmett) Put up the two gay guys, and when Gary came off the block, she put up Danielle, who wasn’t going to win the game. Not a threat, really.

Tom: He was a big player with a big mouth and a big opinion of himself. He made the power move of Suzette and AJ. Suzette came down and he put up Aneal. Wow. Big move!! Not!!!!

Gary made the biggest move so far, putting both Liza and Tom on the block. Tom went home. Big move!!!
Andrew finished Gary’s work and got out another big threat, Liza. Big move that Alec was too chicken to do himself, letting the blood fall on Andrew. Even more chicken when you consider that the vote was unanimous. How could anyone hold that against him?

Alec: Big powershift move. Suzette and AJ. This is a pussy move. I would have respected him if he had used Peter as the pawn, would have been a smart move. Peter wouldn’t have been in danger, and he could have kept Andrew and AJ happy. Now he will be in trouble if AJ wins. Why wouldn’t he put Alec up as “the pawn”? Dude, you put me up, now I put you up.

The “big” players will only make big moves once the misfits are all gone and they have no choice. I really want Lala to win the next HOH! She isn’t going to win the game, but she is hysterical on the feeds.


Good analysis. The nominations are always boring when it’s a “house decision” and the HOH plays it safe.

But I disagree about your point about Alec wanting to avoid getting blood on his hands getting rid of Liza. He was really smart to let Andrew win that HOH. He knew that it would be a short HOH without many perks or power and he knew that the whole house had already agreed to get rid of Liza. The driving factor in his decision to let Andrew win HOH was that he wanted to play in the next weeks HOH (which he ultimately won). Even with hindsight being 20/20 that was the right move made for the right reasons (strategically speaking).


You have a point, but there is also a history of the curse of the money prize. I don’t think anyone has ever won the money in a competition and gone on to win the whole thing, I think Boogie in All Stars is the only exception I can think of, and he didn’t tell anyone but Will about the prizes he got.


I’m not sure what your saying? Are you suggesting the woman are running the house? ROFL The guys are doing the talking and producing results. All elininations have been basically landslides. Gary was able to target Tom only because Quatro wanted Tom gone as well. Suzette did what anyone who does not understand the game would do day 1 she picked 2 strong players. That was just stupid. But for PRODUCTION and the BS powershift Suzette would have been out the door week 2.
As for the stoogies the rest of the house is responsible for those 3 floaters getting together. If we say it was team Glitter versus Quatro then both should have looked to expand by adding floaters asa 2nd tier alliance. Niether side did. Now we have a 3 sided triangle. Gary has Topaz after Thursday and that’s not good. Alec/Peter will have to decide Emmit/Jillian or Gary/Topaz. Topaz and Peter are dead wieght and both are disruptive. If they want final 4 they should stick with Emmit/Jillian. For the stoogies to get anywhere they need Emmit/Jillian also. For me the game comes down to who’s smart enough to be the true core alliance with Emmit/Jillian. Or do they all just send both to the JH. Emmit has good relationships with Gary, Alec and Andrew. He’s gonna have to start picking a core alliance. This appears to be quatro from day 1 now I’m not as sure.
Folks taking out the weak 1st is how most US seasons go so what do you expect from BBcan HG’s. We are getting basically what I’d expect. Unlike BBus though we have triangulation now. Generally BBus has this getting crushed before Jury.

Next week with the TWIST the game may get very interesting. I still see this as an evicted HG returning. With voting happening after the Thursday night eviction. if this is the case we may see them on the feeds after POV comp monday but cannot be evicted next week. Anything that brings Tom back for a few days I’m all for. As to what the twist may be perhaps the call Emmit got that hasn’t been explained yet is it. They already had the BBQ party this week so not sure it’s luxtury related. Another powershift and I personally will call the RCMP and ask them to open a fraud investigation. If production is intent on getting Suzette back in they have to run the vote to return an HG after her eviction Thursday. If they try to get us to swallow that she got enough votes to return you’ll know the games is rigged.

Anyone notice on the feeds if the phone call to Emmit has been explained? I’m very curious on that phone call.


He probably got spanked by the producers for being opening “mean” to Suzette. By “mean” I mean honest and straightforward.


topaz – why don’t you just put us all out of our misery and GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate Talla,Aj,Andrew they are all butt kissing floaters.I can deal with the rest. But I love Gary, he cracks me up.Someone please get Talla speech therapy ,she can’t even speak a complete sentence.Talla makes my head ache.


Floaters? Day one the 4 guys made an alliance. They expanded it to 9, they wanted to call all of the shots. They convinced most of the others that they were part of the 9, including Talla, Andrew and AJ. They didn’t get a chance to pick a side, they were told what was going on, and the only way to stay safe was to agree and lie low, letting the alpha male/showmance/geek alliance crumble and then adapting their own game when the dust settles. Andrew has made a move getting Liza out. How is he a floater? They have formed their own alliance because they see that they are not included in Alec, Peter and Emmett’s end game plans. How is that being a floater? If any of those three win HOH, they will make a big move against the shield and Emmett, maybe even Gary. Meanwhile, if Emmett, Peter or Jillian win HOH they will put up Lala and AJ. I am not following the logic of how these three are floaters. Even Suzette can’t be called a floater. She put up three big players, not a smart thing to do week one, but she had the guts to make a stand and nominate them. I am really sick of this floater nonsense. A floater would be someone who never voted against the house, someone who never sticks their neck out. By that definition, Peter is a floater. Sure he has picked a side, but he is pretty much invisible. The only person he has sworn allegiance to is Alec, but if Alec goes, all bets are off. He will float to whoever is in power and distance himself from his old alliance. Floating isn’t evil or bad. It’s as valid a strategy as coming out of the gates winning competitions and making enemies.



Everything about the original 9 is spot on. I like your general definition of a floater. Basically that’s what they’ve been. If you think of BBus the game each season has 2 strong alliances. Floaters are easier to define as they do whatever the alliance in power with HOH wants. The alliances aren’t targeting each other so the stoogies getting together is very smart IMO. As they see people getting picked off like wasting an HOH on Suzettes eviction. That has to leave each stooge thinking I may be next for easy convenience. They may need to pick a side next HOH if they aren’t targeted. If on the slim chance they are HOH the fun could get epic.


Karma is a bitch Emmett, you didn’t have to be so mean to Suzette.


I’m not sure what game you are watching, but I’ve seen Emmit be nothing but kind to her. She’s the one talking trash about everyone in the house. Everyone hates her for a reason.


@ BBK also. Emmit has been flat out nice to not just Suzette but basically everyone. His social game has been excellent IMO. That bad toe is not good as the house may decide to run down the injured antelope. Question is does the house have a pride of Lions, pack of Hyenas or a flock of lambs?


I wish next week (somehow) AJ and Peter could go home!! SO F annoying and creepy as F*ck!!


Yeah Peter is one creepy/scary dude.


@Chloe I love your comment.


Emmett somewhat reminds me of Hayden from season 12. LOL