Tomorrow they are taking the leash off Zach “You’re a character.. you gotta own it”

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

BB16-2014-07-27 15-11-06-866

3:09pm photo booth time

BB16-2014-07-27 15-11-34-882

3:10 Amber cleaning up bam

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BB16-2014-07-27 15-37-39-452

3:30pm KItchen Zach, Caleb, Derrick and Frankie
General chit chat. Caleb keeps singing more rock rap tunes. Caleb hears Amber yell DOnny and Cody. Caleb starts saying “Donny.. Donny.. Donny.. Cody.. Cody Cody”
Caleb can’t wait until Amber is in that orange chair
Zach – “Caleb Caleb save me What happened”
Caleb and Zach impersonate a conversation post Veto Ceremony in the HOH
Zach as Amber (see image) “Please Caleb Caleb please how did this happen can you save me again Caleb please please caleb ..I’ll do anything please”
Caleb “Hi.. What’s your name again I’m caleb … Dang I didn’t know there was such a pretty girl in this house.. Is this a twist did they just put you in here. “
Caleb is going ignore Amber when she comes running back to him, “What’s Your name again, who are you, you want me to save you, I did it once for you not twice. ”

BB16-2014-07-27 15-38-58-104

3:38pm Storage room Derrick and Caleb
Caleb saying that Amber told Zach a bunch of sh1t about him last night. She only went on the date with me to not hurt his feelings.
Derrick – WOW
Caleb – she’s saying she’s the main reason Devin is gone she also said she doesn’t need Caleb She said “i’m playing my own game i’ve been playing my own game since day one”
Derrick – OH it had nothing to do with you.. ok .. ok .. wow she’s a beast.. (A beast for making it so far on her own)
Derrick says it’s disappointing Amber said that about Caleb.
Caleb – it doesn’t hurt my feelings it’s on TV
Derrick – she’s going to look like a schmuck.. it’s wrong
Caleb – She’s going to be the one on the CHopping block
Derrick – WOW dude you’ll have the last laugh.

BB16-2014-07-27 16-01-56-157

4:01pm FIREROOM Caleb and Jocasta
Caleb says Amber said she really didn’t want to go on the date with him and only did it so Caleb feelings wouldn’t be hurt. Jocasta tries to defuse it suggest maybe AMber meant she didn’t want to do it so the house wouldn’t clump them together and think they were in an alliance.

Caleb says the things Amber were saying in the date made him thinks she wanted to be there. Jocasta says AMber told her the date was nice and it was great conversation. JOcasta “She said Me and Caleb always have great conversation” Caleb adds that Amber Supposedly said she doesn’t need him in this game, “Not just one person has told me not just one person”

Caleb says Amber didn’t really try to talk to him even though she keeps saying she did.He says walking by someone and asking a questions isn’t talking.

Jocasta tells him he needs to vent but make sure he doesn’t do it in front of the wrong people because they could use it on im.
Caleb says he stayed up until 7 last night that was him venting, Jocasta – That’s being one with the lord baby ..that’s being one with the lord

BB16-2014-07-27 16-54-00-656

4:12pm HOH Cody and Zach
Cody tells him he guarantees that Frankie and caleb have a deal. Zach say Frankie has a final 3 with Caleb.
Zach says Caleb told Frankie he doesn’t trust him. Cody thinks now that they have DOnny and Jocasta they don’t need Caleb. Cody wants Caleb gone next week.
Zach brings up the things Amber told him about Caleb.
Zach told Caleb – She has no feelings for you she doesn’t like you and she only went on that date with you so she wouldn’t hurt your feelings
Zach – last night.. he was crying in the hammock all night
Cody F***** bro (Frankie comes in)
They talk about how extreme of a blindside this is going to be when Amber goes up. Zach “Caleb said I can’t wait to put her in the hot seat”
Frankie warns all it will take is one conversation to fix those two back up
Frankie says once the nomination ceremony is over they are cutting Zach loose on the house
Zach “you’re taking my leash off”
Frankie is going to say to Amber trust is a big thing in this game and there is one person that keeps questioning their trust and that means they don’t trust him. Once that is done Zach is going to get up and pulverize Amber and defend Caleb.
Frankie – he’s going to love you
Frankie heads into the bathroom.

THey suggest Zach doesn’t plan his speech too much because he’s choked before when he over prepared.
Zach agrees, Cody – Dude you guys are going to get in an argument she’ll fight back.
Zach – Dude we’re in a great spot.. couldn’t be better especially you and me
Zach brings up pulling DOnny into the storage room and he told him he’d go his back. They all thanks Zach for handling this caleb play Cody – I didn’t know Zach had it in him.

Frankie says once Amber goes up they will tell her this is a test if she doesn’t blow up the bombsquad they will tells her she’s safe if she does blow up the bombsquad she’s evicted. Frankie adds Christine will tell Caleb Amber told Nicole everything about the alliance.
Derrick comes in. THey tell him about the plan to let Zach loose. Frankie adds that Caleb wanted his speech when he nominated Amber to be about Caleb but his is going to be about Amber and Zach’s is going to be about Caleb.
Zach – “From the first day you walked in this house you lied through your teeth..Beast mode cowboy has gone to the moon and back for you 5 thousand times.. he straight up ate a pickle for you girl.. when you were freezing in the have not room who gave you two extra blankets who do you thanks no one thats right. he put his d!ck on the line for you countless times day after day after day and you show him no thanks.. you spit in his face and rub in it in the dirt”
Zach will end “ The only question I have left is what do you have to say about that. “

Zach wants them to be closer to Hyden than Christine.
Derick doesn’t want to bring anyone else in the alliance. Zach was thinking they got rid of christine if she found her way on the block.
Frankie thinks Hayden is a strong player they don’t want to have a competition beast competing against them in final 5. Frankie adds they have been together for a long time they’ve built relationships with each other that they don’t’ have with Hayden.
Zach – She doesn’t do anything
Frankie – great good she’s got good brains she does what we tell her shes a vote. They agree Hayden’s allegiance is with Nicole and Christine.

Derrick says Zach has created a character now he’s got to roll with it. Zach says he would rather people hate him.

BB16-2014-07-27 16-47-37-365

4:48pm Backyard Frankie and Caleb
Frankie asks him if he’s doing ok. caleb say he’s doing great.
Frankie – I smelt you on my HOH robe.. makes me happy.. it’s like if you went off to battle I would keep it smell it at night and I wold think of you”


Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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I sincerely hope Amber does not say a single word to Caleb after she is nominated. Please Please Please!

PS does he wear eyeliner?? Looks like it on TV


Ya he puts eyeliner I saw it.


He also used mascara and eye lash curler that night he had the date with Amber. Lol.


I watched the feeds and saw him curl his eyelashes and use Amber mascara.


I’m glad I don’t use make-up, I wouldn’t want BEASTMODECOWBOY using it like he uses Amber’s and Victoria’s. Plus I am naturally beautiful and I don’t need make-up.


That’s disgusting. Mascara should NEVER be shared. Nasty eye infections can result. Gross


I agree JMT! I’m so glad that I was born with natural beauty, unlike Amber and Victoria and don’t have to worry about getting an eye infection.

Zach Attack!

he straight up ate a pickle for you girl!



Ya gotta love Zach! LOL

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)

At least it wasn’t Frankie’s.

Maybe it's Maybelene???

Beast Mode CoverGirl Caleb! What a douchebag!


Caleb is truly narcissistic. He really thinks he has control over Ambers life. He sounds almost like a stalker or an obsessed person. I don’t want Amber to get evicted, but I think for her sake it’s best one of them go, because staying in the house together is making Caleb crazy. He’s a nut.


frankie wants calebs D.


Maybe Frankie wants Amber out so he could have Cody and Caleb all to himself. They can then all pile up and cuddle together. Frankie, Zack, Cody, and Caleb — The Pink 4.


Does Frankie have his hand down Caleb’s trunks???


Delusional thoughts from fantasy island… you’ll never get metal legs… Samantha is fucking Alex… NO SHE’S NOT!!

Team Amber

I lose all respect for Frankie! Needing people to do his dirty work. Grow a pair please

Nick B

Oh please! No one has ever won this game without manipulation and pulling other people’s strings. Dan and Dr. Will are undeniably the two best players to ever play this game, and they used people left and right! Even Jordan Lloyd lied to Kevin and told him she’d take him to the final 2 when it came down to her, him, and Natalie. It’s a game! You’re just upset that Amber’s number is up. I get it, I’ll be annoyed when my favorite player leaves too, but this is the name of the game. It’s dirty, it’s deceitful, it’s Big Brother. It’s not going to change anytime soon.


Christine crackin her knuckles tryin to act hard was similar to jencity gettin amped up.. #Floatersthinkalike

I Don't Like Derrick

Neither one of them were great players. You would not be saying that if people laughed at Dan’s funeral, instead of fell for or if Nicole won instead of Will. Is Sandra from Survivor the best Survivor player, because she won twice? HELL NO. Absolutely Not. She just got lucky by the stupidity of one player picking her over Fairplay, and she got lucky on the other and got dragged by Russell. Russell was the much better player and didn’t win any. Just because a person wins doesn’t mean they are the best players, and just because a person doesn’t win doesn’t mean they are not. If not for Woo, choosing Tony, Tony would not have won, but yet he was still the best player.


Yessssssssssssss !!!!

#UNLEASHdaBEAST #Wildcard #ZachAttack

I hope Zach goes ballastic and now that he has the blessing of the others guys he should be in decent position for the next couple weeks.

Then if he gets Christine out next week Zach becomes my favorite player since Boogie and Dr. Will (I love players like them)


How can you not love him?

He’s like a big, crazy puppy with ADD. #WILDCARD!

Nick B

Great player. Funny as Hell. Easy on the eyes. Favorite player this season, and one of my favorites for the past several seasons for sure!


Can’t wait until Zach is let loose. He is very entertaining when he is in that mode. Also Big Brother’s editing did show the date between Caleb and Amberas being one-sided; hopefully if Amber goes, Caleb’s game will majorly improve since he will no longer act as a heartbroken love-sick puppy.


Why is Amber responsible for Caleb’s delusions. She has NOT led him on. She has tried to be so sweet and kind while letting him know she’s not interested. He’s the fruitloop Dingus!! She came to play her game so why does she have to be “SO GREATFUL” that’s he’s supposedly protected her. I feel sorry for Amber, she doesn’t deserve his crazy stalker a** ruining her game. And all the other guys play into it and make it worse. Not right….he needs to be in a 30 day lockdown


I know this has been put up here before but they just cut nto the show for stupid tornado warnings whre can I watch it else where.


I’m thinking maybe in your tornado shelter???


Comment of the day… and coming from “Windy” no less


They do replays on Friday tvgn

Here comes a tornado.....but I'll miss BB

They re-air the episodes on TVGN.


Am I the only person that thinks some of the house guests are a little confused about what team they play on? Not that it makes a difference to me either way but it seems like some of the guys are confused. Lol


I noticed that tonight on the dry show. Zach was applying clear nail Polish, Cody is running around with whatever that thing is called on his face, Caleb is curling his lashes (have never heard that before from a str8 man) and Franka was filing her nails. On top of that those four are always cuddling in some form or another. I was SMH. But whatever floats there boats.


LMFAO Amber did this to herself, all she had to do was do a lil fake flirting .and sit back and let Creepleb carry her… Guess models are really dumb…. Bye Amber, hope you you enjoyed the paid vacation


Yep after listening to this joker talk at her and talk about her that sounds good. Blur the lines even more. She may has well she blew him too while she was at it to gain an extra week in Big Brother. She’s a real dummy not fake flirting and bowing down to Caleb like she should instead of just accepting her fate.
Besides, Caleb is barely carrying himself. He’s just lucky Cody didn’t have the balls to put him up last week.


Flirt with that nutjob? lol… worst idea ever.

Listen, not every girl can blow up in a guy’s face or act bitchy. I wanted her to give Caleb an earful a week ago, but I also understand why she didn’t and why she felt it was best to leave it alone. She’s a gentle creature and it’s really 50% of why I like her.


caleb doesnt have/never had the juice to carry amber.. SHE joined the bomb squad thru devin.. what did caleb do for her? he volunteered to go on the block to lose a competition.. he did the hoh more of a favor than amber.. then “beast mode cowboy” lost the following veto competition to donny.. caleb is a vote that’s all he is to everyone else and that’s the only reason he is still there.. if he was better at the game or less pathetic he would have been gone last week.. all he’s really done for amber is draw negative attention to her which the rest of the ugly girls in the house love.. if not for caleb’s presence and stalker behavior she would have most likely been “one of the guys” and done much better… in my opinion.


Amber played her own game? When did this happen? I know she was protected by Creepleb and his huge alliance since day 1. Oh guess these are the dame delusions she had that told her she was the strongest player in the game..

Bees Knees

If you search “bb16 amber” you can tell who watches the show and who watches/reads the feeds. You have some people thinking Amber is stringing Caleb along and using him based on that edit. You also have some Nicoles, Christines and Victorias who wish they were getting the attention Amber was getting. And you have those who think she’s stupid for not being with Caleb or Cody. I honestly hope she has the support of her family and friends and those who actually know what is happening in this house. I also hope she remains nice but doesn’t take shit from people. Hard balance.

Bees Knees

Search on twitter


I wouldn’t call her not being with Cody, her choice. She would do just about anything to keep his attention.


I find it rather unusual that when people get into the Big Brother house the want to be touched by, or start touching total strangers intimately. I’ve never seen so many people need massages as in this game. What is that? I would have to say ‘would you stop touching me’, ‘I don’t even know you.’ Donny doesn’t do it, Zach doesn’t do it, Derrick and a couple others but it always happens every season. It’s so weird.


Totally agree…I so do not get, “Can I cuddle with you? I want to cuddle with you. No one wants to sleep with me, because I don’t respect their personal space” Did everyone walk in the house and suddenly become codependent and love starved attention whores….BB production needs more beds or stuffed animals, I don’t know. Also, the male bonding is interesting, I must say….they have open minds….I guess and are sexually confident, but enjoy attention too.


Bey the ladies are wishing they had listened to Joey and formed a all girl alliance. ROLMFAO


Zach is my favorite player since Dr. Will, he’s unpredictable and funny as hell

Fly on the wall

Oh, how I would love to be a fly on the wall when these people leave and see what people really said behind their backs, how America views them (Christine…I’m looking at you), and they see just how bad their game was.

The “super fans” of this season are only entertaining because of how they think they are being perceived and how great they think their game is.

BTW Christine, being a pawn in the old days of Big Brother might get you evicted. The past couple seasons and especially this year….being a pawn is the best way to go….well Paola might disagree.


i agree. I’m not sure what ‘role’ they think they are presenting, and how they define a big move at all For one thing, they are the big moves, as in because of who they are aligning themselves with, the people around them are the big targets/big moves. If they wanted to take someone out, they start with Caleb and then we’ll talk. But they can’t start with Jocasta or Donny, no one thinks either of those are big moves. but that was both of their fall back position, put Donny up and vote Jocasta out?

wow. that is delusional. Show me that you are working with Zach alone, and for Christine that Nicayden is the prime alliance, and both of you make moves that take out Derrick, Zach and/or Caleb, and stop pretending that putting up all girls all the time is ‘big.”


Christine has lots of fans, myself included! She’s hilarious!


Frankie needs to go NOW!!! He is almost as annoying as Andy!!!


because he’s playing a great game…

Nick B

Frankie has won 3 HoH competitions in the last 5 weeks…I can’t in good conscience compare his game to Andy’s anymore. Frankly, the only thing they really have in common now is that they both are gay, so the comparison is getting a bit offensive.

Remind me..

Was it 2 or was it 3? I honestly can’t remember….especially since the last one was given to him and the first he won when only half of the house was present. Did he happen to sneak in a true win while I wasn’t looking??


Watching CBS BB Jocasta was quite funny in the DR, Crickets anyone??


I wish she didn’t resort to the stereotypical talking and posturing so that she could negate any racist thoughts and show us a different type of black American woman but she went down there and said she’s going to be the ‘old Jocasta’. If you ask me, your old behavior (if it’s gone) doesn’t come up again. She’s still pretty ghetto and that’s sad because I wanted to like her. Dropped her ‘religious act’ pretty quickly.


What is stereotypical about saying “crickets”? And her saying Old Jocasta to me means she is going to start playing the game. When she came in she said she knew that this was a game. But she would still be honest if someone asked her a direct question. I don’t see anything that indicates that she is turning against her religion. She hasn’t cursed, cuddled with men other than her husband or flirted. If you found this offensive, surely you were appalled when Frankie said that he was going to milk his grandfather’s death for his gameplay.

Please Shut Up!!!

Why do black people get judged as a whole rather than as an individual? She is who she is. She does not represent any stereotype for the black race….she only represents JOCOSTA THE INDIVIDUAL. If one white person commits a mass murder should we blame all white people? That’s ridiculous.

I think you just have preconceived notions about black women.


Yes, she was funny…. and it was Victoria that fell apart. Right after the comps on the live feed Frankie said “Victoria freaked out.” But, later Vic seemed to blame Jocasta.


I agree Jocasta was pretty funny in the DR. I didn’t really like her at first but now shes ok.

Fly on the wall

That pretty much sums up her gameplay

zach's ironing board (f/k/a zach's lemons)

‘m sure the Old Jocasta has a story that includes “having a death grip on a $100 bill.” Just like Rachel!

Detroit Girl

A ha, so we know the truth why J & V lost the BoB. Vic didn’t want to momentarily move two smaller layers to put a larger layer underneath. She didn’t listen to Jocasta’s hard/soft/hard/soft theory, which worked for Ratine & The Whiner. Let’s see how she explains this come Weds. (I’m sure it’s in the updates, but I focused on other things, LOL.)


After watching today’s show, I don’t think I could like Zach any more than I do now. Really want him to follow through and toss Christine out of the Detenators.


Watching zack give his speech in the bob was awesome it had me laughing for a good half hour. I had to rewatch that 5 times. I love that guy. He has to be related to dr will lol. Keep the drama coming zack


As mean as it sounds, I would have played Caleb like a violin. AS SOON as Amber found out that he liked her, she should have used it to her advantage. So many girls have done that in past seasons. Caleb showed how gullible he was for her. I would have played along and kept my mouth shut. Caleb digs his own holes. She could have fake flirted until he got himself evicted.

Nightly News

Breaking News….were being told that the police have found the remains of a young woman….our sources say she has been identified as the same young lady who was on big brother playing with the emotions of a maniac….the show ended just two weeks ago and now tragedy has struck…we will have more to this story as the investigation continues

Team Amber????

If amber goes home im going to be so mad, Caleb ruined her game and his game because right after she goes home guess whos going next exactly ppl all the girls are just jealous because she gets all the attention and is a beast , caleb needs to notice he is not keeping her safe she’s way stronger than him , I hope zack gets put on the block to give him a scare he wouldn’t have even won that hoh if would’ve went first, punk


That screen grab of Frankie and Caleb lying on the chairs is without a doubt the BEST photo yet from this season .Kudos to Dawg and Simon for letting the rest of us see it…. Golden


In the pic above, is the Drama Queen trying to put his hand down Zach’s shorts?

Zach's shorts

Those are Caleb’s shorts. I’m sure drama queen already had his hands down Zach’s shorts.


Christine plays and looks like a gutter rat. I hate how she is lying to Nicole. I also hate how she pretty much twists Amber’s words and reports back to her “alliance”. But I REALLY hate how she got mad at Zach because he asked to pur her up as a pawn. Really Christine? You’ve never been on the block so how dare anyone ask to put you up huh? I’m glad Zach put a bug in Nicole’s ear about Christine and I hope she’s smart enough to listen. I want Nicotine seperated. And Christine needs to go.


I think we should keep it classy and on game. If we want to encourage the houseguests to not say/use personal remarks then we should lead by example and not do it here. And this constant “rat” name calling is getting old, In my opinion. God Bless. No hate here- love you all, especially Simon and Dawg!


He didn’t ask her to just go up as a pawn, he asked her to throw the comp thats what she said no to, and rightly so. Everyone he asked that night said no, and Cody said if you asked me that I’d say “Go fuck yourself!” If he really didn’t a fuck as he claims, he would’ve put up Caleb and Amber vs Cody and Hayden to beat them in the comp. He picked on Christine and Nicole because he thinks he has nothing to fear from them. He is wrong about that also! He is entertaining, a bad player, and not at all fearless.


“Not at all Fearless” Who are you watching. Zach is probably one of the most fearless players in the house right now. The guy truely does not give a damn. And he was absolutley right about his assessment of Christine she is in everyway a b#*%chy floater.


Now after watching the BoB competition I think Jocasta should be saved……Victoria screwed up the whole thing – so why is Hayden saving her @ss tomorrow?


Its getting sad caleb is so infatuated with this girl he cant even have a conversation with someone and not talk about amber im starting to feel bad for her i think the new cbs show stalkers will have a episode staring them.

Caleb's Game?

Please, I hope this is all an act on Caleb’s part and Amber is really his half sister. If this is all an act and he has been playing game all this time. Brilliant!

Irked by the stupidity!

The Amber Incident is by far being one of the most strategically played moves of the season, however…it is character assassination on an epic level and extremely disturbing that none if these people seem to have the decency to say it is going to far. Wanting her gone is one thing but to use the fact that she is not interested in someone as a tool to set her up is wrong. Caleb’s
mind is delusional in a way that people see a doctor for. Of all of them Derrick should recognize this and stop them from this train wreck. The Amber Incident saddens me…she doesn’t stand a fair chance at the game because a freak is obssessed and feels like she should want him like he wants her…or else. I hate the situation she is in. When has trying not to hurt someone’s feelings become a bad thing?

Dawn of the Dead

This is drop dead disgusting. Amber doesn’t deserve this. You want to backdoor her, fine but the rest of this is totally unnecessary. I do wish she blows up and throws them all under the bus.

the lioness

people will probably not agree, but i think if zach does what he plans, she just walk into the DR and not come out. she’s in such a bad situation i don’t think there’s anything she could do that wouldn’t make it worse for her. but of course, she doesn’t know what we do. poor girl.


Sadly there is no bus to throw them under. Everyone knows that there is an alliance of the guys. Even Donny knows it but is keeping his cards close to his vest after bring burnt by Devin. That’s why he didn’t agree to a final two with Derrick. And bc there is no bus to throw the guys under bc J, V, &N are not going to be able to do anything. Hayden isn’t officially a member but he’s part of the boys club. So Amber really has nothing card to play. Caleb will be shocked when she’s voted out but will he turn on his alliance? He’s next and then it’s really just a matter of time and one of the guys will win it. It’s like the season when Hayden one. It’s predictable hence my username. I haven’t really been watching most seasons and will probably tune out once Amber gets eliminated this week as there’s not much hope for the floaters of pulling this out and Donny is basically playing by himself. It may get interesting when the detonators start turning on each other but by then I will have stopped watching.


Unfortunately, it has to do with the TA mission. Even tho Zach doesn’t know it, Frankie is pushing it to get the “argument” completed. It’s BS. The real BS.


is pissed me off how Frankie then says he would give them Zach’s head. I mean…you have this TA mission, you PUSH a guy who is supposed to be an ally to do your bidding, then you hand him over to the house? WTF is wrong with you Frankie?



I think Jocasta did better than Victoria in the BOB. Victoria keeps saying she kills at comp. what comp has she really won singlehandedly? The first BOB, she had a hard time pulling it, it was mostly Britt doing the work. In the POV, she didn’t really win. Caleb won it but instead he exchanged the POV for money. So Victoria should just shut her mouth up and stop saying she kills at comps. Can’t wait to watch the POV comp on Wednesday becuz the HGs were talking about how her makeup stained her shirt and she wanted to go change her clothes during the comp. she is lucky her parents are rich. She is one spoiled rich kid.


Frankie…BARF! Weather Amber goes or not on Thursday, Caleb will regret ever trusting that BARF! What’s happening to Amber right now is kinda making me sad/mad, partly because she’s acting like such an airhead. How does she not see it? These people are not that stealth.

Side note: Jocasta’s DRs, she’s so ghetto, rolling her neck and going off with all that attitude when she’s the exact opposite in the house. The prompting and editing on this show is crazy.


She’s not acting like air head. She knows Christine was the one who told Zach what she was planning bc she basically said that to Caleb when she said it was Nicole or Jacosta or Victoria. That’s why she said she’s no longer saying anything to the alliance bc she realized that what she’s saying is getting back to the wrong people. She doesn’t have any strong player to align herself with now that Brittany is gone. She’s basically done and bc they are back dooring everyone this season she doesn’t get a chance to play and take herself off the block. At least Rachel had those opportunities as well as Janelle. But hey she’s probably gonna be relieved to get the hell out of there and never see those people again.


It was nice seeing Jacosta with a competitive spirit on tonight’s show even though they loss the BOB.


It’s funny how Zach thinks he is hated by America, when in reality, he is in the top 3 favorites alongside Donny and Nicole.


So, is Frankie “taking Zach off his leash” to go off on Amber at the veto ceremony to fulfill a Team America task or is he just using him to take the heat off himself for putting up Amber?…or both?


Caleb is bit@hing to Cody that Amber said the guys in the alliance don’t tell her what’s going on. Then Caleb said why the hell do you need to know just sit back and shut up. Now THAT’S romance!


Wow! I missed that. The guy is a complete phony. Just lost my final 1/2 % of pity.


Hello. I have a serious question to ask fellow bb fans. Do you still view this show as a game like it’s supposed to be? Or a popularity contest?


First question-Yes; albeit a cutthroat one.
Second question-If you truly want to see a “popularity contest”, then watch BBAU & BBUK.


Also, why would they care if Amber “blew up” the bomb squad. I thought Devin did that already…or are they referring to the detonators? Just got back from vacation and trying to catch up…


does anyone know if there’s anywhere i can watch the episode that just aired?


I don’t find Zach or any of these knuckleheads funny or amusing at all.


Hello. I also wanted to get something else off my chest. Feel free to discuss with me civilly.

Why are us bb fans such a mess? One year we’re pissed that the show keeps bringing people back and then they give us all newbies and we’re still complaining. “Oh this cast is boring, etc.” I love this show and appreciate every season for what it teaches me about life and people. I wouldn’t keep coming back if I didn’t enjoy the social experiment aspect. Where are your heads at in regards to your level of interest in this show, and I wonder has the interest level decreased any since classic bb?
I thank CBS for this cool show and I appreciate Simon and Dawg supplying us with live feed details and updates each year. God Bless.


I just got done watching BB:After Dark BBad. Victoria’s talking to Zac about what if his parents are watching. Victoria, is the last person that should be preaching to someone on how they should act on camra. Victoria, how are you going to explain to your parents about you molesting more than half of the BB houseguest? Just leave already!!! You are the biggest cheater in bb history. If anyone watched BB after dark BBadd on 7/15 you will know what I’m talking about. Watch the scene when she is alone in the HOH room with Derrick.

Power Of Veto Corleone

I just watched BB tonight and the look on Nichole’s face after the Noms was priceless.
She literally didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.
Poor girl is totally clueless.


Dawg/Simon, I just donated to this site. Amazing job you guys do. Love Ya’ll.

Team zack

Amber is getting a raw deal because of Caleb #holystalkermode should be his handle instead of cowboy beast mode! Zack is hilarious….rooting for him now!! Frankie is funny too, I don’t think he is an Andy, frankie can hold his own in any comp. Derrick is playing a good game, under the radar pulling strings…Nicole voice is whiny and drives me nuts…lol


So who will Frankie pull out the closet 1st? Caleb,Cody,or Zach? I’m thinking Zach

Team Amber!!!

These guys are sooooo lame!

And I swear Frankie got the hots for Caleb. I’m sure he can’t wait till Amber is gone.


I thought it was extremely ironic during tonight’s episode when Frankie referred to Zach as a villain and a monster when the reality is that’s the way most people refer to Frankie amongst other things! Go Zachattack!


They might as well write the checks out to Frankie & Derrick cause unless something changes like these “twists” they’re suppose to have these 2 self entitled jerks are gonna win, Donny is probably the only 1 that’s not afraid to shake the house up but he can’t win HOH to save his life!! Caleb you’re annoying please walk out the door behind Amber on Thursday… & Christine after the guys have used you up for info you’re going next. Come on BB with the twists
its time to knock Frankie & Derrick off their high horses!!!!!!


Frankie to Caleb: ” I smelt you on my HOH robe.. makes me happy.. it’s like if you went off to battle I would keep it smell it at night and I wold think of you” ”

That’s f-ed up and creepy!