Donny says Zach was on Caleb yesterday, he almost pushed him over the edge.

POV Holder: Hayden Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Zach
Battle of the Block Winner  Nicole/Christine Next HOH/ Next BOB July 31/Aug 1
Original Nominations: ZACH’s Noms (Christine & Nicole) Frankie’s Noms (JOcasta & Victoria)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
POV Players Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny, Hayden & Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 13-08-27-258

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1pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return. Derrick, Victoria and Zach are awake. UP in the HOH room – Zach asks so Caleb doesn’t believe what I said is true? Frankie says like we think he would do, he has convinced himself that what you said is false. Zach says right. Frankie says because you’re not the most trustworthy person to him and he wants to believe that Amber isn’t capable of any of that. Zach says right ..well I feel bad for him. Frankie says yeah I mean I would just stick with him when he is awake today and then… Zach says he just needs to get over himself. That’s what it is. Get over yourself. Frankie says exactly, but you can’t say that to him. Zach says right. Frankie says he needs to realize that he has been fully denied… but it’s going to be hard for him to grasp. Frankie says I was in the diary room for 90 minutes last night at 3am. Frankie asks did they ask for the HOH and the 2 nominees? Whatever it will take me two minutes to get ready. Big Brother tells Victoria to please put on your micrhophone. Frankie says it should be Victoria please put on your make-up.

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1:10pm Out in the backyard – Donny says today will be an unknown. Whatever is said today is doesn’t matter. The only person you need to talk to today is Hayden. Later this evening, I would talk to Hayden and I would only talk to him once. You don’t even need to talk to Frankie never again this week. One person you need to talk to and everyone else you don’t need to say anything to. I would just rest today and if someone comes up to you I would just say you’ve got a stomach ache and run to the bathroom. Be friends with everyone and talk with them, just don’t talk game with them. The more things you say it won’t even matter right now. Jocasta says it sucks to be up on the block but I like participating in the game .. in the competitions.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 13-22-13-862

1:25pm In the living room – Derrick and Hayden are talking. Derrick asks what’s your plan for today? Hayden says probably get talked to a lot. People were already talking to me about it last night. They talk about Jocasta is going to come talk to him some time today. Hayden says I have told everyone that I don’t know what I am doing with the veto but obviously I know exactly what I’m doing with it. Derrick says so Jocasta is definitely going to talk to you because she still thinks its up in the air. Hayden says she is already campaigning assuming I’m not using it. Everyone is assuming I’m not using it, which is great. Its perfect. Caleb’s plan ..Oh my god! Derrick says yeah. Hayden asks did he talk to you about it or did Frankie? Derrick says yup because he got me to get Frankie because he wanted to talk to him about it. Hayden says that’s perfect! Wonderful! Derrick says yup!

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 13-42-19-889

1:35pm – 1:45pm Hayden heads outside and apologizes to Donny for being loud last night. Donny says he didn’t hear a thing. Hayden says oh that’s great because when were causing quite the ruckus.. we were slapping each other with fish and everything. Cody comes out and then Nicole comes out. They ask her if she is feeling fishy today?

1:50am Jocasta heads into the hive room with Hayden to talk to him about the veto and whether or not he will use it. Hayden says that he is going to do whatever is best for his game and make as least amount of people mad. I don’t know exactly what I am going to do with it yet. What are you thinking? Jocasta says obviously I would like you to use it on me. You aren’t a target for me and I want to stay as long as possible. Of course I would use it on you if I won it. My word is my bond in this game. Hayden says I feel like you’re definitely not a target. I don’t think you would go home if I use it or if I don’t use it. I feel pretty positive about it. I stil need to talk to a few other people about it. I don’t want to say either way what I am doing with it. If you are still up there after tomorrow then its because you’re up against a bigger target in the game or that I don’t feel like you would go home. If everyone is coming up to me telling me to use it on you, then I would. Hayden says I truly believe no matter what you’re not going home. I love you and want you here in the game. Jocasta says thank you. I appreciate that.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 13-52-11-804

1:50pm – 2:15pm In the backyard – Donny and Derrick are talking about the team america mission. Donny asks if Zach would start up with Caleb? Derrick says Zach is afraid of Caleb. Donny says Zach was on Caleb a lot yesterday, he almost pushed him over the edge. Donny says he’s seen that at work, people teasing and saying one more thing that pushes a person over the edge. Derrick and Donny say they will get up early tomorrow and prime Zach before veto meeting. Derrick says that it’s a long shot but Amber’s the only person who would respond now that Brittany’s gone. Donny says Amber will be hurting if she finds herself sitting next to Jocasta. Donny and Derrick agree that they don’t know who Hayden’s using it on. Donny says that he worries about Frankie’s replacement nominee. Derrick says that Frankie won’t put up either of us because team america is too important. Derrick and Donny agree that they need to win as much Team America money as possible because we aren’t even guaranteed the 50K. Donny says the next mission must be easier because this one was extremely hard. Derrick says if this one goes according to plan that I would like to talk to you about working with you. Donny says I would like to do that but its too early at this point to do that. Derrick says I would like to see Jocasta in the end too because I think she’s here for the right reasons. Donny agrees.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 13-53-49-145
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2:15pm – 2:40pm Derrick says that he thinks that Amber is a better competitor than Caleb. Donny agrees and says that she is much smarter ..her brain controls two people. Caleb can’t even think for himself. Donny brings up how Caleb has only won one competition. The only competitions Caleb can win are the brute strength one like the first HOH. Donny says if Frankie puts Amber up and Caleb turns against him then Frankie has us and the rest of the house to back him up. Derrick says that he likes Zach and says that its good to have him in the house because he’s a bigger target. Derrick says that he doesn’t know where Christine stands in the game. Donny says that it made him nervous when Christine picked him and Jocasta to go against each other in the last HOH competition. Donny says I made my selections without thinking much. Donny says that Derrick’s letter said he was playing a great game, which was a nice outside perspective. Donny says I feel better about having you as an ally. Derrick says I’m playing on the up, buddy. Hayden joins them and the conversation ends. Nicole joins them and is all dressed up for the photo booth. Donny says don’t get me turned up! The talk about the wake up songs being country. Hayden says all the lyrics were the same about Dogs, trucks, dirt roads ..

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 13-58-59-187

2:50pm – 3pm In the kitchen – Cody, Nicole, Jocasta, Christine, Frankie are eating and talking. Out in the backyard – Hayden, Donny, Derrick, Amber are lounging on the backyard couch talking about random things. The conversation turns to talking about Devin and how much he ate. Donny wonder how much in chicken breast he ate. Amber says I don’t know what to think about Brittany after hearing what we heard after she left. Hayden says she definitely mixed up her stories. In the bathroom – Nicole is talking to Christine. Nicole says she is very confident, she thinks she (Victoria) has the votes to stay. She said she has 6 votes. Christine says in this house you never know.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-27 14-57-13-759

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

(Defunct or unknown status)
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
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Derrick knows how to work people, doesn’t he! He tells Donny that he wants to work with Donny and then casually mentions to Donny that he would like to include Jocasta. Could be brilliance on his part.


I want ZachAttach & Victoria to have babies 🙂


Hoping that comment was extreme sarcasm – big-mouthed, even bigger-nosed babies is what would spawn out of that union. Shudder to think of it…..


Derrick’s so stupid.. has to many alliances. Sound like a good plan, until Hayden and Donny put two and two together. Hayden will tell Donny everthing. Donny and Hayden will take Derrick out.


yah, eventually Hayden is going to hear Derrick keeps saying how dangerous Donny is and that he should be everyone’s target. does he think the TA stuff would continue if Donny is gone? he spins too many people with too many stories. not enough people left in the house to keep up this pace.


Yeah and he keeps trying to throw people off his scent by being the one to suggest that people aren’t who they say. It’s going to bite him in the ass soon. Like I said a few weeks ago, his ego and cockiness is going to be his downfall…


I think Donny is already suspicious of Derrick and is biding his time for now. I agree with you that Donny will be the one to take him out…if he gets the opportunity. I am not sure if Hayden sees through Derrick yet…but he and Donny are smart enough to figure it out…


He’s playing a brilliant game actually


Praying to the BB gods that you are right!!!!


Praying to the BB gods that you are right!!!!


I was thinking the same thing! He only wanted to test out how close Donny really was with Jocasta by seeing how eager he’d be to want to work with her. Donny and Derrick are already SUPPOSED to be working together because of TA. I had how disposable Frankie and Derrick act like Donny is! They know they are the 3 most likeable houseguests, but that neither of them stand a chance against Donny. Hopefully since they’ve already started their missions, if one TA member goes they are over with..instead of just replacing them or leaving the void. I hope ppl begin to see through Derrick soon! Or at the least that Donny gets HOH (sole) and gets to have his way!!


I think Jocasta, the BB barnacle, knows as long as there is someone more annoying or more threatening beside her she is safe…… and can continue adhering her shell to Donny…the BB whale…..


I am in love with Victoria, yup she is my gal 🙂 Zach is all over Victoria like crows on a 2yr. old


LOL.. wouldn’t that be something if they hooked up


Amber is soo screwed… why would nicole and christine still trust the guys when they went on the block and there have been 3/4 women on the block every week…. ugh what idiots


The girls this year are whimps!! I have never seen a worse year of girls. They have absolutely NO game, yet they think they are playing the best game ever. You’d think they’d have a clue when each week its always girls on the block. And the whole Amber situation is so unfair. She has never had a chance to play. Caleb has ruined any chance she had in the game and all the guys egging Caleb on just makes me sick. Out of all these guys, there’s not one real MAN among them. Coz a real man would never let a woman be treated the way there are all allowing/instigating Caleb into treating her. They ALL disgust me!! And Big Brother too….they should be stopping his insane obsession. And how he even got on the show in the 1st place is beside me. They must have some very stupid psychiatrist to overlook how crazy Caleb is. And his obsession started in sequester so they knew before he was a final pick.


Amber is only going home cause Zach loves Victoria


Because jealousy can be rotten to the bones. That’s why Christine and Nicole can’t see that the girls tare being picked off.
They look at the photos each week that big brother provides which yo me is the biggest clue they give them.

When they started the game there were:
8 boys
8 girls


7 boys
5 girls
They are to blind to see what’s right before them. After next week if Amber is gone it will be 7. To 4. Only one boy is gone Devin and that’s because he freaked the out. Now if they reason on that they would know that if that did not happen most likely another gift would be gone.

The fact that Amber and Christine were brought into the 8. Last should allow them to come together to stop the evict the girls roller coaster.

Underdog Celeb

Please give Celeb a break obviously he got issues lots of soldiers that come back from Iraq return with PTSD and other mental trauma that changes a person but as you can see he is not a voilent person so that makes him alright no one is perfect..i root for Celeb from United States Marine Corps Hoorah..


Then Caleb shouldn’t be in the house, but out getting treatment instead. What he’s doing towards Amber is frickin crazy and unhealthy…his way is to “punish” the woman for not doing what, in his mind, he thinks she should be doing. First he wanted thanks for putting himself on the block, (when she didn’t want him to or ask him to), then expected her to be on her knees with gratitude and was offended when she wasn’t. Now he wants to show her exactly where her place is by getting her up on the block just so she would have to run to him for help, to show her who she can “trust”….are you kidding me? He’s got all the markings of a psychotic wife beater who wants to teach his woman lessons to keep her in her place. He’d beat her and say “see what you made me do?”….ugh, he needs to go get psychotic treatment and Amber needs to stay.


I couldn’t agree more about Caleb. But for everyone else’s game, Amber should go.


Back up now and think about what you are putting out there…I didn’t get two lines into your post before I got defensive on behalf of Caleb. Before you go committing him to some mental institution, please check your degree. And another thing, he has not been anything but a gentleman towards all the women in the house. He is granted a little one sided in his relationship with Amber, but nothing in the wife beater department.


Did you miss the other night when he grabbed a glass of water (or something he said has electrolytes in it) and THREW it (hard) into Victoria’s face? I was taken aback by that. (He was a bystander in whatever antics were going on.). I know that Victoria can be grating, but that was way over the top, and her feelings were hurt, as mine would be if a man threw water in my face. I don’t call that gentlemanly behavior at all.


I do appreciate his sacrifice. But maybe he should be being “watched” by professionals instead of a national TV audience.
As for the other crazy I say, “Release the Zachen!” #WILDCARD

The rest of the USMC

Seriously? Please! Yes, the guy clearly has mental health issues but don’t blame it on the military or totally unrelated factors (PTSD looks nothing like this). Yes he is a narcissistic, delusional, egotistical a$shat, with control issues; he needs help. However, don’t degrade other Marines (and/or Veterans for that matter), and misconstrue the nature and seriousness of PTSD of which delusions of grandeur, egomaniacial behavior, manipulating women that one desires (and with which one is engaged in a one-sided fantasy relationships) are not symptoms.


so true, misogynistic a$$holes have been around for thousands of years – don’t confuse his patronizing attitudes towards women as anything other than living too long within his own ego.

when “creepy misogynistic self-infatuated patronizing a$$hole” becomes a medical condition, half the county will need treatment.


Exactly. He’s a typical 20 something male that’s can’t handle rejection by a female. They trip all over themselves trying to make a girl like them, then start with the “look what I’ve done for you” when the girl tells them to take a hike. You can’t make someone like you. To many fish in the sea.


well underdog, it’s funny you, as a marine, support caleb on the basis of his military service. My husband is a marine and caleb said some derogatory things about the marines being “basically the same as the army” when the marine corp is NOT at all the same as the army and there are some specific and important differences (i.e. marines being on the frontlines and first responders, not to mention the marines’ training is more intense ) between the two groups that he fails to acknowledge. Maybe people don’t care but I know my husband and many other marines resent the implication. My best friend (a woman) and her husband are also in the army so I am in no way against the army, my brother-in-law was in the navy – so clearly I support all of the armed forced but what Caleb said is offensive.


Chill out sister. Semper fi.


i forgot to add the worst part of what caleb said which is that the army is tougher than the marines, or something to that effect. Honestly, why make such petty comparisons. the marines work just as hard, have just as dangerous missions as the other armed forces, and in fact have the reputation of being the toughest, most dangerous, most intense group of the four. But if caleb truly feels that way, he should keep his opinions to himself since there are marines and marine families who have loved ones overseas or sadly may have lost their lives in combat who don’t need to hear his biased, unfounded opinions.


Didn’t know the marines had such thin skins.


It’s sad people would rate this comment down when many marines lose/have lost their lives in combat fighting overseas and many are still overseas fighting now and Caleb is insulting them. But I guess those kinds of people are okay with disrespecting people who are fighting for them and their freedom – and they have to live with that karma.


Um – have you not seen the YouTube video of non-violent Caleb stabbing a boar to death with a stick? Yes he sure is gentle.


Simon/Dawg, sorry to bother you, know you are busy; but do you have any info to the details of Caleb’s service? I’ve heard various accounts of his time served, what his duties were, etc. If not, does anyone out there have credible information?


I haven’t heard him say anything about his service. I’ll let everyone know once I do.


Hey there, I was trying to find a flashback time for you (if you have the livefeeds) I have heard him say several times he was a prison guard, and the prisoners were laughing at him, saying how they killed many of his friends :(………It is on the live feeds, I just need to find you a time line 🙂


Christine and Hayden need to go before Jacasta and Amber hands down.


Zach & Victoria for final 2


Zatoria final 2 !!!!!!


Not Hayden, but yes, Christine should be gone, and then NIcole.


This season is …….blah to me right now, but its a far cry from the horror fest of last season!


Is it just me or did anybody else want Zach to remain HOH, but I can understand how Frankie would have wanted to connect with his family.


This is supposed to be the most twisted season ever so Im ready for a shock.


I’m so grateful to this site for keeping me up to date. Nothing major has happened so I don’t have to even bother with the live feeds at all. It’s kind of a snoozefest in the house right now.

Caleb is so delusional. I hope he watched this season once he is out the door and gets that out of body perspective of watching what we are seeing and the rest of the house. It’s so pathetic that his obsession for Amber and their imagined relationship is still going strong. I’d rather see him go before Amber because he is a one track record and adds nothing to the game except for beastmode, which apparently has no value.

Donny beware of Derrick, beware. You are rights he is playing a good game and you picked up on that from the letter, so you know you better watch your back!


Yeah, they did say that, but up to this point it’s been a snoozefest. There hasn’t been anything twisted about this season at all. Hopefully that changes really quick.

Team America

Team America should make Amber blow up on Caleb and Caleb blow back


Team America should make Zach and Victoria go on a date


can’t wait until the veto ceremony – if hayden follows his current plan, jocasta will freak out, and so will amber!

donny will have his hands full coaching jocasta this week, i recommend a mix of both prayer *and* actual game play – glad her “nomination flu” has once again gone back into remission. ::eyeroll::

team amber

It makes more sense to keep amber if all hgs wants her gone everyone coming after her frankie and his crew safe


Jacosta is there for the right reasons? She sucks at this game in every way possible. She has bi chance if floating for too much longer,no matter how much she fake cries. Jacasta has to start playing the game.


Sorry. Getting used to touch screen smart phones LOL



Do you get any other % from the ads that show up on your site if I click in your site to buy something?


Only the Amazon ads are commision based the other ads are pay per click


The only thing Donny could do is try to talk Jocusta into telling a lie to Derrick that Zach Cody and perhaps Caleb want to get him out to back door him. It would work because she said she would not lie. Then perhaps this would draw Team America and Jocusta and others to break the 8. He Amber and put Caleb up vote him out.

The only thing that would blow this plan is if Jocusta after telling the lie start speaking in tongues.


Nothing is shocking about this “twisted” season. The same people keep winning HOHs, the same people are put up on the block, and everyone (besides Donny, and sometimes Zach) is too scared to go against the house. YAWN. This season had so much potential with TA and 2 HOHs, but it’s the same stale story week after week…

Thanks Simon and Dawg for the updates. I haven’t watched an episode in weeks and I rely on your site for new info.


You’re welcome glad you enjoy them.

Home Skillit

The only thing twisted about this season is Caleb…


LOL!! Loved that!


( My attempt at saying something nice about all the HGs )I’m on Team : Donny’s beard and big heart, Jacasta’s shoulder to cry on , Amber’s thoughtfulness, Zach’s sarcasm, Frankie’s Frank( get your mind out of the gutter his alter ego Frank ;)) , Hayden’s hair, Nicole’s adorkableness, Caleb’s tatoos, Victoria’s smile, Christine’s eye color Cody’s abs Derrick’s facial hair and last but not least Dawg & Simon’s dedication. Thanks for keeping me informed! You guys rock!


Payton – I Luved your comment. Thank-You!!


Don’t forget Victoria’s Mother’s nose!


This season is a Nib…and we were promised twizzlers…bring on the twists!


Unfortunately, the players that had the balls to stand up to the B.S. were not smart game players: ie: Amber, Brit, Joey & even Devin & Pow Pow. Courage does not mean smart. Donny is BOTH courageous & smart, however he simply doesn’t have the numbers. The only way I see him making it much further is he has to win some HOH’s & ALSO MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL(S)!! I had hopes for Hayden & Nicole to work w/Donny – but Nicole LUVS Derrick (like EVERYONE else in the house)! Vic & Jocasta are useless. So I see no other choice for Donny but to try & make some deals w/ the B.S. And I know we all really luv to hate Derrick – but I’m trying to find a way to deal with the inevitable – Derrick is gonna win – so he did say that he had a rough childhood & he is def. playing the best game! I wish Zach would really live up to his “wild card” status, but afraid – in the end – he is Frankie’s. (Pun intended). So, at this point, all I can hope is that Donny wins America’s Fav Player – don’t see ANYONE taking him to final 2. Derrick & Donny have always been my fav Double D’s – but I’ve come to terms with the fact that it is never gonna happen. Just as long as Christine doesn’t win ANYTHING!!


I don’t know whether I believe Derrick’s childhood being rough. Derrick is a great liar.


Man Caleb is peer stalker I feel sorry for Amber but im glad its in the house and not outside the house she should be glad she doesn’t have a desk job cause if she did she might get fired because Caleb looks like the type of stalker guy to call a girls job 50times back to back asking for a date showing up outside her job talking bout he just want to talk. I seriously hope Amber be real selective on who of her big brother cast she gives her number to cause knowing Zach he might give it to Caleb thinking it would be funny.

I can't stand


that is all. I just felt the need to say it. she is a huge waste of space. please disappear in some mystery of science.


Thanks Simon & Dawg for the updates I’m to the point now I don’ t even watch on Thursday’ s anymore because the same self entitled jerks keep winning or either end up running someone else’s HOH something has got to change!!! You 2 are the best!!! Lol

german team

Victoria and anyone…no one will giver her half a mil


Jocosta needs to take a course in religious education to educate herself about what she doesn’t know about other religions. Cody might be a cafeteria catholic but Jocosta has no right to try to tell him he isn’t a Christian. Why is BB almost advocating bible study ? There is a place for that and it isn’t on a gameshow. JMHO

A Name

Aside from Donny, I hate all the guys in the house. It’s gross how they egg Caleb on about Amber. These guys are so jealous and hateful towards Amber it’s disgusting. And these girls (except Jocasta) hate on Amber for NO REASON. Ugh


How can Christine and Nicole who wear those ridiculous glasses be so blind!!!!
Chop, chop!
And Donny with horrible vision and astigmatism can see things clearer than everyone!
Ahhh….the irony!


I think it’s his binoculars lol Love Donny 🙂


I think Caleb is really staring to doubt Zachs claims. He is talking to JoJo now. Lol
“Jocasta is telling Caleb that Amber told her the date was nice. They had great conversation as always. She says she doesn’t understand these claims that Caleb has presented ”
Now put two and two together dumbo. Zach said it and Frankie said she told him. They want her on the block dumbo Lol


Without a doubt Zach is the best player this year and is the only person keeping us entertained. The girls are wimps and will all be voted off.

Team Amber

I might be bias, but the house guest needs to grow some b@lls. I wanna shout every time someones say “they don’t want to upset the house” c’mon your playing for 500K so play the damn game. They might as well sign the check to Derrick already. Keeping my fingers crossed that Amber doesn’t get nominated.


The zach attack and Victoria f/2


That’s what I’m saying! I’m on board 🙂

I want Christine gone too

I feel really bad for Amber. Honestly though without a stalker it’s hard enough to play the game but she got picked for the wrong season with some of the most cruel house guests ever. If she would just open her eyes and be more observant like Donny she would have noticed that the house guests are fake around her and then should have became better acquainted with Donny and approached him for an alliance. Both are good at winning so they wouldn’t have a problem getting hoh or pov and they are both likeable. Seriously it’s all jealousy and personal with these hgs. That’s why all the pretty girls are getting voted off. Zach doesn’t like the attention Cody gets from Amber and he is afraid that that would cause Cody to gain a side alliance so he wants Amber gone. The other guys in that gay alliance are afraid cause they can’t control her (y do ppl want to “control” other humans? How abt gaining their respect and friendship the correct way). Caleb hands down ruined her game and it’s not like she even willingly allowed him. Ppl think she controls him even though she wants nothing to do with him, in her position though, although possibly mean, I would have taken advantage of his feelings and chewed him up then spat him out when I no longer needed him LoL. Nicotine are just jealous cause she’s prettier and nicer than them and gains attention from the guys for her looks. Donny are Jo are the only two that don’t talk crap abt her (that I’ve read anyway). Donny only wants her out cause he thinks she’s controlling Cadufus when she really isn’t. Hopefully she goes home and doesn’t give her number to any hg (in case they slip and give it to Cadufus. She actually may need a restraining order too) and then do her bb homework and comes back again in the near future.