Tommy “Ladies and gentlemen, in a surprise Kicked Out Eviction!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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8:05pm Boat room. Kemi & Nicole. Kemi – Honestly with everyone I just need to turn on my game face. The fake social-ness. Like really turn it on. Tomorrow I think I am going to grab Holly and have a deep like one on one with her. I don’t want to manipulate anyone or anything and Jackson too. Because I know that Jackson knows I feel very comfortable with him and its the same reason I feel comfortable around Holly. They’re just comforting people to be around. Nick, I want to get that back in check! Then I want to cement it with a conversation with Sam about how I really like him as a person. I can just see David being their #1 draft pick. Kemi – I saw him (Jackson) retelling the story (fight with Kat) to someone and he said yeah I’m going to be petty. You’re not going to be petty. It was just unnecessary. You know you’re not going to be petty to me. You stupid motherf**ker! But I’m going to be nice. I want my banishment pass.. Dumbo and her f**king ears. I’m just annoyed thinking about it. Oh my god I’m such a b***h. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Kemi – if one comes down, Bella goes up. She is a f**king virus! And a f**king plague. Nicole – everyone is playing the game and thats her game. Kemi – that’s why social game is so important because I don’t want to be around her. Nicole – I think a good number of people are emotionally drained by her. Kemi – if I were to win HOH .. I am not even going to.. Kat is going to kiss up. I would not reassure her.. I would let her sweat. I would let everyone f**king sweat! Everyone that was slightly rude to me can f**king sweat. Holly, there is no way you’re going up honey. I do love Jackson too but you’re going up.

HOH room. Jack and Jackson. Jack – so old girl actually thought she was going up today. If that’s the case why wouldn’t I go up? Jackson – I just can’t wait to see the look on their face when we blindside them. Jack – Have you said anything to Jess? Jackson – no. Jack – I just hope we keep it on the hush hush as far as the blindside vote. Jackson – I am not telling anyone. Sis – I want to win HOH so that I can put him up. Jackson – you or I .. I’m going to run this sh*t.

8:50pm Bedroom. Christie hugs Nicole. Christie – I have a lotof compassion especially for you. Nicole – Love you guys. Jack – love you too. Nicole hugs jack. Christie – its been a weird day, few days. Christie – just know that I love you, we love you. Nicole leaves the room. Nick joins Jack and Christie. Nick – Sam just came up to me and said that Jess has the third power. He said that Jess can take herself off the block whenever she wants. Christie – Jess? Jess doesn’t have the power. Nick – Sam just literally told me that. Chrsitie – Jess doesn’t have the power, I have the power. And you can’t lie in this game and say you have a power. Nick – she just told Sam that she can take herself off the block after noms. And she didn’t use it because everyone said that she was safe. Christie – Tommy knew and I just told Jack. I’m not keeping it a secret any more. Its a diamond power of veto. Nick – okay so she just told me that she has a power very similar to yours. Christie – where did she get a power from? Nick – I don’t know. Christie – that’s literally impossible. Where did she get a power. That’s not possible, unless she is America’s player. Christie – someone is going to get in trouble for making up a power. Its not a Wacktivity Power because she competed against me. Its not the first or the second one because she competed against me. It can only be the third one. I have the Panic Power – It is the diamond power of veto .. call me on my bluff! Nick – obviously you have it, it just sounds very similar to yours. Christie – its rule breaking you can’t do that. If Jess has a power, it is not a Wacktivity Power. Nick leaves. Christie – I am so sketched out by them. Christie – I literally hate that I had to tell him. I am winning HOH and I am f**King putting them on the block. Christie – I am so sick of Kemi but I wouldn’t mind if she came back because she hates them.

9:14pm Backyard. Sam, Bella and Nick. Sam – I don’t appreciate being lied to. Nick – by who? Sam – Kemi. She must think that I’m stupid. Which technically I would have been if we didn’t know that would have been a big flop. But if anything that put a huge target on Jess’s back because we would have flushed that immediately. Nick – well she is going up next week regardless. Bella – she was trying to insinuate that Jess had a power? Nick – did you not just catch that. Sam – if anything she screwed Jess’s game. Nick – why did she tell Jack, I’m not hiding anything. F**king stupid! Sam – because its going to be public when she has to stand up .. she doesn’t want to hide it. But you coming in makes it look like something else that Jack wasn’t a part of. That’s what blows big time about it. Her saying I told Jack right after I told you and Bella. You (Nick) coming in and playing dumb like Jack was not a part of something throws him into a category of not being a part of something. Nick – that was not my business to say anything. I don’t know who she was going to tell or not tell. Sam – I just don’t like how Kemi caused chaos and I ran my mouth about it. Now Christie and Jack know that the first thing I did when I heard about it was to run to you guys. Sam – I am tell you I want to keep Cliff. I don’t want him to even go next week. I really want to win HOH. I would put up Jess and Kat and say that I would backdoor Cliff.

9:22pm Bedroom. Sam, Jack, Christie and Tommy. Sam tells them how Kemi told him that Jess has a power. If Kemi likes Jess why would she do that and put a target on Jess’s back. Tommy – Kemi is making sh*t up. Christie – but can’t Kemi get kicked out? Tommy – she is already kicked out. Christie – but she is still in camp comeback. I mean I don’t give a sh*t. Sam – because you can’t do that right? Jack – its illegal. Christie – NO! You’ll get kicked out! Tommy – Ladies and gentlemen, in a surprise kicked out eviction! Christie – I’m so confused! I can’t wait for this day to be over. Sam – so I should go in the DR then. And say what? Jack – exactly what you just said to us. I’ll go in and ask.

Bedroom. Holly, Jackson and Analyse. Analyse – Christie was going to tell you. Jackson – I’ll just act surprised. Analyse – its called the diamond veto ..during the veto ceremony she can take down two nominees and block the HOH’s replacement. So like the person with the veto can put up the replacement, not the HOH. So she said she is only going to use it if its someone she trusts has the veto. If she had the veto and the power she can put two people up. Lets say you had the veto and she uses the power, then you choose who you want to go up. Jackson – WHOOA!!! Holly – Nick and Bella know. Jackson – ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING?!!! Holly – shhhhh! Analyse – she had to tell them .. she really thought she was going up. Jackson – are you f**King kidding!! Analyse – she had to. Jackson – no she didn’t! Analyse – yes, she did .. when she threatened him ..she didn’t really tell him .. she told him without really saying it. She said he got really red like he knew he almost got dubbed and put her up when she had the power. Just act surprised when she tells you. Holly – I was like did she need to tell him? Jackson – she didn’t. They can now plan around it. Analyse – how are they going to plan around it .. we ARE going to win HOH this Thursday and THEY (Nick & Bella) are going up.

10:20pm – 10:35pm Sam and Bella in the HOH room. Bella – I think that Nick is playing really hard right now. Sam – well he needs to calm down. Bella – that’s the thing I feel like he forgets that I also have my own game and brain and can play. He feels like he has to go confirm things with Christie and Tommy that he has both sides but like really Christie and Tommy don’t need to choose until last minute. Sam – we’re going to be screwed if Michie (Jackson) has the power or Jack and its longer than 3 weeks and it hurts us going into the nine. You know those four are going to stick together. Sam – I look like I have a huge mouth in front of Jack, Christie and Tommy.. they now know that if I have information I run to Nick and Bella. And it looks like I have a huge mouth in front of Kemi and Jess because they came to me with the information. Nick really burned me bad! Bella – so Christie still didn’t tell you she had the power? Sam – yeah, Jack did. So that’s weird too. Bella – from now on we will just decide what to tell Nick. You have every right to be mad. Sam – I am pissed! Bella – we need him to just chill. I also need to tell you something… I only started watching big brother right before I got here.. So that’s going to bite me. Sam – you don’t need to know much, its all social.

11pm Sam, Nick and Bella. HOH room. Sam – I am just scared now if Kemi wins the battle back because I originally thought that I had her in my pocket. Nick – I f**ked that up. Sam – not really, unless Christie is out there talking to Kemi. If Kemi comes to me tomorrow and says why did you tell everyone … ugh! Well now I’m screwed! Nick – why would Christie tell Kemi. Bella – its so easy for Christie to just go to Kemi. And if Kemi feels burned by Sam.. then Kemi will start feeding Christie information. Bella – trust the people you know you can trust. Sam – you can trust me and Bella. Nick – I do. Bella – but you also tell everyone else everything. Nick – I don’t. I just feel bad, I didn’t mean to throw you under the bus like that.

12:05am HOH room. Nick, Tommy, Kat, Christie, Sam and Jack. They notice David on the spy tv. Nick – he’s probably looking for Kathryn. Kat – stop! That makes me feel so awkward and embarrassed. Nick – stop leading him on then. Kat – I’m not leading him on. I told him I do not want to have a showmance with him. Christie – do you like him? Kat – no, I like Brett! And then if its not going to work out with Brett, its going to work out with you (Christie). They laugh. Nick – oh my god, is Kat turning? (lesbian) I’m an a$$hole! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Jack – it was more of an observation. Christie – the word “turning”. Kat – I think that David is so charming and sweet but I don’t like him like that. Christie – does he talk about his feelings with you? Does he say he likes you? Kat – he does.

12:47am HOH room. Kat, Nick, Bella and Sam. Kat – I’ve heard people talk about the alliance ZING.. is it Nicole, Ovi and Cliff and …am I talking myself into a corner right now? Am I saying something I shouldn’t? Sam – no, everyone knows about it now.

1:12am HOH room. Nick and Analyse. They talk about how Christie thought he would put her up. Nick – I was like why would I put you up?! I just want to get to the nine. Whatever if people don’t want to do that but I stick to my word. Analyse – I just don’t like how there is no trust. Nick – why? Analyse – I don’t know! Nick – I feel like we’re divided. Analyse – what do you think the groups are? Nick – like me and Bella … and then Tommy & Christie kind of float.. and then its you four. Analyse – its not us four though, I don’t know why people keep saying that. Nick – I feel like I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. Analyse – I feel like I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. Nick – do we all feel like we’re on the bottom. Analyse – no, people know who’s on the top and who’s on the bottom. I’m on the bottom. Nick – you’re not on the bottom. Analyse – I’m so confused. I don’t know who to trust. Nick – I am just playing week to week. Nick explains the whole Nicole situation again.

1:30am HOH bed. Nick and Bella. bella – I just want to be there for you and I feel like I’m not. Nick – but you are. I already know that if I don’t win its going to because I literally trust people that are playing me. Like I do believe that Christie would never put up me, you or Sam because she literally swore on her sisters life … and like what type of person would do that? I love Tommy and trust him to a certain estet

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Bella actually said to Nick, “you also tell everyone else everything.” The only time those words should come out of her mouth are when she’s looking in a mirror.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the twist when we find out the entire cast is being replaced with new players who are far more interesting to watch.


Kat is a fool, she can’t be taken seriously on any level


BBCAN7 fell into the same trap.. a group of mostly interesting individual people but in groups, they are boring as f*

Like how did we get a season with 3 freaking showmances!!!!! good god of all that is kraken..


And the showmances suck: they are among the worst I can recall. Very uninteresting.


Cause they’re not even good showmances, they all admit they don’t like their partner basically. Jack doesn’t like Sis, Nick likes Sis but is using Bella (which was a colossal mistake and will/has ruined his game) and Jackson has already said he’d cut Holly. it’s all a little sickening really! Tommy needs to step back from whackadoodle Christie too, or she’ll be tanking his game as well!

Feeds Gold

its a good thing that the showmances and majority arent really fully loyal, it will mean a one sided steamroll is less likely

and gr8ful/unde9able is to me split into 3 mini groups

theres alot of jealousy and ego…add in christies paranoia in combination with her being the dominant/controlling personality and its going to be a very interesting and hopefully unpredictable mid and end game with lots of betrayal and big moves

Franks fumes

Now that is a twist I could get behind……they should have clowns with giant brooms sweep them out of the house….


So Big Mouth Bella finally admits that she never watched the show. No kidding…like we couldn’t have guessed. And I guarantee that she isn’t the only one that is part of the cast this year that hasn’t. So far, the show sucks, IMHO. Can SOMEONE please go home! Let’s get this game moving! Someone on this show has to know how to play. I’m just so sick of all of the lying (to deliberately target someone and hurt them), the he said she said crap, and suddenly now everyone has a power? Who’s running this show? Anyone? Oh, I could go on and on about how disappointed I am but what is the use? Trouble is, even though I don’t care about the show, I can’t stop reading these posts to keep up with it all…


I’m really looking forward to Thursday …. 3 people gone and the game can finally get moving.

Although as twists go camp comeback was alright .. so so


I do like the twist . The only problem is that it seems like the game is on stall pattern ! It literally feels like we are still on week one .


I’d be interested in seeing how it works if everyone stayed. Fewer game relevant people but they are still eyes and ears for someone. I’m not sure if this group of people would actually make the game interesting or just turn it into a summer camp like some of the other seasons (16). It might provide some drama if the evicted were then willing and able to spill the beans about what they know without any fear…it would definitely change the game. I’m just not sure it would be for the better. It would need to be thought out quite a bit.


They should do an early “double eviction” to get this game more interesting, player’s shocked and scrambling more… and quickly moving again. These HOH weeks have seemed to drag on endlessly.


CC is stupid imo . they just lay around doing nothing. my idea was to have the CC person each week given an assignment, like America’s player. then they get points if they complete their mission. it could be a few things so they can gain points in some aspect or none. whoever has the most points comes back. in case of a tie, they have a comp on what happened in the house. also if they know who in CC had the most points then the other 3 could make things very interesting in the house

Feeds Gold

camp comeback would have been alot better if some of the big ego players were evicted early


Camp comeback would have been better, IMO, had production put the evictees in sequester together with a live feed to watch – no fishes or kitties. The evictees could Keep up with the game while the house has no clue they’re watching everything go down. The houseguests might suspect a battleback competition as in past seasons, but play the game and take the chance it’s not happening.

Note to production: next season try this, secretly battle evictees 1-4 against evictees 5-8. Eight weeks into the game and no comeback player would really get in their heads. Then suddenly, doorbell rings – enter comeback player(s).


That would be incredibly unfair. You’d basically be rewarding someone who got voted out with access to everyone in the game’s secrets. They’d come back into the game knowing all alliances, deals, secret conversations, etc.

Feeds Gold

sis has slowly pushed the jack target away from herself to christie, people now seeing christie/jack more as a pair

Douche Lords

Until Jack needs a booty call and hops on the Anal train


Which will happen if he or she wins HOH Thursday night.

Feeds Gold

even if that were to happen, i think people are now more likely to consider nominating christie with jack (as opposed to jack/sis) as a more dangerous game partnership

another name

If anyone is going to screw things up more than the potential is already there to screw things up… it’s Sis alone in a room with Nick.
Oh. There they are now.
He’s over-sharing, and lying through his teeth about never lying in the game. (He just admitted he snaked Kemi ten minutes ago. How could he have snaked her if he never lied to her?)
She’s still a little stung that the convo opened with i can’t cuddle you anymore, but she’ll be eating this with a spoon soon.
will she spill anything off the spoon thinking she’s being crafty and playing the game? Or will she realize he’s fishing while he flirts but isn’t flirting because he’s not allowed. wink wink.
tbh, i’m checking out and sleeping now. i guess i’ll know when i wake up.


I don’t know if I have it in me to even watch Wednesday I’ll just read this and wait for Thursday. Literally nothing exciting happens. I hate these stupid all for one votes and like who cares if there is a rogue vote. Such fake drama this season. They are so dumb none of them can even tell when the other one is being manipulated, like with the rogue vote.

Douche Lords

Most of this cast sucks……last season was so good , this season blows. I’ll still watch to hopefully see a power switch and see some of these assholes taken down


The people in power are unlikable as a group. if things were broken up I bet it would be more interesting.


Which is why I hoped Nick would have made a move that actually advanced his game as opposed to just advanced the counter one eviction.


To be fair, last season wasn’t great either unless you were someone who enjoyed watching people shit talk about other people. It was literally all they did. Plus, the technology theme sucked.

Julie Chen

Unanimous voting sucks. Last year was interesting because the votes on eviction night were often close and one side was usually surprised by the outcome.

Just sayin'

Are you actually not allowed to lie about having a power? Why does Christie think she will get kicked out?


You can’t lie about what production has said to you.. So JOEBLOW can’t go around saying they won the power and Production saif it’s called the 9 lives boomerang power meaning if get evicted they come back 9 times.

Guy From Canada

Adel lied like crazy about his power in bbcan2, even peeled the written part from his card and showed people this veto card he had….. I guess we have different rules up here.


Ohh damn I forgot about that.. Yeah he totally lied about his power had it going for a while.

another name

All rules and regulations in the canadian version are secondary to the primary rule that production reserves the right to choose change or alter all other rules. Their rules and regulations page was full of the caveat ‘production reserves the right to…” right down to production reserves the right to cancel or void any fan votes at it’s own discretion without notification during or after the voting period which has taken place.


You can’t lie about things that are production-side game related or can only be learned from producers. If the only way other players can obtain that specific information is through the producers players can’t lie about it. What the power does or having a special power from viewers are two examples. You can lie about having a power from a comp that the house played in though.

In short, if the house guests can find out the truth without getting the information from a producer then you can lie about it. That’s my take on it, I could be wrong.


What if nobody ever left the house? No battle backs just the eliminated houseguests stay with no chance of returning. I’ve thought about this for BB and for Survivor. would it work or just make for a long summer of lying?


Julie walks out and says this seasons twist will be in honor of the Satre play “No Exit”. As a result, no one will leave until the end.


Jack looks like this guy in my highschool called the “denim warrior” the last all denim rocker to survive the 90’s in my home town.


Simon, I’m still getting the Jack (asses) confused. However Jack/Jackson with the girly hair looks like Charles Manson to me.


HA HA HA! Good one.

Janey Haze

LMFAO!! Simon you nailed it!


My latest rankings based on gameplay, non-gameplay, and character are:

#1- Tommy is still my #1 even though I did not like his involvement in the Nicole drama. I know he was playing to the crowd, but it was just unpleasant. Tommy is, definitely, the most loved in the house, and he is so easy to appreciate as an individual. If he doesn’t win this game, he will surely win AFP (at this point).

#2- Sam holds this spot. I really did not like him at first because of his loud (perceived) unacceptable behavior, but I now realize he was also playing to the crowd of 20somethings and finding his footing. He has won 2 POVs, so he is clearly a threat and there to play a good game.

#3- Nicole has become one of my favorites. She has made some rookie mistakes, but she’s cleaned things up the best she could. What I like most about Nicole is her ability to keep her head above water while also playing a very honest game

#4- Cliff made the huge mistake of allowing his game to be heard by Christie and Jackson. But, I still love this guy in the game. I hope he survives the next few weeks and gets the Camp Comeback return. If so, I feel that the attack on Nickella might postpone his ultimate demise (fingers crossed) long enough to get him in a solid position.

#5- Camp Comeback – any of three current CC players hold this spot even though they aren’t active players. I always root for the underdogs (well, BB20 being the exception because Level 6 was always the Alpha). I like David, Ovi, and Kemi and feel they could neutralize the playing field, no matter which one returns.

#6- Jack. I hate saying it because I really detest this guy. Yet, he has somehow found “connections” in the house making him a dangerous player. I have to give his intimidation tactics credit and can’t deny that he is playing this game…dirty, yes…but playing strong. He’s a cocky guy…in every way. ;-/ If he is not disposed of, things could get hateful really quickly.

#7- Jess is still there…for now. I can’t respect her jumping ship so much, but this is a game and you have to follow the waves to keep from drowning.

#8- Christie has been a huge disappointment ever since her PMS. I thought she could keep it together, but she’s completely irrational, throwing all logic aside in favor of fictional happenings that are sinking her game

#9 Kat did not impress me at all in the first two weeks. Then again, she was in a tough position. I am beginning to see more substance to this girl that I first saw as too superficial to have any interest in actually playing the game. She is surprising me lately, though. Even though her veto win was likely tossed to her, she has been very entertaining and a lot less annoying. She’s much smarter than I thought. AND, she is a Texan…so there’s that to love about her.

#10- Nick has made himself easy to dislike and very easy to not trust. His “self awareness” is in Bella’s hands. She has him under her complete control. Tisk! Tisk!

#11- Bella…deceitful in every way. I loved her at first but now can’t respect this girl. Maybe she can change my mind down the road, but I see her dirty game as too overboard to appreciate.

#12- Holly has fallen in to the same showmance trap that any insecure straight female player has….the man trap.

#13- Michie….yuck….just, yuck

#14- Sis is in my last spot. I loved her at first, but she has shown nothing other than that gorgeous face, sexy body, and cold poisoned heart. I hope she shows something else, but right now I see Sis has gone from America’s sweetheart to a banshee bitch (sorry, but I’m just calling it how I see it. Personally, I think she would be proud of that metaphor)

I’m quite confident that the plan to evict Cliff will move forward and can’t wait to see the Nickella reaction when Nicole stays in the house. Everyone wants them on the block, so unless Bella wins the next HOH, I expect that is exactly what will happen. Great season so far!


I’ve been waiting for your ranking! I know you were a christie fan early on so was I.

I thought for sure I was going to dislike Sam from the feed leaks and interviews. Not the case.

I wonder why the line spacing isn’t working in your post.


I added quick tag support to the comments so you can now add some formatting to the posts.


Thanks Simon!


I think in an effort to conserve space the boards condenses long posts and remove extraneous returns which I use to break paragraphs and I assume Granny does as well. Once that happens you get the wall-o-text until you click see more then it straightens out for me.


Ohh awesome! thanks for that I think it’s fixed now 🙂 Rock out with long comments 🙂


Yep, you know me well.

Feeds Gold

if sam wins he is targeting jess


Great ranking Granny. I agree with 100% of what you said. I feel the exact same about liking some in the beginning but now am disappointed.


Yeah, first impressions are truly temporary in so many cases.

Feeds Gold

if i did rankings i would also be factoring in likeability within the house, likelihood of avoiding nomination, ability to win comps when needed, amount of likely allies and votes if on the block eviction night…and so my list would be alot different


I get you, but my brain can’t handle all those scenarios. LOL

My rankings are pretty much surface rankings and some of that stuff weighs in. (example: my ranking of Jack moving from the bottom of my rankings up to #6)
I try to post my rankings every week.

*Simon, I love these new formatting options. You’re the best!

Feeds Gold

haha fair enough


You did a great job Granny !! Keep it up 🙂


Thanks, Mav!


You know how sometimes celebrities have come in to host a competition? I wish Jason Mamoa came in and stared down wannabe Jack and called him out on his shit. And Margaret Cho hosted one and stared down Bella then call her out on her shit. Anyone else with some sorta lookalikes that could host? Their all so freaking boring this season I don’t even want to make the time for others…help! 🙂


I think Momoa has shaved the beard though…plus I have no desire to feed some of these people’s delusion of being an actual celebrity.

Janey Haze

Jason Momoa is too busy being super hot and legitimately famous to give wannabe the time of day. Lol




Is it me or does anyone else think Holly has her glasses on she looks like Audrey from season 17?

I Miss, The Neighbors

Yep, and Christie sometimes looks like she could be Lenny Venito’s daughter.

Feeds Gold

if cliff goes it looks like if any of the camp comebackers return, their #1 is nicole, except david who would see kat as his #1

Feeds Gold

when will we get word of the camp comeback comp format?

another name

In the same week as grandmothergate…
these people have learned nothing.
Nick says Christie would have to be sick to swear on her sister and backstab them.
Christie is saying Nick is sick for lying while swearing on his parents.
Oh do shut up, the lot of you.

Feeds Gold

if cliff evicted and kemi returns, all 8 girls will be intact

8 girls, 5 guys

i wonder if the jacks will consider that re voting out cliff


Unless they’re all lesbians on a soccer team, women cannot get along for long periods of time.

Feeds Gold

haha true

Feeds Gold

sis is best friends with sylvester stallones daughter


Sis is best friends with Sophia Stallone ..

another name

…. first impulse. Who?
second impulse. Oh. the celebutante child of an actor.
third impulse. eyeroll.

Feeds Gold

i just saw their homecoming pic together

Feeds Gold

if ovi returned and used his power at some point the scenario would be something like…

friday before dinner – noms…lets say ovi is nominated
followed by dinner/after dark 9pm to midnight(during this time ovi to the dr to let them know he is using the power)
then as soon as everyone asleep early hours of the saturday morning the power is unleashed, everyone woken up, a new nom ceremony with 2 new noms

at that point will the hoh be able to discuss potential new noms with people or does he instantly decide? is there an actual full new ceremony or do they just say out loud my 2 new noms are x/y? is ovi eligible as a renom? or is he safe from being backdoored during that hoh?

another name

assumption without remembering what ovi read off the card.
after noms, ovi must go to the d/r to activate his power.
the houseguests are awakened that night. there is a surprise. nominations are void. hoh must immediately nominate 2 other choices. if ovi is an initial nominee he is safe. if ovi is not an original nominee he is a potential replacement nominee.
if jack activates his power:
the original choices for veto are put back in the bag with everyone else’s pucks. they choose again. the original choices are eligible to be picked again. they are not removed and voided from being chosen again.

Feeds Gold

thats good that ovi cant be backdoored if hes an initial nom and uses it

if hoh must immediately nom 2 new people do you think they would cut feeds and have hoh go to dr to select noms and do a full new nom ceremony in the early hours? or cut feeds and just have the hoh verbalise the 2 new noms without the table sit down and nom screen reveal? what do you think is more likely?

another name

i’m pretty sure the rules were the two people removed from the nomination block are safe for the week.
so ovi would be best to use it when he is on the block.
however. if ovi uses it on 2 other people, he can be one of the second round, and can be the post veto nom.


I think it’ll be like the double eviction, without the time. HoH would just have to pick the two new nominees without discussion. A smart HoH, should Ovi return, would talk this scenario through with allies before making the nominees.

I just love Tyler from BB20

I don’t think Ovi’s power is that intimidating. Don’t nominate him as an original and then back door him. Then his power is gone.