“If I win HOH, I wouldn’t because [Sis] in my alliance but she’s the one I wouldn’t really want here”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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11:00 am Sam and Bella
Sam going on about his work “old dominion” and how great of a company it is. Goes on about how they really look after their drivers and it shows in the morale of workers.
He brings up that he’s an administrator on their facebook group page it’s 800 people all drivers.
Sam – I bleed green I love Old dominion

Sam – coming in here I didn’t think I could win but as things are unfolding and the two vetos and stuff. Now all of a sudden I’m really starting to think to my self like.. maybe I’ll win..
Sam – it’s really weird I didn’t come on here with high hopes at all I didn’t thin kit would go that well..
Sam – so now I’m thinking there’s hope in the future now.
Sam – I could not imagine getting voted out sitting in the jury and having to vote for Jack or Michie like NO
Bella – over my dead body
Sam – that would just suck .. it’s not even someone fun
Sam – if it was Christie alright that’s a little better. If it was Brhistie and Tommy, alright they play a good game got the big targets out
Bella- if it was you and Nick that would be really interesting I would have to vote for Nick
Sam – you would, what about the children

Bella – Tommy and Christie area always mediators which reflect good for them but now Christie just want this whole thing
Sam – Jack, and Michie don’t know Christie wants this whole thing and if JAck, Michie are on her side
Sam – I feel like she’s more going that way and that’s what scares me
Bella – yeah. .. I hope .. yeah
Sam – we gotta pull her back

11:00 am Christie, Jackson, Jack, Tommy

Christie still talking about yesterday and her freak out.
Christie says “legally” she had to tell Bella and Nick the details of her power after she mentioned it and sketched it out.
Christie – I was never really clear on the rules .. not 100% sure of the specifics I was under a wrong impression regarding one of the things
Christie – I was instructed if I was choosing to tell people that’s fine but I have to be clear .. I had to man .. which sucks but I don’t f*ing cares it’s only good for 3 more
Christie says she’s gunning for HO and taking a shot at Nick and Bella
Jackson – we can put them both up we don’t even have to backdoor
Christie – they literally think they can play us (lol)
Jack – all they have to do is not win HOH and it’s all over
Christie – whoever has the veto they get to choose who is the replacement.. so even if Nick wins HOH and he’s psyched about his nominees and he’s got t2wo of us up there and I win the Veto ..
Christie – lets say you guys are on teh block Bella wins the HOH but I win the veto I take someone down and I put Nick up
Christie – god forbid Bella wins HOH she’s like on to us and nominates two of us as long as anyone in our alliance wins the veto or anyone we trust
Jackson – Kat, Jess
Christie – jess is mmmmmm
Christie – we select who goes up and we have the numbers to send that person out
Jackson – how great would it be if Bella wins HOH and Nick goes home
Christie – now that they know about it they will be terrified to put any of us up
Jack says after they flip the vote this week Nick and Bella will be against them they will pick a side.
Christie – then I dare bella to win and put us up because if any of us win her boyfriend is going up

Christie – BOOYAH
Christie – I’m nervous Tommy doesn’t want to send either of them home so can you talk to him
Jack – no Tommy does trust me he’s just terrified of Sam.. Sam is his enemy in this game

11:34 am Sis, Christie, Jack
Chit chat. Sis says she wants to climb up on the backyard fence she feels trapped she usually likes to do something new every day and she can’t in here.

11:52 am Kemi and Nicole
Mostly chit chat..
Kemi – They are literally always talking sh1t you know the type of people that talk sh1t and literally get mad when you talk sh1t about them .. shut the f* up

12:28 pm Sis, Tommy, Christie

Chit chatting about after the show renting a boat and sail around Europe going to music festivals (these are rough times for some)
Tommy – wouldn’t that be fun
Sis – that be f*ing cool
Tommy – that be so cool
Tommy – like hire someone to take us on a boat. Hire a chef and two drivers

Christie – A captain a chef and a butler
Tommy – we sail around Europe together
Sis – my best friend, her dad is Sylvester Stallone (Sophia Stallon) and every summer they just in the yacht they live on it for like a few months and they go around
Christie – are you friends with her
Sis – uuuhuh
Christie – she’s your friend
Sis – yes my best friend

Christie – is Sylvester Stallone’s daughter?
Sis – mmmmmhmmm
Christe – wow how cool
Sis – they go to Saint-Tropez and they just live on this f*ing yacht they have chefs
Tommy – yeah that’s the way to go
Tommy – we could probably do it for a week until we spent all our lasagna

12:35 pm Holly and Kat
Holly – she (sis) tells Nick she would date him in the real world
Holly – she told Nick that umm.. that if she got to him first she would be dating him
Kat laughs
Holly – she tells Jackson that she wants to marry him after this in the real world. How have you not heard any of this
Kat – I don’t know
Holly – It makes me uncomfortable. please don’t tell her
Kat – I don’t sis’ energy she brings.
Kat – I feel like you guys flirt with her all the time I never hear her flirt back
Holly – no she flirts back but very secretively. She’s always whispering stuff like telling them (guys) they are sexy
Kat – if she does flirt with Jackson you are a much better catch
Holly – no .. hello
Kat – I don’t think sis .. I love her. If I would win HOH. Like I wouldn’t because she’s in my alliance but she’s the one I wouldn’t really want here
Kat – she’s just very negative

Holly – In the real world after this I would date them. She says that to all of them (the guys)

1:18 pm Everyone outside lockdown.

2:20 pm Holly and Jackson
Holly says she’s worried about looking boring but she doesn’t want to do something that is out of character for her.
They whisper about Sis
Holly – Kat says she’s worried Sis will look like a b1tch on TV
Jackson – she’s annoyed 24 /7 she’s always angry

Looks like meat city tonight

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Best season so far. Things are heating up.


Too funny. Biggest laugh I’ve had all day. Maybe if these idiots turn on each other and actually make big moves. Lol at them talking about how they got out the 2 biggest targets. Lmao… who ovi and friendless Kemi? These morons… where does CBS dig them up.

Hey holly you slept with butter face Michie I wouldn’t worry about your reputation. Not that holly is that pretty but Michie is such a douche.

Feeds Gold

grouchy holly loves to sewer, gossip and b!tch…i see her eventually flipping with jackson, jess, kat, nicole, and comebacker

shes jealous the sis/christie/jack/tommy connection is tighter than it is with her/jackson within six shooters, and she hates the sis/nick connection as nick doesnt like holly


Holly should be grateful that her and Jackson aren’t that close, word is he has a lot of domestic violence offensives on his wrap sheet

Feeds Gold

apparantly they both liked each other on social media before the season, and hollys dog is named jackson


In fairness all it says is that he was charged doesn’t mean it actually happened. But there are many other reasons she should be proud not to be associated with that egomaniac!

Allies Mom

This is like a big game of telephone with stupid people who can’t keep a secret. Most of my enjoyment this season will come from watching each of the unpleasant people getting voted out. The only ones I like right now are Nicole and Tommy.


Nicole and David. Kemi is ok and kat is entertaining. Everyone else sucks. Ovi is ok but dumb as a rock.


This is some of the strangest game play I’ve ever seen everyone might as well write their game plan on the wall.


I agree ?! All those with their nose up their asses too!


And, Jackson.

Beach Girl

Christy is absolutely looney tunes. I wish she would win a prize…..can’t talk for 48 hours.
Since a CBS employee, friend, got her on the show, will she be the winner?


I have a feeling Thursday will be the wall comp with all 4 camp comebackers. Whoever holds on long enough out of the camp comebackers will stay in the game. Like victor that one year. Just a guess

Douche Lords

Still hoping America votes for who comes back in, virtual tie, David & Kemi back in the game…Kemi wins HOH……yeah, I know. Nice dream


nah, whoever gets voted out this week would win america’s vote. wall stand would make sense. beat the other 3 you’re back in, beat the whole house you’re back and hoh.

The Beef

Yeah, it’s too late for an “America’s Vote” (to get it done by Thursday, plus we don’t know who the 4th is), and the wall makes perfect sense for a joint competition between the four and the others for HOH at the same time. Plus, they’ve done that before.

another bad creation

I wish this week was a double eviction and 2 people from camp comeback get to return to the game


Man hearing you mention victor makes me sad that we have such crappy people this year. They should do a season with alumni again. At least they would have good people instead of a crap shoot. I don’t understand how they get 16 people and they all pretty much suck except for like 2 that are ok.


I agree with you about the wall comp on Thursday but I also think they (CC players) will be competing alongside the rest of the houseguests. Where they could have a chance to go straight from Camp Comeback to HoH if they beat out everyone.


I wish it was like “Expect the Unexpected” so we all remember Helen Kim being “tapped out” All CampCome Back people can come back. With the the wall challenge! The first 4 to drop are out! TAP Bella, Chirstine, Jack and Jackson. Then let’s see how the game plays out


on the one hand i want those people out. on the other i’d feel pretty cheated if i never got to see christie/jack/jackson or nick/bella on the block against each other and madly throwing each other under the bus.


Anything you want to happen that would be cool will not happen. Promise you that. So don’t except these fireworks everyone keeps expecting.

Allies Mom

Wonder who production will push off first? Ha.

J e t s jets jets jets

I disagree. I think it will be something that can be over by the end of the live show.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

What alliance does Kat think she’s in?

another name

she thinks she’s in Jackson’s alliance with Holly and Sis. but she wants to maybe target Jackson. ‘cus… squirrel.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Damn squirrel!


Jackson’s Harem.

Tommy Sucks

How would anyone know, she doesn’t


Are we serious??? First Jack gets bugged with Kemi for putting her half protein shake in the fridge for what a few hours. Then Jackson the garbage disposal just did this to Ovi???


Who is running the game?

another name

So. Holly knows Jackson from instagram. Holly knows Kat from shared friends. Holly knows Jackson’s ex gf from shared friends. Holly dm’d with WInston, and Holly and Kat might know Brett.
ummm…. so was Holly just an employee of casting with delusions of grandeur that one day decided I should be a star, here’s my friend list, cast them?

Feeds Gold

holly has been on another reality show before i think, not sure of the name of it


Holly be a s**t


She dated The Bachelorette and The Bachelor: Winter Games alum Luke Pell on and off for months


Why always Rich spoiled people on this show. Reminds me of the college scandal. they know celebrities etc. this is a very boring cast. Sam is the only one I can tolerate. Hoity Toity rich kids

another name

I don’t really get the impression that Nicole is rolling in dough. but i know what you mean.


i get the impression her family is fairly well off and supporting her as she builds her career.

Feeds Gold

i have no issue with someones financial status or who they are friends with

what i dont like though is the game impacted by 2 or more players with pre game existing relationships/connections/shared social circle


That’s one of the biggest issue with bringing back a few returning players they have some familiarity with each other so they are starting with an advantage even if it’s that they can’t work with them.

Feeds Gold


another name

don’t ever watch bbcanada if pre-existing connections bothers you.
in one season: girl one once dated boy one who went to an event with his best friend who was dating girl two (his showmance). girl two’s family was close to boy two’s family (and boy two was employed by the company producing the show). meanwhile girl three’s family lived down the street from boy three’s family. boy three played hockey with a former house guest who was also friends with boy four. girl four and girl five were friends after both trying out for previous seasons and getting to know each other. girl four mentioned knowing a house guest from a previous season. all talked about on feeds.
or the most recent season:
boy one and boy two played hockey together and on opposing teams, attended hockey camps together. boy one dated a woman that made out with girl one. girl two was shown pictures of the male house guests before the season started and asked which one she’d like to showmance with (she said most likely boy four, but chose not to showmance). further girl three worked for the same company for a time and shared friends with boy three. boy four and girl four were from the same area (showmance). alternate girl five that didn’t make the show losing a fan vote knew girl four. all talked about on feeds.