“I was going to throw up.. he was going to put me up. I was really scared guys.. I threatened him”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – KAT

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Grab your live feeds —-> BB21 Live Feeds Subscription Link
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2:34 am Christie, Nick, and Bella
Christie – the moment I saw your face I felt better I know it’s me I know it’s my hormones I’m sorry to you
Christie – Kemi got into my head and I freaked out
Nick – I know with your disorder like your diagnosis
Christie – I hate call it a disorder
Nick – it is a diagnosis. I can diagnose it.
Says it’s in the DSM IV

Christie – I was on Paxil and Buspirone I was fine it I don’t judge it .. I needed to find something else as an outlet so I have to meditate and in this house, it’s hard to meditate and because I’m not on anything I spiraled.

Christie – when it gets to 9 I take you, Bella, Sam, Tommy very serious.. I am not in a couple I am not in a showmance I would be naive to think I’m not 5th on the totem pole
Christie – I am aware I am on the outskirts of that and I’m Okay with that I will show my loyalty to them no matter what..

They talk about the flaming 5 alliance (Bella, Christie, Sam, Tommy, Nick) . Christie says she knows she’s the bottom
Nick says when it’s 10 players left, us nine and Kat .. we can’t win 10
Nick – If Michie, Jack, Sis or holly win at 10 then it would be 5 on three next week
Christie – I know
Nick says Jack really likes Christie
Bella – he told me he trusts you more than SIS
Nick says when it gets to nine they will put Nick and Bella up. He’s worried Tommy will flip on them
Christie doesn’t think so adds that she’s a bit worried about the Jack and Tommy relationship but not enough. She thinks Holly and Michie would eb teh targets
Christie – I do take the 5 of us seriously I am worried my social game is too good and the nine will be like take this b1tch out she’s good with everybody

Christie says she has compassion for everybody it genuinely who she is. Christie starts crying

Christie – I’m going to tell you something right now. you might already know. I have the power
Nick – I knew you did
Christie – I have the power (she cannot keep anything a secret)
Christie – I’m only telling you guys this because I feel horrible that I just pulled that stunt and all the paranoia. I have the power and it’s called the Diamond Power of Veto

Christie – if someone comes down I get to pick the replacements

Nick says the reason he didn’t backdoor Jack and Jackson after “Nicole told me that” was because he never got to talk to Chrssite, Sam, Tommy. “I could not make that move without them knowing cause than you guys would have been blindsided and been holly sh1t .. ”
Nick – I wanted to believe it but I can’t do it if I do I’ll just backdoor them either Jack or Jackson but then we figured out it was false

Nick – I’m going to tell you another secret .. Sam knows about G8tful because Jack told him .. in the storage room
Christie – Jack makes it sound like you told Sam about g8tful
Nick – I did but Sam already knew

Christie goes on how not in a million years would she think Nick was putting her up she’s just hormonal.
Nick – did you see how sad I was

4:04 pm Sis and Holly (hard to hear due to backyard conversations)

They talk about saving Nicole this week and getting her on their side.
Sis – Christie is making me nervous
Holly – from day one she made me nervous because she’s so hot-headed I still trust her and I love her but her emotions and loose lips she does not know when to shut the f* up
Holly – I love her but

Holly – her emotion will drag her down
Holly – her mouth will drag us down
Holly – I trust her.. but it’s her mouth that scares me
Sis wonders what Christie is saying about her to other people.

Holly says it’s Christie that scares her, “if this keeps happening”
Holly – we were so solid people just need to stay solid
Holly – people are cracking we just started playing how are you cracking

4:17 pm Tommy and Sis
Sis – I feel really scared
Tommy – I was scared shitless that they were going to put Christie up
Sis – I didn’t believe it
Tommy – I did, she convinced me very quickly and now that it didn’t happen I kinda feel bad
Sis – like they really believed we didn’t trust them I feel scared why was she talking to Bella shouldn’t she talk to Nick Like why was she talking to Bella about it
Tommy – they are sharing an HOH
Sis – that’s what makes me nervous
Sis walked in on Bella and Christie talking and her Christie mentioning Jelous and they stopped when SIS entered.
SIs – I feel Christie gets jealous.. don’t you think she gets jealous of me and Jack
Tommy – maybe
Sis – she was trying to relate with Bella about it and they stopped talking about
Tommy – maybe
Sis – I’ve had plenty of conversations all she has to do is tell me I will let them be together

Sis – I trust Christie so much

Tommy – what you said the other day really stuck.. me and you are so good with Nick and Bella
Sis – I know, I’ve been thinking about it a lot today
Tommy – me too
Sis – the best case scenario for all of us is if Cliff goes but me and you are really really close with Nick and Bella. At least I’m really good with Nick
Sis – I don’t know what to do, when it comes down to us nine or eight I don’t think they will come after us they would go after bigger targets first
Tommy – you are so right so we would be good no matter what
Sis says she doesn’t want to win the next HOH she doesn’t want to be the one to put Bella and Nick
Tommy – don’t stress out nothing is happening at all
Sis – I’m going to be really really really sketched out though if when I talk to CHrsitie and all of a sudden she’s saying we need to get Nicole out because she did tell me how Nick asked to be in an alliance with you, her . then that would make me sketched out like she wants to work with them (Bella.Nick)
Tommy – that was never true … it was really a fake alliance. We were pulled into Nick and Bella told us we’re in a five-person alliance they called it the flaming five.
Tommy – when someone approaches you about an alliance you have to say yes.
Tommy says the 5 flames was fake he’s with the 6 shooters.

Tommy says he was all about the 8 until Bella and Nick played too hard “I tried to warn them you are playing too hard you are whispering too hard”
Sis – I don’t want to get Nicole out .
Tommy says this is a game and Nick will respect them making a game move.
Tommy says Nick and Bella are not that smart if they were they would have put one of them up this week. They know next week we’re taking shots and they had a chance to make the first move.

4:39 pm Tommy, Jack and Sis
sis – I love Christie but that was really unnecessary
Jack – I tried to tell her cool your jets
Tommy – yeah

Jack – nothing needed to happen today
Tommy – she had me convinced it could be true
Jack – this happened when she was HOH
Tommy – she crumbles under pressure .. it really gets to her

Christie – guys I really don’t know if I’m going crazy or if that was really going to happen
Christie – I really think it was going to happen
Sis – you do
Christie – yeah I do
Christie tells Sis she has a power
Jack – ok
Christie – I scared him
Jack – what did you say to him
Christie – So I have the power
Sis – you do
Christie – I threatened him basically, I knew I was going up
Christie – it’s the Diamond Power of Veto
Jack – what does it do

Christie – the power is it strips the HOH the ability to name the replacement nominee instead of the HOH during a veto ceremony if the veto is used. Let’s say two of us are sitting on the block and Nick or whoever try to backdoor one of us it strips him the ability for him to name a replacement.
Christie – the person who owns the veto and myself we get in cahoots and it prevents the HOH from picking the replacement nominee
Christie – we get to decide .. it can be completely anonymous Alarms will go off
Christie – the Veto holder will select who goes up
Jack – how long does it last
Christie – I need to ask specifically I don’t know if they said 6 or until 6 final 6 or week 6 I need to ask them.
Christie – or final 4 or week 4 (lol final 4)

Christie goes to explain talking with Nick and how she saved herself from getting backdoored – He came in storming into the are you crazy do you really think .. like swearing on his family
Christie – I don’t believe any of that and I said it’s Ok Nick listen this could totally be hormones my paranoia.. you do what you need to do if this is a big move good do it I’m, good regardless. I just want to avoid a really uncomfortable situation with the house right now so take that information as you will do what you gotta do
Christie – I really hope you decide it’s not worth it and it doesn’t backfire for your game.
Sis – what he say
Christie – he was like YOU’RE INSANE .. he was shaking and his face was BEAT RED and his hands.
Christie – I was like hold my hands they were f*ing wet soaked, soaked, he was shaking like this.
Christie – he was going to put me up so I had to scare him a little bit
Christie – so I’m telling you he backed out at the last second

Christie brings up Nick and Bella knowing Ovi’s power and how they brought it up in the kitchen.
Christie brings up Nick saying why not cut out a flame and I’ll light in on fire comment (in case you haven’t heard this)
Christie – all I know is I adverted a major f*ing crisis I know I was going up and so they went up there (HOH) and they were like overly assuring me it was never even an option
Christie – I still don’t’ believe them honestly I don’t .. Bella went into her personal story (about being assaulted)
Christie brings up Nick saying “you just tylered me” (flushing a power)
Nick – I know you have it
Christie – yeah I do, he just looks at Bella and they quickly look at each other and said I knew it
Christie – they decided in that last second she probably has a power don’t do it. I still don’t trust them at all they are just going to backdoor me I KNOW
Christie – Ovi and Cliff were very weird going into the Veto ceremony.. looking at me looking at my body language
Christie – they seemed very calm when they noticed I was frantic they were in the back watching.

Christie – I had to tell them I have it I don’t care if the whole house knows.. Don’t f* with me
Christie – I was going on the block I always trust my gut

Tommy- you got to chill out
Christie – I’m done playing this game you guys make every decision I’m done trying to be.. Nicol knew to She was in the best mode today
Sis – you think
Christie – kemi knew too.. Ovi too Ovi was being a d1ck to me all morning
Christie about Ovi – you were an a$$hole to me all morning.. f* you (you’ve gone full on crazy)

Christie – I wish I could say more.. A lot of people have my back in the universe
Tommy – okay
Christie – I was really scared guys .. Like I was really scared
Christie – and it would have been the best move it would have been a sick move, They know what they’re doing. We only have 5 votes.

Christie fully convinced she as going to be put up says the plan was figured out last night. Points how close Jess and Bella are now, “I called it last night”
Tommy – that’s it..
Christie – If I didn’t have my period I would just be laughing about this
Sis – I’m kinda freaked out a little bit Jackson was saying too much around JEss about the whole vote swtich ..
Christie – I know
Jack- what the f*

5:18 pm Nick, Bella and Christie
Christie was told to clear up the details of her power to everyone she told.
Nick and Bella saying that Tommy needs to shot for the HOH this week.
Chrsitie – oh my god I’m not bleeding ..
Christie – now I’m manifesting it so much that I’m going to block it now watch I skip a month
Nick – is that what happens
Christie – never but you never know it’s stress

5:31 pm Christie, Sis, and Holly
Christie – I won the party surprise.. I had to tell Nick and Bella .. they were putting me up I know they were putting me up
Christie tells Holly the story above where she had to scare Nick. Sis apologizes because she really didn’t believe Christie. (wow Crazy Christie has convinced them all)

Image link

5:35 pm Nick and Bella
Think they are solid with Tommy, Christie, and Sam.

5:46 pm Christie, Sis, and Holly
Christine about Nick and Bella “they are sh1t to me and I hate that Nick and Bella know I have this power. but honestly, good let them be a little scared of it
Sis – I’m really sorry .. I really believed you weren’t going up
Christie – I was going to throw up I knew it
Christie asks Holly if she caught on to the things Nick said
Holly – No I wasn’t in tune to it

Christie’s theory – This is the circle of it. Cliff is freaking the f* out because he knows and he acknowledged because we had a conversation that I heard his entire gameplay.
Christie – so A he’s doing damage control with the couples B he wants me out because I heard too much he is then teaming up with OVI to go up to them (Nick/Bella) because they are in power this week and he’s on the f*ing block and he’s like OVI knows the right time we gotta let them know about your power and to get them to not trust Christie, Jack and Jackson you need to get them to know about the power.
Christie says they know her loyalty isn’t with them it’s with “you guys”
Christie – they said we want gr8tful but we hope you are still serious about the 5 of them. you’re not in a showmance you are on the outskirts so when it gets down to you guys you and Tommy..
Christie- they are playing to my emotions
Christie- the only people I care about is you, girls and Tommy

6:34 pm kat and David
Kat says David is the only person in camp comeback that hasn’t annoyed anyone
David says he finally talked to SIS and she said she wasn’t sure about him “I don’t want you to f* me over.. she’s like scared”
kat – Sis is an undercover savage
Kat – trust me everyone loves you. you are not going anywhere

7:20 pm Just leaving this here.

7:34 pm Nicole and Jess
Nicole asking where her heads at “you and kat are never never my targets”
Nicole says her targets are Bell and Nick.
Jess claims to have never really thought of who she’s voting for. She loves both of them.
Jess – my game as of right now is nonexistent
Nicole – I have such a fire under my a$$ to stay her play and win I want to be here so bad I hope I get that second chance
Jess – I’m thinking I need to talk to people in the house. there are people here that don’t want to see you go. I feel like some people don’t know at this point is with who.
Jess – nobody wants to go rogue if for some reason Nick wants it to be a house decision
Nicole – I Don’t think it’s going to happen. there is a splitting happening in people’s mind

7:40 pm Kat and Holly
Holly tells Kat that Ovi has the power it allows him to take 2 nominations off the block

Kat – Nick told Jackson that he has me in his back pocket
Holly calls Nick a Snake says that Nick told them all if Nicole had a power he was going to put Kat up but he realized she had the Veto.
Kat – I do want to win HOH and put them both up
Kat says Jackson came out in the backyard and announced to everyone that she was only here for TV..

Holly – Sam is one of the biggest threats in the house
Holly – I know Nick and Bella are targeting me and Cliff’s targeting the couples.
Holly says she’s an idiot for being in a showmance
Kat – you got to do what makes you feel good
Holly says she does feel stupid because “everyone is coming for the couples” (yeah like the guy on the block and the people already evicted from the game)
Holly says Jack does not stop talking about his EX around Sis.
Kat – Sis is becoming a b1tch .
Holly – I hate saying that but I do love her.. she’s always annoyed.
Kat – b1tchy
Holly – angry .. she’s not even that into Jack
Kat – WHAT


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another name

I hope you got a case of Kraken.

another name

It’s week three. Think ahead to week 6. pre-order the Kraken.

another name

Nobody has actually left yet. Nobody has been a have not. I’m not sure if that’s going to mean funfeeds or nuckingfuts feeds if it happens.


lol that’s all I was thinking when I saw this go down, Vanessa is back!


Yeah, after her huge paranoia freak out, she comes back down from Mars and begins to spin more lies that she actually believes. – Meanwhile everyone knows about the power, but it doesn’t matter because everyone knows about everyone’s powers. At this point it’s a matter of who uses which one first.

anon fromBBAD

Simon, Love OBB Spoilers. You and Dawg have done an amazing job. However, in this post you have that Jessica wo the POV and it was Cat. I think in the link before this, it says Jessica and that Cat used it, but it still said that Jess won. Just saying.

Feeds Gold

its amanda/vanessa combined!


Yup with just a pinch of Kaitlyn.


You are absolutely right, Simon.


I don’t get why she has to correct the misinformation she spread. Isn’t lying part of the game? Shouldn’t she be able to misrepresent her power to her own advantage?

J e t s jets jets jets

What was the correction?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

OMG…Christie live in her own reality.

another name

She is making KrazyKait, Whackadoodledoo Sam, and Post tranquilizer dart Audrey in the have not room look positively normal.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The crazy seems to be working though.

Feeds Gold

can you imagine what it will be like when christie is actually nominated haha

Feeds Gold

christie uses intimidation well…its like would an hoh want to go through a week of hell nominating her knowing how crazy she would be


Omg why do I even bother watching or reading about with these people-I really can’t stand any of them- they are all so two faced & Christie with that paranoia soooooooo annoying-what a crappy season 🙁


Hahaha I think Tommy really knows Christie is a psycho I bet he distances himself soon

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Not a chance,he’ll ride her to the end.


If Christie keeps this up, I’m going to need meds.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

She’s already on meds.Is that a qualification for being cast?


Ohh a meltdown! We love a majority alliance pre-jury meltdown!

Feeds Gold

earlier christie, sis and nicole on the bed…christie going on and on and on…then looks at nicole “oh yeah youre on the block, i dont wanna make it all about me”

poor nicole haha


Does anyone else feel like your watching an extended episode of the Twilight Zone?

another name

like the episode where everyone that walks into that one room comes out with a completely different personality? Oh wait. that’s the d/r.


Yes!!! Or the one with the woman that had facial surgery and all the already ugly people saw her as gross…until she went to a community with people that looked just like her….
and they were all beautiful.


Christie medication on line one please.


Im rooting for David to comeback.


Holy cow Christie is bat sh^t crazy.

another name

what is going on with the couples / house guests that have been having sex being called to the upstairs d/r.
and why did they call Christie?
Yeah. The hoh shower is going to get blamed for this.


(In my BB20 Rachel voice) – “What’s wrong with Christie???!!!”

another name

(In my bbuk Niki Grahame voice)-“Who is she?!? Who. is she!?!”

another name

Mental Picture:
Jessica walks into a bar. says ow.
no, that wasn’t it. Jessica walks into a bar, and takes a seat next to Fester from season 20.
They commiserate as he repeatedly asks who flipped, and she repeatedly says i don’t know what’s going on.
Dear Lord, that’s not a dream, it’s Waiting for Godot for Dummies.
change the channel.
A national geographic nature documentary on the life cycle of the crusty wordvomit. A predatorless creature, that will still squak and strut and chase it’s own shadow in fear that everything is out to get it. Once the nonexistant danger is past, the brave if not deranged surviving thing will puff it’s chest and declare victory over the universe, while attempting to eat it’s own chin.
commercial break.
It’s segregation sleepaway camp! but now… now open to whitefolk.
change the channel.
It’s time for TLC’s newest hit program: Guess that Skin Rash.

Today. In a Nutshell.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Excellent recap.

J e t s jets jets jets

Except the white guy wont actually live there as the bounce back is the same night.

another name

Nick runs to Christie and Jack to say that Sam heard from Kemi who heard from Jessica that Jess has the secret power to take herself off the block.
Immediately after Bella tells Sam that Nick is an idiot for telling Sam about Christie’s power with Ovi sitting right there, because Ovi will tell the house. Bella continues to explain Christies power to Sam. (Sam was told. but i thought it was Sis who told him Christie won it).

So. Did Kemi tell Sam? Or is this just yet another example of Nick and Bella blame someone else for their loose lips.
Until I see proof that Kemi told Sam Jess won the power… I’m assuming it’s Nick blaming someone because he promised Christie he wouldn’t tell anyone, and he told in front of someone else.

Christie / Jack response? Why would Jess tell Kemi? that makes no sense. Gotta get rid of Cliff. He’s creepy. It wouldn’t be so bad if Kemi did come back, she hates them (team Ick). Nick has to go. Bella has to go. Sam has to go. Sam is a mean girl says Christie. Sam is a bully says Jack. Enter Tommy (Oh yay. the Beaver’s home. How was your day at school son?)

another name

What Kemi said to Sam:
‘Damn, if Jess has a power, i hope she uses it on Nicole.’
The rest is those three clowns told those three clowns and so on.

Everything stems from Cliff telling Nicole that if Jess has the power, and if Kat takes Jess off the block, Jess can use it to take them both off the block and all three would be safe. Nicole related that to Kemi. Cliff was conflating Ovi’s power with the power he assumed Jess had.

Feeds Gold

is someone allowed to make up a story that they heard someone say they have a power and make up fake powers to get someone targeted or is that also using production as strategy?

another name

if speculation is ongoing in the house, people can speculate. One of the reasons the hoh used this week is i’m nominating jess because i think she might have a power. i’m replacing her with nicole because i think she might have a power.
if somebody says i hope they have a power, and if they do i hope it saves me… or conversely, I hope they don’t have a power, because they’d never use it on me… that’s permissible.
While they have secret powers that not everyone knows about, there is going to be speculation.

However, a person that doesn’t have a power could not say they do, and make up a power, I don’t think.
A person that does have a power cannot make up or lie about what the power does, or how long the power lasts. they can obfuscate or feign stupidity, they can refuse to answer, but they cannot lie about the terms of the power.
Ovi told Jack and Jackson about his power, He said he could use it to save them. However, he doesn’t have to use it to save them. He can lie about what he would do with the power, but he can’t make up powers he doesn’t have.
It’s incredibly convoluted.

Feeds Gold

can someone lie and say “i know for sure x has a power” or “i know x has a power and this is what it does” to get them targeted? or can you only say “i think x likely/probably has a power”?

another name

I’m extrapolating from cases and causes where people have been called out by production in the past, and my vague memories of the bbcan house guest rules and regulations that they had posted on the canadian website in season 3 if you searched the bottom of the front page and scrolled down one of the fine print sub headers.
Best guess logically:
you can claim someone has a power to get them targeted. If you are the person with the power, pinning it on someone else, production may review, but will likely choose to enforce or allow depending on projected story line. (season 2 of bbcan had a houseguest receive a canada votes twisto prize… and he came up with about a dozen different powers he could use it for, without being called out. he was being edited as the pitiable everyman under dog nice guy, so a lot slid by when it came to him).
As far as language of think or know… because some people choose to speak in an emphatic, while others choose to speak in a deferential manner, i’m not sure.
As long as you do not lie about the terms or conditions of the power you have received in order to advance your game, production is more likely to be laissez faire about it simply because they have set up the secrecy of the prizes in order to get the drama of a secret in the pressure cooker.

Feeds Gold

thanks for that

J e t s jets jets jets

That’s what I like about survivor. You can lie about anything.

I just love Tyler from BB20

Since we know people eavesdrop, I would purposely allow a big mouth person to see me go in a room by myself. I’d wait a few seconds, maybe try and watch for a shadow of someone’s feet at the crack where door meets floor, and say to the cameras “Thank you so much America for voting for me to have the Coup d’État. I will use it wisely”. I know you can’t lie to houseguests about having a power but you can lie to America and hope you are heard.

Feeds Gold

bella is on to christie, “she can play both sides”

another name

And Sam, 40 minutes after finding Jackson’s dirty dishes in d/r, goes to Bella and says ‘we’re flushing out the bottom feeders, but what if we need them? what if they keep one or two and start to come after nick, you, and me?’
not saying. just saying. exhales.
meanwhile Sis (who told Sam about Christie having the power, but got the details wrong) is telling Jackson about Christie’s power, and is getting the details wrong again.

Feeds Gold

in terms of someone without a power describing someone elses known power to someone else and getting details wrong, will production make sure the person without the power getting details wrong and the person listening to the incorrect details get the correct power info, if the person initially misunderstood or forgot the exact power details?

another name

nope. it they broken telephone a power’s ability once the winner has correctly stated what the power is, too bad so sad.
Christie gave out misleading info. she was called to d/r and given correct terms. she had to tell everyone she had misled the correct terms and conditions. if those people then screw the pooch at retell, that’s their own stupidity for not paying attention.

Feeds Gold


Fish bowl

Out of curiosity is this the lowest the rankings have been in a season overall? I have enjoyed that the bottoms keep moving as ppl keep looking worse and worse!! Welcome to the fish bowl!!

Feeds Gold

sis to jackson telling him about christies power: “she told nick/bella about it”

jackson: “are you F-CKING KIDDING ME? are you F-CKING KIDDING ME?”


thats how i would have reacted

Feeds Gold

sam, nick, bella talking about christie…

sam: “talk about an over reaction!”
bella: “if she can over react at times like this, when it comes to being serious, i dont f-cking trust her”
nick: “christie just stfu and get to the 9, its not that f-ckin deep”

haha…perfect reactions

another name

just wait until she has the one ten minute space between the times she’s pre-menstrual, menstrual, and post-menstrual. You know we’re going to hear about all of them as she synchs with the universe. How much sage would you need to smudge out her energy? Is there that much sage out there?

Janey Haze

Maybe I’m just nit-picking, but if Nick mentioned that he could diagnose Christie’s disorder because it’s in the DSM IV, then I have to wonder if he’s really a therapist. The DSM V updated version was published in 2013 and it’s the standard that all qualified mental health professionals use for diagnostic purposes. Maybe he’s just using his Intro to Psychology class and google searches to pretend to be a therapist and f*ck with people’s heads. Just one more thing that creeps me out about him…


I thought the exact same thing when it was mentioned!


Chris faked it all as an excuse to be able to do 2 things. 1. Tell Nick and Bella about her power so that they knew they could not put her on the block or backdoor her, also to gain trust with them so that she could 2. easily, secretly, switch to their side, possibly with Tommy. She is not team Jack. It was actually a pretty smart move for her game. Now the Jacks will be after Nick Bella and Nick and Bella will be after one of the 2 couples. Nick and Bella will have more numbers with Chris and Tommy and whoever comes back, plus a floater.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

What the ????? Manufactured crises.