Tommy “I know for a fact that he bullied her but I can’t say that because he’s HOH. They’re f**king planning an army.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica and Cliff
Intentions – Nicole or Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – Kat

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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9:23pm Boat room. Kat and Jess. Kat is telling Jess about a situation that happened between her and Jackson where Jackson was yelling at her. (This happened earlier when the feeds were down.) Kat – I was like hey, I just heard that you said that I’m always running my mouth. Because I don’t want him (Jackson) saying that because it makes me look bad. Jess – then he knows that it was me. Kat – he thinks it was David because David said the same thing. And instead of talking to me like a normal person he yelled because you f**king are! I said I’m not mad, I just wanted to hash it out. But like he was yelling at me and it was embarrassing. He was very aggressive. Jess – how did Holly view it? Kat – Holly came in and I was like dude, I’m not going to make you look bad. Jess – so she was worried about what you would say about her? Kat – she is just having a lot of anxiety about how she is perceived by America. Jess – why what is she doing wrong? Kat – I know they can only make you look like what you’ve been. Like they can make me look like a nice person or an emotional person because those are the two things that I’ve been. They can’t make me look like something that I haven’t been giving them footage for. I am sorry that she’s concerned about. Jackson went off on me and it was embarrassing. He was saying that I’ve run my mouth and I haven’t run my mouth at all. I said I’ve said things in the DR that are personal and I have a right to do that. And like he was just yelling at me and it was really mean. Its the fact that he yelled at me so aggressively. Holly is very embarrassed about how she is perceived. Jess – if that’s the case then stop messing around with him. Kat – its not my fault if that’s what you’re worried about being perceived. So I don’t know, I feel bad. I would never say anything about Holly on tv to make her look bad. And Jackson just came at me, I don’t need to say anything about him to make him look bad. Jess – Jackson is running his mouth right now saying that you’re saying things just to get air time. Kat – I’m not. I’m not going to stop being who I am. I don’t give two sh*ts. Jess – you just need to stay clear of him because this puts you on his target list. Kat – the second time in there he was saying I ruined his game. How dare I run my mouth. And how he helped me. Jess – this really blows. You are perceived as coming here specifically for air time. Kat – we’re on a TV show. Everyone is here for air time. Jess – with all do respect you’re poking a bear. He is not the type of bear you should be poking. If you win HOH then you can put his a$$ up but we’re not there yet. IF he wins he might put you up. There is a lot of F**king aggression in him.

Christie & Tommy join Kat and Jess. Christie – I don’t know what it was all about. I just heard that he’s saying that you’ve been running your mouth. Kat – he said that I was ruining his game and running my mouth. After that setup I went to the DR and vent.. I am so stupid I mentioned to someone that I had done that. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tommy – he got a warning that penalty.. Big Brother blocks the feeds again. Kat – it was scary to me because I do care about him. Even whatever happened, happened and it could be an awkward situation. I will admit that I throw out some jokes about it. I am just afraid that I shot myself in the foot and made myself the target. Tommy and Christie both say no. Kat – I know he has a lot of friends and I don’t want him to. Christie – well you have a lot of friends too. He had a moment, let him cool down. Kat – I just don’t want him to put me on the block. Christie – well he can’t, he’s not HOH and he couldn’t even convince Nick to.. not to mention you have the veto. Kat – my way of coping with things is troll humor.

9:52pm Camp Comeback room. David and Kat. Kat – what happened with Jackson outside after .. Jess told me you were calming him down. David – he was just saying something about National TV. He wasn’t giving me details and his point of view I was just like hey you should stop. Kat – Jess said that you were sticking up for me so thanks. The whole thing with the joke in the bathroom yesterday .. I thought it was funny but Holly didn’t find it funny. I guess its been bothering her. She is concerned about how America is going to see her. And I said I’m more worried about how America will see him. He took that the wrong way thinking I was talking sh*t about him. He was very aggressive at me and it made me cry. David – my thoughts are if you’re concerned about how you’re viewed on tv .. then why are you here?! Kat – exactly! David tells Kat to win HOH. She tells him she hopes he comes back. I’ll be upset if you don’t. David puts his arm around her.

10:09pm Bedroom. Sis and Tommy. Tommy – what’s my honest opinion about flipping the votes. Sis – for my game and for the rest of the six I think that its really good that we get him out. I love Nick .. well not like love and Nick are so close. I mean I don’t know if he is talking sh*t about me. Tommy – no. He is obsessed about you. Sis – we are so close and it really really hurts me to turn against him. I don’t want to believe that he was telling people to put me and Holly up. I think it was more Bella. Tommy – he admitted it. Sis – he did to me too but said it was more filler. Tommy – no. Sis – Nicole said it was me and Holly too. Tommy – I think he was saying you and Holly because he was jealous when you and Jack started hooking up. I think that he is obsessed with you. I think he was jealous when you and Jack were seeing if something was there. Tommy – say we vote out Cliff. and we tell Nicole we believed you all along. First of all I think America would like that. If Ovi comes back we wouldn’t have to worry .. he has the power so we would just get him out next. If we take this shot now then, Nick, Bella and Sam are going to become our priority. And Camp Comeback or returner .. hopefully we can convince them to work with us. So we just added two numbers (Nicole & camp comeback returner) for the two we lost. (Nick & Bella) Nicole would trust us. There are things that don’t line up. We got lucky that we were able to find a common enemy and its not her (Nicole) its them (Nick & Bella). I walked into the boat room that day and I know for a fact that he did bully her but I can’t say that because he’s HOH. I know for a fact that they’re lying and Nick knows that I know.. but I have to make it look like I am still sticking up for Nick. I think that they’re (Nick & Bella) are getting numbers .. Cliff, David and Ovi were up there talking. They are f**king planning an army. They’re building an army. Sis – do you think that Kat is working with them? I don’t trust Bella. She could be making up things. Tommy – the flip side if we keep it the same .. then Nick thinks we are still working with him.. but we still have Cliff in the game and Nicole is gone. I think its going to be a big move but I think its time. Sis – I think whoever comes back I think we could get them to work with us.. except for David. I don’t know where he is at.

Sis – he said that he has my back. Tommy – he does from a personal standpoint. Rewind to when Bella and him were just starting to get together. He said Sis just said that she would kiss me. And he was like she just said she would kiss me! And I was like how do I say no to that she is perfect. Sis – he is so nice. Tommy – because he really likes you. To be honest I think it would have been better if it was you and him in this game. Bella is bringing him down. Sis – I know. Tommy – but they were already into it so he was like F**K! F**K! What do I do!!?? Sis – I am so confused. Part of me is like go away from Jack and part of me is like.. Tommy – I think go away from him honestly. In the Six shooters .. the only couple left is Holly and Jackson. And I am all about First and Final. Sis – so am I. Tommy – if someone is going to take a shot its going to be at the couple. I think its better for you if you’re not a couple later in the game. Sis – I have noticed that it is fading away. I’m just so confused. People still associate us together. Tommy – time will change that. If anything Christie will be associated with him (Jack) more. Tommy – I have your back 1000, a million percent. Sis – I wish I could go back to how I started this game. Tommy – don’t even go there you are playing an amazing game. Sis – I see you winning this whole thing. But everyone sees you winning this whole thing. You’re playing the most amazing game. Tommy – Sam is 100% putting me up. Sis – no way. Why do you say that? Tommy – because we are on to each other.

10:43pm Nick h*mps Tommy.

11:25pm Boat room. Kemi and Sam. Kemi – at what point in the game did you identify the Bella situation? Sam – what situation? Kemi – Bella playing both sides. Sam – early on before the Nick thing. I knew Bella was on both sides and even still is now but she wasn’t tied down with Nick like she is now. Even now she still plays both sides but they’re all in cahoots now. Kemi – yeah because they won HOH.

12:05am Kitchen. Bella – I am still the odds are champ! The hot dog one and mayo was way worse.

12:13am Bedroom. Tommy, Jess and Kat. Tommy – Fake Life. In the big brother house all your problems go away and you get a whole new set of problems.

The other house guests gather in the bedroom for “Jess-e-Kat” chats.

1:15am Nick gets the HOH snap chat sunglasses he goes around snap chatting the other HGs.

Nick challenges Holly and Jackson to kiss for a snap chat..

1:57am Bedroom. Jackson and Sis. Jackson – ..she doesn’t care how she gets it. I am not about to give her (Kat) fame at my expense. Not cool. Sis – oh my god I can’t. Jackson – this is my life, my reputation. Sis – and you’re going to have to deal with sh*t when you get out of here. Jackson – because of a girl like her. Nope, not happy about it. Sis – I’m sorry. She is just so annoying. Jackson – she is just so obnoxious. She doesn’t wear underwear, she doesn’t wear a bra, everything she does is just to make it on tv. Just to get feed views. Its disgusting! Its just so disgusting how vein someone can be. Its so unattractive to me. Jackson – she is 5.5 almost 6 years older than me. Sis – she acts like a 14 year old. Jackson – Holly told me some of the stuff that Kats been saying. I was in the kitchen and Kat comes in.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jackson – she says so I heard you’re going around saying all I do is run my mouth. I said yeah I did. I said its bullsh*t that I did everything I could to keep you here. And exert 240 hours to keep you here and you didn’t care about it.

2:30am – 3:20am HOH room. Sam and Nick. Sam – I am extremely worried about Jack and Michie (Jackson). Nick – when we get to nine we’re going to have to put up on of the nine. It depends on who wins that. If I win at 10 I would put up Kat and Holly. Sam – and then we get out Kat. Or if we wanted to get out Holly we could. Nick – I told Sis.. I’ve got her back. I would never put her up. Sam – if Christie wasn’t doing it we could send her home before Sis. Nick – I don’t think I could beat Christie in the final chair. I don’t think I could beat you either. I honestly think I would crush Bella. Sam – you might get more HOHs by then too. Nick – I think our social game will keep us off the block. Nick – I am pretty sure that Jack, Jackson, Holly and Sis have had talks about getting us out.. because if we’re thinking it, you know they are. Jack should be wanting to get me and out because we’re his biggest threat to his game. Sam – how would he not see Michie (Jackson)? Nick – he would slaughter Michie. What has he done? Bella – make chicken. Sam – put too much seasoning on it.

3:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Tommy to Bella “Nick is obsessed with you”

Also Tommy to Sis “Nick is obsessed with you”

Yas boy stir that pot


And he is right on both

Feeds Gold

true, but i think hes a little more obsessed with sis, but doesnt want to piss off his ball and chain

tommy is being very honest with sis in this area, treats her like a sister, gives good advice re jack/nick

i will be interested to see if nick tries anything with sis once bella goes

Houka Inumuta

I love how everyone is in the same page as me. Everyone loves Nicole. Last year I got downvoted about scottie. It seems like everyone sees where I’m coming from now. People even hate the 1995 babys now. (michie and tyler).

Who knew in one year everyone is going to be on the same page as me.

BTW, Nicole has this game in the bag and Jackson is getting evicted on July 25. cant wait until I told you so.


Um, people have different opinions, just because people like Nichole right now doesn’t have anything to do with “getting on the same page as you”. Tyler was America’s favorite player. Pretty sure he’s beloved in Big Brother. Lol


Jackson is so disgusting. I love kooky Kat and hope she never changes! Well, maybe she could wear a bit more make-up…just to even out her facial skin tone. But less make-up when she is actually wearing make-up. Hope that makes sense! LOL


Kat’s and Holly’s Makeup is out of control !


I think Kat does it to cover the acne. She’s had it pretty bad in the house. Not sure if it is like that on the outside too.


I very much do not like Christie but I would absolutely love for her to use her power to and nominate Bella. Its a perfect time too. Get her out and Nick cant play in the HOH next week so you can either reel him in or go after him next week. F8ful is just about done so just take the shot now.

Bizarre Bella FTW

It’s people like Bella that make BB watchable. Watching people fall according to a plan set-out in the first week is boring.


I agree .. As much as we all dislike Bella we need her in the house to a bit longer to shake things up.


EXACTLY ! she makes good t v ! plus these camp people are so f n lame ! i would be raising all kinds of hell up in that house . 1in 4 chance of coming back . all they do is lay around and be quiet for the most part. if BB had good ideas they would be having small comps for them like Americas player . they get points if they complete a mission. if it is just a play back in whats the point of having them stay in the house. AGAIN THE CC PEOPLE ARENT REALLY DOING ANYTHING


I agree they havent done much but thats kinda the point. If you raise hell and then come back youre the first target. If you lay low and win your way back than you let other people, ie Bella and Nick, create a target for themselves and you can stay a week longer and try and ride the wave and build relationships. I think if David wins his way back in hes going to be in the best position and then Ovi because he has the power, but people know about it.


Let’s be honest, whoever comes back, no matter what they do or say, they will be an easy target. The hoh will figure they’ve been evicted once, so there will be no blood on their hands. With that said hopefully non eight will be hoh and be smart enough to keep them, or better yet person coming back wins HOH !!


True but Im hoping the returning evictee is the HOH automatically

Butters Mom

And they should be on slop

Ovi's tongue

It is cheaper and more interactive and provocative than keeping them isolated in sequester.


Kat is spot on when she says BB can only use what you give them. More players should remember this. We see who you are 24/7.


Exactly this!! Jackson made his bed and now he can lie in it, the rest of Gr8ful can too


We don’t see 24/7! Feeds are cut constantly and they only show 2 scenes of the house. We have no idea what the others are up to since the cameras are not on everyone.


But you see more than regular tv viewers.


Major fluctuations over the weekend 😉


Oh Jackson you’re the IDIOT! If we think Kat is just having fun or we don’t like her for whatever. We know you treated her like a c@mdumpster. Why, because YOU Jackson ran your mouth to Jack and not only once but 3 times. She didn’t say anything except to you. Then you went to her “friend” so as she said “you can only be viewed by what YOU say and do” a$$hat. And it probably is wierd to not cut off Holly for her since it’s a game but she’d probably normally ghost both of you.

We should have a poll who bugs you the most, except I can’t decide who is worse!


Jackson: She is ruining my game…my life. She needs to keep her f**king mouth shut. Uh does Jackson even have a clue how the feeds work? Google him…just last year he was arrested for domestic violence and yet BB let’s him in the house. These girls better watch their backs with him. Except Bella, she could use a good punching lol. I hope David battles back in and they (with Nichole as his side chick) take the h8tful eight down.

another name

I don’t know why, but the ‘mule kicking someone in the teeth’ and the ‘if I could kill someone in this game, she’d be in a f–king grave’ comments sound even more disturbing to me with knowledge of the arrest.


You catch the “kicking Xanax in the house cold turkey” comment? Jeez….aggressive and in withdrawal….what a catch. Ugh….makes my stomach turn just to watch him and Jack. Actually most of them if I’m being honest.


Uhhh, come again?
If that was said, I’ve been totally in dark… wow!

If what he said is true, then he really has become a MAJOR liability for CBS, as he’d be a huge risk for everyone else in the house.
Not to mention, Xanax withdrawls are the thing that NIGHTMARES are made of!

Unlike withdrawals from opiates, withdrawls from Xanax CAN actually kill you, that’s how incredibly dangerous they are (plus, seizures almost always occur in xanax w/d’s & once you have a seizure for the first time in your life, your body chemistry changes from then on & you’ve now become prone to having seizures for the rest of your life).

If what you wrote is actually happening, then he couldn’t have been taking all that much before or he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed, let alone control his bowels, stomach muscles or restless arms & legs.

Is there a way that we can confirm this?

another name

The Big Brother 21 season from the point of view of the HOH Shower:
Week one was bad. It was so annoying. She just wouldn’t stop talking. I even lost control and wet myself a couple times. But she just kept talking. I thought, oh God this is the worst.
I was wrong.
Then that couple. Lord. They did things. Horrible things. And they kept saying they were done with each other and I thought thank heaven that’s over. But they just kept coming back…. I’ve seen things.
But. sniff. But that wasn’t the worst. This week… oh. Do I have to say it? This week, he passed me around to his friends…. Two by two… I feel so defiled.
Now They’re all starting to talk about skin rashes… I’m going to get blamed for this, aren’t I?


i know a lot of people are whining about this season, but i gotta admit, i don’t hate it. awful people being awful to each other has its appeal. probably going to be disappointed in the winner though, but hey, rachel reilly won so i’m used to disappointment.

Feeds Gold

im enjoying it…and its soon going to get alot better

another name

When Holly admitted to some of her alliance that she and Kat are tight because they share friends back home in order to shut down the can we trust Kat with a veto talk, I expected a red flag or two; a secret pair / alliance conversation at least. I’ve yet to hear anything. That’s odd. By now at least one of the house busybodies should be whispering ‘if they know each other, we can’t count on her to help us evict when the time is right. is this why she kept pushing us to get rid of Ovi, don’t tell Holly anything because she’ll tell Kat.’ I’m surprised it didn’t even penetrate with anyone.
Jackson telling Sis just how far he’s gone to keep Kat in the game (she owes him). So when finding out about Ovi’s power and at the beginning of Jack’s hoh, it wasn’t Jackson that was saying let’s get Kat the heck out of here? Oh. interesting.


Instead of stealing the eviction island idea from survivor, bb should have stolen one of their competitions. The hoh comp was pretty lame. Throwing a stick over big logs into a dartboard with small targets. They should steal the one where they crawl through mud untie a bunch of knots and start a fire.

another name

It was nerf lawn darts. good for ages 3 and up. and the skill level was still too high for a few of them.




Ha! On Survivor the contestants are hungry! In the competition with the cockroaches Survivor players would’ve snacked on them while they solved the puzzle! I know…gross…but the BB players are so pampered in comparison.

another name

survivor is what… 40 days? so every survivor episode is a three day encapsulation. Is that about right?


39 days with comps and tribals every 2-3 days. The stresses are a lot heavier when you have to worry about food, sleep, and even minor injuries are a serious problem.

I know they have medical teams right there but a small scratch gets infected quick and it’s not life threatening but it sure is annoying with not a lot to do about it unless you quit.

Feeds Gold

christie going crazy thinking shes getting backdoored haha

another name

Oh look.
Paranoid Crusty is back. She’s sure that the universe is telling her she’s going on the block.
If the universe is still code for production, they’re playing with her because they don’t like that she’s given out 2 different explanations of her not so secret power. And neither was correct.
I’d laugh if she spun out, used her power, and gave KAT the diamond power of veto.
She’s spinning so hard she needs a knitted beanie.
Yeah… if she uses her power i’m thinking d/r gave her the choice, recant the false power explanations or use it.

Yellow dog

What did Kat “run her mouth” about that has Jackson so freaked?

another name

He thinks she’s been talking about their night 2 until end of week one tryst. in d/r and in the house. and that she’s been making jokes about jackson and holly’s pure love in the d/r. side eye.

Feeds Gold

the christie read on nick is so bad…he wants her in final 5

Feeds Gold

just start the veto ceremony already ffs!

Feeds Gold

control freak neurotic christie not wanting the embarrassment of being blindsided is needlessly overplaying, almost trying to talk her way into being backdoored when that was never a chance of happening…the best editors in the world cant spin this as good gameplay to try to get nick to trust her more than he already does(he wants her in final 5)…if he uses his brain, it will just make him doubt her more and trust her less going forward, especially as she is so flakey, paranoid and erratic…one of the worst reads of a situation ive seen in bb from an influential/dominant player

another name

when nick said nicole is the vanessa rousso of the season… he hadn’t seen Crusty in a knit cap.


Several houseguests are way overplaying way to early. It is getting annoying

Feeds Gold

christie turned a predictable ho hum veto meeting into the exact opposite…any decent player should immediately get red flags about christie as a current/future game partner due to her lack of emotional stability and big mouth…telling the whole house and hoh “i think im getting backdoored” minutes before the veto meeting is moronic

Feeds Gold

re christies power…

if she uses it at any of the 4 veto meetings, is it an additional veto, so 2 vetos in play like in bb14, or does it change the veto holders regular veto into a diamond veto, meaning christie would decide the renom rather than the hoh?

another name

christie’s power when she read out the card: not exact words
christie can activate her power. this turns the golden power veto in play into a diamond veto. the veto holder must now remove one nominee, and the veto holder, not the hoh, must name renom.

Feeds Gold

oh so if she triggers the power, the veto holder has to use the veto if they didnt originally intend to?


If that’s the case then Kat would pick the replacement.

Feeds Gold

christie explaining it now, sounds like she can only use the power if veto holder uses their regular veto, so if no veto use happens the next 3 weeks she cant use her power

another name

Christy has given three different explanations of her power and it’s duration. She’s been using production as a strategy and should be called out for it. What she read off the card and what she is saying are not the same thing.

Feeds Gold

so can she use her power only if veto holder decides to use a veto for three more weeks after today? basically a backdoor protection for her, or ability to switch renom to backdoor someone else?

another name

what she read off card transcribed:
you now have the ability to turn the golden power of veto into the diamond power of (squeeling as she says it) veeeeto. This means if you activate the panic power the diamond veto will allow the veto holder to not only remove someone from the chopping block, but (she emphasizes) THEY will be able to name the replacement nominee taking that responsibility (starts speaking in a higher pitch and slapping the couch) away from the (screeching now) head of household. ohmygod she adds in lower tone. This power can only be used once and will be good for the next four veto meetings.

Feeds Gold

ok so if activated, the diamond veto renom is decided by whoever is veto holder, not the hoh, and not christie if she didnt win veto comp, for next 3 veto meetings after todays first of 4

so she can force the veto holder to use the veto if they werent intending to use veto, or if the veto holder was already intending to use veto then the only change is veto holder decides renom instead of hoh

it would be funny if she used it, and the veto holder put up tommy


She can’t force the use of the veto only turn it into the DPoV. If she activates it and they don’t use it, it’s a dud. So it would be great to use when whoever she’s working with isn’t HoH and she has control or influence over the veto.

Feeds Gold


SD Bird

I think Christy’s panic attack was planned to flush out loyalties & any possible powers. I don’t think Bella is 100% buying.

another name

I don’t. I think Christie had a similar meltdown when she was hoh before the veto meeting. Because she came out of d/r and suddenly didn’t want Kemi on the block because of ‘things the universe was telling her.’ I would lay odds she had a d/r session this morning, was asked if she planned to use her power, asked if she could trust everyone in the house, and then told they’d ask her again before the meeting so she had time to decide if she should use it. The universe was speaking to her again.

Feeds Gold

christies bad decision making continues, telling nick/bella she won the power


I have never heard the term “troll humor”. What is it? What does it mean? This is the second time I’ve heard Kat say it. Perhaps she had someone comment about her “droll” humor and mistakenly thought they said troll?
Is she the stupid one or is it me?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jackson is disgusted by a girl like Kat… She’s so vein and obnoxious… As he walks around in his underwear, flexing his muscles, admiring himself in the mirror, and speaks to her like the Neanderthal he is. Rich.