Bella “Like this has been going on for maybe 30 minutes.” Tommy “Did you want to just break it off?”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica and Cliff
Intentions – Nicole or Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – Kat

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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5pm Living room. Nick and Analyse. Nick smells her and tells her she smells good.

5:40pm HOH room. Tommy, Bella and Sam. Bella is crying because she’s been watching Nick cuddling and smelling Analyse on the HOH spy tv. Bella – I feel like every time I trust someone I feel so stupid for it. Tommy – no. Bella – I thought like Nick understood when I told him and now it seems like he clearly didn’t and I just feel so stupid. I feel stupid for crying. I feel stupid for telling people in the first place. I feel like there are reasons why it is so hard for me to trust people but I still really do trust people and it always bites me in the a$$. I am just so tired of it and I just don’t want to do it anymore. Like I want to play the game and I want to be known for Isabella and not Nick and Isabella. I don’t like how people talk to me and ask me what Nick is going to do. I’m like talk to Nick and ask him yourself. I’m not his caretaker! I don’t want to be associated with someone if this sh*t is happening. Sam – do you want to just break it off? Bella – well I like Nick but.. Tommy – but not with this? You like everything about him but not with this. (Nick cuddling with Analyse even after she told him that it bothered her and asked him not to do it.) Its not worth it when it comes with this. Bella – yeah. And like this has been going on for maybe 30 minutes. And I think what sucks is that looking stupid because of the trust thing that I have is… Tommy – did you want to just break it off? Bella – I don’t want to make him uncomfortable and have to choose. Like if he doesn’t care about me. Tommy – he’s obsessed with you. Bella – like I don’t really care if he’s not, I just wish I knew before hand. Tommy – he is obsessed with you and he’s just been locked in a house for 6 days being a stupid immature boy. Sam – he has no idea. Tommy – he has no idea. He is like cuddling with her right in front of Jack. Like obviously he wouldn’t be doing it if he thought it would bother him. He is just doing what feels right. Sam – and Sis doesn’t think anything is wrong either. Bella – I don’t know if thats what he’s like in real life with his friends.. I’m not trying to be like this bothers me when really its just his personality. Sam – just talk to him again tonight.

6:07pm – 6:35pm HOH room. Nick and Bella.
Bella – you’re making me look very stupid. You made the first move and I agreed to be in a showmance and stuff and I feel like we’re going backwards because all you do is flirt with Analyse. And you make a lot of comments in front of me. It just makes me feel like you don’t want to .. whatever. I just wanted to let you know that it makes me upset. Nick – but I haven’t been since you told me about it. Bella – I just literally watched you on the tv for 30 minutes cuddling with Analyse. Nick – I was just laying on her. Bella – I am just letting you know that if you don’t want to its okay.. Nick – we were talking about you. I was telling her how much I like you. Bella – I just don’t like the cuddling. Nick – that wasn’t even cuddling. Bella – I thought I was wrong and I talked to Tommy … I just feel that its unfair because I already expressed to you that I don’t like it. And you make a lot of comments like this morning you said oh Sis would never give me the time of day. Nick – that’s not me flirting, that’s me being honest. Bella – I just feel like you seek her out a lot. Nick – I’m friends with her. And I literally stopped talking to her because of you. Nick – I was talking to her about my ex and how you remind me of all the good things about her. I knew you could see me. I understand the cuddling thing. If I wanted to be with Sis I wouldn’t even try with you. Bella – I don’t want to be that person. Nick – I really like. you. Bella starts crying again. Nick – Early on in the season I had a talk with Tommy because I started liking you a lot and then Sis started flirting with me. I said she just needed to be with Jack because I was confused. I told Tommy, I like Isabella and who the f**k am I to be… Like I would be blessed to be with either one of them. I like Isabella, I like her personality more. I said this is confusing for me that she (Sis) keeps flirting with me. I really f**king like you. I was laying there on the couch and said I hope no one thinks anything of it. Bella – I just don’t like it. Nick – okay, well I will stop it. Do you really think I would leave you for someone else? Bella starts crying more. Bella – I didn’t want to say anything and figured I would just start sleeping downstairs. Nick – when you told me you didn’t like it I stopped. Bella – and then you went backwards. You always make little comments and gestures that make me.. Nick – feel good enough? Bella – yeah. I don’t like when you kiss other girls on the cheek. Nick – but its just Christie. Bella – Like I didn’t want to constantly bringing up things like this. Nick – I thought I was being respectful of what you were asking. Bella – I wish I didn’t have feelings for you. Nick – but I feel like I’ve done everything to show you that I like you. This isn’t just a game …I really really really like you and think that this could be something after. I get everything that you’re saying. Bella – when you do things like this it just seems like you would rather be with Sis. Nick – I am sorry that you feel this way. Knowing your history I should have respect that. I will stop. Bella starts smiling and hugging Nick. Bella – I wish you were meaner so I could tell you to go f**k yourself.

6:42pm Nick tells Sis that Bella was mad that he was cuddling with her. He tells her that he’s going to stop. He says that he’s not going to stop being friends with her (Sis) though.

Analyse heads to the living room and talks to Holly and Jackson about it. Analyse – I knew Bella was going to get mad because we were sitting like that. Why is she so jealous. I dare that B***h to come at me! Jackson – You need to be careful. you need to keep your distance. Right now the people up there make the decisions and they determine our fate. Right now you’re in the hot seat. You’re stepping on her territory. She will snap at you. Sis – was she that mad? That’s hilarious. Jackson – he is the one with the key. She is the one with mouth in his ear. Sis – pshyco! Bella doesn’t scare me. Jackson – in real life she wouldn’t but in here you should. Sis leaves and says she is going to talk to Bella even though Jackson tells her not to. Jackson to Holly – Sis is being stupid. She will be the first to go of the six.

Living room. Jackson and Holly. Jackson – you me and Tommy are going to be the only ones that don’t spiral in this game. We’re the only ones that will be strong enough to last 100 days. Holly – I love Sis but she.. Jackson – is naive. Holly – and has a pretty sh*tty attitude. I am trying really hard not to absorb it. All she talks about is how she hates everything in here.

7:25pm Jackson, Ovi, Nick and Jack working out. Bella and Sis running. Cliff, Sam, Kat, Christie, Holly and Jess chatting by the hammock.

7:35pm HOH bathroom. Jack, Jackson and Tommy. Nick talking about how Bella got upset at him for cuddling with Sis. After Tommy and Jack leave. Nick – I would literally never do anything to hurt Bella especially not on TV. I’m going to show her that I really like her.

7:47pm Bedroom. Holly and Kat. kat – I don’t want it to be awkward because I literally don’t care. Its totally fine and if I say something about it, I am literally joking. Its not malicious. I am sorry if it makes someone uncomfortable. I deal with things in a troll humor type way. Its just me.

8:10pm HOH room. Bella and Jess. Bella – growing up I wasn’t allowed to cry. I always had to just get over it and for me getting over it was ignoring it.

8:39pm Bedroom. Holly and Kat.
Kat – I will.. like .. truly like ..if we were in final 3, I don’t care who the other person was I would absolutely take you. No guy can come between that, no girl, no thing. Holly – yeah, same. Kat – if you weren’t in final 3, I would take Jackson. You’re my number one and I would never do anything to make you look bad. Holly – I am trying to find a good balance of acting like I don’t like you.. not that I don’t like you. I’ve never acted like I don’t like you but acting distant. Kat – I just don’t want you to ever actually be distant. Holly – I wish we could do DR’s together. We should ask.

9:09pm Hammock. Jackson, Holly, Analyse and Christie.
Jackson – lets pause for a second.. in the past 24 hours since Nicole has blown up Nick and Bella we have now walked in on Bella having conversations with 3 outsiders. Analyse – Shhh..Nick is right there. Jackson – 3 outsiders… Cliff for hours, David and Jess. Christie – do you think she is planning some backdoor sh*t. Jackson – I wouldn’t put it past her. Analyse keep your distance. You’re playing with fire! She is just like a black widow .. she will sleep with you and then cut you head off and kill you. Holly – Nick and Bella think they have Kat in their back pocket. They think they have 6, but they have five.

Bedroom. Kemi and Nicole. Nicole – what happened? Kemi – I can’t hear her saying anything but I can hear her whispering to someone and then she looks up out of the corner of her eye obviously talking sh*t and then (laughs) you’re such a b***h. Like I will f**king tongue David down in your bed in front of your face just to shut you up. She is so f**king annoying. And I can’t say sh*t. Nicole – I don’t understand why she would say things about you though. Kemi – I don’t f**king know. She needs to use better judgement. She is a growna$$ woman. Like I am so annoyed. Nicole – I think that’s why Jess keeps talking to her to make sure she’s good.

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Yo Believo

Sweet. Hope this group of 8 cracks sooner than later. Looks like that is starting to become inevitable.

another name

i think the group of 8 cracked after first eviction. But the ‘gotta be in majority so i can coast’ members of the 8 have been trying to will it to still be something (cough cough Tommy). It’s been declared dead twice already. Once the power of veto meeting is over, that’s the time of death we can all mark down.

Aaron Conners

Can someone tell me what did Michie do that every single person hates him? I watch the live feeds and it just seems he’s playing the game. Yes he banged 2 girls in the house but a lot of guys are like that so why he’s getting singled out? Most players in BB trash talk behind each others back why is everyone acting that he’s the only person in the entire big brother history that does it. Yes he has a huge ego but 40% of BB jock guys are why is he any different? He’s trying to be in good graces with his alliance. He’s trying to get the other side to not go after him. How is that wrong? He’s playing the game.
I know i’m going to get downvoted and I respect everyone’s opinions about the show. I don’t want to start any trouble or drama about being a Jackson fan. I just want to know what I’m missing.


Yes, there are a lot of guys who are man whores. Lots of guys who are arrogant. Jackson treated Kat like an extra in an adult film. Someone to play with until the main event was ready. His attitude towards her is repugnant even though it doesn’t seem to bother Kat. While there are an unfortunate number of guys like Jackson, when it’s on display on national TV it becomes very painful to watch for most normal folks. We like to think the days of such douchiness were over…

Aaron Conners

At least it’s only live feeds and most people doesn’t have to experience kat x michie drama on the show.


Actually, he treated her like a fluffer on an adult film set. 😉

Yo Believo

Didn’t really hate him until the dog comment he made. That was just too out of bounds for me.

Aaron Conners

I haven’t heard the dog comment. What did he say?

Yo Believo

They were talking about dogs peeing and pooping in the house and he said something to the effect of the proper way to teach them to quit that habit is to shove their nose in their own shit and then put them in timeout. And he wasn’t joking either.


He was overly cocky from the start of the game, thinking that he was an early target for his looks and body. I don’t really care about the 40% if other BB jocks you brought up…they suck too. He’s just typical of the self-obsessed egomaniacs that they usually cast every season and that’s not really something I can personally root for

Aaron Conners

Ok I understand where your coming from. I’m just saying Jackson is nothing special in regards to egotistic jocks.


Uhhh….. maybe him banishing all the POC and calling David the n word has something to do with it


I think early on he and Jack made some violent comments about what they wanted to do to the other houseguests. Production intervened, but they probably both should have been sent home.


I don’t like him because of how he treated Kat. Telling her how she will ruin his game and he’ll only talk to her behind closed doors. I’m glad that she didn’t really let that bother her and thinks he isn’t that important in the game or real life. I loved what she said about him in the DR.

Sakura Haruno

Honestly, I think it’s recently bias. Since Michie is on big brother right now he’s also in the fan’s radar. In a few years someone new will come along and people will forget michie and hate the future player.

Feeds Gold

newly single sis…nicks keen again…bella jelly as f-ck haha


Eagerly anticipating the Dumbella/ Anal cage match!


Living room. Nick and Analyse. Nick smells her and tells her (Jack) smells good. Fixed that for you Dawg.


Nick’s real obsession is Jack. Watch how he fawns over him. Sis is a surrogate.


Hahhaha! Win he won HOH he seemed indifferent towards Bella then jumped into Jack’s arms

another name

Nick to Bella conversation is every stereotype idiot that comes home with another woman’s lipstick on his collar. or his waistband, who didn’t clear his browser history, and left his email open showing his wife just how many d!ckpics he’s been sharing. Or at least that’s how i’m hearing it.


I do not like Bella in the Big Brother House
I like the idea that Nick is cheating on her (which really is terrible because no one deserves that)
The idea that the house may be turning on her is great

I do not remember so many who are cheating on their faux showmances.

Feeds Gold

does jackson ever stop eating? all hours of the day and night haha

another name

That’s why they had to save the lizard. They were afraid Jackson would view it as free range protein.

Aaron Conners

I wont be surprised that at one point big brother will have a segment about it.

Jackson goes into the kitchen.

Jackson DR. I love food. I cant help myself it’s the best thing in the world.

Montage of Jackson eating.

(Insert houseguest dr) Jackson eats all day and all night. He gets up in the morning to eat. he sleeps late to eat. I think he’s even eating right now.

Jackson eating snake.

Jackson DR. What can I say I have a big appetite

Feeds Gold

yeah i think they eventually do a montage…its like matt eating cereal


I want to see him on slop for a week.

Feeds Gold

im so sick of tommys mediating

if i was production i would try to get him to stop as it often tones down tension/blowups/potential good tv show moments

bella is really hurting nicks game by restricting who he can hang out with or flirt with

im hoping for nick/bella on the block next week(its highly likely)…nick/bella campaign against each other, with nick winning veto, bella goes home

another name

Stop it? I think they encourage it.
Given the number of feed cuts they do every time they fear someone is going to use language or sentiment that will heighten scrutiny? They jump the button so much that i’m thinking the buttoning is a worse indicator than anything they’d say.
Given that his d/r episode inclusion is to a point where he is chosen as the voice of season to comment on events he has nothing to do with (trying to craft him as the friendly non threatening gay guy stereotype that America will vote for as AFP).

Personal thought: If i’m in the house and everyone is trusting the same person to be involved in every conversation as a mediator, THAT’S the person i want out of the game yesterday because too many people trust him, and he has way too much dirt on everyone after being a part of EVERY dispute negotiation.

Feeds Gold

i doubt they encourage it

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’ve never watched the Young & the Restless,is this what it’s like?

another name

Add in an evil twin, everyone returning from the grave, and children going off to swiss boarding schools returning a month later in their 20’s… and yup.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

That actually sounds better.I’m watching the wrong show.

SD Bird

Bella is changing the focus from her being a liar to being a victim for damage control. Watch her catch a camera during her arguments. The recent one with Nick re: Sis, 2 smirks/smiles to camera. Yesterday (?) during her discussion with Jess explaining Kemi/Nicole ‘betrayals’, she floated the idea of playing the game without Nick. She’s changing her image to move the target away.

another name

she just right out said we have to make sure we get this on camera, during her convo with Jess, before saying “bb is making me a better person.”
my question: what was she before???????

another name

This morning. paraphrased.
Kat and Jackson in shower.
Holly, David and Jessica outside or shower.
Kat says that Kavid is over. (There was a Kavid????)
Jessica says well he wouldn’t want sloppy seconds anyway.
Jackson laughs.. his face not so much… but laughs more and says savage.
Kat keeps asking what did you say? what do you mean?
A while ago:
while we are in and out of fish feed cuts.
Jackson comes out of d/r and yells at Kat because he’s under the impression she’s been talking about him and Holly in a negative way in d/r
(gathered by adding Kat Holly retells to Jack retell to Sis)
Holly and Kat are now hashing it out by having an isn’t Nicole such a liar fest. Any second now Kemi will be entitled. start your clocks: 10.9.8…

Jackson says he has no sympathy for people that get called out for their shit and don’t own up to their actions.
Yup… he’s going to have THAT thrown in his face when he tries to use the taken out of context defense at the end of his game…

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Sounds like Production has a perfect tool in Jackson,wind him up and off he goes.

another name

house now saying he went too far and got a penalty warning.

another name

kat later talks with Jess about his arrest record. feed cut. Jackson later complains about how Kat presenting herself braless and without underwear for more air time is going to affect his reputation…. i think her conversation with Jess is going to do more harm than her choice in undergarments, or lack thereof. But i wouldn’t be the one to tell him.
I’m betting twitter and reddit have already done comprehensive searches, released screen shots, and started talking about forming a mob. I’m not even going to look.
When someone else is talking about production or d/r and gets called out, Jackson is in the background saying that they are doing penalty noms so cut it out. not sure if he received a penalty nom, or as Tommy and Kat said earlier, a penalty warning. Jackson had said the house is on notice for penalty noms because of Kat talking about her d/r sessions too much. Not sure if this is him putting things on her, or reality.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

How many warnings has he gotten so far?


When Nick was talking to Bella about Sis, defending himself as if he was the victim. Alarm should have gone off in Bella’s head. So pathetic!

J e t s jets jets jets

Thanks Sis! If you look back at my comments I the last page this Nick-Bella thing blew up just like I predicted. Keep it going girl. I want to see Bella just completely explode.

another name

Odd Real life Connections In BB21
Crusty and Tommy.
Crusty connected to casting from bb17 and bbott, maybe more recent as well.
Tommy was alternate for bbott.
Beth and Jawson Instagram connected.
Beth dm with bb20 Winston.
Kat and Beth connected. shared friends. Possibly know bb20 Brett


Hey Bella, you keep b*tching and moaning about how hard it is for you to trust people because they always break that trust. Have you ever considered that nobody can trust you?! Telling everyone’s secrets is generally a turn-off, and if you’ve never had one positive friendship or relationship of trust, then I’d look at the common denominator in that equation (hint: It’s not Kemi, Nicole, or Nick).


Cannot stand Bitchella


Nick needs to either put a shirt or bra on. Not a good look, dude


I literally hate this cast and this season. I only like David and Nicole. Kemi is oki and Kat has grown on me. Ovi is ok but so clueless and I hate people who are stupid enough to seal their own fate.


Bella is SEVERELY lacking in self awareness & it’s painful to watch.

She also has trouble keeping her impulses under control… did she forget she’s on a TV show??

She may possibly be THE worst player to ever play this game.


Don’t forget about Victoria


nah, no one beats lawon

Feeds Gold

nick wants final 4 with sam sis bella(christie 5th)

sis should not want to win this hoh, nicks side has her back


Hmmm……not so sure abt CrayBella

Ovi's tongue

I don’t see what Bella’s problem is. When I find myself face down in a young woman’s lap for an extended period of time I often discuss the other ladies in my life. That Nick is one creepy dude.