To Contain a Potential ZachAttack The Detonators out the The Detonators

POV Holder: Chrsitne Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 7/Aug 8
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: Zach & Jocasta
Have Nots Frankie, Cody and Hayden
POV Players Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria,

BB16-2014-08-05 17-27-19-889

5:25pm HOH Frankie and Christine
They are trying to figure out what to tell Caleb and Hayden in the case where Zach blows up the detonators. They figure they should tell Nicole, Hayden and Caleb that Zach came up to them last night really late and wanted to form an alliance called the detonators. Frankie will talk to Derrick about it.
Frankie wonders if he should wake up Thursday morning give Zach a hug tell him he loves him and he owes him a vote. Explains that Zach use to always say he just wanted to do is get to Jury and if he does he’ll give him his vote.
Frankie – “He looks up to me as an older brother.. or a lover.. I don’t know it’s bizarre”
Frankie – is Nicole planning on playing this game..
Christine – no .. she’s literally not trying.
Frankie – she’s just going to try and win challenges
Frankie – I think he really wants to go home .. don’t you get that sense
Christine – ya I do..
Frankie – last night he cried.. and talked about his family and golf
Christine – maybe he won’t get that upset then
Frankie thinks nobody else in the house is playing the game like they are he believes they run the house.
Christine calls Victoria the biggest floater she has ever seen in the game, “She’s this years Spencer” She can go on the block there will be no blood on your hands.
Frankie says Donny will put up Victoria and JOcasta or he might put up Cody, Caleb, Nicole the three HOH’s that put him up.
Frankie tells her once Zach put Christine up he knew Zach had to go. Frankie is going to tell Zach “you screwed up you know you did..You have no one to blame but yourself.. I love you .. you owe me a vote… now get out there with a smile on your face”
They agree getting Zach out this week is the best because theres no blood on their hands.

BB16-2014-08-05 17-47-03-647

5:45pm HOH Christine and Nicole
Christine says Zach tried to start an alliance with them last night called the detonators . Zach wanted to get Hayden and Caleb out next. The alliance called the detonators was going to be composed of her, Zach, Frankie and Cody.
Christine adds Cody and Derrick were there at the time.
Christine says Victoria and Frankie are voting out Zach.
Nicole – Wow
Christine says they are all keeping it quiet from Zach it’s operation Brittany.
(Nicole playing up being clueless)

BB16-2014-08-05 17-57-31-437
5:56pm FIREROOM Frankie and Derrick
Frankie says they should tell Caleb, Nicole and Hayden that Zach tried to start an alliance called the detonators.
Frankie – We’re going to green light it with Nicole I’ll let you know with Caleb,..

BB16-2014-08-05 18-08-31-846

6:07pm Bathroom Cody and Derrick
Derrick says Frankie/Christine are going to tell Nicole that Zach came to them last night and wanted to form an alliance called the detonators. It’s a way to cover them all if Zach blows it up. Derrick wants to make sure they talk to Nicole before CHristine or Frankei can.
Derrick thinks even if they were not down wit this plan Christine and Frankie would have told Nicole anyways.

BB16-2014-08-05 18-16-40-926

6:15pm Muscle train

Notice Caleb’s slippers


6:24pm Jocasta sneaks up to Hayden and scares him he spills his tea all over his pants it looks like he peed himself.

6:30pm Have nots Hayden figures out how to change his underwear with out take the one pair off first. (Yes there was a D1ck slip flashback or check out out tumblr site. )
Frankie – “hayden’s got a new trick”
Hayden’s – ‘got a new trick it rhythms with d1ck’

BB16-2014-08-05 18-43-27-281

6:42pm Cody and Nicole
Cody tells her last night Zach came up to them and wanted to start an alliance. He wants to target Hayden and Caleb. It was Cody, Derrick, Zach and Frankie around the pool table super late last night. He wanted to start something.
Nicole – Was Christine there
Cody – No she went to bed
Nicole explains that Christine told her Zach wanted to form an alliance with.
Cody says that was just Frankie filling her in.
Nicole – Christine was not out there
Cody – No .. he never mentioned a name that clown.
Nicole – Oh she mentioned a name to me
Cody – I’m so sketch out by it..
Cody says when Zach told him he laughs “you’re f**g yourself really bad”

Cody getting ready for a run


BB16-2014-08-05 19-13-28-152


7:15pm CHIT CHAT



Where the Vote is..
Zach going home..


The Rationale = Nicole, Derrick, Hayden and Cody
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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For some reason I just feel really bad for Zach. This is not a way to treat an alliance member- Brittany wasn’t in their alliance, so they didn’t want to tell her.And seriously Frankie- you owe me a vote?WTF


Well I don’t. After what happened to Amber then it’s Zach’s turn now, and if the same happens to Frankie I won’t feel bad either.
Zach loves it when it’s happening to someone else, infact he loves to rub salt into the wound, so he’s getting what he deserves.


wow, just when you thought it could not get any dumber, here comes Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine adding on to the stupidity. what is the point, to out your own alliance using Zach as another alliance scapegoat? lol….Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta and Donny already knew about the alliance. these idiots used the same excuse to scapegoat Devin and Amber, and now they just gonna sell out Zach the coward way. I just can’t believe they as detonators with the help of Derrick’s influencing Victoria and Frank influencing Caleb have the votes to save Zach, and they are dumb enough to get rid of another alliance member. this is straight buffoonery at it’s best.


they didn’t get their story straight, cuz Christine ran right upstairs to ‘spill the beans’. she says she was there, with cody and derrick, Cody tells Nicole that Christine was not there. All they’ve done actually is let Nicole know that when Zach hinted to her that Christine wasn’t trustworthy many days ago, that he was talking about the Detonator alliance.

These guys have literally done the #1 worst damage control.


Yet Hayden & Nicole continue to trust Cody & Derrick with everything.


I’ve got a new alliance name for these idiots – The Delusionists – suits them perfectly. What a collective bunch of morons.


Why does Zach owe Frankie shouldn’t it be the other way around? This is the way I see it – We’re in an alliance; we’re tight; we’re cuddle mates; You ousted me, it seems that Frankie owes Zack and I aint talkin votes either. Somebody needs to get some “knee pads” or maybe Frankie brought his “knee pads” with him to the BB house and that’s what he’s talkin about why Zach owes him (I know, shame on me).


frankie is a piece of trash along with his gf christine, zach dont owe him anything, hope these twp pieces of trash get evicted soon.


Go ahead Zack, blow up your alliance so they will turn on you.


It’s funny how Frankie and Christine are criticizing Nicole’s game yet she was actually the person that made the biggest damage to their own game. Granted she is misted by Derick but she has put a huge wedge among Frankie/Christine and Derick/Cody. She also manages to put the next target to the two of them to the outsiders. I’m hoping that during double eviction one of them goes home and watch how brilliant and (stupid) naive Nicole’s week was. The moment someone gets comfortable in the house that’s when you get sent home and those two are quite assuming they are “safe” in their position.

Roisen Dubh

Amen Carlos.


These house guests suck


Zach sucks, he thought he was dr will, hes no puppet master, all talk, houseguests this year are really playing the game, not just a stupid frat house like many previous seasons.

Captain Crunch

If i was Nicole, i would think what a coincidence that all these people are coming up to me about Zack trying to form an alliance 2 days before eviction. It looks suspicious and I would go ask Zack myself or tell him thats what everyone is saying to start drama


she doesn’t have the backbone to go verify with zach…. but maybe hayden will if she tells him.


Yeah, and she’s figured out Cody is lying or Christine is lying, or both are lying.


Nicole might already suspect something is up. She already caught Cody in a discrepancy when she asked him if Christine was there, and it sounded like she was feeling Cody out about the situation. The detonators are all so foolish to try this without first sitting down to get the details straight, at which point they shouldve realized that it’s too risky. They are playing way too hard. Nicole may come off as ditzy but she is not stupid at all. If anything her naive persona works to her advantage bc people think they can get over on her in this manner. Her radar is definitely up on this one.


There was no chance for them to sit down and discuss this “outing.” Basically Christine and Frankie decided on telling Nicole about the Detonators and before they were able to tell Derrick and Cody about it Christine goes running up to Nicole and tells her everything. Cody only went to Nicole after Frankie told him they were going to “out” the Detonators, hoping to beat Christine and Frankie to the punch so that him and Derrick would come out in a better light than Christine and Frankie. Unfortunately, Nicole already knew… and it will hit her that both are lying to her because she will realize the conversation she had with Zach where he hinted about the Detonators. The house will really be split up as Nicole/Hayden/Donny controlling Jocasta VS. Cody/Derrick controlling Victoria VS. Christine/Frankie controlling Caleb. It’ll be interesting how this all plays out.

On a side note, I really can’t wait for Christine to be evicted, and for 2 reasons. 1) She is the biggest trash talker in the game. She thinks she is so much better than everyone in the house. And the trash she talks has nothing to do with the game at all. All of her insults, behind the houseguests’ backs, of course, are on a personal level and not a game level at all. The lie she created towards Nicole about Hayden and Victoria making out is downright disgusting in my opinion. They started off this game as two of the closest people in the house and spreading a lie like this, which she knows will really upset Nicole because she really likes Hayden, is not the behavior of a good friend, or even a good person. And 2) I feel really, really, really bad for Christine’s husband. The way she drools over Cody all day long and cuddling with him is really sleazy. She is a married woman and from watching her physical interaction with Cody over these past few weeks you know for a fact that if there weren’t cameras in the Big Brother house she would have tried to cheat on her husband with Cody 100 times already. I have no respect at all for people like that, and she is just another example of how messed up our country’s morals and values are. To go on national television and disrespect the person you supposedly “love” and “cherish” like no other is really F’d up. I really hope Christine’s husband is waiting for her outside the Big Brother house with a fat stack of divorce papers! Hayden even said it today that watching Christine act towards Cody makes him really uncomfortable.


Oh yeah, as unlikely this is, I’d really love to see if Nicole could convince Hayden, Donny, Victoria and Caleb to keep Zach (who knows Christine, Frankie, Cody and Derrick outed him and the Detonators to “save face”) in the house so that he can then continue to ruin Christine, Frankie, Cody and Derrick’s game. I really feel like that would be a sure-fire way to keep the ex-Detonators from ever working together in the game again and allowing the outsiders (Nicole, Hayden, and Donny more than Victoria and Caleb) to gain the control inside the Big Brother house.


That’s exactly the problem………that the detonators were too impulsive or reactive to plan out and discuss the outing of their alliance. As for Christine, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has something of an open marriage. She seems to have an authentic hippie mentality, minus the peace and love.


Christine is nothing but a pathetic, nasty, crusty, low class, fugly cronish looking meth head ho! If I was Cody, I’d get some medical body wash to kill all the Christine/Frankie germs off his entire body before another man and/or woman touch him!!!!


Unfortunately, Nicole is no that bright to figure it out.


It could create more damage to Nicole than actually help her. If she ratted out Cody and Christine to Zach which for sure would explode, she is the one directly in the firing line. All she needs to do now is to lay low and keep mum, the detonators are making the damages themselves and they are not even aware they are doing it.


I’m i wrong are did Nicole notice Christine told a lie. Christine said she was there. Cody said no she had went go bed. Gotcha!! She should be at least think why are they lying to me. Outing them yo Zach does nothing for her game at this point but I would still tell Zach.


Frankie, Christine and Cody drive me nuts, they just need to leave


Funny that Caleb is wearing bunny slippers and all I can think of is the movie Fatal Attraction!!!!

Love BB

Someone boil a big pot of water, put the bunny slippers in, put a lid on it & wait for Caleb to open it…..


Frankie give me a break…”he owes me a vote”. Him, Christine and Cody are just ridiculous.


Isn’t someone going to be surprised when they find out this is a 7 person jury, not 9, and Zach aint going to be voting for anyone.


Everyone says that Nicole is not “playing.” While I “kind of” understand why that’s being said, she IS in the second most alliances (4). Only Derrick is in more ….. Just food for thought..


Frankie and christine say that Nicole’s not playing bc they are being played. Nicole has been playing plenty this week, first excluding Christine from the backdoor Frankie plan, going with Hayden to work on Cody and Derrick, feeling out Christine on the pov, talking to people about Christine’s Vic/Hayden romance lies, feigning ignorance when Christine told her that the guys are voting out zach, and so on. She’s been non stop.


I’m at the point where I don’t even read the updates anymore and I just come to read the hilarious comments left by everyone (your hard work is still much appreciated Simon and Dawg!). This week had the potential to be epic but it’s turned out to be a huge dud. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Zach is a bit overrated by some (seriously please stop comparing him to Dr. Will, that’s just laughable) but he is immensely entertaining in a house that is contained of house guests who are bores. Hopefully Zach explodes on Thursday and throws everyone completely under the bus. Fingers crossed for an entertaining double evict episode but I’m not getting my hopes up.


If someone tells him that he supposedly started the Detonators last night, that will be his chance to blow up them as being aligned for over a week. That will turn the tables as Caleb will drift over to the outsider that he doesn’t know he belongs to now, and probably Cody will be able to make the transition, but not Frankie, Christine,. maybe Derrick will be able to weasel his way out of it, but lets face it, he continues to deny being aligned with anyone, or talking game with anyone, he would have a hard time.

Zach being on the block with someone talking to him will be very entertaining. so he really is the best one to be up there ready to evict.


So my “dream” scenario for this week is:
Nicole figures out that Christine and Cody and are not only full of shit but working together on that stupid outing of their alliance. Then Nicole, Hayden and Donny decide to try to keep Zach and in return make Zach do their dirty work and keeps a target off their backs for the next week. This is not because I am a huge Nicole and Hayden and Donny fan but I love the drama that would ensue.
Nicole Hayden Donny vs Derrick and Cody vs Frankie and ?? Caleb or Frankie and Christine or Frankie and Zach?
I know they don’t have the votes but it would be fin watching everyone scramble.
And this STUPIDIDTY about having to “out” their alliance has me completely annoyed at Derrick and COdy for being brought down to this level.

The Sabouteur

Major props to Simon for putting up with this snooze fest and giving us detailed, and great updates. I never would’ve thought anything could be worse with last year but at least 15 was entertaining.
Lets face it, BBCAN >>>>> BBUS


America’s vote should be “Who do you want to Team America to get evicted?” Will give us a chance to keep Zach around if Derrick and Frankie can convince Donny.


I definitely want to see Zach gone this week. If he stays then the ‘detonators’ stay in place again and we see them running the house…again. Then if Zach wins HOH who will he put up, Nicole, Christine (which is okay), or even Donny.
He needs to go.


Not necessarily, I don’t think Zack would continue to work with them once he finds out his so called alliance is stabbing him in the back. He could then go to Donnie, Hayden, Nicole etc and work to get the rest out just for revenge sake.


Maybe Nicole should take that info to Zach, Donny, Hayden, and Victoria. Try to convince Caleb to vote to keep Zach along with the other three. The four of them vote to evict Jocasta in turn Nicole bust it all up breaking the tie to keep Zach. Tables turn Zach Nicole Donny Hayden Victoria against the others. Oh that would be beautiful.


I’m telling you Nicole knows that Christine is bullshitting her and that’s why she went and asked Cody for more info and Cody was just giving her inconclusive answers. Nicole somewhat knows whose being real and the ones that are playing her. Hopefully she uses this info and does a real power move.


What goes around, comes around Zach! Remember how y’all treated Devin? Karma is a b*tch!


Devin blew his own game up. All Zach & company did was show him a rough exit. Matter of fact, I think Devin put the first dent in Caleb’s armor. Caleb went into the alliance thinking he was top dog and Devin unseated him immediately (announcing the addition of Christine and Amber) It was written all over Calebs face that he had been low-bridged. Devin had good points, but a pathetic, domineering, intractable delivery. Positives for Devin would not have lasted long on this board.

THESE PEOPLE make my ASS Twitch

OMG…which ONE needs the most HELP! Froot Loop Dingus who can’t decide if he wants to marry Frankie or not. Frankie who was correctly identified as a chicken HAWK and wanna be BROADWAY star. HELLO… Broadway is NOT calling! Ratine who is ALL over no B@lls Codette – marriage be dammed! Codette – enuf said. Caleb – too easy; steroids anybody? Victoria – Gosh, I wish her story about the CROWS carrying her off into the SUNSET…were really TRUE! One can ONLY wish!!

Christine's crazy eye

Ambers bunny slippers: “why won’t anyone help us?”


Christine, by trying to cover her tracks — first with the hinky vote suggestion, and now with “exposing” the Detonators — is done. She outsmarted herself.

Stick a fork in her. Derrick and Cody already have her figured out — that she doesn’t want Nicole and Hayden to turn on her. That’s all she wrote. Game over, Christine. And good effing riddance.


Okay I keep commenting but I don’t think it’s being posted


Yea!! Cody boy messed up BAD!! Nicole: “Was Christine there?” Cody: “No, she went to bed.” LUV IT!! Nicole may be a little naive – but she’s not stupid. Heck – I believe even Caleb could have figured that one out! LOL! And you just know Derrick would have a fit if he knew how stupid Cody & Christine handled this. Oh, gotta luv this – the detonators are blowing themselves up!! Zach couldn’t have done a better job at blowing their game than they are!!


If Zach, Frankie, Caleb, and Donny all leave then I’ll probably have to find another summer craze. Nicole, Hayden, Derrick, Cody, Victoria, and Jocasta don’t deserve to win this game. At this point I’d rather Caleb plow his way to the end. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria (ugh) and Jocasta (snore) made it to the final 2.

Big brother 16

Simon who do you think is the most safe for the double eviction?

Diamond POV

This week is boring and predictable. Go Donny for the win!

Power Of Veto Corleone

Bye Zach. See ya never.


Thank you everybody for saying everything I’ve been thinking……….this Thursday we’ll all be watching a “cluster f**k” when they do the second elimination!

Worst season ever

Usually when i see people write “i’m done with this season,cancelling my feeds” i think to myself…yeah sure buddy. But after reading this i can only come to one conclusion “i’m done”. Worst players/worst stratagies/worst alliances/worst twists. You can tell derek had no part in ratting out your own alliance because the plan was so retarded. Between how disgusting frankie makes me,victoria and jocasta not playing at all, cody and caleb being a couple of the most feminem men in the shows history(i’d bet my my life at least 1 of these 2 is gay if not both) and now voting zack out. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz not ordering another year of feeds unless its returning players or i wait 2-3 weeks and read and VERIFY there are people actually playing the game. So dissapointed

Not that it matters

I agree with you about Cody and Caleb being gay. Cody tries to cover himself with all the cuddling. He had ample oppurtunity to have make out sessions with both Amer & Brit did he ever attempt? Not that this makes him gay but two gooding looking people in those situations and nothing??? I think the majority of straight single dudes would have tried, maybe not get involved in a showmance but a little tonsil hockey. Caleb is overcompensating with this overboard obsession.


Just for those who don’t know about this little gem about the JAP; she also feels that the DR sessions should be scheduled and they should have appointments so that they know what time they’re going on camera so she can look perfect. Yes folks, that is right out of her mouth telling Hayden and Nicole (couple of weeks ago).
You know they’re telling her about her looks in the DR maybe after her asking “Do I look perfect”, or “Should I change my hairband”? Has nobody online come to her defence to ‘claim’ her?
I can’t wait to see these parents of hers (if we get to) and see if they can even speak English because they sound pretty prehistoric in their beliefs IMO.


You do realize that your comments are discriminatory don’t you? Jap? Parents who don’t speak English? So whet if they don’t? Come to NYC, where many children of immigrants with poor English have become well educated professionals.

Oh Please

Get over it. Jewish American Princess is an accurate description and I get the idea she’s proud of it. Not like she was called a “kike”. Now that would be over the line.


Welcome to classic rationalization of racist comments.

fashion police

Oh Caleb. How sad is it that the Adam costume is the best outfit he’s worn thus far ? 🙁

Beast Mode Mammary Gland

Caleb when you get your mammogram you should schedule a pap smear too!