Tim “Its time to play a game called Big Brother says!” “Your Dad would be proud!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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3pm Tim comes out of the diary room and yells to the other house guests that big brother has a task for them!!! All of the house guests pile into the living room for Tim to read the card. Its time to play a game called Big Brother says. If we accomplish the entire list of tasks we will win a pizza party. Big Brother says 1 male and 1 female must change all their clothes on the spot. Underwear is not included. Cassandra says she can’t take her pants off. They laugh that she isn’t wearing underwear. Mitch and Maddy switch clothes. The next task is 1 house guest has to eat a bite of a ghost pepper. Phil volunteers to eat a bite of the ghost pepper. (Big Brother keeps cutting in and out blocking the feeds) Tim feeds Phil a bite and immediately Phil says he can feel it in his lungs. Phil starts spitting it out into his hand. Phil says it just gets worse. Tim says that Phil is lactose intolerant. Phil can’t swallow the milk to make it better. Tim asks what does it feel like? Phil says like a volcano. I might vomit. Tim says do it, we want you to! Just think of cold things. Antarctica, polar bears, santa..


  • 1 Male and 1 Female exchange clothing
  • 1 person must eat part of a ghost pepper
  • 1 person has to lick someone’s armpit
  • 1 person has to give someone a piggy back ride for the rest of the task game
  • Sit in a circle and say something nice about the person next to you
  • Sit in a circle and say a complaint about the person next to you
  • Someone has to do a body shot off another house guest
  • Lap dance


Tim says the next task is someone has to lick someone else’s armpit. We’re looking for a licker! Everyone tries to get Nikki to do it. They start chanting LICK THE PIT, LICK THE PIT, LICK THE PIT!! Phil says that he will do it because he already can’t taste anything. Phil then licks Nick’s armpit. Tim asks what tasted worse the pepper or Nick’s armpit!? Tim says Big Brother says someone must give a piggy back ride for someone else for the rest of the game. Nikki jumps on Jared’s back. (Jared has to stand with her on his back till the tasks are completed) The next task is for all of the house guests to sit in a circle and say something nice about the person next to them. For the next task they continue to sit in a circle and say a complaint to the person the person that just gave them a compliment.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-25 12-29-16-116

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-25 12-34-03-259

4pm – 4:10pm Next Tim says that someone has to do shot off someone. Cassandra is going to suck the shot off off Dallas’s belly button. Tim says ughh.. there’s lint in there!! Tim pours the shot on Dallas and Cassandra licks it up. She goes back for the belly button. Then licks up his chest again. Tim says your dad would be proud!! Next Tim tells them someone needs to give someone a lap dance. Raul gives Joel a lap dance. After Joel tells him good job. Tim says tells the house guests that big brother is very impressed with how they handled all the tasks. There’s only one task left. Let’s have a pizza party!!! They’re all excited.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-25 13-05-54-505

4:35pm In the bedroom – Cassandra tells Nikki that she wants to change her Koala bear votes. I want to put 3 Maddy and 2 on Ramsey. She needs to feel the heat because she’s been sitting pretty for weeks. Nikki says ask Tim because he gave Dallas the option to change his.

4:45pm Hot Tub – Maddy, Jared, Joel and Tim are talking. Maddy is fishing for what Tim meant about the power of veto competition (Tim is going to tell them that the winner of the Veto will also get the power to pick the replacement nominee.) Tim tells her that he will tell them before they pick for POV players.

5pm HOH room – Cassandra asks Tim if she can change her vote. I didn’t have time to think about it. Tim says no you can’t change it. People didn’t think strategically about it. Cassandra says she wants to change hers to Maddy and Ramsey. She thinks Dallas wouldn’t be the one nominated if he didn’t take all 5 of his votes. (He still would have as he had 30 votes and Ramsey had 9.) Tim says that no one has ever even approached him with a final 2 deal. Cassandra says I would approach you for a final 2 deal but I don’t think you’re ready for it.

5:15pm All the house guests are in the HOH room. They’re talking about how someone plugged the toilet for the 6th time. They think its the girls flushing tampons. Nikki says she doesn’t get periods and never has. Maddy said that she’s taking birth control and won’t have hers the whole time shes in the house. Tim says well its Cassandra then (who plugged the toilet).

5:25pm Big Brother has given teh house guests their pizza & beer party reward for completing the tasks. Loveita and Kelsey also get pizza.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-25 14-29-19-228

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I’m sorry but the Aussie is really nauseating to listen to
and crap on that 80’s hair…yech!


Tim you’re here to play BB Canada NOT BB Australia! He would’ve never done something like this on his seaaon! What a scared little wuss!


Maddy’s got some daddy issues…


Tim’s novelty is wearing off. I was over him after week 2. Yeah you got stories but what else you got Timmy?


Tim tells Cassandra he hasn’t got any final two deals. Two weeks ago Tim told Cassandra he wanted to go to the final three with her and one other person (he said maybe Joel).
What’s the point of that exchange.
There’s a reason Tim hasn’t had a handshake with anyone. he’s holding two daggers behind his back to deposit in other house guest’s and doesn’t have a hand to spare.
I’m glad that Lovetia and Kelsey are exchanging information, but I still feel that Kelsey is not taking the information she receives seriously. She’s unwilling to see Mitch and Cassandra as threats to her game if she returns because she likes them. She’s only willing to see the negatives about the people she was already aligned against. Honestly, Loveita is having a hard time with the same concept, because she does have that whole ‘believes she knows better’ thing going on in her personality that she talked about in her bio, but she’s at least become more suspicious and more willing to trust the red flags she’s seeing.
I still want Loveita to re-enter the house. Mostly because it would be a kick in the teeth of Maddy and Cassandra after all of their “Canada loves me” talk. If it were a vote in, it would take the wind out of their sails and get their egos in check.


I loved Tim more in the Australia series than in this one. He was very entertaining but the AU version is totally different from our version. I would imagine it’s a difficult transition to make. I’m in the process of watching the Aussie season again on youtube just because it is so much more entertaining.


The problem with the way Canada and the usa play the game is you can’t really be yourself because that can get you evicted. If Tim was constantly annoying people they would vote him out. Tim knew the public loved him early on in his season BECAUSE he was entertaining !! The constant strategizing and talking about people behind their backs must be driving him nuts …..


I just can’t in any way imagine what “lady” would want to be around dallas the knuckle dragger. He is so gross!!! He’s trying to be an alpha male, but is going about it all wrong and is nothing but a damn fool. Said he was a momma’s boy, do you think momma is proud??

An ornery mouse

If only Maddy could somehow bottle that charm and charisma of hers…. she’d be a wealthy woman. She’s just got that “it” factor that’s sometimes hard to define. Everybody has probably had someone like this in their lives at one point or another….. that person with the overwhelming inner glow who dances through life doling out positivity to every soul they encounter. And your day and mood are better just for having been within that person’s rainbow and unicorn-filled orbit.

You just keep right on rising above the pettiness of the game and the annoying personalities of your housemates, Maddy, and carry on showing the extraordinary class and grace that have come to symbolize your game. Canada loves you!!!


Charm?! positivity……extraordinary class and grace….you have to be Maddy’s mom….there is no other explanation for this observation!

An ornery mouse

Yeah, I got a little carried away with the sarcasm. She sucks.


I wondered about that after I had posted a reply haha..if you were being sarcastic you nailed it!


No. No, Canada really doesn’t.


if by “it factor”…you are referring to that nasty thing that she keeps tonguing the corner of her foul mouth with…then maybe I can relate. Cause “it factors” into alot of my dislike of having to watch her do anything…


Things were going so well in the secret suite.
Then Kelsey wants to be seen as good and nice and right, the same old same old starts again, and Loveita starts talking 10 million miles an hour. Kelsey is not being honest. She wasn’t with the idea of making nice with Loveita, she wasn’t trusting and nice to Loveita as she says. She’s still being two faced. What was Kelsey actually saying about Loveita when she was in the have not room.
It’s still Loveita’s fault, none of the responsibility lies on Kelsey. What’s the house going to do now that they can’t blame Loveita for everything shady they do? Better send Loveita back in.


Of course, at the time things started to go downhill for a minute, Kelsey could clearly see a strategy meeting going on between Jared, the brothers, Tim and Cassandra that didn’t include Raul.
And she’d just seen confirmation of Joel and Mitch talking for a half hour in the hot tub area.
Bloom off the rose?


we didn’t get to see the goodbye messages to Loveita did we? I would have liked to have seen who they showed to Loveita. Because they must have since Kelsie got to see hers.


That’s because it was a double eviction- no one knew who would be up. They never get goodbye messages.


they shouldn’t have shown kelsies either then.


There aren’t any goodbye messages for loveita. She was evicted on a double eviction, so their was no time to film or edit anything


Not to worry!
Loveita is coming back.


I bet Maddy was jealous of Nikki’s piggyback from Jared.


She told Nikki she was concerned for her safety, and that she should climb on Jared instead. Nikki told her it was alright, she’d be able to do it just fine.


HAHAHAHAHA! The thirst is real.


Any news on what the card that was slipped under the door in the secret room last night while Kelsey and Loveita were asleep said?
I know production would prefer for Kelsey to go back into the game. If the comp is tossing a ball up into the air without dropping it the longest, that would explain her current exercise regime.
The vote system might not swing the way production desires. I might prefer the vote system, but I feel like that’s not going to be the case.

sunny dee

it ‘s probably to do a food order, since they can’t make anything, only get take out. that or a note to be sure to watch the screen when they get up (for the game thing, since they had audio with it as well.

i don’t think kelsey believes some of what loveita would tell her, like being close with mitch since he was close to joel. i can imagine seeing the two of them alone probably in deep conversation, which they would be because they do game talk a lot, would be an eye opener. i can also imagine she’d be wondering about some of the things she sees cassandra get up to. i’m not sure f there would be anything much revealing to Loveita

in the vids here that i’ve seen it sounds like loveita does not stop talking. probably annoying. but really a clear sign that of the two of them, only she should go back in the game because only she would go back to make something happen. kelsey would be super boring to go back, since she didn’t do that much when she was there.


Cassandra is a disgusting beast – she left blood on the toilet seat and Joel asked if it was jam. She said I don’t know what that is. Now this. She is a pig.


Joel and Mitch gametalk hot tub. error loading?


Very funny…so absolutely true .I get your sarcasm lol…good job


I don’t know what I did but my previous statement was for an ornery mouse commenting on Maddies behavior


something wrong? that last vid taking forever to come thru?


dawg…u guys watch the sideshow?