Tim “If you walk into a game with people that already smell of sh*t, you will too!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots ?

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9:30am HOH room – Loveita tells Raul that she doesn’t like people that talk out of both sides of their mouth. Raul tells Loveita that he wants to work with her. Loveita says that right now she has to hear everyone out. I don’t know if jared talked to you. Raul says yeah that you’re willing to work with us. Loveita says after she talks to everyone she’ll talk to him again. I don’t think anyone would ever think that we would work together. Raul says I like where this is going. Loveita says trustworthiness. If there are people in the mix that can’t be trusted. It can be a hindrance. Like are all these people good? Raul leaves. Loveita rolls her eyes. Loveita goes to sit outside the HOH room. Nick joins her. Loveita says I know so much now. Phil joins them. He says its obvious the people that are working together. Loveita says its week 3 do I rock the boat? Because I need a week where I don’t rock the boat. I need to keep the peace. I don’t have anyone, I’m a lone ranger. Phil says there are people going after you. You have Joel, Mitch, Nick and me. Don’t say you don’t have any friends. Loveita says something needs to happen. Something in fair game. What gives me the right to.. Phil asks has anyone bullied you? Lovieta says yeah all last week. I did hear someone says “AWww.. this F’n B*** again!” Phil asks what!? What?! WHAT?!

9:35am By the high roller room – Jared, Cassandra and Mitch are talking. Jared says I got the message that she didn’t want to put me up. Mitch says I can’t tell if she’s trying to make a big move or trying to take out someone in the middle. Jared says he thinks she might nominate Christine, Maddy or Dallas. Cassandra says I think secretly she’s still on the Kelsey thing. Its a girl thing. All she asked me is if I’m working with Jared and Kelsey. I said that I trust them. Jared leaves. Cassandra and Mitch continue to talk. Mitch tells her if you continue to be the same she’ll see that. Whereas people like Maddy that have never talked to her.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-11 07-10-06-919

10:10am HOH room – Tim is talking to Loveita. Loveita says that she is hesitant to make a big move or not. Tim says you have to make a big move to prove you’re serious. I love a redemption story. Would you do anything with the POV? Or is that just too hard to control. Loveita says I compete in the POV. Tim asks so would you want to backdoor someone? If you’re giving your word to someone and then it just means nothing to them. Loveita says its like when you have a sandwich and there’s one bad ingredient. People can see people together but not know who’s leading. Loveita says I know who I have in my corner now. Tim says I think once you escape one eviction, you’re more likely to escape the next. People have much bigger targets than you. If I was you, I would target two on one side. If you target one on each side then you piss off the whole house. Loveita says that’s what I was thinking. Loveita says Kelsey has turned this place into high school. She is like the mean girl. Loveita says that Maddy already hates Kelsey. Loveita says I would like to strip him of.. Tim says I think he got into some in the beginning and got stuck with leaches. (Raul & Kelsey) If you walk into a game with people that already smell of sh*t, you will too. Tim says thats the way turds are they go with the current. Would you put Kelsey and Raul up? Or Raul and Dallas? Loveita says that’s two sides of the house so I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think I would put up Raul.

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Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-11 07-53-33-486

Tim asks what about Christine? Loveita says she is angry and has a lot of opinions. She doesn’t like me. Tim says I think if you put her up, you wouldn’t be rocking the boat too much. Loveita says there’s someone else that would ensure she goes home. Tim asks Cassandra? Loveita asks isn’t she your home girl. There are some people that are distinctly stirring the pot. Tim says don’t think for a second if you put up Cassandra, that I would go against you. I don’t work that way. Even if you were to put up Nikki. I wouldn’t go against you. They talk about how after Loveita won Cassandra was beside Kelsey and said “Awww that f’n B***h again!” Loveita says loves Nikki. Tim says even if they put you up next week, you wouldn’t go home. Loveita says I don’t know what I’m going to do. Tim asks if you weren’t you, what would you do? Loveita says get Kelsey out. Tim says you’ve got a lot of security with people that are genuine that haven’t picked a side. I think its quite obvious what you need to do. Its just whether you go for the top, the middle or the bottom. Loveita says that he gut is telling her to keep Jared, Kelsey and Raul safe. She says her nominations would be Christine and Cassandra. Tim says that he thinks no matter what the Veto will be used. Loveita says she need to have more conversations to figure it out.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-11 07-58-03-801

10:30am – 11am Storage room – Cassandra and Joel are talking. Joel says that he is worried that Raul would come after him and Loveita. Cassandra says that they’re after Dallas. Cassandra is trying to convince Joel that Loveita shouldn’t target Jared, Kelsey and Raul. Cassandra says that she is going to try and convince Loveita to go after Dallas.

11:08am – 12pmBig Brother tells all the house guests to go to the head of household room for a lock down. Big Brother then blocks the feeds. In the bedroom – Maddy talk to Dallas and Nick about how Kevin from last season lied about being a professional poker player. Tim joins them. Tim says I can’t wait for the nomination ceremony. I think sh*t is going to go down. Not you guys. I don’t know, I’m just guessing. You deal with the cards you’re dealt. Tim says just because you’re a loud group (Jared, Raul, Kelsey).. they don’t have the numbers. But it might not even be them. Tim says I am just worried if they get to her before nominations do you think she will change her mind? Nick says yup. Tim asks should we just keep her busy. Dallas says you can send my best friend home.. and I would be coming back for vengeance.

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Regardless of what he’s saying, and of it meaning he’d “lose an ally”, I’m pretty sure that Jared would secretly be the happiest of them all if Kelsey was to be evicted. And rightly so.


Noms- Jared & Kelsey
Rep Nom- Raul
If Raul wins and takes 1 down Rep. Nom – Cassandra

Whats so hard about that Love?


What do you think the dynamics of the house would be if it was Jace and not Tim that had been voted in?

i am glad it was Tim 100%…i just think the house would be in turmoil…guys against girls..nikki would have self evicted for sure..and not very entertaining!
Even though Tim gets excited when alcohol is given and is the first to pour shots and drinks for everyone…he doesnt drink at all! He is just naturally full of energy and happy!


I honestly really dislike Maddy. She went from being up Loveita’s and Sharry’s ass week one, to completely disregarding them last week when they were legit at the bottom of the bottom. She constantly kept saying how much she hates those f*cking b*itches and how they’re so fake and she can’t stand them and all this other stuff, and now she’s like offended that Loveita isn’t talking to her?! What is wrong with this girl, she acts like a delusional 15 year old, I can not stand her at all. I want to respect Ramsey but he is such an idiot for aligning with her, and why does he always go and tell everyone everything? He needs to learn how to be quiet.

I want Loveita to do what’s best for her game, but I honestly don’t know what that would be. Going after the wannabes (wannabe emmett, wannabe Kelsey, wannabe Gary) would be whats expected but it’s her alone going after 3 people which wouldnt help her game. I don’t think putting up Cassandra would be smart because she seems pretty genuine with her attitude toward Loveita. I honestly don’t know this whole house is made of floaters that bounce back and forth. There’s only been 2 HOH’s (Loveita and Jared) and I just want someone else to win. No idea what’s going to happen this week but if Christine was to go it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.


ur spot on for the wanna bez for jared and raul…who does kelsey wanna be?
shes really one of those girls who thinks she is entitled and thinks everyguy would do anything for her eh?


I can’t remember the girls name from last season who made it to final 3. But Kelsey is a wannabe her lol


Cassandra is a fu**in c**t who will float to where the power is – if they don’t see that, they deserve it. Her ‘Persian Princesss’ act has been retread over and over and they’re usually ugly bitches who say they’re princesses anyway. She is mannish, phony, and if she gets away with this….they (the rest of the house) is a ‘whole dumb-ass’.


hi sabriba


Loveita confuses the hell out of me. She was my favorite at the beginning, but now I don’t know if she is naive, gullible, or stupid. When asked by Tim ” if you weren’t you, what would you do? Loveita says get Kelsey out.”
Then Loveita says that he gut is telling her to keep Jared, Kelsey and Raul safe.” She will probably put up two people other than the 3 that are targeting her and make more enemies, and posiibly alienate some who had supported her. I don’t think she has the “wisdom” to play BB.


If Loveita keeps any member of the third wheel alliance (Jared, kelsey, Raul) she is setting herself up for disaster! Why target new people to get MORE people against you?! She will just create a bigger target if she nominates Cassandra and Christine…


lol, she’s not afraid of Christine and Cass!! She needs to play nice with the Third Wheel alliance, then blindside them with backdooring Kelsey! She could even set it up with both Christine and Cass that they are both her pawns. That’s a classic BB scenario!!


Disaster……2 have to go up for starters. You cannot backdoor someone without votes! Love does not have the majority of the house with her.. !! votes you need 6. If you don’t put anyone up initially that going to leave 2 automatic votes 2 save the backdoor. Simple 2 up to start. now the 3rd has to get chosen to play POV 1st off or they are the replacement if either HG on the block comes off and 1 goes home. If3rd plays and wins and leaves 1 of the 3up then the replacement is TIM.. The 3rd wheel still becomes 2. I’m not sure anyone else as renom works.
The game 4 these 4 is so simple….. in power target the other side. 3 playing for HOH is not as good as 2 playing for HOH the game is not brain surgery. Every option other than 3rd wheel is just plain stupid BB play. They going after her any way hit 1st.


Loveita is nuts if Kelsey isnt her target! If that side gets back in that hoh room…they will get her out this time..probably via the veto/backdoor…which she should do to Kelsey for sure!


I wanna see a Marsha the Moose secret task for Tim&Nikki asap! (as long as it doesnt threaten them gamewise)


sorry im talking alot today…just wanna share this one more thing.
talking about wannabees?
Ramsey wannabe Adel? im not sure but that clip really bugged me..with him having Raul pray with him Muslim style…im not saying its wrong by any means…its just that i sensed it was an act on both their parts..Rauls and Ramseys…sincerity?
it appeared to be trying to copy Adel when he did it with Kyle.(BBCAN2) that was genuine..and Adel showed thru whole season his faith and never waived from it.Kyle also was sincere in wanting to learn.


i agree with your thoughts on that, and in comparison adel was a great entertainer whereas ramsay very rarely does or says anything noteworthy (not good for feeds)


LOL! Joel awkwardly walking into the HOH room right when Loveita is trying to decide whether to nominate Cassandra/Christine or Kelsey, and saying he got a date with… Cassandra of all people, might just have been the perfect timing for Loveita to go for Kelsey, not Cassandra! Hilarious.


wish she would vote Christine and Raul, those two muppets are disgusting.

white iverson

This is awesome
As FATE would have it Loveita in HOH again!
Loveita PLEASE put up that old hag Christine.
Christine was SO disrespectful during her conversation with Loveita regarding the veto.
I felt so bad for her
Send her a$$ home… and thank fate!!!


Loveita is seriously so stupid if she doesn’t make a move and take out someone from that trio. This is BIG BROTHER. It’s not about playing nice and keeping your promises. The best thing for her game is to get out the people that are gunning for her, which is Jared, Kelsey, and Hyena…mainly Kelsey. They took out the out the one person she was closest to, so do the same Loveita!


So far today Tim, Dallas, Nikki and Mitch have all told Loveita in a indirect way to go after the three that are targeting her.Her response is: “Revenge isn’t the answer. Love, loyalty, and forgiveness always wins.”. Good luck with that.


Dawg & Simon, thanks as always for all the work you put into keeping us informed. I hate to bother you with this, but I’d be eternally grateful if you could upload the whole Tim/Nikki/Jared/Kelsey bedroom convo that’s been going on for a while in the blue bedroom. I’m following the HOH back-and-forth and can’t switch away. Ever!! 😉
(These are the few hours of the week where so much important talking is going on.) #CrunchTime


Simon do you really want these types of things written on your site?


loveita needs to think about if 3 females leave in a row then her chances of winning will decrease

ideally females should want to be against another female in final 2 as its rare a female beats a male in final two

for those that have watched all north american seasons, has there ever been a season with all 6 nominations in the first 3 weeks being female?


Lovita really pisses me off. Does she not realize that Canada loves a good underdog story and big moves! I hate how people can’t think for themselves and make their own decisions. Tim was giving her awesome advice and it went in one ear and out the other.

sunny dee

i see the point of nominating christine, i don’t see the point of nominating cassandra. i just don’t feel like she has the same impact, and isn’t a clear 3rd of a 3person tight knit group. Anyone in their right mind (thanks Tim) would put 2 of the 3 up on the block, then if one comes down, put the 3rd up, with Christine as backup plan which can then be spun to say backdooring christine for what she said at POV was always the plan. could even say she didn’t want her to have a chance to play veto, and nominating kelsey and jared together makes more sense to the rest of the house as having believable reasons to nominate them, then she can play pretend super stealth reason to really evict Christine. I think she plays that up, and Raul is the one actually getting evicted would be pretty cool

and would make Nikki super happy, and breaks up the 3 as someone mentioned,3 playing HOH for their 3 person team it’s better to cut that down to only 2 people playing for it, and also break up their voting power, from 2 down to one. less chance they result would be loveita going up and out in other words. i can see where jared might actually prefer one of the 3 out.


Not a fan of Kelsey, but hope she does not evict her, it would make the show boring. To early for her to leave. Kelsey will bring drama and the show needs a little bit of fireworks!


Loveita has selective hearing. She only takes in bits and pieces of advice that the others give her and only if it supports her own ideas. Multiple people have told her targeting Third Wheel is her best option and she’s keeps trying to convince herself to do the opposite. I really want to like Loveita but I can’t believe how stupid she is being in this game. She also spills any and all tea to everyone she talks to. My GOD she does so much talking and so little actual observation and critical thinking. I think I’m done with Loveita. Its too stressful and she has an additional week MAX before she is evicted with the way she is playing. Rooting for Mitch now.