Raul “If she does put me up, I’m going to shove that tongue up her a$$!!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots ?

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1:10pm HOH room – Loveita says to herself. Love and forgiveness always wins. Love, Loyalty and Forgiveness Aways wins. Kelsey and Raul join Loveita. Loveita tells them I have to be honest I don’t know if you are going to be true to your words. If you are HOH will you put me up. Raul says I can’t keep talking in circles. I’ve come to you three times now. Loveita says I talked to Jared and I want to make a jury deal. Kelsey doesn’t know what a jury deal is. Raul explains its the people you work with to get to jury. Kelsey says she is happy with making a deal. And with Cassandra and maybe Mitch. Loveita says I need to know I have your word. I’m not going to go against it. Kelsey says Jared and I are playing honest and open. We are willing to work with you and we’ve said it so many times. Kelsey says I don’t even care if Maddy doesn’t like me. I want Dallas out. Loveita says okay good. Raul says we want the strong players out that aren’t helping us. They shake on it. Loveita says she doesn’t want to make the decision on her own on who will go up since we’re all working together. Kelsey asks who are you thinking? I think Dallas. Loveita says I’m not sure, I’m thinking of getting out the people who aren’t playing. Loveita asks to talk to just Raul. Kelsey leaves. Loveita says we’ve been in this game for 3 weeks do you trust the people you’re with? Raul says the people that I’m with I trust 100%. I will know if someone is going to f**k me over. Loveita says I just don’t know if I trust you guys. I don’t know if I trust your word. Raul says I don’t want to keep going back and forth. We need to trust each other and start getting some people out. I don’t want to keep begging. You just made a deal with us to jury and now you’re uh, uh, uh.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-11 10-32-08-589
1:25pm HOH room – Mitch and Phil talk to Loveita. Phil tells her she is safe in his books. If I win you’re not going up. We’re all cool and if I win you’re not going up. Loveita says we’re cool you can leave. Phil leaves. Loveita tells Mitch that Kelsey seems so fake. I made a deal that we would all keep each other safe. Kelsey has such a nasty attitude. She is such a terrible person. Something about her she is just not real. I wanted to get to know her but she just so fake. Loveita says maybe they will keep me safe but I just don’t know. Right now I’ve made this deal where I’m protected. Mitch says you’re taking a gamble if they’re going to stand by their word. Who do you think would put you up? Loveita says Kelsey. Mitch says then that’s what you have to do. Loveita says I just don’t like them in this house. Mitch says that Nikki and Tim would put up those three. Nikki hates Raul. Loveita says Kelsey to me is not a real person.

1:40pm HOH room – Dallas talks to Loveita. She asks him why he hasn’t talked to her. Dallas says I gave you my word I would vote for you to stay and thats what I did so I figured were good. Are you thinking of putting me up?! Loveita says nope. Dallas says don’t think I’m trying to throw any shade your way. Loveita says she wants some time alone. She says she thinks its weird Ramsey hasn’t talked to her. Dallas says I think he just figures we’re good. Dallas leaves. Tim, Joel and Nikki join Loveita. Loveita says she isn’t sure what she wants to do. Nikki says its your privilege you do what you want to do. Loveita says the emotional side wants me to put up the mean people. The other side of me says to put up the floaters. Nikki asks who do you think dampens your time here? Tim says they don’t vote like that in this show. Nikki says I don’t care, that’s how I’m going to vote. Loveita says I should put up Kelsey and Christine. Joel says yup. Loveita asks or do I just put up Raul and Kelsey. Joel says I don’t trust Raul. Loveita says I don’t trust either of them. The conversation with them was insincere.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-11 10-59-06-684

1:55pm HOH room – Loveita talks to Christine. Christine asks where’s your head at? Loveita says I don’t know. If I were to put up… Christine says I don’t have an alliance in this house. I’m taking it day by day. Loveita asks are you going with the house or doing the flip a coin thing. Christine says I’m going with what I think with who’s up. You don’t have to like someone to go with them to the end. Loveita asks if you were HOH would I be someone you would put up. Christine says I don’t even know who I would put up. You wouldn’t be at the top of my list. You’re not a target of mine. Loveita says that’s what I wanted to know. Christine says Whoever has the most numbers are the ones I would assume are the most dangerous at this stage. Loveita says she’s exhausted.

2pm HOH room – Loveita talks to Phil. She tells him she doesn’t know what to do. I know I can trust you. Phil says you’re in a great spot but a tough spot. Loveita says I could make a big move. Phil says that he and Mitch were talking and Jared would understand if Kelsey left. Loveita asks would you vote with me? Phil says he would this week. Who’s your target? Loveita says she doesn’t want to say. Mitch joins them. He tells her that the big targets are a good move but not necessarily the safest move. If you’re going to do it you have to put up two of them. Mitch says after the veto if there is still two of them on the block they’re going to make more enemies because people are going to have to pick a side. Mitch suggests she could also go with the safe bet and then given the opportunity backdoor someone. Mitch says of the big threat its better to go after the showmance because that’s a twosome within a threesome. Loveita asks Phil if Christine would be mad if she was a pawn. Loveita says she can’t decide what to do. She says self-evicting and then laughs. Mitch says if you think there’s bullies in the house I think you should go after that.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-11 11-33-08-182
2:20pm – 2:50pm In the bedroom – Tim says regardless of what she chooses this week, we backdoor one of them next week. Kelsey says shook on it. Tim says she is going to break that. Kelsey says for me its just hard I’ve had that conversation with her a million times. Jared tells Kelsey to just relax. She wants you to get upset. Tim asks if he should plant the seed about the backdoor? Nikki asks what’s that? Tim says if there’s a person like Dallas that you want to get rid of, you put up two pawns and then use the veto to take one of them off and put the person up that the house doesn’t like. That’s the idea of how to get rid of Dallas this week. Tim says that Loveita is testing Jared/Kelsey/Raul in their reaction. Kelsey says if she puts me up I will!!! Jared says you can’t react. Tim says I don’t think she will, I think she’ll put up the floaters. Tim and Nikki leave. Jared says one of you will likely go up, probably Raul. Raul and Mitch join them. Jared tells Raul that realistically its probably you or Kelsey going up. Raul says f**king b***H! Jared says you can’t be like that and if you are I will vote you out. Jared says if you do go up, you have to be nice. We have to convince her to use the veto to backdoor Dallas or Maddy. We can’t blow up and be angry because then she’ll think she made the right decision. Jared says your life in this game depends on your reaction in the next few days. Raul says its just so dumb. Jared says both of you are so sassy! You can’t play with your emotions. Raul says if she does put me up, I’m going to shove that tongue up her a$$!! Kelsey says I could talk to her again. I’m just transparent. Jared says no, don’t. Kelsey says why doesn’t she just put up Maddy and Dallas. Kelsey and Raul leave. Jared tells Mitch I just need these two idiots not to react. (Kelsey and Raul). I think she (Loveita) likes me and you. Mitch agrees.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-11 11-39-52-168

2:35pm – 3pm HOH room – Tim tells Loveita to test Kelsey and put her up. If she blows up then you know you made the right decision. Loveita says that in her speech she is all about love and peace and that she’s in a bed of weeds. She says she is then going to say she is self-evicting. Nikki starts getting scared and tells her no!! You can’t! Loveita then laughs and says she’s joking. Tim tells Loveita to put Dallas against Kelsey. Loveita says she doesn’t want to put up one from each side. Tim says two nights ago I would have said to put up Raul. Loveita says he is a mean person I don’t want to make decisions with him. The reason I don’t want to put them up is to show them forgiveness. Tim says I think you have to put them up to see how they’ll react. Loveita says that Cassandra isn’t trustworthy. She talks to everyone. The first week everyone made fun of Cassandra. NO one talked to her. Tim says if Kelsey goes, Cassandra will be the new Kelsey. (Meaning Cassandra will fill her spot and they’ll be three again – Jared, Raul, Cassandra) Loveita says exactly. Do I be safe and just put up Christine and Cassandra? Tim says it was a stupid move for Cassandra to move in with the three. She didn’t need to do that. Loveita says I would have been loyal to her. Tim says I would vote for her to go. I don’t want to fall in love in here. I’m just worried she’s going to get under my skin. I don’t want to play emotional.

3pm – 3:15pm Tim tells Dallas, Maddy and Cassandra that it will be a very interesting night no matter what happens. Tim leaves to go help Joel with making dinner for Cassandra. Cassandra talks about how Joel asked her on the date out of the blue. Dallas says you gave him a lap dance and got his noodle wet. Thanks for the booze big brother.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-11 12-14-46-678

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So…what alliance is Tim even on? His social game is on point Hahah

Guy From Canada

He is social with everyone like Cassandra, but isn’t viewed as a snake like Cassandra. His social game is VERY on point 🙂


youre delusional if you think almost the entire house doesnt view tim as a strategic snake

at this point there are either people playing the game or ramsay

sunny dee

tim is funny, but i do get the feeling he does want kelsey and raul up, just to see what they would do, and i think it would be the best solution anyway. i think it is literally the stupidest idea ever for loveita to think one up from each side could even remotely be a good idea, then i see her saying she doesn’t want to put them up in order to prove her love and forgiveness crap.

considering the crap kelsey and raul were saying about her immediately after they had the early conversation and heard loveita say absolutely she is not putting them up, she’d be a complete fool to not do it.

but raul is right, all these back and forth conversations are annoying.


Looks like Loveita is going to make the right move, which I was skeptical of.
However, she had to go and make that jury deal with the third wheel alliance, not good going forward.
Loveita is a comp beast, but man her wishy washy approach this week is going to hurt her. She has made the opposite mistake of the one she made in week 1 where she didn’t gauge the feel of the house before throwing up Kelsey and Paige.

Fake arse raul

He need to get evicted with shovels and baseball bat to the face .
Can’t stand him .
Loveita need to trump him out of the house .
Before I’m peg as homophobic know that i want Mitch to win now that Sharry is gone .


Well we all hated Frankie Grande and that doesn’t make us homophobic.


Raul is disgusting with his carpet chest and ugly body. Nothing to do with his sexual preference. Hes just too full of himself when he looks like an ugly coyote


Why did Loveita make a deal with Raul and Kelsey if she didn’t want to honor it? Again, she is only considering female nominees and I feel like deep down she’s just a catty person full of bull.


i feel like loveita is torn. she doesnt want to play this game on an emotional level. thats why she is kind of fighting putting up the third wheel alliance members . however she also isnt stupid and knows that she cant trust them as far as she can throw them. and in reality if one of them wins hoh next week there’s a 99% chance she would be put up even if she held true to their deal herself. jared MIGHT keep his word but there’s no way in hell raul or kelsey would


only females nominated so far, its like people are scared to nom a dude

girls in the house need to smarten up, stop going after eachother, its just dumb

if its again 2 more female noms, i dont think i can remember that happening before, 6 female noms out of 6 from the start in the canada/usa format


It seems like in the last few BB seasons, instead of targeting the showmances; they want to work with them. Love has a reason to put Jared and Kelsey up, just as Jared put her and Shar up. This early in the game, any nomination besides the showmance is the wrong one. Hope Love sees it in the end when she makes her noms.


raul and kelsey are so fake its disgusting. i am majorly disappointed in how raul turned out, i didnt think he’d be this bad but he’s just a catty little bitch.

dallas is disgusting as is christine

maddy is more unbearable than anyone in there

i want to like loveita but she is making it really hard

jared has a superiority complex like nothing seen before

cassandra joining the third real alliance really turned me off of her

right now im pulling for joel, mitch, one of the brothers , nikki or tim to win or even ramsey even if i find him to be a bit of a fool


sometimes if there is opportunity to join numbers you do it no matter if you like the people or not, in the end its a game where you have to make moves to keep yourself safe as long as you can

its also not always bad to be hated or not liked as much as others in terms of progressing in the game, same deal for mitch and joel, the more people say “nobody would ever put mitch or joel up” and seeing how nobody dislikes them, that will soon make them targets as well…not the sort of person you want to be up against in final 2

if ramsay won i would never watch again ha ha


phils ego is through the roof, funny guy though

i thought it was dumb of him to reveal to joel that every action he makes including where he sits is calculated

i would be keeping those types of things to myself


get ur balls and just do it!!!! Loveita!


Thanks again guys for all the uploads!! 😀


Omg loveita is now annoying me….just put up Kelsey and raul. ..if one wins pov replace with Jared and send Jared home….then both Kelsey and raul together will dig their own grave not knowing what to do anymore. Just nominate already stop going back and forth it’s so annoying ….loving Tim all he wants is drama


Is it just me or are Tim, Joel and Mitch playing very similar games?
Joel and Tim are pretty much playing with everyone except for Maddy-Ramsey-Dallas.
Tim is playing with everyone though haha.
Floaters with possibly no direct allies (except that Tikki has each other) and they go around advising everyone.
Reminds me a bit of Zachs game last year. It is a dangerous dance!


Tim’s pot stirring is going to come back to bite him in the a** eventually, just like it may this week with Cassandra. I don’t think Cassandra would go if she was up against Christine (because Christine has no one). However, most people in the house are aware of the fact that she talks game… with everyone. Mitch has been wary of Tim, and so long as Mitch, Joel, and Phil/Nick subtly call the shots from the middle of the playing field, then they will get who they want out when they want them out for the most part (barring a double or triple eviction).

I have to say again that getting rid of Paige the first week was a great game decision for Mitch, Joel, and Nick/Phil because it created a middle playing field through which smarter and more sociable players can float through each week.

they are scared to nom males

i just checked in the 20 seasons of north american bb, 17 in usa, 3 in canada before this, there has never been 3 weeks of only female noms for a total of 6 out of 6 being females nominated

if i was production i would be trying to steer loveita towards putting at least one guy up before it becomes an all male cast


No production interference please. The game is best when it develops organically.

Loveita already stated in pre-season interviews that she didn’t want to work with girls, hence the reason she wants to work with Joel and Mitch so bad.

I can’t think of a season where a female hasn’t made it to at least final 4. The females will be fine. They are usually who ends up being targeted in the beginning for whatever reason.


i wasnt saying i want to see production interference, but the fact is it does happen, its part of the show

if i was in their shoes i probably wouldnt want to see it so lopsided in terms of sex

if a girl goes this week, its 1 eviction away from the girls being outnumbered 2 to 1

im male by the way, just want to see some balance in the cast

if i was a girl in there i would be pointing out to loveita that hardly ever does a girl beat a guy in final 2


jeeez just shut up Loveita…quit saying how good you are and righteous …just do what needs to be done!


If Lovieta doesn’t go after the threesome, I hope one of them wins HOH next week and gets her evicted. There’s no place for love, peace, and understanding in BB. Let the gamers play.


cant hear shit when Loveita talking half the time! and quit telling us ur a great person
i dont know why she believes Raul and Kelsey . ..deserves to go home if she doesnt go after them…Strike 2! there wont be a 3rd chance!


Cristine should definitely go since she has absolutely no game whatsoever.


Raul and Kelsey deserve to be put up…both are so irritating and incredibly rude. I want Kelsey up just to watch her completely unravel, this girl is as phoney as you can get. She can get her ass out of that House and Jared might finally be able to play his own game…go AWAY Kelsey