Big Brother Canada 4 March 10 Evening Live Feed Updates “Maddy is attached to her a$$”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
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Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-10 18-03-14-338
9pm The Live Feeds return to most of the house guests sitting around in the living room. Loveita and Nikki are sitting in chairs by the kitchen. Christine comments on how Nikki looks really pouty. Nikki says nah. Nikki says its so weird to think we’re in the big brother house. Its so great you get a letter. Nikki comments on how its nice Loveita gets to watch a shomi show. Loveita says she didn’t get to watch one the last HOH.

Ramsey says its funny how quick Cassandra became her friend. Joel says you’re up one minute and down the next.

9:40pm Cam 3-4 Kelsey and Lovetia
Kelsey says she keeps her word 100%, claims she’s not in a showmance with JAred but they like each other. Kelsey says raul, JAred and her are not targeting Loveita until further weeks down the road.

Loveita tells Kelsey she’s not coming after her. Loveita is not trying to break them up. Points out that they have each taken a shot at the other side. If they keep this up other players will Linger on by.
Kelsey wants to be cool, “Be smart with people like MAddy”
Loveita -”Let’s actually hangout… just hang out laugh talk”
Kelsey – let’s be normal
Loveita – thank you

BBCAN4 2016-03-10 18-56-47-765

10:00pm cam 1-2 storage room Joel and Tim

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-10 18-48-46-675

10:00pm Cam 3-4 JAred, Kelsey and Raul (sleeping)
Kelsey relays the conversation she had with Loveita. Kelsey says it was Loveita that started the conversation with her.

Kelsey admit to trash talking Maddy and Dallas to Loveita. Kelsey points out how Maddy is attached to Loveita’s a$$.
Kelsey – F*** I hate this game sometimes… I don’t want to deal with this sh1t
Jared – hopefully we get by this week
Kelsey – We’re fine this week

Jared leaves Raul and Kelsey. Kelsey is afraid that Lovieta is going to want to break the three of them up.
Kelsey – I’m sweating my balls off

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-10 19-00-46-676

Kelsey – Sometimes I just wanna like tell you things but I can
Raul – What do you mean tell me things, About what
Kelsey – Production
Raul – Niki
Kelsey – ya


10:30pm Drinks for the house

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-10 19-24-46-684

11:30pm Cam 1-2 Maddy and Ramsey

Maddy – If she puts me up I’ll f*** lose it
Maddy – Kelsey is kissing her a$$.. Kelsey is literally ki$$ing her a$$
Ramsey – she said she was going to put up Raul and Kelsy
Ramsey – I hope 1 of the 3 go
Maddy – they must

Maddy – we have to get Loveita’s ear.. otherwise she’ll put up someone like Mitch and Joel
Ramsey – This is the best thing that could have happened to us.. this is good.. for the first time in the whole game I feel hopeful
Maddy – safe
Ramsey – ya fully safe
Rasmey – I full trust you.. I put all my trust in you.
Ramsey adds he trust Maddy more than Dallas
They are both trusting Christine less and less
Maddy trusts Ramsey and Nick.

bbcan 2016-03-10 20-35-42-167

11:40pm Cam 1-2 Maddy and Nick
Maddy is stressing, she’s trying to talk to Loveita but isn’t having any luck. She’s worried Loveita is going F**8 this up.

Maddy – I slept naked the first night
Nick – yeah you’re t!ts were out
Maddy – you haven’t seen them
Nick – Full on I’ve seen them.. turkey basters

bandicam 2016-03-10 20-54-42-144

11:50pm Kelsey, Raul and JAred Cam 1-2
Kelsey says Loveita has been telling Niki that she’s been talking about her. Jared is stressing they do not freak out, “You have to be nice”
Kelsey – F*** shady little f***
Raul – just until tomorrow
Jared – no the whole week
Kelsey – THE WHOLE WEEK…. F**** Loveita is my the target… I told you guys I needed Lovetia out before Sharry
Jared – what do you mean I told you guys in the washroom about this What would happen if she stays we would be going on the block and look at what happened. UGHRGH
Raul – She’s a shad b1tch she’s a liar and a manipulator
Kelsey thinks they could have gotten Loveita out this week. Raul doesn’t think they could have.
Kesley “Your telling the alcoholic British chick that I’m talking sh1t about you”

Jared – you guys gotta lose the F*** attitude towards this girl.. this attitude can’t leave this room.. I get it.. if you guys want to stay in this game you guys have to smarted the f*** up and not bring emotion into this game last week didn’t go as plan.

Kelsey – tomorrow’s the eviction
Jared – yes (what?)
Jared says he’s going to talk to Loveita tonight.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-10 20-42-52-403
11:50pm CAm 3-4 Tim, Joel, Ramsey, Cassandra, Mitch and Phil
Phil says he has a crush on Niki. He gets nervous when he’s around her. He’s going to take her on a date.
Tim – “I’ll give you some advice.. crazy in the head crazy in the bed”
Tim offers they will ask Niki for a cuddle. Cassandra Brings up taking her on a date.
Phil – I need hep
Tim – Niki is my friend my sister in this house if you play with her heart
Phil – I like her too much to do that
Cassandra suggests he makes out with her.
Tim – Is there chemistry
Phil – I don’t know

12:00am Cam 3-4 Loveita’s HOH room

bandicam 2016-03-10 21-07-42-173

12:11am Cam 1-2 Bathroom Kelsey and Jared
Kelsey still going on about wanting to get Loveita out instead of Sharry.
Jared – we f*** up big time and we’re going up.. and you owe me a back rub
Kelsey says she can’t work with Loveita because she doesn’t like her, “UUGRGH I can’t”

12:15am HOH Loveita and Cassandra
Loveita brings up asking Kelsey if she should trust Cassandra and she said yes.
Cassandra – last week I had your back till the end..

12:22am Jared and Loveita CAm 3-4
Jared says he’s working closely with Kelsey and Raul and claims it was Kelsey and Raul who flipped the house to keep her safe. It was him that was on the fence but after he had “that” conversation with her he changed.
Jared says day one he wanted to work with RAmsey and her but Ramsey betrayed him and Loveita put 2 people he trusted up.
Jared says he’ll understand if she puts him up.
Loveita – I’m not putting you up.. i’m not playing that game.. that’s not wisdom
Jared says if he goes up this week she’ll go up the following week “we’re smarter than that”

1:25am Mitch and Loveita HOH
Mitch wonders how strong the relationships Kelsey/Raul/Jared have with other houseguests.
Mitch points out how the house wants Maddy and Dallas out. They agree they want those type of players in the game to keep the target off them.
Loveita says Christine told her she wanted Mitch out
Loveita – She’s kinda on my radar because I don’t want you gone.
Mitch – She’s smart
They want the “Good people” to make it in the game.

1:37am Joel and Phil

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Uh oh! Loveita and Jared/Kelsey calling a truce is the exact opposite of what Joel, Mitch, Cassandra, and Christine will want to see. The Floaters have been banking on the bigger threats going after each other.

I can see Loveita putting up Christine with somebody else like Raul. It gets rid of somebody in the middle, and if Jared/Kelsey/Raul are in power next week they will target Dallas/Ramsey/Maddy and Loveita gains more time in the game, and more time to make other allies in the house. The brothers will need her for when they take their shots at Jared/Kelsey down the road.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Loveita’s second round in power turns out. Hopefully better than the first.


Good for you Loveita. I couldn’t stand kelsey jared and raul up in that HOH room any longer.


Why isn’t BB Canada live, that’s so stupid


Nikki got drunk and Production didn’t want us to see her.


Cassandra may have made her first highly noticeable mistake joining Raul and Kelsey to socialize with Loveita. If I’m Loveita I’m thinking: Cassandra was saying she was Loveita’s new bestie if Sharry was voted out. So why is her besty so worried that she’d join the grovel express? Playing both sides has just been exposed if Loveita is thinking at all.


if im loveita im thankful to still be in the house and i would be showing gratitude to those that made it happen


Depends on the size of Loveita’s ego. If Loveita believes her ‘campaigning skills’ were good enough to sway Joel, Mitch, Maddy, Ramsey, Dallas and Phil (the ones she has actually been trying to sway for the last couple of days), and knowing that she may have one of Tim or Nikki, Loveita may believe she was able to save herself.
Did Cassandra help to save Loveita because she wanted to work with Loveita, or because Cassandra and Sharry had more negative baggage? Loveita knows that Sharry and Cassandra had beef. Loveita had conversations with both Cassandra and Sharry on the subject. Sort of dampens the gratitude a little when motive is considered.


sharry treated cass and joel poorly re bullying them to vote for paige to stay, cass and sharry since sorted out their differences, cass more than anyone helped love to stay, and in terms of female connections loveita only gets on well with nikki and cass, its an individual game and cass, mitch, joel and the brothers all kept loveita in to further their own games, and all agreed it keeps the targets against each other, so every voter has motive in who they are voting for

it would be very immature and dumb for loveita to turn on anyone that helped her individual game when there are several people there that either turned their back on loveita, targeted her or have treated her poorly

if loveita values how people treat her as basis for noms, and is too scared to again go after jared and kelsey, then her noms will be christine maddy, both openly hate loveita and treat her poorly


loveitas campaigning swayed nobody as people that needed to be swayed had already been swayed by cass, joel, mitch and phil before loveita even attempted a campaign post veto

Kristine R

I hope Loveita doesn’t get sucked in by Kelsey… after tonight’s episode where Kelsey was pretty much saying she don’t want a showmance with Jared because she wants to leave her options open should be a huge red flag for Jared! Tonight’s episode made her look like such a sketchy player. I’m not a fan….

Also Phil.. if your brother wants to grab a little Maddy ass on tonights episode just let him…. I know everyone on the feeds hates Maddy and I am still giving her a chance but come on Phil ease up!

Also did I miss something? What Kelsey know about production and Nikki?


Stringing together Kelsey’s gripes with some of the others, I’d wager that what Kelsey “knows” is that production caters to Nikki’s demands. Beyond the general view that Nikki is pampered by production, Kelsey is probably wanting to mention the type of questions she’s being asked in d/r about Nikki. The d/r is still pretty scripted. A lot of leading storyline can be revealed in the way d/r approaches a topic.


Yeah she was in BBUK last year and apparently she was a complete diva demanding all sorts from production – like they had a fire drill and she demanded a separate room to be evacuated into away from everyone else or something

ramsay is boring

loveita should put up dallas who turned his back on her and threw their alliance under the bus, and maddy for treating her badly, and this is what most of the house wants, might give her a better chance to be safe next week


Personally I think Loveita would be better off long term going after someone in the middle like Christine that not too many (or anyone really) would miss. By leaving Dallas and Maddy (and it pains me to say this) in the house, Loveita would be leaving targets for the other “side” of the house to go after instead of herself.


A move like that is exactly what sends you home the very next week.
Ask Ika. The lines arent completely drawn in the sand, but Maddy/Dallas/Ramsey’s side of the house would not target Loveita for awhile. The Jared/Raul/Kelsey (with maybe Phil/Nick and Cassandra) side would.


I agree. I think Love should put up Kelsey (a known enemy) and Raul. I would try to smooth over the relationship with Jared, starting telling him he is not her target in anyway. Jared without Kelsey could be a good player and someone who could help her in the future. Raul without Kelsey is a lone wolf and a big target. However, I question Love’s intelligence. Targeting a power couple and only putting one on the block, compiled with putting a pawn that had no relationship with anyone, was just plain stupid. However, I think Christine will be put up with a pawn, and Christine will be evicted. And Kelsey will still be coming after Love.


How can Loveita not target Kelsey/ Jared/ Raul? Im hoping she’s bluffing. They’re the only ones who want her out badly. Everyone else has a different target and kept her safe last week. Don’t make the same mistake you did 1st week.


i disagree as very few would be angry with those noms

its about trying to be safe the following week


My girl Loveita stayed and slayed! I’m really hoping she uses this HoH wisely and forms some legitimate alliances.


Quite frankly, I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of Kelsey’s mouth regarding Nikki and Production. She seems to have a very selective memory when it comes to conversations etc., and as far as her staying with Jared and his pack, I think things are starting to crack there. He is extremely jealous of the brothers and likes Dallas. That could be the straw that breaks their alliance. She likes the brothers and NOT Dallas.


I’ve always been a huge fan of shaking the house up along with supporting a couple of contestants to the end… Nothing better then this early in the game the house once again is shaken and should be fun watching who Loveita nominates…


Maddy is so unlikable. It’s almost exhausting to watch her interact with the other houseguests.


I think Raul is the mosit disgusting one with his carpet chest and flabby body, he actls like hes a a queen and all that and wants to be bestfriends with good looking people. EW. he should just go bat to Mexico


Does anyone else see the entire Phil and Nikki thing as a red herring? Given his pre-season interviews, the comments he has made to his brother about Maddy and showmances, the comments he made about Kelsey and Jared’s showmance making them a bigger target? He seems like he’s pretty interested in game and pretty interested in ‘stardom’. Bring somebody into the house that is well known in the niche market, and pretty sure to get plenty of air time like Nikki. Maybe i am a cynic, but why do I think it’s more about Phil getting a bigger slice of the production edit and episode coverage, and less about his feelings for Nikki? I know the romantics will not agree, but i get the feeling this is all about appearing like his head isn’t in the game, while also being assured of a lot more screen time.


Good on Loveita for trying to ally with Mitch and Joel. But it wasnt smart of her to alienate her original alliance because that just makes her a more expendable player.
Kinda hoping that Kelsey stays at least another week. Shes a huge character involved in so many feuds with Nikki/Loveita/Maddy that this show needs her catty ways.
I couldnt deal with Nikkis drunken hysteria involving Kelsey. It was just too much gold.
And Nikki and Rail/Hyena cuddling in bed together tonight gave me an ab workout!
Christine can go. She can go be wallpaper and a maid at home.


To be honest, Nikki and Maddy would find their way into other feuds, intentionally or not.
They could both take offense to a lamp shade and draw out the conflict for hours. Kelsey isn’t actually required. Take her out, Raul will attach himself to Cassandra more. The two of them will be just as catty together.




Kels and Jared will go up… after the talk with Mitch, I think the anti-Kels movement is back on.


Plus Christine already won 10k…

sunny dee

wow, that kelsey is pretty shady. i read here what she was saying after talking to Loveita, but i had just watched on After Dark how their conversation private after cassandra and raul left the HOH, and she was really spinning it.

i think loveita should stop telling them she isn’t putting them up. i think the HOH looks bad when they are adamantly saying not you, not you, not you, and then they put those people up. i don’t think she has really learned her lesson about what not to do as HOH. but if she buys into kelsey’s crap, i have no sympathy if she totally makes the wrong call.

tho there are plenty of people to choose from, and maybe the more obvious is not the better call. she has just as valid a reason to want christine out, and i don’t think many people would be unhappy about that. i wasn’t impressed with ramsey talking about how maddy was up in Loveita’s room, when maddy was talking here sounds like she spent no time with her? maybe he meant to say kelsey. I think it is really obvious that cassandra, kelsey and raul all sucking up to loveita, but now i guess it sounds like loveita invited kelsey specifically