“They think we are stupid and they are pulling one over on us. we know everything that’s going on.”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie
Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – The Hacker competition has brought some interesting aspects to this week. Anegla is sure becoming became a ruthless but skilled player.

Power of Veto Players are picked – Tyler, ROCKS, Angela, SCottie, Kaycee and Brett
Host is Haleigh

8:40am Sam and Angela HOH
Angela – I want everyone to think I’m keeping them the same
Sam – so you want me to act pissed
Angela thinks if she acts too much then the other side will know.
Sam – I won’t say anything
Angela – stay out of it.. you are doing great .. we’re trying to .. i Dunno.. we have a whole plan to safe Tyler but it’s going to be hard
Sam – it was never the plan to have Tyler up there right now ,… who did it
Angela – we don’t know we’re not 100% sure..
SAm – Brett
Angela – no
Sam – Haleigh
Angela – it’s someone on their side.. I can’t say if it gets back to Bayleigh..

Angela says other otherside is trying to send Tyler out their side is just trying to keep him .They are trying to figure out a way to navigate all the powers so that they can pull this off.
Angela – They are going to take away one of our votes.. so it they know how we are voting then..
Sam – I also thought Tyler won the HAcker thing and did this to himself so he wouldn’t get backdoored..
Angela says no..
Sam – ohh.. ok ..
Angela says the worst case scenario for them is someone gets picked to play and they win and do not use the veto.
Sam – I feel that Tyler can stil win with Votes..
Angela – I still think Tyler will win (veto)
Sam – it’s ROCKSTAR
Angela – lets say Haleigh is the hacker and she picked Bayleigh to play.. bayleigh plays and wins and keeps the nominations the same
Angela – then we are f***ed
Angela – everyone has to think I want the Nominations to stay the same..
Sam – Tyler goes down BAyleigh goes up
Angela – I’m not going to say that’s the plan but that’s a great idea..
Sam says if Bayleigh uses her power next week it would be the previous week all over again

They appreciate Brett being the ultimate target on their side. Angela make out the size of Target on Brett (^^^^^^)
SAm – Brett is the perfect block buddy
Angela – For today.. the bullet points here.. everyone needs to thinks that I want the noms to be kept the same..
Angela wants ROcks, her or Tyler to win the veto. Rocks will use it on herself and Angela and Tyler will use it on Tyler
Angela – we need everyone to think TYler is staying up there unless he wins..

Angela – now it’s best to not talk until after we play veto.. right now it’s not even worth us having a conversation
Sam – I was looking at Brett’s sideways but now having this conversation i’m not

Angela says it’s someone on the other side that has the hacker, Haleigh, Bayleigh or Scottie
Sam – Haleigh
Angela – they are all in on it either way
Sam – what if it’s Brett and it’s a defensive maneuver
Angela – it’s not BRett..
Sam – then it’s haleigh
Angela – it’s Haliegh, Bayleigh or SCottie and it doesn’t matter who it is becuase they are all doing this together. It’s all their little plan.
Angela – they think we are stupid and they are pulling one over on us. we know everything that’s going on.. I’m just being supper nice to them..
Sam – I’m always nice to people
Angela says she’s purposelessly acting like she doesn’t care about this power and Tyler being nominated, “I actually love Tyler

Angela says that JC is working with them. he’s got 1 target and he’s going hard for them.. (Rocks)

Angela – Brett is the biggest shield..
Sam – I promised him my loyalty as far as votes no question from a long time agoi..
Sam says some of the things stories from Brett bothers her “I don’t know if he’s making himself out to be some sort of a type or if that’s really who he is”
Sam – I’m like I know that type of guy

KAycee comes in

8:51am HAleigh and Fes
FEs – who do you think is going to get picked
H – you or Scottie
Haleigh – who would take Tyler down (out of all the players)
Fes – I dunno..
Haleigh – if he picked you would you use it
Fes – I don’t f*ing know .. he asked me in the yard I was like I have not f*ing thought about it.. I don’t know what’s going on (lol, FEs is so tragic I love it)
FEs – what do you think Angela wants
Haleigh – to put it back the way she had it

They try to figure out who is the Hacker. Fes suggest that maybe it was Tyler to prevent getting backdoored
Fes – that’s a bold a$$ f*ing plan.. no that doesn’t make sense..

8:57am KAycee and Angela
Angela debriefing her conversation with Sam..
Angela says Bayleigh feels so comfortable after their talk last night. Everything worked out perfectly for them.

Angela start impersonating Fes when he came up to talk to her “wraped in his blanket cape”

A – “Uhh I just want you to know that if I get picked to play in veto I will do whatever it is you want”
Kaycee – you f*ing dumbass
A – “thanks I really appreciate that I don’t really want to say what I’m thinking..
A – He’s like… NO NO .. so I was like I’m leaning towards keeping the noms the same
KAycee – perfect
A – he goes ohh really
A – I’m like yeah… it’s all out of my hands.. this is really a blessing in disguise i don’t have to get any more blood on my hands.. \
Kaycee – I f*ing love you (it’s so freaking funny..)

A – he’e like.. OK OK uhh GIVE ME A HUG..
A – OK FES I’m losing brain cells please leave..
Kaycee laughs ‘ I just want to play

They think bayleigh is going to pick Fes or SCottie to play in teh veto. Angela stresses that is why they have to act like they don’t want the veto played.

9:55am Feeds come back POV players picked. Power of Veto Players are picked – Tyler, ROCKS, Angela, SCottie, Kaycee and Brett

Bayleigh, Rocks and Fes in the pink room… quiet..
Rocks says Scottie will use the veto on Tyler.

Fes is looking forward to getting to get real food tonight at midnight.. JC is also in the room.. (he was under some covers)

They are chit chatting about vetos..

10:03am pink room Haleigh, Fes, Bayleigh and JC

Haleigh is pissed at JC for running around saying her and fes are having sex in the pink room
JC says he was trying to skleep and they were chit chatting.. everyone knows he’s joking..

10:11am Angela and Haleigh
Angela talking about how she wants it to be a luxury comp and she can get a trip to the spa
Haleigh – Rockstar is not a happy camper
they talk about the rically between kaycee and SCottie for this veto.. becuase KAy cee has never played in one.
Angeals – KAycee is so excited
Angela – I want Kaycee to win so she can talk shit to Scottie

Haleigh – I’m sorry for you I know this has to suck..
Angela – right now there is a good chance I don’t have to change them and nobody is pointing at me this week
Haleigh – what if Scottie wins.. He’ll take Tyler off.. don’t you think
Angela – I don’t know what Scotties motives are…
H – he’s freaking out like he’s my only friend in this house .. I dunno
A – I don’t know either
A – Scottie is afraid to get blood on his hands
Angela says in the Diary room they asked her who she was going to pick as hose.. she said KAycee or Haleigh.

They agree Sam wouldn’t do anything if she won the power app. They talk
They wonder why Sam gets called into the diary room ore than anyone else.
Angela – quit pulling things off the walls in the have nots room..
H – quit cutting metal with our knives..

10:28am bathroom Tyler, Angela, ROCKS, Sam, Kaycee

Chit chat .. Rocks says if they offered her 100 grand she would leave the game but would stay in it if offered 25 grand.
KAycee – 25?
Rocks – I’m not here to f* around I’m here to play this game
Rocks – I know it’s cute to keep putting me on teh block and everything but i’m actually here to f*ing play this game so.. you know what I’m saying..

10:50am KAycee and Angela

Angela now thinking Scottie will take down Tyler
Kaycee – if you say you will put up Brett
Angela – Tyler and Scottie are close
Kayce e- Scottie won’t risk someones from the other side.. convince him that you would put up someone he would want up… It would be Brett you know

A – he won’t believe me if I said Brett
Kaycee – true..

They pull Tyler in to talk about trying to get Scottie to throw the veto to Tyler. Tyler might go up to him and be like look I really need to win this I’m in trouble. Kaycee suggests telling him that BRett will go up .
Angela – I just picked BRett for Veto..
Tyler suggests tell Scottie it’s JC..
Angela – it’ll have to be JC and we’ll have to reassure him that I won’t backdoor him ..

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Production knows what they are doing

I will always believe that the veto chip box is rigged. How convenient that all of Lvl6 (4 now) are picked to play.


I doubt it was rigged but even if it was, it’s awesome!


The deep state BB fans amuse me. All it takes is one disgruntled production assistant, one former player, and it’s a s**t storm. Politicians would love to roast CBS for a rigged game and watch how happy advertisers who pay for it all would react.

And for what? What are they gaining helping their favorites? This show isn’t a huge ratings getter in the first place and there are no historical huge swings to suggest people tune out if their favorites leave…because the modest success of the show is the show…and nobody is risking it to save Tyler…


i agree


I’ve thought that from The beginning. If all The names were in there it wouldn’t make that little sound it does.


So the hacker can swap our brett scottie or kaycee?

BB Cat Lady

Simon – I am so loving all the posts it’s a great season! Do you think the Hacker comp win was Brett? I kind of am leaning towards Brett. Thought I saw a comment in previous post that you may have thought Brett as well? BB did not need this Hacker addition-urrghhh! But exciting nonetheless 🙂
Btw – missing Granny and cannot wait until she returns from her vacation to see what she thinks about all this!
Thanks Simon and Dawg!!



You simply need to use the “I’ve got my sh*t together” theory to predict the future or to know what happened before it is revealed to you.
The “I’ve got my sh*t together” theory dictates: the more somebody makes a point of something or denies something…especially if you did not even ask…the more likely the opposite of what they declare is true.
what did Hayleigh do after the hacking? She went around saying: “I swear, it wasn’t me” …even to people that did not even ask. She must have said “I swear it wasn’t me” AT LEAST four times within the first hour. Fessy is not the sharpest tool in the tool box…but even he grasped that she was behaving weirdly or that something is a bit off with Hayleigh.

JC, you gotta love him

Hayleigh has a beef against Tyler and it’s been there since early in the game. I think it’s because she couldn’t seduce him with her flirty ways like she has with Brett, Scottie, and Fessy. Hayleigh used to be higher on my list of liked HGs but now she is near the bottom (Bayleigh has also fallen near the bottom). I can’t help but like Fessy because he just doesn’t have a clue, but he is such a nice fellow. JC is entertaining but Tyler has become my favorite. Oh, Sam has fallen towards the bottom now too. I like Angela, Kaycee and Brett too.

Teri in Oregon

Me too about Granny. I so enjoy her way of breaking it down!


any confirmation yet if the Hacker power to select (or replace?) 1 veto player was already used?
If it was, and Hayleigh is indeed the Hacker, then Scottie must have been who she picked.


It has been confirmed that Haleigh was the hacker, and she actually picked Kaycee to play in the veto. How does that make sense?


They must’ve been able to convince her they want noms to stay the same. I figured if Hacker was Haliegh that she wouldn’t be able to pull off all 3 steps right to get Tyler out. Shows us she wont get it right when she voids a vote either. Bet she voids Scottie who wants Tyler out more than anybody

dana mcdermitt

how is it confirmed if she has not told anyone? I am curious how some one found out.

JC Meltdown

This veto competition is going to be fun to watch. I would be fun to watch the veto get used an Hay go on the block and struggle with who’s vote to throw out. If only Angela knew it was her. Can’t stand these power apps but might as well enjoy some calamity.

Botox Pelosi

If Level 6 wins the veto they must put Bayleigh up so they can get rid of her power for next week.


The only person who can’t win is Scottie! Tyler’s odds are looking great to get off the block!


angelo is so delusional LOL the power got into her head just like B LOL
Hope scottie or rock win the veto and keep it the same LOL
Rachel was the one who told her about B power and now angelo believes she is the smartest LOL
canot wait til she gets evicted by her own team like rachel and wilson LOL


Why would Rockstar not use it if she won it? Especially, when she has not seen the votes correctly once this season.


Does LOL=losing Obama legacy


Fes, it that you?


I think if Scottie wins the veto he would not use it. L6 has to pull this out, hopefully it’s a veto where they target someone out and they can all gang up on Scottie.


Rockmonster is CRAZY. If I had been on the block several times, never won a comp and I made it to jury, I would take that $25k and enjoy my summer in the jury house. CYA!


angelo is forgetting B power can switch the nominees after the pov so hopefully she would put brett and tyler back LOL


No. Her power is only good for initial nominations.


Haha bayleigh is too dumb to do that. lol @ angelo, she thinks its Movember

Crazy T

B can’t switch noms after veto. Only before original nominations.

JC, you gotta love him

Bayleigh can’t even switch the nominees after the HOH puts them up. She has to decide BEFORE nominations are made. Then after Veto, she has no control at all. I wanted them to get her out this week. I know who won Veto but I don’t want to say because people reading this may not have seen yet.


Some people are saying Kaycee was the Hacker pick for Veto. Who would pick Kaycee from the other side? Doesn’t that lead you to believe this is an inside job? I can’t see any of Ha, Ba Fes, Scot or Rock choosing Kaycee for the Veto Hacker replacement. So who is the Hacker? If it’s someone from L6(4) that is the only way it makes sense. Because they can take one of Ha, Ba, Fes or Scot’s votes and make Tyler win anyway. Kaycee for the Hacker Veto choice is messing with my head!


Same…but I still think it’s Hay or rat. KC is a nice, neutral choice to throw the scent off the hacker


Hay may believe Angela wants to keep them the same, and believes that Kay will honor that wish. Picking someone from her own side could possibly get rock taken down, which could get hay put up.


One reason may be that Hayleigh wanted to host the POV comp, but Angela had promised KC. Kind of shallow, but we are talking about Hay, so. . .


If Brett wins POV will he take down Tyler or will he be bitter that Tyler didn’t take him down last week?


I say he would take Tyler off, knowing Ang is HOH and she will replace with one from the other side. Can’t risk another member of their alliance going home because the hivesters will have the advantage. I think Brett’s vote, not sending rockface home, shows he’s not bitter, even if he doesn’t like the person


He would take him down. If not, they don’t have the #’s to keep Tyler once the hacker voids a vote.


I have a feeling Haliegh is going to void the wrong vote anyway.

Trackin the Kraken

10:28am bathroom Tyler, Angela, ROCKS, Sam, Kaycee

Chit chat .. Rocks says if they offered her 100 grand she would leave the game but would stay in it if offered 25 grand.

Umm BlockStar, you’re going to be leaving the game for a LOT less than that very very soon


I got a question so Tyler is on the block but cant he use his Cloud app?

JC Meltdown

No, the time to use his cloud app was before the nomination ceremony. No that he is on the block, he can’t use it in the veto ceremony. It only prevents him from going on the block when in play. It doesn’t take him off the block once there.


No, he has to use it before noms or before the POV ceremony. Since he is already on the block, it’s too late this week to use it.


If they really want to throw off the other side of the house is some good old Big Brother fake fight. Brett should call out Angela for a fake issue. Then Angela can call out Brett for something… have a huge blow up that leaves Angela fake huffing and puffing up in the HoH room. That will send Hay, Bay, and Rocks running to the HoH and have Angela say “That prick just F’ed the wrong HoH I am sick of that pig playing me.” Bay will not get clued in for sure Rocks will think that is the end of Brett because none of the girls could let a pig like that stay in the house…. then when Tyler comes down or Rocks come down they can blindside Bay with a nomination. That might make Bay not think of using her power and feel safe. It would work… they just have to remain fake angry at each other until after the Veto Ceremony, because then Scottie would feel safe to use the veto on Tyler if he wins it… just keep Brett a pariah for a few days.


bayleigh can’t use her power for POV

Jay Crimson

If Rockstar actually win this veto then Level 6 majority of the time really suck at competitions. But other than that great season so far.

JC Meltdown

Have you seen box of rocks math from the last competition? 30 x 60 = 1200 !?!? She can’t win when she is trying, I don’t expect a miracle to save herself.

Botox Pelosi

Don’t sell Rocks in her Head short. The veto could be questions about aliens or tye dye clothing.

Botox Pelosi

For Rocks sake it had better not be a math quiz.


Or the questions could be about perceived priveledge.


So apparently it’s been confirmed through a credible source that Haleigh was the hacker and she chose Kaycee to play in the veto. How does this make sense? Granted, they are not sure who Kaycee is exactly working with but still, you would think she would put up someone from her side.


It is the hive. Nothing makes sense over there!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Somebody up the line suggested Angela mentioned to Hayliegh that she was thinking of picking either Haliegh or Kaycee to host the comp, gambling that Hay wants the spotlight bad enough to pick Kaycee to play the veto. If true, that is some Jedi stuff Angela has.

another name

So, whoever is the hacker is really pushing for Scottie to be blamed, eh?
I’m stil in the 97% Haleigh is the hacker camp; 2% is that it is indeed Scottie; 1% Bayleigh.
Before the hack comp, Brett and Angela had already come up with the ‘if we won the hack and secretly nominated Bayleigh’ plan.
JC might have the overconfidence to nom Tyler, thinking he’d win veto anyway. But, for some reason, I don’t see it. His dream alliance is Tyler and Fes as his foot soldiers.
So all four of the levels are competing in a veto. Don’t know if i buy that coincidence.
No, really. I really don’t know if i buy that coincidence.
Something about this week (the entire week) is screaming come to the d/r and get your script. There seems to be a disconnect between last week and this week.
Campaigning this week is going to blow. The final nominees will have to pretty much sell their soul, thinking a) what if one of the people that promised me their vote is the hacker and is lying and b) which vote is going to be nullified.


“Fes I’m losing brain cells please leave”. LOL. She’s Janelle – not as funny though.

another name

and here i thought we’d see a clip of the mad crafter making voodoo dolls out of laundry lint… with a big red h on one of them.


if scottie wins the veto he womt use it. Scottie doesnt trust pinky little sweet bird and thats a good thing.
now if the nominations stay the same can sweet little pinky bird use his power
the biggest floaters goes to
Sam, JC and brett

another name

floaters? when have any of those three not been absolute and on one side when it comes to the vote?
sam is coasting. but look at her convo with tyler about jury management. she is playing. unconventionally.
jc is playing undercover mole role… while simultaneously thinking he is the absolute lynch pin of the game.
brett is quite clearly a meat shield that they keep refrigerated until they defrost him to make a block speech.