“Let me name some things that start with B – Bayleigh, Backfire, Blindside, Backdoor..”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Scottie
Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers – whose your favorite regardless of their ability to play?

10:58am Tyler, Angela and Kaycee

Tyler says he’s got a whole thing planned in the event that SCottie or FEs win the veto to get them to use it on him.. It’s an elaborate plan that involves all of them getting in fake fights to make the house think Brett is going up and home but they would send Rocks out.
Tyler has a plan B which is even more elaborate.. “I would have a house meeting where I would tell everyone there are certain similarities between people’ He’ll add that ROckstar never tells them her last name and that parts of her family she can’t “Contractility” talk about.
Tyler is going to try say tell everyone SCottie and the rocks are brother and sister..
T – “That’s a back up plan.. just so you know.. “(nice)

Angela says the other side thinks they are so stupid.
Kaycee – they come in here trying to get information out of us.. but
They all say “One step ahead”
Angela – BAckdoor Bayleigh
T – Backdoor Bayleigh
Kaycee – all four of level 6 ..
Angela – level 6 vs Scottie and Rockstar..
KAycee – Level 6 vs Siblings…

T – what if Rocks wins the veto.. who goes up
Angela – one of their numbers.. just don’t know who.. .maybe just baylegih
T – she would delete a vote for sure..
kaycee – we’re winning 4 against 2
t – 1 against 1 and a half
KAycee – I’m going to f* with his head (Scottie)

Tyler says he’ll scream at teh hacker if he wins the veto “F* you hacker lets go”
T – if one of you win I will act so sad..
KAycee – dude all 4 of level 6
Tyler leaves..

Angela – I think it’ll have to do with throwing balls into something
Kaycee – you think so.,. or some kind of ball involved.. or rolling

Angela – I can’t wait to see Bayleigh face when she goes on the block.. Hacker gone bad.. hacker you’ve been hacked..
Kaycee – she f*ed up..

Angela – “Let me name some things that start with B – Bayleigh, Backfire, Blindside, Backdoor…. you’re welcome..
Kaycee – I guess you don’t want to be too harsh because of jury..

Kaycee – they’re always blindsided every week
A – could you imagine Fes if bayleigh got backdoored this week.. he would be like what the f* is going on..
they laugh..
Kaycee says fes going around getting a head count of everyone late at night irritated the shit out of her. (its about time he starts putting the pieces together)

Kaycee – just waiting…
Kaycee says either fes or Scottie have to go next
Angela thinks it should be scottie.
Angela – if Rockstar did win and took herself off we could put Scottie up there
K – yeah ..
A – and we could pin everything on Scottie
K – yeah
A – havoc in the house.. just go ham.. out everything on SCottie..
Kaycee – JC could convince fess … (the earth is flat? the moon is made of cheese? the pope isn’t Catholic? )
A – to turn on scottie
K – JC can tell fes something that Scottie was talking sh1t about fes.. fes would take that personally he’s very into his emotions and he trusts JC..
A – JC thinks he has fes wrapped around his fingers.

Bayleigh comes in .. “how are you guys.. ”

Brett and Rockstar sealing their final 2 (joking they’re chit chatting)

11:16am Sam and Tyler
Sam – just calm down
T – I am calm
Sam comments that ROCKS and Brett are having a really good personal conversation in the geometry room.
Sam – makes me real happy
Sam – I tried to pull him in yesterday and say look it regardless of what happens.. do you really want that person to walk out the door not knowing who you really are.
T – yeah true
Sam – same goes for you.,. I mean on a personal level if ROCKS is leaving you need to put it in her mind when she’s walking out the door that you are a good man and you come from good people.
T- everyone’s in jury now
Sam – am I the only one that’s awake.. f*
t – You’re right..
Sam – you don’t want him to be like Tyler is a spoiled a$$ b1tch and i’m voting against him every time
T – Yeah
Sam – no
T – Everyone will want me in the end because then they’ll think .. (I won’t win)
Sam – that is why I am not being in the end
T – You are being in the end..

11:49am HOH Angela and Baylegih

Bay thinks all the flip votes where the same person
Bayleigh – Kailtyn ..
Bay – if Flipping votes is part of your strategy I’m confused.. it’s over my head.. it’s really sneaky and manipulative.. where’s your head at.. is it you are so cocky that you don’t care about who is in the house.. what is the point of that

A – I don’t understand either..
Bayleigh mentions how tricky power is in the house
Bayleigh – my power isn’t one that rolls over when it rolls over its over..
Bayleigh – If I can change noms next week it’s before the hacker can get it’s hands o them
Bayleigh explains if she puts 2 people up and then the hacker changes them that is the same thing as being HOH.
Bayleigh – If i use my power a week when there is no hacker than I have complete control ..
A – lets say next week who get HOH has no power.. you can change them and the hacker..
Bay – no power .. other than the renomination’s
Angela – your power expires next week
Bayleigh – it expires when it’s 9 people..

They talk about all the permutations of nominations, POV. HOH etc.. because of the introduction of the hacker powers and the power apps.
Anegla – I think you should not use it and wait ..
Bayleigh – what if someone wins HOH that wants me up..

12:15pm Bro getting ready to win

12:20am feeds go to past season Veto competition starts,..

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Guy From Canada

Fest is so used to team sports, he needs one reliable partner to go the distance, it’s just who he is. If him and Kaycee joined up in the beginning, she is relatable and a nice enough a person to be his rock and make him less nutty and he could probably grow as a B.B. player. However, he is trying to do it on his own cause everyone is fucking with him, and at week 5 he is finally getting some of the game. It’s too late to play catch up, but maybe he will be a good jury member.


Ha, but the “reliable” partner Fessy actually chose to have complete faith in has voted counter to him ALL FIVE TIMES……. and then lied to him about it. Not once all season have Fessy and JC chosen the same person to evict.

I really like Fessy, but his level of bumbling and confusion on this show is becoming legendary and so much of it is due to his total trust in JC, which I find hilarious.


Totally a Fessy fan! He is decent in comps, social enough, and loyal.


I’m a total Fes fan too. He’s such a lovable dumb dumb


I like him too. Poor clueless guy.

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

Watching Fes play this game is like watching a monkey trying to have sex with a bicycle tire.


He has his moments, I’ll give him that! 😉
But some other moments are a bit too creepy for me, “Beast Mode Cowboy with Amber” style. “Hey, if I use the veto on you, will you be my showmance?”
“Hey, now that I’ve used the veto on you, we entered a legally binding contract: you’re mine now. Don’t look at other men. Adore me.”
Other than that, it’s hilarious to watch this constant geyser of cluelessness.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Everybody has a Fessy friend, big, dumb as a box of rocks.

who me?

Fes or Scottie. Can’t seem to like much about the others.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I get what you mean. I like people sometimes even though I don’t like their game. Fez has a horrible game and horrible intuition LOL. But he’s an interesting guy. I had some compassion on Rockhead the other night but she’s just so judgmental and intolerant of people who she THINKS are different than she is. Not even a real conversation. She just “knows that guy” who “walks into the club”. Whatever. JC is a character. He cracks me up. I love the mix of people in the house this year. It’s been SO entertaining.

Trackin the Kraken

Lets say the POV is won by RockStar who would take Herself down or someone who would leave Noms the same. Why wouldn’t Tyler use his Cloud power to remove Himself and then Angela can put Bayleigh up ? This way he is safe either way despite the Hacker


I’d bet that’s his real plan, but he is smartly not telling anybody until he has to. That’s the REAL reason he’s plotting the Brett fight because then he can shift any heat for not sharing his power win with his phony allies right onto Angela, who will do the unexpected and put up Bay despite “everybody” wanting Brett.


He had to use it before Noms…he can’t use it now that he is on the block.


Because he can’t use it. He has to declare it prior to the HOH noms.


Tyler’s Cloud power is only meant to keep him safe during a ceremony if he thinks he’s going to be put on the block.
It’s useless if he’s already on the block. It doesn’t allow him to take himself off the block.


Can’t do it. His power only prevents him from being nominated at a ceremony. He’s already on the block. His power does not include hacker protection.

Botox Pelosi

This veto comp might shape the rest of the season. If the Hive gets a Level 6 member out on Angela’s HOH that would be a huge twist and if Level 6 wins veto and can backdoor Bayleigh before she gets to access her power that would be epic. I can’t wait to see what happened.

Thanks for the updates Simon & Dawg!

Long veto comp

Watch the feeds be down for like 6 hours or more.


That lifeguarding comp will take forever, for sure.

Is he humping?

What exactly is Brett working out? I don’t know what that exercise is.

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

Bro Ups!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It looks like a mix of a yoga move (Sphynx pose ) and a plank.


Anybody who actually talks game with Huckleberry Sam is just begging for it to backfire…she’s so clueless and delusional that she could blow up everything.


This is my favorite season in years <3


Ok..this hacker deal…I’ve been thinking & thinking & trying to figure out who has it. I know the popular hg is Hayleigh but, here are the questions that popped up into my mind…..

1) Who is the hg most likely to take Scottie off the block?……Scottie
2) Who is the hg most likely to see Tyler as a danger?….Scottie
3) Wouldn’t the hacker most likely put himself into the veto comp in order to keep the noms the same?….Scottie

Answer IMHO…. Scottie for all 3. It may be unpopular, but I think Scottie is the hacker. Hope we find out tomorrow nite.


You would think the Hacker would want to play in the POV to make sure they aren’t back doored. But if it is Hayliegh, she probably doesn’t think she is on Angelas radar. And I can see her having Fez play because he can win comps. She has been talking to everyone and asked Angela what she wants to do before the POVs were picked. If it is Hayleigh putting Tyler up is. big move and no one knows. But she can use if she makes it to final 2. It will be interesting to see tomorrow if the rumors are true and it is Haleigh.

Allies Mom

Good theory but I think Kaycee was the hacker’s choice to play in the veto not Scottie.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I was wondering the same thing; if it’s Hayleigh, she and Scottie have been playing chess alot and whispering game on After Dark, so she would potentially want Scottie off the block and perhaps to play in the veto thinking he’s better at comps than she is. But then I also assumed the hacker would definitely want to play in the Veto comp, which Scottie did, and take himself off the block. Must say I was surprised at the idea of Haileigh getting it; Scottie makes total sense. I guess we shall see, right?

Gimmie a Break!!!

Did I miss something? I thought all 4 of level 6 were playing in the veto comp vs scottie & rockstar. Why did Tyler say if Scottie or Fez win the veto he will try to convence them to take him down? Did the Hacker switch a veto player or was her pick just scottie?


I actually like the hacker twist because it doesn’t really change much, cuz L4 has the majority and will likely win POV and if not, the Hive is so dumb that one of them will prolly flip to save Tyler. If anything, the twist just adds another layer of drama for the week (especially if noms stay the same and L4 is scheming with different plots for the weak).


I know another word that starts with “B” Angela that can be used to describe you.

Just sayin'

He is a dick but everything Brett says makes me laugh


He’s the best

Jim Acosta's Pap Smear

“Let me name some things that start with B – Bayleigh, Backfire, Blindside, Backdoor..”
1- BungHole
2- ButtHurt
3- BiteMe
4- B@tch
5- BootyBandit


angela won pov!!!!!!

Angela wins POV!

Angela won POV!!! Bye bye Bayleigh or Rock monster!! Ha ha, Tyler is safe 🙂

Haleigh's Melanoma

I am really impressed by L6’s discipline in the face of this stupid twist. They haven’t stopped scheming or planning ahead. Angela has self-confidence to burn. If they can pull this off it will be epic.

another name

so savagela won veto?
that… is unexpected. I didn’t include that in any of my calculations.


Woohoo! Angela wins veto. Tyler is safe.

Finally a good season

Bayleighs app really is a backdoor app


Angela – “Let me name some things that start with B – Bayleigh, Backfire, Blindside, Backdoor….

and, “buh bye, Bay”!!