“There’s pretty much no scenario that is bad for us” -Spencer

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


3:16pm Pool Helen and Elissa

Talking about how silly Jessie was to not use the JUDD/Jessie Showmance to her advantage.

They both agree that their husbands will not like Jeremy. Helen thinks Jeremy should go up to their husbands and apologize.
Helen says when she asked Jeremy what he’s done in his life he said he lives on a boat. Helen “What have you done to help people what have you done to make someones life better”
They are both glad JEremy is gone they think if Helen hadn’t won the HOH and gotten rid of him he would still have been in the house.
Elissa talking about how much she misses Candice and how funny she is. They both liked Candice a lot and can’t wait to see her again.
Elissa says Aaryn wanted Candice out because Aaryn said things to Candice and wouldn’t own up to them.
Helen defends Aaryn a bit says they will have to watch the scene for themselves before they pass judgment on both Aaryn and Candice. Helen has heard both sides of the story and now that she’s seen how feisty Candice can get she believes parts from both.
Helen points out that what Candice said to GM the night of the eviction wasn’t necessary.
Elissa doesn’t think what Candice said to GM was bad, “Who cares”
Helen: “Thats a low blow it’s embarrassing.. Candice said it first to GM”
Elissa: “Haven’t you heard all the things these girls say”
Helen: “A lot of people say wrong things here.. it’s better to stay above the fray and not get involved”
Elissa agrees.. Says Candice is a successful woman and there is no comparison between her and Aaryn/Gm
Helen: ‘Why is Candice so feisty”
Elissa: “Candice was adopted and was insecure about it plus she’s in a house with people commenting about her race.. there was no release for her”
Helen says she’s never heard Aaryn say anything racist so until she hears it for herself she is not going to pass judgment. ELissa starts listing off some of the incidents Aaryn had said something. Elissa brings up the comment last night in front of Andy and the comments about the asian esthetician

Helen :’I think someone Candice’s age should.. um theres a place to stick up for yourself and theres a place where you are mature doing it.. “
Helen says Candice should have known better because she is older.

Helen thinks the way Candice acted may hurt her employment chances. Helen brings up a scenario where you could be at work at be in a tough situation. if you act the way candice people will not want to work with you. Helen adds that all the outbursts will be on the internet and aired. Elissa doesn’t see that as being a problem people will know it was racially provoked. ( just to clear a few things up. Helen acknowledges things were said by Aaryn and GM but she has heard both sides of the story now and wants to see it for herself before she talks about it any further)

3:19pm GM and Aaryn
Aaryn telling her that final 5 is a big deal they can do it they just have to focus on Competition wins. Aaryn tells her she will never put GM up. GM says the same.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


3:46pm Amanda McCrae Bedroom
Amadana: “I think if any of us get HOH next week Elissa has to go up with spencer“ She adds they want to keep some targets in the house like Ginamarie and Spencer.
Amanda says if Elissa gets taken down they put up Helen and she can go home.
McCrae doesn’t know if Helen and Elissa would put Up Amanda next week.

Amanda gives him a hard time because he’s giving her “I don’t trust you eyes”. She can’t believe he even considers she’s scheming behind his back.

Amanda: “I love you and will never never do anything to hurt you”
McCrae: “Bullsh!t” (They’re kinda joking around)
Amanda: ‘I made a dentist appointment for you on Thursday after I backd**r you”
Amanda tells him he’s going to feel like an a$$hole when he watches the season and find out she really had his back since the beginning.

McCrae tells her he wants to sleep

4:31pm For the last 30 minutes Helen and Elsisa have been talking about all they places they have visited and plan on visitng.
McCrae and Amanda are sleeping
Spencer is alone in the living room
Andy is rocking out to music in the HOH

(Bring back willie)


4:47pm Spencer, Jessie and Helen bedroom
Helen saying it’s day 53
Jessie: “It’s day four all over”
Helen: “this is the longest season ever”
Spencer says he heard they start two weeks earlier and end one week later.
Helen: “That’s a long time”


5:00pm Andy and Spencer Backyard
Spencer: “There’s pretty much no scenario that is bad for us”
Spencer: “If Helen and Elissa won HOH what do you think of Swaying them to put up Aaryn and GM.. Aaryn is such a competitor”
Andy says yes but they would have to see who wins the HOH before they make plans.
Spencer: “Next week will be the first week i’m not on the block”
Andy says he feels terrible because Jessie thinks she’s staying. Spencer doesn’t care as much he’s heard Jessie say many times that she didn’t want to be in the game.

They start talking about the casting experience and summer camp. (Summer camp is the period where production decided out of the semifinals who makes it on the show)

Spencer: “I admire how cutthroat she (Helen) is in a way.. it frightens me though”
Andy comments that Helen was so mad yesterday that Jessie was happy. They laugh
Spencer says the biggest wildcard in the house is GM.

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Slow your role

Some of you people only see what you want, CBS has shown Gina Marie and Amanda say racist stuff on tv.Yes they have shown Aaryn more but stop acting like they have not shown some of Gina Marie and Amanda comments also.


enough with the racist stuff…it’s just like these these house guest and the whole BB15 season…same old convo just a different page…move on already!


The HG keep bringing up what happened with Candice, Howard, and Helen. So, why can’t we all comment on it. They keep bringing up the racism in the house. I thought once Candice and Howard had gone, we would see who the next person was going to be treated badly for whatever reason.
But, NO, they keep bringing it up!

I wish I was there when Helen finds out all the ugly stuff Aryan Nation and GM said about her personally and who lost what job! LOL


That’s pretty sad that you would take pleasure in anyone loosing their job:-( I wouldn’t wish that on anybody


I really don’t think we are finding pleasure of someone losing their job I believe they are only making a point by which Helen says Candice employment will be effected but in reality the only people who have lost their jobs are GM and Aaryn and that’s only because of their own bigot behavior



You are so hilarious. Are you trying to shame me?

No, Aaryn and GM should be ashamed of themselves. I wish them both ill.
And, I am going to tell you why I am over the moon that they both got fired from their jobs.
They both obviously came on BB to promote themselves, to increase their profiles and become famous.
But, their plans back fired on them because of their nasty personalities. I am full of schadenfreude.


JUST this morning GM called Candace a crackbaby and said her mom must’ve been whoring cuz she was with a black man. Why would we not discuss that? Just because they already evicted all the black players doesn’t mean it’s no longer a relevant theme in the house. I don’t know why anyone would reasonably expect that people wouldn’t continue to be offended by this ongoing behavior.


Seriously Aaryn has been made to look like the only one, but she has not used the N word whereas GM, Amanda and Kaitlin all did and the comment about the rice was first said by GM and then Aaryn just agreed. Between CBS, BB and Chen on that useless show of hers they made Aaryn out as if she was the only one and to be honest all of these house guests has either said something racially charged, anti gay, anti semantic, sexist, bigoted or bullied or hate filled. All in all it is a pretty nasty cast of people so they should all be shown to be the nasty people they are and worse all of them except Aaryn actually work in in professions that deal with people so there is no excuse for their actions. This cast is seriously missing anyone that young people should try to emulate. They are all a bunch or racist bigoted prejudiced pigs. They all are a nasty group.


Again, we get it, everyone’s a racists, now can we move on to something else like idk game talk maybe ???


That’s just it, there is no “game talk”. Helen & Elissa just spent an afternoon going back & forth about the Candice & GM nomination night fight & 80% of the rest of the time has been Candice, Howard & Judd bashing, mostly Candice…They said they couldn’t wait to get em out where they wouldn’t have to listen to em, deal with em…as i type this Andy & Spencer are Candice bashing right now..It’s all they talk about!….Idk, they don’t have personalities, they just have to be talking sh** about someone all the time & they think they are entertaining…..I wish they would talk some serious game play, WE ALL DO! But 5 minutes after the HOH competition Amanda gives her orders & that’s it for the week…no guessing, no surprises, no Pandoras Box to mess with em, No DPOV, coup de haha, hardly any alcohol….The Amanda & McCrae “wedding” coming up, big whoop-de-damn-do on that event…I’m not trying leave a smarta$$ reply, I’m just so frustrated/annoyed/disappointed/irritated/pissed off & fed up with these people I mean sheep!


Ah, Name, what game play would you like to talk about? Oops… Wait… There is no game play. Should we talk about the most like able HG? Uh, there isn’t one. There is nothing that this cast of characters brings to the table to talk about.

Frustrating, isn’t it?


New drink game for you Dawn, every time “racist” is mentioned…might be too much though???


Amanda, Aaryn, Helen, and GM are all racists. And those who apologize for them here are also racists. Much like the reaction to those in the house who tolerated, excused, or laughed at the racism, the people in the house are no different than the apologists here in the comment section. They know the dark things in their minds, which they let out of their mouths in the safety behind closed doors, and when called on it, the become defensive and seek to blame the victims of their racist beliefs. CBS is no better. They chose to make it a storyline in order to generate ratings. Disgusting.



Actually Helen is one of the very few hog’s who has never said or meant anything racist. Candace is actually more racist since she used slurs against Spencer.


I feel like I am in some Twilight Zone reading the same conversation over and over again…..

No game play…again.

Really Helen

Helen said “what has Jeremy done to make people’s life better” what have you done Helen???????


fake concern and pretend to give a shit. I guess it’s better to lie to someone’s face then just be honest in Helen’s book


Helen sold her soul the second she stepped inside the BB house. she comes off as an idiot with her phoney self righteous conversations about life.


As far as racist go. Helen is no better. suddenly she wants to hear with her own ears. When Jeremy bullied her and people showed her compassion that was ok. now she masterminds someone’s eviction and suddenly she has not seen or heard squirt just to justify paling around with a racists. Helen shd be evicted next.



Keep in mind we the viewers know WAY MORE than any of the hg’s since we see and hear every scenario that none of them can. When Helen gets out of the house I guarantee she will truly see things for what they are.


This is pretty much how every week goes

One of the superfriends win HoH
HoH – OOOOh who should we nominate?
Helen – Let’s just nominate what the HOUSE wants
HoH – omg good idea

after veto

Helen – you need to make a big move and backdoor amanda
HoH – oh sorry im just not ready yet
Helen – oh ok

and they vote out what the HOUSE wants

worst season ever


They pick who THEY want to leave and just call it the House….. and everyone goes along with it. Andy, Helen, Amanda, and McCrae are 7 for 7 in taking out their targets for the week. Even though this group has only won two HOH’s, no one who would oppose them has been in the penthouse since Nick’s eviction. All Aaryn knows is that it’s much more fun to have people telling her how great she is on Thursday night than it is to have the rug pulled out from under her, like the first two weeks.

The way things are shaping up, I think after the season is over Helen (like Judd) is gonna really wish she’d listened to Jessie last week when Amanda was on the block. Even this week, if Helen had just taken Jessie under her wing, she could’ve had a loyal warrior to help her take out Amanda. Instead, like Judd, she just continues to talk shit about her and wants to kick her out of the house.

Powerhouse with Aaryn

If I was in the house I would make a alliance with Aaryn you could use a good steroid user to win competitions and she has shown that her peds(Adderall) can help her win.


I think Amanda is going to take Aryan Nation with her to final two. She won’t want to sit next to McCrae or Andy.
She will dare them to vote for that racist narcissist over her. Amanda will win with that strategy and I think she knows it too.
In fact, whoever takes Aaryn with them to the end will win. Because, no one but GM is going to give her the $500,000 prize.




I haven’t been a fan of Elissa this season, but after that conversation I think she’s pretty smart!


Elissa is not as stupid as people think. She also has a good heart most of the time, she has some bad moments, but don’t we all. IMO Elissa is in the best shape, if she can control her nerves and emotions, she could win HOH. Of course this is a big if. We saw her in the log roll. her nerves almost made her fall, her strength got her standing back up. Too bad she couldn’t get a pep talk from Rachel. Or a phone call from her husband.


Elissa is just a delusional snob!


STOP with Elissa’s lips, Please. Heard it enough and tired oh hearing it. She is a good hearted women and she is very Smart. I pray she wins HOH this week because She would stir up the house and make her own decision. I think she realizes who needs to go and she just does what the house does so she will not be targeted.
Team Elissa….

Elissa's Botox

Elissa is bad at Big Brother & is a floater but she is 100% right on the GM vs Candice argument

Helen is going to feel so guilty when she watches the season for throwing all her closest allies under the bus for Aaryn


Unfortunately I don’t think Helen will have the humility to admit any wrongdoing while in the house. She’s been a poor judge of character and will likely stand by her refusal to empathize with those who have been unjustly targeted, as doing so has advanced her own selfish game.


This attitude will persist with Helen once she exits the season, and even after watching the episodes.


I wouldn’t bet on it


Helen is an idiot! Apparently her memory sucks too!

DR Hacker

Helen is in for a rude awakening when she goes back and watches the footage of Aaryn saying not only racist stuff about Candice but her as well. She wants to talk about employment chances when she is in a neck and neck tie with Amanda for America’s Most Hated Player. What a two-faced b**ch!

Team Ellissa

Yep the writing is on the wall after they get rid of spencer and Jessie I am team Elissa


Elissa is going to be walking out the door next week.


HOH means nothing this year. The house wants, the head says ok. HOH meant you make decisions and the house follows what you want, that’s a Head Of Household. Being HOH is a joke.

Ok..ya know

I hope the audience is aloud to boo them on finale night. Helen really is moronic, just wait until you hear the “go make some rice” comment Helen


Helen already knows about it she acknowledged that production asked her about it and she said she did not like it but she did not act like it was so bad she just wanted to lay down and die or go after someone with a sledge hammer. Helen got it right young and stupid usually go together, and the older you get the wiser you are and the more adult you should act. Helen gets it!



I find this really hard to believe. Maybe it is you so is racist against helen


I can’t wait till helen hears that comment too and the sad part is that’s all she was making in the house! Rice with butter, fried rice and plain rice, lol!


Maybe its just me but I would have say that Andy is the worst dressed gay guy I have ever seen. He looks like Napoleon Dynamite’s older brother Kip, except a creepier version like one who drives a white panel van with no windows.


This comment deserves 3,000 thumbs up.


You all might hate me, but I keep going further and further. My hands been in everything and I’ve controlled this game. Hate me if you want, but I keep advancing further and further


Now is absolutely the time for Elissa to wake up and win something!


And, who do you suppose Ellissa say this something to? Anyone, who has tried to say anything especially to Andy or Helen, they go straight to Amanda who than wants them out and guess what … they end up the target next week? The time to say something was when Howard and Candice were in the house. Who is left that will vote with her? Jessie, made a bad move by trying to throw Ellissa under the bus. All Andy and Helen have to do is tell someone their name was thrown under the bus therefore ensuring that person whats who they want out. They are just to stupid, but it seems they know that Amanada and Helen run the house. I don’t want Helen out just yet because, Andy, Mc, and Amanda and whoever they want to ensure their safety will run through the house. Will Andy run with Spenser to the end? Will AA really turn on GM? Guess time will tell. I am just hoping Mc’s worry about next week comes true. Who else thinks he will be realived when Amanda gets the boot???


The comment says Elissa needs to win something, not say something.


No Amanda, those aren’t “I don’t trust you eyes” those are McCrae’s “you are a bat-ass crazy psycho path and I have no choice to go along with you until I can finally break free and be a man again” eyes!

I like that McCrae was talking about the girl back home. I really hope he was being sincere when talking to Andy, because it shows he knows the situation with Amanda isn’t a good one and doesn’t plan on moving to Florida and being with her. His parents are probably planning an intervention for when he gets out so he can claim his manhood and balls back.


helen needs to stop talking, it is never ok to be racist lol, she thinks candice lost here job, just wait till she see who did!


It is a real possibility after the way Candice acted that she could see repercussions for her actions. I would not want her to be my child’s speech therapist and it has nothing to do with her color but the way she acted on the show and some of the scenes with her and Howard.


Interesting, I watched an interview with Racheal and Jeff discussing the double eviction and not once was Andy mentioned. Little did this cast know if he was evicted long time ago things may have been different. Helen would have probably made her move long time ago. I know we complain and comment that production shouldn’t get involved or America/Canada shouldn’t be able to influence the game but come on when it’s a season like this something has be done. Now, really is a time for production to get involved and eliminate Amanda or Andy. I’d love to like Mc but dislike Amanada. Isn’t the reason why Ryan lost was because they hated his girlfrend (Jen) and didn’t want her to get any money so they gave the money to Adam in BB 9?


Yes, plus Adam was going around saying he was giving money to a charity.

For real

Helen, Helen, Helen! Stop talking! You will regret your naive comments when you’re out of the house.


Wait until she here what Julie Chen said. She will feel like a fool. All she will say is, ok ok oh ok I get ok ok.

Helen's back

Disagree, Julie Chen made a big deal out of essentially nothing all the while complaining about that comment but not blaming the person that started it, GM, or acting like she was condoning the use of the N word. Think Julie Chen came off looking like a fool.


if there is still a handful of Helen supporters….I think they just jumped off her bandwagon after that last talk with Elissa. Helen if you don’t wanna take Candice side, fine….but now you’re defending Aaryn….laughable. I mean I don’t like racist Aaryn or disgusting Amanda, basically they’re evil, but Helen lets them continue their malicious behavior actually encourages them, makes them stronger. uggh!



I think it goes to far to say that Helen encourages the other players to be racist. I don’t see it in any way

She Didn't Just Say That

Helen thinks Candice might have employment problems – now that’s a Kodak moment. Damn, wish I could see her expression when she learns the truth!


It’s amazing how clueless Helen is. I am not a fan of hers. What kind of mother would leave her kids.

Helen's back

Anyone that works with children like Candice does probably will be engulfed with some problems with her actions in the house. The way she talked and acted will come back to haunt her. She may not get fired but she will not get off scott free.


McCrae loves me. Don’t be jealous because I’ve become a star and have a man love me. He WILL love Florida and he will love the job that I tell him to get. He’s not going to be a pizza boy. He needs to make enough money to pay the maid.

sink-holes a calling

Oh okay, well with your wide load signs and that annoying beeping when you back up McCrea SHOULD be able to stay clear of all the sink holes that you produce…even when YOUR NOT in the state!


Helen is now talking about telling JUDD he shouldn’t be in a Showmance with Jessie & he went & made out with her….hmmm, like Judd or Jessie either one are supposed to run every single thing they do by Helen? …..I know she’s trying for jury votes but I mean who the hell does she think she is? She’s as bad as Spencer & Howard were at the beginning when they were acting like no one was supposed to talk or do anything on their own, just sit back & shut up til they said they could talk & told em what to do….I hope Judd gets to come back…. Helen gets on my last nerve acting like everyone has to answer to her…I can’t wait til it’s her turn to be on the receiving end of Amandas wrath & Elissa can say, hmmmm mmmmm I didn’t hear it, don’t know what you’re talking about Helen….


Although Hellen the snake was not a true friend to Candice she should have at least admit the racist comments that Aaryn and GM were saying to Candice. I would like to be a fly on the wall when she finds out the racist comments that were made against her by Aaryn. Or maybe she has no problem cooking rice for Aaryn.


Love you comment


Helen is delusional and vile. She traded a great friendship for someone that could potentially help her get money. What a lesson to teach her children.


You guys cannot see that if she had done that, her and Elissa would have been Jessie now. She does not have the numbers and still do not. Everyone listens to Amanda and Mccrea. Elissa/Helen alliance need to win the next HOH in order to flip the house because they are outnumbers. Andy is not loyal to Helen. Andy tells Amanda that Helen wants to put them up but he does not tell Helen that Amanda and her 3AM alliance want to backdoor her and Elissa. As you can see Andy is a rat and seem to be loyal to Amanda and Mccrea. I just hope that Elissa/Helen alliance catch on Andy!s lies before it is too late.


You must be reading and watching another show. Helen is not vile. Speaking of vile go back and read the comments that other houseguest said now that was vile.


Reading Helen’s comments is unbelievable due to the fact Candice was her friend in the house.
I was starting not to like Helen, w/ these comments I cannot root for a delusional player.

WOW talk about a disconnect!

Ever comment I read. Every blog I follow and every podcast I listened to all agree that GM was the one out of line.

Helen fans how can you follow her. WOW!


she honestly doesn’t seem to have many fans. it seems even before she stuck up for the white supremacists, most people don’t like or respect her game play. she is very fake, doesn’t do anything strategy/game-wise in the house. most people see through her.


That seems to be how she is being analyze on this site but I have read about her getting MRSA from the hospital and did not sue because the hospital made her feel better too in one of her conversation with Elissa which is not shown here. That is a point for Helen and I really think she has a good heart.


Hi Soil do not give up on Helen I have read in one of her conversation with Elissa that she got MRSA from the hospital when she had a baby and did not sue because the hospital made her feel better too. That shows she is not a vindictive person, if she sued fhe hospital she did not need Big Brother. I really think she has a good heart and wish that Simon would show her positive side too.


Awe, poor little Helen was/is so oblivious to what was/is actually going on it that house. She is in for a very rude awakening when it all comes out. Who said what and to whom. She will look like a total fool in front of Julie, the audience and the entire viewing public.

Now we know why she will be blindsided and backdoored she is not fully cognizant of what was/is going on around her. Amanda strung her along, as she has, with all the other little beta-drones.


I’ve always been a BB fan. However, this season is sort of terrible. First off, the racist things that were being said by some house guests have distracted us from the game, second, they keep on making HOUSE decisions on who should leave (REALLY?!? Anyone ever heard of GAME PLAY?!?) and third, most of the players are either really detestable or very annoying (I can’t stand how Helen speaks to the other players, she thinks she knows it all)…many of those who left were very nice (I know, being nice doesn’t get you anywhere…but I still can’t understand why ARIAN errr I mean Aaryn and Gina Marie are still there…not to mention Amanda…). CBS PLEASE SURPRISE US!!!! Make this season interesting!


Where the heck is my Pandora’s Box?!


Funny but he has actually already consulted them. Lol. He was having a conversation with somebody (I forget who) and he said “just so we are all in agreement, if I get a Pandora’s box I should open it right?”




Helen: Ok ok ok I want to play some games. Ok ok ok Lets all play Simon Says. you know GM I want you to be the host again. Hurry up everyone this is going to be great. We are going to have so much fun! Wheeeeeeee!

GM: Simon Says, touch you nose , Simon Says touch your feet. jump Simon Says hands on your head. Simon says jump. Simon didn’t say land, you’re all out. Just joking I do that to all the kids back home. I’m going to take this game up a notch and make it a free for all. Here we go. . Simon Says Aaryn jump up and down. now take a Adderall. Your out I didn’t say Simon Says.

Andy shows up

GM: Simon Says Jessie touch your knees. Jessie put a clock radio and a drink on your butt. Your out I didn’t say Simon Says
Simon Says everyone stand on one leg Simon Says Helen make a big move.. your out Helen

Elissa is Annoying

Please get rid of Elissa. She is an embarrassment to the game and her sister Rachel. Why is she even in this season? She does nothing but bitch about people.


Paahahahaha!! Look at those thumbs down!!! HOW DAREST THEE SPEAK ILL AGAINST THE PERFECT ONE, ELISSA??!!




After reading the conversation between Helen and Elissa, I am rooting for Elissa to win (too bad its more from a personal level than based on how she has played the game). Helen will be in the shock of her life once she goes back and watch this season and personally witness all the comments Aaryn, GM and Amanda have made so far (I’m sure there’s plenty more to come). Helen refuse to fully believe Candice or Elissa on this manner. They are suppose to be your friends (using the term loosely). I would not want Helen as my friend. When things get thick, she wouldn;t have my back (no dice). However, she might get a heads up during finale night (If she is a member of the jury) when Julie Chen brings the topic up and she hears the reaction of the studio audience. But if Helen makes it to final 2, she’ll still be in the house when Julie, the jury and the other evicted houseguests talk about it. Her husband will have to be the bearer of that bad news

Helen's back

Sorry, but Helen is the one that is right here. There were two sides and Candice was not innocent and she will face some problems when she goes back to work. Helen works in politics and knows how big business works and knows that all these people are going to face problems that are employed. Helen knows about the rice and nail comment because she has already admitted PRODUCTION asked her about them. She worries about the big picture and not some ignorant comments from a dumb 22 year old that has not been in the real world. Being in politics Helen has heard a lot, lot, lot worse so she is not so horrified by stupidity. I mean she is in a career that elected Weiner so she has seen and heard a lot worse from people a lot older that should know a lot better.


You are clueless.


Clueless?? if you aren’t smart enough to fill out the very first field in the comment and it comes back as NAME, then you don’t get to call anyone clueless.


I listened to that convo between Elissa and Helen and I swear I am convinced that Elissa is either being told to continue to bring up Aaryn and the race topic or she is obsessed with Aaryn and has a one track mind that just repeats the same shit over and over when she’s not doing yoga because she has nothing else to offer as far as conversational skills.

She went on and on AGAIN about Aaryn saying racist things and derogatory comments, the thing with “Shaniqua”, but only talking about AARYN saying it, not AMANDA. She never comments about all the shit Amanda has said. AND she basically inferred that GM said all those things about/ to Candice because Aaryn made her. WHAT?
So, She is either super blinded by petty jealousy over the younger blonde girl OR CBS is still trying to run with the Racist Aaryn story and they only have room for one big bad racist storyline and they use/pay Elissa to continue to bring it up.

Helen's back

You got it. Elissa is doing Production’s dirty work and amazing how production’s pet, Amanda, is probably getting good edits again, and sorry her comment that Aaryn told GM to say those things when GM was not sitting near Aaryn is just beyond stupid. Elissa is really not the smart one in the family.


Can this season be over with already so that these “Best players to play the game” can see how America really thinks they all absolutely SUCK!


Every time Helen gives someone a pep talk (especially Aaryn), I want to kick her in the face. She’s the fakest person in there.


I agree with every thing except the kick in the face part


Oh yeah I almost forgot! Helen also stated that Candice’s speech (argument with GM) before her eviction could affect her job situation. What will Helen’s reaction be once she finds out that GM lost her job and Aaryn got dropped from her modeling agency? That doesn’t just happen to innocent people.

Helen's back

She did not say they were innocent; she said two sides to each story and she is 100 correct. Aaryn’s is no big deal as her parents are wealthy and she was only dropped because CBS and BB tried to make it look like it was only Aaryn when in fact they all are nasty pigs. WOULD NOT be a bit surprised that Aaryn’s picks her right back up when the show is done, but GM on the other hand doubtful.


hmmm I wonder how people that work with Helen that are watching her tell people “I love you, you are my friend, you are such a good person” & when she has no further use for em & thinks she’s sitting pretty her true colors come out…Helen acts like people are supposed to answer to her & explain themselves to her…piss on her—>Helen “What have you done to help people what have you done to make someones life better”<—WTF?!? Jeremy is a 22/23 year old guy that finished school, went to collage, He's supposed to be having fun! He owns that boat & he is having a good time! Jeremy can't help it that Helen is a boring ass person that don't know how to have any fun other than "nail parties"…Who does she think she is? I can't wait to see her evicted…I hate the fact that I'm now defending asshat because of her! ugh


thats why elssia should win hoh so candice could have justice in the only way that happen if arayn in macre go on the block in amanda backdoor if one comes off i cant belive helen taken up for arayn you with elissa now helen you can tell the truth i use to be on your team 100percent but now im at 1percent an amanda aryan gm i give them no percent its is wrong what these girls say about candice in now spencer say things too i only want elssia to win hoh this week in i dont care who she get out all of them desiver it



I am dumber for having read that.


Candice will not be employed? Really, lady? Ok, who do I despise the most? It is neck and neck with Amanda and Helen. How dare Helen downplay her “friend,” Candice’s plight in that house. She saw what Candice and Howard went through. Racially provoked, racially antagonized, racially bullied; I was surprised that they were able to keep their composure for so long. A lot worse could have been said.

For her to gloss over it, and say Candice should have done the same, is sickening. Truthfully, I never really thought Helen genuinely liked Candice. Not to mention, it isn’t as if she is in the dark about the racist remarks made about her. Very disheartening. Nice to see Elissa defend the truth. Helen makes me so sick.

Elissa's truth

Oh yeah Elissa’s truth which is a big old lie. Elissa has a banging bod but after what the surgeon did to her face she is jealous and making up lies. Seriously Aaryn told GM what to say. Stupid idiot they were not near each other during Candice’s blow up, and Elissa you are going to feel so stupid when after defending Gm and saying how sorry you feel for her that GM, Amanda and Kaitlin used the N word numerous times in describing your friend Candice and not Aaryn. Maybe they all need to get out of the gutter and you need to cease the botox so you can see more clearly. Your friend Candice was not all candy and nuts; she had a pretty nasty side as well and does not pay her bills back. Maybe when you and your husband start paying Candice’s loan back since she did not with your tax dollars you may feel a tad different because it is clear you are money hungry! Also Candice is afraid of black me wow can you be racist about your own race. If you are then the shoe fits, and wow Candice goes after Spencer like a crazy person but Candice is the only one that has been hurt. Take the blinders off and look at both sides because they are both WRONG!


i love how even in really serious strategically sessions, they still refer to aaryn as “poopie” haha andy’s to-their-face jabs at aaryn, amanda, etc makes me be able to deal with their behaviour a tiny bit better.




Elissa: “Applause”

Helen: “Pimp-slap”…”Pimp-slap again for good measure”

Elissa, good job for being observant.

Helen, shame on you. If you truly listened to both sides, you would know that Aryan Nation and GinaMareeks are racist, pieces of sh#t. My [insert high power’s name here]… you remind of those who would say “Yes, Master” by choice! Include yourself as one of the the people who should be worried about employment prospects.

stop the racist crap

Go take your Xanax and stop calling names because you sound like a racist piece of shi* right now. Candice was not a nice person who took things without asking and why was she snooping through other’s dressers. Why would someone do that unless???? Lets call it like it is. Maybe they need to check Candice’s suitcase and see what perhaps walked itself into her suitcase? Candice was not all morally high; she was as corrupt perhaps on a different scale. Candice definitely checked her morals at the door with the rest of them when she walked in that house. The morality police need to look at all and not just blame a few. There is enough blame to go around for all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Aaryn’s mother please stop the nonsense!


Totally Aryan or GM’s mom. They’re comparing racism to using people’s stuff in the house, then inferring Candice stole things. Smart move.

Canadian Fan

I hope we get a Pandora’s box where the nominees are reset and they are told America gets to choose who to evict this week. Julie smugly lets them know that it was America who was the MVP the last three weeks. To see Amanda’s face would be priceless and Gina Marie can let her know as she walks out the door ya see girl America didn’t like ya your outta heeeeer


“They are both glad JEremy is gone they think if Helen hadn’t won the HOH and gotten rid of him he would still have been in the house.”

Oh, ya, then there might actually be something happen in the house. How terrible that would be.


i think next year they should do bigbrother 16 for 2millons

this how it work 25mens vr 25 women

the men play hoh in wins they put up two women
but if the women wins they put up two men
but if the men win hoh in the women wins veto they could change the noms to two men same the other way around
in only the hoh send people home
in the finals it will be 2 women or 2mens or a women an a men
so i would tell them to trust eachother untill all women are going then play same for the women about the men


im telling all right now america if we get to change the noms form the ponbox im puting up amanda an mcrea an next week taken helen out thats how we should do it

but now take out that showmance if i was there in won hoh here my speach showmance means nomore


“They are both glad JEremy is gone they think if Helen hadn’t won the HOH and gotten rid of him he would still have been in the house.”

And the seasons would’ve been a shitload better, and not a snoozefest of “Let’s do what the house wants/this isn’t the time for a big move” that it is.


I don’t think much of Helen as a person with the traits I see in her that are unsaid but clear as day. So I would be surprised if those rice comments will bother Helen as much as people think.She may pretend like it does in the moment if it’s aired. She may even ask them over to actually cook some rice from them after she hears them, and take them out to get their nails done. And not because she’s forgiving and mature either. But that’s another conversation. Julie Chen’s reaction isn’t a good barometer to measure Helen’s possible reaction . Who really didn’t seem to me as disturbed collectively by the sentiment of comments just the ones that related to her. And she made it about herself even though she wasn’t in the Big Brother House where she had to live with these people. And let’s face it the rice comments weren’t the worse it was the total intent on a lot of stuff that was said freely. And not just by Aaryn.

Helen is so self-righteous and tends to show empathy to the lowest of the low in behavior and character. She indirectly validates them and their behavior and has actually helped them move forward in the game. It’s not a surprise that she’s made it this far in the game with this group. As effed up as these people are I dislike Helen the most. She had a way of unnecessary ostracizing people at the lower end of the stick but pep talking the validating the most dysfunctional ones. I’ve heard her throw her supposed friends underneath the bus including Elissa when they don’t act the way she thinks they should. But overlooks others behavior because they are on the “right side”. And as far as Jeremy apologizing, someone really needs to get over themselves. Talk about someone not being able to get over something.

what the house wants

Candice was wrong to a point, but i cant imaginehow hard it would be to defendyourself in that situation. Helen blames Aaryns age for her racist comments….lmfao…..no matter what age u r u know better than to take it where aaryn, amanda, gm and spencer did!!!! These people have no morals! Im 38 years old and if i ever disrespected anyone like these peoplehave my mom would have made her way to LA and dragged me out of that house by my hair!!! Morals r instilled in u from the day u r born if u r raised well. Helen needs to go home and raise her kids!


Helen was never a friend of Howard, Candice, or Judd they were just expendable pawns for her to use and manipulate in order to further her own game.

Helen would gladly sell out Howard and Candice to the Klan-members because by doing so she can seeperate herself from being a so-called minority and thus becoming the next target of the bigots.

Helen is the most vile peice of human filth to ever appear on a reality show, she’s eating the asses of people who secretly detest her and see her as beneath them and she can’t even take a clue when Elissa basically spells it out in capital letters for her.

Amanda said that Helen eats cats and kittens because she’s an Asian.

GinnaMarie said that Helen should be kissing their asses and serving them rice.

Spencer referred to Helen as “Jong Kim” a reference to a Koreon dictator.

Aaryn told Helen “Shut up and go fix me some rice”

The 4 guests who view Helen as different and non-white will have no problem bonding together and evicting Helen because they don’t view her as an equal but rather as a servant and an outsider.

The producers refer to BB as a social experiment and us viewers can see how incredulous some people are about blatant racism and bigotry.