Aaryn says Elissa is going to come after me like a spider monkey if I’m HOH and send Helen home.

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

CBS Interactive Inc.

1pm – 1:50pm Amanda heads upstairs to the HOH room to talk to Andy. Amanda says you have probably heard this a lot about how if McCrae and I are on the block we would play separate games to to try and separate them in the eyes of the other house guests. Amanda says that she told Helen that too and she relayed it to Helen in a way that didn’t make me sound too good. Andy says I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Andy says yeah I think that is a good thing for both of your games. McCrae joins them. They talk about how its best they are keeping Jessie in the dark. They talk about what they will say to Jessie to get her jury vote. McCrae says that he will tell her that she was too good. Amanda asks what too good? Why would you say that? I would just be honest. McCrae says that he would be honest she is a vote that anyone could pick up. Aaryn joins them. Andy tells poopy (Aaryn) that he thinks she is in a good place. Aaryn doesn’t think so because she lied to me. Andy says that Helen just told me today she wants to keep you around. Amanda says that Helen changes her mind all the time. She needs to go in the next couple weeks. Andy says that is why it’s good for me to stay on Helen’s good graces. She even thanked me today for keeping her on the right track because a few weeks go she wanted to get you out Amanda which I told you about. Amanda says for me it’s a tossup who we should get out next week Helen or Spencer. Andy says no one, not even Helen has any idea about this foursome. (Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy the 3AM alliance) I think we are good. They all agree. Andy tells Aaryn that he thinks she is playing a really good game right now by laying low. Aaryn says I am not even trying I just really hate my life right now. Andy says everyone just needs to keep selling what we are selling Jessie right now. Amanda says what’s crazy is that the last 5 evictions have been unanimous, except for the one Spencer vote. McCrae says that he is going to start telling Spencer to put on his sad face like he is going home. Amanda and Aaryn argue about whether to take Elissa or Ginamarie to the final five. Amanda wants Elissa and Aaryn wants Gina. Amanda thinks Helen has to me target number one. Aaryn says Elissa is going to come after me like a spider monkey if I’m HOH and send Helen home. Andy, Amanda and Aaryn study the past events of the house. Amanda says that Helen and Spencer are really hard to read, they lie to me. Aaryn talks about the beginning when she was with Jeremy/Kaitlin and Elissa hated me I wasn’t being a c**t just to be a c**t I just knew my game was f**ked and couldn’t do anything about it.


2pm – 2:30pm Aaryn goes to head downstairs and Andy tells her that he is sorry her first couple weeks were horrible here. Aaryn says it’s okay you guys have more than made up for it. I am sorry for being a c**t! Aaryn leaves. Andy and McCrae agree that she was a huge c**t in the beginning. Andy, McCrae and Amanada discuss keeping Elissa over Ginamarie because Gina is a better competitor and since we have been together since the beginning what we want trumps what Aaryn wants. Andy says that he is worried about taking out Helen. Amanda tells Andy that he has to get some dirt on his hands to win in the end. Andy agrees. McCrae wonders if Gina is closer to Spencer than we realize. He brought it up to us out of no where that he wasn’t really aligned with her which just sounded way too suspicious. Amanda/McCrae agree that it would be too scary to take Aaryn to the final 3 or 4. Andy says to be honest I don’t know if I would want to be in the final 3 with you two because you would take each other over me. Andy comments that every time Jessie and Spencer come up to the HOH room he fakes sleeping just so they wont stay and he won’t have to talk to them. McCrae asks if Andy would ever put up Helen. Andy says no, I wouldn’t want to. McCrae says that’s how I felt about Judd. They hear production behind the HOH walls and think that they are setting up a Pandora’s Box. Amanda heads down stairs …

2:40pm – 2:55pm In the kitchen – Amanda, Gina and Aaryn talking. Amanda talks about her wedding with McCrae that they’re going to have. Aaryn asks Amanda why don’t you have a real wedding here? Amanda says because I need a real diamond ring. The conversation turns to talking about the Movie Superbad and how the guy got period blood on his pants. Amanda says that she got period blood on McCrae’s batman boxers the other day .. but it was his fault. Amanda heads back up to the HOH room. Gina tells Aaryn that Nick pretty much knows everything about me he’s seen me go to the bathroom, burp, fart, what I look like when I go to sleep and what I look like when I wake up. Gina says when I got engaged before we got engaged after 4 months. Up in the HOH room Amanda, McCrae and Andy talk about past seasons. Andy wonders when the last time a gay house guest won HOH. They think back through the seasons and realize that it was Kevin from Big Brother 11. They continue talking about their position in the game and strategies when they get down to the finals. McCrae and Amanda head down stairs.


3pm – 3:10pm Amanda goes to take a nap in the rainbow room. Meanwhile Helen and Elissa are out in the pool. Elissa says she really wants to win HOH so that she can see her family.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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This Season Blows

That would require Rachelissa to actually win a competition and make an effort to play the game.


Just read AMANduhs real estate license has been changed to inactive (not sure if that means fired). Also found a PDF doc (search big brother 15 eligibility requirements) concerning the rules for application and wanted to share some snippets with my own editorial :

5. One participant will receive the grand-prize of $500,000 (subject to change in Producers’ and/or the network’s discretion). [PLEASE REDUCE THE PRIZE MONEY TO $1.00]

9. You must be in excellent physical and mental health. [REALLY???]

The Producers are looking for a dynamic group of individuals who are articulate, interesting and exhibit enthusiasm for the project as well as a willingness to share their most private thoughts in an open forum of strangers. This group of individuals, while meeting the technical requirements of the program, must also have sufficient physical, psychological, and mental capacity to endure approximately 100 days in a monitored house under extraordinary conditions. [A MAJORITY OF HGs HAVE NOT MET THE CRITERIA in my opinion]


Thanks for the info, Wiggedout. How on earth did some of these lunatics (esp. GM) even meet the minimal requirements to get on the show?????


No problem. I’m not sure how they (esp GM) got in because some of the other requirements are…

11. If selected as a finalist you must complete the Participant Form Package, which will be furnished to you by the Producers and will include among other things, affidavits, release forms and waivers for you and your immediate family. You must also submit to physical and mental examinations by Producer selected medical professional(s) in Los Angeles selected by the Producer and meet all physical and psychological requirements. [THEY SHOULD HAVE PICKED DR. WILL TO DO THE ASSESSMENTS. HE WOULD HAVE SEEN THE CRAZY A MILE AWAY]

12. By applying for participation in Big Brother, you authorize the Producers to conduct civil, criminal, financial, driver-history and any other type of background checks deemed necessary by the Producers. [SOMEONE WAS LAZY]


Aaryn: I used to own a spider monkey. I fuckin loved that little bugger. He would go everywhere with me on his little lead. He wasn’t expensive to keep, just one banana a day and he was perfectly happy. Then one day the authorities decided to take him off me because of neglect. I appealed, but it was no good.
Some so called expert claimed that one banana a day was not a sufficient diet……and apparently the correct term was not “spider monkey” but “Ethiopian”..

Helen's Alliance Member

Not funny and very racist. Stick to stories about Judd in the jury house please.


I think it shows how Aaryn thinks and she is a racist


No, that comment does not show how anyone thinks it is just unnecessary and cruel. Almost as bad as GM using the N word it is too disgusting to be funny!


I also didn’t find the joke racist. There was no mention of blacks because the joke was about Ethiopians which is a nationality. You are just assuming that all Ethiopians are black which is not the case. There are also whites that are Ethiopians. For example I have a friend from South Africa who is white and he now lives in the US and considers himself an African American.


No Ethiopians are black, and most South Americans are white. I know you are just trolling though.


no. most South Africans are black (the country is overwhelmingly black by race) but the majority of people who hold the majority of the power and wealth are white South Africans (who are a minority group)


Yes, this is true, but we all know the intent.


Here is an article from a White Ethiopian.


BB Fan

It just goes to show you how bigoted many people are. Yes there are White Ethiopians. I would be very upset at all the people who are racist against white Ethiopians and feel that you don’t exist


Wow, what do you people learn at school or better yet smoke? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A WHITE ETHIOPIAN!!! Citizenship isn’t automatically gained in Ethiopia (and in many other African countries) because you were born or raised there, it’s passed through blood. It’s one thing to believe the colorblind BS thinking that ignoring a difference makes you a non-racist, it’s another one conveying cultural lies such as White Ethiopians. Seriously? Are you even aware that white Africans like some Namibians or South Africans are the exception rather than the rule? And no, very light-skinned Africans like the Tuaregs aren’t white people either! Geez, the American school system does suck!
That lady in the article was just giving herself some exotic flava. White Ethiopian, wow! Do you also think they’re White Somalis?


Forgot to type my name


I am NOT from South Africa but I though that the white people from south Africa were called Afrikaners while the blacks were called Africans.


Don’t know why I am getting thumbs down for a fact. By the way I am afro Caribbean.


I agree, why in the world are you getting thumbs down?!? lol oh well, just ignore it


Not all white South Africans are afrikaners, some of them are from British descent. Only people whose ancestors were Dutch and speak Afrikaans are called Afrikaners. You can look it up


You are getting thumbs down because stupid people don’t like to be reminded that they are stupid.

Yeah RIght

Its been a long time since Lurker was funny. He ran out of material about 3 weeks ago and now is struggling. He’s a washed up comedian that peaked way to early. Maybe next season he can reuse some of this material. Maybe he could write comedy for funnyordie.com and practice up. Right now, I wouldn’t pay for his comedy. His earlier stuff yes, but not so much his latest stuff.


I’m so sorry you feel that way. I’m down on my knees asking for forgiveness, If you can’t tell I’m crying , I didn’t realize you were unhappy with my performance since everybody else was having a good time. It’s been so the hard for me, I have 6 mouths to feed at home, three kids, my wife, my girl friend, the hamster..Please forgive me…

Hello -

Lurker, you better feed yourself too – brain food for the comedy. 7 mouths to feed. :)


Yo. Chill out and stop making it personal. The people who come to this site feel welcome to express anything they want. However, insults and personal attacks are not cool.


Lurker is hilarious


Agree about Lurker. Hysterical.


so simon, you think Lurker’s Racist jokes are funny? He was posting a lot of those types of jokes in the past. I always wonder why you and dawg let them through without any concern to your readers or advertisers.. Now I know.. Actually, I know more than I wanted to know.


Obviously I don’t find racist jokes funny.. seriously cmon.. Lurker made some comments the other day that made me laugh. We get thousands of Comments a day on here you think I remember everyone’s name and comment history?

People need to relax on us and how we run the comments we can only do so much! Watching live feeds and live blogging is a lot harder than some of you think.


Leave Simon alone!

Simon, today, the comments on the boards took a life of its own. I felt like I was in the BB house.

Looking forward to the next post from you or Dawg. :-)

Keep up the good work.




People here are taking everything so seriously. This is the best web site for everyone to have fun posting comments about the BB show. We all have Simon and Dawg to thank for this great place to post our views about the show and contestants and have fun. However some people are taking everything as if this all was a life and death situation. Maybe its because the show is so bad this season or maybe it is just a reflection of how divided our society has become. In any case all of my posts were just to lighten the mood a bit and have some fun. I really do apologize to anyone who takes my jokes personal because they are not meant to be in any way. All I’ve ever wanted to do is lighten the mood a bit and have a laugh at how incredible nasty these house guests are. Today I didn’t expect to see the reaction that has taken place but thought it was a reflection of what Aaryn would be thinking and in fact was a reverse racist joke. Also think of the person telling the joke. If I told you I was black would that make a difference on how you feel? If I was Jewish could I tell jokes about Amanda? or if I was Korean could I tell jokes about Helen?


It may disappoint you even more to know that his earlier material was just jokes he took from actually good comedians and made them fit the scenarios in BB.


I tell you!! I tell you! Lurker gets no respect, no respect!!

Mark H

Lighten up….it was a joke told from Aaryns point of view to highlight Aaryn’s racism. Some people shouldn’t watch if they can’t handle the fact that the real wold isn’t politically correct 100% of the time.

Try Again

When you got to explain the joke, then you know that it missed it mark. Give it a rest.


I think it’s funny. Why don’t u jus hold my dick “try again”

Hello -

Uh no – it went over the head of some….not Lurker’s fault.


Wow! I mean if those are real that Elissa is sporting in the pool, then they look spectacular. Amanda’s are fake, and just look like two big ….well you get my point. Elissa you may not win the game, but Amanda, Aaryn and Gina wish they have a body that hot when they are your age.

Hey lurker001

You are my Fav to read comments from .. Just a question .. Are these actual quotes or are you making them up? Either way they are freaking hilarious !!!!!! :-D


they all talking about elssia an helen i bet elssia wins hoh in send arayn home the final four will be elssia helen vr macre an amanda you can tell this the order for that jesse arayn ginamaire then andy then spencer then macre then helen the final 2 elssia vr amanda thats the way i think they want it

Helen's Alliance Member

If there was ever a time for a reset button, now would be it. Hell is there restart button with a new cast?

Mark H

Don’t know if we need a whole new cast. GM definitely is a waste of a spot….she has no strategy at all that I can tell. Kinda disgusting that she is still around when several others that certainly bring more to the table got evicted. Aaryn started out as a horrible person, and likely still is, but she at least has shown some ability to play the game, which is more than I can say for half the house. Bottom line, there was just no way to predict that the Moving Company would turn on itself so quickly, and that all the physical competitors would be systematically targeted by a united front. The house is never so strongly united, so the fact that nobody has really opted to break rank and make a move in the last month is very surprising. The very thing that makes this show interesting and entertaining…the building and breaking of alliances and resulting transition of power….is just completely absent with week after week of unanimous votes as directed by Amanda and Helen. It’s just never happened like this, where nobody is willing to target the real powers in the house for so long a period of time.

Someone needs to grow a pair

If Helen had a brain she would of gotten out Amanda one of the last TWO chances she had, now it’s looking like Amanda’s chances of going home are slim. THIS SEASON NEEDS SOMETHING INTERESTING, PANDORAS BOX, A RETURNING HOUSE GUEST, ANYTHING REALLY PLEASE!


You’ll be saying the same thing on the night of the finale: Someone needs to grow a pair. Here is a hint, they are not going to flip the house. The mean girls win. It is what it is…..there won’t be any pairs growing this season! There is however, a lot of dreaming about d&&&os and balls.


I am ok about Amanda somewhat, cause I know her Arryn, Gina will get theirs when they get out. With that said I look forward for them to
Pick off Helen, Aaryn , Gina, Spencer perhaps Andy will go after Helen. Why? Because Jessie and Candice and even Spence will say I told you so. And Helen
Find out Ameica was MVP it will leave her speechless. They will see they had no game at all. And that they need to Shut Up and listen to others not alway in their alliance , the only question hey have ask is Who you voting for? Who you putting up? There are other question to ask. So I hope they get pick like apples


Its sad when u gotta root for Spencer to win just to shake this game up.

Spears and Buffalo

Uncle Creeper FTW


I wonder how much Helen will love Aaryn when she goes home and watches this season of BB and sees that most of Aaryn’s racism was directed towards her and her culture. I’m sure she’ll regret keeping the b*tch around this long and all the praises and all that sh*t! Aaryn should’ve been long gone! Her staying didn’t do anything but add 1 more sheep to the farm at least Kaitlin would’ve tried to fight against them!


Let it go she made a rice and nail comment about Asian stereotypes; not necessarily racist. I know where home is that there are a lot of asian restaurants that are own by Asians and a lot of nail places owned by Asians and they are in multi millionaire dollar houses and enjoying luxury so it is not a bad thing.


It is not what was said, but the intention behind it. The fact that she really didn’t like Helen at the time means the intention was to hurt her.

come on

I did not know there were psychics on here that know what the intent is anytime someone speaks. WOW!!!!


A racist joke is by definition racist.


@name. Most of those Asian nail salon and restaurant owners are in fact not so rich as you suggest

Say What

Helen said there is no racism in the house. Helen talked with Aaryn about her comments and she agreed that Candice overreacted. So the fact that someone said go make some rice in her direction meant nothing.


If Helen would have said anything else she would have an instant target on her back. What did you expect her to say?


If Jessie goes home, I will have officially lost all interest in this season of Spineless Sheep ruled by Hypocritical Helen & Admiral Amanda. I’m actually looking more forward to the Jury House that will be filled with bewildered evicted house guest who thought they were playing SUCH a smart game but ended up ASS OUT!! And after the show has ended, I WISH that we (the audience) could follow the tortured lives of each of these racist, pedophile & sociopath guests who will return to the “Real World” HATED by America and shunned by their co-workers & family members whom they totally embarrassed!!


Ok, here goes I really wonder about our house guest once they get out of the BB house. I guess they don’t realize how they have portrayed themselves (omg). Let’s start with Judd, country to the hilt but a good kid, to my knowledge he hasn’t done anything hateful or mean. Jessie, cry baby and pretty girl still to my knowledge she has done nothing really hateful or mean. Howard, again to my knowledge nothing hateful or mean. Candace, the same as above. Now, when these kids leave they will be able to walk back in their homes and community without being embarrassed.
Now the rest of these People (OMG) “Arryn” smart and pretty girl w/o a clue, I remember her saying something like – I’m not a racist that’s just how we talk where I come from, maybe in 1960 but not in 2013 not in less the people and relatives she surrounds herself with do, mmmm (this may be why racism still exist) Hidden racism.
Amanda, I know her parents must be appalled at their baby girl – she’s a mean, obnoxious, ho ho (and I don’t mean Santa).
Helen, the manipulator she loves everyone all I can say is once she gets back to work everyone run especially when she says I love you. Most political people are good at manipulating.
Andy, Mr. Tattle Tale Professor, you tell him to keep a secret and he runs to the enemy to make himself look good – and so what are they doing – taking it all in to eventually get rid of him.
Gina Marie, Yo bro I gotcha back and I don’t like rats or cockroaches (she loves Andy, wait till she finds out he is a RAT). What lady that’s supposed to be a model talks like that. What an embarrassment to NY. Yo Parents help yo daughter get an education and help with her eating habits (yuk).
Spencer, big goofy Master B
MC and Elissa so far their clean and I hope they stay that way.
The previous HG like Jenelle, Rachel, Dick and others where respectful regardless how they played the game. Walking out the house for these guys is going to be an hurtful eye opener, “CBS” will move on, these kids will be forever known as the: Racist, Big Mouths, Lying, Obnoxious, Pe??is Sucking Ho Ho’s I just hope No one hurts themselves after this. Some people say it’s a game (yes it is) and I believe how they act here is how they act in real life, is $500, 000.00 worth a life time of embarrassment especially if you don’t win, then everyone finds out what an “A”hole you really are. I know BB brother is a game of scheming but how can these people in this house call someone out for “Lying” when they are “Lying” also. BB has a lot of mirrors in the house they need to look in them and look at themselves.
Parents, relatives, friends and communities if you know of anyone coming on BB#16 please school them in not being an embarrassment to you or to themselves. Find a way to scheme without embarrassing yourselves or family.


i like elssia i think she is playing the game she just not trying to win yet but now i think she go into racheal mode in win hoh cause she knows big moves are coming

production rigged it

Not only do these people not have the balls to make a big move but they don’t even them to tell somebody that theyr’e actually the target and going home this week. If I was on the block I would be less pissed if somebody just told me rather than being blindsided and I would be more apt to give them my jury vote too.

The only chance for a big move now at least before final 4 is for a Pandora’s Box that brings somebody back in the house (hopefully Jessie since she is the only one that wants to make a big move) and also give her a DPOV to protect her so they can’t vote her out as soon as she comes back in. That way if she doesn’t win HOH then she can at least replace herself on the block with Amanda or Helen.

That’s the only way I’m going to watch after this thursday because after Jessie leaves what’s the point of continuing to watch. We already know what’s going to happen so why waste the time. Just come here (the best site dedicated to BB by the way, Simon/Dawg you guys do an awesome job) and get your update for what’s going on. Don’t contribute to the ratings for CBS by watching on there or on TVGN. Boycott both channels and just check in here, that’s what i’m gonna do.


i think helen or elssia hoh then amanda an mcrea on the block in elssia or helen pov keep the same an send home mcare or amanda


who do you want to win next hoh after andy


OMG, Aaryn your such an idiot. Elissa is not targeting you, maybe but 3am will definitely turn on you for making up lies.

come on

Yes Elissa is!! What show are you watching? That is all Elissa talks about, and she blames Aaryn for all of the ills in the house. Man, is she going to feel like a total idiot when she watches the show after she is out of the house and sees and hears the things that GM, who she takes up for continuously, and Amanda say in regard to Candice. Maybe Elissa thinks using the N word is perfectly acceptable since GM and Amanda are the ones that use that word at any opportunity!! You are not the brightest tool in the shed, Elissa!!!


I don’t know what show you watching!!!!!! Elissa is not an idiot. The only idiot is Aaryn. She lost the opportunity to evict Elissa but she blew it.


i want elissa an ponobox she get golden power of veto


JUDD?? Is that you?


This season has by far has been the worst season in Big Brother history, it has topped season 9. I believe this season it has been rigged so Amanda can win. Production has not shown any of her racial comments and if you go on youtube and search Amanda Zuckermann: “Social Justice Warrior” you will see all the degrading, racial and homophobic slurs. Productions edited out all of her comments then made her tell Aaryn she was being a racist. It is all planted to represent Amanda the amazing Jew as a hero. Everybody else is the by strander in that house except GinaMarie because she is an uneducated ignorant racist. Also have you noticed Amanda knows all of the Competitions beforehand? She always guessing correctly for the past 7+ HOH comps. The worst thing is she manipulates Mcrae and rapes him occasionally so she has him on her leash. Also never have I seen on Big Brother provide condoms to houseguests so why are McRanda given condoms? Lastly have you noticed Amanda refers to the Diary Room as “my friends”? This game has been rigged for Amanda Zuckermann to win Big Brother.


The more I watch the inclined I am to agree with you…so sad :(


i wish these houseguests would listen to jessie. shes trying to help their game out by trying to break up the nastiest showmance on tv. but will they listen? no… so f*cking annoying.


the only time Elissa will win HoH is the time a Pandora’s Box comes alive and really fucks up the game.


im a big fan of racheal , jennell ,dan, i wish they was there dan would send amanda home


Big Brother 15 – “Expect the expected!”


as long as BB keep the meds and the booze flowing, everything is going according to plan! The name of the game now is “Follow the Leader”. Remeber when it was Big Brother?


More like, “Simon Says”….

Potty Mouth

Where in the name of god did these people come from? I’m no prude but the language and the overall demeanor of these houseguests use is appalling. The c word gets thrown around like nothing else. My mother would have my mouth washed out with soap if I talked like them. Ugh they are disgusting.

Itty Bitty Britty

I can’t wait to see Jessie go home because then there is no one left to hide behind. The remaining players can’t be the “get along gang” much longer, especially when each of the 3AM members has a different idea of who to bring with them.


Spencer is next to go


amanduh is already setting the stage to dump mcreepy


Yes after she r*** him


I think MC would be relieved if Amanda dumped him. I get the sense he can’t stand her anymore but is trapped. All the girls in the house would turn on him if he dumped her. He is quite literally her sex slave. Sad.


Yep he is her s$x slave, but after they have s$x the room and bed looks like a murder scene…..BLOOD EVERYWHERE




…and this is why I would rather see Amanda get evicted.

One Can Only Hope

Hopefully Spencer will overplay ‘that he’s heading out the door’ and Jessie will see the light!


When Elissa put her hair on Aaryn did anyone else think she looks a little like Dani Danato? when her mouth is closed though cause Dani has a prettier smile…


The only reason everyone is still on this racism kick is there is nothing else to chat about concerning the house. Realize it is not a politically correct world take alook at yourself and i am sure there is something you have said that would be considered ignorant rude and maybe even racist. Are you a racist probably not.

I find it interesting that when these comments come up that arryn is the only one mentioned, hmm me thinks Amanda, GM, Spencer, Helen and yes even Candice have said derogatory things abou people, cultures, etc. Pleased if your going to try and be real include everyokne from the worst cast of BB ever !


If you watch you know that GM, Spencer, Amanda, Helen, Andy, Elissa and McCrae all say racist, homophobic, ignorant, sexist hate filled comments and that Aaryn was not the worst or the first. It all started with GM and Kaitlin and a hefty dose of Amanda. Why CBS and Chen and BB chose to only show one side still makes me think they are either all actors and it is scripted or that Amanda is the “predetermined” winner and CBS and BB are trying to shift the blame to something so that their blatant cheating is not caught by people that watch the show and do not watch the feeds or BBAD. Hope they get caught with their blatant cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s quit sad , however, yes if you find yourself making racist comments you more then like are but don’t know it yet. Some time ago they did a study and found that many people that claim they were not in fact were are had racist tendencies. Even many Blacks too. I found the study interesting, and in fact questioned many of the things I say things like, “those people always ….. ” as in putting people in class groups. Was it racist, yes, Did I believe I was, No.

Now once you understand that it is, you take ownership, and stop the behavior. No excuses. If you are not sure ask a honest friend of that race. They can tell you if your comments are over the top so to speak. It’s like a bad habit that’s hard to stop, I just say, try. Don’t do like that crazy rabbit on TV, keep going going and going spurring out racist comment and in denial when people are telling you it’s offensive. .

brent robinson

Imagine how much better the season would be if the people eliminated were still in and vise versa

Mark H

At the time, I actually applauded the moves, in particular targeting Nick and Jeremy. Nothing against those guys, but they would have likely been tougher to eliminate had they not been targeted early. I just didn’t expect such gutless play from everyone after Jeremy went. From that point forward things have been so predictable and dull that even the MVP twist couldn’t do anything to move anyone.


This has definitely been an estrogen soaked season.

They took all the strong males out of the game pretty quickly and partly due to the cowardly McCrae and his betrayal to the MC.

Spencers days are numbered because no male with a normal testosterone level is going to last on BB this season.

Isn’t it fascinating that the most vile and disgusting racist/bigoted filth are still in the house while Judd, Candice, and Howard are gone?

The hilarious part about BB currently is how Helen the Asian-American actually thinks that the same people who mocked her behind her back are going to side with her over their own kind. She has a rude awakening coming.

my opinion

With Jessie set to go home this week, I have deleted Big Brother from my DVR recordings. No sense in watching any further. After the comments GM made about Candice’s mom not wanting her on monday night’s show. She is completely disgusting and a disgrace. This season is so predictable, they might as well make next week a double eviction as well since the next 2 walking out the door will be Spencer and GM. Helen isn’t going to target Amanda and vice versa since they think that by keeping each other, it keeps the tarpet off of them…STUPID!! So then it will be down to the final 6: Andy, Amanda, Aaryn, McCrae, Helen and Elissa. Elissa can’t make any moves because no one will back her, not even her closest ally Helen would back her these last couple of weeks. No sense in McCrae making a move, he’s just fine hiding behind Amanda. Once it gets down to the final 6, it will mainly depend on who gets HOH as to who gets evicted next, most likely Elissa, then Aaryn which will leave Helen, Andy, Amanda & McCrae. WOOPY. At this point, does it really matter who wins…Unfortunately No.

Teri B

YAY….A fellow quitter!! I quit it a couple of episodes back, and just read about it here….the best place on the internet and the ONLY place with Simon and Dawg….and they rock.

Here’s to all the free time we now have without going through the agony of watching a 100% predictable play unfold. Ugh.

teri b


Ditto, I come here to read what is going on because I refuse to give this season BB my rating. What folks don’t realize is if the ratings continue to grow than BB casting department may cast similar jerks for next summer.


I want to feel bad for Helen because Andy and the other dummies are plotting against her, but she is so stupid for not getting out Amanda when she had the chance. The rest of the house would have followed her because rat Andy is on whomever side that can get him further and the rest of them are too stupid to stick together. Poor Elissa. I want her to win so bad but unfortunately the final three will most likely be Andy, McCrae and some third person that is not Amanda.


I wish they would tell em America was MVP for those 3 weeks IF they want to be somewhat fair in case they let someone back in the house…I would love to see McCraes reaction while he’s still in the house rather than wait til the very last show……They let em redo their “goodbyes” to Candice claiming it wasn’t fair since they didn’t know she was going to jury…Telling them about the MVP before the votes was a hell of a lot more important than goodbuy messages…. oh well, nothing’s going on in there & that mvp thing’s been bothering me ever since I heard about them gettin those do-overs….

The DR

Jessie, do you think you might be sent to jury this week? No! Are you Sure? Yes! Did you think you were going to jury last week? Yes! Then what’s changed?


Sometimes us viewers can dislike a houseguest for different reasons sometimes the reasons can be as petty as their voice or their accent or their facial features.

I’m not the type of person to dislike these characters for anything other than their behaviors and after watching Arayn flip Candace bed and GM jump in Candace face I can honestly say I dislike these players based on their rude and obnoxious behaviors.

On the flip side I have been impressed with how Elissa constantly refuses to engage in the racism/bigotry and removes herself from the room when the nazis engage in their race-bashing. On a season with so many disgusting characters and so few good people to root for I find myself rooting for Elissa to win the big prize and send all those mean girls home.


I like Elissa. And she seems to be aware of where she is at and that she has to leave once this is over. Some of these other morons just get together and say any demented thought, attitude, or whatever else without thinking or blinking (literally) in Amanda’s case. People can say what they want but I don’t think her mentality is on the same level of these people. But I would be surprised if she made it to the end and it’s like their own little sick society in there. If I were in there I would rather play with a bunch of Sesame Street characters than be be attached with this group. I can’t believe some of them are in there early to late twenties when their collective ages seem to be 12. Anyway, I agree with you about Elissa.


All I know is I really Love Big Brother but have stopped watching and I have never done that until this year, I get you should be able to say what you want but some of shit that comes out of those woman’s mouth are just sickening, Amanda, GM, and Aryaning, I can’t stand to even look or hear this woman, they are by far the worst kind of people and Helen is just pathetic, Jessie is just sad altogether but I like this girl for them to say she needs to go because she is the worst person is stupid, whos next, wait till they turn on each other and it will happen. but will continue to read the feeds and you all can let me know who wins.


here is a newsflash to you and everybody else who plays the I have stopped watching this season card in any variation thereof. Guess what, you’re still on this board and you’re still reading updates you haven’t stop watching so please kill the self righteousness crap because you’re still in it. just because you don’t turn on CBS 2 or 3 times a week doesnit mean you’re not still invested in season 15 in some way …I can’t standwhen people say that ….fake


Weak-minded players. “I don’t know if you’d take me to F2.”


Sorry for the shouting, but it’s necessary in this case for this season.


oh for the love of god are you kidding me!? The spider monkey reference came from the movie Talladega Nights!! seriously some of you people need therapy and need to get a life and stop hating on these people so badly everything that comes out of thier mouth is not racist !! they going to get it when get out yes they are …but do you all want to see them publicly executed in the streets?? yes you do get a f****** grip