“I’m finally one of the top 3 attractive guys in the Big Brother 15 House” -Spencer

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


5:15pm Backyard Andy and Spencer

Spencer: “The one thing about Amanda and McCrae is if they are coming after you you’ll know it.” He adds if Helen and Elissa are coming after you you won’t know until cut your throat.
Andy says most of the time Helen is a sweet mom but sometimes she says the craziest things to him, “She’ll pull me into the storage room saying ANDY … Amanda’s got to go she’s gunning for me”
Andy adds that he just has to talk her down and everything is fine. Andy brings up when Helen marched up to the HOH and asked him if he was going to backdoor her. Andy wishes he had said yes just for fun and to see what she would do.

The one thing Spencer misses about Howard now that he’s gone is the naps. When Howard was in the house Spencer could nap and if anything happened he would wake him up. Now that it’s just Spencer he feels he’ll miss something if he falls asleep.
Andy: ‘You don’t need to worry this week.. If people voted you out Oh my god there would be hell to pay”
Spencer: ‘As much as I appreciate that it doesn’t make me feel any better”
Andy says people have his back and it’s the people that he’s been loyal to for a long time.
Andy says he would almost bet his life it will be the 6 to zero vote . Spencer’s only worry would be Elissa.. Andy: ‘Elissa is kinda dumb but she’s not going to be the odd vote”

Helen joins them.. Helen says she would rather Howard and Kaitlin in the Jury instead of JUDD.
Helen knew something was up with JUDD because he would pull her aside every day and tell her she was loyal to her and trusted her. Helen points out that Andy has only told her that three times it’s something you don’t always have to say.
Andy is glad he made it to Jury. Helen now says she is to even though he won’t vote for her. Spencer thinks JUDD’s vote will be based on who played the best game.

They start talking about the Have nots. They agree Aaryn, McCrae and Jessie are bad have nots. Jessie is grumpy, Aaryn sleeps all day and McCrae walks around like a zombie.

Elissa joins them.

Chit chat.. Spencer says Jeremy wanted David out because with David around he couldn’t control Aaryn. Elissa asks who Jeremy liked the most Kaitlin, Jessie or Aaryn. Spencer and Andy both say it was obviously Kaitlin.
Helen: ‘Poor dave he had no shot coming in here.. I remember one time he said so i’m the kinda guy you like..”
Helen: “I was like umm ya … I like blood haired blue eyed guys my husband is”
Andy thinks David just needed affirmation about his looks he came up to Andy a couple times asking him similar things.
Helen: ‘I don’t think he was that attractive”
Andy: “As much I wanted to punch him in the face I thought Nick was the most attractive”
Spencer: “I’m finally one of the top 3 attractive guys in the Big Brother house”

They start talking about the possibility someone comes back into the game. Helen and Andy do not think it’s fair. Spencer says if they bring another person back in it will mean they need another Double eviction. Andy and Helen do the math and agree.

Helen jokes says if someone comes back in she’s going to shelf evict. They all seem to think JUDD would be the player coming back in. Helen says JUDD would just end up gettign evicted the next week because he’s coming in the house with no credibility.

Aaryn joins them.

Lots of chit chat lots of sleeping

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:45pm Backyard Spencer, Helen, Andy, JEssie and Elissa Elissa asks who laughs the most in the house. Andy thinks it’s Elissa or JUDD.

Andy offers to add whatever greetings other houseguests want to give to their families in his HOH blog. He jokes that he’ll say Elissa doesn’t want anything to do with the Brenchel army she wants to do the rest on her own. Elissa laughs says it’s a good idea because it will start a “I hate Andy Army” that will help her win the game.

Elissa asks them about the Amanda stuff and Howard. She wants to know if they think Howard really said those things to Amanda. (The “I want to f*** the sh*** out of you comment)
Andy says Howard may not have meant what he said to be offensive perhaps it was taken the wrong way by Amanda.
Spencer: “I knew Howard more than anybody.. I know Howard did not like Amanda at all.. I don’t think he would have said that”
Elissa: “You thought he was a good christian man”
Spencer: “Ya”
Elissa: “I found it extremely hard to believe”
Spencer: “if I saw the tapes and heard it clear as day it would totally knock my socks off”
Andy agrees, “I’ll admit she did seem rattled “ (andy and JUDD saw Amanda during the alleged comments being made they never heard what he said though)
Elissa: ”She mentioned it at the veto so I thought maybe he did say that”
Andy: “she never seems rattled before”
Spencer: “THat was extremely hard to believe Howard was an extremely disciplined godly man”
Elissa: “That make me sad.. it’s probably better for him that he’s gone and doesn’t have to deal with people saying things like that”
Elissa wonders if maybe he said someone and since Amanda is always thinking s$xual things she assumed he ment it s#xually.


7:17pm Backyard Andy, Spencer, Elissa, Amanda and MC
Joking around about Candice and how she said “Keeping it real” all the time. Andy says instead of the Obama shirts where it was Hope there will be Candice shirts where it says Real. Spencer says they all know during the interview with Julie Candice said “I was just keeping it real boo” at least 2 times.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

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i hope more people will be like me and give up on watching. all i do is read here (though lately been kind of skimming that due to how boring BB15 has become)

congrats to cbs on blowing this show with the worst season ever.


I haven’t watched the last five episodes, I’m offically done with this season. Worst U.S. BB season ever. Can’t wait for season 2 of BB Canada.


Totally agree – you took the words out of my mouth.


I said this earlier at the end of another thread. Here’s what I wish. All of you crying, “Worst season ever.I am done with this season” need to put your money where your mouth is. Let’s be honest, NONE of you broken records are “done with this season” because if you were, you wouldn’t keep participating in this forum and reading the updates. Who gives a shit that you may not watch CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays, big deal. If you are still here, then you are still EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN SEASON 15!!!! If you are all really done, then stop talking about it and be about it and please, take the broken records elsewhere. Talk about over it, I am over the fakeness and self-righteousness on this board.


I’m a huge Milwaukee Brewers fan and everyday I check online to see the box score of yesterdays game, to see if they won, who had a good game, etc…but I don’t watch because the team is horrible this year. I’m emotionally invested in baseball and the Milwaukee Brewer franchise, but not this year’s team because they’ve been inept on the field. I go to a fan site and say so, hoping the powers that be in the organization see my and other discontent, and make the necessary changes to compete next year and put a good team on the field.

Many of us hate this cast and think this was a horrible season, many also think the last five or so seasons have been horrible, and we come hear and voice our opinions…which are just that, opinions, no more valid or less valid than yours. We are invested emotionally in the Big Brother franchise and want to see it go back to what it used to be. And if you wish to argue with those of us who despise what Big Brother America has become, then so be it…but pretending like we actually don’t hate this season and desperately want changes, BIG changes next year, makes you look clueless.


I agree with you. I have TimeWarner and I considered jumping ship because I can’t watch Big Brother any more. But the certain members of the cast are so… unlikeable, that I have no problems not watching. To be honest, I am more interested in following how Aaryn and Amanda are going to deal with the real life repercussions of their spoken words. So I’m following BB from afar. Hopefully production will be wiser when choosing people for next season.

Rio Seven

Yes, yes, yes! Thank God someone said it, and said it so well. What I find really strange is everyone is complaining that they don’t like anyone this season…as if reality tv is about watching people you actually like!


I agree, all the complaining here are broken records, but also the long-winded “crying about being tired of people complaining” as well.

Broken records crying about Broken records, instantly cancels each other out .

Yes this is a terrible season, but what’s keeping us around besides being huge fans, is hope that someone wakes up, combined with us shamelessly wanting to see how this terrible season plays out.


I stopped watching the show and come here to read what is going on because I refuse to give CBS BB my rating, it is obvious if the ratings continue to grow the casting department may cast similar people for next season. So yes I have given up on this season, but I read the comments and this blog. I want to personally applaud every person who speak up against the mean, sexual, disgusting, racial, hateful comments the cast is using towards other cast members. I don’t care if you’re black, white, Asian etc. There is a time in life when we should realize that the most important thing in life is not money or good lifestyle but Honor, Respect and Love. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. don’t ever give it” Eleanor Roosevelt


Me deciding not to watch BB may not make a difference for ratings but not buying the live feed will count. I know BB is not the type of game that everyone is polite and like each other but this cast is taking it overboard…..they all are just rude and cruel. I am a fan, however I don’t relate to the cast this year. Past season I could find at least one person to like. I tried but I just can’t this season.


Me also i am gonna stop watching . Big Brother Canada has to be better . This has been THE AMANDA ZUCKERMAN SHOW SINCE DAY 1 .


can’t wait for bb canada. it was so much better. every single person was more enjoyable to watch, genuine and people I could relate to. I’m pretty sure nobody had plastic surgery on the show, and there was so much more game play going on, with fun mooses, power shift twists that generally made sense and suspense nearly every week. Jillian, the Shield… and even Talla would have killed these house-guests.

plus all the live feeds were free. the only bad thing was that it was on slice, and unless you have a premium cable pack you have to wait 24 hours to watch the show itself.


I’m in the same boat as you.

Big brother Sunday

Sundays episode of big brother was horrible it was so boring that they had to show what happened last week for the first 35 minutes.


In all fairness, they usually do right after Double Eviction episodes. And I’m glad they did because it explained a lot about why JUDD got blindsided.


That episode with Helen’s fake ass pep talks to Aaryn and Amanda made me want to throw up


I hope everyone does a little homework about how ratings work. Unless you are part of a Neilson family or some other recognized rating system…whether you watch the show or not has no bearing on the ratings whatsoever. Watch if you want, don’t if you don’t want to…it doesn’t really matter. You are obviously still interested if you are in here, reading the updates, and commenting on the posts.


Agreed….CBS would have no idea if you tune in to the tv show or not, unless you are a Neilsen family…but they would know if you cancelled your feeds or did not renew a monthly one. That could have an impact.


I’m done watching this too. reading on here is way less
frustrating than looking and listening to these idiots.
funny how people talk about the lack of updates about game play. has there really been any at all?
with the exception of nick and David (sort of), there really hasn’t been much serious game play. I’ll give it to aaryn that her deal to give away her HOH was good but that was jessies idea and she’ll be leaving this week. I find myself rooting for Spencer now, which is less than ideal.
mccrae would easily be my favorite if it wasn’t for amanda.
the only reason I feel like a lot of people are staying tuned for this season is to FINALLY see some real game play when the numbers start dwindling down and to hear the next derogatory comment. and of course, to see if amanda really is predestined to win. so depressing, the lot of it.


Me too! I haven’t watched in many weeks, It’s too boring and predictable, but I love this blog! FAR more interesting the the show itself!


You like it because this site is based on fantasy. Everybody makes up BB to fit their needs. Some see things that are entertaining and others get to complain and vent their frustrations. Wa Wa Wa


this season will be known as BIG BOREDOM. the most delusional cast ever. the season that never was.


I say stop the show because it just sucks ass so bad right now to its not even funny take the 500.000 dollars and refund everybody that bought the live feed because not only did the loyal fans get had out of our summers favorite show but the loyal fans that paid for the live feed all they got was to hear was racist and gay slur’s and see people play follow the leader and some really bad sex I thought beastie-laity was against the law!?!?!?


I’m just so dissappointed about this season, and to think the suffering will last longer than most seasons, DREADFUL!! The only thing to look forward to this season is the finale. Should be good ratings and very explosive. We may need a 3 hour finale to address the drama or lack thereof. Production should have a section where the audience and fans get to ask questions. Just a small token for our pain and suffering for the disgusting spineless HGs.


Maybe even have a contest for the fans to participate in the live finale! Another suggestion for BB production, but I’m gonna need a check from you so call me! I got more ideas too.

BB Aftermath

I’d actually also be interested in seeing a special episode a few weeks after the finale where Julie (or somebody) interviews the HGs individually about how they feel now that they are out and watching the tapes and reading the fan reactions.But only if they let Julie (or whoever) really challenge them with the questions.

That or a live feed of them watching the tapes. Yeah, that could be fun. :)


I have quit watching and just rely on Simon and Dawg. Finally bought the live feeds and it ends up being the most boring cast ever.
Thank you Simon and Dawg for the only entertainment this year!

Lets Go to the Tape

This comment supposedly made by Howard to Amanda is going to have to be addressed at the finale. If Julie doesn’t bring it up Howard needs to get it address. It attacks his character and would follow him around long after Big Brother is over. I heard Howard’s interview with Jeff and according to Howard that’s not what he said. So someone’s lying. CBS needs to release the voice tapes. If Howard said it, then he needs to apologize. If Amanda is lying then she needs to apologize. However, now we have Elissa, questioning whether he’s a Christian man which is directly attacking the guy’s moral character. Elissa may be right or she may be wrong, but until Howard puts this to rest, people are going to think he’s shady.

Howard don’t ignore this accusation!

Julie Chen going to do what ??

Please the only thing Julie is going to do is attack candice and Howard more and ask why they did not confront the people saying racist comments. Like really Julie why didn’t you confront them about the racist comments your husband owns CBS and they made a lot of Asain racist comments. Julie Chen really has some nerve questioning howard like that, what she really wanted was for howard to blow up for ratings smh.


I thought I was the only one that found issue in that. The whole, “Well, you didn’t say anything!” was just ridiculous. Flip it on them and make it their fault that these girls were spewing that venom. Julie Chen will question them but in the end, it will be brushed off. She will ask the house as a whole why they didn’t say anything to stop it. They’ll all say they regret not standing up (BS) and then next topic. I agree with your last statement. Production didn’t say anything in hopes of there being a huge blowout. No doubt the producer were twirling and jumping up and down behind the scenes when the bed incident happened, and when Candice finally went off on GM during double eviction? I bet they threw a party. They said nothing banking on the hope that “angry black person” would be unleashed as that’s all these reality TV shows rely on these days.


Howard may not be a good game player, but he is smart enough to not give them the power to call him the angry black man, so he kept his emotions under control…..bravo Howard. Howard didn’t confront those making the comments, yet folks on here are still saying he played the race card, nothing he did would or said will satisfy people…..Just be yourself Howard and don’t give them what they want, to see you hating.


I find it troubling that the audio on the feed cut out at the moment he leaned in to whisper something to Amanda. Also, don’t be confused that aggressive sexual language has to do with being attracted to a woman. Saying something along the lines of “I want to f**k the s**t out of you” is done as a form of intimidation and anger. and a way of putting a pushy woman in her place.


Only thing is, I saw video of it and at the end of whatever Howard said Amanda replied, “Thank you.”

According to Howard he said I love you and she said no you don’t, and he said something like: “I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out.”

Amanda’s side of the story, according to this site: “Amanda says that she was in the kitchen and Howard came up to her a scary way. Amanda says Howard said I like you. Amanda says she said no you don’t you hate me. Amanda says that Howard then whispered in her ear “When I get out of here I am going to fu*k the sh*t out of you.” But in a very creepy, scary kind of way.”

If someone came to you in a creepy and scary way, you would really respond with “thank you”? Amanda is embellishing the truth and blowing it up into something it wasn’t, and it’s pretty shitty, in my opinion.

Bb 16

I am going to apply for big brother 16 I can not be much worse than these people.I will win Hohs do what I want to do win a few vetos but probably get voted out final 6 kind of like frank last year.

Bb 16

But you know what I will be happy walking out of the door because I would not be a sheep and sheep do not get America player,Production help and sheep do not get asked to come back for another season

You know

Well you know judd is more shady than howard, I wish howard was in the jury. David might be 30 years younger than me but there is nothing wrong with me looking at him in a sexual way you know.Like I will get so many phone calls for up and coming movie roles and if you don’t believe that you are a hater ok Ok Ok. I need some of Aaryns Adderall to focus because Jessie has been acting so shady you know .


You seem like you have watched more then one season of Big Brother. That automatically disqualifies you as a BB contestant. If you really want to be on the show, you need to say you never heard of the show, never seen the show, that you are open to sleeping with strange girls after a handshake and have no idea how to play the game. If you can say yes to everything I stated, then you are a lock to be BB16 contestant.

BB 16

Sounds good to me ok here is what I will say “Um yeah I love to surf and that’s all I do I love woman and surfing I just want to come on big brother for a showmance I think my family watches big brother but me nope I never seen it “


I think if your going to be on a reality show there are other new shows out there to think about. I’ve been looking at Under the Dome and also Siberia. Each show has advantages and disadvantages. On these new shows people are getting killed so you need to be careful but I heard the prizes are better. Also with a show like Under the Dome there are so many players you really need a great social game to get noticed and also to get any tv time. BB 16 would be fun but there is less action and you get stuck in just one house and can’t travel around the area. Pick your show carefully


If you don’t make it to the end F**K IT!!!! You would have mine n a lot of other people’s vote for America’s favorite player!!!!!!


It’s getting hard to cheer anyone on, because the only likable people keep being targeted and evicted. Come on! Now there’s only Jessie and Elissa left, and Jessie is about to be evicted too because she wins every competition, and pulls the strings around the house. Next week Elissa will be caught for masterminding everyone’s eviction, and she will be evicted too! #sarcasm


Lol but you know whats funny is they wanted to get Kaytlin out of the game because she was more of a winner they “the house” said she is better at stuff then Aayrin is but then right after they got Kaytlin out of the house who wins Ayarin and she won another hoh and pov so the jokes is back on them big time I hate Aayrin with a purple pink passion but I will always give credit when its do and take it when its not!!! Also if you think about it if everybody wasn’t being sheep in was playing for what would be their best bet for getting further in the game when the made the choice to vote for Aayrin to stay Howard, Candice and Judd would all 3 still be inside the house playing the game just saying!!!!!


i just thought of a great idea on the jury member who returns to the house…

they come back right before a vote for eviction and get a vote there and they are automatically HOH for the next term. thought of it to screw with that last vote and due how each of the current demanda sheep have said automatically vote out whoever comes back.

fire AG and hire me, i’d come up with more entertaining twists than her LOL j/k however i do agree production needs a shake up and many people on this website could probably do a better job running things than AG.

Jack Daniels

Andy is making a huge mistake, not choosing a side, and keeping his nominations the same. He wants to go to the final 5 with McCranda, Aaryn, and Spencer. That is a huge risk, because McCranda have no real intention of taking him that far in the game. Aaryn also needs to wake up and realize Spencer needs to go now. I think Andy likes the idea of having power, because there is an illusion that Amanda and McCrae are backing him. If Elissa or Helen do not win HOH next week, Helen will be evicted. Once Helen goes, Andy and Aaryn are in that same spot. They will go soon after her unless there is a lot of luck on their sides. What they do not realize is Amanda takes her allies, supporters away so they have no option but to rely on her. With Judd going, McCrea’s game is ruined. He has to hope Amanda stays loyal. Helen leaving will put Andy in a vulnerable place. That is exactly what she wants. This season is boring and predictable. They will all have so many regrets. In an ideal world, Helen or Elissa would win HOH, nominate McCrae and Amanda and simply state “it’s what the house wanted”.The nomination ceremony is adjourned!!!


Im telling you who is going to be the final 3 Aayrin Amanda and Gm because they all three is thinking I have to because my chances of getting a vote to win this game is 50/50 if im sitting beside a person that have said the same racist shit that I have so we are on the same level!!!

Jordan Rules

I hate Andy. He had an opportunity to make a big move but was too scared to rock the boat. If he makes final 2, what is he going to tell the jury. “oh I ratted on you to Helen” or “Oh I ratted you out to Amanda” . “I am the RAT!!” “I really have not done much in the game but give me $500000.00”


I started re-watching S7…

yeah….Danielle had more game than anyone in the entire cast this year combined.

see that was when you had to actually say “I worry about so and so”. this year. the “I worry about elisa”…why? WHY? she is a dolt!(sorry but its true!)

I spent 5 hours engrossed in kaser making deals with chilltown and all the like.

you watch this year….its just bad. there is no strategy going on

the year’s “biggest move” was removing JUDD from the game. Judd the stud. yes, that judd


Talking about Howard and Candice again…… Why not come up with a strategy to back door Hell- en.

Pretty trickster

I miss JuDD


Simon/Dawg may I post the following excerpt from an article published today in one of our local newspapers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada? I find it interesting that CBS is very much aware of the problems on BB 15 yet ratings matter more……..where is their responsibility?

Beyond Big Brother, TV grapples with racism. Big Brother controversy continues while racism resonates in wake of Trayvon Martin shooting:

As the summer convention of the Television Critics Association wrapped up, the intersection of race and TV was a prominent theme in the minds of nervous executives. How far do you push the boundaries when your product straddles the line between “edgy” and becoming a mass disseminator of hate speech?
But perhaps the most prominent debate centres on the CBS reality show Big Brother, where contestants are stuck in a house for weeks while cameras record their every move.

Big Brother is supposed to be a microcosm of society. But perhaps it is too real for reality.

Race has dominated the conversation about the series since several of the contestants have made strongly anti-Semitic and racist remarks about other cast members.

CBS chief Les Moonves said he was “appalled” at the behaviour of the contestants. And he said “America should take a good hard look at itself” if the instigators were voted into the finals.

“They are really a reflection of what’s happening in society, but obviously they’re also saying some incredibly hurtful things,” said Julie Chen, Moonves’ wife and the host of Big Brother, in an interview. “You wonder how much becomes too far.”

Still, while racism can cause controversy, it doesn’t necessarily hurt ratings.

So far Big Brother has warned viewers that examples of “prejudice” may occur in the show they are about to watch. This 15th edition is already up 9 per cent in viewership compared to last season.

Moonves has called Big Brother a “social experiment,” where shades of grey exist in every society.

What If

At the start of this season racism was not an issue inside the house. Houseguest did say horrid things but only the feeds picked it up – not the houseguests the statements were aimed at. Then the blogs went wild – Julie took the issue national on The Talk and the rest is history. Jobs were lost and more nasty comments were made. Aaryn was warned by DR – and she tried to tone it down. This entire racism issue – though real – has been fed by CBS. What’s a shame and an insult to BB fans, is that this season isn’t about the game – it’s about houseguest acting like racist idiots – and blaming their behavior on anyone other than themselves. When underdogs are BB fan favorites – you know something is rotten in Hollywood. Moonbeam can stuff his opinion where the sun doesn’t shine – how bloody stupid does he think we are.


I wonder if they would even bring anyone back from this season for an allstar season? I would just forget all about this season during casting if I were them.

This Season Blows

The last few seasons have been pretty devoid of “all-star” talent aside from the returning vets. Frank would deserve to be on an all-star season, but that’s about it.


the last few seasons were dominated by the returning vets who always overshadowed the new players. It seems recent cbs is more in favor of returning a few vets over having a proper all star season with no new players

This Season Blows

Even the returning vets weren’t all “all-stars.” Rachel is the most overrated houseguest of all time. She was a complete drama queen and psycho who couldn’t win anything without extreme production interference. Danielle wasn’t nearly as good without her dad around.


Yawn! I just woke up…did I miss anything. Nope. Ok. I’m going back to sleep.


Spencer you are the fourth most attractive guy left in the house
1. McCrae
2. Andy
3. Amanda
4. Spencer


Spencer was correct, he’s 3rd on the guy list. Mcrae already admitted he’s the girl.


counting amanda spencer is still the 4th best looking guy

This Season Blows

Gotta love how the Cat People whine about everyone harping on Candice but give Rachelissa a pass for her nonstop whining about Aaryn. Seriously, we all get that the “Shaniqua” thing was racist. It was weeks ago, move on! Really sick of Rachelissa’s snotty comments about everyone else like she’s some pure, innocent saint.

This Season Blows

Another thing: her rants are literally all about Aaryn. She never even mentions Demanda or GinaMarie who have said and done far worse things than Aaryn has. Aaryn’s even toned herself down since the early weeks when she was a trainwreck. Rachelissa’s either obsessed with Aaryn or being told by production to keep the false “Aaryn is the only one who’s been racist” storyline alive.


The reason why Aryan is toned down is because her and her fellow Nazi successfully evicted the two African-Americans out of the house and because she wants to play like an innocent angel so that her racist nature won’t be used as a reason for her eviction.

Elissa wants Aryan out of the house because she knows that Arayn will betray her and Helen at the first opportunity she gets.

Andy will always be loyal to Mcranda and he has more loyalty to Spencer than he does Helen so it’s only a matter of time before the s*** hits the fan.

Jessie is doomed poor girl, if she would have spewed some racist vitriol she might have been able to stay in the house but this season only the bigots, tyrants, and lunatics are getting the safe treatment.


Oh, your the man Andy, keeping Helen on the straight and narrow path, {sarcasm} The house would fall a part if it wasn’t for Andy keeping it real.
Andy is a goofball. He see himself as this great player, I see him as a spineless gossip.
Yes Andy, Elisa is kind of dumb, what does that say about you??.

derick alaska

I think we should have our own show. The Live Feeders Show, and whoever has the best comment gets a virtual rubber duckie from simon…..maybe that will cheer us all up b/c THIS SHOW IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If America is allowed to vote someone back in would they be from the jury or anyone for the season? Also if that were to happen wonder who people would vote in for either scenario.

This Season Blows

“America votes a jury member back in” = “Demanda or Rachelissa get put back in the house by production right after they’re evicted.”


Thanks for the information. Should America get the chance maybe everyone on this site should think and pick who would be the best player and one that will tick off “the house” the most and take them out.


Could that be considered sheep like? I love you guys that are always complaining about the HG’s being sheep but then want to get together and do the same thing.


We’re not in a game trying to win a half million dollars. They are.


I’m voting for JU DOUBLE D PARTY DAUGHTERY! He really wanted to be on BB & had to try out for it, He wasn’t recruited….


Julie Chen – your comments are “bang on” See the article I submitted above. Julie Chen and her husband are more in it for the ratings and money than anything else. Both of them lack integrity! I sincerely hope that when their toddler starts attending school and gets called names because he/she is half Asian half White, that they will remember this controversy and their lack of responsibility in dealing with it. All for ratings!!!


If I was them I would be pissed at Helen acting like she’s already sitting in the winners chair! And for her to talk about someone acting mature? Wasn’t she the one in Judds HOH screaming for the whole house to hear & screaming into the camera to Jeremys mom??!? She tried every way she could to screw up Judds HOH because she couldn’t control it! That’s been Helen & Amandas problem with JUDD this whole time! His was the only HOH they couldn’t control!!!


i wish they would quit reminiscing about past houseguests/events and start talking game. they just want to talk sh*t all day and it’s going to come and bite them in the butt.

helen better wise up about andy/amanda/mccrae and win HOH next week or she’s going to see JUDD in jury next week. this would be a sight to see.


I am sooo over this show…this is the most boring season yet!


I’ve stopped watching After Dark – tired of watching them play Hot Potato and other dumb games. I do love this blog though!


seriously, the only way they can salvage this season is if they bring back Chilltown to give the HGs a lecture about how you really play this game.

Send Elissa Home

Please send her home. She does absolutely nothing in the game. She is nothing but plastic.


Andy is the biggest f’in wimp I have ever seen on a reality show.
He has NO GUTS are all!
I cannot wait until he gets blindsided.


Real talk Brooklyn, Chilltown needs to show these morons how to stir the pot!!


Spencer: “Doctor, I’m ugly.”
Aaryn: “You’re not ugly.”
Andy shows up
Spencer: “But everybody says I’m ugly!”
Aaryn: “Listen, you are not ugly.”
Spencer: “I know I’m ugly.”
Aaryn: “You are a fine, strong looking man.”
Spencer: “I’m a woman.”

Mekisha Hale

If any reason for this season to be interesting was that the production being relaxed with the comments from these ignorant houseguest with a lot to say on the contestant specially Howard and Candice who really showed class in there approach to not allowing the typical thought of others who are ethnic that who aren’t these misguided people but know how to act and respect others. Even with what they were to endure in this experiment which sometimes it was like the unbelievable remarks towards Howard and Candice it wasn’t necessary, getting to know someone and talking to them to allow them express there personality a sense of who they are you will find out that they aren’t as bad and that they probably have more in common then you think. But by looking at this crowd of people in this house there were only a few that really maybe wanted to know more about who they were and what they stood for to what they believed in to what was there favorite program. Jessie some time ago had a conversation with the other women in the house and asked such the most important question about what made them who they are today? Being a woman something sort of close to that question. And it was the most interesting conversation specially when Candice and Helen and others I think Elissa too were in the backyard when Jessie ask that question. But I do remember some of the conversation and Candice really told what she had been through but also the up’s and the down’s and then finally finding what was who she wanted to be and life and all what makes this experience of being who you are and so fourth. The achievements and what made them who they are today. That was such an interesting moment in season but between the few times it was good there had seem to be more about arguing then it was truths instead racist comments were made and other comments towards the race of people seemed to have had taken over all what could have been an interesting season on Big Brother. But from the time Jessie talked to Candice was the day Jessie knew Candice was a good person but didn’t deserve to be put through what Howard and Candice went through from others who didn’t like them at all. Like Aaryn and Gina Marie to Kaitlin to Jeremy. I really don’t have an opinion about Nick and David what was there thoughts they didn’t seem interesting enough to be on Big Brother really. But Jessie and Elissa really liked Candice and Howard and it was sad to hear that Helen feels so strong about Amanda and Aaryn and Gina Marie that they are no wrong in what how they behaved is shameful.


I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Elissa. When she does say something funny, she just giggles & smiles & then repeats the same line several more times with the same giggles….kinda like a 3 year old…I’m not being mean, it’s just a Bless Her Heart kind of thing….


This is so boring this season has turned into a popularity contest were the outcasts get put up on the block every single week and one of them goes home by a unanimous vote.


It’s like watching paint dry, or waiting for the day you get to pull the next band aid off. How exciting is that? Come on Andy! Do something to shock us all.


Oh I didn’t see the POV ceremony already happened. What a waste.


And to add to the paint drying, next week it will probably be Spencer voted out. No eyeball gouging about to happen here any time soon.


Another push back to the wedding, the theories of Amanda purposely pushing the wedding back every week, to make sure production don’t let her get evicted before taping of the “Showmance Wedding”, were correct.

Otherwise why continue to postpone a fake wedding? I’m guessing it will be as shitty as the “trashbag wedding” that Brenchel had.

In other words, we probably will never get to see the wedding, until she’s in the final 4-3.


Do we REALLY want to see the wedding? If CBS thinks so, they’re sadly mistaken. Now, Andy, Helen or Aryan getting evicted, that I’d like to see!