Caleb says they’re holding hands ALL THE TIME! Frankie “I didn’t think it was bad before but its BAD!”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

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12am In the fire room – Frankie and Cody are talking. Frankie says I worry. Cody asks what do you have to worry about? Frankie says not about you, I just worry about making the right decision. Like we’re at that point where every decision matters and it made me freak out. That’s all. Cody say and that’s why I was so frustrated because you were mouthing you opinion and I was mouthing mine. Like I don’t like the whole .. especially when its just us four now. We’re going with the group.. there’s not group any more. Frankie agrees. We are but there legitimate sides to each coin. Frankie jokes we could pick out a skittles. Frankie says I understand your points. Cody says and I understand yours. I’m always going to have your guys back. Frankie says yeah I know and I’ll always have yours. And she (Nicole) will never tell you who her target is. Cody says I haven’t even gotten her alone yet. Frankie says she would be silly to say because regardless it would bite her in the a$$. Frankie says like if she comes for you, she’s going to get fire! Cody says that’s why I get nervous because anyone but you me and Caleb. I love Christine and trust her 10 fold but if she ever feels like she’s on the outs …Pshh! I just don’t want Donny and I don’t fear Nicole. Frankie says of course you don’t she was sucking your d**k! Cody says she does it like that with me because she is still playing a game. She can act nice with Christine but I don’t think she can forget what Christine did. Frankie says no I agree. That’s the thing I never did anything to her. She tried to come after me but failed. That’s why I am going to destroy her. Caleb joins them and says seeing all 3 girls together weirds me out. Caleb says they have to win.. Victoria isn’t going to win, Nicole’s not going to win. Christine’s the only one of them that can win. Cody says what she’s won doesn’t concern me. It all comes down to we have to win the competitions. I am way more confident with the 3 guys. Caleb says tomorrow will be a physical guaranteed unless its a double eviction. Cody says Nicole knows if she doesn’t win she’s going home. Christine joins them and then conversation ends.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-28 02-04-39-939

In the bathroom – Caleb asks Derrick what are you thinking? Derrick says Donny’s got to go… Caleb gives a thumbs up. Derrick says ..and then we’ve got to win! Caleb says sounds good! Derrick says not to mention do you really want to draw a line against Cody right now? Caleb says no but in a way I feel like that if Nicole stays they’re all just going to team up against me, you and Frankie if we don’t win. Derrick says possible, they’ve got to win 3 weeks in a row then. Caleb says yeah. The thing is if one of us go home in the next 3 weeks its game over. You know what I mean? Derrick says Donny could do the same thing to us. Caleb says yeah. Derrick says there’s losers but we ain’t going to loose. Caleb says no we’re not, we’ll be fine!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-28 02-11-01-307

12:15am In the kitchen – Nicole and Victoria talk about how Christine laughs at everything. Victoria says I just kept thinking how did Nicole do it. Nicole says that’s what Donny would say. He said its the most annoying thing he’s ever heard. Victoira asks who did you do it? Nicole says I don’t know but I can’t do it any more. Victoria says she literally does it all the time. Nicole asks do you know anyone that laughs at everything? Victoria says no. Nicole says no I don’t either. Victoria says I said If she thinks she’s going to laugh all the way to the end then the jokes on her!
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In the fire room – Derrick talks to Victoria. Derrick says I’ve seen you talking to Nicole all day what’s going on, what have you been talking about. Like is she coming after me? Victoria says that yesterday she was talking to Nicole and she’s not putting you up and she’s not putting me up .. like for sure. She was saying hypothetically she would put up Christine. Derrick says yeah but that’s the thing who would she put her up against. Victoria says she wouldn’t tell me who that other person is. Derrick says that’s what worries me it could be me. Victoria says no she said she wouldn’t put you up. At first I was talking personal with her and slowly I got to game talk. I think she would put up Christine and Frankie but she wouldn’t say she’s so tough. Derrick says just stay close with her. Frankie joins them and Victoria leaves. Derrick and Frankie talk about how they could never have saved Donny as a mission. Derrick says the play turned into a roast and BB is all about roasting people. Derrick looks at the camera and says all the Ariana fans vote for us to win the mission. Frankie tells Derrick to tell ALL MY FANS! All my fans, she doesn’t even know about the show. They laugh. Frankie says take a screen shoot of you voting for us and send it to my twitter account and I’ll follow you when I get out. Derrick says there was no other option is if it doesn’t work I’m okay with that. You went up there and crushed it and it back came a bashing session. They end their conversation and leave the room.

12:55am In the bathroom – Derrick and Frankie continue to beg to the camera. Derrick says ultimately you’ve got to hope there are more lovers than haters. Just know there are going to be people that vote to vote against us. Frankie says yup I know. I just hope that’s not the majority. God I can’t see people hating all three of us. Derrick says I talked to Donny and he said we’re going to have explain yourself when you vote me out. I looked at him and told him how 3 weeks ago we came to him and begged him to do a mission with us. And he said he is here for Donny Thompson not Team America. Now you’re asking us to honor the same thing. I think that’s ironic. He cost us 5K.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-28 03-03-39-1131

1pm – 1:35pm In the kitchen – Cody, Christine, Nicole and Victoria are talking and hanging out. Victoria starts drawing on Nicole’s back and having her guess what she’s drawing. Victoria’s really bad at it and they they draw on Cody’s back. They draw a crab and glasses but he doesn’t get it. They head to the fire room. Cody draws on Nicole’s back. Nicole says nothing dirty. Cody draws on her back. Christine and Cody laugh. Nicole lies and says I don’t know what that is. Christine says its on every bathroom stall when you were in high school.

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177 thoughts on “Caleb says they’re holding hands ALL THE TIME! Frankie “I didn’t think it was bad before but its BAD!”

    1. agreed…her best shot is to win this HOH comp tonight & try to guarantee her safety the following week (I have no idea how she accomplishes that.) somehow she needs to convince derrick she’s worth saving.

      my opinion is she would nominate Frankie & Caleb…or Caleb & Victoria with a POV used to get Frankie.

      some of the bottomfeeders better be thinking about taking the first shot pretty soon…(Christine & Caleb) their time is running out!

        1. Is everyone happy now in the house. Obviously Donny upset for what is to come. I hope you rot Derrick. I guess what pisses me off is Victoria still there. I had to vent. I realize not everyone is a Donny fan but hell the guy hurt no one. CBS you should be ashamed of this

      1. I think her best bet is POV so she can play for next HOH and she still won’t have to tell who she would put up. If she comes off the block by winning POV they will have to start feeding on themselves.

      2. based on CC’s conversation, Nicole (and everyone) should do Cody and Christine up at the same time. Cody just said if he wins, he’ll use it on her, and if she wins she would use it on him. no point in having one of them free to win and use the POV, imo.

        Both of them up, one wins, the other could go, or replacement Victoria goes up and out. or back door someone else that they want out. When someone is on the block, they seem to be much better prepared to negotiate. if there was a space, and Cody was still up there, he would agree that putting up Frankie now would be the best way to keep himself safe.

      3. Do you think with all Nicole’s “integrating” back into the game AND she wins HOH tonight that she will remember what Hayden told after the buy back comp… “Derrick and Cody”?

        1. I think her main targets are Derrick and Cody, but she needs them to further her game. She needs to use them and take out some of Frankie’s side before coming after them.

      4. They need to get Frankie and Christina out. Both are the worst ever. Evil Dick was a better person then that. Frankie thinks everyone just loves him. Christina is so low, glad no one tells me that they love me then treats me the way she to her husband. If she does it on tv, she will outside of the house.

      1. Believe it or not, Nicole has a better chance of surviving this week if she doesn’t win HoH. Derrick and Caleb both jaw talked about keeping her this week if one of them wins. I believe Caleb said we would put up Christine & Victoria then backd**ring Frankie if the veto gets used.

        Will they act on it, probably not. But it would still be awesome to so someone finally draw first blood.

      1. Those two begging for America to approve the mission is revolting. Saying that Donny refused the ONE mission that asked the team to start a rumor about another HG shows me he has integrity, and no amount of money is worth selling your integrity. But Derrick and Frankie wouldn’t know about that – that has become crystal clear to all of us.

        There truly are no words to say how disturbed I am by these two; they (Derrick, Frankie, Cody, and Christine) are now equal in my eyes as last year’s cast. Hope the 4 of you are miserable when this season is over.

    1. Derrick and his crash test dummy (Victoria) will be sitting in those two chairs on finale night. The rest are still too focused on everybody but him. They’ve all but conceded Victoria isn’t worth using an HOH on,which means she’s nearly home free.

  1. I hope Nicole wins HOH and puts up Derrick and Cody. If one comes down, she could put up Frankie. That should make the week a little more interesting to watch.

    1. Right after she won her shot to come back into the house, as she was hugging Hayden, he whispered in her ear twice, “Derrick and Cody, Derrick and Cody!. Hopefully she will remember what he said and take out Derrick. I can’t wait until he is gone. I liked him in the beginning, but after watching the live feeds and seeing his true self, there is no way that I can even want him in the game. He’s such a horrible person that it is a shame that he didn’t get sent home BEFORE JURY. I’d rather see Frankie go than Cody because he is another person that I cannot stand. He makes me want to puke.

  2. I want Nicole to stay because she has a better chance to win hoh if it’s the wall. Donny will be better off to go to jury so he can have time off these idiots. He should enjoy the jury and let Nicole take care of these motherf***ers.

    1. Nicole is a nice person but she does not show the ability to be independent. Sadly, Cody and Derrick will have her working for them next week.

  3. America, vote NO to this irritating bb Broadway. All it did was waste 5 minutes of my life and made me want to throw up!!! Get on cbs website and vote no 20 times. Do it for God and your country!!

      1. Yep, it sure did! CBS did everything they could to try to make it look good. They didn’t show Frankie below the waist as he portrayed Joey with two big pillows stuffed down the ass of his pants to make her look like she was a big, fat cow. They cut each players skit so short to keep the derogatory comments off the prime time broadcast which did little to show you how they REALLY felt about their cast members. They all thought that they were so riotously funny but I found them disgusting. At the end, Caleb, to highlight his wondrous acting abilities, did a skit about a ghetto gangsta named Rico that was so upsetting that the other house guests just sat there half scared wondering what the hell he was doing. Too bad the viewing public didn’t get to see what they were actually voting on…I still hope they all voted NO. Saving a Team America player would have been a much better mission!

      2. Yes, CBS didn’t air much of it because it was so disgusting and distasteful. Wasn’t really fair to ask America to vote on something that didn’t depict what the majority of the play(?) was about.

    1. How do we really know what the actual vote for TA mission is? The vote could be 1,000,000 no to 1 yes. I feel like it will come out however production wants: so does our vote really matter!

    2. How will we know if the poll results tonight are valid? Who counts the votes? Can they be fudged if CBS doesn’t like the way they come out?

    3. I just voted for them NOT to get money for the TA challenge. That so called production could’ve been done better by first graders. I noticed when I voted that they have won all past challenges….really?.This show is one sided and fake! We the viewers have put up with slutty Christine and creepy Frankie. …it makes me want to puke to think that we the viewers really have no say in the outcome….they will change things up for ratings but this season is scripted and turning out to be worse than The Kardashians.

      1. Hi Jan. When I read the little red “winner” banner on the previous mission, I did a double take because I thought the same thing you did. In actuality, the “winner” is just showing which option was chosen, not whether they completed the mission successfully. I am not saying that we know it is an accurate of the poll – just that the term “winner” in the previous choices does not mean mission was successful.

  4. Voted 20 times last night and 20 times today not to reward that pathetic skit they did. Not worth $5000 a piece, that is for sure. No!

    1. Here’s my take on it: the skit was nothing more than something to kill time in the generally boring house, it wasn’t a challenge of any sort. Therefore, they do not deserve winning $5k each (sorry Donny).

    2. Donnie should get the $5000 by himself for just thinking of a better mission. Donnie’s mission would have made better tv.

  5. I realize there are no “true” alliances except 1) Derrick with himself 2) Frankie with himself and all his fans.

    Does anyone have a feel for what exactly Cody is doing? Does he have a final two with Derrick and is just playing Christine? Or is he pretending to have all this animosity against Christine when he is in front of the “guys” but it is only a smoke screen to hide a final two with Christine?

    1. If Cody is smart he would ideally want to be in the final 3 with Derrick and Christine since he should have a good shot to get to final 2 regardless of who wins the final HOH. If he won he could finally prove some people wrong and evict Derrick (like how Jon evicted Neda in BB Canada Season 2’s final 3).

      Then again Derrick would also probably want to take Christine to the finals if he got to pick since she is an EASY win lol.

      I want it to be Cody vs Derrick though because how often do final 2 deals (that have been around a while) end up working out? Plus they are just my favorite two people even if that isn’t a popular opinion..

      1. Thanks, King Silva, for your thoughts. At this stage, since even Diary Room sessions are not truthful, I was not sure who Cody is trying to deceive.

        1. Not being truthful in the diary room is exactly why I don’t like America having a say in the game. This alone is why I prefer US BB over Canada BB, but now it’s happening in the US too. I want to know what the HGs are actually thinking. Frustrating.

  6. Nicole is all talk she won’t put up any guy. What a waste. She never took a chance before why now. I will eat my words if she does but I think deep down we know she won’t

  7. Nicole is all talk she won’t put up any guy. What a waste. She never took a chance before why now. I will eat my words if she does but I think deep down we know she won’t

  8. Comparing Derrick to any of the BB greats baffles me. I can’t see how he is playing any differently than the weak ass pussy game Andy played last year. The elements of gameplay seem the same to me.
    Suck up to everybody, take great offense and act totally victimized if any other player mentions his name or defies any of the BS he’s trying to lay on them, get a gang of bullies to lay waste to the defiant player with malignment and lies portraying the bullies he uses as being the ones in danger.
    If Andy were in the house with this bunch of fktards, I’d bet he would be playing exactly the same game as Derrick, & I don’t think Donny woulda fallen for Andy’s crap either.
    The only difference I see in the styles of Andy & Derrick is that Derrick has gotten way too much polish by sitting around with his BB buddies and overanalyzing previous seasons to the point that he has developed attitudes & strategies for playing the viewers & production along with playing the game, otherwise why all the false narration spewing out of his snout portraying himself as the author?
    I think the similarities between Derrick’s & Andy’s games are becoming more & more obvious now that it’s getting down to the scum of the crop for players. Can’t anybody else see Gollum 2.0?
    I retch when I have to admit that I have more respect for Andy’s game than Derrick’s because I can easily imagine Andy making it this year, but I think that Derrick would have been eaten alive in BB15. Just sayin’

  9. Time to be a little self reflective BB style!

    Seems the last couple seasons a lot of complaints much of it directed indirectly/directly at production. A lot of it well founded. At the HG’s a much trickier issue. Let me explain some of my perspective.

    Take Frankie who seems to be loathed by many feeders. Is this backlash for Andy the rat winning last year and both are gay? Or feeders just hate rat bastards! :P Derrick seems to have had some fans early on, now the fav nick is Derprick around here. Other than playing the game since hour 1 of day one within the rules and clearly better than anyone in the house what has he done that would approach the immorality of bible toting Dan the fake Christian? PS I’m old school “What Would Jesus Do?” isn’t just a bracelet you wear!
    If it’s strictly game hand Derrick the cheque to this point.
    Is Donny just the nicest ever…. I’ll pick Jordan by a hair but it’s real close. I think we really like to root for underdogs. But we like nice to which leaves me wondering why we watch because we know we are going to see dirty. In Donny’s case look at it this way he played HOH, was an original nom, no backdoor. Then he and Nicole both played one of the worst POVs ever. They are on the block because they bleeped up period. Cody not challenged 3 rounds in a row. Everyone folds no issue whoever gets evicted earned it! And Donny started sinking his own ship weeks earlier with Team America when he said he’s here for myself. Donny was my fav this year hands down!

    The myth that is Victoria in her own mind! Do nothing carried the whole game and the person I dislike the most as a player, Christine the most vile human being for so many reasons. See I can’t stand someone being carried to 50K as a strategy and to see the arrogance of her thinking it’s her game and belittling people in exit messages is just disgusting. Hopefully she gets nothing but a jury vote.

    Then we have McCrae and Caleb…. I know sounds crazy but early on McCrae was no fan favourite but as the choices narrowed folks actually started to like pizza boy some. Caleb and his fixation with Amber felt creepy and the “beast mode” thing way over played. I just get draw to his loyalty as blind as it is. Think there is a decent person beyond the ego. Let him get F4 they may have a problem IMO.

    Folks we want back. Simple as Hayden/Zack for completely different reason. Every year early evictions always see some favs go early. If this hurts to much BB is not for you as every season is the same in many ways in part because of production. It’s Big Brother not an afternoon tea with the Queen of England.

    No idea where the ratings are as not a real interest of mine. I’d be happy to see a season 17 but I know what to expect. As fans are expectations are way to high. We want good versus evil. Good usually leaves early and often leaving us with varying shades of evil and Super Evil like Dick, Dan and Shelly to name but a few!. Lets just bath in the Glory of Frankie, Christine and the rest knowing from here on in most will get thier’s short of the 500K and grinded the longest to fall just short. If you want to slap them all give it to Nicole or better yet give it to spoiled do nothing Victoria. ROFL Derrick or Cody likely win the money this year. I won’t be happy, but angry to break the TV I won’t be either. Though Cody and a married woman’s interaction I find over the line personally.

    My own less than popular choice to win at this point is Caleb the “Fruit Loop” Cowboy. That’s why in America it’s an “Army of One”.

    1. Where to start. OK, just too much that I disagree with so I am going to just answer your points on Derrick because to me, those are the ones that are the biggest misconceptions. You are arguing that this is a game. That you have to be ruthless and not nice. That you can’t be a hypocrite. That it is not afternoon tea. That Nichole has done nothing. That the only reason that people think Donny should win is because they like him. WOW, you have taken lessons from Derrick. I am impressed! You going to get a HItman t-shirt too?
      Frankie is disgusting, gay or not. Andy was a sniveling idiot, gay or not. I don’t think the gay stuff is an issue with either of their being disliked. Shoot, just look at all the gay people on the boards that keeping talking about what an embarrassment Frankie is to gays. Even Frankies sister is a bit put off at this point.
      Lets take another look at Derrick. Prayed with Jacosta and worked her religious views and then orchestrated her eviction. Then talked smack about her speaking in tongues. Then made fun of her in a play (if that’s what you want to call it). Then calls out Christine for cuddling with Cody while at the same time doing the same thing to Victoria. Then talks to Donny and tells him what a good person he is while at the same time making Donnys life a living hell in the house by isolating Donny the entire season and keeing anyone from interacting with Donny. Hypocrite much? So, you can’t call Dan a hypocrite without calling Derrick one.
      This may be a game but you do not have to be ruthless to win. There is a line between “game” and “vindictiveness” and Derrick crossed that weeks ago. His most recent commentary about Brittany and his commentary about Christine shows that. His talk about Donny behind Donnys back and his discussions with Cody about just about everything, are no longer just game, they are very personal. He is so smug and so full of himself that he even tries to pull that on the viewers of the live feeds. So while I do admire great gameplay, I don’t think Derricks gameplay has been all that great and it has devolved in the last 2 weeks into something else.
      You are making fun of the fans that liked Zach and Hayden and think they have been silly to confuse BB with afternoon tea. Well, fans like people for all different reasons. Gameplay is not the only way that fans and jury members analyze players and reward the ultimate winners. Maybe Zach and Hayden did not play as a strategic game as others but they played their hearts out. There has to be losers in every game, maybe they weren’t up to the challenge but that’s ok. They get to vote in the jury and I think they may not agree with you about Derrick.
      Finally, Donny. This is really where you bias shows and that’s ok. You clearly have not been watching the feeds to see Donnys actual gameplay. You misrepresent what happened with the Team America challenge as both Derrick and Donny did not want to do that challenge weeks ago for fear of it hurting both of their games. Donny was honest about it and Derrick was relieved. Frankie was the only one that wanted to do that challenge. Then you take out the most recent HOH and POV as the only thing to focus on for Donnys game. Donny won many challenges and also POVs. He was on the block week after week and survived. Donny played a different type of game and one that he should be proud of. He also gets to vote in the jury.
      Regardless of what you want to nickname Derrick, he has crossed the line in this game weeks ago and because of that , I hope he doesn’t win. I think it would be rewarding behavior and game that is out of bounds for this show. And, I have watched the show since the beginning and admire the true greats of this show and hope that Derrick is not allowed to continue to tarnish real gameplay.

      1. Sorry for anonymous forgot to put my name.

        Your answer reflects what I’m getting at actually in many ways. My post was a hypothetical playing devils advocate and you bought it hook line and sinker and that is the sad part. Really really sad!
        Lets take the primary focus of your rant Derrick. I say again he has played since day 1 and played well in the context of making an F4 and F2 run likely. Does not mean he gets there. Does not mean I personally want him to either. Dan is consider one of the all time greats, I disagree, but every argument for Dan there are parallels in Derricks game except the mist.

        I did make it clear if you read that Donny was my fav this season. Also do nothing is Victoria and not Nicole. You saw red and didn’t fairly look at what was written. Not the 1st to do that. I waved a red cape you came a charging! I wrote a hypothetical on why the boards react so harshly/positively each year even though vets know these things happen most seasons.

        BB is not set up to be good versus evil. Sorry just the way it is. I argue basically decent people can get into the BB house and believe in truth and honesty then face the harsh reality of competing. BB is varying degrees of morality run a muck competing for 500K in a 24/7 environment. You get what you get no one has to like it but don’t tell me the standard I’m setting has to be your standard jam that where the sun don’t shine. I’ve watched every episode of every season there is nothing you can tell me about the game. Fact is good people get spit out like a meat grinder. Donny won’t be the last but I figure with AF a lock and Americas team money he makes the third most this season. Considering he played virtually alone most of the season a he ll of a compliment and achievement. I’d love to see him back for all stars. Dr. Will would team up with him in a second. Not that the Doctor ever plays again. Smart players would bring Donny in without blinking.

        1. When someone reverts to vulgarities like “jam it where the sun don’t shine” I am immediately impressed and my respect for their intelligence goes way up. Your insights have been cancelled out by your anger. Very similar to a reaction I would have expected from Derrick.

          1. Compared to all the hate and vulgarities spewing forth on this board, oftentimes to many thumbs up, I thought Stan’s comment was pretty benign. JMO.

    2. I agree with you Anonymous except for one point. Caleb didn’t start playing the game until late in the game. He was way over the top crushing on Amber. Derrick has played a really good game and I have the unpopular opinion that he should win. Frankie deserves the backdoor and soon, Caleb or Christine will take him to the end. He is kind of disgusting, the things he says.
      Don’t think production will let him get voted out. But this is only my opinion.
      (Enjoyed your post over the years)

  10. Ironic that Derrick and Frankie bring up that mission that Donnie didn’t want to do because it would hurt his game but this is the same excuse they now use as to why they couldn’t make the mission about keeping Donnie safe.

    That other mission was to vote against the majority of the house and then publicly accuse two people. Frankie couldn’t have gotten any blame as he was HOH and couldn’t vote anyway. Derrick would be fine because he knew he could dust his way out of it but Donny, already being hated in the house, would have been roasted if he tried to accuse anyone of those votes. And I know those two would be right there encouraging the house to hate Donny for accusing anyone.

    Derrick and Frankie never let a opportunity go by to bring up to America about Donnie not being a Team Player but those two have never been a Team Player as far is Donnie is concerned. They were the main influences on getting the house to hate him. So screw them, VOTE NO to Frankie’s so called play mission. If you voted yesterday you can vote again today up until 10AM PT.

    1. 100% agree. Absolutely right!! Voting no no no all the way so that Derrick and Frankie know how we really feel about them and their bullcrap team america excuses. What a bunch of turds!

  11. It would be really cool and BB-like if someone voted to keep Donny and then pinned it on someone else. Derrick could vote to keep Donny and then pin it on Frankie thereby putting the final nail on the coffin for him. Its also good to consider that when he guys were discussing this, Derrick and Caleb were smart enough to say that they were torn, while Frankie was saying he wanted to Nicole to go, so Donny could stay.

  12. This season has been very uneventful. Does anyone wish that they would go back to the format where they draw keys when the HOH nominates two people as it adds much more suspense? BB has been a real let down this season I feel.

  13. D*mn it!!!!!! F***ing Cody and his agenda to get Donny out is just sickening. Looks like they almost flipped the house but the p*ssies are afraid of the majority rules crap that has ruined this season. Derrick doesn’t want to go against Cody but come on Derrick make a big move he’s in tight with the girls. DERRICK IS NO DAN I’ll tell you that. Derrick and Flakie make me want to puke when they talk to the camera begging for america’s TA vote. They turned their back on Donny and blame him for the mission that would have made Donny look like a lunatic if he would have tried it. I bet Derrick or Flakie wouldn’t have risked it either. Donny’s leaving and all these smug a$$holes are going to get a wake up call when it’s over and see how Donny was most loved. F this season! TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Cody’s wishes makes absolutely no impact – it’s what Derrick wants and Derrick wants Donny gone. End of story.

      What do they have to fear from Cody? Cody cannot play HOH this week and all they’ll have is Cody and Christine upset. Yeah, I’ll take those odds.

      What is going to be interesting is when Donny tells the jury how they were on America’s Team. Everyone in the jury knows that Derrick’s been spearheading the get Donny out campaign.

      This is good because I think this is Derrick’s big mistake here. Donny has nobody and Nicole’s already in with the house.

      1. I think if Team America reveals that they are working for America before. Julie Chen does the big reveal they lose the money. I don’t think Donny wants to lose that much money. He seems to be able to keep a secret. He lied to Derrick and told him he never said he would put him up, but he is Donny’s target. Donny said it many times!

      2. Just guessing but I bet Donny cannot tell anyone about Americas team and Julie will reveal it finale night. It’s a juicy bit mind you if he tells Zack Derrick and Frankie were in on hiding the clothes. Hard for Zack to give either a vote at that point. Be interested to see if Donny can tell about Americas Team.

  14. Didn’t Christine feel guilty yesterday, why is she spending so much MORE TIME on top of Cody???? When Caleb thinks its too much, you got yourself a problem there.

    1. HAHA! that is what I thought as well! When you can get these brain dead followers to notice something it must be VERY obvious LOL!

      And if Frank-fert (who leaves his pubic hair all in the shower and clips his nails and leaves them all over to just name two of the many many things we have heard about him) thinks something is gross you have got a serious problem.

      I feel bad for Crusty’s husband. He has taken a lot of shit on twitter and tried to defend that ugly skank. (I can’t get that image of her rooting around in her nose over and over while talking the other night on BBAD! She has done this many many times. I wish I could un-see so many things this season.) While I personally think he or anyone who puts those hoops in their ears looks pretty foolish (Does anyone think that is attractive or is there a point to it? At 47 can I be that outdated?) He does not deserve to be hounded and belittled the way he has been. I am quite impressed with the way he keeps his cool and makes light of it. It must be tearing him up. I feel for the dude. I was in a car accident in 06 that left me in a wheelchair. In 07 I found out my wife of 19 years had been cheating since 3 months BEFORE our car accident. He should do what I did. Move out and get a divorce! Women like them do not deserve the love and respect of decent men. (yes there are decent honest faithful guys out there ladies!)

      1. The final straw was telling Cody she loved him last night and the long hug and another I love you. Message to Tim: pack her stuff, put it on the porch, change the locks on the doors and hire a lawyer. Your wife is making you look like a fool for staying with her.

        1. Indeed! I find that to be the ultimate slap in the face. So much touching rubbing teasing is bad but to say I love you is as you say what should be a final straw.

          Derrick and Victoria as well. And her talking about how discusting and wrong it is for Crusty and yet she was in the bathroom rubbing Derricks leg. He was playing with her hair and then the ” I love you” “I love you too”

          Those are words I reserve for my girlfriend, kids, and family members. My friends and coworkers do not exchange hugs or I love you’s! Wrong on every level

    2. Interesting that Caleb has started talking about the condoms keep going missing. He knows something. His stealth mode may have uncovered a big secret (or maybe not such a big secret) in the house.

      1. Often the guilty one is the one pointing out the issue. Yes, maybe Caleb is the one using condoms but putting all the attention on others. Ever consider that?

        New to BB this year, totally hooked, will be angry if football is on instead. Also, loved Derrick in beginning but as entire group has shunned Donny, leaving him totally alone except for Locasta and Nicole seems so cruel. I do hope Donny goes to jury as he needs to get refreshed and then come back, at least I hope he would get back in. If they could take Derrick out it then that game will crumble.

        Wish Donny, Nicole, and Zack would be last 3,

  15. Just once I would love to hear any of the (so called) males left in this house say –
    Frankie GET THE F##K OFF OF ME ! or
    Christine GET THE F##K OFF OF ME ! or
    Victoria GET THE F##K OFF OF ME !
    Man, how do those guys take it? It just creeps me out watching it go down, never mind the thought of actually being mauled by one of those freaks.

    1. Why is it the girls fault? Derick is married he should know better. Caleb can push Frankie away. Cody likes it. Nobody is forcing these fools into anything. They all like it to some extent.

      1. Sorry WHAT, you are absolutely correct. I was projecting myself being mauled by those three, and wrote exactly what I would say to each of the maulers as what I would love to hear, just once.
        In all fairness and considering who the actual maulees are, the more realistic statements I could wish for are –
        Frankie, I’m pretending to be straight SO GET THE F##K OFF OF ME !
        Christine, you’re a married woman & ugly as sin SO GET THE F##K OFF OF ME !
        Victoria, I’m a married man & ugly as sin SO GET THE F##K OFF OF ME !
        Thank You for pointing that out. I didn’t mean to imply that persons being mauled were innocent and/or not reciprocating the mauling.

    2. Well Frank-vert who hears only what he wants to hear will think you said “Frankie f*ck me” LOL
      It is very telling that he is on this season and his 1/2 sister is releasing an album and on VMA’s. I never heard of her before and now she was on AGT last night (America’s got talent)

      did anyone else see her on there? I could not understand what she was even saying most of the time. Just the chorus I finally pieced together what the words were. I didn’t think she had a very good voice myself. And of course they packed the house with screaming tweenies!

  16. CBS is shoving Freakie and his Sister down our throats. Those two were raised in luxury. Went to private schools and had maids to clean behind them. Please vote Freakie out of this game!! Such a nasty piece of chit!

    1. CBS and now NBC as well. As I stated above she was on AGT last night. (she was NOT very good at all in my opinion) granted I am no “hip” when it comes to what kids think is good when it comes to music (can we call what they put out nowdays music?) I grew up in the North east and was a teenager during the eighties when touring rock bands was the norm. I do not consider these pop singers with with sound tracks playing in the background to be music but anyway that is neither here nor there. I just find it quite ironic most of us had never heard of her and now all of the sudden she is everywhere and releasing albums at the same time her discusting bro is on BB.

      I can’t for the life of me figure out who would follow this guy on social media. He is not a good role model for teens, he is not a good role model for men (gay or straight) he is not someone I would think women would respect or care what his point of view was on ANY subject. He has no respect for boundries of others.

      On another subject I have never seen the BB house as discusting as it is this season! last year was bad (that bedroom that Amanda and Pizza boy were always in would make me gag!) but this year it is over the top. I can’t understand why they do not call people out about it. BB and the other house guests. Hell I live alone and I always make sure my sink and toilet are clean and sanitary for visitors and when my kids and grand kids come over. I make sure there are clean fresh wash cloths and hand towels. floors are swept and mopped and vacuumed. You would think if I a 47 y/o paraplegic can do it I think anyone can. I have more respect for myself and anyone who comes to my house. I would be embarrassed for someone to come over and see dirty dishes with dried food or the god aweful things they are talking about in the BB house. Let me step into a shower and find someone’s pubes all over and I would be going off, calling a house meeting whatever it took.

      It is also very telling about the way kids are raised today. My kids were raised the same way I was. Too many kids with no chores or responsabilities so they learn basic things like that. Hell Christine couldn’t even peel a potato properly! It is quite obvious that Frankie always had his mother or a maid to pick up and clean up after him. I doubt Victoria has ever had to work a day in her life.

      Phew sorry to go off an such a rant! LOL I got carried away. It is just so sad to see. If I ran the BB house I would make them clean up. It is no surprise that the last two seasons have had so much talk about ants and bugs!

      1. Even the store room has dirty clothes in it. These people do not know how to pick up after themselves. Pretty disgusting!

  17. Totally off topic:
    Did anyone else catch on last night’s show when Caleb tries describing Donny’s intellectual brilliance as the same thing that “Rainman” has…..and identifies his condition as gangrene…….

    I am missing Zach for his zingers but Caleb is a decent replacement to keep me moderately entertained…..

    And…..who was the best actor in the pathetic excuse for a mission….yes…Donny as Devin!

  18. So bleeding tired of DePrick and Skankie constantly playing to the camera. FGS prod, could you possibly have cast 2 more annoying SOBs?

  19. Is Derrick still going on about Donny not doing that one TA Mission because it was bad for his game? You’ve done the same thing you fat swine. I’m sorry I just hate his personality so much

  20. I just can’t get over this group of of people…. Im beside myself….

    I have wanted to hate derrick, less for game moves and more for the fact Ive been team donny, but this week opened my eyes and MORE than validated any and all of my absolute contempt for this guy….

    Hes been around the rest of these idiots so long, he thinks we (viewers) are just as naive…. he absolutely plays up the diary room like hes heartbroken and “on the fence” and wants to save team america…. but its utter BS…. he has had multiple opportunities to save donny, caleb and frankie was on board…. its all BS, and he ultimately sealed donnys fate…. over his concern for cody?!?!?!?!

    Cody won two comps…. TWO…. and the POV no one else was even playing!!! this guys has swooned these girls and this very well could be a HUGE mistake keeping nicole…. (for them) as I have no idea how they are making the assumption they can “control nicoles vote”

    the facts: donny is alone, minus TA, why would derrick NOT believe if they save don he wouldnt support TA going forward. Donny has nowhere else to go….. nicole does have a better social game, does have both mental and physical strengths, and does have jury support… they made their own argument…. if cody wants to jump ship with christine SO BE IT…. its 5 against 2…. donny, frankie, derrick (TA), caleb (you couldve made him think its his idea) and victoria….. against cody and chris…. this is great positioning…. versus the alternative

    everyone together …. LOL….. its an utter joke…. and its sickening to me how derrick thinks hes fooling us… its one thing to game the players, but bitch we see what youre doing…. the sheep are in the house not outside of it… we know you arent fighting…. gahhhh….

    I hate this cast…. but im okay with being team nicole…

    frankie- disgusting
    christine- disgusting
    derrick- played a great game early (hate to say it) but dont think you are playing us- delusional
    caleb- I havent forgotten you first 8 weeks- psychopath, stalker, delusional
    cody- wow- no way youre flipping?!?!?! YOU DONT HAVE A VOTE BITCH! hes actually playing derrick this time around- or at least thinks he is, i can only pray nicole is playing him
    victoria- WHO!?!? you mean derricks second vote

    how did it go this far downhill after last year….. CBS get a new casting director! its hard to stomach

    1. Some really good points here.

      Especially controlling Nicole. Seem to remember Nicole had a “house” HOH then went to the jury shortly after. 7 left she wins HOH simple plan. Wait for offers and see if there is one that benefits her the most. Know that with 6 left she plays every POV unless there is an instant eviction. She has to win out any way so do what benefits her game.
      See who pushes what agenda. Where does Christine go and is Frankie the house target. Who ever the target is save them and go after 2 others. Gotta try something.

  21. Those two tiny pricks (Frankie and derrick) won’t know what bashing is until they get out and find out what the fans think of them. They are two of the greediest people I have ever seen play the game. Not to mention self important. The one thing that seems sure at this point is that I am going to despise this season’s winner. Hope like hell Derrick is in final two and Donny controls the jury vote.

    1. The condoms are being used by Derrick so that his hand doesnt get so messy when he puts it up Cody and Christines as$.

  22. What a joke you are Christine… We expect you’ll use the excuse that hubby was ok with your actions and “he will forgive you, because it was only game play” and I’m sure you will both kneel and pray about it in hopes all is forgiven…. Cody is just as disrespectful, laying around like a cat, wanting to be petted by the women in the house, regardless of whether their married or not. This whole group is the strangest group ever in the BB house, just so puzzled as to how these people were casted. I feel like the joke was on us this year.

  23. This year gives a whole new meaning to the term, “Desperate Housewife.” Christine will be disappointed after this show is over and Cody says….I care about you, but it was all for the game, right?….I mean you didn’t take any of this seriously, did you?…..,

    1. Here in Central FL our local CBS station is airing BB. They have moved the preseason football game over to it’s sister CW station thankfully.

  24. Hey BB fans, Derrick has a message for you:


    This summary of one of the live feeds just is beyond belief:

    “Derrick and Frankie continue to beg to the camera. Derrick says ultimately you’ve got to hope there are more lovers than haters. Just know there are going to be people that vote to vote against us. Frankie says yup I know. I just hope that’s not the majority. God I can’t see people hating all three of us. Derrick says I talked to Donny and he said we’re going to have explain yourself when you vote me out. I looked at him and told him how 3 weeks ago we came to him and begged him to do a mission with us. And he said he is here for Donny Thompson not Team America. Now you’re asking us to honor the same thing. I think that’s ironic. He cost us 5K.”

    There my friends is every reason you ever needed to dislike Derrick as much as you dislike Frankie, if not disrespect his game even more. After seeing that conversation on the live feed and seeing how Derrick is twisting what he did to Donny weeks ago with the failed TA mission, I can’t root for him at all. It’s one thing to play a good game and totally another to try to convince the fans watching that we have witnessed and seen on the live feeds did not happen. Derrick thinks he is so smooth that he can just erase everything that he has done in this game and make us believe that he never has been vindictive and manipulative. He can try to do that to the fellow hgs but to try to do that to the fans, come on! Get real you putz!!

    1. He’s a snitch/Cop that is what he does all the time. LIE!
      Remember this when they call you for jury duty…
      cops can not be trusted .

  25. Voted Again this morning on CBS and Voted NO! They can beg all they want but No Apple Pie for You Two! I cannot wait to see their faces today when they are told NO!

  26. Nicole needs to win next HOH. It’s time to take the trash out and it starts with Frankie and Christine…it will become a dog eat dog game. Every man for himself. I can’t believe how boring this season is. Apparently CBS doesn’t care…If they read the comments on these sites they would see people’s comments and try and correct things. I have watched it this long because I want to see Frankie and Christines expression when they realize how hated they are. If it is this bad next season…I’ll stop watching immediately.

    1. I’m wondering if the reason Cody is sooo against keeping Donny is because he has an secret F2 with Christine and they plan to use Nicole to do their dirty work and put up Fakie and Derrick?.. …Cody may think he is a beast for winning these comps and it may have gone to his head. I think most threw the last one…too bad for Donny and for the viewers, I would have like to see who Donny would put up, and to see Derrick squirm.

  27. These guys keep talking about making good TV but are scared to create a divide… retards. I hope Donny teases Cody till he cries.

    Frankie and Derrick can’t seem to realize that if they send Donny to jury, the others will know about TA.

  28. Christine says that Frankie is jealous he wants everyone to be in love with him before anyone else.

    Oh my God, she sees it too…he has a problem because that’s the only reason he’s hated her for so long until she started going after him a few weeks ago. He’s so plainly jealous of the way the guys have often admired her. So he has to say “She wants your dick” to Cody if she’s around him, but to be fair, that crass imbecile says that about every girl no matter how she acts.

  29. I’m wavering. Donny is becoming somewhat of a whiner. I didn’t like that he tried to get team america to save his ass.

    1. What didn’t you like about it? It’s the ONLY “alliance” he has (I have alliance in quotes because we all know F & Der have never been loyal to Donny). Should he just roll over and give up? Personally, I think they should have tried to keep him. It’s so stupid – they only need ONE more vote. Which everyone knows could be Victoria since she will do anything Derrick tells her to do.

      And I love how they say they can’t mess up their game, but Donny should have messed up his for them. They have always been in a HUGE alliance and, therefore, always had the numbers. Donny has pretty much been alone since day one, so it’s been a much harder fight for him to stay in the game.

  30. Although cody and christine’s flirting/touching/declarations of love/whatever the f**k they’re doing is old news by now, it’s still sooo nauseating to see everytime. Christine is a truly horrible person to be doing that for the world and her husband to see EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ugh, words cant desribe my disgust for her. Tim, you can do better, this person obviously has no respect for your marriage. And as for cody, does he really like her?????? I’ve never seen a guy touch a woman and talk to someone the way he does unless they really liked a girl, it goes beyond game play. It’s just all so weird and confusing. These people suck. SIGH

    1. Cody strikes me like the kind of guy who always likes to be the pretty one in the relationship.They don’t like the competition of a really good looking woman or partner.

  31. Derrick tries his hardest to make sure he gets a good piece in there for BB production to give him a good edit. The mission that Donny decided not to do is a little different than saving Donny kiddo. They could easily save Donny without any real backlash but Derrick is manipulating everyone into saying no while making it look like he is trying. He’s a straight up sleaze ball. He makes me mad that he thinks America is as dumb as everyone that is and was in that house minus Jocosta, Hayden, Amber, Brittany, Donny and even Joey. They are all gone because from the first moment in that house the rest of the idiots were sucked in by Derrick and the rest that were a threat were voted out because he wanted them to be. Don’t get me wrong, he’s playing the game like a champ but BB needs to make sure they screen these dopes a little better for now on. Get some people that are strong thinkers in there that make decisions on their own.

    1. Cody is a male escort/dancer. He gets paid to strip and dance and god knows what else at old lady parties. Groping snuggling touching rubbing women is the only thing he knows how to do. Married/divorced/under age it doesnt matter to him woman = paycheck

  32. All i want is BOOS for christine frankie derrick cody and victoria if/when they exit. Sadly the live audience isnt the live feeders and boos are very rare. The best chance for boos are victoria christine but i wont expect much. BOO THEM!

    1. CBS will bring in their employees so Frankie, Christine and her love Cody will not have boos. They did it last year for Aaryn.

    2. In some ways I would like for some of the HGs to get boos. On the other hand, I would rather those particular HG receive silence or a single clap by one member of the audience. Some HGs words/actions should not be dignified with any response whatsoever – especially the media mogul who has already bragged about how “haters gonna hate.”

  33. Why do the four boys want to go to the end together? If Cody was smart he would use the girls to get Frankie and Caleb out of the house. He keeps saying that he doesn’t trust Christine…use Nicole and Victoria to get her out and then Nicole, Victoria, Cody, and Derrick are F4. I love Nicole, but that’s the time to get her out of the house. Victoria is in Derrick’s pocket, and I’m not sure where Nicole’s head is at this point. She claims that she’d target Cody and Derrick, but they trust her and it would make sense for her game to play along with that.

    I think Derrick is trying to go F4 with the boys because he is the weakest out of Caleb, Frankie, and Cody. He thinks that they will take him to F3 because they’d have a “chance of winning” against him. But I think everyone should realize that he would have the jury votes over them as well. Cody is playing Derrick’s game and this season is annoying as hell.

  34. It’s nauseating how they banter and talk to the cameras and how they let them. And telling Ariana Grande fans to vote. I mean really? It was bad enough watching Derrick talk about getting T-shirts they are going to get made the other night. And the way they talk about the number of followers they may get blah blah blah. And Derrick may be a cop but I think he really wants to turn this Big Brother thing into a long term gig type situation. I can tell my his conversation. Whether he can or not is another thing. I’m normally indifferent about online voting but I voted no to them getting the money. I like Donny but even he didn’t vote to do one of the missions for just the sake of the money so I think he would get people voting no. It will hopefully come back to him some other way if NO wins.

  35. I watched the UK version and it’s a better setup IMO. Housemates nominate (but can’t discuss their nomination/vote with anyone) then the top nominees are put up each week and the PUBLIC votes on who leaves.

  36. If these women were smart, the key word being if, they should form a 3 girls alliance. They should keep it secret from the boys. If Nicole were to win HOH and nominate two boys, the three girls would have all of the power on who goes home (they would control the vote). It would be interesting to see the boys not be able to control the outcome of a week.

    Honestly, I think forming a 3 person girls alliance is the only shot any of these three have at making it to the final two in this game (exception of victoria being brought by Derrick) Making a move would actually give them credibility and worth the 500k.

    1. Victoria has no spine. She will vote the way Derrick wants on eviction night. Derrick versus Cody and Cody goes other wise Frankie 1st, Caleb 2nd and Cody 3rd. Depending who’s up.

  37. This season is so lame. You know what wold be cool if they something along the lines of Julie calling in houseguests in one by one in the dairy room and bribing them with power or money, or a gift at the expense of the houseguests. They did this in season 4, where one of the houseguests (i forgot his name) won the power of veto in exchange for the whole houseguests going on peanut butter and jelly for a week. They have other competitions similar to this, but whats more fun about this one is that Julie always ups the ante and its fun to see whose going to be the one that sells out first.

    1. True, same reason I said it would be impossible to compare Derrick or Demanda to the greats, both were playing with Sheeple and Idiots.. If the people are easily manipulated, what effort are you really putting in? neither Derrick or Demanda have had to put great effort to get things to go their way…

  38. me in my friends vote for no for the misoon they want Donny out
    in we as fans want derrick an Frankie out
    they did Donny wrong in think we going to award them money
    they should of never being on the team derrick an Frankie
    it should of being Donny Nicole zack team America
    if derrick never goes on the block he shouldn’t win the game
    he a floater
    he think he good do amazing race in lets see how good you are
    in derrick quit talking to the camera who cares what you say

  39. I usually love BB but this year takes the cake…last year was kinda gross but despite the shortcomings of the contestants, there was still some suspense. Another season, when Rachel would have lost, Porshe was given Pandoras Box. I don’t usually like the idea of production involvement but they are the ones having Zingbot zing Donny into talking game now Derreck is terrified of him…they should help him as they have others in the past. I have thought from the beginning this game is rigged for Franky.

  40. Is it just me or is Frankie getting more and more flamboyant with every week that passes? It’s so disgusting that production is allowing him to use Big Brother as his own personal audition tape for La Cage aux Folles. He wants to be his sister so bad that he’s almost certifiable.

    1. I LOVE the “La Cage” comment! Its exactly what I was thinking last night while watching the show. Frankie truly thinks he’s some major star/diva. His primping with the makeup brush and his utter arrogance when talking about the “play” made me sick.
      He actually thinks he’s funny. He needs a bit of schooling from the REAL entertaining queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Those queens would eat him for lunch.
      Frankie is not attractive, not kind, not funny, not entertaining, not talented and not 1/4 of the showman he thinks he is.
      I would love nothing more than to have a camera aimed at his face, while he sat reading the comments on OBB.

  41. I figure that they have a 50% chance of the mission being a “success” based on the edited version shown on the show, if they had aired the real full version they wouldn’t have a prayer of being successful though.

    1. I’m thinking CBS will pad the numbers too. They don’t want the negativity associated with a fail to reflect how people really feel about this season. So,despite viewers best efforts, they will pass it off as a success.

  42. Does anyone else find it disturbing that certain individuals in the house that are supposed to be in a committed marriage are acting as if they are not? I know their spouses probably have already seen a lawyer. The evidence is all over national tv and the internet. Seriously, when do you draw the line? No amount of money is worth losing your family for. You might be in a blissed state at the moment but at some point reality will hit you and it won’t be pretty.

  43. Just a thought here. It could be possible that Cody uses Christine as a shield to cover the fact that he has not come out of Daddys closet to confess he likes boys. Christine is the homely girl so she eats up any attention from pretty boy Cody. I really feel sorry for Tim. Gameplay is gameplay and cheating is cheating. She is surely lusting after Cody. Beats me why???

    1. That makes sense, Crustine is his “beard”, if she’s hangs on him like a monkey, nobody will notice he’s bating for the other team. Usually “beards” are “attractive”, but when you’re locked in the house, you can’t be picky. Nicole,is taken, so he has either Crustine(Homely chick), or the Victoria(the child).. I think Tim knows the deal, but he don’t want to admit it, he may lose the only women that would give him some.

  44. I hope if they vote Donny out that TA is done. No way should Derrick and Frankie still have the opportunity to make money. Those 2 are beyond repulsive.

  45. If I was Julie and Team America splits with them voting out Donnie I would tell the house guest that Team America just split up and there were three house guest involved. That would get the house going and get interesting!!!

    1. Julie ending the group as well as outing Donny as part of TA would be a great twist without outing Derrick and Frankie. Everyone would know Donny was part of TA which would set tongues wagging in the house on who else was in TA. Panic mode would set in with Derrick and Frankie. They would turn on each other like rabid dogs. That would be fun to watch. It would change the scenario of the HG’s who did not receive any money for being part of TA. Frankie would definitely be on everyone’s radar because of his “famous” sister which would freak him out. Derrick would be in defense mode and could possibly out himself by being too involved in trying to find out who was TA. Donny leaving could come back and bite those two idiots in the rear end. They will blame each other for his departure – PLUS no more MONEY from America. How sweet it would be to see those two idiots lose because of their greed and egos.

  46. Okay fellow Simon and Dawg’s team…….get to voting! I got my 40 “NO” votes in at
    I feel so empowered and so will you!!

  47. I assume Donny knows he is leaving – I think he should really upset the House Guests by saying he needs to clear his conscious before he goes and tell his 1st big lie. It would be fun for him to say, “most of you don’t know this, but I’m an undercover cop.” By saying ‘most’ it would leave a seed of doubt as to who knew his secret and have them accusing one another. I can see Calib saying, “I knew he was something like that.”

  48. This week is not the week to win HoH. Every “true fan” knows that there is always a double eviction when there are 6 people in the house (with exception for 1 year when there were 7) so that everyone plays in a veto comp. After tonight there will be 7 people left. Next week after someone is evicted, the final 6 will immediately play a full weeks game on that same night leaving 5 people remaining after the dust settles. This means that whoever is HoH this week will not get to play in the double eviction HoH. As everyone keeps mentioning, the important thing from here on out is to focus on winning VETO competions, especially when all the guys are in a shakey alliance that will inevitably implode as each begin to think who really stands in their way of winning the game. Even Derrick may begin to question his alliance with Cody, knowing that if Cody keeps winning then Derrick has no shot of taking home the $500,000. Also, everybody else is starting to question Cody as the weeks go on as the “favorite” to win, so Cody’s days of playing it safe really falls in the hands of Derrick who may turn on him at any given moment. Caleb is constantly thinking about final 2 and will eventually realize (with the help of Frankie) that Derrick is not the person to go to Final 2 with. Christine is in the 2nd best position in the house because everyone wants her gone, but no one wants to man up and tell her. Victoria is in the best position in the game (at least until final 3) because no one wants to waste their HoH on taking out Victoria.

    1. Sorry I see it very differently. F7 you can get nomed or backdoored miss the veto and go jury before F6. F6 down you guaranteed POV unless there is an instant eviction. The only down side is F4 if you get there you’d only get POV if you rush F7 and F5.
      The next double will be straight forward. Derricks group controls he’ll call the shots. Spot to backdoor Frankie putting up both girls and hope anyone but Frankie wins veto. This assumes a girl out F7.

    2. Thanks for the reminder about the double eviction when there are only 6 left. You are absolutely right about the importance of the HOH next week.

  49. Regardless of how we feel about these hgs, the fact remains that our dislike, anger, comments, etc, mean diddly-squat. We, as faithful viewers, who are responsible for the CBS bottom line, have no say in this game. America should be given more opportunity to make decisions regarding the outcome. Perhaps we could choose 1 nom each week and the 3 noms then battle for POV. Maybe every 4th eviction could be decided by America but done in a random order so hgs do not know when to expect it. Comps need to be shaken up so hgs do not know what to expect and when. During finale, America should get 4 out of 9 votes. Please prod, take a page from BBCAN or BBAU and make some much needed changes. And to whoever posted on this board and said the all-annoying, ear-grating twins are on SURVIVOR, thank you very much. Donny goes home and BB is ruined for me and now SURVIVOR is a no-watch zone. If SKANKIE turns up on TAR, I will hang myself.

  50. Did anyone else notice that right after BB (on the East) that Frankie’s sister opened the show. Does CBS own her contract or tour rights or something???? They are promoting the hell out of her

    1. Yes…..there’s a connection with CBS and her record label……I think they have stooped to a new low putting pathetic Frankie on the season’s Big Brother.

    2. Yes, CBS owns her. They are using BB as a marketing tool for her. Little did they know her Freakie Bro would ruin her. Maybe her and her brother will go to Africa to build schools. See ya never Freakie and Ari Not so Grand eeee

  51. I so wish they would give Derrick and Frankie the results of team america before the voting tonight, they would both realize America is not supporting them and then think twice about voting out Donny, quickly switch their votes and Save him at the last minute……hey a girl can dream can’t she!!

    1. I had that thought in my mind too. I don’t think there will be enough time to get the votes for Donny to stay. Julie ending TA tonight after Donny leaves would be a good twist and a more interesting game. Hope Derrick and Frankie eat some well deserved CROW tonight instead of apple pie.

    2. The sad part is Derrick and Frankie are so into themselves that they would just think America didn’t vote for TA because of Donny.

  52. As much as I like Nicole, when she talks I just want to whack her in the face with a pillow. That voice is so annoying, but not as annoying as Christine’s ugly face.

  53. This cast is so bad this season that I can’t help but wonder if it was done deliberately and the “twist” is on the viewers. Maybe they (producers) concocted some trick on all of us. Too much star chasing and willingness to not…make it to jury….final four etc. I guess I am just not willing to believe people like this bunch really exist.

  54. Here’s the deal with Christine. When she first came on the show, I think that many of us felt sorry for her- ugly, nerdy looking girl that didn’t have many friends. We thought that she would team up with all the house guests that didn’t fit the pretty person persona i.e., Donny, Joscosta and others.

    What we didn’t expect was for miss ugly bitch to turn into a nasty gutter whore. It caught us all by shock.

  55. Frankie does not like any of these house guests. He thinks he is a good actor (not!), but Donny and America sees right through him. Last night I felt do sorry for Donny. He has such a good read on things. Take note BB. We want more REAL people next year. Less bikini models (ok one guy and one girl is fine) and more salt of the earth types. Also make some new vetting procedures and pick all type A personalities and no followers. Then let the fireworks begin.

  56. Does anyone know what happens to TA if Donny leaves? Hopefully, TA is no longer since they would only have 2 members. I would love to see the looks on Derek and Frankie’s face when they realize they can no longer get the 5K for missions since they don’ have all 3 people.

  57. If Donnie must go, I would love to see him blow up TA. Put even more pressure on Frankie and shine a light on Derrick for once! Sadly, I don’t think Donnie will say anything regardless of his reservations about his TA teammates. The only thing I have to look forward to is this whole Detonators/BS coming to an end and finally they will have to turn on each other.

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