Caleb Questions Voting out Donny “These thoughts are good… she’s not dumb”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Derrick’s Crane collapses half way. Victoria destroys the bottom half make a giant mess..
Derrick’s pissed at her cause now he has to clean up a giant mess he was going to grab it and

BB16-2014-08-27 17-23-11-514

While this happens Frankie is applying makeup, says because he’s Italian he needs to use coverup around his eyes to make his skin look uniform.
Frankie – “Some people think makeup is for when you go out but it can be for all the time whenever you want your skin to look uniform”

BB16-2014-08-27 17-40-53-646
5:39pm Living room Christine, Derrick and Cody
Talking about how dirty Frankie is. Frankie was cutting his toenails In the living room with the nails flying everywhere.
Derrick – Disgusting absolutely foul .. by far the dirtiest person in the house
Christine says Frankie always leaves pee on the toilet seat.
Derrick there’s cotton balls everywhere
They argee him cutting his nails was the grossest thing, It crossed the line.
Derrick – when I cut the nails I do it on a towel in the bathroom
Cody says he cuts his nails in the garbage
Derrick says Frankie picked up 3 clippings he bets them he could walk over there and find some “I can see one from here.. you don’t see it right there it’s from his big toe.. he is one of the most unsanitary people
Derrick says Frankie was saying he can’t wait to get back into Hotels where they celan things ups for you”
Cody says he suggested to production they do a piece on how disgusting Frankie is in the house
They all agree Frankie doesn’t clean the dishes properly. Cody tells them to smell a glass Frankie cleaned. Derrick says he always washes the dishes before he uses them.

BB16-2014-08-27 17-55-01-271
8:54pm Frankie and Derrick FIREROOM
Frankie says during the live show they will find out if their Tem America task was successful
Julie will ask one of them what would they want for a have nots. They are supposed to say Apple Pie. If she say our wish was granted they succeeded in America’s task if she say their wish has been denied it means they failed.
Frankie leave..
Derrick – America looks like we get to see.. what you tonight.. I’m nervous we put our faith in frankie this week.. i hope it worked we’ll see.. “
Derrick – “ oh my god my heart is beating out of my chest right now.. “

BB16-2014-08-27 18-13-04-627
6:04pm Living Room Politics
Caleb – Why are country boys better than city boys .. if you give me 5 dollar bill I will make things happen buy fishing line .. whatever.. If you give that to a city boy he buys two cigarillo and make a blunt”
Christine – OK Caleb you are generalizing way too much Caleb
Caleb – I never said that.. to me
Frankie – you just said that in 10 million people
Caleb – I would just say they would spend it on Sonic or something
Christine I know Country would buy chewing tobacco and beer..
Frankie – a 40
Cody says he can invest $5
Christine – anywhere
Caleb – what will you invest $5 in
Frankie invest 1 stock in apple (more than $5 need $105)
Caleb laughs say when he was in highschool he would say give a country boy 5 bucks we’ll make it last.
Caleb – when the end of the world is coming what will you do
Cody – I will kill zombies and eat people
Frankie says he knows nobody that is worried by the end of the world.. Caleb says it’s not the end of the world it’s if government comes into your house. frankie and CHrine say Republicans are always scared that the government are scared of taking their Bibles..
Caleb starts talking about when the government shut down all the soldiers deployed were not getting paid.
Caleb – If Obama wants to come into your house he can take anything he wants
Frankie – Obama can’t take sh1t out of your house it’s against the law.. .it’s called checks and balances there is no way a president can change the law
Caleb – how often do police officers go into a house without a warrant..
Caleb promises them that Obama has more power than those police officers..
Caleb – Obama cut off payment to the soldiers
Frankie – no the government’s shutdown wasn’t just Obama.. the congress.. republicans and democrats alike
Caleb says Obama had a big hand in it
Caleb says there’s more red on the map then there is blue but why did Obama win
Frankie explains the electoral college and how it’s proportion based on populations.
Talk drifts to swing states.
Frankie – I flew to Florida to vote in the last election..
Explains he would vote absentee but the year Gore was running for president and the state of Florida lost all the ballots.
Caleb says Obama won the first election because all the kids turned 18 and voted him because of his race.
Caleb doesn’t know how he won the second election
Frankie – it’s because of who he was up against.

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BB16-2014-08-27 18-48-54-707

6:31pm FireRoom Derrick, Frankie and Donny
Derrick – I don’t think you have the votes I don’t think you have it
Frankie explains julie will ask them “What food would you like to request from America.. we are to saw Apple pie if she says Yes your request has been granted we accomplished our mission if she said we were denied we did not accomplish”
Frankie – I don’t think it’s looking good Donny
Donny tells them Caleb told him he’ll vote for DOnny if DOnny has the majority.
Derrick – this is the same thing that happened to Nicole. (People saying they will vote for someone and they won’t)
Frankie – I love you I think we’re getting the apple pie..
Frankie leaves.
Derrick – I don’t think you have it
Donny – I have to ask .. my family is watching this..
Derrick blaming Frankie on the house voting Donny out.
Derrick doesn’t think they passed the task and America wants to rub it in their face..
Donny tells him they still have 8 people in the house they have potentially 3 more missions, “I’m as trustworthy as anyone.”
Derrick now says COdy is in charge of this week.
Donny LEaves “Well you have a good evening Derrick”

BB16-2014-08-27 19-09-27-089

7:00pm Caleb and Derrick FireRoom
Caleb says Nicole is a big threat they are just thinking principle they need to think game.. Keeping Donny maybe better for their game.
Caleb – We really need to think about it
Caleb wants to talk to Donny and find out who he will put up
Derrick says if DOnny wins he won’t put up Cody or Victoria he thinks it will be Christine and a unknown. “She’s the only person he hasn’t gone to for a vote.”
Derrick wonders if Donny is willing to put Vicoptira up as the replacement..he doesn’t think so he thinks Donny will put up a guy not Victoria.
Derrick says Nicole wants either Christine or Frankie out but Donny wants something bigger out.
Derrick – If we vote to keep Donny Christine will put us up she hates that man.. I like Donny he’s a good guy.
Caleb – I do to
Derrick says Christine will not flip the vote the only way for Donny to stay is for him, Frankie and Caleb to vote to keep him.
Caleb says if Nicole is physical and mental Donny is just mental.. if they keep Nicole and she wins HOH they will regret it.
Caleb – Do we go on principal or do we go on game..
Caleb stresses Nicole is better at competitions than Donny she has a good chance of winning the HOH.
Caleb – Honestly Nicole is a much bigger threat.. principaL is key sometimes but when it comes to half a million dollars it’s about game.
Derrick says he needs to talk to Frankie first because if Frankie isn’t on board there’s no point in talking to Cody.
Caleb – These thoughts are good… Nicole’s a big threat dude she’s not dumb“
Caleb is worried Cody and Frankie are both really smart
Derrick – She’s smart and Athletic Donny’s just Smart.

BB16-2014-08-27 19-21-46-609

7:16pm Derrick calls the camera over..

Derrick – “the have nots are eating tofu and he’s excited about it a$$”

7:16:42pm Derrick to himself
Derrick “what do I do what do I do.. I could flip this house if I wantted to”
Where is the vote
House may be starting to flip… Donny could be saved if Caleb, Derrick and Frankie decide.

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112 thoughts on “Caleb Questions Voting out Donny “These thoughts are good… she’s not dumb”

    1. I don’t think it gave me 20 votes before it said “sorry – vote again tomorrow” or whatever. BUT the times I voted were all for NO MONEY for them. Can’t wait to see Frankie’s pouty, crestfallen face when he finds out America didn’t care for his stupid idea of a play! Hated to not have Donny win his $5,000, but it’ll be worth it to know the other 2 don’t get theirs!

      1. I got the impression tonight from Donny’s DR that HE wants everyone to vote NO to Frankie’s stupid play/mission.

        1. I did too. He was less than subtle with his hint. If it fails, I wonder who Frankie will blame? He certainly won’t think it’s his own fault.

    2. Go to There is piece on there about Frankie.
      They’re killing him.
      ex: him saying that women choose to be lesbians and also his kill Jocasta comment.
      Even his sister mentions his lack of maturity. Read the article and the comments. Frankie getting publicity but all of the negative type. Hope it bites him and his sister in the ass!

      1. I read about what Frankie said about how people are born gay but that also choose to be gay and I have to defend him. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Frankie fan but I think I understand what he meant.

        Obviously people are born gay, straight, or bisexual…but sometimes they deviate from what they have lived. Best example is institutional homosexuality. Straight guy goes to jail for many years, ends up getting BJ’s from a man. Maybe he was mostly straight but desperation was all he needed to have gay sex. When he gets out, he might prefer women and go back to “being” straight.

        I can also use myself as an example, I am a bisexual woman but I usually only have relationships with men (for various reasons too long to explain here). I guess you could say that I choose heterosexuality. If one day, I have a serious relationship with a woman, I guess you could make the argument that I “choose” lesbianism.

        Sexuality is very complex, there are so many varying degrees of gay, straight, bisexual, that we shouldn’t pigeon-hole. I think Frankie was saying that your life’s circumstances can affect who you choose to have relationships with – biology is not the only factor.

      2. I just read that articale. Pretty funny…but they could have went further and pointed out more dumbass and sickening things he has said.
        I liked one of the comments which I hadn’t read or thought of…that Frankie backdoored Zach because he realized Zach was becoming a star on the show and he was bitter jealous!! I can see that.. the little bitch. lol So over Frankie

        1. Exactly!!! I was thinking the same thing. He is a user. When he’s done with someone, he ditches them. He was a b*tch when he was on the block. Zack took it better than he did, he is the man!!
          This loser (stankie) needs to be thrown of his high chair and get nominated again to bring him down a couple of hundred feet or so.
          Wow, he also fits the traits of someone who is narcissistic. A youtube media mogul?!!?!? Gimme a break, him being on the show is the first time I’ve even heard of the punk as* b*tch.

      1. I voted 20x agreed that it will be worth it to see STankie and DerPRick to see that AMerica don’t like them or their stupid plays they should of tried to sav;e donny for their mission then they would of won, these other fools can not think that anyone in america is routing for them,caleb you give us country people a bad name what bout give a country boy $5 he would buy fish line not all country people hunt fish and do whatever you do abusing animals every day so quit speaking for us country people donny is showing how true country folk act, caleb is from texas only living in KY so quit speaking for us Kentuckians k boy

      2. I voted no 20 times. I hate to see Donny lose out of $5k but supposedly there is a website trying to give him some financial support.
        Voted NO to send Frankie and Derrick a clear message. In there FACE!

    3. Oh, I voted!
      “mistake putting our faith in Frankie” – check
      Don’t think we completed the mission – check
      America’s going to rub it in our face – OH HELL YEAH!!

      Do you think they’re FINALLY catching on?? And I would love to see Frankie’s reaction if he ever reads these recaps to learn his housemates think he’s an unsanitary pig. Now that would be good TV!

    4. I kinda thought the same thing at first, but then I figured Donny might as well win another 5K before he leaves. Now I hope everyone will follow Caleb’s lead and vote to keep the bearded assassin.

    5. Do not think I could hate anyone as much as I do Derrick and Frankie!!!! It is interesting that they are both PIGS!!!!!

    6. Oh I voted! Frankie in drag with his super idea of making fun of people that can’t defend themselves made it real easy! Piece of shit!

    7. I voted “YES” for the mission 20 times and the reason I did was to give Donny $5K. He may not even be able to get his old job back when he gets home, so I want him to get as much money from this show as he possibly can.

      1. Same here KL. If voting no changed anything, I would have voted no. Yes, he will probably get AF, but with everything going on in his life, I think he can use as much money as possible. I think later, he will appreciate the extra cash.

  1. Derrick, you tried to flip the house and Caleb and Cody shut you down. Now Caleb is about to flip the house for you. But, you’ll get the golden boy edit, so don’t worry.

    1. When Caleb saved Zach the first time it was Frankie that took the credit. Now it is Derrick that is taking the credit. Derrick and Frankie are two of the most Egotistical people to ever play BB.

    2. Didn’t Derrick and Frankie tell Caleb two days ago that Nicole is good at physical comps and would probably win endurance? Yeah, the seeds were planted.

      Now Caleb is catching on. But he also was in the DR pretty recently. I am sure production is also planting seeds.

    3. Do you really think Caleb is the type to innovate and persuade? He is simply doing the work Derrick started. Derrick “gave up” (I wouldn’t go that far, he started trying less hard) because his plan wasn’t working and he was afraid to push too much. Caleb doesn’t even understand what pushing too much is.

      1. True. Caleb has no strategic ability beyond what he’s told to do.He’s so easily influenced by suggestions of others,which he turns around and portrays as his own.

  2. I really hope they flip the house and keep Donnie but either way it’s a lose/lose situation as BS still the majority. They are killing Donnie softly and it’s sad to watch. On a different note so glad CBS finally pulled its finger out of its a$$ and showed Frankie’ s true despicable side.

    1. This would be an open and closed case if Donny tells everyone what Nicole said day 1 back into the house. She said flat out “Derrick and Donny are her targets now.”Come on BB production throw a hint here.

    2. Frankie is digging himself a HUGE hole. So glad the edit tonight showed him as the self-absorbed a$$ he is. And the eonline article was spot on. I hope after he gets out of the house he actually LOSES YouTube and Twitter followers.

      1. The disgusting dirty (more info on his dirtiness in this very own article!) weasel will have to borrow some money from sister “superstar” Ariana to pay for a good PR firm. Rehabilitating his image will be costly and trying to find a niche for him will be hard. Not even gay networks like Bravo would have a role for him. Get ready, Frankie… the future is obscure for you. And the likelihood of you winning AFP is close to nonexistent now.

  3. Looks like the only people keeping Donny from staying are Derrick and Frankie since it seems like he has Caleb’s vote . We all know Derrick and Frankie wants Donny gone so they should stop trying to play to America like they wanna keep him, we see thru there BS.

    Maybe they’ll keep him to try and save face but i got a feeling they’re gonna use Christine being mad at them as an excuse to get rid of him, I hope im wrong tho.

    1. Geez, give the guy a break. He’s doing the only thing he can do. People complain he has no game and then when he tries, he’s begging?

    2. Well to stay in the house, it’s a major part of the game to ask to stay, every week those on the block are all over the house trying to change the votes. Nicole has done it also tonight.

  4. Regardless of whether you like Derrick or not, you have to appreciate his game. He is leaps and bounds better than anyone else in that house at the game of big brother

  5. Omg just flip already and keep Donny. And whatever I said about Caleb under my breath just ignore. He got this ball rolling.

    1. And what “type” is that. The “type” that would hand someone 500,000??? Im sure that’s exactly what you would do too because you’re just that nice “type” of guy/girl.

  6. hey yall I think we should vote yes now since they want to or trying to keep Donny
    so if you didn’t vote yet please vote yes

  7. Clipping your toenails in the living room and leaving them lying around is beyond foul. Just when you think someone couldn’t have more repulsive behaviors…argh. Please get him out of the house, Cody can fulfill the show’s 1 gay person quota.

  8. Frankie is nothing but a unscrupulous low life Scoundrel, an embarrassment to society and this country. All of the house guest are low life people except Donny and Nicole. OHHHHHHH why did I waste my time on this season. You got me good this time CBS but never again. This is the worse season I have ever wasted my time on. I thought last year was bad but these low life people are ridiculous!!!!!!!

  9. Of all the NASTIEST SHIT Frankie has either said or done this summer,
    these effin HG’s say “Frankie has crossed the line this time” over cutting his toenails?
    Now, don’t get me wrong, letting your toenails fly all around a living room is absolutely repulsive,
    but whipping his d*ck out wasn’t crossing the line ?????

  10. I like Donny but what in the world made Caleb all of a sudden think Nicole is some huge threat. I know things go on behind the scenes but this is just too fishy for words. Still a fan though and I’ll be watching tomorrow for unfortunately one of my faves to go…

  11. Go back to bed Caleb. Nicole is the right person to stay, it sounds callous but I’m tired of feeling sorry for Donny, all they do is degrade him and I’m sick of it I need Nicole to stay and switch things up. That showing at the veto was pathetic but hopefully that’ll light a fire under her butt.

      1. Nicole hasn’t forgotten what Derrick did to her in less than a week, she has a tight connection with Hayden right now and Hayden has a vendetta against Derrick (and Cody). I think she hated Frankie still but Derrick is the target and she’s been doing a great job not letting on to anybody but Donny the first night. I can’t wait to see her win HOH and let america in on her true intentions.

  12. I on the fence on who I want to stay. I’d rather both if them stay because at least they’ll have each other to fight the rest of the group. I hope if Donny stays it comes back to bite them in the azz. I feel bad for Nicole – she seems like a sweet girl especially now that she is not hanging out with Christine.

  13. If by some miracle they vote to keep Donny, I’ll wish I’d voted “yes” so Donny could have earned an additional $5,000. Na- then I’d just be encouraging Frankie. They didn’t even accomplish putting on a play – let alone succeed at completing a mission. It was just an exercise in group bullying – being hateful toward the evicted HGs. It was pathetic and sad. Most everyone just looked embarrassed. Bless Donny’s heart – they wouldn’t use the mission to try to save him and he still gave it his all.

  14. I dunno why but I think if Caleb was smarter he would actually be very good at this game. He has like flashes of intelligence sometimes and it makes sense. The first time he saved Zach because of it messing up their #s. This time Nicole is a bigger threat than Donny. I dunno like if his brain was always on he could be good at big brother.

    1. I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for Caleb – not sure why. I guess because he’s sincere.. he believes all the stuff he says. He makes me smile – if not outright laugh. He’s loyal… can’t fault that. And we all know he’s determined – if not downright obsessed. (And obviously from the comments I’ve made and the way I type, I have multiple personalities and I’m arguing with myself.)

      1. If he was smarter he could pull it off but at this point I can’t see it happening because of his loyalty. Only way he wins is if he is sitting down next to Christine or Victoria but I can see him getting 2nd place. I think if the whole Amber thing didn’t happen he would be seen in better light but got to admit during that time he was just too much.

  15. for the first tome EVER I voted in the Americas vote. I was conflicted about taking 5K from Donnie to punish the others but if I voted in favor of that ridiculous farce, Donnie would think we didn’t want them to do the mission to keep him. For those of you who want him to go softly into the night, kiss m

  16. i can’t believe production. They literally screwed Nicole over so many times. First they changed the bob so frankie can win it and then they screwed her over for not giving her immunity when she came back and now they want donny to stay and they r saying screw nicole. I really wish Nicole will stay and beat the odds and win this game.

  17. Derrick is GODDAMN full of himself. “I could flip this house if I wanted to”? He’ll have had no hand in it, Caleb is deciding for himself. Unless he means he could convince Cody, but he couldn’t, Cody is in tight with Nicole, he likes her compared to Donny. He couldn’t get Christine or Victoria either it would show his hand and they want Donny out badly enough. I hate Derrick’s swollen ego it’s not fun to watch when you’re a dull turd.

  18. I voted my 20 no’s and will do the same in the morning.
    Too bad Donny misses out as he was really great as Devin.
    Just goes to show that Donny has played his heart out in this crazy season.
    Hate to see Nicole go, but I sure hope Caleb’s idea works.
    Of course the two assholes will take the credit if it happens.

  19. This has been a season full of a majority of the house guests being full of themselves. They usually have three or four that are that way, but this season has been 95% of the houseguests being that way. I don’t understand why the majority hate Donny so much. He has treated everyone with respect and kindness. Really don’t care to watch the rest of the season because of the way they are acting. So sick of seeing Frankie and Christine and her laugh. Please vote no so Donny can possibly stay!!

  20. Caleb is so racist where Obama is concerned, yet he wants to bed a half black woman. However, at the end of the day Caleb where ignorance is bliss ’tis folly to be wise…….he’s such an ignoramus!

    1. So it’s racist if you don’t agree with Obama’s policies? Was I being racist because I didn’t agree with Bush’s policies? Am I only racist when I don’t agree with a black or brown person? Or can I be a racist if I don’t agree with a white person. And isn’t Calub just as entitled to his opinions as Tim’s wife and Ariana’s half brother? Even if they aren’t PC, they are still beep mope cowpie’s opinions. It’s not his fault he’s not smart enough or quick witted enough to defend his arguments. He’s just a special boy from down the lane.

      1. Uh Caleb was the one who brought race into it when discussing Obama. The rest of them did not. They were discussing policy positions/rule of law,which had nothing to do with ethnicity. Caleb, being the brilliant debater he is (NOT!),resorted to what one would expect of him,he based his opinion on the blackness of the President (who incidentally is only half black, like Amber his object of obsession).

  21. Derrick will earn a tad big of respect from me if he actually does the right thing, and convinces two other house guests to keep Donny. FLIP THE HOUSE! FLIP THE HOUSE!

    1. Not sure why you’re making comments using my name…need help thinking of one of your own? I’m sure the kind people on this site would be glad to help you.

  22. If only Derrick knew how much better it is for his game to keep Donny over Nicole. That is the only hiccup I see for Derrick winning this season. He can some how get Nicole out, she is the only person considering going after Derrick.

  23. Why do people act like Donny is 82? He’s nice and all but he should have started to play the game earlier, he didn’t.

  24. I agree with Donny, his mission idea was better. I voted no, wish there was a way to give Donny the money without giving it to Frankie or Derrick. On a happier note; Donny was funny as Devon.

  25. Was really pissed that the editing on tonights show made it look like Derrick was the good guy who wanted to keep Donny! They made it look like Cody was the brains behind it all but anyone watching the after hours know Derrick is masterminding every move.

      1. I didn’t see one tear. Just the suggestion of tears and some muffled sniffling. Remember, Derrick can be an actor too.

  26. Donny tell Derrick and Frankie you will target Christine. Done you will stay. Seal the deal and tell Derrick Nicole’s targets.

  27. Victoria — “I should be back on my feet and ready to compete”. Compete…? COMPETE!?! When has she EVER competed in ANYTHING? Her level of obliviousness is simply skerry.

  28. Keep Donny he is a true southern man with manners something a lot of people don’t have!! Please don’t look in the mirror!!

  29. Tonite’s episode was so boring and obnoxious that I didn’t even bother watching every minute of it. That said, I want to remind everyone in here how much I appreciate Donny, Zach, Nicole, Hayden, and how much I despise Frankie, Cody and Derrick (even though I must say I recognize that Derrick is somewhat good in playing BB). I don’t bother liking or disliking Christine because she’s deranged, probably suffered all her life feeling like the ugly duck and uncool kid, and even though that doesn’t excuse her behavior, I feel sorry that she is SO pathetic and is incapable of seeing that. I feel sorry for her… she’s a really sad ugly puppy.

    That said, this is what I really wanted to say: I do feel sad that Donny is getting the boot but I would also like to add that he is the one to blame for it. All of the people – who weren’t in the big alliance – were super scared of making moves throughout this summer even though they knew (or had suspicions) that there were alliances in the house. If Donny had approached Jocasta, Brittany and some others earlier, perhaps things would have gone way different. The typical BB player watches BB EVERY summer and still fails to realize that comps aren’t won – most of the time – because of strength but because of wit and luck. So it baffles me that the “outcasts” never tried/thought about a counterstrike. Nicole and Hayden were also pretty pathetic not figuring out sooner that Derrick and Cody were leaking their plans for practically the whole house. Nicole and Hayden taking everything on Christine/Frankie just goes to show how blind they were. Nicole thought that the whole thing was caused by Christine because she wanted to send her boyfriend packing. The old story of female competition that blind women and make them ignore the whole picture. But neither Nicole or Hayden even considered, while in the house, that Derrick and Cody were the ones who were in the HOH room ALL THE TIME. They should have thrown Christine and Frankie under the bus, but they should ALSO have thrown Derrick and Cody! Regardless of one of them being evicted, they would have left a big problem to be solved by the detonators… an internal problem huge enough to possibly break their alliance in the middle. The lesson Nicole failed to learn, and that EVERY YEAR is taught on BB for viewers at home, is that: once you’re HOH, you NEVER let others create the moves for you. You must decide everything and “interview” each and every HG to see where things are going. Make deals, get rid of people you don’t trust, etc. Donny has read this game like no one, but unfortunately never had the guts to take matters in his own hand. One great example was the last Veto competition: hadn’t he folded so many times, he could’ve gotten other badges. Cody didn’t win because he was good – we’ve seen throughout the summer that CodyB!tch actually sucks in comps – but because all of them were dead scared. Such a pity. My only consolation will be seeing Donny winning AFP!

  30. So there is likely something between total integrity and lying in the gutter kicking puppies, right? where do you want Donny to land? I would love to see houseguests like Amanda, gm, shelly and bow Christine to get a clue about how we do NOT appreciate their game play but what would be sufficient? they have to deal with how they are perceived so its enough for me

  31. hmm, how stupid or conniving is nicole? is she actually falling for derrick’s take? is she actually falling for cody’s smile? remember what hayden told you nicole: get derrick and cody!

  32. I just voted my 20 times, perhaps Frankie will get the message they should of kept Donnie as their mission. Enough of the Frankie show!

  33. Derrick is playing a good game. He may act like a jerk but whatever. His tears for Donny were sincere. Thumbs down me, it’s fine. I like a BB GAME player that manipulates people and they don’t even know. never been on the block. I like Donny and Nicole. I wish Cody would have put up Frankie. That’s my biggest beef with Derrick is him talking Cody out of putting up Frankie. That’s all! I don’t get in to making fun of at the players physical appearances.

  34. If Donny goes home tomorrow, then I hope that Nicole wins and Veronica comes in second place.
    When the jury asks its’ questions, someone from the alliance (bs, dets, whatever they call themselves) asks Valerie what she has done gamewise to deserve to be there? And Vivian responds with ‘Well I’m still here and you’re over there, so…..’
    Then every one of those alliance shitheads will know exactly how every other evicted houseguest that was actually playing felt to be leaving before Vanessa.

  35. I think Derrick is making his most crucial mistake of the season & it will cost by not keeping Donny. Before all the Derricks fans get pissy with this comment look at the logical reasons for keeping Donny. Derrick is to a degree playing personal by wanting Donny out & it will be a fatal error. Derricks knows Donny is a good player, he told Caleb that he will be an all star & he knows it but Donny has absolutely noone & could be a secret weapon for moving forward. Derricks knows he cant beat Caleb & Frankie at an endurance comp, hell Donny could probably outlast him. Cody cannot play so he is a sitting duck next week. frankie, Caleb & Nicole are the better endurance players. While Frankie & Caleb made a push to save Donny this week Derrick & Cody exposed there games up in the HOH, if you have the live feeds you could have seen it. Cody was dead set on keeping Nicole, Nicole has been flirting w/ Cody since she has been back, plus Cody has Christine on lock. Frankie has witnessed this week when up in the HOH. If Derrick goes against Frankie & TA wish to keep Donny, then Frankie can put the pieces together that Cody & Derrick are in lock step as a duo. I believe if Frankie wins HOH he will make the 1st big move that pussy boy Cody couldn’t do & break up the “Hitmen”. Frankie also told Derrick that he got rid of his best friend in the game, Zach for the group so Derrick should throw him a bone & get rid of Nicole for him. If not Derrick will have turned his back on Frankie this week & Frankie will know this. If Donny was still there he could always be a meat shield for Derrick & be the number one target as always again next week. Cody also showed his cards to Frankie & Caleb w/ how bad he wants the girls there, it is pretty obvious what Cody’s strategy is now & that is to roll w/ the ladies. If Derrick had any sense he would see that Cody is hedging his bets for the future in case the “Hitmen” get in trouble & he has an outlet to stay safe over Derrick. Derrick losing his grip slightly w/ Cody, trouble in the waters are brewing for the future.Derrick has Vic, she worthless, enough said.

    The second mistake by Derrick is over looking the fact that he & Cody screwed over Hayden & Nicole. Nicole has had time to now be evicted, go to jury & compare notes w/ Hayden. Confirm w/ Donny w/ what is going on & infiltrate the alliance back w/ Christine & somewhat Cody, who thinks he has her on lock. Nicole could win HOH slap Cody & Derrick on block & convince house to get rid of Derrick protecting the human boy toy Cody & sending Derrick out the door. I am afraid for Derrick who has not even sniffed the block the whole season when he plants his ass on there for the first time he will go, no questions asked. Plus the likely hood of him winning veto & saving himself is slim to none. Plus w/ Frankie knowing that Nicole could backdoor him & if say Caleb or Christine won veto Frankie could convince them not to use the veto & they save Cody by vtoing out Derrick, then the girls can still lust over Cody for another week. Done deal.

    Then there is always keeping Donny for TA & getting another chance at 5K being that they will lose the money this week, by his own admission he hates to take food from his daughters mouth. So he would be his own worst enemy going by the bullshit he has been spewing this summer w/ that line.

    1. I agree the better move is to save Donny, but it won’t be as disastrous as you are saying if they don’t. Saving him will really only give them one week of safety, as he will be targeting Caleb and Frankie, and everyone else will be targeting him. After he’s gone, they really have to start turning on each other. In few circumstances does it make sense for any of them to go after Victoria. Caleb and Frankie could probably be convinced to stick around long enough to take out Christine, but the eventuality in every scenario is that Derrick and Cody have to get rid of Caleb and Frankie. The best part about saving Donny is he will put up Caleb and Frankie if he wins HoH.
      Of course, Derrick and Cody have almost no way of knowing that Nicole isn’t targeting Caleb and Frankie too, she’s after them. Nicole would probably try to get rid of Derrick and keep Cody around to form an alliance with him. I think Nicole winning HoH is Derrick’s single biggest threat.

      tl;dr: It does make more sense for Derrick to keep Donny than to keep Nicole, but most of the benefits will just last one week and those benefits mostly involve the chance that Donny could win the HoH and preventing Nicole from having a chance at winning HoH when she otherwise would have. So, the odds are somewhat low (around 1 in 5) that the strategy will have any serious effect on the future of the game at all. That is, of course, assuming it doesn’t cause a divide between the Detonators, which it might.

  36. It’s a bummer to vote no on the mission when Donny’s part was actually pretty funny. But Frankie should get to know that America thought your mission was pretty terrible. What alliance thinks it would be a better idea to have “play” than save an alliance member… It would be interesting if they actually worked together, like a regular alliance. And we can let Donny and Derrick know they can backstab Frankie cause America did not like his mission.

    But I do think that keeping Donny would actually be better for Derrick’s game than keeping Nicole though. I think Donny would be loyal to them if they saved him at this point. Plus he is probably less likely to win HoH than Nicole, and Nicole would target Derrick and Cody. Caleb has realized that their next target is Christine and Donny would be on board to send her home since she is the most against Donny out of all of them vs Nicole who might not target her.

  37. Here’e the thing. Cody saying Donny will put him up. He is supposed to go to Donny and say, “If I save you, do you promise not to put me up.” What the heck. No one is doing that. No one is making a deal with Donny.

  38. Who’s this Caleb guy you all keep referring to? The man’s name is Beastmode Cowboy. Show him some daggone respect!

  39. Team America is pathetic! They have been given seven missions yet they have only been successful for three of them. Technically I would have given them a fail for pretending they were putting Amber on the block as a physical threat, gmab. Now they have a chance to save one of their ‘alliance’ members from eviction yet they balk.

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