Angela “The amount of lies that have been told to me.. its insane!”

POV: Angela Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 6th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Aug 9nd
Noms: ROCKS and Tyler Have Nots

12:10pm Kitchen. Brett, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, JC, Sam and Kaycee are talking about past seasons events from Big Brother Canada and BBUS. They talk about BBCAN when IKA Wong shredded the other house guests family letters while they watched.

12:20pm Backyard – Fes and Bayleigh. Fes – what are you thinking? Bayleigh – a lot of things, what are you thinking? Fes – Do you think this plan will work? Bay – I think the plan will work but a lot of things need to change moving forward. Fes – meaning? Bay – too many people are getting close to each other. Rockstar joins them. They talk about Rockstars punishment. Fes – its not really a punishment. You just have to eat and work out.

12:43pm HOH room. Angela, Scottie and Kaycee. Angela – the amount of lies that have been told to me.. its insane! This is the funniest thing.. so Scottie last night remember when I was working out with all the girls. Scottie – yeah. They’re trying to do an all girls alliance again! Scottie – OH BOY!! Angela – isn’t it funny the only time they don’t feel safe, they try and start an all girls alliance? Like is that not the worst thing you could possibly do when your back is against the wall.. you’re going to start an alliance. In Rockstar’s defense you are the only person she did not throw under the bus when she came up here. I though she would throw you and Tyler under the bus. Tyler joins them. Angela – when they pitched the all girls alliance I was said the reason why it didn’t work last time was because we didn’t have a plan, so what’s the plan? They I wanted to see if they would start throwing out names but they wouldn’t. Scottie – just last week Bay said that if I won this week she wanted me to put up you (Angela), Rachel or Kaycee. And now she is trying to work with you. Angela – the first person that has been in my room non-stop is Bay and she has been throwing you guy’s names out like crazy (Tyler & Scottie). Angela tells them about how she offered to do whatever Bay wanted her to do this week if Bay would use her power on Angela next week if she was in trouble… and Bay straight up turned it down.

12:57pm – 1:25pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the BB re-runs.

1:35pm Jessie comes over the PA and tells Rockstar to make a batch of beet balls and shadow box while they cook.

1:30pm – 1:39pm Bedroom. Bayleigh and Haliegh. Bay – I’m trying to stay away before I say anything crazy. People say things to me that are rude and disrespectful. My problem in real life is I’m good at popping back. I say something really quick that’s not nice .. in this game I can’t do that because people will hold grudges. I don’t know what world she lives in… its obviously one where she isn’t used to people calling her out. But I know this, I can only allow you to disrespect me so many times before I am like alright cool! Even the whole Bayleigh do you want to go there with me? I will gladly! What’s up!? Haleigh – lets get in the car, buckle up and lets go! Bay – I am ready to ride. There are people that can handle it and people that can’t. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Like Sam .. she dishes it out but can’t take it. You think I’m dumb and the answer is yes .. you think I’m dumb.

1:40pm – 2:15pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the BB re-runs..

2:40pm Storage room. Scottie and JC. JC – two things will happen. Either she will put up a light pawn or she is trying to backdoor someone. Worst case scenario is she backdoor’s Fes, but I don’t think she is going to do that. Just keep your mouth shut. Scottie – stay cool. That’s what I’m doing. They high five and JC leaves the room.

2:50pm Bathroom. Scottie – Haleigh wants to play a chess game with me. She just wants to get information out of me. The only think I say is she promised to keep me safe so I trust her. She’s like what does that mean for the rest of us? I was like I don’t know. If Haleigh asks just say that she is just trying to figure out who Tyler and I were connected with. Angela – so Scottie just be like she called me and Tyler up together .. she was just trying to figure out how many people I am working with now.

2:55pm HOH room. Fes and Angela. Fes – the only thing I have to say is you have the opportunity to make the biggest move in big bother history. You could be the most iconic big brother player ever! Like I have never seen anything like this. Not one bug two people .. one was on the block and then taken off. The guy gives up the veto because you convinced him on the spot. The other is on the block because of the hacker. And you convince him by saying let me have my HOH back. I have never seen anything like it. Angela – the only thing that is keeping me back is that I have been true to my word and this will be the first promise I will have to break. But Bayleigh made a really good point .. when someone lies to your face why should I do something for you. Fes – this will set you up. You walked in here as one of the hottest girls to ever walk in this house. Angela – thank you. Angela – what if I put some up and they figure out a way to keep themselves and then Rockstar goes home. Tyler joins them. Fes – leaves. Angela to Tyler – His pitched to me was that I will go down in big brother history.

3:43pm HOH room. Rockstar, Angela and Bayleigh chatting about random things and sucking up the the HOH the day before the veto ceremony. Rockstar talks about her boyfriend Chris. The conversation turns to talking about the veto competition. Baleigh says she is going to miss sleeping with Haleigh. She is such a cuddler. Angela to Rockstar – do you want to be engaged? Rockstar – of course. Kaycee and JC join them.

4:20pm Backyard suntanning.

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Botox Pelosi

We will see Monday how well Bayleigh can take it. I can’t wait.



What’s the latest with Swaggy C? Does he have the instincts to run as far away from Bayleigh as possible or does he still want to be with her? As the week unfolds, he is going to see a level of insanity and obnoxiousness that may blow his mind. Being Swaggy C, he may think he can control crazy Bay. He is the only cast member that I’m really worried about. I mean, Fessy will get his reality check quickly enough once the game is over. Swaggy C is about to be introduced to a whole new level of pain he never knew existed. Didn’t Bayleigh say she broke it off with three different boyfriends because they did not jump fast enough to fetch her food in time when she demanded something to eat? LOL

Botox Pelosi

Swaggy & Bayleigh are two self obsessed and arrogant people that are perfect for each other.


Plus it takes those 2 off the market so normal people don’t have to worry about them being around the dating pool, so Win Win!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jump to it, Swaggy C! Your girl Bay will be needing a truck load of that Humble Pie!


can they just bring back this same exact cast next season? it’d be interesting to watch how the way they played this season would change their decisions.


Make them sign an agreement to have absolutely no contact…and figure out a way to enforce it…to ensure there are no friendships developed, rather they all walk in as they walk out of the finale/after-party and I’d be down.

Bye Bye Bay

I don’t want to see the same cast again. I’ve had enough Swaggy, Bayleigh & Kaitlyn for a lifetime but I do agree that this season has been awesome so far.


Like I wanna see this same, exact cast play over and over. See how bad we’ve been deprived for a good BB season

Maxine Waters Is POTUS' Bottom B@tch

The same cast???? And lower all of our IQs?????


Yes each and every one of them…I’m really having a blast watching them


Completely agree. There is always at least one, usually more, that I wouldn’t want to see again. This season. I agree. All of them. Even crazy Kait.


OMG! Queen Bay is complaining that people are saying “rude and disrespectful” things to her?! She has about as much self-awarenss as Kaitlyn. Loving this season!

Golden machine

Oh no Scottie you too?
Why can’t anybody keep their mouths shut? He could’ve played the sides for a while longer if he kept things to himself.
RS, hayleigh, fessy, really need to re-evaluate their game going forward in the game.


Not really, everyone thinks Scottie is sketchy. He was trapped with Bayleigh and the clueless quartet.


Plus I feel like this is a trademark of rat. So far, he seems to be the true definition of a floater. Guarantee he’ll go back to the hive if one of them wins hoh

Douchey C

Lol, Queen Bay underestimates the steely Angela…..the queen B is gonna lose her shit this week and the iron throne queen is just gonna quietly smile back……I am loving this

Hoping against hope

1:30-1:39….who is Bay saying disrespected her?


think she is talking about sam.


That’s what I want to know. I’ve been around people like her who see disrespect and racism towards them in everything they do and in any group of people. It’s exhausting to be around people like that. I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to BE a person like that.

Pinocchio Trump

Sam is a condescending bully. I have seen her tell HGs to shut up and talk to them in a very demeaning way — almost like they are children. Sam telling Bay “do you want to go there with me,” is very disrespectful.

You need to stand up to bullies like Sam. Tell her “if you speak to me in way ever again we are going to have a major problem,” she would back TF off.

Even if that jeopardizes the $$. For some people, dignity and self-respect are more important than $$.

Someone Needs a Safe Space

Angela is a player.


And Queen Bay is not disrespectful? Her nickname she gave herself implies “I am up here and you are down there. Puh-leeze.

Botox Pelosi

I think the Queen thinks the disrespect is coming from the universe.

Marianne Martin

Angela and anyone else that does not kiss her royal butt … bow to her everything is good .. talk back and that is disrespect and rude .. you see how anyone tries to say or correct that girl the old finger is out and the arm goes up with the hand out .. give me a few minutes with her and i will show her what disrespect is and then some


Sometimes, people who are disrespectful to others, are highly offended when they think they are being disrespected.

You reap what you sow, dear Bayleigh.

Houka Inumuta

I told you guys that Scottie will win!!!!! He’s turning on the hive which makes him the last target of level 6. The hive would win HOH and go after LG which keeps Scottie safe. He’s going to make it to the end and win.

Is Scottie seriously teaming up with Scooby Doo fanboy??????


i thought scottie was in trouble last week, but now i think he’s in a pretty good spot. he’s feeding information to L6 which should have them keep him around while the other side of the house is forced to target brett and angela.

Survey Says

The scooby doo sh*t is getting old. Shut the f*ck up already.

Hi my name is Scott

Looks like either Scottie is either the worlds greatest actor or he has jumped from the hive. Queen Bay gives the reason why her alliances never work. She does not like anyone being close, even her own alliance. Her alliance has no plans because no one ever talks because they are not allowed to according to,the Queen.


I THINK he jumped for the moment, because the things he was telling L4 were truthful

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Scottie’s problem is that he has proven he is NO loyalty to anyone and he’s not worth the risk for ANY one to form a real alliance with. Same with Bay – I wouldn’t trust either of them to fulfill ANY promise.


When Angela asked, “So if I jeopardize my game, trust you and do what you think is best this week, would you protect me with your power if I needed it next week?”
I was like whoa, maybe Bay can pull this off… Maybe she’ll convince Angela that she wasn’t the Hacker, and maybe just may..
Before I could complete my train of thought, Bay goes “No, so here’s the thing right…” I almost threw my laptop out the window!


It’s like a hostage negotiation, you don’t say no. You qualify your answer and give solid reason why you either don’t need to use it or deflect the question. In big Brother you say absolutely I will use it to save you! Even if you have zero intention of actually doing it.


Exactly! I, of course, could be misremembering but…

I think at that time Angela was not 100% convinced that it was Bay– I think Bay was giving off genuine vibes that she would want to target JC over Tyler. Even if Angela was on the fence with Bay, the threat of allying with Bay could not be ignored. If Bay managed to take out two people not aligned with Bay by the time the hacker twist ended, then Bay really does become very problematic. Bay should recognize that having this app means that she must be backdoored if you aren’t 100% sure where she stood.

Not only that but Angela just took out her own friend, and this was after that person became close to Bay. It seemed like Bay was actually getting ready to tell Angela “I want you to be my ally, make the best move possible for your game, but protect me and my people, and in return, I will keep you safe and let you pick the nominations next week. You look out for me and I look out for you, as KC is my witness”

Clearly, I’m an idiot. By now I should have known that this crazy lady was actually trying to intimidate Angela by conveying, “Do what I want you to do, or else you won’t be safe next week.”


bay’s completely misread the utility of her power. it doesn’t keep you safe, it undermines the hoh. she should have used it this week or when sam was hoh.


I was watching this too, I don’t know how Angela didn’t start laughing. Bayleigh is making Angela’s decision so easy, lol

Maxine Waters Is POTUS45's Bottom B@tch

I have lost count as to the numer of fatal game moves Bay has made in less than a week! A train wreck of ineptitude.


Agreed…and to think prior to last week…she was one of the ones I liked most


Really up until the nomination ceremony she was in a really good spot. Then she got an inflated ego and crashed.

Hillary & Obama Tried to Steal The Election

Is it ego or cluelessness???? She has a masters degree but is a flight attendant???


Let’s start an early KRAKEN SEASON game. Take a shot every time you hear Bayleigh say, “Here’s my point-”
or take one whenever we see both Hayleigh AND Scottie chew on their nails in the same room.

Still Team Tyler with “I’ll stomp a mudhole in that bitch so fast” Sam FTW!


I am in but I do not have enough on hand as I figure tonights show will empty what I have 🙂 Simon you are a bad influence ever since I researched what Kraken was 🙂

Hillary Will Never Be President. Ever!

Why does Hayleigh look so dirty, greasy, pimply and unshowered during the entire week? And then at the live eviction she is ultimately hot and slutty looking? Does she only care about hygiene for one day of the week?

Obama Spied on Trump

And why does she wear a robe all day????


LOL…if she gets HOH, I want that question answered

Who said that!

Who is Bay blowing up on now?If she wants to go there,tomorrow will be perfect,she can call everyone out while sitting on the block.


Yes!!! I’m all for this, blow up while you’re on the block Bayleigh!! Then walk your Queen B butt right out the door. I can’t wait!!!


We’ll also accept “Here’s the thing-” as a trigger


Next year they should do a Senior Big Brother . For have nots they could withhold blood pressure and insulin meds . The best part is it would put an end to all the whispering or no one would hear. Watching would be much more enjoyable not having to turn my volume up to hear what everyones saying

sharp objects

It could be like News for the Hard of Hearing skit on SNL with Chevy Chase and Garrett Morris. lol Actually we could use that right now.

Min O'Pause

Now thats what im talkin about!

Min O'Pause

Instead of slime Otev would have them searching for stuff on a pond of Milk of Magnesia!

Min O'Pause

Everytime someone bitches about their bound up bowels, everyone does a shot of Geritol.


I missed it. Who said “do you want to go there” to Bayleigh?


I’m not sure..but I’m guessing sam


If it was Sam, Bayleigh may need to be careful, she’s already looking to stomp mudholes in people’s chests.


I would loooove to see bay and Sam go at it. No holes barred. That would be epic.


HAHA I only think it was Sam cause immediately after that, they said something referencing her


When Bayleigh takes her seat on the block, do you think the flummoxed four will be able to figure out what is going on? If not, Fessey, Haleigh, and the Rock Cod will follow Bayleigh out the door in the ensuing weeks, believing that Tyler is on their side and that the earth is flat. The season to date has been very entertaining, but I think the real game will start when the hive is history, and the players who are not satisfied with a seat on the jury begin to play Big Brother with their eyes on the prize.

Botox Pelosi

The first thing the Hive will do is say “Who flipped?”

Hillary Will Never Be President. Ever!

The first thing the Hive will do is say “Who flipped?”

Pure gold of a statement


The hilarious thing is, when Angela takes Tyler down and puts Bayleigh up, the clueless quartet will probably still think Tyler is with them.


Can it be Monday yet? Cannot wait for Bayleigh on the block.


When people talk to Bayleigh like she talks to them she loses her mind. You get what you give, girlfriend. Can’t be condescending and disrespectful to others and expect them to treat you with respect. Good grief! So not a fan of hers.


BBFaan — I 100% feel the same way. Bayleigh is a hypocrite. I don’t understand how she thinks she deserves respect when she doesn’t give respect in return.

Who said that!

Scottie needs to stay friends with Fes and Haleigh but float away,buddy up with Brett hang out with Angela and Kaycee to try to work his way in so they feel like he’s less of a threat,solidify an alliance with Tyler and Sam.Tyler will probably want to use Scottie as an option to take out Brett and Angela.


I’ll say it again … We need a hilarious as hell button. The comments always crack me up!! ???

another name

i know production as strategy rules are pretty much out the window.
with that said, i think bayleigh’s problem with sam getting diary calls is she had the most d/r calls and appearances last week, and doesn’t like the loss of spotlight. reality: tyler has the most d/r appearances, bayleigh second, kaitlyn is still third, and sam is fourth.


It annoys me how jc tells everyone “keep your mouth shut.” Like…just let him work his magic lol

Min O'Pause

I am up for a good oldfashioned cat fight with hair extensions flyin’ and veneers gettin’ punched out!


OMG its so unbelievable how clueless the clueless team are LOL
I mean they believe the other side aka their enemies would follow with their plan after flipping so many times?
At this point I am cheering for Sam to Win the BB
She might be annoying with her baby voice but she might win the big prize by being a floater and the less annoying person in the house.


Agree 100%…
Also, I’m on your team! I-45


So is Tyler!


Baileigh’s family needs to help her after the show. She needs counseling.

plural narcissists
: an individual showing symptoms of or suffering from narcissism: such as
a : an extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance
… since the narcissist is so convinced of his high station (most are men), he automatically expects that others will recognize his superior qualities and will tell him so. —Charles Zanor
But unlike the garden-variety snob, narcissists have impaired relationships because they’re unable to enter anyone else’s world. —Adelle Waldman
They’re still raging narcissists with a sense of entitlement stronger than the gravitational field of Jupiter. —Judith Rascoe

Hillary & Obama Tried to Steal The Election

Thanks for the diagnosis Mr. Internet Doctor.


You’re welcome mom…..


Yes fes angela can make big brother history…
Backdoor bay get rid of a power ! And a strong female who has 3 close friends