“The rest of the house is going to be freaking the f**k out!” – Christie

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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12:34pm Bathroom. Cliff is in the shower and had just finished showering when Sis comes out of the washroom, grabs the baby powder and shakes it out on him.

Backyard. Cliff, Jackson, Holly, Christie, Nick and Nicole. They think up ideas on how Cliff can get Sis back. Cliff wonders if he should put sqwinchers on her towel so that when she lays down it will turn her skin purple. He decides against it as he doesn’t want to ruin her clothes. Sis from across the yard says – I hear you f**kers conspiring against me. Cliff – go on Kat!

1:09pm Bedroom. Sis and Christie.
Christie – I feel sh*tty about it because I don’t want to .. if you come off the block and she goes up ..I feel like she will just know that it was like a plan the past couple days. And it sucks because I love her .. but she does make the most sense because Nick has to vote and he is not going to vote out Nicole. He is not going to vote out Cliff. I hate that, that has to happen. Sis – I look at it like .. we both have a chance to be here at the end of the week and we have to do what we have to f**king do. And I know you’re so good with your words and you can convince him that if we make a f**king deal we will stick to it. And we will get one, two, three out…. and then Nick. And we will f**king be here still. And you don’t have to win HOH .. Cliff isn’t coming after you. Nicole isn’t coming after you. They’re all going after Jackson and Holly. Nick is going after Holly and Jess. And you, Me, Tommy, and Nick are not coming after you. If we make this deal Holly won’t come after you. If you want a chance to stay here that is the only thing that might work. Christie – I want to talk to him .. is it smart for me to talk to the both of them together? Sis – I think so .. Holly has reservations about you so make her feel included. Christie – I feel like you and Tommy have to talk to them too. So if we can do it all together to show that we really mean this to solidify it. The rest of the house is going to be freaking the f**k out! Like should Nick be there? Sis – maybe. Christie – because I do have to make sure I have his vote. Sis – because if Nick isn’t there he will feel like he is on the outs. Christie – yeah Nick has to be there. I don’t know when we’re going to be able to get alone. Sis – we will swear on the bible that we won’t go after them till we get down to 5 or 6. Christie – sell my soul .. but that dream really was crazy Sis. Like I really did resurrect my dead grandfather. Sis -and you literally told him yesterday let me sleep on it. That gives me goose bumps.

Christie – I feel like it can’t hurt especially if you’re being genuine. Before this veto meeting .. like sh*t is going to hit the fan. Its killing me and I hate that its going to have to be her but she is the one that makes the most sense. She is the one that caused that like re-division. Maybe you can talk to Holly and somehow in there .. make it about Jess. Like a little …just between you and her. And then by the time I talk to her I reinstate that point and its already in her head a little bit. Jess told me last night that Holly blames her for you guys not being friends.

1:30pm Suntanning..

1:40pm – 1:55pm HOH room. Sis and Holly.
Holly – step on into my office. Sis – I’ve just felt really hurt lately.. but then Michie made it clear. I felt like you had some sort of idea that we were going to go up and it just hurts because I felt super blindsided by him. I felt blindsided by him and kind of by you. I was like there is no way her boyfriend would not tell her … at least one of her really good friends.. at least I thought .. was going on the block. I just would have loved to have know. And when you came in the room after I felt like it was insincere. Holly – it was so f**king awkward. Sis – yeah it was. I just had this feeling that you knew. I honestly believed that us four could get to four. Holly – it just felt so f**king awkward. I was gung-ho the four and Michie wasn’t in the four. I was afraid of who he would put up and I didn’t know what direction he would go. He didn’t even involve me at all in the process. Sis – I had to pretend when I was talking with Jess because its all fake just in case she wins HOH. Holly – I am genuinely confused on what Jess is doing. She was literally kissing Jackson’s a$$. Sis – then she came down and was kissing me and Christie’s a$$. I feel like she is just trying to cause a divide between us because she is scared we could all get back together and come after her. Holly – she is and she doesn’t know where to go. Sis – she is f**king playing us and I really hate that. Holly – yeah she is definitely doing that. Sis – that’s why I don’t want her to know I am up here talking because she is going to make something up and then we are going to start fighting again. I’ve been really crying a lot and she really made me believe it. Holly – and there is a little truth in what she is saying .. and blowing it up into something that is not.

1:56pm – 2:43pm HOH room. Sis and Holly continued. Holly – she (Jess) caused a lot, a lot of Kat’s paranoia. Sis – really because she told us that she think that you guys cause a lot of Kat’s paranoia. Holly – wow! Kat said that Jess keeps putting ideas in my head and I know that my paranoia is coming from her. Sis – see that’s what I feel she is doing to US! Holly – I am just going to literally going to stop listening to anything that comes out of Jess’s mouth. Sis – me too and if I hear anything I am just going to go straight to the source. Why can’t she (Jess) be on the block… like what the f**k. Holly – that’s the thing after Michie put y’all up I did talk to him especially once I saw Christie’s face. Sis – I love Christie.. and obviously I would love for her to stay but if she would have to go ..she would have to go. But I think about it in numbers ..like that is what is really scaring me. If Jess wins HOH she will probably put Nick and Jackson up. Cliff – I am not really sure where Cliff’s head is at but the last thing I heard is that you two were his target. But if we could just keep the numbers now then we would be able to take them all out. Then we go after each other and that’s when we f**king compete. But I get what Jackson means about this is the only time to get Christie out but Cliff and Jess are good at mental comps and Nick is really good. But Me and Tommy, and you and Jackson .. we are not the best at these mental comps. Nick is good with everyone .. he would just wait till Jess is out and then throw it to Nicole and let her do the dirty work. Sis – I would just love if Michie would just say lets swear on the bible and.. Holly – has he talked to her yet? Sis – all of us are so strong together .. like how f**king boring would it be if it was just some of us .. it would be so fun the last few days in the house. Holly – it would be so f**king sick to get to six. Sis – like I would legit bible! I would bible and no one would ever go against that .. like that’s some serious sh*t. Holly – I would have to seriously talk to everyone and just feel so confident. Sis – Tommy wants to get back together. They hug and head downstairs..

3:45pm More suntanning..

4:08pm – 4:23pm Bedroom. Tommy, Sis and Christie.
Tommy – I think we get the gag back together. Christie – although Nick has to be in on it or else he will not vote to keep me. Sis – I know, I know that’s why. Tommy – I think Nick should be in on it. My pitch to them .. this buys them 2 more weeks definitely. Going into next week there is still a huge target but if we have an army protecting them it pretty much buys them another 2 weeks.. and so much can happen in two weeks. But one thing that I don’t want to do is that we won’t take a shot at them first because I don’t want to promise that. Sis – you don’t have to promise that but you (Christie) because Michie said that upstairs because he was scared that you were going to take a shot at him. Tommy – it sucks that you have to make a promise that you’re not going to take a shot at both of them first. I would just try with just one first. But this is good for all of us. There is so much uncertainty .. we don’t know who could win next. If we have a tight group and we get down to it and then we compete and stick to the original plan. Sis – say we’ll compete because he is all about competing .. but you won’t take a shot at him at first when we get down to it. Take a shot at Nick. Tommy – don’t say Nick .. just say I won’t take a shot at you first. This buys them two more weeks and America will love it. Christie – I have to game now and its annoying.. like I want to game but its like making a deal with someone that I didn’t want to have to. Obviously he’s got me by the balls now so I don’t have a choice. So I either give up or I sign the deal with someone that I didn’t necessarily want to. Sis – that’s how this game is. I never thought I would make a deal with Cliff. He’s always been my number one target. Christie – so talk to them together but aim it at Michie. Sis – even if this doesn’t work.. at least we f**king tired.

4:25pm – 4:55pm HOH room. Christie, Holly and Jackson.
Christie – first I want to let you both know that I love the both of you. And the day before this whole blow up happened… we did both get a chance to talk individually.. and I really was so happy and a sigh of relief to to put that all out there. We all got to talk and Tommy has been so gung ho about all of us getting back together. I really, really did feel so good about that and then another huge blow up happened. A lot of it didn’t involve me. .. it involved Sis. And a lot of it was to make us look like we weren’t together. Whenever something is said I always just believe Jess and I almost just fall into her. She is good and genuine.. she is.. Jackson – she is Jess. Christie – yeah. And I literally like love her. And a lot of things that she says was hurting me. In my heart I really did feel like we could come back together and build an army around maybe the two of you. I do get your point and you probably did hear me angry.. Jackson – I can describe it .. it was like we were in a relationship .. the six… really I felt like I was with an significant other that was like cheating on me. And then day 44 happened and I kind of got kicked to the curb. And then we smoothed things out and were on good terms .. but in the back of my mind I was still unsure if I could trust you and Tommy and Sis. 12 hours before the blowout .. I came up here and was really swallowing my pride. I really felt like I had been done dirty. I wanted to give it one more shot.. and I found out about a deal that didn’t include me, Holly and Jess. On top of what I heard in the havenot room about how we don’t have anyone in this house. We don’t win HOHs or Vetos. The only person they have is Kat and we need to get her out disarm them. I was like okay, I don’t have anyone .. I don’t owe anyone an explanation anymore. Who is my biggest threat between me and five hundred thousand dollars ..is you. I was given an opportunity and if I didn’t take it .. it might be the end of my game. Christie – I didn’t take it personally being nominated. Sis took it a bit more personally because she didn’t understand why she was up. Jess was trying to divide what we were trying to rebuild. Do I think that most likely I am going home this week .. I do. If I were to happen to stay this week by any means and I could guarantee that my strength could be used to protect the both of you.. even if it means that I would have to give my word, shake on it, put my hand on the bible that I would not come after you till it got down to the six. And I am sure it would include Nick .. like I said I would rather work with him for now than against him. I also see how tight he is with Cliff and Nicole. Nicole has a very good chance at winning this game. He blatantly said that he doesn’t have my back over Cliff and Nicole. I am honest with my game moves.. I would not lie or go back on my word if I give it. Even if at one point I wanted you out so bad … and to me its like signing a deal and putting my stamp on it.. I wouldn’t take a shot at you. I would vow to use my mental skill to get us to a five or a four. And I wouldn’t have Nick’s back before I had yours because Nick vocalized that he wouldn’t have mine. I have myself already gone and have made my peace with it. I feel like America would be flipping the f**k out knowing that it could be a come back story. But I do respect you personally that if you do not think that is a good game move for you then I respect that too. I fear Jess and Cliff mental ability. I fear Nick and Nicole’s bond. These are threats that come way before the two of you. And I would be willing to make any deal, word, promise, bible going forward to stay in the game. I owe it to myself and to you guys to make it work. Jackson – you’re a fighter. Christie – if you can foresee building an army around you for the next 3, 4, 5 weeks.. let me know. Jackson – I love you Chris and I’ve gained so much more respect for you. On a personal level you and I have squashed our personal sh*t and I hope we have a friendship outside this house. Christie – I love you both and if there is anything else you want to ask just ask me. They hug and Jackson leaves.

5pm – 5:15pm Christie and Holly.
Holly starts crying – I should be the one consoling you. Christie – we’re going to be friends no matter what when we get out of here. Holly – its really sucks because I want to go to you and make you feel better but you’re hurting and I feel like I have something to do with it. I’ve had these same feelings that Michie had .. I’ve been terrified of being betrayed by you but I didn’t make the decisions. I wouldn’t have made the same decision if I had won. Christie – I believe that it wouldn’t have been me and Sis if you had won. I couldn’t not be there for you guys but then I go to the RV and I just felt like an impostor. Like I am the villain. Sleeping up here in my castle. Christie – I am so sorry that you felt that way too. Holly – I respect and stand by his decision. Same goes for you, Tommy and Sis. Christie – I am not going to just lay down and go to jury and I am not going to campaign against Sis. Whatever happens I respect and at least I have my truth. Holly – Jess came up here to apologize and was like yeah I know it wasn’t you ..just generalizations of the house and I used you ..as an example. And then went and told Sis .. Holly just admitted to saying that. I was like are you F**KING KIDDING ME! Christie – and was angry that you were trying to deny it. Christie – I am angry but props to her its a sick game move. Tommy joins them.

5:40pm Storage room. Jackson and Holly.
Holly – the reason she was so mad at me yesterday was because after Jess came up and we had that conversation she went straight down to Sis and Christie and said that Holly is admitting everything that she said. Jackson – wait, wait, wait.. Holly – about the personal stuff.. remember right after you won and Jess came up and I was like Jess why did you say that stuff? And she was like I’m sorry.. I was just using you as an example. And she said to Christie and Sis that Holly admitted everything. Like I don’t know why she is denying it she admitted it in confidence. Which is verbatim what I said. Jackson – WHAT THE F**K JESS!! I almost want to take Sis off the block and put Sis up there. Holly – don’t, don’t! So when you are counting our people we don’t have Jess …she went straight to them and is continuing to throw me under the bus. Jackson – I think that Jess is so tired of being on her own that she is trying to get on everyone’s side. Holly – I feel better about Sis but not 100%.

6:10pm Hammock. Christie and Sis. Christie reiterates her conversation with Holly.

7pm Backyard. Cliff, Christie, Jackson, Nick and Sis are chatting about random things. Meanwhile in the kitchen Tommy and Holly are cooking dinner. Holly is making chicken and pancakes.

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An ornery mouse

Ha, Sis is a stone-cold spazz. She’s kinda cracking me up begging the cameras for a power. It doesn’t seem to register in that hollow little noggin of hers that (A) if you’re one of America’s least favorites, then (B) you’re unlikely to win anything desirable via a vote. Apparently in Sis’s mind, concept A somehow gets lost in the fog before she’s able to arrive at concept B.

It would’ve never been good, but I think Sis is one of those players who could’ve benefited a great deal from making the show at a more advanced age. She’s certainly never gonna be an intellectual, but maybe when older she’d at least know not to talk about last night’s salami on camera, or all the “I effing HATE fill in the blank” rage. She may even learn how to distinguish a noun from a verb in the future.

Feeds Gold

shes correct in thinking that viewers want to be entertained, and basing it on that, hoping for a power to save christie

they are two of very few players left providing any kind of entertainment at all

a vast majority of the rest of the players are like watching paint dry

who gives a sh!t if shes an intellectual


I suppose if you are easily entertained you may find these girls entertaining, but I find them just as dull as the rest of the players. The only time they are funny IMO is when they show how truly ignorant they are

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Yeah I fast forward through allot of Christie Nick Sis & Jess conversations because none entertain me; they annoy me BIG time. Sis is stupid, a lazy gamer, and super negative. Christie & Nick good perpetual never ending word vomit. And Jess, there’s not enough hours in the day for her to complete one thought.


Like, Like, Like, Like you are right.. LOOL They are about as entertaining as watching a turtle walk…


You’re as delusional as those two are if you think they are entertaining.

An ornery mouse

I agree with you, Feeds Gold, on the Christie side of the equation….. as she brings the crazy comparable to the best of them in the game’s history. I’m not for Christie, but the house will certainly be less dynamic (and probably entertaining) if she goes.

With Sis, although she’s only 22, she still comes across as even younger to me. I just think it’d have been better for her (and possibly us) if she had been cast down the road after acquiring more life experience….. maybe closer to 30? But the CBS honchos (who make the final casting calls) were probably salivating over her physical appearance.

Houka Inumuta

Since Michie won HOH next week his eviction date is postponed to August 29.

Nicole is such a great player. She joined a lot of alliance this past few days. Not one person is taking a shot at her.


All your premonitions failing, you must be related to Christie.


Yes, get that scum OUT OUT OUT!!!!!!


nicole has been teflon all season. it’s actually pretty impressive, but she needs a resume for the finale.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sure, Buddy; whatever you say.


I guess you’ll eventually get it right since you keep changing his eviction date every week making yourself look about as intelligent as Sis.


Please tell me jackson isn’t considering pulling down sis


We can hope. Then we just need to keep Christy safe and the week will be a success!

Let’s hope Ticofernandez, go Christy go!


No, any change and he gets blood on his hands = dumb move. No one is scared of having Sis come after them.


Sis only knows how to chase her own tail, she’s not the after anyone.


That sentence is suppose to say she’s not going after anyone.


No he is not, he will pull down Christie. Mark my words!!!!!


Christie and Sis fans are as delusional as they are.


Lol the fact that they think Michie will put up Jess is mind boggling..wait till Jess finds out lol then Christie won’t even have three votes

An ornery mouse

I really don’t see Michie putting up Jess….. especially since the following allegedly happened:

Holly – “I am genuinely confused on what Jess is doing. She was literally kissing Jackson’s a$$.”

Ha, can someone please point me to the timestamp for this event?


smh here we go again cbs trying to keep people interested with the fake flip drama.. christie will be unanimously evicted thursday period end of story.. if it makes you feel better to wait to hear jackson say (drumroll please) i’ve decided NOT to use the power of veto so be it.. unfortunately on the flip side christie leaving does make this boring season even more boring only to get worse once tommy nick and sis are evicted but hey at least all you bb fans that like the “nice” players get watch jess cliff or nicole get the money yaaaay!!!


Christie REALLY thinks she’s going to talk Jackson into letting her stay.
Sell her soul?? Don’t you need one to begin with?
She’s going on and on about how badly she feels for Jess that she’s going to be going up in Sis’s place & there’s Sis talking about nobody is going to be coming after them, lol.
The delusion is REAL with these two… even the squirrels running around that empty head of Sis’s are giving her some major side eye.
Reality is going to be such a kick in the teeth when Christie realizes that the universe actually despises her.


The only danger here is that I think I remember Holly was pushing for Nick on the block and Jackson can be swayed by Holly. If he does used POV, only safe thing he could do, shock everyone take off Sis, the say, “Tommy since I used POV on Sis, please go up and take her place next to your Crusty. This POV meeting is over.”

Let Tommy high kick, high kick a routine for everyone at that. End scene with Jackson dropping mic


Thought of the day: Is Sis were to make it to final 3 and win HOH, she will try to backdoor one of the other two HGs….before you respond that it can’t be done, she would think about putting herself up as an original nom.


Ah… the best last night was when Sis was trying to get close to the cameras & started climbing up on things and production told her to knock it off (they had to be sick of hearing her whining too).
As if that wasn’t funny enough, Sis then starts begging the camera to do a close up on her (so she can beg us to give her an unearned power to save Christie) & production would NOT do a close up on her No. Matter. What.
As soon as she gave up and walked back to the bed to pout (because she didn’t get her way), THAT’S when the camera started zooming in and out, over and over again, totally mocking her, lol.

J e t s jets jets jets

Now I wish I was watching.


I’ll see if I can find it on YouTube somewhere for you.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

THAT’S FUNNY LOL So production hates then too.

Feeds Gold

sis laying some good groundwork for christie

its up to christie now to see if she can convince the showmance to save her

jackson will likely be too stubborn to roll the dice even though keeping her may help him

having numbers is the key, which the showmance are currently lacking, especially with jackson not playing the next hoh

its a major long shot…hes wanted her out for so long

The Beef

Yeah, but I wonder exactly how much of that spoon fed horsesh@t Holly is actually digesting, and how much she is really just telling Sis what Sis wants to hear? I don’t think Michie is dumb enough to change his plan mid-stream, knowing that he is truly convinced Christie is the person he needs to get out this week, PLUS he knows that Tommy, Nick and Sis are all planning on throwing the HOH this week, out of fear of “getting blood on their hands” and losing jury votes. He knows he’s safe with Holly. He’s feeling pretty good with Cliff and not too bad with Nicole, although she hasn’t won anything yet. That leaves only Jess for him to really worry about, and while she would probably put him up, the odds of her winning are totally dependent on what type of comp it is first, and then no better than even odds with Cliff and Nicole after that.

Numbers are important – usually the most important thing. But that assumes people are actually trying to win to eliminate the competition. When folks are afraid to win as it appears Tommy, Nick and Sis are, that changes things and increases Jackson’s chances of avoiding the block.


If Jackson takes this new deal with Crusty and Sis, it shows how much Tommy has influenced has had bringing that horrible six back. Six, six, six. Isn’t that considered the number of the beast? Why can’t BB21 get rid of Crusty. To quote from the play, “all the demons from hell have been sent to torment me.”


Are they demons from hell or Christie’s “spirit guides”?

Miss Conception

The “Titanic” is sinking ,Christie is standing on deck and the only life vest available for her is the one that exists in her mind! All others have already abandoned the ship.


Yessss! Christie and Analyse will outsmart them ALL AND GO ON TO THE FINAL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You have a great sense of humor.


This house is boring without Kat

Kat’s Alien Bitch

I agree

Sis is not …smart. The best edit she has had all year is when she was a chicken

The bell is tolling for thee Christie

I have no bird, I have no bush

When Holly was explaining to Sis about the solstices, I couldn’t handle it. I laughed so hard. I don’t expect people to know everything, but that’s kind of basic stuff. And Sis is supposedly in college, since she plays soccer in college. I mean I never thought she got in on an academic scholarship, but geez. What was her major?


I read somewhere that it was public health and that she recently graduated. But she says she doesn’t want to work in that field. She wants to be an Instagram influencer. With the way she feels about the general public, I don’t want her working in public health either.

I have no bird, I have no bush

I read that she doesn’t shower, so that’s like the opposite of public health.


I know…he face looking at them as they explained about 10 not actually coming sooner, had me on the floor. Sis really got a great edit last night. Like, unbelievable actually.


The crazy part of this is Sis thinks Holly/Jackson should make this deal to save both her & Christie & not just that but put them (Christie/Sis/Tommy) in a position of greater strength coming out of this week. She spells it out for Christie (see Simon’s live feed notes above)- they (Nicole/Cliff/Nick) would all be gunning for Michie/Holly while those they in turn would take out those 3 & we would be safe to the end.

Precisely what benefit is this to Jackson? Maybe for Holly it’s not a bad deal b/c she was an original member of the 4 but how does this help him? As it is Tommy & Nick are not gunning for him anyway – neither are Cliff or Nicole so he has five of the seven people playing in HOH that won’t put him up likely if Christie leaves this week. Only Sis would be after him & once they call out Christie for suggesting Jess goes up on the block — well scratch that as i was going to say it would smarten Jess up but nothing is a given when it comes to her (one can only hope Christie gets desperate & tries to start a scene with Jess by calling her out tonight or Jackson tells her what Christie/Sis are suggesting. Even then Jess would probably try to find some way to excuse Christie — hey maybe she’d blame Christie’s spirit guides not manifesting correctly.

Or how about Sis throwing Nick UTB (sure hope they tell Nick about her suggesting he go on the block instead) & then saying Nick needs to be in the F5. Sis approach to this game is so basic & juvenile. The audacity of Sis thinking everyone should just hand them (her/Christie/Tommy) the game simply b/c she wants it & believes “they are more fun & America would be so bored if they weren’t there”. I’m flabbergasted.


Completely agree. Sis and Christie have no self-awareness. They shoot their mouths off when they’re safe and ballsy, then when the power shifts, they try to pretend they’ve played an honest game and deserve to be there. Jackson and Holly were a target going into this week and come on Christie…she was NEVER going to use her power to save Jackson when he was on the block with Jack the first time. Jackson was always expendable to her. She is a competitor with no loyalty to him, why should Jackson keep her?

J e t s jets jets jets

Sis has a ZERO resume as it is. She was voted for the field trip. Why would she think America wants her to win? It’s only because she’s always been entitled to everything she’s got in life and now she’s feeling entitled to this.


She DOES have a resume. All her sexual activities and the chicken! hahahaha


Ugh. Here we go…only two days pass and we’re back at Christie and Sis talking about “the six”. All we need is Jackson to make a ridiculous, unnecessary deal with Cliff and we can check all the blocks for this week’s HOH. And, Christie saying she will use her mental skills to win the next HOH is hilarious. I don’t think she means “mental” the way I’m translating it.


Please tell me Jackson and Holly aren’t falling for Sis & Crustys BS


They are!!!!! Hahahaha! Christie for AFP!!!!!!!


Can there be a new award LFP (Least Favorite Player) this year? I’m sure we’ll have plenty of front runners. Starting with a C


Jackson didn’t buy it (he’s not stupid) He was polite & respectful though. For as much as Jackson note’s Christie’s mental ability her inability to remember lies & deals is hurting her atm (IMHO). During their chat she tried to paint Jess, Nick & even Nicole with a dirty brush. She’s told so many lies & said so many things she can’t even remember anymore so by not taking any OWNERSHIP for things she did/said it makes her whole case hollow.

Besides, there are just far too many flaws in this strategy b/c if Nick has a trio deal with Nicole/Cliff to F3 then why is he so important to include in their new F6? If Christie believed the 5 had resolved their problems then WHY didn’t any of them give H/M a heads up about the deal last week? And why were they so secure to throw the HOH & went in planning to throw it?

BECAUSE they were hoping for H/M to be nominated & evicted?

Prior to going in Sis/Christie discussed the convo Jackson overheard & neither of them remembers saying it or hearing it – but that’s b/c they were spewing so much hate. It wasn’t just what they said it was the vitriol with which they said it. It’s kind of scary they can both be hurling out so much venom & remember none of it & then claim to be playing a clean & honest game.

Anyway- he didn’t buy it – noms will remain the same. Sis misread Holly restoring their fractured relationship as this is going to happen & they are going to hand us 3 the game. With Christie not used to be in a downward position she didn’t prepare well going in to give a credible offer to Jackson. If she had thought it through she would have asked him questions on how they could repair the relationship & what she could do on top of offering whatever deal she had. Instead it was take one of us down – save us both & we’ll keep you safe for 2-3 weeks. READ: we’ll reconstruct the 6 & in 2 weeks you’ll both be gone b/c we’ll throw HOH.

I’m still in shock they thought it was going to just be that simple. AGAIN – while they were wallowing over the unfairness of being on the block H/M built a solid alliance NO ONE has any clue about with N/C – who are more trustworthy than anyone in that F6 group. Even Tommy told Christie don’t promise “we” won’t go after them first b/c Tommy couldn’t promise that which speaks volumes.

J e t s jets jets jets

I can’t wait to scroll these pages and not have to look at all of the pictures of Christie.


I gave ya a thumbs up…BUT…I will kinda miss those pics. Many of them provided me with some real, true, deep-in-the-gut, laughter. Sorry ChristyRulez…no offense. :p


I think your talk about the secret relationship between Michie and Holly and Cliff and Nicole cannot be understated. Let me start by saying that I do NOT want the band back together. I think Christie, Nick, Sis, and Tommy are the worst of those left in the house. But a big puzzle piece missing from Christie and Sis’s pitch…was including Cliff and Nicole. Cliff and Nicole were part of their final 6 against Michie and Holly. If they really wanted this plan to work…to get Jess otb…they HAD to include them in this deal…to lend more credibility to their argument against Jess.

J e t s jets jets jets

So make it an 8? Don’t see the logic there when there are only 9 left.

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christie made her pitch and doesnt look good for her

holly fake crying to christie is pretty lame…rubbing her eyes trying to find some tears, but there just isnt any haha

jackson wants to go into next hoh with only holly fully in his corner

forget about trying to gain extra numbers…the only thing that matters to him is getting out christie

Dalia Hobelman

Come on Simon lol Christine in hoh trying to get off block


jack gone kat gone christie gone = boring boring boring

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but if they get Tommy out next it’s anyones game.

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holly tells jackson about jess ratting her out to sis and christie

jackson is shocked…says i should take down sis and put up jess

holly shoots it down


they no longer count jess as a number

so that makes their current numbers that would for sure keep them both safe including no renom: 2(only themselves)

and playing in the next hoh: 1(just holly)


Jackson and Cliff had discussed Jess’ position in the game. They didn’t know if they could guarantee on her vote so I’m not sure if that had been already accounted for. Jackson was unsure about Nicole but Cliff told him Nicole would be fine.
I don’t think Jess was ever considered a number for the group after the blow up.

Maybe that’s why she is always left out and why Crusty and Sis feel they can throw her under the bus by trying to replace her in POV meeting. Jess is clueless and believes the wrong people. Does not stay loyal to the people trying to help her (Nicole, Cliff). I want to see her go but not if it means Crusty stays.


You are so correct! I don’t understand jess’s Game at all. She was set this week and now shes’ Just asking to be a target. Her blind faith in Christy is just sickening. On one hand I wish Jackson and Holly would tell her that Christy is throwing her under the bus. But then Jess would just run back and tell Christy and ask for more kool-aid please. She is just clueless!

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What about Cliff? He seems to be solidly in Jackson’s corner right now, and I don’t think he puts Jackson or Holly up if he wins HOH. If Nicole wins (doubtful, but blind hogs and acorns), she has stated she would put up Jess and “who knows” (maybe Sis after this week?). Holly surely isn’t putting him up.

Sis has won nothing, and doesn’t seem to be interested in even trying to do so. Tommy and Nick are more interested in keeping blood off of their hands than eliminating Jackson or Holly, so likely will throw this week as they both feel “safe”.

Given all this, it seems likely either Holly, Cliff, Nicole or Jess will win HOH this week. If it’s any kind of physical comp, Jess is out. Given last week was slip and slide, it may be mental, in which case Jess would be even money IMHO with the other three, or 25% chance of winning. IF she does, she puts up two males, probably Jackson and Cliff, and Jackson is favored in a physical Veto comp or even money (with Holly) in a mental, to take himself off the block.

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I just thought this was interesting…typically on the show when they air dr segments, that is when the players are real about their game talk and who they are.But Christie is just the opposite, in the dr she puts on a fake act.


Exactly right! If you’re going to play dirty then play dirty. But at least own up to it in the DR. Doesn’t she realize that we see everything. We’re not players in the game that she needs to try to snow over. We see who she really is. Sometimes I think she believes her own bu**s***. It a little ridiculous.

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Watching Crusty chewing her food and just staring off into space reminds me so much of a cow mindlessly chewing it’s cud.

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That’s so mean…… to cows.


Moooooooo! hahahahaha

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i enjoyed the sis egg making punishment montage in tonights episode

the subtitles as she was balk balking were awesome haha

im also enjoying cliff/sis humorous banter, an interesting pair(the oldest and youngest) that enjoy goofing around, and pranking each other, sharing alot of laughs


I did too…but NOT because it made Sis appear more human and more authentic. I just thought it was really funny and entertaining.

Last Season was Better

Jackson keep it smart and keep Christie on the block. She needs to go and have more time to think about the universe in jury.


Jackson getting rid of Christy is good on paper, but once Christy is gone, Jackson is 100% next target. With Jackson and Christy gone Cliff or Holly are the BB winners. The rest of the house guests are all floaters. This season was kinda meh IMO.

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He is already the #1 target.He and Holly need to try to pull in Cliff and Nicole.


Exactly! And they’re smart to be doing just that. (pulling in Cliff and Nicole). I think Nicole will see that as more valuable than Nick Nasty!

My Two Cents

I’m no shrink…. but it seems to me that having an over-inflated sense of self importance, thinking that the universe revolves around what’s going on with you or manipulates outcomes for YOU personally, and believing that God is sending you special messages through spirits, might just be indicators of some kind of serious psychological disorder or personality dysfunction. Just sayin…..

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….or she’s just an entitled a-hole.

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Jess’s “gameplay” makes no sense. The worst part is she’s been caught more than once running around telling everyone everything yet she still manages to skate by.


Sis sure feels quite secure. She said multiple times that she doesn’t think she would go home no matter who she sits on the block with. Before veto she was telling tommy and nick if they were picked to play and won to leave her on the block and save Christie so…. I kinda can’t wait to see sis be knocked off her throne


I would actually take Sis to the end. She has no game play at all, an easy win for me.


Just now….Christie is telling Tommy about her plan to convince Jackson to backdoor Nicole. She knows that Jackson wants a girl to get evicted this week and feels that he may consider taking out Nicole.–what a maroon


Yea…as if that would be a big, bad, game move and resume builder for the half a mil!


Watched the Sunday show and Crusty talking about how close she lives to Tommy. Tommy freaking acting so badly, like over acting to the 2nd balcony over exaggerated badly acted, because Crusty almost describes the color of the sheets on his bed as she passes by her third exit going to her home on the daily waving AND NO ONE clues in that THEY ARE FRIENDS OUTSIDE THE HOUSE!

Just snowballed, Bamboozled. They, the houseguests, don’t stand a chance if they can’t figure that out.


Totally agree and I was half expecting for Cliff, Nicole, Nick, Holly, SOMEONE to mention it in the dr but they didn’t. 😮


Or talk about it later to each other.

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oh michie michie michie

how quickly you forget you were the first to turn against sis and tommie and christie day 44

youre presented a sweet deal with multiple people willing to work with you

but your absolute obsession and stubbornness with getting christie out is clouding your judgement

you then become an even bigger target…no christie for anyone to aim at anymore…and you are in the only showmance

how do you expect to get to the end without a proper crew?


Oh Feeds Feeds Feeds…how can you not see how biased your posts are lately…or else you’re really just going for the humor factor and really just trying to give us all a laugh? :p And I do think he is building a “proper crew.” He’s got Holly…he’s on good terms with Tommy and Nick…and he’s been working hard this week in building a meaningful relationship with Nicole and Cliff. I’d actually say that he has defied my expectations in his hoh reign so far and if it continues…he will have had the most successful hoh so far this season.


There comes a point in the game that people have to take out those who are perceived to be in charge. That’s how Steve won. No one bothered to target Vanessa because she would be the shield that everyone was targeting. At some point the shield has to go or the shield wins. Steve got lucky and he was able to cut Vanessa at 3 Jackson is getting rid of the shield while he can because there may be no chance later.


I’m officially manifesting Christie to be evicted this week and I already know it will happen because the universe revolves around me and bends reality to my every whim.