“I was encouraged. I had a dream and GOD suggested… Like a big message it was two-spirit guides”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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11:40 am
Christie – I’m in the mood for Chips.. in the mood for garbage.
Christie – I’m going to sit here and eat f*ing chips.
Just random chit chat around the table.


midnight Tommy, Christie and SIS
T – Christie I love you and I’m really sorry
Sis brings up her conversation with Jackson earlier today. “He told me he didn’t owe it to me because of what he heard in camp comeback and because right after the big blow-up with Jack he just felt really alone. he didn’t owe it to anyone to tell what he was doing”
Sis – then he was saying how.. he put me up knowing you would go home against me I was just like I get it but why would you put me up against someone… I mean I wasn’t throwing you under the bus.
Sis – I was like why would you put someone on the block that made a deal and left you out of it.. he’s like I know I get he would have left up against Christie. (I think she’s implying Cliff, why didn’t Jackson put up Cliff)
Sis – I was saying it just sucks because we could have all been in a 5 person thing and totally had each other’s back and now it sucks because if we still wanted to or something like now it’s hard (LOL) down a number I lost someone.. I’m losing a number, Tommy’s losing a number, Nick’s losing a number, You’re losing a number and he was like I KNOW but that’s just the risk I’m going to have to take
Sis – I pitched to Tommy maybe the deal or something. Tommy thinks it’s worth a shot
Tomm y- I think so

Christie – I was encouraged to. I had a dream and GOD suggested that
Tommy – really
Christie – Like hard, Like a big message I went to sleep and not sleep my medatation.. and I was told by my spirit guide umm.. why the hell would you just give up you are amazing at this game you need to .. you need to talk to whoever is in charge and you need to turn this around if anyone can do this it’s you
Sis – when you took a nap today did he come back
Christie – yeah mmmmhhmmm it was a different Spirit guide to. it was two-spirit guides and they both told me that I have the power to change this
Sis – you do, be careful the way you say it
Christie – I’m not expecting anything the way I see it I am going out this week and that’s fine. I can’t just lay down and take it I have to fight I just don’t know the route i’m going to take
Christie – I’ve been trying to just be cool with them and civil and friendly ad much as I can without being phony
Sis – he sees you as a really big threat you have to convince him that you have his back.
Sis goes on about how Jackson thinks CHrsitie is the biggest threat and strongest player socially in the game.
Christie – these are all assumptions I haven’t made any big moves. I haven’t convinced anyone to do anything
Sis – that’s just what he thinks
Christie says the only thing she’s done is “get Bella on teh block but that was to save him and Jack” (He had the veto so not really)
Christie – he’s not taking one of us down
SIS – you don’t know that if you can come up with someone good
Christie – the only person is Nick..

Sis – you don’t need to convince him who to put up you need to convince him to get us back together.. like you would really have his and Holly’s back
Christie – I do believe I can do it. I just don’t want to be a sellout and work with these people it sucks
Christie – I can’t be the only one pitching this on my own
Tommy – you won’t be
Christie – what is he saying to you. . you’ve been talking to him?

Tommy has brings up nothing new.

Christie brings up talking to Jackson “I get it I get your noms it’s a game it’s not personal I just don’t want you to think I was crying and sobbing because you beat me congratulations. that’s really the only communication we’ve had”
Sis pushing for Christie to fight “you know how much pride I had to swallow to talk to him”
Christie – I know I will do it
Christie – then what I win HOH and put up who?
Sis – then don’t win it. If you stay no one is coming after you. I’ll try and win it
Tommy – I’ll win it

Cliff waddles in holding a bible

Christie starts crying “I did my best all my heart and soul into I can’t be mad at myself or anything like that”
Cliff – when I talk about the game I see the same thing in you, The Joy
Christie – I am obsessed with this game. I said I would give up my whole 500 thousand dollar prize if I knew I could come off the block.. If I know I cold stay another week cancel the eviction this week and just be given just one more chance and even if I win I get no money.
Christie – I would give it all up, I don’t care. No I’m fine I really am just going through the motions

Cliff attaches the microphone to his hairy chest they all laugh. Christie and Sis leave to go to sleep in the RV
Cliff now attaches the microphone to his nipple.. ouch.. “it’s too tight”
Sis and Christie come back in. Cliff tries again
Cliff – it hurts how do you all do that stuff.

12:23 am Sis, Jessica, and Christie
Sis – HEY you America please give us a power, please.. America gives us the power I beg you Give us the power it’s so good I love you America.. give us a power, please.
Sis – A wacktivity power, please.

12:41 am Cuddling on the couch reading the Good book.

12:57 am Feasting on process cheese slices and deli meats. Chit chat. Christie asks the cameras for another power.

For the next hour, we just have the houseguests running around chitchat. Nothing of note. They are all sleeping by 1:40 am

5:13 am Zzzzz

10:23 am Cliff talking to his wife.. Says he’s assuming there are 39 days left.

10:35 am CLiff and Tommy
Cliff – Hopefully casual day hanging out and getting back into a good place
Cliff – I had a horrible dream I was out of the house going back to work. I walked into the office I was amassed because my computer and phone were still there. I was thinking oh my gosh do I still have a job
CLiff – but then when I walked in I didn’t recognize anyone there and no one knew who I was
Cliff – and then the one guy I recognize ‘you gotta be really careful’.. I was What’s going on?
Cliff – He’s saying watch out there are people out to get you that B1tCH Hallie the new computer girl
Cliff – and it was Hallie from last season

11:26 am Tommy and Nick
Tommy says it’s scary because he’s felt so protected because he’s had these two girls
Nick – that’s how I was with Bella and Sam
Tommy – I totally get that
Nick says he wants Jess out next week he doesn’t know who to put up against her.
Nick – I knew she was talking to Christie about me.. I was lip-reading.
Tommy – nothing is happening..

11:47 am Tommy

Tommy- the three younger guys need each other at this point

11:56 am Christie and Jackson
C – of course, I’m upset this suck.. You are a competitor I respect you .. I do have regret
C – I would have loved to play this game with you and I just wanted you to know that it’s genuine
They respect each other in the game.
They hug it out

Christie starts talking about a dream she about her grandfather he passed away alst year it was the first dream she’s had of him since before the death.

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Dalia Hobelman

Jackson isn’t stupid he’s sending Christine out bitch gotta go!


Finally…I think we can say she’s done…but I just wanna wait til after the ceremony tomorrow before I declare it.


But the gods, spirits, angels, universe, dreams, magic, manifestations, unicorns, Bigfoot, loch Ness monster, and the aliens say otherwise


With all the crap in the world, God is giving Christie a sign with two spirit guides. She is a whacktivity that needs to get to stepping. Christie had a power in this game once already and that is expired. Sis is a useless person in the house who needs to go too, but please Christie first.



BB Crusty Crab Shack

Literally, like ….lmfao Simon


Too much Kraken Simon?


Lol Simon.


I have always hated when someone brings God into the game. I’m not against anyone’s faith or religion and am not implying anyone should give up their praying or Bible reading in the BB house. I’m not a very religious person myself but please, give God a break so he can attend to all the real atrocities the very real disasters happening here and around the globe. Let him give comfort and guidance to those who are in real need. Those suffering in the real world.

I think the self-centered houseguests need to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them. It’s not up to God to help one person win over another on a reality game show. If anything, given all the dirty, nasty sh!t that goes on (while cameras are rolling), why would someone want to call God’s attention to the BB house? Just saying!

Hopefully that’s my only rant for today. I’m not making any promises!


I think most of them only read the bible because it’s the one book that production allows them to read.
I’m not religious at all and I know I’d end up reading it, just because there’s literally NOTHING else to read in that house.
There’s only so much talking you can do, sometimes you just need some quiet down time & if there’s no TV, most people read.
Reading something is better than reading nothing.


Could you imagine how messed-up she would be if she didn’t have any form of belief structure at all?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Her belief system is all about herself…she simply uses the excuse of faith to justify it.



My Two Cents

“Why? Cause god was busy watching the feeds” <— I nearly choked to death. It burns so bad when Coke comes out of your nose.


Here too in the PNW…

Crusty Crabs

So I was sleeping errrr I mean meditating and two spirit guides came to me…..no wait…7 spirit guides, baby Jesus, Buddha and the burning bush. They all told me that I am good enough, strong enough and God put me on Earth to do just one thing and one thing only….play Big Brother.

Chichi Riviera

You’d think the spirit guides would have told her to shut her mouth while hoovering in her food by now, wouldn’t you? Those spirit guides probably spend hours with their spirit palms slapped to their spirit foreheads.

Just sayin

Unbelievable the entitlement!!! smh

Christine's Tears Jar

Why do these 4 entitled hoes think there will be a battle back? Every season has only 1 and there was already one few weeks ago smh…


They’ve had two before and Victor won both of them in season 18. He was evicted 3 times in one season and that was what helped Paul to make it to the end the first time when he played a decent game and got screwed. The Paul sequel like most sequels was just horrible.


yeah, paul got screwed in 18. i think day 1 he said we need to get rid of the returning players and then he ends up in a final 3 with 2 returnees and that was his only way to make it that far. the next season was awful. my least favorite season by a lot.

Paul's Beard Lice

I sure don’t feel bad about Paul getting hosed since he was such an ahole. Production protected him as much as they could.


He wasn’t protected by production in 18. 19 was Paul’s gift for them screwing him over so they could force a Nicole win.

Forever BB

I’m putting Big Brother 18 to bed:

People saying that Paul got screwed in big brother 18 need to get over it and realize that Nicole played a better game.

She didn’t get nominated until Day 91 in the final four PEOPLE as a well known returnee and convinced the other side when it was 5 on 2 with whack ass michelle having personal issues with her (Nicole). In yet Nicole still convinced Michelle and Natalie not to her or her closest ally Corey and nominate Paul and Victor.

Christ sake Paul got nominated six times that in itself with the fact that he had his biggest ally Victor #meatshield Evicted three times was the only reason he made it that far to the end. Remember if you’re getting nominated many times compared to a returnee (Nicole) that did not get nominated till DAY 91 in the final four. Shows that Nicole was in control for the longest stretch of the game especially compared to Paul.

If you’re getting nominated that many times compared to somebody who never did you are obviously not doing something right.

When you determine the winner of big brother of the two houseguest that make it to finale. The winner should be the one who was in control for the longest period or stretches of time throughout the Big Brother summer compared to the houseguest that they are placed with in the Final 2.

Even with people calling her (Nicole) out, Calling her a snake making it know that she was their target. She outplayed them and took out the houseguest prior to them Having any chance for them to make a move and even nominate her (Josea/early evicted BB 18 newbies, Frank, Davonne, Michelle)

She was called out during that endurance HOH by both Frank and Davonne!!!!!

Then both Frank and Davonne are the next two houseguest evicted.

In addition, Nicole had the ability to either be the person in power or persuade the person in power to shift the target to another houseguest example: Convincing Paul to target Davonne, Convincing Michelle and Natalie in their Co-HOH (when it was a clear 5 on 2 her Corey we’re dead to rights) the next week she wins HOH and takes out Michelle, Two weeks later she was to able Pull one over on Natalie to make her the target when Vic came back for a third time (this was obviously her doing since she convinced Natalie to take A shot at Paul and Victor two weeksout prior), she convinced James to take her to final 3 and then convinced Paul to take her to the final 2 when JAMES was the obvious choice to win against).

Nicole‘s ability to be in control regardless she had the HOH power and made other HOH target other houseguest, Paul’s poor social game, Paul failing to answer jury questions in owning up to his actions, and most importantly Nicole convincing Paul to make a boneheaded decision in taking her compared to James who didn’t do SHIT all season long, KILLED PAUL CHANCES AT WINNING BB 18!!!!

Franks fumes

Nobody knew Nicole was in the house that season till she crawled out of that blonde Frankenstein’s armpit on day 91.

Forever BB

You’re foolish comment obviously shows how completely inept you are when it comes to the game big brother.

It’s quite amusing that people such as yourself are still whining about Nicole being the winner of Big Brother 18.

I mean it couldn’t have been that bitter of a jury when you consider that Paul called Michelle a c*nt and still got her vote.

Wake up !!!!! Nicole thoroughly outplayed the houseguests that season including Paul and Frank facts….. ^^^^^ hence above original post.


There could be something becasue we haven’t seen any goodbye messages for either of the evited houseguests.


Jack’s were shown after the live show and I suspect Kat’s were as well. That’s not conclusive though unless something was in them that would have a major impact on the game.


They were in the extended interview with Julie, just not broadcast. I really enjoy watching those interviews. They last longer & Julie asks ore questions. Also we see all the goodbye messages, not just the ones production decided to show. However, last week with Kat, it was pretty funny. For some reason Kat thought the viewers are pretty stupid. She was sure none of us suspected that that she & Hollie knew each other & I think there was something else she thought she was revealing.

J e t s jets jets jets

Ignore me


I don’t foresee another battle back, as they’ve already shown Jack footage from the house that would give him an unfair advantage if he returned.

Chances of this happening are slim to none.

Confused and Delusional Players

I totally agree.. Also what makes Stupid Sis think that America will give her a power….. Seriously they are delusional.. It doesnt work like that!!!


They can prank all they want…but don’t they know Paulie D is the prank war champion!


LOL that was funny

Christie's Tears Jar

Go back to Clown College


YES Christie you’ll get a power, BB wont let you go this early. If they do however……
CHRISTIE 2020!!!!!!!


The only power she’s getting is the power of eviction to the jury house because that’s what the universe wants.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“I was encouraged to. I had a dream and GOD suggested that. Like hard, Like a big message I went to sleep and not sleep my meditation…”

Meditation? I believe she meant medication.

Perhaps she choked a little on some of those potato chips she was shoveling down her gullet.


What has Christie been through? Was she not one of the ones bullying Nicole and mocking her out of the HOH room and laughing? TIme for her to go!!!!!


I have a large watermelon for tonight’s eviction.


You better save it because eviction isn’t until Thursday.


HA! :p


Haha! I wasn’t going to say anything.




Sorry but the universe has spoken and she’s not winning crap except a trip to the jury house.


There are six voters this week which means Christie needs four to stay because she loses the tie. I’m assuming Jackson leaves the noms the same unless he’s shifted his target which he hasn’t that I can tell. Who would keep her? Jess, Nick, Tommy, Nicole, Cliff, Holly are voting. I don’t see a scenario where Cliff (who should’ve taken a shot at her earlier) and Holly don’t vote her out. Nicole, Jess, Tommy and Nick are her only chances and I don’t see Nicole keeping Christie over Analyse. I don’t know what Jess is doing mostly because I avoid her sections of conversations.

Jackson needs three people to vote out Christie and he’ll have succeeded in his goal.


yeah, the only votes she should have to stay are nick and tommy, but cliff, nicole, and jess have all folded to pressure before and maybe she can work out some kind of deal with them, so i’m still not 100% christie is going. i still think it’s the most likely outcome though.


I believe the vote to evict will be:

Tommy: Christie
Jess: Sis
Nick: Christie
Nicole: Christie
Cliff: Christie
Holly: Christie

By a vote of 5-1…Christie…you are evicted.


Although Jess is whackadoodle I wonder if she knows voting for Christie would look like pandering for a jury vote & make her a bigger target.

I do think everyone will be fine with Tommy giving her a sympathy vote but I don’t think in the end Jess will (she’s just crawled up her ass working her for jury vote).


I can foresee Sis taking for granted that she’s staying, doesn’t campaign and gets on everyone’s nerves with her entitlement, meanwhile Christy (&production) gets cliff and Jess’ votes.

Also lol asking for a power. America already voted, they don’t like you.

I have no bird, I have no bush

Sis wouldn’t need to beg America for a power if she wasn’t actively advising Christie to campaign against her.

Paul's Beard Lice

Tommy and Nick would keep Christie and we all know Cliff will take a deal. After that does anyone really know what jess will do ever?


Tommy will cut Christie loose.


Will Tommy actually vote for her to stay over Sis though? He doesn’t want a target on his back. Moving forward, I think he knows Christie is bad for his game. Same for Nick plus he seems closer to Sis. I realize he’s all over the place.

I could be completely wrong. This season I haven’t spent a whole lot of time watching feeds or after dark.


Nick straight up told Christie if he got picked for POV he would use it to take down Sis unless Christie picked him via house guests choice. Can’t wait to see if he threw it


Christie is so selfish. She wants to stay in the game and not take the money if she wins? What about the person she’s knocking out of a win? Selfish and very much a sore loser.


She’s just bullsh.tting. She would definitely take the $$!


I am seriosuly starting to believe that casting stood outside of phychiatric offices all over the US, and just picked and chose these houseguests

J e t s jets jets jets

As someone who suffers from a mental disorder and goes to the VA 3 days a week for therapy you have no idea how insulting your comments are. People who have mental illnesses are just the same as everyone else except we have an incurable disease. Having a mental illness isn’t any different than having cancer except cancer can be cured. We work very hard with our counselors and in my case other veterans in our group sessions to help our recovery. You, and many other people, need to start realizing that people with mental issues are just as productive to society as anyone else. I will take your comments are made out of ignorance and hope you can learn from my comments. Thank you.


Jets don’t take EVERYTHING so personal. I am 60, I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia/Panic Attacks/Depression in my teens…so I DO understand mental illness! But I also understand YOU HAVE to keep a sense of humor for Gods Sake!


As someone who has mental illness as well, I get the same feeling that producers do look for people who are having difficulties and hope for “good tv”.

People with mental illness do care about awareness and understanding, but many of the population don’t care or are so ignorant to any of it, unless it is “trending”.

I’m not sure what the States have, but Canada has a “Bell: Let’s Talk” day where texts sent with the hashtag have a few cents donated to a fund. Who and how many have been helped? No idea. Is the money being funneled to promote awareness or someone’s pocket? Most people around me text and promote the hashtag for one day a year and then for the other 364 days they say and do things to promote those who are having difficulties with their thoughts, memories, experiences, to only suffer more and feel more alone.

The sense of humor is a must, because truly the masses don’t care about what others are experiencing because they are too self absorbed with money and materials, and themselves.

J e t s jets jets jets

When we use mental illness as a joke we are perpetuating the stigma that it’s ok to make fun of them. It’s not any different than using race sexual orientation or religion as a joke. If we keep the practice going and say hey it’s just a joke people will just continue to make fun of mental illnesses and it will never stop. Think of all the bullying and the people who are made fun of either in school or online. It has to stop somewhere and I will continue the fight until mental illnesses are expected and not demonized.

Franks fumes

More likely institutions for the criminally insane…..


Ain’t no one giving you two entitled bitches a power so you can beg all you want.


can we give them the power to both be evicted?


What about giving Holly an extra vote??


jackson has a tough road to victory and he knows it, but he beats a lot of women in the house as juries tend to be even less sympathetic to enablers of abuse than abusers themselves.


I agree. I believe Jackson is well aware the odds are stacked against him. I’m sure that plays a big part in his decision to take risks, going for broke. He is doing his best to protect the only one who’s had his back. Sis seems more angry with Holly than Jackson even though he’s the one that put her up.

Jackson knows that he will have a lot to answer to when he steps back into the real world. I realize that if he had not been called out he most likely, would not have changed his behavior. Imagine how shocked the “cool kids” will be when the show ends and reality hits them (if reality is something they can comprehend). Living with the knowledge that Jackson’s atrocious behavior was so bad that he had to be reprimanded by production yet, America was cheering for him to win HOH to take them out. How will they handle the reality that they aren’t as cool as they thought they were?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think if he took Holly or Nick he could win. (Yes, I did throw up a little in my mouth suggesting Nick on the final 2).


Btw…you can tell by Tommy’s demeanor that he is sad, but resigned to the fact that Christie is leaving and it’s best for his game. P.S. Not a Tommy fan.

Danger Will Robinson

I don’t believe for a second that Tommy is sad that Christie may be leaving. I think he’s just acting that way. He was wanting to play baywatch and have fun when she was down and out. He was happy as a lark and still is. He wants her jury vote if he makes it that far so he will play Sad Tommy. But on the “inside”, Tommy is one high-kicking S.O.B.!!! He is more than ready to cut Christie loose and probably vote to evict her.

Shield is gone

I believe that Tommy is only sad because his shield is leaving and now people may become more focused on him as a threat… His days may be numbered too… Thats why he is sad… He has been able to hide behind everyone all season with his annoying kicks and overall foolish ways… but now he is on his own.. he needs to get off his a$$ and play…


Its actually funny when reading sis BBs Biography. Question, when did College soccer become an occupation? When she states that if one could make sun tanning an occupation it would be her calling. She states that she would play both sides of the house and not even tell her best friend in the house she was doing this.
Now the best part, is her motto-“Be a badass with a good ass”. Didn’t she mention she thought her “ass” was getting bigger a couple days ago since being in the house?
I feel sorry for the guy that ends up with her in real life, she’s barely acceptable just watching her, and what a foul mouth she has. Her and Christie should make great partners outside. 2 simpletons with like minds and manners.

Biscottino Croccantino

I feel sorry you’re actually going through her bio and social media finding any tidbit of info you can use to drag her through the mud and justify your resent. Do you really find this enjoyable? Sounds to me you’re as much a mean girl as Sis is accused of being.


No Bio, no social media. Its what BB wrote about her and her answers to questions asked of her and all the players. I checked all players out as I have every season to try to get to know them during the first couple weeks. As for dragging her through the mud, she’s doing a great job herself on how she has projected and played the game to date. Do I enjoy it? No, actually feel sorry for her and especially when she returns to reality and family and friends that have watched her and her actions.


I would think that deep down he would be relieved because she is so high-maintenance.


She can’t even repeat a sentence even when it comes from her own mouth.

BB Casting Call

Hard to speak when her mouth is full of other things…


Sis always saying she’s confuse

g Love

Reminder Sis is only 22, not a good excuse but one to accept the immature nature of her. We all grow up differently and clearly she’s not had to experience life in any real world. Seems like she sticks to what she knows, sadly.

Miss Conception

“This just in” ,CBS has just announced that a cast member,Christie, of their reality (lol) show “Big Brother”,is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc . She receives messages and divine guidance from her spirit guides,that tell her how incredible she is and that she is the greatest player and will go down in history as a renowned martyr. As she ponders her future,she wonders why the rest of the world does not see her as she truly is,”a gift to mankind”!

Danger Will Robinson

PLUS, she will give up the 500K if she were to win to avoid eviction this week!! NEVER in the long, illustrious history of BB have we fans been so BLESSED to witness anyone as PURE and SELFLESS as Christie The Great!! Forever shall she reign!!!…….I just threw up all over myself!! LMFAO


On the next edition of BB Daily News, we will look into Christie’s next premonition of becoming the 1st female President of the United States.


Unless you’re under the age of five, you shouldn’t chew your food like that.

The worst part is, she knows she does it & she says she doesn’t care that it looks disgusting.

House Stark

Maybe Arya should teach her some manners?


I was watching BBAD last night and couldn’t believe how Sis and Cristy were chewing their food. When did parents stop teaching their kids how to chew their food? One of my first memories was my parents telling me to close my mouth while chewing. It’s probably the easiest things to train a kid to do.



Danger Will Robinson

Sis, you don’t need any wacktivity power. You are already WACK as f*ck in this game. Besides, America has already given you the middle finger. You need to be concerned with your hairline merging with your eyebrows by Thursday night! Christie, Christie, Christie!! Girl, you are are bat-sh*t CRAZY!!! How you come up with all these aliases and scenarios for PRODUCTION??!!! Dreams, meditations, God and two spirit guides!! It is HILARIOUS!!!


Sis is related to ( Eddie the monster )




I watched the conversation between Sis and Jackson last night. He had to explain his actions to her about 4 or 5 times before she got it. I’m starting to feel sorry for her. She has got to be one of the most immature 22-year-olds that comes to memory.


I saw that too and I kept thinking that I definitely wouldn’t have had the patience that Jackson had, I mean he explained it over & over & over again and she STILL looked confused.
I don’t think it’s her memory, I honestly believe she struggles with comprehension & interpretation.
For someone who appears so deficient & vapid you’d think she’d be more humble, instead she comes across as a high & mighty, mean girl, know-it-all.


I couldn’t agree more!

J e t s jets jets jets

Maybe a few too many headers playing soccer?


I was like bitch you don’t get it! I was like the move Rush hour “ do you understand the word that are coming out of my mouth?! Lol she just dummy


Comprehension is definitely not her strength. Maybe that’s why she generally just goes along with whatever anyone (mainly Christie) says. Then again, maybe if she would just shut up long enough to listen.

She must be really great at soccer, getting a pass on academics to get through college.

BB Casting Call

Admissions scandal entrant 1000%


I hope Julie gives Christie the 3rd degree like she did with Jack. Make her own what a giant hypocrite she’s been about her and Tommy’s relationship. Roll the tapes of her chewing with her mouth open. It would be cool if the goodbye messages mentioned her eating habits as the main reason for her eviction.

Alexandra Simcoe

This used to be a good update site, but this year is tough reading the spew of garbage out of everyone’s mouth. What these houseguests are being accused of is exactly the crap I read on here. Bashing Christie and Sis and company. I’m embarrassed for everyone on here


You’re so “embarrassed” that everyone on here spews “garbage”…
and yet, here you are.
Nobody is forcing you to come here…
Sounds like it’s time for you to move on to a different site.


Hit the road if you don’t like us calling out all the disgusting things these entitled brats do and say. Don’t be embarrassed for us, be embarrassed for those idiots that’s in for a rude awakening when they go back to the real world.

Have you watched the show

I think you need to put your tv on CBS.. We are talking about Big Brother here. Try watching it and maybe you will have an opinion that makes sense.. cheers!!

I have no bird, I have no bush

Julie gave Jack the third degree because he made that racist joke about Bella and made violent remarks about Kemi. If Christie has done anything like that, drag away, but keeping her friendship with Tommy a secret and chewing with her mouth open isn’t comparable to Jack’s behavior.


It’s been a weird season where no one person has won HOH twice yet and of the remaining hamsters only Nicole & Sis haven’t won.

Let me point out Nicole spends time every day at the backgammon board by herself going over dates. A before – after comp should be coming soon and many of the final comps are date based or a combination of date/physical comps which could be the DE HOH comp & most definitely the F4 POV. She hasn’t performed well in the “live comps” so far but is she playing possum? It reminds me a little of Steve the year he was the awkward hamster & took out Vanessa in the end to win.

Another Nicole tidbit was she noted previously she has a very bad temper though it doesn’t come out much & recently said she is deflecting her other emotions through tears. The thing is Nicole goes off by herself to cry. The fact Jess would say Nic’s PLAYING that up to the queen of full on tears playing it up IN YOUR FACE is beyond insulting.

Sure Jess, empathizing with Christie over the ‘Baywatch incident is far worse of an offense than Kat telling Nicole her family/students would be embarrassed by her. Yup – it’s not even close. (insert head slap) So yeah, kind of hoping if Nicole snaps it’s on Jess for her idiocy & hypocrisy.

I can’t wait for finale night when the C/Tommy secret is revealed – I picture the camera zooming in on Jess – mouth agape.


Maybe Sis would win 1 of those comps! Wait….never mind.

Feeds Gold

at least the end of this season looks like being fairly unpredictable

no paul/derrick with everyone else following type scenario which is great to see


America could send a fast forward power and get Christie to stepping today. Everyone manifest that!


What if Christie goes to Jackson and comes clean about her relationship with Tommy. She could say Tommy was afraid she would be honest and blow up his game. That’s why he’s so willing to betray her this week.

Sally B

But this would be just another self-serving lie from Christie, wouldn’t it?


Then she goes this week and he becomes Public Enemy #1 for next week. She gone.

Feeds Gold

i hope brett hosts the hide the veto comp next week “defense wins championships”

and a visit from zingbot


ME TOO!!!! Love Brett! Can’t even own it!


#1 Jack, #2 Jackson, #3, Christie and #4 Sis are the main reasons I stopped watching BB21 feeds. The entitlement, how they treated other houseguests and my azz don’t stink attitudes they have ruined any type of enjoyment for me.

BB Casting Call

These are just trolls…no one actually cheers for Christie.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Assuming Christie is out this week, A quick guess at next week:
Holly wins the target is Tommy
Tommy wins the target is Jess?
Nicole wins I have no idea who the target is
Nick wins the target is Jess or Miche
Sis wins the target is Miche
Jess wins the target is Nick or Tommy?
Cliff wins the target is Miche?

Basically, anyone can win at this point, though the two least likely are Miche and jess because they are other people’s targets. The only alliances are:
Nicole/Cliff? Is Jess still a part of this?

Not watching the feeds much so this is a guess.


Hmm – I have some different takes (which could all be wrong lol).

Sis: Has bigger issue with Holly than Michie, but she’ll be happy to break up the couple.
Holly: Targets Nick. 2nd nom could be Jess or Sis (don’t think she targets Tommy – unless he’s a back door option)
Jess: likely targets 2 men – Nick & Michie but I could also see her put up Nicole with Nick b/c of this week & her seeming jealousy toward Nicole. Although she’s preached get the men out all season so we’ll see
Nick: target is Jess (not sure of 2nd – maybe Holly but my guess is he throws it once Jess is out of comp)
Tommy: I think might throw HOH (unless DE) but my guess is he’d put up Jess & maybe Cliff
Cliff: I think goes right at Nick/Tommy or Tommy/Sis because I do think he’s committed to H/M
Nicole: Hardest person to figure out. I believe Cliff is #1 & she wants to work with H/M. It’s too early to turn on Nick but I sense she doesn’t trust him as much anymore. If Jess keeps badmouthing her it will be hard to avoid putting her up — but most likely noms if I had to guess would be Sis/Tommy even though she really likes him.

Alliances are all intermingled:
Strongest alliances in house is Michie/Holly and Nicole/Cliff so it makes sense for the 4 to stay together. Both Nicole & Cliff know they are last on the trio’s totem pole & have witnessed the crew of T/C/S/N shift & throw them UTB so much I think the shift is real.

Trio: Sis/Tommy/Nick were strong but buckled this week with the ladies questioning Nick (even Tommy is waffling a bit on him) & Christie hasn’t been happy with Tommy this week either. Once Christie goes Sis will back off her current Nick attacks b/c all she will have is T/N (and her new BFF Jess)

In terms of the trio Nick’s additional preferences are Nicole, Cliff, Michie (he’s not a fan of Holly), while Tommy’s preference is to add Nicole & Holly

For as much as Jess complained all season about not being included she was set up perfectly to be in the majority alliance this week but chose to sabotage her own game by bad mouthing Nicole, Michie and Sis. Jackson smartly kept her out of the 4-some’s chats & since no one caught on to them it speaks to how they can all be loyal to each other and keep a secret.

Meanwhile, Jess barricaded herself to that solo island she was so desperate to get off all summer & her actions have only served to punctuate why she’ll remain there the rest of the season. She has no one to blame but herself & will be an easy out for someone not wanting to get too much blood on their hands.


Anyone else get the impression that the DR told tommy that America loves Nicole. That’s why he suddenly “loves” her and wants to go “deep” with her…….


Maybe — I think he reads people well & is sick & tired of working with the drama. All the guys are keen to play with unemotional players & despite Nicole constantly getting nailed for things it’s always something where she’s trying to be loyal to someone so that’s probably why both he & Jackson would prefer to work with her over most of the women.

Look how hard Tommy has had to work to get C/S to stop doing something or view things from another perspective. Then consider the alternative of working with Nicole who would’ve immediately taken in the advice & respected it.

Tommy is also drawn to Holly (again – not as much drama/emotion displayed but then again she hasn’t been on the block yet).

Also, the audience tends to stay for HOH competitions so it’s also possible they are hearing big cheers for her or shout outs.


I think he knows the field trip was America’s way of letting everyone know who’s well received and who’s not. He probably realized the three that were sent where people he was closest to and it wasn’t good. He also figured he might have gone if he wasn’t HoH so he’s trying to shift to more likable people.

Just Saying

Sorry Just Sayin I did not mean to use your name I tried to edit my name but could not so here’s my responds to Hiyou remarks… Jealous of what? Christy not the only one fighting for 500k if you are in the BBH you are going to go through alot to get the money so stop it..and just because you go through something doesn’t make you deserving of the money. Christy needs to stop the crying and to continue playing the game. When Christy feels like she on top/winning she is fine but if things are not going her way..oh this is not fair..if it is in the game it is fair. BB makes the rules to the game and BB have the right to change the game at any given time. Christy is not at home where she gets her way and is not the only one that wants the money.


Yeah I’ve never liked all his fake “I love you’s” but he’s probably the most liked person in the house, smartly threw comps early to not draw attention and unlike Nick who comes across as smarmy Tommy took time to develop relationships with pretty much everyone in the house.

Holly/Jackson both like him, Nick/Sis adore him, and he puts in just enough time with Cliff/Jess to gauge where they are & keep an eye on them. He has a very organic relationship with Nicole & I find he’s the most real with her (no pretense) they joke around, talk game & general life things. I also think (like Jackson) Tommy is fed up with emotion/drama of C/S & enjoys someone like Nicole who for the most part keeps even keeled or goes away by herself in a room to release. I thought Cliff was his main target but today he told Nick he might want to go deeper in the game with him. I haven’t figured out if Tommy is “reading” Nick atm b/c as much as T/N are super close he’s definitely on to Nick having a lot of other allies but hardly any who trust him.

Last night Nick asked Nicole if she would put up Tommy & she said she didn’t know. She also told him depending on how this week went with Jess she may/may not be cool continuing to work with her & she deflected by saying Michie is a comp beast. Nicole is talking more to Nick BUT she’s saying less if that makes sense. I read that to mean she trusts him less now. I think Cliff has her more than Nick especially after last week where it doesn’t seem Nick was very considerate of the position she was put in. In spite of Nicole being noncommittal about her noms Nick told Tommy today Nicole might put him on the block. (not sure why he would do that unless he’s sensing her shift or is trying to keep a wedge between them).


I just can’t with Tommy.

“I Love You!” “i love you!” I LOVE YOU!!!!! I love you soooo much!

No, just…….NO. Stop it.

Feeds Gold

i wonder if they show a montage on the episode tonight of sis making eggs at all hours of the night punishment + her no longer in chicken costume(which ended friday just before noms)

i thought it was one of the more challenging punishments…also humorous and memorable


I remember the conversation Sis refers about talking to Jackson in the Camp comeback room. It was asinine. It was about half an hour of her asking him why she was told by him so she could be prepared and Jackson explaining he didn’t because of the conversation he overheard where they has said (Crusty and Sis) that h was alone, had never won veto, HOH, and was up against all of the six.

It repeated over, and over. Sis insisted she was owed to be told and as much as I dislike Jackson’s personal actions at the beginning of the game, I could not have kept my composure like he did telling her again that he owed her nothing because of what they said.

Jackson says to her that no one knew who was going up but (paraphrasing) but Sis insists Holly knew. His girlfriend had to have known. Jackson’s face! Sis after Jackson has been telling her she was not his target then says she doesn’t like or is happy with Holly.

Sis, the viewers want Crusty out. Don’t blow it for us. Now she is revising that dumb conversation to make sound like Jackson was unreasonable.
I somehow wish Jackson uses POV on Sis puts up Tommy so they don’t blow it and one of them goes home.


I literally cannot stand how jess, sis, Tommy, and christi keep saying they dont understand how people can compromise their character for the game…dont sign up for big brother then…when I sit down at the poker table I dont expect people to tell me the truth hahaha. Because it is insanely hypocritical when I bluff every chance I get… these ppl are crybabies

Sally B

Thank you.


Ha– I can’t wait for Jess to learn Sis/Christie are FULL ON trying to get the 5 back together via Jackson removing one of them – putting up Jess & taking her out of the game. All summer she’s never wanted to believe how Christie lies, is 2-faced or can’t be taken at face value — maybe, just maybe this would do it.

it’s a good thing Jackson is HOH b/c if it was Holly I think she would do the deal in a second but I doubt Jackson budges.


Add how about how will Jess react when she finds out Crust’y’s ex is Tommy’s aunt and Crusty kept looking at his family photos because she knew them.


Even as Sis tries to make amends with Holly she tells her “I barely said anything”. Really? Come on Sis. It’s incredible Sis doesn’t understand why the 4 of them making a deal to be safe & TELLING the others Michie/Holly were the targets while planning to throw the comps (Tommy verified that with Michie/Holly) why that would be a problem. AND then say they don’t win HOHs, POVs & it’s 6 vs 2 – let’s disarm them they have no one. Right Sis that’s barely saying anything.

It’s smart of Holly to hear her out & make amends but they are dumb to take out Jess it would be a bigger p*ssy move than Cliff’s HOH. That said, I’m DYING for Jess to learn their plan is to get her put on the block & I’m really hoping we get a Christie show where she tries to put a target on Jess’ back and outs everything Jess said about Nicole. If not a full on public meltdown hopefully they tell Holly/Jackson what Jess is saying about Nicole b/c that will help pull Nicole even tighter to H/M.

Also, I wonder if they are considering Nick a part of this deal they are making & if not how he’ll feel about his position in the group with this plan.

I don’t want noms to change BUT I do want Nicole to know what Jess is doing & I want Jess to see her idol isn’t so golden!

Susan Corbridg

Holly can’t possibly be going along with Sis’ idea to keep Christie, can she????


As per above my read is this was to get back on good terms with Sis. Of course Sis is pushing for both Christie/her to stay but she threw EVERYONE but Tom/Christie UTB especially Nick/Jess which is hilarious b/c she says it was all Nick’s plan, suggests he go on the block or Jess but then also wants Nick in the alliance. Makes zero sense.

Like I said I’m glad Holly isn’t HOH b/c I’d be more worried. It DOES makes sense for her to repair the fractured relationship with Sis & maybe if it was just Tommy/Sis I could see this happening but not this “new” F6 b/c it again puts Michie/Holly at a 4-2 disadvantage. WHY would they want to make that deal?

Of course Sis wants this deal – reminds me of when I was little and my sister would see Halloween candies in my hands & tell me I’ll trade you this hand for that hand. The problem is they were BOTH my hands!

I’m annoyed by Tommy saying they (Nicole/Cliff) would HAVE to honor the deal & vote out Jess. So he would force them to honor a deal they would immediately renege on the F6 the following week to make THEM the targets.

Don’t see Jackson buying it & the fall out will be interesting. Does Sis get less agreeable to this deal if noms stay the same & Christie still leaves? Do H/M tell Cliff/Nicole? Do they start treating Jess differently b/c they are blaming everything ever said by either of them on Jess (I mean Jess has been out of control but this is not all her fault). Classic scapegoat situation.

Feeds Gold

sis goes to talk to holly…

holly continues to be phony and continues to deny she knew who noms would be(very corny)…sis tells her it was insincere(holly is one of the most insincere players ive ever seen)

continues to deny her sewering of sis(sis knows its true but has to play along that she doesnt believe it in hope jackson backdoors jess to save christie)

holly looks guilty and annoyed being subtly called out for being a c-nt behind a friends back

sis making good points about numbers and that if christie was saved she would repay the favor making jackson/holly safer with the added numbers of sis and tommie and have a better chance…but jackson/holly have developed such a game fear and personal dislike of christie that i think there is virtually zero chance, even if it would improve their own chances

jackson backdooring jess would still see him get out a girl…one who put him up, and who would put him up again probably with holly…one who is targeting guys…and one who now is more disliked by holly due to jess ratting holly out to sis…and it would see jackson/holly go from having no numbers to possibly gaining 3(sis, tommie, christie) for the next hoh week to target the others…the problem is they couldnt include nick as he would quickly lose cliff and nicole, 2 of his biggest allies…tommie also may not want it due to nick not being involved with it

what i find very odd is why jackson has been so convinced since day 43 that sis and tommie cant be trusted, when they are actually pretty loyal…it was very strange on day 44 when jackson told jack that…tommie and sis are more than willing to work with them

but i would much rather the band doesnt get back together, christie goes…then the house go after the showmance

i dont want holly being granted a get out of jail free card, she doesnt deserve it, hiding away isolating herself with jackson for so long, and stupidly throwing away trustworthy players

im tired of everything always getting smoothed over…i want major showdowns and rivalries where players openly dislike each other…im bored of diplomacy and playing nice


Whoa Sis tells Holly – last I heard (then she names each of Nicole, Cliff, Nick) you two are their targets & says Jess would go after Nick/Michie & she continues to throw Nick UTB.

THIS is a conversation Sis will deny ever having later when it doesn’t suit her or if it gets turned down to save them both. Nicole/Cliff were TOLD they had to put up Michie/Holly to be safe to 6 & THAT is what Sis is referring to b/c neither of them have said a word this week to that side of the house about targets.

Sis goes on to suggest Jess be put up & then the 4 (Christie/Holly/Tommy/Jackson) go F4. She also implies Nick could go on the block then after saying the whole plan was Nick’s idea backtracks to wanting him included in the deal. WHY on earth with Holly/Jackson want to make a deal with someone who just orchestrated a plan for 6 vs. 2 a week earlier?

Anyway Sis then suggests they all swear on a bible so they know it’s real but by the time she delivers this story to Tommy she’s saying Holly said that. Tommy of course wants Nick in the deal & has no clue Sis threw him UTB. And Sis implies she told them if they don’t take the deal they will be the #1 target. (that’s massaging the facts b/c she implied Nick/Nicole/Cliff would be after them).

Of course Tommy says Nicole & Cliff would HAVE to vote out Jess to honor “the deal” you know the one that was supposed to be for them all to go to F6? So Tommy is then saying he wants Cliff/Nicole to honor a deal for this week to take out Jess (keep Christie AND Sis) & then next week the deal would no longer be valid b/c the NEW deal would replace it & Nicole/Cliff would be the targets!

OR maybe Tommy thinks he could sit in the middle of both deals if Nicole/Cliff won they still take out Michie/Holly & if Holly wins she takes out Nicole/Cliff b/c if this goes through it would mean ALL of the 4-some would throw HOH.

I’m dying to see how Holly reads this to Jackson & his take b/c I honestly do not see him going for this & I hope Jackson & Holly use it to cement Cliff/Nicole to them.

One interesting fact is while Sis/Christie have been caught up in how unfair their noms were & asking for special powers they failed to see Cliff/Nicole develop a relationship upstairs with H/M. Cliff already warned them this was coming so I highly doubt Michie buys into it. I think they’ll say “we are good with you(Sis)/Tommy” after Christie leaves. That’s my guess.


I hate Sis. She constantly calls herself “good” while talking bad about everyone. And she lies about what she has said and done. She’s extremely insecure and married to the idea that she’s completely pure and it’s everyone else who lies and badmouths people. She won’t shut up about how perfect she thinks she is.