The Penguin Vs. The Gremlin – Big Brother 12 Double Elimination SHOW DOWN

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm Feeds Cut to Trivia

Lane Votes to Evict: Matt
Ragan Votes to Evict: Matt
Hayden Votes to Evict: Matt
Brendon Votes to Evict: Matt
First Evicted House guest is: Matt
First HOH Winner is: Hayden
First Nominations are: Ragan and Brendon
POV Winner is: Ragan
Nominations are: BRendon and Brit
Second Evicted House guest is: Brendon
Second HOH Winner is


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Easy E

All of America is rooting for Ragan to win HoH, nominate Lane & Brendon, then Brendon win PoV and Hayden go up as replacement. Only way to guarentee Lane or Hayden being evicted tonight.



I think you’re the only one rooting for the Sab


Let’s see Lane step up and get some blood on his hands.


Be careful on using ALL.


i really want ragan to win hoh:)


Please “All” of America is not rooting for crying, scheming, sassy pants. I’m hoping he’s out right behind his boyfriend Matt. I feel sorry for Matt’s wife, clearly she married a closet homosexual.I have no problem with gays, I do however have a problem with the ones who marry as if they are straight!

Gavin's Lola

Just because he’s friends with Ragan doesn’t make him gay dumbass…


Hey Elle are you sure you don’t have a problem “with gays”. I think it’s funny when someone has a friends that are gay, to those who feel superior to homosexuals that must mean they are gay. I thought it was pretty cool that Matt could joke around with Regan


wow grow up…i despise matt and i really can’t believe what you said…i hope you are either 12 or if you’re not then i hope you are embarrassed by what you said…gay people CAN have straight friends…it actually happens in real life you idiot


I want Brendan to win it ALL!!!

Aaron C.

Can we evict both of them?

This is so bad now I’m actually rooting for Ragan or Brendon. The lesser of the group of nightmare idiots.


Yep, same here!




I don’t think all of America or Canada is rooting for Ragan to win HOH.
Its more like they are rooting for Brit or Ragan to go in the double eviction.
Have you looked at the polls lately.


Do we know for SURE it is a double eviction, or is this just speculation at this point?


double for sure they said it last week


I am rooting for Ragan to win HOH and send Enzo packing. Brendon is still douchey in my book, but at least he actually TRIES!!! Im sad to see Matty go, I wouldnt have wanted him to win the 500 thousand based on the lie about his wife, but I still think he deserves to stay there longer than some other people. Anyways- double eviction – woop! xD


lets hope your wrong..


it’s: “Let’s hope you’re wrong” not your wrong.


Why didn’t you correct Simon, too? “Pics” is short for pictures, not picks…LOL Just messing with you Simon.


A BB insider told a friend of mine in Los Angeles that tonight’s a double elimination or what he called a Fast Forward.


Ted July told us on last weeks eviction that this week would be a double eviction. Tell your insider to give you info the world doesn’t already know! LOL BB Insider, you sound like a friend of Matt’s!


Gotta Run ALL, Thanks Simon, for all the hard work, I know you and the site are getting pounded like Ragan tonight, so thanks again.

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

Simon, why do you like Enzo more than Hayden? Not critical, just curious.


agreed! enzo is much slimier and plays dirty. at least hayden has some respect for other hg’s


I want Enzo gone! He almost as bad as Kathy!


I meant Julie lol


I would love for Ragan to win HoH nominate Heydan and Enzo. Enzo goes home. Brendon wins HOH.! 🙂


Damn, Matt was my bet to win this, but I am 100% certain that he is leaving tonight. So my next bet would be Brendon… Without Rachel, I think that he got better… and aside from Matt, he & Brit are the remaining non-floater… The brigade without Matt is the lamest alliance in the game… I really hate it, but I have a feeling that it would be them in the Final 3… I may give up with this show if that happen, unless next season is an All-Star….


It’s gonna happen!


My predictions for elimination tonight: Matt & Britney…. Who I like to see get eliminated: Enzo & Hayden,,,long shot but still wishing… Really pissed Matt didn’t make a power move last week & made a lame a** move putting Kathy or Enzo or Britney… I swear all are playing a safe game…


i want matt to leave i like enzo and brendon i think theyre the cooler players on this game they should get britney out cause she is a cry baby


Well, at this point it looks like Matt is leaving. There isn’t anyone worth rooting for now, so this season is over for me. Hopefully next season will be better.

Aaron C.

I love that the diabolical super genious is going home after intentionally throwing the HOH competition!


brigade is still my fav…and matt was the rat of the alliance anyway…it would have been sick to watch one group of 4 people just destroy everybody the whole time but whatever


It wasn’t like the Brigade wasn’t going to have to turn on one another eventually. I wasn’t looking forward to a show of all guys in the end but I was going to watch to see them attack each other to win.

Jersey (s)hore

I want Matt to leave in the first eviction and Brendan in the second. Now, that’s what I “want”. I truly doubt that is what is going to happen, however. But, I just wanted to type something while the show is on.

Kathie from Canada

Apparently wishes do come true.


Matts Outta here!! YAY!


I can’t believe the crap I’m seeing on CBS right now


you mean julie?


Julie is an old pile of crap. Show is getting ready to “jump the shark” How did they let it get to thias final 5?


Julie Chen is stupid…She doesn’t know what a succubus is??!?!?


calling a women a “evil succubus” is a racial slur toward women so yes it is a bad phrase


“racial slur” really? maybe you should actually learn the right terminology in your statements. Racial slurs refer to ethnicity NOT gender.


A succubus is a demon in female form. There is no racial implication.


Most of these television robot anchors aren’t all that incredibly smart. The other day I saw an idiot anchor woman on a particularly popular network not know what an ‘ignoramus’ was, so she looked it up, and still got it wrong…lol.


totally agree with ya there, cant stand chen, she needs to go. get another host, don’t even need one. what is her purpose anyway, she needs a nose job

Lennon's Ghost

That’s not going to happen when her husband is the President of the network.

Lennon's Ghost

That’s not going to happen when her husband is the President of the network.
Julie knew what succubus was but felt it was not an appropriate comment for “family viewing”.

Kathie from Canada

Isn’t her husband the president or vice president of CBS – something like that.?? He’s some kind of grand fromage for sure. I think her job is pretty secure.


She heard suc and she had dirty thoughts…


@HateRach: just curious, how is Matt the rat of the Brigade??? Enzo, Lane, and Hayden turned on him before he did anything. I mean, I’m peeved he tried to screw Ragan, but he did that out of loyalty to THEM!

All I know is that this season sux…I want a re-do. heh

I don’t like ANY of them. I mean, I don’t dislike all of them, but I don’t like them as in I’m rooting for them. I just know I don’t want anyone to win but Ragan and Britney at this point (I was okay w/Lane winning until he pulled that BS move on Britney that aired in last night’s episode).

Of course none of this matters because I don’t see Britney or Ragan winning at this point. 🙁


Matt is gone! No one to root for now .. This season is officially done. ='(


I agree! & Nothing happened to Enzo for Breaking the rules! 🙁

Kathie from Canada

Can CBS carry a penalty forward if by some dumb luck Enzo actually wins something?? Doesn’t seem fair that he got to skate!


yea, he has eat in 2 of his have not week, he should have at least got a penalty vote this week like what’s her face.


Hayden……..Please put up Ragan and Britney………keeping fingers crossed


Enzo does not deserve to win, what has he done except gripe and whine the whole time!!!!!!


hope they get brendon out 1st then regan.


u act like there is only one way to play big brother so what if enzo hasnt won anything. if you stay low key nobody will come after you hence you will stay in the game longer.


I think playing low key is one thing if you throw HoH comps, but not the PoV comps. Enzo is worthless as a BB player.


AMEN! That loser hasn’t done anything but sound like a total idiot the entire game. Did you hear him after the HOH comp? He couldn’t find a single name. He should be gone.


he couldnt find a name cuz it was rigged for hayden, groner sure knows how to pimp the storylines.




A sad day for BB. Just sit back and let all the loosers win. Do Nothing and get the players out, what a way to stay!

I want to stick a fork in her eyes

bada bing bada boom and brenchel is reunited …that was exhausting to watch


Are they competing for the next HOH tonight?

Kathie from Canada

I have a funny feeling that Brit and Lane are going to use Ragan to make it through to final two. If that holds up, I think Lane just might win this thing. Enzo is just out of his league and Hayden is close behind him. What an odd assortment to end up final 5. Who’da thunk it??

Kathie from Canada

dictionary meaning of succubus – a paramour, a demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep
Assuming Julie did know the meaning, Matt was walking a thin line using that expression so I guess she felt obligated to speak up,




Brendon is out


Isn’t that great!!!!!


Ragan needs to win next HOH!!!!


Envo needs the next one to go!!!

Linda May

When I saw that Brendon got voted out, part of my interest in BB12 died a quiet death. I am now merely curious to see who wins on finale night. I lost most of my interest in the remaining 5. Anyone feel the same? I was rooting for Brendon, the underdog among thieving canines. Now, I can barely stand to watch the whiners and floaters. Bummer for Brendon.


Yeah Brendon was a good player until he let Rachel negatively influenced him… Both Rachel and Brendon would have been my choice until they both thought they were better than everyone else and then they wanted to hold others accountable for the same things they were doing… They didn’t see past themselves. It wasn’t until Rachel was out of the house for awhile that he started to seem like a good person… But one needs to look at their actions not what they are saying… And this is another thing Brendon would say and look at his actions!!!


well Julie tried her hardest to keep Brendon in the game with the POV comp……………she kept giving him extra time, the one time he stalled, stepped up, which was wrong answer then she let him move again and never said a word……that’s pure BS, he should have been eliminated then…….Julie is a lame excuse for hosting……..but things finally worked out way they should in the end


Lane is a greedy SOB taking Haden’s monkey that he sent to Kathy!!! He needs the next one to go… Let Haden Ragan and Brit be the final three !!! And it should be between Ragan and Haden as the final 2. Haden sat some things out and didn’t play aggressively but played a positive game. Whereas Ragan did play an aggressive game and came close but played with integrity. Unfortunately Brit seems to influence other players to show their negative side, just like Rachel is a negative influence on Brendon.

Britney's eyeball

Not one player left deserving of 500k. JOKE OF A SHOW THIS SEASON CBS! Do yourself a favor and fire the casting director.

Evel Jim

Seconded. Canceling the season pass now.

Britany rules!!

Who won hoh? anyone now


Lane won HOH.