*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says that he had dream last night that he was talking to a friend of his and asked if people outside the house think he is a big douche..

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12:55pm Enzo, Hayden and Brendon break up their study session to go eat. They head to the kitchen and Enzo asks if Hayden can hear the noise coming from the backyard. Enzo says that it sounds like something is on …like a generator or something. Brendon heads to the bathroom. Hayden makes a protein shake. Enzo paces back and forth across the kitchen and says that its hot YO! I’m gonna go back to sleep. Enzo walks into the living room where Lane and is sitting and says that he just has a funny feeling about this day …that he thinks its going to be a double eviction …it smells like death in here. Enzo goes back to the kitchen and says that he has a pimple popping out of no where. Brendon says that’s the worst on Live show night. Enzo says yeah I’m just gonna let it grow …and live its life. Enzo leaves the kitchen. Brendon tells hayden that he had dream last night that he was talking to a friend of his and asking if people outside the house think he is a big douche.. Brendon says that even in his dreams he has paranoia. Hayden says wow man!

1:20pm In the living room Lane asks him if he has his speech ready. Enzo tells Lane that he isn’t going to swear or curse or swear in his speech tonight. Brendon joins them in the living room. Lane tells Enoz not to look at the cameras, and to look into the kitchen. Lane says just don’t bring up the Salem Witches, I already used that one. Brendon starts joking about appropriate speech content. Hayden joins them in the living room. They are playing with the dice they made out of play doh. Each rolling the dice out on the floor to see what they get. Enzo is trying to explain the rules but cant quite remember how to play and how to bet. Britney comes in and tell Hayden that they want him in the diary room. They break up their dice game and head to the kitchen. Brendon ask Enzo if he talked to Lane and if he is cool with everything. Enzo says yeah yeah. Enzo says that he is going to go lay down.. Enzo goes to the have not room and lays down in his cot. Brendon comes into the have not room and says hey good luck today dude. Brendon comes in and tells Enzo that he always has the right attitude and that he’s lucky at this… and then tells him not to stress.


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1:50pm Ragan is finally up for the day… He is the only house guest up at the moment and he is in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal. After he is finished eating he does a bunch of dishes…. Ragan then goes into the cabana room and start studying the events and timeline of the house….

2:10pm The live feeds cut to the TRIVIA screen…


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:55pm Everyone getting ready for tonights madness

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159 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says that he had dream last night that he was talking to a friend of his and asked if people outside the house think he is a big douche..

  1. When Allion Grodner’s mouth gets tired, she just starts eating stuff with her vaginal abyss. You should see the size of the douche she needs to use afterwards.

    1. That made me spit out the 5th drink I just had from all the life long friends theories on the last post. Waiting for the QAZ rule to be invoked so I can replace it.

      1. I think Kathy is Brits mom and Matt is staying this week because Enzo ate some nuts. My spelling sucks, I must be a Martian because it’s “OBVI” that English is not my first language.

        Thats about all, I have to get back to figuring out ways to make Rachel look bad

        1. I hope Matt stays!!!!! I watched last nights show for 5 minutes and I had to turn it because I can’t believe Brit turned against him.

        2. Why do you have to figure out “how to make Rachel look bad”? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Simon, Simon, Simon… she needs no help and she’s gone! shhhhh Ragan might hear us.

    2. Maybe she can use Brendon since he is already feeling like the biggest douche around. Im sure Rachel wont mind. Once the show is over she will definately push for the “Together but Open” relationship thing like most greedy ho’s do. BUT YOU on the other hand, you seemed pretty dedicated to AG, dont think you would like Brendon fooling around in your womens clogged hole. Hahaa

    3. I think you are hysterical! How you can get away with these things is unbelievable. I always look for your comments, others are just jealous that they didn’t come up with it . Thank you for making me laugh.


    1. I do feel bad for Brendon about that though. He’s trying so hard to make friends with everyone, but all they do is talk shit and make fun of him behind his back. Oh well, at least he’s still alive in the game.

    2. I agree – Brendon is very loyal and dedicated. Funny how when the table turns it’s alright to say things. Case in point: Brendon complained about the surf board comp being made for people with small feet – Ragan now complaining about this ball toss comp as being tailored to Hayden and Lane. I hope Brendon goes all the way!

    3. Unfortunately, Brendan really was a complete ass when Rachael was in the house. But now that she’s gone he is much more of a regular guy. Although that interview they did with his ex-girlfriend was pretty telling.

      1. I watch After Dark and read alot on this site, and I guess he is very annoying to everyone….the only person that would have taken me over the edge would have been Rachel……too bad for those people who only watch the show, don’t really know what is going on….they leave sooooooo much out…..like when Ragan and Rachel were fighting, they completely left out the issue with Rachel trying to throw Brit under the bus….strange….

      2. There are two sides to every story. We don’t know a thing about her. Judging by the type of girl he picked (Rach) he doesn’t have very good taste in women, and his ex could be just like Rach in many ways. Ever heard of sour grapes? His ex and her mom sitting around drinking wine and bashing Brendon on national tv … not very classy in any way. I’ll bet they were paid good for that. Anyway, not saying Brendon is a saint or anything near it, but I certainly can’t take the rantings of an ex as a testament to someone’s character (or lack thereof).

        1. When an ex wants to rant, I don’t think you have to pay them. In fact, an ex gettiing to rant on national TV, well, they might pay you!

        2. Or go ahead an rationalize the douchebag’s actions because you hate the things your ex says about you. (I’m pro equal opportunity)

            1. OK but why? I don’t get bringing up/dismissing/rationalizing the “rantings of an ex” unless you are making a case for Brendon.

              1. Nope. I just don’t buy into everything an ex says about someone, I don’t buy into everything I see on tv, and I don’t get all emotional about it. I was just stating my opinion about human behavior.

    4. Anyone who picks their nose as much as he does is just gross! Makes me sick how he never washes his hands and then he cooks all of the time. Interesting for someone who considers himself the “clean” one.

    5. I just don’t get how people don’t see what a douche bucket this guy really is. I guess he gets a good edit on TV, because he surely is hands down the most arrogant, know it all, whiny poor sport since Rachel left. I guess you all forget how he threw the ball at Jeff and Jordan, how he complained about competitions being rigged for people with small feet, how he made the same deal with both Matt and Brit, and since they found out and broke the deal, he calls them slimy. I could go on and on. Trust me. He reminds me of my ex. Outwardly he acts like a sweetheart, but he is a manipulator with no self esteem. That’s why he tries so hard to feel better than everyone else. As much as I dislike Rachel, I hope she takes it slow with him because she could find herself in a very abusive relationship and doubting her own sanity and individuality. And please. Don’t tell me that he doesn’t talk crap about anyone. Of course he does. All the time. They all do. I don’t hold that against him because that’s what people do on BB, but face it, the guy is no saint. Yeah, he fights to stay alive, but he is no more trustworthy than any of the rest of them. People go on and on about Ragan being a baby, and I agree, but pussyboi is worse. How soon you forget the tears and pity parties he had with Rachel. I hope he is gone by the end of tonights episode.

      1. I agree. He’s a very poor sport and makes excuses for everything he does (or can’t do); however, I don’t feel sorry for Rachel. She’s just plain hard up for a man. They both seem terribly immature. I hope Matt goes tonight and then Brendon.

      2. so its ok when the rest of them had poor sportsmanship but its not ok for brendan, you really need watch this season again and see how everyone else acted after they lost they were just as bad, and they did not have the whole house against them so they are actually worse.

    1. Brendon winning HOH will only be more of the same old shite … he’ll nominate Ragan and Britney. He’ll talk crap about Ragan and Britney and Enzo will stuck his head up Brendon’s butt. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane will continue to rule the house by being lazing, lying, do-nothings.

      1. You forgot to mention that Ragan and Britney will continue to rant about Brendan, how he needs to go, that they can’t stand him, blah, blah, blah…..I hope Brendan gets HOH….I really don’t like the nastiness of Ragan/Britney, and I don’t think the BR3G deserve it.

        1. All this crap about Brit and Ragan talking shit about Brendon and this and that…..have you not seen the live feeds where Enzo and Hayden and Lane all refer to Brendon as ND? How bout the scenes where they chant sometihing along the lines of GB to the ND from BB? and when Brendon asked them what it means they made up some shit and had him chanting it too…..

          please….what else are they going to do in the boring BB house…….it’s part of the game….

          I’m no Brendon fan at all……he is a poor sport in every sense of it’s meaning and is the BB crybaby when it comes to not getting his way…….

          and he likes his women a lil on the trashy side……for some reason men are just that way…lol

          just sayin…….

    1. Are you his one friend? LOL, just kidding. But seriously, Brendon is a BIG douche.

      1. I don’t think he’s a douche, he just gets p-whipped very easily and turns into a huge pussy. As soon as Rachel was evicted he slowly manned up again and now’s he’s back to being a pretty normal dude. Even watch his DR comments since Rachel left, at first he was doing this shit for Rachel, last night he started saying he was doing it for the half a million bucks.

  3. “Brendon says that he had dream last night that he was talking to a friend of his and asked if people outside the house think he is a big douche..”

    “pre-rachel eviction” yes huge douche bag, but “post-rachel eviction” getting more likable…. proof that ho’s really do bring the worst outta men.

    1. Rachel made his worse tendencies worse but that doesn’t mean he’s suddenly Mr. Great when she’s not there. While he covers it up when he’s not in power, he’s small-minded, very insecure, believes he’s more intelligent than he really is, a bully, and passive-aggressive.

      1. Why? Why are you here? If you’re not watching the live feeds, or the show, why come here and read the blogs and make comments??? That’s like saying man, I’m completely off pills….except for my anxiety medicine. lol. You are one big joke.

        1. It was just a joke … try getting a sense of humor (but 1st you would have to get some sense, which seems a very remote possibiliity)…

          1. Are you kidding me, I’ve got a GREAT sense of humor, I’m hilarious. ;-D The funny part is, you’re so caught up in your own douchery, you’re missing that I wasn’t even replying to you, rather the person YOU replied to named “I’m taking my ball and going home and not watching BB Afterdark, or Live Feeds, Or the Network Shows….Mimi” or something or other. Nice try though, your attempt at humor is quite humorous. ;-)

    2. I think “Ho’s” are paid to bring the “best” out of men. To bring the “worst”, I think you have to pay more. I have read this somewhere. Don’t know that to be fact from anything personal!

  4. SIMON, I am very upset. I have just gone thru the comments and found that someone is using my ID. I got off of the site at 12:30 last night. I just got back on. Please check this out. There is a real problem with people using other peoples names. I would like to know who was using my ID and I would like to know the ID they usually use on here. They need to be called out. I am sorry for being upset but I don’t like ID fraud even on a fun site.

      1. No, bigbrother, it just wasn’t me. But Simon has renamed them BBGrandma2. I am still number one somewhere, I guess. Thank you, tho.

      1. Unfortunately for them, Simon, I love this site so much that I read all the comments. If they do it again, I will let you know. Thank you for your prompt actions!

        1. It happened to me yesterday too BBGrandma. I have also seen comments supposedly by Rockstar that don’t sound like her. Some people are just disrespectful.

          1. Chloe- Most posts pretending to be me usually end up calling me a douche.. haha oh well.. I usually hole up in my closet and eat chicken but I get over it and come back biting..

          2. I have seen the ones under Rockstar that didn’t sound like her and I think I know one that was under your name that I thought, that’s not the Chloe I know. Gee, I have to watch my bank account, credit cards and now onlineBigBrother for identity theft!

  5. they have “dice”? i remember hearing the wannabe mobster saying “does anybody wanna play Cee-Lo” so. no more pool table? thank the devil in hell got tired of seeing that shit.

  6. Bitchy Big Brother Blog also says that Enzo drank a glass of chocolate milk yesterday …. after he’d asked the other houseguests if it was allowed, they said no, and he still drank it. I think her blog also has the time of when it occurred. Although I seriously doubt that BB would penalize Enzo, he is wracking up the offenses!

    1. If Enzo gets away with cheating on Have Nots, why bother having Have Nots? Sleep anywhere and eat anything. There is no punishment.

    2. Hayden is drinking “protein” shakes. What’s up with that? That can’t be part of the have not diet.

  7. Oh crap….secret game?? WTF Matt better not come out of it with some special power to remove himself from the block!

    1. yea i hope that don’t happen, but seeing as enzo should be penalizes for eating while on slop matt might be staying anyways, of course if BB keep rigging the game like they been doing for the past 5 weeks they won’t penalize him…. id rather see enzo go b ecaus ehe actually deserves to go not only for the cheating but the floating, get matt out next week

  8. I’m getting sick of the term “douche”–lets get another one like, “wow did you see what Enzo said about Brendon, he’s such a MUFF”.
    Brittany is so mean, she smiles at you and when you turn your back she snarls at you–she is treats Brendon like such a DIRT SOCK
    just a thought….
    wow what a Grodner

    1. I agree. Can we use some term that belittles a part of the male anatomy instead?

    2. How about these:
      “Wow, Enzo is such a condom!”
      “Man, Hayden and Lane are a bunch of old jockstraps.”
      Or we could go with something agnostic like,
      “Brendon is such a butt-plug!”

  9. Rachel wants you Brendon…please used the side door. Bring Enzo with you so you’ll have someone to talk to you when you have a break from Rachel…then make room for Hayden who will be following next week….RAGAN Queen of the big money $$$$$ GO RAGAN GO $$$$$

    1. Roseypink, Rachel doesn’t really want Brendon — she wants whatever money that BB is going to help him win!

  10. I’d bet large money that if you asked Rachel about Brendon now, she’d say “Brendon who?..” Unless he wins of course.

    1. I think THIS is what could happen. If Brendon and Ragan vote to evict Enzo and he gets an extra vote against(like I remember Jen getting) then that could send Enzo home and Matt stays.

      Now, would we know anything about the extra vote against before it happens?

  11. Every poll I have found on the internet shows Brenden to be America’s favorite by light years.
    I think he has more class than anyone on this show. He’s certainly got my vote.

    1. He gets a larger amount because all the idiots vote for him and the normal peoples vote gets split between the other HGs.

    2. I Think it’s the lesser of 2 evils dilemna. Brendon by all appearances is quite a douche. There’s really no way around it. A mild mannered chemist by day/hooker by night turns on the charm for 2 days and he’s suddenly in love. To me, that speaks volumes about the type of guy he is (needy much???). Don’t get me wrong I’d cozy up to Rach too if I were in the house..An “oral” relationship with her now and then would relieve the stress, but it wouldn’t be all “I love you babe, I wanna leave so u can stay babe”..puke. The remnants of the brigade have played the floater game since week 1, it’s served them well this far, but it doesnt create a huge fan base. So peeps who watch for a competitive game would gravitate towards Brendon, deluded douche or not.

  12. what exactly are we waiting for? i might as well just stop watching now since hayden and enzo are gonna win it all.
    saw the show yesterday, couldn’t believe how greedy hayden is.

      1. Why, is someone going to pop the Balloon? He went for all the prizes because Hayden knew that was all he was going to get. See, BBGrandma was pulling for him this week and whomever I am doesn’t win. He thought he better get all he could while he can.

    1. I’m not saying that Hayden isn’t greedy, but the point I want to make is, THEY ALL ARE…it’s a game show! Ragan sabotaged the ENTIRE house for 20k…..why…..because he knew they couldn’t find out. It was a smart GAME move. Hayden was BRILLIANT for taking advantage of nobody knowing who got what for several reasons, one being it made everyone more paranoid and a bit of a bad light on Matt, another being that NOT winning it aided him in his goal for this week in getting out Matt. You see selfishness (which I don’t even pay attention to because they are ALL guilty of it), but I see intelligence and smart game play.

    2. I agree, this is the worst season ever! How can these guys who sat back and did absolutely nothing, have the audacity to talk the way they do, you can see so much on the 24/7 live feed. It’s really disgusting how much trash talk Enzo does, and he has never stepped up and really participated in any competitions until this last POV but that was because this was the first time he was on the block. If anyone doesn’t have the 24/7 feeds you miss so much of the real personalities of the house guests. It’s really amazing how Enzo talks. You would think that he has won the most competitions and he is the Biggest Celebrity coming out of Season 12. I’m so over the cast this year. CBS has had to add all kind of additional games, like 3 Pandora’s Boxes. Never before has there been more than 1. Then there were 2 Sabators, thats because these people are so damn boring. How much Table Pool can we watch?
      Hayden was probably one of a couple of people that didn’t talk too bad about other contestants but after taking all the prizes this week in the POV and then lied about it now I have a problem with him. Oh yeah he told his Brigade buddies, but excluded Matt in that conversation! I have enjoyed the competitions but the players have been very boring, I hope they do better next year. I may only make this one more year at this rate.

    3. And the sad thing is that HE took most of the prizes and convinced Britney that it was Matt. What a dispicable thing to do, considering that Matt threw Ragan under the bus in an effort to protect Hayden. Hayden is just plain greedy and selfish.

      1. I’m just glad he didn’t evict brit. she needs to to form an alliance with ragan and then play the boys like a fiddle. i like lane but he’s being very manipulative. on a second thought, in a way he has helped her game a lot though. he has convinced the boys to keep brit over brendon and ragan. he knows the longer brit stays, the better it is for his game.

  13. Remember that most viewers are not “us” who are crazy for this and watch the feeds or after dark. They just watch the crap on weeknights and they only know the edited version. So most opinions are going to be very different from ours. But I like Enzo I could give a shit about floating or competing or what not. I just go for the people I think are funny and are halfway decent. Enzo, Lane and Brit , I hope one of them gets it. Actually Brendan is ok too…just NOT Matt, Hayden, or Ragan

    1. Okay, I will let go of the Balloon Boy as long as Matt goes, too. Enzo can float away on an iceberg. And, as for the rest, I don’t care who wins right now. Maybe I will change my mind in another week.

  14. Is it a live eviction TONIGHT.And the contest that they were just playing and are currently playing… is it on tonights SHOW.

  15. Why would you want Hayden gone??? You’ll miss the tiny mouth won’t you?? But you can remind yourself of it…just make a fist, then move your thumb up to rest on your first finger and move it ever so slightly up and down..Boom..instant Hayden mouth!

  16. I just don’t get why everyone is hating on Hayden so much. Most people that win the first HOH are gone before jury because they are the first to make enemies….not Hayden. Most past HG’s with his build and atheletic background can NOT contain their competitiveness and pride and perform TOO well in comps and get picked off early due to being too good of a competitor….not Hayden. Most HG’s that have been in a showmance not only could not keep them secret for long, but also were evicted soon after due to said showmance…..not Hayden (or Brendon but that’s b/c Hayden wanted to use him some more). Most past HG’s had at least ONE person that talked mad shit about them…..not Hayden, everyone loves him. The ONLY blood he has on his hands is the original sabateur’s, and frankly I was impressed he got her out the very 1st week of the game. I could keep going, but the point I’m making is the guy has played one of the best social games I have ever seen on BB, and he still has time to prove himself in comps…but this guy is smart enough to only do it when it HAS to be done.

    1. I agree. He’s got a great strategy and he is likely to win when it counts, final 5 and the last HOHs. I’m flipping to Team Hairdo.

      1. Moaner, really! Gee, I might last another week with Balloon Boy if you are for him along with the Newest4Horsemen.

        1. Well, he was the first one to flip on the Gremlin because he knew he couldn’t beat him. I gotta give him credit for that.

      1. Thanks, Granny, and I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for imposters round here. We don’t need any wolves in Grandma’s clothing here. ;-D

        1. Thanks, New4Horsemen! I will count on you to bring the axe if I become someone’s dinner. What big teeth they may have but I am a tough old gal and they will have to chew long and hard to get me down.

    1. Ditto..that and Ragan winning HOH would be the only highlights I can think of. Not that i’m a ragan fan, but i’d like to see Enzo or Hayden share a cab with Matt to the JH.

    2. Outing the brigade is Matts only shot to stay. He has to convince ragan Brit and Brendon to spare him for just ONE eviction because the brigade has 3 and the rest of the house has 3 if matt leaves. And since Brit can’t play for hoh, they will be at a one person disadvantage in the HOH comp. If they keep matt and vote out Enzo it will be 4 vs 2 and he will target the remaining two if he wins HOH, and if doesn’t, he will volunteer for the block and that he just don’t want to give that floater a free pass.

  17. I am so glad that I am not in the house. If someone ever asked me if they looked like a “douche” I would be compeled to say, “Well the Massengil tattoo we put on your back the night you were doing tequila shots probably doesn’t help.”. I do have to agree “douche” is getting old. Let’s all start labeling them “Giant Ambien” because God knows BBAD works better than Ambien these days!

  18. Friendly reminder to those in the Boston area — there’s a Patriots game on the CBS affiliate tonight — so Big Brother will be on WSBK Channel 38 at 8 pm tonight.

    1. @NFL Football Game…..Thanks for the reminder….completely forgot about the Patriots game….tough choice….I’ve missed the first 2 preseason games

  19. doubledip says:
    August 26, 2010 at 2:16 pm
    Every poll I have found on the internet shows Brenden to be America’s favorite by light years.
    I think he has more class than anyone on this show. He’s certainly got my vote.

    Brendan is popular because he has been the underdog since Week 1. People go for that. On the other hand, this blog has a very large percentage of haters who dislike people who win by working hard. I assume they don’t win much in real life.

    Yea – I said it.

  20. I don’t know why Matt didn’t go to Britney, Brendon and Ragan and expose the Brigade purely for principle and tell them as a alliance are stronger competitively than Enzo, Lane and Hayden, this could of saved him. He could of convinced them that he wants them out (enzo,lane and hayden) on principle………He could of apologized for throwing Ragan under the bus but it was his only option to stay true to the Brigade. And Matt should of realized that Lane more than anyone puts ideas into’s Britney’s head, thus her putting Matt up as a replacement Nom. At that point he should of realized that the Brigade is responsible for him going on the block, not so much Britney. Pisses me off how their all giving him grief for throwing his BEST Friend Ragan, as they say, under the bus, when they (Enzo, Lane and Hayden) are doing the same thing to him. He could of told Britney, Brendon and Ragan they were just side alliances to throw them all off the Brigade……….I don’t know, but it may of been enough to convince their votes………Brendon and Ragan could vote out Enzo and Britney could break the tie………..I don’t know…….I’am just so upset that Matt has just given up………I had so much more faith in him……….

    1. I am hoping Matt makes a stand before the nominations. If he gives the right speech with all the “How else would I know” details, he could pull it off.

    2. Yeah, he should definitely expose the Brigade already. As of right now, Matt doesn’t have enough votes to stay, so he has nothing to lose by doing it. I really hope he isn’t keeping it a secret out of a sense of loyalty to the Brigade because they don’t deserve it. If he doesn’t expose them, his only hope of staying is by some unexpected twist, like Enzo getting evicted for cheating.

    3. I don’t get it either. I am sorry I ever wanted him to win. He is so blinded that he doesn’t see that the brigade was never real. It consisted of three floaters using him to win and get his hands dirty. He is going to really be embarrassed when he sees how they have been trying to get rid of him for a couple of weeks now. He should have seen last week that he was at the bottom of the brigade pecking order. I can’t believe he would rather stay loyal to them than to Ragan who really has had his back the whole time. I was dismayed that Brit put him up but I understand why she did. How can she trust him if he threw Ragan under the bus. Again, it’s Matt’s fault for listening to the BG. He still thinks they said the same thing to Brit, when really, they set him up, Some super genius. Not even evil.

    4. I’ve been saying the same thing. Matt, just like Ragan, Brit, Enzo, Lane and Hayden are all idiots. Only Brendon seems to have any intellegence in the game. Just like the season with Janelle, the odds are just too overwhelming for Brendon to make final 2 even though he has been dominating the competitions. We are looking at someone unworthy of winning BB12 just like season 6 when Maggie won.

  21. Randomness
    Anyone else re:member “The Mole” hosted by Anderson Cooper?..I loved that show…There was another reality show that only lasted 1 season..not certain of the name..”Murder in a small town” maybe..

    1. That was a good show. I remember it, it actually lasted 2 seasons with Anderson Cooper, and normal folks, then they went downhill with terrible celebrity editions. But it was fun while it lasted.

    2. The Mole was in the beginning of its season (its 2nd I believe) when 9/11 happened …. it then disappeared for a long time and finally I think? they showed the remaining episodes in the spring. With all the fixing that goes on, showing the audience only a contrived version, and real sabotage of contestants by BB, BB is very akin to The Mole. I’ve read that the real contestants had The Mole figured out before the end, but of course, they didn’t show that on tv.

  22. Enzo needs to get evited tonight because he’s a cheater. Even if Matt tells everyone about the brigade it won’t matter Lane will convince Britt that it’s a lie and Brendon won’t believe anything that Matt says and Ragan has already figured it out. So it really won’t matter at all. As for tonights DE I would love to see Enzo evited and Ragan win the 1st HOH and put up Hayden and Brendon with Brendon winning POV and the Lane up. Hayden goes. Then Brit wins the 2nd HOH !!!

  23. I’d like to see Lane win HOH, and see how he handles the remaining Brigade and Britney. I think Hayden and Enzo would push him to put up Brit an Ragan, instead of Brendon….and Brit is FULLY expecting him to put up Brendon. The way the Brigade is going though, Lane could probably convince her they are doing it to backdoor Brendon, and she’d believe him.

  24. So I was so excited to come home from work and check out this site because I was just so sure something good happened today & Matt finally “tried” to stay. LOL I’m crushed….are you serious that he did not do one thing today to try to stay???? OMG!!

  25. If he makes his move too soon, the BG will convince everyone (esp Brit) that he is just lieing. Of course, waiting to the final speech before eviction may be too late. I am hoping he does it – just to make for good tv drama. At this point I don’t care enough about any of them to hope they win – but good drama is always good.

  26. We complained last year of the way the HGs treated each other, you know the name calling, etc. But they were somewhat entertaining. This year’s HGs have obviously kept up this tradition, but they are BORING! This is ALL they do! They must be BORED out of their minds! They used to have a lot of fun things to do/compete in. Now it’s the Haves and Have nots, where they get to pick them? The food competitions at least brought them together to work for a common goal. Remember the secret rooms, trying to win luxuries? And I’m sure there’s more stuff that I just can’t remember. The whole gameplay has changed so much that I think that’s what causing all this boredom, which leads to the name calling, etc. They haven’t really been given the opportunity! BB, go back to make the game more fun! This is ridiculous! Your format is not working!

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