Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “We still got HOH to play yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:10pm Feeds are Back The final 5 hanging out in the kitchen talking about worse case final 5. Hayden says Andrew, Ragan says KAhty, Brit says Brendon, Enzo says Rachel and LAne says Annie. They all agree that Annie would of never of made it this far she was too crazy. Brit tells them she never got to cast a single vote today because she was HOH then on the Block. Ragan says that Matt is going to have a very rough week, he’s sure that him and MAtt will be close friends for the rest of their lives. Enzo: “Yeah really”. They all start talkign about the POV comp, lane gives Brit a hard time because he did better then her and she was studying like crazy.

Enzo: “We still got HOH to play yo” everyone lets out a giant sigh. Hayden tells them that getting Brendon out during double eviction is perfect because they don’t have to deal with all his bullshit and scheming. Enzo, Brit and ragan agree. Ragan hopes they get playing cards and a margarita party. Hayden mentions that after he won the HOH Brendon was giving him a hi-5 and telling him not to put him up because it wasn’t right. They are all amazed that brendon made it so far because he was everyones target from day one.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:32pm Ragan tells them his eviction saying about Rachel, Ragan: “Ohh My God we get a mansion and our very own waitress”. Ragan tells them that MAtt is a super fan of the show he applied six times and last year he made it to the season finale.

6:42 HAyden in the DR. There talking about the HOH, Brit is really laying it on thick how unstoppable Hayden was during the comp. He goes over how he preformed in the HOH and how much faster he was compared to the rest of them. She adds that Brendon was doing decent as well. Enzo is wondering who is going to start washing the dishes, Lane says he’s starting to do them more now. Lane, Enzo and Brit all happy they don’t need to listen to BRendon’s stupid stories any more.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:49pm Brit tells Ragan, LAne, Enzo that that She told Hayden to put her up becuase she knew y’all wouldn’t vote her out. Brit didn’t want HAyden to feel bad having to make the choice of who to use as a pawn.
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6:59pm Jumanji Room Ragan and Brit Ragan is telling her they have to win if they don’t they are both going up. Ragan: “You understand this now one of us is going home if we don’t win”.. Ragan asks her Why are the boys in the storage room together like that. Brit: “there unloading Grocery’s” Ragan: “no there not they’re planning the next move”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:14pmTalking about how important the HOH is. Hayden is working Ragan in the cabana room telling him that he did a shout out to America to award MAtt he America’s choice money.


7:30pm Hayden, Lane and enzo These three are freaked out about Ragan potentially winning the HOH. they think it will be Hayden and Enzo that go up. HAyden tell Lane that he needs to win the POV then they can get BRit up on the block. Enzo tells them they all have to really fight from here on in, he thinks they’ll be the final 3 and however is the best player at that point wins. Lane tells Hayden that he is going to sell the sock Monkey now that it is famous. Hayden says he gave that to Kathy he wants it back, LAne: “Why you give it to her I want it”.
hayden now saying that the crowd was really cheering for him during the HOH cop and they went wild after he won. Enzo: “America loves us yo we’re making this season”

7:52pm Feeds on Trivia
8:16pm Feeds on Trivia
8:49pm Feeds on Trivia

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388 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “We still got HOH to play yo”

  1. I can’t vote on the poll b/c I can’t stand to see anyone of them win. I was actually rooting for Brendan at the end.

    1. I agree. All those houseguests with the exception of Britney maybe. Enzo and Lane have floated their way through. I so wanted Brendon to win, because he has been the target since day one. He was still lucky to have made it so far though!!

      1. Yea’ they all are lazy & greedy(Hayden, Lane, Britt, etc.) At least Brendon competed & gave it his all..This kinda makes me think it was rigged for Hayden to win that Dbl Evict HoH cuz he is dumb as a box of rocks!..

    2. I am not voting either. I did not think that this game was rigged but I have changed my mind, they new that Regan knew that information backwords and forwards they talked about it all week and they still picked that game. There is no game anymore just floaters and disgusting people that make fun of people behind there backs, not game just nasty human beings.

      1. Give me a break. They all expected quiz based games, including before and after games and they all studied. There is nothing rigged about that, Ragan just had better studying habits.

      2. HAHAHAHA just like brendon whine whine whine and whine some more….. sure it was rigged just like the HOH brendon won production knew he was most athletic in the house so they chose a comp that would cater to him just like they chose comps that catered to smaller people which matt won, and the HOHs Rachel won again production knew that she was good with quizzes. i wanted brendon to win BB but seeing as he had 0 chance, you can’t win with 1 vote and HE knew that, so it was a good thing he was voted out. , stop your whining. or stop watching the show.

        1. You must not have a girlfriend/boyfriend, life, or a brain: Since you seem overly versed in BB and are Obsessed w/ the Characters(Brigade)..You are weird and i imagine you prob sit at home and watch alot of Porn as well…ewwwww..

      3. What? They’ve all been studying for hours and hours every day, for the last few weeks. Ragan and Britney (and Kathy when she was still in the house) studied the least.

      4. They are all disgusting. Ragan makes me puke the way he maliciously attacks people behind their backs, what a coward. Britney is just a plain old evil b*tch, I can’t believe how she talked about Brendon behind his back, put him down about his education. She’s was soooo jealous of him. What a great example of white trash. Then the 3 stooges are just worthless, a bunch of slackers and losers. Worst Big Brother household ever. The person who cast this group ought to be taken out back and shot.

        1. then stop watching, its as easy as that. when i come on here i want to hear people talk about the game and houseguest still in the game. but half the people on here just bitch about how this is “the worst season ever..” then why are you still watching it? no one wants to read your bitching posts, so stop posting them.

    3. I thought the same thing, Debbie. I could vote for who is the least favorite but that might be a tie, too.
      The HoH comp is the catapult, right? The one they thought was good was Hay & he can’t play – just Enz, Lane, Brit & Ra. Unless Ra wins, he’s gone next week (or wins POV). Unless Brit wins, she’s going up with Ra….or asap. Lane won’t want to have her blood on his hands. I just can’t watch the rest of this season…Lane & Britney flirting….B/L/H conniving to get rid of Enzo for Final 3 & H/E/L conniving to get rid of Brit for F3. Watching them vacay by the pool, etc like a happy family – I can’t. At least with Rachel, some love to hate her – but she had enemies in the house so it was drama. This Manson family that is left will just be crowing and preening for the next few weeks. I’ll ask who won when the time comes but I can tune in for this. Matt didn’t help Ra by warning the BG he was on to them. But Brit did the same thing, scoffing at Ragan when he tried to tell her.

      1. THEN DON’T PLEASE! Anyone who doesn’t like who’s left please quit botching about entire remaining guests and do whatever you want then! But you’ll watch bc were ENTERTAINED! lol And tonigts show was most tense stuff all year now it’s crap! Haha hypocrisy at the best level. So no one deserves to win? Really, you didn’t make the cast so your values don’t apply sadly. But I’ll cover many values you might hold and sum them up with one HG for ya that may just REALLY DESERVE IT!
        HAYDEN- nice to everyone, Liked by EVERYONE, except maybe bitter Brendan but who cares now, lost a full MLB paycheck due to injury btw, better morals than most anyone there for sure, 2 HOHs (no matter how easy, they count and hE MADE SMART NOMS), and has no real money in life, and using the money to aide his family……seems alright to me?!?!?

    4. I can’t vote either! – What about none of the above. I wonder how long this little love fest of 5 will last. H/E/L could not be worse players – the most lack luster grenade brigade I’ve ever seen. Plus the two cry babies. Well, won’t have to make this appt TV anymore! This Big Brother = Big Stupid for the rest of the season!!

    5. Well, Brendon was leading in the polls yesterday and now he’s in JH. Ragan is leading now, so I guess he goes home next. Enzo might be the first to never come close to winning HOH or POV and still win BB.

    6. Why did cbs choose to use a question that Brenden wouldn’t know the answer to, in the pov competition??? That is no fair, it just goes to show that the show AIN’T RIGGED. He wasn’t even present when Rachel said that?? That is SO not fair to him. He lost ONLY because of that???
      CBS MESSED UP BIG TIME!!!! D o they even realize their mistake?? It’s as clear as day.

        1. I am sure Brendon did not know a lot of things because he spent most of his time with Rachel…get over it Brendon is gone….yay!

      1. what are you talking about? of course he was there when she said “bring it on” ……question is, what planet were you on and what were you smoking when these events happened? talk about being a yo-yo lmao

        1. Rachel said, “Bring it on” during the nomination ceremony during her second reign as HOH (directed at Hayden and Kristen), and ALL HGs were witness to it. I am sure, even if BB did have some semi-rigged events, (individually-favored) they would take the utmost care in ensuring that all HGs were at least privy to the quiz information, and anything they did would be so subtle that it wouldn’t be provable. If they weren’t able to make that assurance, their backsides would be in the fire. I agree that it sucks that Brendon came that far through all of that opposition, but I believe he lost it “fair and square”. :( Hey…I’m still holding out for him to win America’s vote. I think it may be a battle between him and Ragan, though. I, formerly, would have put Matt in as a prospect, but he BLEW it when he turned on Ragan.

        2. Sorry, Jake. This comment was meant for Yo-yo.

          Rachel said, “Bring it on” during the nomination ceremony during her second reign as HOH (directed at Hayden and Kristen), and ALL HGs were witness to it. I am sure, even if BB did have some semi-rigged events, (individually-favored) they would take the utmost care in ensuring that all HGs were at least privy to the quiz information, and anything they did would be so subtle that it wouldn’t be provable. If they weren’t able to make that assurance, their backsides would be in the fire. I agree that it sucks that Brendon came that far through all of that opposition, but I believe he lost it “fair and square”. :( Hey…I’m still holding out for him to win America’s vote. I think it may be a battle between him and Ragan, though. I, formerly, would have put Matt in as a prospect, but he BLEW it when he turned on Ragan.

            1. I don’t have the feeds, and it all happened so fast. I thought Julie said ” I’m back.” referring to when she came back for 24 hours. So sorry for the mix-ups guys.
              @ jake, grow up you mor on. Act your age. My bad if you are 10 or under :P
              I used yo-yo, referring to the brigade always sayin that, so get a clue and get that stick outta your arse, will ya. You are starting to look pale. :D

  2. hayden will be hoh til either tomorrow or sat (probably tomorrow) as they air the new HOH on sun and they have to edit it and all. tonight was lame as usual. ah brendon and matt going home what a surprise? gee I wonder if gayin doesnt win HOH if he’ll be sitting next to brit next week? ya think.
    those morans are pulling it off and i say who says losers never win.

        1. The others L/E/H will talk her into putting Ragan up anyway so it won’t make a difference the bumbgade will probably be in the final three.

    1. HOH wins POV wins
      Enzo 0 0
      Lane 0 0
      Ragan 0 2
      Brit 1 3
      If the HOH is a quiz I think two brigade members will have their butts firmly planted in the blue chairs.

  3. I’m team ragan completely now. I was team matt til he made a string of bad choices. then I was siding with brendon there for a few days…but hes gone now too :( sooo…go ragan!!!

        1. Ditto…dammit Matty! Cannot EVER get cocky in the BB house. It’s a good thing his wife didn’t REALLY have a disease! I wonder if the other HGs began to doubt his story as their trust in him began to wane. Guess we’ll find out at the finale! My only real hope remains in Ragan now.

      1. I do wonder if people, not reading the list carefully, thought that “Dawg” was Enzo. That’s what I thought when I saw it before I saw his actual name. Assuming that all or most of the “Dawg votes were entered under the assumption that it meant Enzo, that would shift the poll ratings significantly, but Ragan and Britney would still have an edge according to this poll. And Lane would still be close behind.

      1. I’m on the hate Hayden bandwagon too..
        He wears his hair so long because look at
        his face…he’s butt ugly…..and one of the biggest
        liar backstabbers in the game

  4. i dont think I care much anymore. Its not that everyone I liked is now gone. Its just that everyone I liked has turned into giant douches.

    It is really a shame that one of Enzo hayden and lane will surely win. All 3 are terrible.

  5. HOPE brit gets voted out next so she doesnt get all the free clothes in final four.

    hope enzo wins hoh and puts up brit and reagn…ragen gets vito, then brit is out!!!!!!!!!

    1. What free clothes? I’m missing something here.
      Oh, you can bet the little girl will be gone next week.
      Reason being, Ragan is on a roll and he’s going to keep winning, so the Bridgade can’t mess with him. She’s the only one left that they can vote out.

      1. Ragan knows Haydumb, Bozo, and Lame are working together, so him getting rid of Britney is too ridiculous to think let alone type out in a comment.

  6. Hahahaha.
    This is just pathetic. Poll shows we want Ragan to win.
    Like some of you, I didn’t want to see Ragan win or make it this far, but since Brendon and Matt were voted out, I’m so glad Ragan is still in the game.
    And because of all the jokers and the little girl are still in the house, I hope Ragan steps up his game and take it to the end. Win it for America Ragan.
    All that nasty things you said to Rachel and Brendon are forgive and forgotten. You have to win this want because none of the others deserve it.

    1. I can’t agree with you more. Top Brendon, second Matt. Now its Ragan then the zingbot, then vomit. then the dead fish, then Lane, Hayden and Enzo. My opinion

  7. Sad to see the Gremlin go but at least the smug look on Rachel’s face when Matt walks in will be wiped away real quick when Brendan follows right after him :-)

    1. that’s my only comfort in tonight’s outcome…although matt and brendon were the only ones that played a real game…since they are gone britney has the next best game going then ragan and then lane…so that’s who i want to see final 3…the sad part is none of them have that great a game going…i just really don’t want to see enzo or hayden make it to final 3…they have done NOTHING and they don’t deserve to make it…best case scenario enzo goes then hayden!

    2. omg you are completely right.i was seriously about to cry cuz i knew matt was going home and i knew rachel would be so freakin happy but…i ididnt even think about how sad shell be that brendons there… makes me feel much better about matt being sent home ahha

  8. I miss the whole thing! What in the world just happened! BB better bring some of the evicted house gues back!! This is not right!?!

  9. How can you vote for any of them? None of them have really played a good game. I was rooting for Brendon, too. Best case scenario for HOH will be Ragan because he will be forced to put up a brigade member and Lane and Hayden will tell him to put up Enzo.

  10. The brigade was stupid to get out Brendon. Britney and Ragan will team up because he will clue her in to the brigade. Thus, it will make it 3 vs. 2. Britney already felt she was doing their dirty work and Ragan will make her see that. Had they kept Brendon, it would have been 4 vs. 1 and then they could have got rid of Brendon. The Brigade is about to be played like a fiddle.

    1. Jim – I wish but I don’t think so. Ragan already approached Britney about “the boys” but she immediately ran back & told them while she was laying in the hammock surrounded by them faux-fawning over her & she scoffed about Ragan being paranoid & how he needs to go so he doesn’t “bother” her. She has a F3 deal with Hay/Lane and whenever she loses faith, Lane tells her: “I’m Lane” and she finds it again.

  11. I was waiting for something exciting to happen tonight or for someone to make a big move, blah, boring episode. Really don’t know who I want to win now.

  12. I repeat, Enzo couldn’t win a comp even if he was the only one playing! Fussing cause he couldn’t find a name, then being the first one out with the before/after. Either he’s really stupid or he’s throwing the comps. If he is actually throwing the comps then he should get an Oscar for acting!

  13. Today, the little girl found out that she’s the Bridgade’s appetizer.
    They’ll chew her up and spit her out in a heart bid.
    She was so nervous being put up as a pawn.
    I bet she was like: Why me? Why not Lane, or Enzo?
    I’ll tell you why little girl: It’s because you don’t have an alliance that you thought you had.

        1. Even so, I think she is completely naive to think that wouldn’t have been the same scenario if she hadn’t volunteered. Her naivety will be her undoing, and at this point, I hope so. The one thing she should have been able to determine about Ragan by now was his loyalty. It would have been a solid alliance. He would have been loyal–unlike Lane and the remaining Brigade–yet there’s she goes still trying to prove herself to the very people who will take her down at the first chance they get!

    1. she’s the one playing them you idiot. hayden could’ve easily voted her out but he didn’t. because she’s playing them just as well as they think they are playing her.

      1. We’ll see .Enzo told them that Brit would stay tilll final four because the Brigade can control her vote. If it’s final four and she gets put up against anyone in the brigade, who do you think the other brigade member will vote out?

  14. Hate this final 5. I think only Brit and Ragan should be at this point. The 3 stooges are a joke. Depending on result of HOH, I may bail after tonight.

    1. Hayden, Enzo and Lame can’t seriously think they can somehow pull it together and evict both Brit and Ragan! They seriously needed Brendon to even stand a chance.

      1. I feel the same way and I can’t believe it b/c I couldn’t stand them all season talking shit behind everyone’s back. Still can’t stand them as people and I still don’t believe Ragan should be aloud to educate but they are the only 2 LEFT that deserves to win even a little bit.

  15. oh dont be babies just because most of them dont win shit doesent mean its a bad way too play. look at brendon he won comps wheres he now, enzo hasnt won shit and hes still there. Whose position would you rather be in?

    1. Ur an idiot .. Is this your first season of BB the point of the game is to win comps and make power moves .. Not team up with ppm who suck as hard as u do and float by .. Because of ppl like u BB will lose it’s ratings fast and be cancelled these past couple of seasons have been horrible the only reason I keep watching is cause I hope the next season will be better

      1. I agree Shannon, the houseguests kicked out the last “real player”. I think that last great season was BB8. This has been one of the most boring years.

        1. I don’t know, it’s sort of like real life. People don’t always get ahead by being the best, strongest, smartest, a lot of people get ahead by BSing and manipulating other people. It’s not right, but it happens.

      2. actually your an idiot not jonny, and by the way bb is top of the ratings for its timeslot three times a week, dont you understand that idiots like you only count for like less that.000001% of the viewers, just because you dont like the show doesnt mean its going to magically disappear from the air

        1. I’m an idiot?? 4.7 million viewers this seasons high to season 8’s 9 million.. Umm I may be an idiot but I do know 4.7 million is a far cry from 9million .. Get your facts straight before u make comments .. Unless casting gets better this show is gonna keep losing it’s intelligent viewers .. I bet u watch jersey shore too ya dunce

    2. its too bad Ragan didn’t tell Brit and Brendon about the alliance… Brendon was a threat…now he is gone…its a game……

  16. I want Britt to win, she is the only one left that has played a good game. Lane, and Enzo can’t win an HOH, so either Britt or Ragan win this HOH.

  17. I’d love to see Retchel’s face when Brenda walks in after Matt. She’ll be so happy so see Matt, then be brought right back down again. You just know that she’ll be so pissed at Brenda and will withhold sex tonight.

    1. LOL me too! And what she’ll fail to realize is that it was her fault Brendon lost! She’s the one that told him to stick with Enzo & Hayden!!! LMAO

    2. Rachel will break up with him BEFORE the finale … now that he has no chance to win 500 K ;). Kathy said their relationship wouldn’t outlast the show — I predict it won’t even last to the end of the show now that Brendon is just a poor really old to be starting grad school, future grad student.

    1. Hayden is a shaggy dog loser who is freaking lame. As a matter of fact this whole season has been lame and predictable. I miss the days when I was shocked after an episode.

  18. We complained last year of the way the HGs treated each other, you know the name calling, etc. But they were somewhat entertaining. This year’s HGs have obviously kept up this tradition, but they are BORING! This is ALL they do! They must be BORED out of their minds! They used to have a lot of fun things to do/compete in. Now it’s the Haves and Have nots, where they get to pick them? The food competitions at least brought them together to work for a common goal. Remember the secret rooms, trying to win luxuries? And I’m sure there’s more stuff that I just can’t remember. The whole gameplay has changed so much that I think that’s what causing all this boredom, which leads to the name calling, etc. They haven’t really been given the opportunity! BB, go back to make the game more fun! This is ridiculous! Your format is not working!

    1. I agree 100%. There are entirely too many 20-somethings, whose only concerns are their “fans” (lol) and fame. Get some diversity. Why only one minority and one older HG?? Mix it up next year, BB, or lose YOUR fans. This year has made me pine for BB11 over and over. It has been difficult as hell to root for any of these people. Makes you wonder–how bad were the rejects who didn’t make the final cut this year!

      1. And too many contestants from the South / Southwest — so many of them live in or went to school in Texas, Arkansas, or Arizona.

  19. why don’t they show us anything about the jury house. They show us ponderosa with survivor cast offs, or am I Just missing something

    1. They will. So far there hasn’t been anything exciting to show. Why show Rachel and Kathy sitting around? BORING! Now that Matt and Brendon are entering the jury house back-to-back, things should start getting somewhat watchable there. How will Rachel respond to a bald Brendon? Will she still be interested in him now that he hasn’t won the $500K? Will Matt confess his wife is healthy? How long will it take Matt to out The Brigade to the jury? When will Kathy run out of cigarettes?

        1. The CBS show gives us glimpses of things at the jury house. They often show the new outcasts as they enter the house and the entire group watching the DVD of the just completed week’s highlights. That’s about it on the television. I have no idea what they run on

      1. I so want to see Brendon and Matt walking into the Jury House. I want to see who walks in first. I want to see what Rachel does. I want I want. Hurry up BB12, show us…

  20. if lane was smart, he would realize that hayden can’t compete in this HOH (i don’t think?) and enzo can’t win. so team up with raygan/brit while you still can, and make it a 3 vs 2 game. simple.

      1. Ya but everyone will want to bring E to the end because he hasn’t won anything and will be easy to beat. He may be the only person L can beat for jury votes.

            1. Sorry, but the correct grammar would be “me and my man”. Or, if, at the very least “”my man and me” Myself is a reflexive pronoun and should only be used as such. “Myself” should never be used in place of “me” or “I” unless you are using it reflexively, as in “I bought new clothes for myself” or “I have to do all the work myself”. “My man and I” is incorrect because “I” is only to be used when in the fist person singular as the subject of a sentence (it’s nominative singular). When using the objective singular, as in the case, the correct reference to self would be “me”. That is all.

          1. As a teacher of grammar for decades: It is incorrect to use the pronound form I after any preposition. It should be between/for/with… (substitute any preposition you want here) my man/Brendon and ME!

              1. I think my biggest pet peeve is the misuse of *I* and *me*. Why is that so hard to learn? I am amazed at all of the well educated people that cannot use them correctly. Anyway….I know that isn’t really BB game talk, but it is BB HOH blog talk. :0)

                1. One of my biggest pet peeve’s, also. It is very simple, but people misuse “I” so often. Somewhere along the line, people bought into the incorrect assumption that it is improper English to use “me” when talking in the first person. I see it on tv all the time … I don’t know why the writers on tv shows can’t get this simple concept straight.

      1. I Completley agree him & Enzo are the true underdogs… It’s clear most people don’t understand how this game works… They may want to brush up on their facts so they can see that The brigade minus Matt are actually the ones playing this game the best!!!! GO HAYDEN & ENZO

  21. Lane needs to bring out that nasty DR personality again. Start attacking Britney’s BF Nick every chance you get, Lane. It cracks me up. That and getting psyched up to weight lift were the only times he has displayed any personality all season. I’m going with The Trigade. Anyone but Bitchny or Cryagain!

  22. It’s very hard to survive to the end of this game and there’s not one way of getting to the end that is more legitimate than another. whether they play an aggressive game or fly under the radar if they end up in final 2 they belong there.

  23. I am not voting for anyone!! Seriously CBS get ur s#%t together if the 3 dumb asses win imma b pissed off! I thought u actually have to play the big brother game to win!! I can’t believe imam say this but out of those 5 regan should win! I wouldn’t mind Britney but she doesn’t need the money, she had the money to buy herself some boobies n veneers! Hope stupid Enzo is out next and then frat boy hayden!!

  24. Final 3 HOH quiz with Lane, Enzo, and Hayden is gonna be like celebrity jeopardy on SNL.
    “Just write down a number…..any number at all….whichever one of you can write down a number will be the next HOH.”

  25. i really hope hayden and enzo don’t win bb12. As long as they don’t win, i’ll be happy. I can’t believe they (including lane) backdoored matt, since he’s the one who’s been doing all the work.

    1. of course they want to great rid of of all the threats….two of them left today …the other two are still in the house. I hope Ragan or Brit wins HOH…otherwise – they two will be walking to the jury house…. the three stooges will be left….

  26. So Ragen wins HOH he puts up two (really doesnt matter which) of the “brain-less brigade” one wins the POV and then the final “brain-less brigade” is the replacement and one goes and now we only have 2 dummies left.. :)


    Ragen wins HOH he puts up two (really doesnt matter which) of the “brain-less brigade” NEITHER wins POV, Britney or the 3rd “brain-less brigade wins POV. POV is not used and one goes. STILL only 2 dummies to go.

    Final Brit and Ragan. (dont really care which one wins)

    Thats my wish, what is yours?

    1. THE SMART MOVE would be Ragan winning HOH. He knows that there was a 4 men alliance and also knowing that Britney and Lane are an alliance….targeting LANE would be the smart move. That breaks up TWO alliances.

      1. I agree, get Lane out of the house and out of Brit’s head and she will be loyal (until some other guy pays attention to her.)

      2. Absolutely. Ragan winning is the best case scenario. He will actually do what’s best for him and Brit. she is still too trusting of Lane. Let Brit win it next week.

  27. What the hell? Little girl said she told Hayden to put her up as a pawn because she didn’t want him to feel bad about having to make a decision?
    LOL… Is she that dumb or is she in love withe Hayden?
    Please, get her off Big Brother before she hurts herself.

  28. in the words of chima “Me and the producers are going to have a talk!!!!” about how much this entire cast sucks donkey dick!

  29. This season of BB is not the best. It may be the worst most of the characters are not memorable loved Matt was routing 4 him due to the fact he was the only one really playing the game but he had sum slip ups this week w/ that said I think the betrayal really woke Regan up and he is gonna start playing a better game w/ his head instead of his heart GO TEAM REGAN

  30. Enzo’s new nickname is L-Zo because he’s always taking an L ( loss)
    I’m from NYC and this dude is stinking it up for us in the Tri State area.
    I guess I got root for Ragan. My dude Brendon is gone. It was a HELL OF A RIDE, u did ya thing homie!!!!!
    Now who is Brit and Rag gonna pick on to take the target off their back.
    DAMN U BIEBER !!!!! This the worst

  31. Good luck getting people to watch before the finale, CBS. And the remaining HGs are happy Brendon’s gone because it got rid of bullshit and scheming? Uh, it’s not gone guys. Just look in the mirror. You joined a show where those are the top two ingredients for success, so you wouldn’t have made it this far in the game without a whole lot of both.

  32. why don’t they show us anything about the jury house. They show us ponderosa with survivor cast offs, or am I Just missing something

  33. Worst season of BB in BB hisory. Please let us watch the Jury house. Those people are far more interestng then the five bumbo’s left in the house. Ragan and Britt are okay but they are no Brendan and Matt.

    1. I agree, Show needs overhaul, change games or something. Ragan or Brit is going to win HOH….and LAme and Hayden will go up. I hope.

    2. I agree! This season sucks! Was talking to my hubby today and we miss when it was fun. We were talking about BB3 season with marcellas and the gnome named boo. That was a funny season. Go to YouTube and put in BB3 and marcellas and boo and there is an 8 minute video about boo that’s hillarious!

    1. I don’t care too much for Ragan, but I would rather see him win it all then those other jokers, especially the boy with the hair, and the little girl from “Y’all land.”.

    2. Finally someone has it right
      And his annoying laugh is terrible
      Got no game
      Got no shame
      I hope he goes
      That is the way I see it

  34. i was team B/R at first they were my favorites,but Rachel was really the one i was routing for she got evicted,i went for Brendon i think he did great but he got evicted now sorry but im going with Ragan he’s the only one who suspect the flogades……go ragan……….now im pretty sure that Rachel or Brendon will get 25000

  35. Well, I quit watching the show and I canceled my feeds because I was too bored. Now I will just check in after the finale just to see who won just to feed my curiosity. The 3 worthless boys needed to be broken up, just so they would have to fight for their place. On to something else that isn’t boring. Have fun everybody.

  36. I think the next house guest might open the magic box and make two evicted guest go to the jury house and 2 jury house guest go back to BB. Hopefully it will be Mat and Brendan. Maybe wishful thinking but what happened to the season of most suprises? I have seen nothing that has suprised me to much exept the fact BB did not Force Enzo out the door for breaking rules. Get your crap together BB because Enzo need to be out the door because he is not plaing fair and respecting your rules.

      1. Have nots are allowed to eat pickles. I think they are considered condiments or something. Enzo is NOT allowed to drink chocolate milk or eat nuts though — which live feeders have reportedly seen him do.

        1. Pickles have always been allowed for HaveNots. Past shows have shown those on HaveNot sitting around with a jar of pickles.

  37. Wow, I am now rooting for Ragan… This has got to be the saddest season… The “Brigade” alliance has no game, they are just floaters… Matt was their saving grace, but he made stupid mistakes this week, so he paid the consequence… I just wish none of the Brigades win, as they deserve squat… Seriously, this season for me is so over…

  38. It is truly SAD!!! These comments are more interesting than the entire season of BB. BB should hire me I would do a way better job of casting:)

        1. Yeah, the HGs voted to bring back James who had just been evicted or a “mystery HG” that america voted for. Brendon won’t get back in for sure.

          Besides, Survivor starts on 9/15 which is right in line with 1 HG evicted per week here on out.

  39. I can’t pull for Britney at all. Ragan doesn’t have much of a chance. The 3 stooges will be good for CBS since they will have to connive against each other. I don’t even want to see JH gamers return to the game. If Matt/Bren returned & won, folks would cry “foul” and it’s just not as satisfying (to me). I’m content to step out of this for now and, like others, I’ll want to know who won just to know. At least I will have more time (not having to watch BBAD 3 hrs/day) so that is something. :)
    I’ll groan here a little & talk with ya’ll again next year. Take care!

  40. Show watchers . . . did BB call out Enzo at all on his cheating (nuts on have nots, chocolate milk on have nots, not wearing penguin costume, not wear penguin hat)? I’m shocked that Enzo had the balls to vote Brendon out!

      1. Whose “you know what” is Enzo sucking that he gets so many free passes from BB? BB never showed what an azz he is on the show when I was watching — and BB allows him to cheat.

  41. Goodbye BB all people left are floaters, not one of them has done a thing like Matt, Brendon and Rachel. Will not tape BB after dark and not set my schedule around BB. Time for football because BB has nobody left who deserves the money. Two have won nothing and the rest very few. Do not want to hear Brits voice Ragen whine, Lane is boring, Hayden pretty boy and Enzo is ok at least he is funny now and again. Jury house more interesting then the show. Good up till now, you should of kept Brendon in thats where all the fun was, him kicking all their butts! See ya!

    1. Bring Back Berndon and Rachal!!!!!!!!!! Lets take a vote BB I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting them back!!!!

  42. YES regan is telling britney about the 3 person alliance she better listen to him. one of them will win HOH no doubt unless it;s the ball-catapult thing they were playing last night lane possibly gonna win that since hayden can’t play.

  43. Brendon was the Hippie’s target since Day 1, not everyone’s, but he’s sure good at making everyone think that Brendon was a threat, insecurity issues maybe?
    Enzo might be a floater but his brains have got him this far, he did it on brains alone, you got to give him that, I wouldnt want anyone else to win.
    Lame…is just lame…no brains…never won a single comp, I would laugh my ass off if he won.
    Hippie is a pain to watch. This guy has been targeting Brendon and Rachel from Day 1, and made them into everyone’s enemies when they were the nicest people in the freakin house! he made matt take the bullet, and was so hungry for veto that he slammed kristen that nasty hippietard, and yet everyone likes him because he sniffs their asses like a dog!
    Bitchney that dumbass foulmouthed hoe put everyone in the jury house that she knew would not vote for her stinky ass. Congradulations you spoiled skank!
    Fagan can cry me another Fagan river when they eliminate him next week.
    Go ENZO!

    1. How about we not refer to people with hate-speech in their names, call Ragan by any name you like, but let’s leave the “F” word out of it, please. I don’t care what you think of him, that’s hateful.

    2. You must be Enzo’s wife because nobody else can imagine why he ought to win. I don’t like any of the Bridagade because they are an alliance in name only. What have they done? What have they controlled? Everytime Enzo starts on about the Brigade being so AWESOME, I laugh til it hurts. My girlfriends and I can give ourselves goofy nicknames and call ourselves a rockband; but it doesn’t mean we can sing or play an instrument.

      I think that Will, Boogie, Quasar, Janelle, Howie, Drew, Jase, Evil Dick, Dan, etc etc etc must be laughing their asses off at these clowns.

      “Yeah, we’re awesome. We sit around and talk about all the awesome moves we’d make if we could ever win something.”

  44. Enzo just might win the game and never win a comp. He is like a lame Dr. Will. If Enzo makes it to the end hes won. Enzo may just win the game.

  45. Now I wish Brendon would have won.

    Somehow, now…I actually really feel bad for the guy.

    Rachel talked all the time about how hard she had to fight to stay in the game…BS. Brendan though…he actually DID have everyone after him literally all the time.

    1. Do you mind repeating that again?
      I don’t know why on this voting pole, people are voting for her.
      I can’t stand that little girl.

      1. Nope, it’s me too. Brit and Ragan all the way. Of course it all hinges on the competition they are playing now. I want to see Enzo and Hayden on the block together.

  46. The only won who deserves the money at this point is Ragan. I’m sooo not watching anymore now that Brendon is gone…the rest in the house are boring and lame… They don’t even play the game… the only one left with any smarts is Ragan

    Whoever did casting this year should be fired.

  47. this is the worst season of bb i have seen the brigade is abunch of dorks its almost painful to watch as they lay around talking stupid and enzo explaining how they will make there next move [[[[[[[ this guy guy would have a hard time tying his shoes oh for the days of EVIL DICK if next season is as bad as this one julie will be looking for a new job

    1. bb is first every night in ratings for the night and its timeslot so im pretty sure julie has some good job security get ur facts straight numb nuts

  48. Okay…after reading most of the comments…what kind od game do you think BB is people! It is a mind and social game. It has absolutely nothing to do with who wins the freaking competitions until the end…because that is what gets you there! It is all about manipulating people into thinking what. You wanr them to think to get you farther in the game! That is why some of the greatest, most loved and most remembered players in the game are Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Dan, Boogie,etc. They may have won something here or there near the end ( Dr Will won nothing, nom 4 times and still won). It is all about the mind f***! If you want to watch competitions watch football. The Brigade has manipulated everyone in the entire house all season! So has Brit! Vote for who has done the most mind manipulation….that’s Big Brother.

      1. Matt is a self-proclaimed genius. Right! Says Matt, than so is Enzo, Lane and Hayden, they are still playing,right? Wow Mats test scores must be awesome…ahahahahhaahh!

    1. I completley agree with u I have said this all along… People think it’s all about winning the most competitions but it’s a game & the best strategy is not to win comps but learn to manipulate the other to do what u want that way u gain No enemies & stay outta the spotlight… The brigade has been the most powerful alliance in big brother history… I hope it’s Enzo & Hayden in the end… Those 2 truly played this game & deserve to win…. GO Hayden & Enzo Final 2

    2. Lynn, I agree with you. There is more than one way to win at BB. It is not just a sports event. It is a mind game, too. It takes lies, backstabbing, comp, pov, friendships until the next vote, and keeping the target off your back. My airhead Balloon Boy won another HOH. Wow, he surprises me at time. I think it was the bean dip giving him wind!

  49. Brit won’t have the guts to put Hayden and Enzo on the block. She’ll put up Ragan because Lane will say “hey baby trust me, I’m Lane”. “I’m Lane.” creative credit goes to Angie.

  50. This entire season is SOOO boring. No enjoyment in watching 4 goons who think they are so great scratch and pass gas. I don’t care who wins. I would love to see BB pick some people with maturity and common sense for a change. I think they’re going for boobs and hard bodies to get ratings, but they have lost me. I don’t give a fig who wins out of this cast of losers.

  51. Insecure Hippie finally got his day 1 wish, he turned everyone against a cute couple, made Matt take the bullet and bitchslapped Kristin with that Hippietard. Yet everyone likes him because he sniffs their ass all day and looked just like their dog!
    Fagan can go cry me another River because he’ll be leaving next along with Bitchney who has absolutely not even one vote in the jury house!
    Lame is just…lame. I’m sure his goal in life is to ride Britney like the hog she is.
    GO ENZO!!! because y win anything when u have brains like him!

  52. Lets all play a game. If the 3 stooges make it to the F3, we should come up with some really funny comps to show just how stupid and inept they all are. I liked the earlier post about writing down a number. Still laughing from that one. I always like the one where you spin around a baseball bat and then try to run an obstacle course. Now that would be funny! I know you guys can come up with much better ones than this!

  53. This is the worst bb ever. The 3 dumb butts think they are going to be so big out in the world. What a joke this year is. Come on bb do something to make the rest of the show worth watching.

  54. Good-bye to Big Brother and the live feed! I cannot o any further with this house and these stupid house guest. I am unhappy with tonights show, And I thought the show was boring before Now it is even worse. Hating Big Brother Right now. Hope you show has to cancel early due to low viewers. Bye Guys will be back next season (That’s if this season does make Big Brother cancel for good)

  55. I’m like most on here…this season has been awful n boring n tonite it just got worst…. I wish Big Brother would pick me to go on lolol…I’m not even sure how u try out for the show so I wouldn’t get that Far lolol….Not sure who should win this yr…They should change the winner to some1 in the jury house n let them all be cryin at the end :)) lol

    1. Now THAT would be good! The 3 stooges and the wizard and the Bitch all are snoozers — Ragan has no one to obsess over anymore. WHEN do we find out who the lifelong friends were and when does the house find out that Ragan was the Saboteur?? ragan needs to tell Britney about the 3 stooges alliance and that Matt was and Lane IS a part of . And someone needs to let everyone know that Matt was lying about his wife’s illness. Hopefully, these things will all be revealed at the finale. The 3 dumbos do NOT deserve to win anything. Not even Enzo. He’s all talk and thinks he’s going to become an actor. They all think they have fans — the inflated egos are laughable. WIsh that someone in the Jury house could win it all — Brendon deserves to.

  56. If Enzo wins the money (omg I hope not), he should really invest in a shrink. This man is truly delusional. I think it’s funny that he actually thinks America loves him when he has done absolutely nothing except for getting on America’s nerves and cheat as a have-not.

  57. I’ll keep watching but I really don’t care who wins anymore, all of these people suck, everyone is now happy brendan is gone, but they haven’t stopped to think that one of them is next

  58. im so sick of everyone on this website complaining that this season is boring when you idiots come on here and have arguments over certain aspects of the show and there ends up being over 200 commments per post. face it you all love big brother and this season beacuase if it really was boring then you wouldnt bother coming onto this site to talk about it give me a break…….by the way go Hayden!

    1. Hayden sucks and this season is boring. If someone thinks it’s boring it’s there opinion. That’s what this forum is for. To give your opinion. If someone wants to stop watching then it’s there right. I think it’s boring because Hayden, Enzo, and lane are the 3 biggest floaters. They punked out and sold Matt down the river even though he was completely loyal. Those guys wanted Kathy in the final 4 with them. That just shows you that they know they suck bad and the only way they can win is when the rest of the players suck. Lane and Hayden are boring and Enzo was funny up until he started calling the women in the house b*tch and c*nt and also started to be homophobic.

      1. it’s not boring its just rigged, the wonderful groener has rigged the whole thing, from letting enzo eat during have nots to telling certain players what others are saying in the d/r.

    1. Regan has severe emotional problems ; has been VERY nasty to too many house guests And has already won 20,000 dollars. I truly can NOT believe people are hoping he wins!

  59. LMFAO this is so funny like 5 people posted how their not going to watch anymore now that brendon is gone boohoo the person who wasn’t playing for himself is gone….NEWS FLASH he had 0 chance of winning nobody liked him and you can’t win with 1 vote. Brittney and Regan for the Win.

        1. No dumb ass they were talking amogst themselves, Ragan said he would vote Brendon over the “those boys” do you watch BBAD?

  60. i thought so too, and don’t get me wrong, britney is hilarious to watch, but she is being SUCH A COMPLETELY DUMBASS with all these guys!!. They want her OUT and she is too stupid to realize they have an alliance. COMMON woman!!!

      1. brit is really enjoying beiing the only women left and fliirting with the guys…not just lane. got a little somen somen with hollywood hayden

      1. simon,
        he reads at 7:30 H/L/E where freaked out about Ragan winning HOH. They were wondering who he was going to put up. Maybe I missed read it.

    1. Ragan is 100% guaranteed to win HOH. Not possible for anyone else to pull it off. It’s fixed for that outcome.

  61. Wait did Enzo just say they are making the season?? Lmao lmao lmao. Hah hah ha. Omg this guy has no clue. If anyone out there gets to interview this guy. Please set him straight

  62. Well, the Larry, Moe, and curly are still there. Ragan and Britney, NEED to form an alliance, and con Lane into it for the final three, then make sure he fails at the first finale comp. I want Regan to win!!

  63. I hope so to but Brit is completely brain washed by lane. I don’t get how she is not trying to play this game for herself. If she gets rid of Regan she’s next. If she keeps Regan then Regan is still the target. She needs to stop drinking the fat guys coolaid and start thinking for herself

  64. Can’t wait for the 15th of september so this season can be over.
    They should a second season this early 2011 like how they did with the couplesBB, but better
    then we can get all stars next july. Looking foward to Survivor w/ Jimmy Johnson.

  65. Hayden is a snowboarder and has lost his board before in the snow. He just treated that styrofoam like snow and dug through it and won HOH. He just brought down my average. My guy usually doesn’t win.

  66. Matt gone..Brendon gone…BB just had it’s worse case scenario..the rest of the season will be like the last week last year with Jordan and honest..I mean really honest..who wants to watch these last 5…no interesting storylines at all…

    1. Agreed. I’ll do what I did last year once Jeff was evicted, check here every once in a while, but I’m done with the show until the finale.

  67. The $2 hooker will blow Brenda off as soon as he walks through the door with no money.

    Enzo and Hayden are the 2 lamest douche bags left (dumb and dumber).

  68. Another boring episode.. They rushed through it so fast I thought I was watching
    Beat The Clock No time for drama or anything else, the commercials had more
    drama then the games. Disgusting that Enzo never got a penalty vote for
    cheating. They even showed him sitting at the counter eating out of a jar of
    pickles, so they can’t say they never noticed or caught him cheating. Brit do you
    really think the boys are in the storage room unpacking the groceries? When have
    they ever lifted a finger around that place to do any of the chores, especially
    the penguido? The jury house is going to have more excitement and action in
    it now than the BB House…

    1. have nots are allowed to eat certain things including pickles, protein shakes, onions and condiments so he wasnt breaking the rules

          1. candy bars every chance he got, chocolate milk & sticking his head in the fridge & shoving anything & everything in his mouth trying to hide from the cameras. I know it’s kinda funny but it soooooo weak man

  69. When Brendon is named America’s Player, how much money is that? I want to say it’s $25K. At least he will be getting more money that 3/5 of the remaining people in the house.

    1. I think Matt will be America’s player. Just like Russell H of Survivor, he played the game every moment he was there. You may not have liked some of things he said/did in the context of the game, but he played it the best.

  70. Hayden has this game locked up. Watching him in hoh tonight reminded me of dan 2 years ago. He turned on the heat dbl eviction night and finally won hoh and then went on to win veto after veto. I think hayden has been throwing everything to this point and the whole house has been doing the work. He’s a smart player and he’ll win the $.

    1. Lizzypooh, I asked earlier in this stream of comments and people said that NO, Enzo wasn’t punished.

  71. BIG BROTHER please cut the air time to big brother and switch it to the jury house where is there will be more excitment and fun instead of that LAME ASS GROUP YOU HAVE UNDER HOUSE ARREST!

  72. what sickens me is that lane thinks hes actually a good game played WHAT HAVE YOU DONE bedsides float.. i swear he throws everything now way he sucks that bad..he just wants everyone to do the dirty work and he will most likely make final 3 and final just sickens me thats all

  73. Brendon isn’t winning America’s Player. It’s either going to be Britney, Ragan or Enzo. If all 3 of them are in the jury house it’ll be Ragan.

    It was clear from early on in the season that Lane would float is way to top 2. He’s in a perfect position because no matter who wins HOH he isn’t in danger of going up lol. They may as well just give Lane the 500k now.

  74. oh and another is up with lane feeding britney all that bullshit “im lane” wtf does that mean how can u promise anyone safety when u throw everything but britney is just dumb enough to belive it :S

  75. I am not sure but maybe I missed it, does anyone know when they usually show us the jury house? Why have we not had footage of that yet? Simon do you know?

    1. I don’t think they’ve been able to show footage yet. They had the DPOV last week (when only Rachel was in the JH), and since it was double eviction this week there just wasn’t enough time.

  76. Is the final show in Vegas on the 15th? My daughter will be there celebrating her 21st birthday and I would hate for her to run into the final losers from this season. She saw through them since day one when the “Brigade” included Matt. Go Brit and Regan!

        1. me too.. I like that look, I also like what I call soccer player hair which is wavy hair that curls up just a little in the back… totally hot..

  77. If Lane is smart he’ll switch sides and link up with Brit and Ragan. He may or may not win against Hayden or Enzo, but he will DEFINITELY beat Brit and Ragan. All of them need to be gunning to get Enzo and Lane out because they have zero enemies in the jury house. The best person to take to final 2 would be Britney because nobody in that jury house is going to vote for her.

  78. It’s not the BG that’s dumb as rocks but rather all the HG’s that they manipulated and got to do their dirty work. Sadly, the only outsider that knows their existence is the next target and then the game is all but assured to the BG.

  79. he’s still a big goofball, but i gained some respect for Brendon when he was evicted. he was gracious in his goodbyes, didn’t ignore anyone, and was gracious when talking to Julie.

  80. sooooo it’s midnight when the hell are they going to play for HOH? this is weird, as the last time they had double eviction i believe BB10, BB11 did n;t have one because of the chima incident. the 2nd HOH was done by now.

  81. on annies twitter she is making fun of the brigade….hahahaha. IM pretty sure she was a terrible saboteur and got voted out 13 days in

  82. Yo this one f the worst final fives in history from a competitive standpoint. Two of the best three competitors the games had left tonight! It’s gonna be LAME from here on in, not to say it hasn’t been thus far. I guess not every season your gonna have a Russell… Too bad. At least a Jordan wont win this year.

  83. This season of BB had all the lunatic HGs. All of them except Enzo, Lane and Hayden were delusional, placing sheer friendship and loyalty over self-preservation. Brit with Lane, Brendon with Rach, Matt with BG and Ragan with Matt.

  84. Not that this season hasn’t had its moments and im not going to stop watching (Mimi) but one of the things that is really strange (or boring), is how everyone votes the same on eviction night. I wasn’t a fan of Kathy, but kudos to you Kat for at least voting how you wanted, instead of how the house was going.

      1. Yeah Rockstar, I still love the game, but for me the thing that has really brought this season down is the evictions have been so one sided, I think its that alone thats making this season seem worse then it really is. Nobody has made any big moves and sadly, its almost over so the unexpected isn’t going to happen this season. Oh well it will soon be world series time, Go BoSoxs.

        1. Hi Canadian Fan! Something I didn’t like this season was that it was the same old same old. I mean there wasn’t anything new. The same comps and pov’s. They pretty much knew what was coming up next. BB needed to throw some new things in and mess it up more.

          1. Is this the real BB Grandma, would the real BB Grandma please stand up, lol. Yeah it shouldn’t be that hard to think up some new comps, they could watch that new game show, ” win it in a minute” for some new ideas. I must say Grandma, I was sad to see Matt and Brendon go tonight, its isn’t going to help the interest level of the show. Oh well my cousin is coming home from Texas in the near future and were going to do some hard core bass fishing, so I probably won’t see the end of the show anyway. Can’t wait to try and catch a 25 pound stripe bass again, great eating and a hell of alot of fun to catch. Well its late here so I better hit the sack, gotta go job hunting tomorrow, our economy here is still sucking ass, even though our politicians keep telling us we are on the rebound from the recession, I guess when your sucking off the government tit like they are, it might be all good but the most of us are struggling to make ends meet. Jesus I hate Lawyers and politicians.

            1. LOL, yes it is the reall BBGrandma. Well, I was for Hayden this week and he won HOH. So, I may have to give him another week of me pulling for the Balloon Boy. Good luck fishing and catch a big one! The job market is terrible in North America as a whole. I wish you more luck in the job hunt. If you get time, please check in. I alway look for you.

              1. Later Grandma, and I gotta say this site is always fun and a tip of the hat to my favs on here, BBGrandma, Rockstar, LJ, Moaner, Qaz, and yes even Ratney( I find your comments funny, even though you piss people off, Sorry moaner, lol) and Mimi( just watch the show again, or should I say admit that you never stopped, lol)

                1. WOW girl…what are you sayin’…..(or boy) :O)
                  ok. I was gone all day and just got home from a Goo Goo Dolls concert and turned on my recorded BBAD and was blown away once… some here and found that someone is stealing sweet BB-Ma’s identity..(we all know who it is) and now one of my top 10 fav posters is sounding like she is checkin’ out!!! NOOOOOOOOO……I know how you feel tho….my stalker has made me want to check out a couple times too…..anyways…..noOOOOO……….
                  Urrggg, dont you hate being unemployed and relying on the government!! Mine is about to expire here and I dont know what Im going to do……losing ones home really sucks, but it looks inevitable at this point! Please dont leave us when we are soo vulnerable CF!!
                  Ok, must get back to myt search of the day \ eve to make sure my identity hasn’t been compramised either (that doesn’t look like it is spelled right)
                  BB Love 2 Ya!!

  85. i really dont like hayden. hes so cocky. i cant believe he said did you hear the crowd cheer for me bla blah blah hes soo annoying i hope ragan outs them cause they dont deserve to be there the 2 people that did were matt and brendon! ugh im soo frusterated! lol

  86. I Loved Julies dress and those High Heels….oh and Haydon…with some of that money go get yourself some JUVADERM or a good set of upper and lower lips as well as laser on that blemished skin..then follow up with PROACTIVE for those zits..

    1. I want to shave his hair off to see what we ladies are working with… damn, what a mess that head is. On another note I have to say that Matt should have outed his Brigade to Brendon, Ragan and Brit… why didn’t he try something? If I was his wife I would give him a swift kick in the nuts as he walks through the door in a few weeks.

  87. Sad that Brendon was evicted but I still believed though that he’s the most loved HG… I hope he’ll win the America’s Player…I don’t want any of the Brigade to win.

  88. This is one of the worst seasons of BB the only deserving player Brendon has been evicted I really don’t care who wins now none of them deserve it.

  89. it’s OFFICAL straight outta penguin’s mouth , Brenda did NOT do the “chum or chained to brittney for 24 hours”………. so that POV win was a SHAM he didn’t EARN it

    1. According to Britney the reason they were not chained together for 24 hours was because she started doing the chum with him and they cut the time. It was offered and she took it because she didn’t want to be chained to him any longer. She said that was how bad she wanted unchained.

  90. Very True Karen!!!
    Big difference in poking fun in a hilarious way compared to saying downright filthy comments about someone!

    1. No, PETA is still recovering from the ass kicking Ted Nugent did to our team at his concert last night… damn, he was funny though. As a vegetarian for 35 years I was laughing at his killer talk… what a silly, funny, original that crazy kick ass rocker is. He was like a cartoon character up on stage, but I would go see him again just to see the cross bow with the flaming arrow shoot out the center of a flaming white guitar… poor PETA, they have their work cut out for them in Michigan!

  91. Lane nominates Ragan and Britney, Britney wins POV, Lane puts up Hayden, Enzo votes for Ragan, Britney votes for Hayden, Lane sends Ragan home. Damn this game is going to be boring if Lane doesn’t shake this place up…He should put up Hayden and Britney because those two are the only ones who can beat him for votes….



  93. All my hopes and dreams dashed in one fell swoop…er one damn hour! :) Now, with my two favs out, all I have left is my preferred hierarchy for pecking order: Hayden, Britney, Enzo/Lane— Ragan takes it. If nothing else, I pray for a major upset to turn the house upside down, in order to keep it interesting!

  94. well Lane won HOH, its gonna be a toss-up who wins BB now, who cares, the 3 best players are out and its just a toss-up. all of them make me sick, im not watching, just gonna look at this spoilers page -_-
    i mean britt is super annoying (she was way more annoying than rachel ever was)
    ragan is super gay and cant stand his “im better than all of you” attitude
    hayden and lane and enzo havnt really done anything except complain
    the HOH was soooo rigged cuz for one he found them at the same time, and his path was yellow? suspecious!
    the pov wasnt rigged unfortuately but i guess it was sorta inevitable

  95. OMG and can you like imagine Brendon running into Rachel’s sweet arm and they embrace in a passionate kiss for hours onto hours knowing that they have found true love that’s worth more than $500.000. Can you like imagine that?

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