“The other Angela has been able to play a real passive floater game.. I’m the real Angela in this house”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Rocks thinks she’s staying.

random suntanning shots.. A lot of this happened today

2:10pm KAycee and JC Storage room
Kaycee says Rock was sad to her in the geometry room.
Kaycee gives him the retell about losing it rocks the other day when she came at her about being the Hacker, “She didn’t think I was going to stick up for myself.. she was shook”

JC – she’s so going home..
Kaycee – she really thinks she has the votes to stay..
Kaycee -t the fact that she thinks she has the chance to win this blows my mind..

KC mentions how rocks told her said Kaycee was going home.

2:25pm Rock and BRett (Buckle up for the stupid)

Rock – as you know you weren’t my target this week
Rock – if I win HOH I would put Tyler next to Angela on the block
Rock – then I would say well Tyler will win the veto .. exactly and he can’t use it on Angela
Brett – true .. that’s a valid point
Rock – that is my plan.. I would put Scottie up in his place but the target would be Angela moving forward..

Rock – My name is Angela.. I’m the real Angela in this house
Rock says she’s due to win the next HOH she’s been really close.
Rock – I want to stay here..
Rock – Kaycee drew a line in the sand and refuses to work outside that line, she works with Angela and that’s the person she works with. I am adaptable.. I don’t have any lines.. I have me staying here as long as I can
Rock – I see you have that too
Brett – I get that
Rock – we’re all going to be picked off eventually
Rock – Tyler did something really f*ing stupid he was offered safety from not just me and not just Haleigh but 2 other solid people so 4 people.. he’s following her (angela) around like a little puppy he will take every little out so that she can stay
Rock – I want to put them next to each other and I want to send her home

Rock – I can’t play the same game..
Brett – everyone got their own style
Rock – I can’t play the flirt game.
Rock says he means what she says that everyone should know what it feels like to be on the block so if she wins HOH..
Rock – the other Angela has been able to play a real passive floater game as a fan of the show I don’t respect that. Lets just stand by the pool and flirt and blend in
Rock says her next targets are Tyler and Angela.
Rock says after her POV performance she’s fired up to win competitions.

Rock says if she stays this week and he votes to keep her he’s safe next week from here even as a renom.
ROck – my goal is to be the first and last Angela standing

They hug it out….

2:57pm Rocks tell Haleigh her talk with BRett went well..

Rock _ I told him even before I was nominated he wasn’t my target.. I told him if I win HOH I will pout up Tyler and Angela..
Rock – I talked to Scottie
Rocks says she’s telling people Scottie is the replacement nomination and Scottie knows this.
Haleigh tells her they need to figure out who the hacker
Rock thought it was Scottie..
Halegih – Brett right after said I think Rock is fine she just needs to keep her cool

3:02pm Rock and Fes

Rock – you going to handle JC
Fes – yeah you going to talk to him
Rock is going to tell JC that he;’s putting Angela and Tyler up
Fes – he likes Tyler thought
Rock – I’ll say Angela is the target and Scottie is teh replacement nominee
Fes – he would like that because he doesn’t trust Scottie..

FEs is going to pitch to BRett if Rock leaves Brett is the next person with the noms times nominated he’ll be the pawn next.
FEs – tells JC that Haleigh breaks the tie, does he want tot be on that side when Haleigh breaks the tie..
Rock – I feel good about Brett don’t say that to anybody..
Fes – one vote gets cancelled..
Rock – maybe Sam’s

Fes thinks there’s something between Scottie and Tyler.


4:13pm JC and Tyler
Tyler – Me, Anegla and Kaycee that was her list..
JC says Haleigh is playing a horrible game.
Tyler – she can win Competitions though..
JC says any competitions with letters Haleigh does well in
T – she has Scottie and Fes after this week
JC – Fes won’t do anything
T – Scottie and HAleigh were just pitching to me you were sketchy and you are always confused come Thursday and you flip you vote.. They are on to you
JC says Fes is shopping around the idea that ROcks is the universal Pawn
JC – cancel fes vote..
T – this vote might be unanimous if Scottie is afraid.. Scottie and Sam..

JC doesn’t believe Tyler is the hacker, “I also think you have the second app”
Tyler – you are so stupid..
Sam comes out out brings JC a margarita..
JC – wow babe you are something else in this life..

Tyler asks him if he has the power app why would he not use it to get off the block.

4:26pm Sam and JC

Sam says the Hacker is going to cancel her vote from a loving perspective.. “that’s just a guess”
JC – what if your’s isn’t the one that’s cancelled..
Sam – dots in the cup I reckon..

4:58pm Rock and fes
rock – how come nobody ever targets your big a$$
Fes – you really bringing up right now I’m on your team..
they laugh
Rock – Stupid b1tch.. Not you .. miss f* around.. (here we go again)
Rock – I feel solid about 3..
Rock says she doesn’t feel solid about JC and Scottie
Rock – I haven’t talked to JC yet. DId you talk to him in the pool
Fes – right now he doesn’t want to talk game becuase of the Hacker will cancel votes..
Rock – so JC will vote for Kaycee to stay
Fes – JC never knows what he’s doing until the last minute..
Fes – he always wants to be on the right side of the vote..
Fes – you only need 3
Rock – four
Fes – because one is cancelled.. the tie goes to us.. JC knows that he won’t want it 3-3
Fes – I’ll talk to him I just don’t want to push him.. he gets scared and freaks out

Rock – I can’t believe that stupid b1tch is still here..

5:04pm Haleigh and Brett
Halegih calling Kaycee a floater says they don’t talk game at all.

Brett says he’s shocked the hacker never made a bigger move.
haleigh – I’m thinking maybe Angela won .. she knew if Kaycee was on the block and won the veto she would take herself down and pick Tyler to play because Tyler has won every veto he’s played in. If he wins he’s taking her down and he doesn’t get backdoored. that’s just a risky move..

Bret t- she feels comfortable on the block with Rockstar and she doesn’t stir the house up..
Rocks comes in for a bit..

5:17pm Brett leaves.. HAlegih and Rock start speculating that maybe Scottie is the HAcker.. Rock – I told Sam to tell people she’s voting for Kaycee. Haleigh – WHY? Rocks – I can change that.. becuase of the hACker”
Rock – we only need JC or SCottie..
Haleigh – you have JC’s vote.. I think he likes you and he thinks you are a pawn.. easy to put up
Rock – what about kaycee.. they are the only non straight people in the house.. it’s a big deal
Haleigh – I don’t think JC caress bout that.. he also thinks Fes is gay..
Rock – true
Haleigh is surprised Kaycee is so pissed for being on the block.
Rock isn’t
Rock expected hair flips from Angela.. “whatever one in this house doesn’t realize.. when you are on the block everyone avoids you like the plague .. you walk into rooms and everyone gets quiet.. ”

Rock says when you are on the block theirs no way to act so people aren’t f*ing talking about you. Rock wanted KC to know she’s there for her if she needs to talk.
Halegih says she hopes Tyler not using the veto on Angela screws up his game.
Rock – he follows little girls around like a puppy so he’s stupid.. she’s not even that pretty
Haleigh – she’s really not
5:33pm Rock and Haleigh
Haleigh says that they will be ok. there is a general consensus in the house that kAycee is going home.

Rock thinks she’s getting dragged on the internet for being called Blockstar (LOL that’s not why. You are the most toxic person this season)

Rocks – in a parallel universe you and Scottie have a showmance..
haleigh – Scottie’s cute.. I like Scottie.. I like Scottie a lot bu
Rock – not attracted to him
Ha – well there’s that

Rock – expect the expected..
Rock back to calling Tyler a little boy following around the girl..
Rock keeps impersonating Angela twirling her hair..
Rocks – I said in the DR I don’t like to talk about Sex workers but…
Haleigh – do you thins they are a thing.. I think we’re just being stupid
Rocks says that’s the last time she compares answer with the enemy (During POV with Tyler)
Rocks – I don’t know who he felt ok with that.. he wouldn’t have been up there
HAleigh – he doesn’t care

5:44pm Rock and Sam
Rock says “we” need 4 votes.. so when they cancel one out they have 3 and haleigh will break the tie for them.
Sam – whos we
Rock – well me..
Rock tells her to go ahead and tell people her vote. She thinks JC is on the fence and she really needs his vote.
Sam says keeping her vote to herself is her thing.

Sam says she stinks. Rocks smells her armpits says it’s pheromones. (see the gif in comments)
They end by comparing each others stomachs

6:00pm JC, Fes and Brett

Fes says if you want to see Rock snap call her BLOCKSTAR.
Fes says Sam made it up and said it the other day Rock didn’t like it at all
Fes calls JC a mini Jason Statham

JC – you look like a mini a$$ my d1** (huh)
Fes – a mini a$$ my d1** .. you must have one pretty d1** boy
JC – f*ing amazong better than yours for sure
Fes – get the f* outta here boy
JC – it’s not dry that’s for sure
Brett – DRY
Fes – mines been dry for 51 days
JC – Get the f* out with that dry a$$ d***

6:30pm Scottie and Haleigh
Haleigh – the hacker put Rock up because it was an easy move.. and it was a big f* you to me
Halegih – I have Brett to an extent
Halegih – I don’t know where Sam’s head’s at I think she’s playing me
haelgih doesn’t believe what Sam is telling her.
Haleigh is certain she’s going up next week, “I haven’t put myself in a good position I’m not stupid”
Haleigh – Tyler doesn’t want a deal
Scottie says they will se him and Brett as the swing votes so he’s expecting to be campaigned to pretty hard.
haleigh – JC is going to do what he thinks the majority is doing
Haleigh says JC wantted to keep Bayeligh but didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote
Scottie – I don’t think he wanted to keep bayelgih
Halegih says JC knew that Bayleigh wasn’t going to use the power on him.

Haleigh goes on about JC wanting to be with the majority. Scottie says JC wants to be with the power
Haleigh – you remove one of their people you remove their power..

Ha – I hope people see the benefits of keeping ROck over KC..
Ha goes on about Kaycee being a stronger physical competitor who has been throwing competitions.

ha – She’s floating to the point where not one person would not consider her to be on the radar ever.. she will float until final 5 .. she’s not caught up in any of this still (Drama with her and Tyler).. she’s still getting out of this clean. .she’s going to float.. socially she’s best friends with everyone in the house.. she will float to final 5 if she stays no one else will take a shot at her..

HA – ROCK will continue to have a target on her back, she will continue to be a target because she cant’ keep her mouth shut.. and rockstar hasn’t won a comp.. granted neither ha Kaycee.. I just hope people think rationally about it..

Scottie says Angela and Tyler may have some sort of deal
Ha – I’m sure

Rocks joins them.. “how about someone reveals Angela an Tyler’s showmance”
Haleigh – I don’t think that will work.. they aren’t in a showmance
Rocks – they do things under the covers like stuff and things..

Rocks says there’s lots of giggles every night coming from Angels and Tyler’s bed. She fakes giggles.
Rocks says she has Brett, Sam, Fes, Scottie .. four.. one gets cancelled 3
Halegih – we just need to lock those in ..
Scottie says either him or fes will get Cancelled.

Haleigh want to get all the votes to keep ROCK in a room.
Scottie- what we need to do is call a housemeeting.. say we all have to cast our votes right now.. JC would immediately just walk away

Scottie bring sup a joke again that they need to plant hickeys on Tyler so that they can say Angela and Tyler are in a showmance.
Rocks – Angela is a professional.. she wouldn’t leave hickeys no one would understand (Rockstar has been calling Angela a sex trade working in the Diary room )
Haleigh – those 4 i’m all solid.. you feel solid about Sam I feel solid about sam.

Haleigh counts their new super alliance

Haleigh – 6 is a good number, I trust you I trust Fes
Rock – well 6 is the number I offered Tyler
Haleigh – I trust Brett and I’m working on trusting Sam
(LOL I wonder if Scottie figures out he wasn’t part of the 6)

Rock – I am confident I have Brett.. (his vote)

7:25pm Rocks is convinced that Angela and Tyler are a couple. She says it must have been true love. She’s going to call it out during her eviction Speech. Halegih says tha’ts a bad idea.

Rock mentions how JC is always telling her to be calm when she’s on teh block she can’t wait to see him on teh block.

7:17pm JC and Angela
Talking about ROckstar going up to KAycee and saying “i’m, sorry you are going home”
JC – she’s so sure she’s staying
Angela – how do you think she’s going to leave will it be a Rachel style or a Bayleigh style
JC – she’s going to cry.. I cannot wait..
They agree they wanted to get Bayleigh out more than Rockstar.
JC – Sam is something else..
JC says if people hadn’t listened to him Bayelgih would still be on the block she would have used her power and both Angela and Tyler would be on the block

7:45pm chit chat..

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If Sam and JC screw up this week and Rocksloth stays another week to complain another week……


Hear me out here, wouldn’t it be kind of entertaining to see L4 lose Kaycee and then try to figure out what happened? I mean the HIVE are always blindsided, it would be interesting to see L4 (really Tyler and Angela) blindsided. I would be entertained if Kaycee went home with only 2 votes from Tyler and Angela. Meaning Brett, JC, Sam and Scottie voted to keep RS. I think I’d be ok with Tyler winning BB if he faced some major adversity, I’d love to see him thrown for a loop and see how he recovers. I know he was thrown up as a hacker nom, but he was able to play veto. I want him to have to maneuver through some obstacles. It would be boring seeing L4 taking out the HIVE and the middle players. I want some chaos!!

I guarantee none of this will happen, just some wishful thinking.


YES!!! I agree 100%


Even if Blockstar goes home the other side still has Scotty, Fes and Haleigh, who can all win comps. But I would rather they all just go so we can watch the smart players start to go at eachother. That will be the real challenge.

Blockstar is just not worthy of still being in the house at this point. She is not entertaining. She is just a mean angry troll complaining all the time.

Just my opinion

It is going to be so boring when the hive is gone….Angela and Casey will be honored to go on the block for Tyler….when they decide to vote out jc
He will go home he wont win a comp…Sam will be happy to go to the jury house to start campaigning for Tyler…the only fun part will be Tyler getting bret out because I think he wouldn’t want to take him to the end becuz of all the time he has spent with the other side….how will it be exciting ….right now I’m so praying for a fes hoh win….most of the time when they start to figure out what’s going on its rockstar that gets them off track….I don’t no why every one thinks it will be exciting once the hive is gone


I know, right? KayCee & Angela aren’t paying for themselves as hard as they should, Tyler is running L6.

Just for fun!

Good luck, look at all your down votes. I thought about it just for the fun of both sides having a back and forth. If Angela and Kaycee stayed on the block who would they pick and I got voted down too. People don’t like chaos and true game play … all about L6


It would take them about 3 seconds to figure out Sam, JC, and Scottie all voted to keep Blockstar. They trust each other which is why the Hive can’t figure it out because they don’t trust each other.


Of course they’d figure out who voted Kaycee out in 3 seconds, the entertaining part would be them figuring out why and how they get them back on their side. At some point someone from L4 is going to have to take down one of their own, I’d like it sooner rather than later. I guess that’s just me though.


You haven’t been paying attention. Brett and JC are 100% voting blockstar out. So is Sam though she has the potential to flip, butbit would t matter because Fes vote will be cancelled.


honestly it’s probably best for their game to keep rs and vote out kaycee, but they don’t see it that way and will likely vote against their longterm interest.

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

not yet…next week


Ok Helen.

I Hope You Wrapped It Up

You had better see a doctor stat!


Actually it’s not in their long term interest. They be bottom of the totem pole, whereas L4 members are top of the totem pole

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie’s vote will be hacked but I’m not certain even he would vote to keep RS…this way he will get some quality alone time with his little math genius.


Haha, true!!

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Next week Fes will be the only Hive member who can play in the HOH comp. Scottie doesn’t have the balls to put up a Level 6 members so Fessi or Angela. is done if he doesn’t win HOH.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I do believe you mean Fessi or Hay?

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I’m an alien. English is not my first language.


scottie probably throws the comp thinking most of the house will go after hayleigh and fes while they would target angela/kaycee/tyler again.

Smitten Kitten

Uh, are we watching the same show??
Scottie already put up the two alpha males of L6 & one went home on his HOH.

I’d say that took some major balls.

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

Fezzy had no idea if he is voting or not.


It could happen

Busta Fooligan

I had to take a break mid-read from that stupid. They know they can lie right?


Does Rockstar keep saying expect the expected instead of the unexpected or is it just a typo?


No that’s what she’s been saying because she expected they would just make her a blockstar

who me?

Look what I found in the urban dictionary!
an undesirable person who hangs out with a particular crowd despite never contributing.
A bunch of floaters were hanging out in front of the pool flicking their hair and flirting.


unless you’re rachel reilly in which it’s anyone not named brendan.

Go Tyler

Floaters try to get by with only a social game. They do not win comps. They avoid getting blood on their hands. They tell everyone how great it is just to be there and to have made it to Jury.


Rockstick is more entertaining to watch than KC though. KC is just there, she’s another Sam. Invisible and crying for attention no one is willing to give to them. I would rather watch paint dry, KC is just none existent.


So go watch paint dry then after Thursday.


I think you are giving her to much credit I would say Veronica.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

WTH Blockstar? Angela has been on the block. She WAS HOH, she finagled the Veto; she sent the other black girl to Jury house. You are like that brown unidentifiable object floating in the pool. You ruin every one’s play time, contaminate the area, and you are stinking up the game. Float on to Jury so we can clean out the pool.


“Rock – I can’t believe that stupid b1tch is still here..” yes Rocks I can’t believe you are still in the house!

White People

Well she is. Hope she makes it another week


Absolutely true. She’s a sick piece of garbage


That’s so freaking weird and gross!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I would dearly love to give you a thumbs up for your efforts to keep us informed…unfortunately, I watched the video and…what the heck is wrong with you!


I gave it a thumbs up for his dedication and effort but the video almost made me puke up my dinner.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Okay…I gave it a “I’ll be in counseling for three weeks” thumbs up! Fortunately, I have a strong stom….urgh!

Thumbs up but that is just wrong!


I laugh every time I read your name, it’s gold!


Simon I already have a list of things that annoy me about Rockstar…now I need to add armpit sniffer to it?


Omg, armpit sniffer….lol!! I still can’t believe she did that, I mean what in the actual hell???

I thought Anonymous Was a Real Name

Don’t tell me you posted this instead of a clip of Angela’s magnificient a$$!!!!


Rock says everyone else is ‘entitled’ but to me, she seems to be the most entitled…thinking she deserves to be there over anyone is unfair. She thinks she’s the only one that needs money and needs to be there….smh. Also, Hayleigh thinking Angela and Kaycee are ‘floating’ because ‘they don’t talk game with anyone’…just makes me laugh. Just because they don’t talk game with you, you think they don’t talk game at all. It literally make me laugh and so happy!

Botox Pelosi

I can’t wait to see her face on Thursday when she gets the boot.

The Hive is Melting

I want to see Hayleigh put on a diaper.


Simon, have you seen any the Hive play chess? And if so, do they play it like checkers?….

Finally a good season

Omg Rocks…Where did they find her???

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Fraggle Rock


In a “Gentleman’s Club” as she calls it. She works at a strip club.

Busta Fooligan

Is it just me, or does Rockstar look like Sid from Ice Age?

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

You owe Sid an apology.


A few posts back there is a great shot of RS looking like Sid.


Omg I’ve been thinking it for weeks but didn’t wanna seem mean lol

Not a Rockstar fan

“Buckle up for the stupid” I just spit whiskey all over my shirt. Thanks Simon, I needed a good laugh tonight.

Bernie the Socialist

JC cracks me up.


Did Sams hooch ever get fermented and did they get to keep it? Have not heard about it again


I have a feeling production made them get rid of it. Can you imagine if everyone got sick and had it coming out both ends after drinking it? There’s not enough bathrooms to handle that mess!


Sam said they threw it out; didn’t say anything about production, just that it was bad and they threw it away.

Down Goes Peter Strzok

i’m interested to see which way that rat Scottie votes this week.

White People

Why is it that Scottie is the rat. I see other rats. Sneaky rat Tyler and Sneaky rat JC.

Fraggle Rockbottom

You’d fit well in the Jive Hive. A day late and a dollar short.


Sneaky and smart. Scottie is a stupid rat .

Go Tyler

Scottie’s biggest mistake was his early attachment to Steve and how it shaped his game.


I love this season. Simon and Dawg, this has got to be a relief. I feel terrible for you guys covering some of these tough seasons. I haven’t enjoyed a season this much in years. You guys are Definitely getting some support from me this season. I appreciate it. I will donate when we get near the end. Thanks again guys. Awesome season.


Wow….I don’t even have words anymore to describe how stupid and unaware rockstar /the hive are. First off rockstars already thinking of who she’s going to put up next week….maybe she should take a step back and figure out that she has the votes to even stay let alone win an hoh. Also I’ve grown to appreciate Angela’s game a lot more especially after hearing the way haliegh and rockstar talk about her “floater” and “flirt” game that they don’t respect. Did rockstar forget that Angela beat her out for an hoh last week fair and square and also successfully backdoored a big target with a power. I know their trying to make Angela the villain and sure she’s not the most personable houseguest but her gameplay is miles ahead of Haleigh’s and rockstar. While rockstar is criticizing Angela and Tyler’s game play….those two and the rest of L6 are figuring out their next move. I mean seriously rockstar thinks she’s a better competitor because she “almost” won some comps and thinks her time is coming….sheesh.


It was nice of Rocks to let Brett know he was not her target.

Go Tyler

Haleigh and Rock are buying what Angela is selling. It’s not their fault that Angela is such a good salesman. Level Six (Four) members each have their defined roles and targets and they are all performing well. Brett is really impressing me with his social game.


It will be really great to get Blockstar out of the house. Getting tired of her constantly bitching about Angela to everyone she talks to.

Haleigh really has no idea what a floater is. She called Tyler one a week ago. Even dumb Fes was like “No he is not a floater, he wins comps and has a great social game.” “Shut up Fessy, he is a floater he just floats from side to side.” She really has no clue.

Swaggy's Missing Brow


REALvegas4sure #bb20 is saying that “Sam will be talked to in DR by a physician not just medic or nurse.”

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I definitely don’t believe her life experience has prepared her for this lab rat environment. She probably should have never been forced into it to begin with but it seems like the producers wanted another Donny figure; this time female.

who me?

Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one’s view’s and by trying to make it objectified, by considering each and every one’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say


You have just become one with the hive.




So she’s just seen the one…

Baby Daddy Swags

Rocksnot: “ She’s ( Angela ) not that pretty.”
Hayleigh: “ She’s really not.”

Who are the real mean girls in the house? and , has Rocksnot ever seen herself in a mirror? These 2 are hateful bitches. Hayleigh ate her earwax earlier, maybe it made her extra bitchy today.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Hayleigh is jealous of Angela because she showers!

Hi my name is Scott

Considering what all was stuck in that ear wax……….hours of words (using that term very loosely) coming from the mouths of Fes and Rocks lodged in that ear wax. Should need to have Hazmat dispose of that toxic waste!


Poor Blockstar no Angela is not pretty she is smoking hot. Haleigh I am sorry you are not the prettiest girl in the room like you are used to being. Thank you both for being so dumb and hateful this season as you have made it fun to watch. My favorite part is going to be when all the members of the hive find themselves at the jury house together one after another. But I’m sure they still wont figure it out….lol


I’m honestly so vexed by Rockstar’s thinking process that I get curious how that brain of hers works. She is so full of acrimony that I can almost see the color of her breath. Alarming in so many ways!

Kudos to Dawg and Simon for continuing with some awesome play by play. What would this season be without players like Swaggy, Bayleigh, and Rockstar? Definitely not as entertaining, that’s for sure. But, I almost feel like watching and listening to the same thinking process unfold after multiple blindsides is making me question my own intelligence. You know, like, am I missing something? This couldn’t really be happening. But, it is. Worst all-time BB alliance = Foutte. Second worst all time BB Alliance = The Hive.


Well the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I think that describes the Hive very well.


The screen grabs and gifs from the last couple days have been on point. Thanks guys!


Thanks! Glad you’re liking them. 🙂


Oh Meg! Sweet, sweet Meg!


This is what happens when Bayleigh isn’t here to tell Rockstar to shut up

Hi my name is Scott

What happens is Rocks gets sent to the Jury house so Queen Bay can tell her to shut up 24/7!


I can’t even….

Sick of Trumps America

This has gotten extremely boring. And quite frankly, I’m sick of America . I just now watched last weeks eviction and Tyler was a total jerk. The people in the house and these fans is why America sucks. The Hive sucks but L whatever they are now are douchebags. I’ll give them that they’re gameplay is better but their morals suck. It’s not because they voted to evict Bailey. It’s how they made her feel before they did and saying you’re in a house full of crazy white people when you are isn’t racist. Saying that dark skin makes you look ghetto is.


Big brother is not a game of morals and both are racially biased but being biased doesn’t necessarily mean you are racist that word is so overused these days it has lost its meaning and I don’t blame Tyler for being rude to bay the morning after the veto ceremony last week she went off on him cause he was “rude” by telling her good morning and she wonders why no one would talk to her


Relax, take politics out of this. I watch BB to escape and get away from the outside world, you should too. It doesn’t have to be this serious. It’s just people, some smart, some dumb (and lovable like Fes), some wackos, some armpit sniffers (shoutout to Lizzie for that one, lol), all of them agreed to be there to be rats in a cage for us to watch and enjoy. This has been the best season in years, enjoy it!!!

Busta Fooligan

Is that you Omarosa?

Fraggle Rockbottom

Sick of prosperity. I get it Bayleigh, er Rocks or is dis Half- Brow C?

Sick of Trumps America

Seriously? Sick of prosperity? That has nothing to do with anything that was said here. Let me not stoop to your level and assume to know we’re you’re coming from with that comment.


She’s the one who acted like an entitled delusional princess. She saw slight in every comment or look and lashed out at everyone. She made everything about race and was unable to ever think logically. Tyler said good morning and she went off. She may be in a house full of “crazy white people” but that means they were in a house with a crazy black girl.

Sick of Trumps America

Okay and the point is that those of you who keep calling her a racist and overlooked it are full of it. I don’t think any of them are any more racist or “self-entitled” than anyone else. Tyler is not an angel and the collective moral compass of America is broken, not sure it was ever working though.

Sick of Trumps America

She’s done nothing that hasn’t been done before. She was annoying. She power tripped but she’s not racist and everyone else that acts like a douchebag is no better and she certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on douchebaggery.


Feel free to immigrate anywhere else if you’re so sick of America…
Bay brought it on herself with her superior attitude and rude, belittling, dismissive screeching. Hope to never see her or chris anywhere again.


I’m heading to Canada. Dawg, Simon…..please make room for Granny. <3

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

I am sick of you posting. You Suck. Try moving if you are so unhappy snowflake


I think Victoria would have a better handle of what was going on in the house if she were in Blockstar’s position.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Did Victoria even have a thought?

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

Too early for Scottie JC and Sam to team up with the Hive. Once its down to Fezzy and Hay they will latch on and its 5-4.


That’s assuming that all three riding the middle shift to one side. It’s not like those three are all working together.

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

They better wakeup or L4 will steamroll them.

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

I just want to say this is the greatest season of screen names on this board.


Rockstar is firm in her resolve. Next week she is going to put up Tyler and that bitch Angela. This will be a Big Brother first. She will have won the H.O.H. competition from the Jury House.
Simon, as I am a raging, flaming heterosexual, I would like to thank you for the Angela GIF. Made my day!


Of course it would be interesting to see L6 lose another player for drama purposes, but Blockstar for another week is stupid… Maybe next week they can lose someone, doubtful tho, unless Fes wins HOH. Tyler & Scottie playing the best game so far. I’d like to tk see L6 turn on each other in the next few weeks,someone has to figure Tyler’s game.


Laverne and Shirley are too fun too watch…I’m just bewildered as to how RS brain works, they should just keep her in the house for the lols


ANGELA is a floater, RS? That Angela just came off a HOH that went off flawlessly. That other Angela won both HOH AND Veto AND evicted Bay. Sounds like a mover and shaker to me, not a floater. RS and her Hive members are soooooooo clueless, LOVE this season