“The meatballs are still going to be meatballs” – Josh

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9:37am The early birds are up..
Talking about Drinking 40’s (which is beer to them..)
They don’t like the fact that 40’s get warm.
Matt’s solution.
Matt- I have much better luck just flasking it
Matt – you drink hard liquor
Cody – I stopped.. I woke up in the hospital once with a IV..

Cody says he can handle beer fine but hard liquor makes him too drunk.

9:52am Meatballing

10:05am Josh meatball talk
Josh – What’s to tell his family that he’s doing great.
Josh – Feels really good that people are seeing that I am loyal that I keep my word that I will have their back.
Josh – Quite frankly they had my back this week
Josh – Moving forward.. Umm.. I gotta a lotta love for Paul and Christmas they’ve had my back, they’ve looked out for me, at the same time I look out for them.
Josh – I have their back when they need me I’m always going to be there
Josh – Jason’s the F*ing man.. Kevin is Kevin..
Josh – whatever Paul’s got planned I’ll go to bat for him.. I know he’s got my back and he’ll do what we need to do to get a huge target out this week.
Josh – I’m just in a good place, I just want to dance, listen to music.
Josh – The meatballs are still going to be meatballs I still don’t like them. The girls hopefully they stay out of it.
Josh – I don’t like fighting with girls I don’t like arguing with girls, I don’t like going back and forth with girls

Josh – If I do get in a argument with Cody or Mark I hope Jessica and Elena can stay out of it. I don’t want to be arguing with a girl to be honest with you
Josh mentions how “they” (mark, Cody, Jessica, Elena) were campaigning against him last week.
JOsh – when they saw that I stayed they all want to be friendly and nice. Mark is like truce let’s go back to the old ways

Josh – No F* buddy.. If I would have left you wouldn’t have said by to me you woulda been happy I left.
Josh – you woulda been living the Big brother Dream well guess who’s living the Big Brother Dream this guy right here and i’m not going to be friends with you quite frankly.
Josh – beside that you guys already know the house has 2 public enemies
Josh – well four.. Cody and Elena.. Hopefully we get one out this week
Josh – moving forward I need to play my cards right, I need to continue to stick with the people that have had my back.
Josh – for once I feel good

PRODUCTION – HOUSEGUESTS must be awake between the hours of 10AM to 10PM. NO napping houseguests. WHAT do you not understand about please! WAKE UP!

Josh – today is my last day on slop I am the happiest man alive
Josh – I’m going to eat a pepperoni mac and cheese pizza
Josh – I’ve dropped 25lbs

Josh – your boy needs food
Josh – I need a steak, I need some pizza, some cookies.. I need some ice cream.. I need to pig out for a night then go back to eating clean tomorrow.
Josh – 14 days on slop, Handle it like a champ hate the spikes.. Back aches are horrible..
Josh – I can’t stand the smell of sleep anymore it makes me vomit..
Josh – F* the MEatballs..

10:28am they’ve been told about the Temptation competition

The temptation competition

For the next 3 weeks BEFORE nominations the houseguests will be tempted to participate in this challenge. For the First time in Big Brother History The Houseguests will get to choose weather or not they want to compete. The winner of this competition will be safe for the week but like all temptation participating com,es with consequences. The houseguests that finishes last becomes the third nomination

10:30am Jessica tells Cody to not participate in the temptation competition

10:36am Elena and Mark
Mark is saying if you participate in the Temptation competition and come in last you automatically get to play in Veto.
Elena says this might mess up Paul’s plan.

10:52am Kevin and Jason

Jason says the temptation competition is tonight at midnight
Kevin says he’s not going to compete

Alex and Paul come in.
“Cody’s going to compete”

Josh comes in

Paul – Josh get the fuck out for a second (that’s your bud Josh)
Josh finger him

Jason – they’re playing because they don’t have the safety
Jason – I’m guaranteeing you they are full of f*ing sh1t
Jason says he’s going to compete in the temptation challenge so no one else wins it.
Jason – I’m going to do it because I’m not going to lose
Alex – I’m going to FOR SURE

Mark comes in says if Josh wins..
Kevin says the house will have to collapse for Josh to win
they talk about Jessica’s temptation. Mark says he doesn’t know that she has it. Alex is skeptical about this.

11:01am Jason and Alex
Jason – I’m not going to lose Al.. you’re not going to lose Al
Alex – you have to be prepared just in case
Jason – remember you’re a cat.. you’re a cat..
Alex – this is the safest week for us to lose

11:03am Paul and Mark

Mark is asking him if there’s a chance he’ll be a pawn.
Paul says he has no idea who is playing in the temptation competition. Paul thins a lot of people will be playing this week.
Mark says he’ll try it
Paul – try it dude.
Paul – is Elena going to play
Mark – no
Paul – NO

11:07am Cody and Jessica
Planning out what to do so Paul doesn’t nominate them cause it’ll be a waste of a HOH.

11:09am Matt and Paul
Paul tells him he has to play in the Temptation Challenge. adds that Matt is a stronger competitor than Cowboy.
Boyz2men – I’ll do whatever you want me to do (of course you will)

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Rank your house guests here

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Simon, you are the best!! Thank you for relocating the profusion of ads, which made it incredibly difficult to navigate to the comments section. Also, I certainly do appreciate the “shortcut to comments” link as, at times, it is the best section to read overall. We appreciate all that you and Dawg do. You guys rock!!!


Thank you Simon!

Just Me

Thank you!! That was annoying when using my phone, not so bad with the computer. You guys are the BEST!! If I’m ever on BB, I’ll give a shout out to both of you guys.


These twist really screw up the game!


Cody shouldn’t play. You can’t trust production to be fair

Double D

Actually, Cody should play. If he wins safety, they might not have to use the temptation this week.



A fan who likes good strategy

I am very impressed with Elena’s play. Using her disability is an advantage so why not? Also, she has kept under the radar while at the same time being in alliances with almost everyone.

A masterful job IMHO

Um What?

“Elena’s disability”? What are you talking about… Her boobs?

Judgemental Judy



Impressed with Elena’s using her disability as an advantage? Do you mean Raven? Good job knowing the name of the player that you’re impressed with…

Dirt rocket

Do you mean raven?


Elena? Don’t think so bud…. And you sure better be talking about Christmas and not fucking

Red Marie

I think you’re talking about Raven–which if that is the case I think it’s pretty despicable to use a disability to further yourself in a game. I know a lot of people that have struggles & disabilities & they do not like to be treated differently and they never use their disabilities to try and get advantages & manipulate people to do things in their favor. That is child talk & behavior. IMO

Bb big player

I agree with you. She doesn’t bring her disability up much but when she does it is strategic. Yes we are talking about Elena, you need to pay attention to the show


Are you referring to the pain she is in when she drives? Is there more to it like, a deformity of her body?


I expect nothing, and I’m still let down.


I really love The Paul Show. He is so humble and we’ll spoken.


LMAO. thanks!

Wasting Time

LOL, the best laugh yet! Thanks.


The women need to seriously start taking out some men or they will all lose!


Go Josh – love his entertaining ways.


This could mess up them having to use the temptation. But they could just have someone on their side lose the comp so the third nominee won’t get voted out. That would still force Jessica to use the temptation if he puts up her and Cody.

Kid Rock

So the third nominee would be safe too! Production is full of Crap with this temptation BS!!! Just wasting weeks of game play!


Christmas is literally the Jerry (Season10) of this season. She’s useless.


Hey Simon.
Thank you for all the spoilers. Your hard work fills in so many blanks.

Just wondering if could you please update the Halting Hex information in the Shortcut to today’s Spoiliers?
It’s a repeat of the information on the new Temptations and curse.
Thank you!


why the heck would any of the people who are part of pauls “alliance” want to play in the the temptation comp and risk a chance of being put on the block. I mean I guess they assume they would be safe even if they were up there but why would they risk it in the first place if they assume they are safe. kevin seems to be the only smart one in that group, the others I’m seriously shaking my head at what they are thinking.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Because if Cody’s playing you don’t want him to win easily.

Sir Loin of Beef

Because Paul TOLD them to!

Red Marie

They all are a bunch of clowns!

Wasting Time

They don’t think, Paul tells them what to think/do. They defer to him, o thinking involved.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Mobsters game was pretty cool last night I’ll have to suggest it to the kids for their next bus ride for a competition.
Who knew BB would actually teach me something useful rather than be mindless entertainment.
I have learned to switch my workouts to the afternoon so I can sleep an hour later to watch BBAD at night while I fall asleep.

Has anybody else learned any life lessons from Big Brother?????

Guy From Canada

Omfg, I know Simon doesn’t watch the live show, but did anyone else see the tweet on the broadcast about Matt having a new shirt for eviction night? Boyz2shirts is no more!

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Yeah, I saw it. Way to throw a wrench into my posting habits Shirtstuff.

Matt's third shirt

My first TV appearance 🙂


I just finished watching last night’s episode for the tenth time. There were two priceless moments…Josh doing the meatball dance and Elena’s lips drop further than normal. Josh is just down right funny as sugar-honey-ice-tea! When he was dancing then Jessica & Cody came past the door….he hauled a** back to that chair. Call him what you want, but “your boy” can dance and expresses his emotions in an unusual manner. No, he is not my MVP, but he is the MFP (Most Funniest Player). And Elena’s botox must be wearing off because when the votes showed Josh staying, her lips sank. She needed more lip gloss after that because what was on her lips wound up on her chin. PRICELESS! Bout to watch it again…Too funny!



To me the people of the house are crazy for letting Paul practically dictate what they do. He is running the house and most of them listen to him.


Can someone please clarify for me…
Jessica always references that both her and Cody are safe because of the Halting Hex.
If Paul puts them both on the block and they remain there come eviction night can she not only use it on either herself or one other person other than herself? Why does she keep saying that her *AND* Cody are safe?”

Sugar Bear

She’s assuming that they’ll be up at the same time.

Before the vote count, if she stands up and says her chant, the eviction totally stops and therefore, neither her nor Cody can be evicted. I assume after that, they’ll have the HOH competition.


Hopefully it’s a double eviction night, so at least one person leaves Thursday


the halting hex stops the eviction ceremony … whoever is on the block when she uses it is saved but she can only use it once. She does not have to be on the block to use it. So if Cody is on the block and she isn’t, she can use it to save him. If she is on the block and Cody isn’t, she can use it to save herself. If they are both on the block, she can use it and both will be saved.


Jessica must use the Hex before the eviction voting begins. If she uses it, there is no eviction; thus, both people on the block are safe. That’s my understanding of how the Hex works. With the curse, I’m thinking all three on the block are safe.


Because it stops the eviction all together and the week resets.


I many times do you people have to be told the same thing . Everyday somebody ask the same dumb question . It stops the eviction period , point blank and a period. Damn.


Not a waste of an HOH week if they flush out and play that temptation otherwise they are safe for another week. Put them both up or one, doesn’t matter, just get Jessica to play that Hex!


It is a waste of HOH. The temptation will be flushed on its own in two weeks. Why freaking waste a whole HOH to go after Jess and Cody at all costs. There are so many other people in the house. This is exactly why the season starts becoming boring.


Of course its a waste when no one gets evicted. If the temptation is used this week, then that’s TWICE Pauls HoH’s were a waste!

Paul's face

when Jessica and Cody sit down and do not compete for the POV when he puts them on the block! Watch the faces of his minions as they cannot believe Saint Paul was wrong about Jessica having the temptation!


He knows she has the temptation, he just doesn’t believe it will keep them both safe for “a few weeks” as she put it. That’s why he wants to force her hand.


I really was hoping Jason would win HOH as he could then receive a letter from home. Also, it would be interesting to see how he managed his HOH as compared to Alex and the others. I am definitely ready for Mark to leave the game entirely followed closely by Matt, Raven, and Elena. Honestly, it wouldn’t be considered a huge loss as the only productive task they seemingly accomplish daily is breathing.

Team Alex/Jason/Kevin

I too was hoping for the same regarding Jason. Despite Cody getting up in his face to “threaten” him into voting Josh out, Jason still did what was best for his game. Perhaps he will win the next HOH and give us a much needed break from the Paul versus Cody dynamic.


He gonna do whatever Alex and Paul tell him to do just like the rest of them and Jessica needs to stop listening to Cody.

Team Alex/Jason/Kevin

I absolutely agree that Jessica needs to stop listening to Cody. She has a solid grasp of the game, and Cody is only impeding her progression. Sadly, he will be her downfall.


if my math is right, Jessica only has that Halt Hex for this week and next week … after that, it is gone. She got the hex when she was on the block two weeks ago and did not use it, then she was HoH and did not need to use it … only good for 4 evictions so this week and next is it.

Production is basically giving Cody and Jessica the game on a silver platter right now. It’s so convenient that they keep gettint chances to get safety. It’s always something. It’s annoying. Get this prick out of here. He’s a pompous arrogant jerk off

Sir Loin of Beef

Jessica needs to boot Pennywise’s ass out of that house so she can compete and possibly win this game!

He is wasting all HER advantages/powers!

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Production has their hand in everything, Paul 3 weeks safety. Man if BB upset you this much that you have to be a pompous arrogant jerk off you should switch the channel.


They should definitely play for safety. If any of them win, they’re safe, if the other one is on the block as wins veto. They are both safe. Jessica needs to think about this, isn’t too obvious for them? Am I right?


Someone over-inflated Elena’s face.


This is a comment on a conversation Paul had last night when he was talking to Matt & Raven… Once again, Paul believes his own lies. When Paul was discussing the conversation he had with Cody, he stated that Cody said they (Jody) couldn’t talk about the temptation. Paul said that was a lie because when “I had the temptation and I could talk about it as much as I wanted”. Not true. Paul didn’t talk about the temptation until after Cody tried to nominate him and Paul had to play his free pass. Paul didn’t share the details of his temptation until he needed to play it. Jody is doing the same thing, but Paul believes it was fine for him to keep it to himself, but wrong when someone doesn’t share all of the details of a temptation with him.


Paul said you can’t lie about the temptation.


Key word is “could.” Paul could have talked about it but chose not to until he was put on the block and had to disclose it or risk the possibility of being evicted.


My understanding is that Paul said he COULD talk about it as much as he wanted, not that he DID. Jessica/Cody aren’t keeping it secret, but are insinuating that her hex is more powerful than it actually is. Paul’s choice to keep his a secret, as well as Jessica choosing to divulge certain details, are both reasonable ways to play the game. My question is, wasn’t Jessica told she couldn’t lie about the hex? And is lying about the hex using production as a strategy and isn’t that off limits? If she isn’t allowed to lie then why hasn’t production required her to divulge to the house the truth about her halting hex,


Wrong. Whoever receives the temptation is free to either tell people or keep it a secret. It clearly says that when they get the temptation.

However, once the temptation is in play, the entire temptation is revealed to all the houseguest.

Thigh High Wool Socks

Being allowed to talk about it and actually doing it are two different things. Paul could have been upfront with his protection ahead of time, but he wisely chose to keep quiet to see what Cody would do. What they’re NOT allowed to do is lie about their power, which Jessica did in a convo with Kevin, and has said on the feeds she’s been put on notice for it by production.


When is Mark going to change out of that pink shirt?? I’m sick of seeing it and that dumb look he gives whenever he’s trying to figure out if he’s on Paul or Cody’s radar. Seriously, change your shirt, lose the ridiculous pink shorty shorts you love to wear, wake up to the fact that Elena has no interest in you, and stop kissing HOH a$$!!! I can’t wait for him to go.


Paul believes they lied and now won’t talk about it because they’d have to tell the truth. Which is true so Jody won’t say anything cause they would have to say they lied.

Like Jessica lied to Kevin.
Kevin was led to believe that they could take themselves off and put up the hoh.
She said whoever puts them on block Jessica can inflict the penalty on.


Nice to see a picture of Josh holding up the amount of fingers that correspond with his I.Q. Can’t wait to see this sack of excrement, when all the people he thinks have his back, kick him in the backside on his way to being interviewed by Julie.

Just Wondering

Is it just me, or would anyone else like to see a big brother with Josh and Zach Rance in the same house? Two spazoids freaking everyone out and acting goofy. That would be entertaining to watch, but exhausting to live with, hell people may self evict in that house…lol


Now that would be painfully entertaining!

Sir Loin of Beef

Please don’t insult Zack’s intelligence and sensibility!


Ive been waiting for zach to come back period. Feeds gold.


Hey Simon,
You are awesome. I just have to say that I love how you add your own comments throughout the updates – They always bring a smile to my face.

Thank you for your hard work.


I’m kinda hoping Cody wins the challenge and Mark loses. That way we can possibly see him or Elena leaving the house this week (wishful thinking, I know), but I’s rather not watch a reset week.


They keep saying they are not allowed to lie about the temptation which Jessica did last night when she said her and Cody are safe for three weeks. What is the consequence to her lying about it?


What happens when you lie about the temptation as Jessica did last night?


If Paul gets wind of Jessica being able to halt the eviction, he may not put them up. If Elena or Mark win the temptation comp, one of them can’t be put up. The other just had to win the veto and now we have 2 of Paul’s minions on the block. Now that would make some good TV.

Bunny Flop

Everyone is asking about the hex. Do we know what the curse will be?
I would really like it if it puts GnomeBeard out of the house. Wishful thinking, I know 😉


Jessica and Cody need to play on the temptation. They both have a chance to win safety in pov and temptation & can save the advantage for the following week. What are they thinking??? The whole house is out to get them. It’s do or bye!


…….preferably bye.

Oh no!...Anything but put me on the block!

So the consequence to Jessica taking the temptation is the new competition twist?, In which there is also a consequence to! So there is a consequence to a consequence? This game is ridiculous!

Team Jody

If I were Jessica/Jody I would both play in the temptation! Hoping that one of them wins, giving one of them safety and if the other one goes up on the block then hopefully both plays veto and wins it. Saving the hex for next week, which is the last week to use and they can both play for HOH the week after next week. My perfect scenario for #TeamJody